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What Is Sales Tracker?

Sales Tracker allows you to track sales of any Shopify store or product listing.

Uncovering The Figures Behind The Stores Is Now Possible

Before Sales Tracker, it was difficult to determine how much money stores make, but not anymore.

You can now track any store you want for as long as you like and receive frequent daily sales updates through Sales Tracker.

Keep Your Business Miles Ahead Of Other Sellers

Keep an eye on the sales performance of products to spot changes before anyone else.

Sales data can reveal a lot of helpful information, giving you the insights to capitalize on the best opportunities that you discover.

Features In Sales Tracker

Add stores to Sales Tracker for us to track for you.

Add product listings to Sales Tracker for us to track for you.

View past sales data for products and stores, data is shown for as long as they have been tracked by you or others.

With the click of a button, download performance data to analyze offline.

Perks Of Sales Tracker

Discovering what other sellers make is not only interesting but also very helpful for growing your business.


All you need to do is add a Shopify store or product listing to Sales Tracker, and we'll handle the rest.

No More Guesswork

Review product sales from millions of products to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Stay Up To Date

Keep an eye out for product trends, market shifts, and other opportunities that may help your business scale.

Market Research

Find out whether the market for your desired product is untapped or too competitive for you to enter.

Numbers Breakdown

Easy-to-use calculator to help you figure out all your product-related fees and other crucial metrics.

Download Reports

Analyze sales data offline by downloading performance data with the click of a button.

Start Tracking Sales With Dropship Today

Keep an eye on your competition and find hidden gems by tracking the performance & sales of products and stores.

You can even do it on the fly with our easy-to-use Chrome extension.

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