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What Is Competitor Research?

Competitor Research provides you with information on your competitors, including how many and who they are.

All Your Competitors In One Place

With Competitor Research, you can access and see millions of product listings. The days of using Google or other third-party search engines to find competitors are gone now that it’s all here.

This makes the process of finding competitors much easier, faster, and most importantly, all in one place.

Make Laser-Targeted Searches

Find your competitor’s products based on their price, creation date, number of images, number of variants, keywords and much more.

Thus, you will be able to easily analyze the market for products of your interest to determine whether they are untapped or too competitive to get into.

Features In Competitor Research

Keywords can be used to research products from their titles, descriptions, or domain connections.

Filter your search results based on the metrics that interest you.

Explore different markets with store language, currency, and domain extensions.

Create and save your favorite filters for faster searches.

Perks Of Competitor Research

The old-fashioned way of finding your competitors is very time-consuming, which is why we have made it easier.

Analyze The Competition

Identify your competitors, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and how they compare to your business.

Optimize To Conquer

Take advantage of the insights to optimize your offer and marketing strategy and beat your competitors.

Market Research

Find out whether the market for your desired product is untapped or too competitive for you to enter.

Stay Up To Date

Keep an eye out for product trends, market shifts, and other opportunities that may help your business scale.

Numbers Breakdown

Easy-to-use calculator to help you figure out all your product-related fees and other crucial metrics.

Save Filter Presets

You can create and save as many custom filter presets as you want.

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