15 Best High-Ticket Products To Sell in Dropshipping Store

In this article, I have gathered the 15 best high-ticket products to sell in 2024.

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April 8, 2024
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As a part-time dropshipper, I always strive to generate more profit. And once I added high-ticket products to my store's catalog, my earnings went up by a huge margin.

But it took me a while to find the best high-ticket products. I had to consider things like market potential and value offered to the customer.

Because I have done the hard work, you can jump straight to the products and start selling them.

Keep reading to learn: 

  • 15 best high-ticket dropshipping products
  • What is high-ticket dropshipping
  • The difference between high-ticket and regular dropshipping
  • Pros and cons of high-ticket dropshipping
  • How to find high-ticket dropshipping products
  • Best platforms to connect with high-ticket product suppliers
  • How to choose the right high-ticket products
  • The best sales channels for high-ticket products
  • Selling high-ticket products in different countries

Let's get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Home and kitchen, lawn and garden, and b2b are some of the best niches for high-ticket products.
  • High-ticket dropshipping is easier to sustain and can generate more profit for entrepreneurs.
  • Competition in this niche isn't as high as it is in low-ticket dropshipping
  • Many high-ticket product suppliers have a base in the US and EU countries.
  • You can sell high-ticket products on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, and many other sales channels.

15 best high-ticket dropshipping niches and products

I know you want to jump straight to the good part.

So first, I will share a list of the best high-ticket products to sell online.

Note that I have organized them by niches so you can see which product categories are high value.

Let's dive into the high-ticket product examples to help you decide what to sell:

Consumer electronics 

1. Drones

Pros of Selling Drones

  • Lots of suppliers in the market
  • Many people are interested in drones, including professionals
  • Drones usually are impulse purchases

Cons of Selling Drones

  • You are competing against known brands such as DJI
  • You must have extreme knowledge about drones 

Market Demand for Drones

Here is the search trend for drones from Google Trends:

As you can see, there has been a consistent interest in drones over the last five years. It was only in 2020 that we saw a big dip because of the pandemic. People could not get out and it made no sense to buy drones at that time. 

Target Market for Drones

As of the time of this writing, I recommend that you sell drones in Spain, Australia, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. Although China has a big demand for drones, the suppliers of drones are typically from China, so it is not advisable to compete against them.  

There are two types of people who want to sell drones. The first one is kids or their parents, and the second one is professional photographers and YouTubers. The YouTubers are easier to convince to buy because photographers are too picky, 

2. 3D Printer

Pros of Selling 3D Printers

  • Buyers are willing to spend a high amount of money
  • You can get repeat orders for the resin and other materials for 3D printing
  • You can market 3D printers by creating 3D-printed products yourself 

Cons of Selling 3D Printers

  • A potential buyer will not buy right away; will take time browsing other offers
  • It is difficult to convince people to buy yours over others 

Market Demand for 3D Printers

Here is the search trend for 3D Printers: 

Interestingly, there is a demand for 3D printers during the holidays. Why? I guess that these machines become easier to use, and people are now taking more interest in them. During the holidays, the same people want to 3D print gifts they want to distribute.    

Target Market for 3D Printers

Denmark and the United States are the top two countries I recommend selling this item to. The people who use 3D printers are those who are into art, especially those who create dioramas and action hero figurines. 

3. Electric Fireplace

Pros of Selling Electric Fireplaces

  • You can sell an electric fireplace in all countries where there is snow
  • It is easy to market the product as an impulse purchase item
  • You can add more products to your store

Cons of Selling Electric Fireplaces

  • This product is highly seasonal 

Market Demand for Electric Fireplaces

Here is the Google Trend result: 

As you can see, an electric fireplace is only in high demand during the winter. You can start selling it early in September. Because of this seasonality, I suggest that you add other products that have something to do with winter such as hoodies, jackets, etc.  

Target Market for Electric Fireplace

Any country where it snows is an excellent market. Canada, the US, and the UK are the top three countries that have the highest search for this product. 

4. Home Safe

Pros of Selling a Home Safe

  • It is easy to tap on a buyer’s fear
  • There are many brands you can choose from
  • It is not a seasonal product

Cons of Selling a Home Safe

  • You will not have a repeat buyer

Market Demand for a Home Safe

Here is the Google Trend result: 

A home safe or vault is not usually searched in Google because people do not realize that they need it. You need to help your market understand how these products can protect them to be able to convince them to buy. 

Target Market for a Home Safe

The UK and Ireland are the top two countries with the highest search volume. It is wise to target people who have guns, jewelry, and other expensive items that they want to protect from thieves.  

5. Range Hood

Pros of Selling a Range Hood

  • It is easy to position the product as a health-related item
  • Very few dropshippers sell range hoods

Cons of Selling a Range Hood 

  • People will not immediately buy

Market Demand for a Range Hood

Here is the result from Google Trends:

Interestingly, there is a consistent demand for a range hood. One caveat is that there are people who search for this product using a specific brand like Hauslane. As such, you are in for strong competition against branded ones.  

Target Market for a Range Hood

Canada and Australia are some of the best markets for a range hood. In addition, you do not have to limit yourself to new homeowners. Many houses have no range hood, but the people who live in them need one. 

6. Garden Hammock

Pros of Selling a Garden Hammock

  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • Consumers who want something like this have money to spare 
  • You can sell other garden items and furniture along with hammocks

Cons of Selling a Garden Hammock

  • Not a lot of demand

Market Demand for a Garden Hammock

Here is the search trend: 

As you can see, a hammock is not searched often on Google and that is because many people who live in apartments do not have the space to install these products.  

Target Market for a Garden Hammock 

The hammock needs space, so it is wise to target people who own a spacious home that has a garden. You can target rural areas or big subdivisions and suburban locations. 

In the last five years, the best countries to sell hammocks to are the US, Sweden, and Australia. These countries also have the highest search interest for hammocks on Google.    

7. DIY Garden Shed

Pros of Selling Garden Shed

  • High margins for profit
  • Some models can be assembled and disassembled

Cons of Selling Garden Shed

  • High shipping costs 

Market Demand for Garden Shed

Here is the search trend: 

Similar to the previous item, a garden shed is not in high demand, but we can see that there is a search interest. The thing with a garden shed is that most people would rather build their own. Nevertheless, there are still those who would prefer to buy a ready-made one. 

Target Market for Garden Shed

Garden sheds are popular in un the UK and New Zealand. The best targets for a product like this are those who love gardening or people who need a small shed for their DIY tools.  

8. Koi Pond

Pros of Selling a Koi Pond

  • Huge margin for profit
  • Lots of options to choose from
  • You can earn more money by selling koi pond accessories 

Cons of Selling a Koi Pond

  • The market is small and it is a seasonal product

Market Demand for a Koi Pond

Here is the search trend:

As you can see from the chart above, the demand for koi ponds fluctuates. You can create this demand by creating a YouTube channel where you talk about nothing but koi and how to care for them. If people see the koi, it is much easier to convince them to get a pond of their own. 

Target Market for a Koi Pond

The UK is one of the best markets to sell this item. The kind of people you must target are fish lovers who have adequate spaces in their homes or backyards. There are many types of koi ponds you can sell, so you can combine both mid-priced and high-end in the same store. 

9. Massage Chairs

Pros of Selling Massage Chairs

  • Many stressed people need one of these
  • You can sell it as a luxury item
  • Lots of suppliers and items to choose from

Cons of Selling Massage Chairs

  • No other means to increase sales; people who buy a chair do not need anything else 

Market Demand for Massage Chairs

Here is the search trend: 

Interestingly, massage chairs have a higher demand during the holidays. These chairs are expensive, so people tend to buy them once they have received their holiday or end-of-year bonus pay. 

Target Market for Massage Chairs

Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand are the best places to sell massage chairs. The target market here is people ages 30 and up who work in an office. It is stressful enough to spend 8 to 12 hours in the office, and it makes sense for these people to come home and have an appliance that will relieve their discomfort. 

10. Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Pros of Selling a Massage Gun

  • It is a novelty item
  • It is easy to create ad copy and videos for them
  • The suppliers usually have a video that you can use 

Cons of Selling a Massage Gun

  • You cannot expect a repeat buyer; customers only buy this once

Market Demand for a Massage Gun

Here is the search trend: 

Similar to massage chairs, this product sells the most during the holidays when people have a lot of money. It is a novelty item that most people buy as a gift for people they love. 

Target Market for a Massage Gun

Australia and New Zealand have had the highest search interest for a massage gun in the last five years. At best, I recommend that you target people who are physically tired every day. The difference between this and a massage chair is that this is more affordable. Because of this, you can expand your target demographic, including blue-collar workers.

11. Stand Up Paddleboard

Pros of Selling Paddleboards

  • There is a high demand during the summer
  • Buyers have money to spare; they live close to lakes so they must be financially well

Cons of Selling Paddleboards

  • Not a lot of accessories to sell
  • Expensive shipping

Market Demand for Paddleboards

Here is the search trend for this product: 

As this chart suggests, the paddleboards rise in demand during summer, a time when it is great to do some wading and fishing. 

Target Market for Paddleboards

Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark are the top countries with the highest search for stand-up paddle boards. It would be a good idea to target the United States also. In addition, I recommend that you market this to young people who have properties close to lakes. 

12. Camping Tents

Pros of Selling Camping Tents

  • Many people love camping
  • There are so many supplies of camping gear
  • You can sell not just tents but all things related to camping 

Cons of Selling Camping Tents

  • Lots of low-cost competition 

Market Demand for Camping Tents

Here is the search trend: 

Similar to paddleboards, camping tents only have a high demand during summer. One big challenge you will face is that there are so many cheap alternatives to high-ticket tents. So, while you can target a lot of people, you would have to do something to target campers who want expensive gear. You can increase or supplement your sales by adding other camping products like flashlights.

Target Market for Camping Tents

Australia, New Zealand, and the UK are the top countries that search for camping tents. The US is fifth. To succeed, I recommend that you target serious campers, not those who camp only once in their lives. Serious campers need high-end gear that they can rely on. 

13. Water Trampoline

Pros of Selling a Water Trampoline

  • It is an impulsive buy
  • Easy to market 

Cons of Selling a Water Trampoline

  • Highly seasonal product

Market Demand for a Water Trampoline

Here is the search demand for a water trampoline: 

A summer product, you can expect to sell a lot of these only in summer when people go to the beach. After that, there is little market for it.  

Target Market for a Water Trampoline

Canada, the US, and Australia are the biggest markets for water trampolines. The best demographic would-be parents looking forward to giving their children some form of summer activities. You can also advertise this product to resort owners.

14. Commercial Electric Griddle

Pros of Selling Electric Griddles

  • You will penetrate the B2B market with this product
  • You can sell other kitchen items 

Cons of Selling Electric Griddles

  • The market is small

Market Demand for Electric Griddles

Here is the result from Google Trends: 

Target Market for Electric Griddles

The US, Canada, and the UK are the best countries to sell griddles to. Many people love to cook hamburgers, and many others want to start a food truck business.    

15. Plasma Cutting Machine

Pros of Selling a Plasma Cutting Machine

  • You can sell this to DIYers and business establishments 
  • There are many suppliers of unbranded machines 

Cons of Selling a Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Too niched
  • Can be a legal liability

Market Demand for a Plasma Cutting Machine

Here is the search demand for this product: 

Target Market for a Plasma Cutting Machine

I recommend that you sell a machine like this to DIYers—expert ones. You can also target companies that work with metal fabrication.

Pros and Cons of High-Ticket Dropshipping

The high profit margin is the most attractive thing about high-ticket dropshipping. However, it is not a walk in the park. There are some serious challenges to high-ticket dropshipping, and I will discuss these to help you prepare for them.

Pros of High-Ticket Dropshipping

1. High Margins for Profit 

High-ticket dropshipping makes it possible to have a profit of at least $100 per product sold. For example, here is a 3D printer from AliExpress:  

A similar 3D printer costs $625 on Amazon. Take a look at this example: 

If your target market is the US, it would not be an ideal product to dropship from China because of the shipping cost. However, you can certainly find a market in Asia, provided that you built enough clout and credibility among your audiences. Otherwise, these people will do their research and find your supplier and buy from that supplier instead of you.  

In our example, the gross margin is $197. This is more than enough to pay for your Shopify subscription of $25 for the month. Compare this to low-ticket dropshipping where your typical margin is $2 per product, you would need to sell around 99 products to make a profit of $197.    

2. Less Competition

High-ticket dropshipping entails cost. For example, once a customer bought that 3D printer from you for $625, you have to fund $428 and pay the supplier so they can ship the printer to your customer. 

$428 is a lot of money. Of the two people who bought it, now you have to shell out $856 to fund both orders. Most dropshippers do not have this kind of money to spare to fulfill orders. 

Because of this, you have little competition. There is competition, but not so much as the competition levels of print-on-demand dropshipping. 

The trick here is to sell from your website and if possible, remove the brand of the item you dropship through white-label dropshipping. You can read our recommended products for white-label dropshipping if you want to learn more.   

I do not recommend high-ticket dropshipping in marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Manufacturers and suppliers post their products on these sites, making it hard for you to compete.    

3. Better Product Quality 

High-ticket dropshipping also opens the door for you to sell high-quality products. We know that expensive goods are expensive for a reason—they are of high quality. Because of this, your customers are more likely to be satisfied and recommend you to their friends.  

It may not even be necessary to test the product you sell. Although I recommend that you do, you can certainly rely on the reviews of other dropshippers and customers who already bought the product from the supplier.

Cons of High-Ticket Dropshipping

1. Higher Cash Outlay

Earlier, I mentioned something about fronting the money. You need liquid assets (cash) to pay for orders. It is a good idea to have a credit card with a high credit limit.

In addition to fronting the money, you will also have to wait for the money to clear. In some cases, payment processors like PayPal will put a hold on all the payments you receive. They will only release the money once you send them a copy of the shipping label as proof that you shipped what you sold. 

2. Higher Customer Expectations

Customers who pay more also expect better service. You need to ensure that the product is spotless. Your customers will scrutinize everything, including the packaging. 

Customers will also expect faster shipping times. In addition, they will demand a higher level of customer service. As a high-ticket dropshipper, this can be cumbersome. They can be obnoxious and impatient—you need to have the right attitude to deal with these issues. 

In addition, you must find a supplier who can provide the same level of support. After all, you are not really in control of the business. You are merely a middleman between the supplier and the consumer. In the end, you have no answer to customer inquiries—you merely relay what your suppliers tell you.

3. Higher Shipping Costs

Finally, high-ticket dropshipping entails a high cost of shipping. The product I showed you earlier, the 3D printer, ships free to the US only because the supplier has stocks in the US. 

The supplier is the key to this problem. My recommendation is to find a supplier that offers free shipping. If you use AliExpress as your supplier source, it is easy to view the cost of shipping per country, as shown below:

Play around the shipping locations to see how much it would cost to ship the item per country of destination. This process will also allow you to decide what markets to target. 

Summary: High-ticket dropshipping comes with ups and downs. If you do it right, you can expect to earn a lot of money in a short period. To succeed, the key elements you need to remember are product quality, supplier reliability, and cash availability.

Tips to Succeed in High-Ticket Dropshipping

High-ticket dropshipping is challenging. It requires a huge sum of money to front the products you sell. This cost also increases your risks. It is scary, to say the least, but there are some pointers I want to share to help you improve your success rate and reduce your risk.

1. Offer a Price That Is Hard to Resist

Although we all want a high margin for profit, sometimes the best approach is to offer a product that costs less, with no compromise on the quality. For example, you would do better selling furniture at a gross margin of $100 even if most of your competitors have a profit of $200.

An approach like this means you need to undercut your competitors, so you stand a chance of succeeding. If you price your items the same way as your competitors, potential customers may buy from the other sellers. 

This can happen if you do not have product reviews yet, or if the customers do not know who you are. With a lower price, the buyers would be much more willing to take a risk and try your products.  

2. Create a Brand That People Can Relate To

High-ticket dropshipping works only if you can create a brand that people will recognize and trust. This has something to do with marketing, but other elements go deeper than merely having a name.  

Here are two important things you need to create a brand: 

  • Identify a target market and audience – you need to create a list of your target customer’s personality, wants, needs, desires, etc. You must create a mascot or avatar of this person. Once you have that, you will use this as a guide for your marketing and branding efforts.   
  • Do something different from your competitors – to succeed in high-ticket dropshipping, you must have visibility of what your competitors are doing. The best tool I suggest you use is the Dropship.IO Competitor Research tool

You also need to write your company’s story. If there is none, create a mission statement. Make it clear to the reader that their needs and wants are at the core of your business. You can do this by creating a slogan and reflecting this mission in your business logo. 

3. Spend Money on Marketing

Your target customers in high-ticket dropshipping have a lot of money to spend. However, you must give them a reason to spend that money on your products. To be able to convince them to part with their money, you need to launch ads and do your marketing the right way.

Here are some of the things you can do: 

  • Social posting – choose the right social media channel where you can post your products
  • Useful content – post videos or blogs that help people. For example, if you are selling drones, it is a good idea to post videos that help drone fans how to use these products, tips when buying, etc.
  • Ads – create ads that show people the benefits of your product and how it can change their lives

Your ads, images, and videos must have high production value. If these things look cheap, you can never justify to your target consumers why they must spend a lot of money on your products. 

You have to prepare yourself to spend money on models who will use your products influencers who will demonstrate what your products can do,   

Lastly, you need to provide the best customer service. If somebody has a question, you need to have the answer as soon as possible, preferably in less than 24 hours. You should also provide adequate information—you cannot say you do not know or that you need to ask someone else. 

Customer service also entails processing requests, replacement parts, and other ways you can provide help to a consumer in need. 

Summary:  High-ticket dropshipping works but only if you meet certain conditions. The quality of your product should be impeccable. You need to be able to compete against your competitors when it comes to price, and your marketing materials should appear high-end.

What is high-ticket dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping is a business model that revolves around selling high-priced, high-value items.

How high-priced? Well, there's no definite price point set by the dropshipping industry.

A product costing $1000 or more can be a high-ticket product, and so can a product costing $200.

For me, anything over $200 is high ticket because most dropshipping products I sell cost between $5 and $50.

This price range may not be high for you, but you get the idea.

Treadmills, 3D printers, and coffee machines are some examples of high-ticket dropshipping products.

How does high-ticket dropshipping differ from regular dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping requires a different approach than regular dropshipping.

Because customers who buy high-ticket products rarely make impulse purchases.

Instead, they rely on educational resources to help them make an informed choice.

So as a high-ticket dropshipper, you will need to focus on your content and marketing strategy. 

Make sure your campaigns inform and educate so that it is easy for customers to make a buying decision.

How to find high-ticket dropshipping products

Finding the best products for your high-ticket dropshipping business requires some work.

That's because you can't rely on the same tools that you use to find regular, low-ticket products.

High-ticket is a whole different ball game. So you will need to use specific tools and resources to find the right products to sell.

Here's how to find such products:

Attend expos and trade shows

Manufacturers of large, expensive items often showcase their products at trade events.

So consider attending some wholesale expos and trade events in and near your area.

For instance, you can attend a training equipment expo to find vendors for treadmills.

At these events, you can ask any question about the product and assess its quality in real-time.

Filter by price on Amazon

Price filters can help you find high-ticket products in any category on Amazon.

For instance, if you want to sell kitchen appliances, you can write the category name in the search bar.

Then, select the "$200 or above" price filter from the left menu to see the most expensive appliances.

Feel free to use this tactic for other high-ticket niches to find more products to sell.

Pro tip: Search your product category on more platforms like Walmart, Target, and eBay. Then choose a high price range and begin browsing the listings to find more high-ticket items. 


Forgive me for the blatant mention, but is a great tool for finding high-ticket items.

Even before I got affiliated with this product, I had nothing but high regards for its features.

And let me tell you that it has plenty of features you can use for high-ticket product research.

Product Database

Product Database is where you can search for products in various categories.

What I love about Dropship's database is that it lets you filter results by price, sales, and even revenue.

Not only does this make it easy to find high-ticket products, but it also makes it simple to see an item's potential.

Sales Tracker

Sales Tracker can help you analyze the performance of high-ticket stores and products.

For instance, you might be wondering how much sales a furniture store generates.

With Sales Tracker, you can see its daily, weekly, and monthly sales.

This should help you determine whether it's a good idea to launch a similar business.

Other free tools

You can also use our free tools to make informed decisions about your products.

For instance, our Numbers Breakdown calculator can help you:

  • Compare your profit margins to those of similar niches or businesses
  • Determine whether your cost of goods sold is too high in relation to your selling price
  • Learn whether your cost per acquisition is eating into your profits

This should help you get an idea of your product standing and improve on the opportunities

Browse supplier catalogs

This approach is a bit tricky since many suppliers have catalogs full of low-ticket items.

But certain dropshipping suppliers offer catalogs of high-ticket products. And there are also suppliers whose catalogs contain a mix of both.

To save you the research, I have compiled a list of the top high-ticket dropshipping suppliers. (More on this in the section below.)

Where to find high-ticket product suppliers

To succeed with high-ticket dropshipping, you must find a reliable supplier.

Below, you'll find a list of the best high-ticket dropshipping suppliers out there.

P.S. Many of these suppliers will connect you with manufacturers in the US and EU. So you can be sure to get fast shipping times and excellent customer support.

1. Spocket

Location: US & EU

Spocket offers a great selection of products from US/EU suppliers.

Although the platform isn't dedicated to high-ticket dropshipping, many vendors offer high-priced items.

Dropshipping through them can bring you several benefits, such as higher quality products.

Plus, you can use branded invoicing to make an impression on customers.

Spocket integrates with all major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix.

2. CJdropshipping

Location: Has warehouses worldwide

CJdropshipping has a large network of warehouses spread over 26 different countries.

And that includes warehouses of both regular and high-ticket dropshipping suppliers.

You can browse through their catalogs to find relevant products to dropship.

But if the item you want isn't listed, contact CJdropshipping's team. They will help you source it.

CJdropshipping has a Shopify app and a web app that lets you import products on a few other platforms.

3. Modalyst

Location: US

Modalyst has one of the largest databases of dropshipping suppliers and indie brands.

You'll find many high-ticket products in supplier catalogs on Modalyst.

And you can be confident about their quality since Modalyst hand-picks every supplier.

Modalyst also has a private label program for customized branding and packaging.

So if you're looking to sell high-ticket products under your own brand, this is the ideal platform to use.

Modalyst integrates with Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.

4. Sunrise Wholesale

Location: US & Canada

Sunrise Wholesale has a catalog of 15,000+ dropshipping products.

This includes items from high-ticket niches like garden, fitness, kitchen, and more.

Being a wholesaler, the supplier offers the products at some of the lowest prices.

Plus, Sunrise Wholesale offers fast shipping for US and Canada. Customers should receive their package in one to two days after ordering.

Sunrise Wholesale connects with Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, and eBay.

5. Alibaba

Location: China

I included Alibaba on this list because it's one of the cheapest places to shop high-ticket items.

Also, many B2B suppliers are present on this platform. So you can source industrial machinery, power tools, and many other high-ticket goods.

The drawback of using Alibaba is the long shipping times. Your products can take a while to reach the customer, especially if you are using a Chinese supplier.

To overcome this issue. try finding suppliers with a warehouse in the US/EU.

You can sync your online store to Alibaba through the Alibaba Dropshipping Center.

How to select the right high-ticket products 

Identifying the right high-ticket dropshipping products for your store requires some work.

You'll want to assess an item's potential and suitability before you offer it to the audience.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Consider trends. Will the product still be relevant several years from now? Is the niche seasonal or evergreen? The answers should help you decide what to sell. 
  • Assess profit potential. See product listings on Amazon to get an idea of the selling price. Then compare that price with the supplier's price to see how much margin a product offers on average.
  • Determine saturation level. Determine how saturated the market is for the product you are considering. With, you can see the competition level for any product at a glance. Look for items with low competition or a gap in the market--you are more likely to find success with them.
  • Check product quality: If possible, order one unit of the product to test quality and customer service. If that's not an option, read reviews of the supplier to see what other people say about their items.
  • Ensure product-market fit: There should be a strong fit between the product and the target market. You can check for this by sharing the product with a small group of consumers among your audience. Use their feedback to see whether it makes sense to sell the product in the market you're considering. 

How to sell high-ticket dropshipping products

After choosing your high-ticket products, you need to figure out where to sell them.

Below, I have listed all the sales channels you can use to start your dropshipping journey.

Selling high-ticket dropshipping products on Shopify 

You can set up an online store to sell products directly to your customers. 

Shopify makes it easy to create an ecommerce storefront. Choose a theme, customize your store, and add the high-ticket items you want to sell.

You can even set up a wholesale channel on your website to sell b2b products to other businesses.

Plus, Shopify integrates with many high-ticket dropshipping suppliers' portals. This allows for easy importing and order management.

Selling high-ticket dropshipping products via Google Ads

Running Google Ads is one of the best ways to get sales for your high-ticket products.

How so? Well, it allows you to expose your products to shoppers while they are searching for them.

People will search for things like product names, brands, etc. So when your ad shows up for a relevant query they've just typed, they are likely to click through and convert.

Selling high-ticket products on Amazon

Amazon is another channel that facilities high-ticket dropshipping.

Due to its reputation, people buy even the most expensive products on Amazon.

You can capitalize on this trust by selling high-ticket items on the platform.

Consider private label dropshipping, which allows you to sell under your own brand. This business model works especially well with Amazon.

Selling high-ticket products on Instagram

Instagram isn't that popular among high-ticket dropshippers.

But with some methods, you can get a healthy number of customers via this channel.

The key is to partner with industry experts or influencers to promote your items.

This will help build credibility and loyalty to your brand. Consumers of all demographics, and especially Gen Z, trust influencers' recommendations.

Selling high-ticket products on the Facebook Marketplace

Do you live in an upscale neighborhood or a country where people have high purchasing power?

If yes, consider selling your high-ticket dropshipping products on the Facebook Marketplace.

The platform allows you to reach people within your locality and nearby areas.

Once you've created a listing, potential buyers will contact you to share their offers.

Selling high-ticket products in different countries (Canada, US, UK, etc.)

You can sell high-ticket products in every country around the globe.

But some markets are better suited for high-ticket dropshipping than others.

The reason? Purchasing power.

Countries with high purchasing power will likely bring you more sales.

Let's look at some of these countries.

Selling high-ticket products in the US

The US is a great market for high-ticket dropshipping.

According to the latest statistics, a US consumer spends around $5,577 on average per month.

So they definitely are a viable target for high-ticket dropshippers.

Plus, certain high-ticket niches attract a lot of spending from American consumers.

For instance, US adults spend $48 billion on gardening and lawn equipment each year.

Selling high-ticket products in Canada

Canada is another lucrative market for high-ticket dropshipping.

Canadian consumers spend on luxury goods. And even some basic expensive goods like extreme weather outerwear have good demand.

But whatever you sell to these audiences should be high quality. Because most products sold in the Great North are top-notch in this regard.

Selling high-ticket products in the UK

The UK should be on your list of target markets for high-ticket dropshipping.

UK consumers spend good money on big-ticket items and their card spending is also rising.

By offering the right products, you can profit from this trend and grow your business.

Selling high-ticket products in Australia

Australian consumers are one of the most generous online shoppers.

And if we look at their demographics, young adults tend to pivot toward high-ticket items more.

So to be successful Down Under, you will need to design campaigns that appeal to young audiences.

Selling high-ticket products in India

As an emerging economy, India is ripe for high-ticket dropshipping.

Indians spend a decent amount on expensive items, especially during the festive season.

So it's common for  brands to roll out big-ticket campaigns during that time. 

You can also do the same , but make sure to assess the market for your products first.

High-ticket dropshipping: FAQ

Is high-ticket dropshipping profitable?

High-ticket dropshipping can be very profitable if you choose the best high-ticket products.

The typical profit margin on these products is 35%-50%. So a $1,000 sale will net you at least $350 in profit—not bad for a single order! 

Explore niches like outdoor equipment, kitchen appliances, and B2B. These are the market segments most likely to have high-priced, high-value items.

How do I set up my high ticket dropshipping store? 

Use an ecommerce platform like Shopify to build an online storefront.

Then, get a professional logo and invest in a premium template for your high-ticket store.

Shopify also has apps to help you import items from Modalyst, Alibaba, and other suppliers.

Plus, you can use other tools like product review apps to gather social proof for your items.

How do I determine the right price point for high-ticket items?

When pricing high-ticket dropshipping products, consider what they are worth to the customer.

For example, a customer might be willing to pay $1000 for a product that costs $500 if it solves a big problem for them.

In this case, you can price it between $600-$1000.

But make sure to factor in marketing costs and taxes--they can be high for such expensive items.

Learn more in our post, how to price your product

What are the best high ticket dropshipping niches?

  • Home and kitchen
  • Lawn and garden
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Health and fitness
  • Business to business

Bottom line

There you have it--15 best high-ticket dropshipping products to sell in 2023.

Although this isn't an exhaustive list, it should give an idea of where to begin.

You should be able to source most of these products from the suppliers I've listed in this article.

Plus, our dropshipping supplier considerations guide can help you vet suppliers.

Take your first steps to building a high-ticket dropshipping business.

And more tips and insights related to dropshipping and ecommerce, visit our blog.

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