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Interest Explorer

Discover thousands of hidden but targetable Facebook interests to give you an edge over your competitors.

What Is Interest Explorer?

Facebook hides interests, which is a problem. Upon entering a keyword in the detailed targeting section of Facebook Ads Manager, a dropdown menu with 25 interest suggestions appears. All advertisers are given the same 25 suggestions, making them at times extremely competitive.

We've integrated Facebook's API into Interest Explorer, helping you discover interests that are hidden from most advertisers, so you'll save hours on interest research and find the perfect low-competition interests.

Interest Explorer Benefits

Displays highly relevant and targetable interests for any topic you enter.

Displays a neatly sorted table with interests + audience sizes for each interest.

Quickly assess the relevance of interests in a time-saving manner.

Allows you to cherrypick your most suitable interests and add them to your selection.

Not to mention that it's a free tool.