14 Best Trending Products to Sell In Online Stores for Dropshipping for 2024

In this article, you will find the 14 best trending products to sell in 2024.

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April 8, 2024
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Today, we will talk about the best trending products for dropshipping. One of the things that will make you successful as a dropshipper is identifying what people want, and then getting in early in the game. 

Over the years, I realized that trends do matter in retail, especially for dropshippers. The challenge is that it is difficult to keep up with trends. 

The way I came up with this list is through data, not anecdotal feedback or experience. In this article, I will show you:

  • What trending products are
  • How to use Dropship.IO to validate if a trend is making sales
  • The 14 best trendy products to sell right now

In the end, I am confident that you will have the knowledge to spot trends using data. As such, you will only sell products that are in big demand.  

What are trending products?

Trending products are those that are on the rise. It is possible that these products are new, or they have been around for a long while, lost their popularity, and are now back on track. 

Trending products are great for dropshipping because they are on their way to becoming best-sellers. It is a good idea to be at the forefront of this trend, as you will sell the most items before their dropshippers saturate the market with the same thing. 

On the other hand, trending products can also be problematic. For one, their popularity does not last long in the market. However, that is alright since you do not have to buy inventory anyway.

If you decide to sell trending products, make sure that it belongs to your niche, and that you have other supporting items for it. Once the trend is gone, you can remove this trendy product from your store and move on to the next big thing. 

What I am saying here is that you should not sell trends in a single-item or single-product dropshipping store. A single-product dropshipping store is best for extremely unique items.

14 Trending Products for Dropshipping (2 each)

Here is a quick list:

1. Toys – Educational Toys

2. Toys – Drones and RC

3. Baby Products – Baby Soap

4. Baby Products – Plushy

5. Clothing – Puff Sleeves

6. Clothing – Square Neck Dress

7. Electronics and Accessories – MagSafe Wallet

8. Electronics and Accessories – Portable Power Station 

9. Hobby Items – Mixology

10. Hobby Items – Baking 

11. Health and Fitness – Pilates 

12. Health and Fitness – Food Supplements

13. Pets – Pet Camera

14. Pets – Smart Feeder

1. Toys – Educational Toys

Pros of Dropshipping Educational Toys

  • You can target specific age groups 
  • There are many suppliers of educational toys
  • It is possible to white-label and private-label these products
  • There will always be children and parents who want these toys

Cons of Dropshipping Educational Toys

  • A lot of competition 
  • Small profit margin

Target Market for Education Toys

The best countries to target for educational toys are Western countries. Although there are many educational toys in the US, UK, and Canada, most of these toys are too expensive. Because of this, you have the opportunity to sell educational toys at a lower price. 

Since these toys are easy to dropship, expect heavy competition. What I can suggest is that you find white-label toys where you can print your brand. In addition, it makes sense to work a deal with a supplier who sells many types of these toys.

You can ask the supplier to create bundles of different toys for you. you can sell these bundles at a lower price, but you will have an increase in average order value. 

2. Toys – Drones and RC

Pros of Dropshipping Drones and RC 

  • These toys have a huge market
  • You can target not just kids but also adolescents and even adults
  • There are many suppliers of all sorts of drones and RCs
  • The price range is wide, giving you more options for what to sell and for how much   

Cons of Dropshipping Drones and RC

  • You have to be an expert

Target Market for Drones and RC

The drone market is in the US, Australia, France, and New Zealand. While you can target other countries, it is best to stick to countries with a high income per capita. 

As far as expertise goes, you need to be knowledgeable about drones and their common problems. I will not advise that you dropship these toys if you have not used them yourself. Drones come with a lot of accessories, capabilities, and problems.

As a dropshipper, you will increase your sales if you know the answers to questions from your customers. Your knowledge builds your credibility, making potential buyers trust you. 

3. Baby Products – Baby Soap

Pros of Dropshipping Baby Soap

  • Parents will always buy what is good for their children
  • All countries have babies—the whole world is your market
  • It is possible to build your brand 
  • Suppliers are not a problem

Cons of Dropshipping Baby Soap 

  • You must be cautious about your “medical promises”

Target Market for Baby Soap

To market your baby soap, you must appeal to the emotions of the parents. In addition, it is best to sell these products to markets with a good economy. There are many baby soaps in grocery stores—you are competing against them. 

Because of this, likely, the parents would rather buy in grocery stores. The key here is to find parents who are not satisfied with the available baby soaps in grocery stores. Your product must be unique and it must offer something not seen on typical baby products.   

It is also good to note here that this is a health product. Be careful with your wording if you advertise this product on Facebook or Google. Stick with facts and not on medical promises as this can get you banned from advertising networks.

4. Baby Products – Plushy

Pros of Dropshipping Plushies

  • Lots of plush toys to choose from
  • These are affordable and easy to dropship
  • There are many suppliers of plushies worldwide

Cons of Dropshipping Plushies

  • You cannot dropship illegitimate counterfeit plushies from branded names

Target Market for Plushies

Parents and relatives are the best markets for plushies. While there are many plushy sources or suppliers, what I recommend is that you find suppliers that allow you to modify something in the toy. 

For example, you can use a print-on-demand system like Printify. On this platform, some plushy suppliers allow you to design the plushy animal toy’s t-shirt. Do this, and you are giving the potential buyer more reason to buy your products.

Do not bother selling counterfeit plushy toys like those of Disney characters. It is illegal to do so, and you can be shut down if the brand’s company finds out. Worst, you are legally liable, and you may face serious legal issues.

5. Clothing – Puff Sleeves

Pros of Dropshipping Puff Sleeves Clothing 

  • The trend is rising for this kind of clothing
  • There are many suppliers online, especially in AliExpress 
  • Shipping is not costly

Cons of Dropshipping Puff Sleeves Clothing 

  • Your only market is women

Target Market for Puff Sleeves Clothing 

Women in countries where fashion is a necessity are your key market. The thing with puff-sleeved clothing is that it will not always be in demand because trends change. As such, you need to strike while the iron is hot.

6. Clothing – Square Neck Dress

Pros of Dropshipping Square Neck Dress

  • Easy to source; many suppliers
  • No limit to product variety
  • Not likely to go out of fashion

Cons of Dropshipping Square Neck Dress 

  • Lots of competition

Target Market for Square Neck Dress

Based on my search in Google Trends, the top five markets for square neck dresses for dropshipping are: 

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United States

The good thing about a product like this is that it is not likely to go out of fashion. It is a simple dress with a square neck, and people can always wear it regardless of the existing trend. The downside, however, is that your market is limited to women only, and at a specific age group or bracket only.  

My recommendation to succeed in this niche or product is to upload many products. This way, the people who come to your store have a lot of products to choose from.

7. Electronics and Accessories – MagSafe Wallet

Pros of Dropshipping MagSafe Wallet

  • More and more people need to protect their cards
  • Easy to market
  • A lot of variants to choose from 

Cons of Dropshipping MagSafe Wallet

  • Many products from suppliers are fake or poorly made

Target Market for MagSafe Wallet

It is important to note here that MagSafe is a brand name. As such, you cannot dropship it. What you can dropship are imitation and unbranded versions of this product. MagSafe owns proprietary technology so the unbranded products you will sell are mere versions only.

When looking for products like this, you need to search for magnetic wallets or RFID wallets. Again, there is no such thing as MagSafe that you can dropship because it is a brand. 

The best markets for products like these are the US and the UK. In addition, you can also target countries that have the highest issuance of credit cards. Some examples are Canada, Germany, and Iceland.

8. Electronics and Accessories – Portable Power Station 

Pros of Dropshipping Portable Power Station

  • There is a demand for this product
  • There are many brands and suppliers you can source from
  • It complements a dropshipping store in the camping gear niche

 Cons of Dropshipping Portable Power Station

  • Too bulky to ship

Target Market for Portable Power Station

Countries where there are many campers are the best market for portable power stations. People need these devices or batteries to power their light sources and phones. 

New Zealand, France, and the United States are some of the best countries to penetrate. As far as Google Trends go, the countries with the top search interest are South Africa, China, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and the US. 

Please note that it is not easy to ship these things because they have lithium batteries. What I suggest is that you find a supplier whose items are in the same country where you intend to sell or ship. 

9. Hobby Items – Mixology

Pros of Dropshipping Mixology Goods

  • Drinking is an international pastime
  • Many people would rather mix their dinks than spend a ton in bars
  • There are many suppliers for these products 

Cons of Dropshipping Mixology Goods

  • It takes knowledge in bartending to be able to pick good products to dropship

Target Market for Mixology Goods

There are countries where alcohol is illegal. Some examples are Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, and Libya. Based on my research on Google, the countries with the highest search score for mixology are Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Jamaica, Singapore, and Canada. 

There is a need for you to learn how to do bartending yourself if you want to sell these products. For example, not all blenders are excellent at doing what they are supposed to do. As such, you need to know which brands and blender types are best suited for mixing drinks that require chopped ice.

10. Hobby Items – Baking Goods

Pros of Dropshipping Baking Goods

  • Lots of reliable suppliers
  • You can do private-label dropshipping 
  • You can market the products on YouTube or TikTok through tutorial videos

Cons of Dropshipping Baking Goods

  • Many of these products are easy to find in physical stores
  • Lots of competition 

Target Market for Baking Goods

Based on Google Trends, the following are the top markets for baking goods:

  • Philippines
  • Zimbabwe
  • Jamaica
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Canada

Similar to mixology, you need a degree of expertise in baking to succeed in this niche. It is a good idea to create and launch videos on YouTube and TikTok about baking, and then route the viewers to your store. This approach works better because if you use a product in a video, chances are that the viewers will trust you more because they saw the product in use or action.

11. Health and Fitness – Pilates Goods 

Pros of Dropshipping Pilates Goods

  • Exercise is popular today more than ever
  • Health is always a good niche to penetrate 
  • Lots of suppliers you can rely on
  • You can choose between low-end and high-end Pilates goods

Cons of Dropshipping Pilates Goods

  • High competition 
  • You need more work to market your goods   

Target Market for Pilates Goods

The best countries to target for Pilates are Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. I recommend that you target countries with a high income because people from economically depressed countries will not spend money on this.

Similar to the other products in this list, it is easier to market Pilates goods if you can produce videos showing your products in use. Do not shoot videos of the product. instead, produce videos that help people, such as the proper way to do Pilates. Then, encourage the viewers to visit your site and buy. 

12. Health and Fitness – Food Supplements

Pros of Dropshipping Food Supplements

  • Lots of suppliers who dropship
  • Many suppliers offer either white-label or private-label services
  • Many people want or need food supplements

Cons of Dropshipping Food Supplements

  • These products are difficult to advertise

Target Market for Food Supplements

 It is easier to sell food supplements in the West than in the East because more people in the US and Canada can afford these pills. The people you want are those who have extra money to spare for their health and well-being. 

The one issue you may face is advertising difficulty. Facebook and other advertising networks are wary of products like these because they can get sued. As such, you need to exercise extreme caution with the words you choose or what you claim the supplements can do.

The best approach to take is to include this in a gym or health niche dropshipping store. You can sell these products as part of a bundle instead of selling them as standalone products.

13. Pets – Pet Cameras

Pros of Dropshipping Pet Cameras

  • Pet owners want this product
  • There are millions of pet owners globally
  • This product is an impulse buy

Cons of Dropshipping Pet Cameras

  • You will not get a repeat order

Target Market for Pet Cameras

Australia and the United Kingdom are the best countries to target when it comes to pet cameras. You can also include New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. These are the five countries with the highest search interest for this keyword.

Although millions of pet owners may be interested in this product, you must market your goods the right way. You can only do this if you publish videos appealing enough to the pet owner. 

The best thing I recommend is to show videos of “pets caught on camera.” Of course, these are not random events but staged ones. Make the videos funny, cute, or amazing—these are the videos that would make the viewer say, “I need this camera so I can record my pet doing stuff like this!” 

14. Pets – Smart Feeders

Pros of Dropshipping Smart Feeders

  • Lots of products to choose from
  • Easy to suppliers in AliExpress
  • There are low-end variants that cost less than $100

Cons of Dropshipping Smart Feeders

  • These are expensive

Target Market for Smart Feeders

The top five countries where you must sell smart feeders are: 

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Czechia

Although smart feeders do not have a high demand, people who look for these items will certainly buy them. It is a highly niched product and the customers you must look for are those who are passionate about their pets. 

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping Trending Products

PRO: There is a huge market waiting

A trending product will eventually have a high demand. You do not even need to create this demand, as the other marketers are already doing this for you. 

Trending products get to this status because of the viral phenomenon. No one knows how a society “decides” what products to like and dislike. However, if you see one product that people become crazy about, you have to pounce on it as soon as you can.  

The advantage here for a dropshipper like you is that you can easily supply this product to the hungry market. You do not need to buy inventory, and all you need to do is post the items to your store and let people know that you are selling them.

PRO: You have little competition if you start early 

Trending products do not get to this status overnight. It takes a long while before the dropshippers saturate the market with this.

As such, you have little competition if you start early. At this point, you can: 

  • Search for the best-trending products related to your niche
  • Find the best suppliers online
  • Test the products yourself
  • Create marketing materials

The key here is to get ahead of the competition. You can do this if you use trend discovery tools like Ecomhunt and Google Trends. 

PRO: The profit margin is high

Trending products tend to have high profit margins because you have little competition. Since there are a few sellers yet the demand is high, you do not have to play tug-of-war when it comes to pricing. 

Trending products are in the process of becoming a massive hit. Once it attains peak status, sellers will do what they can to undercut every other competitor. They will reduce prices, give freebies, etc. At this point, you can no longer reasonably compete with them. 

Then, the trend starts to go down, until nobody wants to have anything to do with the product anymore.  

CON: The trend does not last long

No data can show us how often a trend lasts. What we do know for sure is that they do not last forever. 

Take a look at this chart for fidget spinners:

The trend picked up in January of 2017 and ended in November of the same year. After more than five years, the trend never went back up.

If you investigate further, you will also find out that sellers are not making a lot of money from these products. Even the suppliers have stocks that they cannot dispose of. 

Take a look at this:

Even the manufacturers can barely sell 10,000 of these items. They can do what they want by introducing new designs and all that, but then they cannot bring back the same demand or trend for it.

CON: You will face tough competition soon

As the trend goes up, other dropshippers will begin to notice. Dropshippers who use tools like Ecomhunt and Dropship.IO are at a certain advantage. They have visibility on sales data, and they know what products sell and what products don’t.

To manage this well, I suggest that you use a trend finder or a product database tool like ours. A software program like this will show you hard data about sales. From here, you can make informed business decisions and be on top of these trends.

How to Use Dropship.IO to Find Trending But Winning Products

I will now share with you how to find winning products that are also trending. The two tools you need are Google Trends and Dropship.IO. 

To start, go to Google Trends and type the keywords of the product you think is trending. As you can tell by now, this requires a brainstorming session. It means that you must list down your ideas before you go through this exercise. 

If you do not want to do this, the alternative is to register to Dropship.IO now and wait for our weekly product drops.

For this example, I will use “portable phone charger” as a keyword and see the trend in the last 12 months worldwide. 

Here is what Google Trends returned:

You may think that the trend is going down, and that is true. However, one thing we can observe here is that there was a positive trend from November to December, during the holiday season. To confirm what I suspect, I changed the period to the past five years of data.

Here is what I got: 

If you hover your mouse over the upticks, you will notice that all these happened from November to December, confirming my suspicion that there is a high demand for this product during the holiday season. 

Now that we have established its trend and when it is likely to occur, the next step is to check sales stats. We will use Dropship.IO for this. In the platform, go to the Product Database and type the keyword. 

From here, click on SEARCH, and then wait for the results. Then, sort the data by monthly sales, and you will see this:

The top two products show us that there is demand for this product. The first one sold 357 units and made $8,113, and the second one sold 240 units and made $9,929. 

If we scroll down, we will see this:

As you can see, all these portable chargers are making sales. I am writing this in September, and yet we can see that these products are in demand even before the holiday season!


The next step is to complete your brainstorming session for products you want to sell. Then, sign up for a free 7-day trial account with us. Use our product database to validate your ideas.

Our tool will show you if your target product has sales, and how the other sellers are doing in terms of revenue. The last thing you want to do is to get into a niche blindly without any sales data. Dropship.IO is what you need if you need to make informed business decisions. Sign up now and see for yourself!  

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