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Redefining The Art Of Selling Products

Dropship is a software company that is working on building solutions and provide problem-solving services for e-commerce store owners.

Our Mission

With the uprising interest of e-commerce, people are starting e-commerce businesses more than ever. We aim to build proper infrastructure to enable rapid shipment of new solutions to store owners.

Why We Built Dropship

Founded in 2020 by brothers Nawras Ganim and Josef Ganim, they recognized the struggle to find products to sell online and currently seek to automate that process for store owners.

Long Term Vision

Develop more complex solutions that will detect new and upcoming products on more platforms and channels, aiming to become the go-to platform for e-commerce store owners seeking to expand their product catalogs.

Our Journey So Far

Here is a recap of what we have done since Dropship was founded.

Sep 2020

MVP Creation

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept was created to validate the initial idea for the market.

Jun 2020


An idea was born, Dropship founded; our founders Nawras Ganim and Josef Ganim.

Nov 2020


The design team started developing the Brand Identity and User Interface.

Dec 2021

Coming To Life

Dropship has now been fully developed and released to the public.

A Small Team Doing Big Things


Year Founded


Happy Employees



Brand Assets

Access Dropship's logo files.


The logomark is our standard way to represent Dropship identity.


The wordmark is mainly used in combination with the logomark. It can also be used to represent Dropship.

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