10 Ways to Find Winning Products For Dropshipping in 2023

You can find winning products through platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Wish. Factors like weight and shipping time can help narrow down your options.

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December 23, 2022
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As a part-time dropshipper, I know the success of my business hinges on the types of products I sell. And for me, nothing compares to the aura of a winning product.

But finding winning products can be hard for a beginner. So I want to make things easier by sharing the platforms I use (and how I use them) to find such items.

Today, you'll learn:

  • How to find winning products
  • What is a winning product
  • What are some examples of winning products
  • Finding winning products on different platforms
  • How to validate winning products further

Let's dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • A winning product is any item that’s unique, reasonably priced, and valuable to customers.
  • Fitness, pet, and beauty products are some examples of such items.
  • You can find winning products on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • Seeing what other dropshippers are selling can help you find more winning products.
  • Validating winning products comes down to factors like advertising eligibility and market saturation.

How to find winning products?

Researching different platforms is key to finding winning products for your dropshipping business.

You'll want to explore bestseller lists on AliExpress, eBay, and other marketplaces.

Social media apps like Instagram and TikTok are also a goldmine for product ideas.

Go through these channels to see which products are being talked about. Items with the most engagement may be good candidates for your store’s catalog.

Hearing about winning products the first time? Let me break them down for you from scratch.

What is a winning product?

A winning product is any item that provides value to the customer.

It's usually hot-selling, because more and more people buy it to fulfill their needs.

The best part is, it does not have to be expensive to source.

For example, a grid egg tray provides a fix for keeping your refrigerator clean and organized. And it costs $5-$6 to source from dropshipping suppliers.

Of course, you should look beyond value when evaluating a product's potential.

Your winning product should also:

Be unique

Question: would you be more curious about a lamp that has a drum design or one that's bird-shaped?

Let me guess: the bird-shaped one. Why? Because it's unique and fascinating.

So if the item you're considering has similar traits, you have your hands on a winning product.

Have a reasonable price

One of the keys to dropshipping success is selling products that people buy on impulse.

But impulse buying usually happens when items have a reasonable price.

Make sure the product you choose doesn't cost too high so that you can profit from impulse purchases.

Fits your target market

Identified a product that resonates well with the audience in a specific market?

Don't make the mistake of assuming it would be a great fit for your market too.

Remember that people's tastes may vary depending on demographic and cultural characteristics.

I recommend studying your target market upfront. Conduct surveys, create buyer personas, etc.

This will make it easier for you to identify a winning product.

What are some examples of winning products?

Although products that classify as winners keep changing, I have seen a few items stand the test of time. These include:

Fitness products

With declining wages worldwide, many people are looking to cut costs.

And canceling their gym membership is one of the approaches they've taken.

But with people still keen on improving their health, the demand for home fitness products is on the rise.

So you may want to look into items like:

  • Exercise mats
  • Rowing machines
  • Jumping ropes
  • Kettlebells

Pet products

It's no secret that pet owners are impulsive shoppers. They buy items that promote the health and comfort of their fur babies.

Hence, the demand for pet products has grown in recent years.

To capitalize, you only need to focus on winning products in the niche, such as:

  • Dog bowls
  • Cat litter mats
  • Pet collars
  • Pet fur removers

Beauty & wellness products

Who doesn't want to look and feel their best?

It's a want ingrained within us from childhood. And it has increased the demand for beauty and wellness products.

With this in mind, you may find success with winning products in this niche, such as:

  • Lip balms
  • Strip lashes
  • Hygiene products
  • Dental accessories

How do I find winning products?

There are a few platforms you can use to get an idea of popular items.

You can shortlist those items, then see if they meet your criteria of a winning product.

Here are the channels to consider.

#1 Using is a product research tool that makes it easy to get winning product ideas.

Although it has a range of features, I was especially impressed with its Portfolio tool.

With Portfolio, you get a drop featuring 40 products on Monday at 12 PM EST every week. 

And they aren't randomly-picked items.'s specialists review each item to ensure it has the traits of a winning product.

This way, you can remain on top of opportunities or market shifts that might help grow your business.

#2 Finding winning products on Amazon

Amazon is home to thousands of retailers selling products across different categories.

So, it only makes sense to begin your product research there.

Dive into:

Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers is a page that showcases the most sought-after products on Amazon.

It organizes the items by categories, making it easy to browse one relevant to your niche.

Once you choose a category, Best Sellers will present you with a list of top selling products.

Make sure to review the information of those products, particularly the reviews. Plenty of positive reviews could be a sign that the item is a potential winner.

P.S. Best Sellers' lists get updated hourly, so you can be sure your findings are current.

Amazon Movers & Shakers

This page has helped me identify a lot of winning products

Amazon Movers & Shakers shows which products are trending upwards.

And while they may not be bestsellers, people are currently interested in buying them.

Take the items that interest you and perform due diligence

Are they easy to ship? Do they have good reviews? The answers will determine whether the items are a good fit for your business.

#3 Finding winning products on AliExpress

AliExpress is a favorite among dropshippers. The platform offers a vast selection of low-cost products and ships worldwide.

You can visit the AliExpress Dropshipping Center to find winning products.

Additionally, you’ll want to check:

The Hot Products section

This section ranks the most popular products according to their trendiness.

And the items are quite affordable, ranging from $0.99 to $50.

Plus, they have a low weight, meaning it doesn't cost much to dropship them.

The Trusted Supplier Rank

The Trusted Supplier Rank feature can help you identify the right traders/manufacturers.

You can use it to sort suppliers based on their sales, reliability, and time on the platform.

This means you can see the best vendors at a glance and source your winning products with peace of mind.

#4 Finding winning products on eBay

eBay offers a tool to check which items are currently trending on its platform.

Called Watch Count, it lets you see how many users are watching a product and the average bid price.

Products with the highest number of watchers could be good to add to your store. 

If you dive deeper and click on a specific item, you can see how many units have sold. 

So using eBay Watch count can also be a way to check the demand for a particular product.

#5 Finding winning products on Facebook

Facebook can also help you find winning products for dropshipping.

To take advantage of it, use the Facebook search function to look for posts related to products.

For instance, you can type "[your niche] products 2023." Upon doing so, Facebook will show you what items people are currently selling.

Take note of those products because they could be a good fit for your dropshipping business.

#6 Finding winning products on Instagram

Instagram is a key part of my product research toolkit.

That's because I can use it to get ideas for winning products in a matter of minutes.

All I need to do is search for a hashtag relevant to my preferred niche (for instance, #gardeningtools).

And Instagram will show the top posts for that niche based on engagement metrics.

From this point onward, a dropshipper only needs to see what products are there in the posts.

#7 Finding winning products on TikTok

Hashtags can also help you find winning products on TikTok.

To use them, go to the "discover" tab in the app and search for the following phrases:

  • #coolgadgets
  • #tiktokmademebuyit
  • #amazonfinds
  • #trendingitem

TikTok will then show you viral products and reviews to help you with the selection.

#8 Finding winning products on Pinterest

Pinterest is a goldmine for dropshippers looking to find winning products.

You can check out boards of successful stores in your niche to get ideas and inspiration.

Type any product's name in the search bar. Then choose boards from the list of filters on the right.


#9 Finding winning products on YouTube

​​YouTube is another great platform for product research.

To get ideas for winning products, search for things like Top 10 Amazon products 2023.

This type of search will return YouTube videos with lists of the most popular products.



Go through comments to judge the potential of a product. Are people actually looking forward to buying it?

#10 Finding winning products on Wish

Wish is an American ecommerce retailer that sells a variety of products.

But not any products–Wish deals in items that trigger impulse purchases.

And that's one of the hallmarks of winning products.

So you'll want to browse through Wish's Popular and Trending lists for product ideas.

As you do, keep an eye out for products that:

  • Have strong visual attribute
  • Evoke an emotional response
  • Have an interesting use case
  • Generate more sales

How to find best-selling products of other dropshipping stores

Seeing what other dropshippers are selling can give you a solid idea of consumer needs.

Plus, it can help you avoid products experiencing saturation in the market.

But doing this can be hard unless you use a tool like Dropship.

Though I'm a bit biased, Dropship is the best way to find the best-selling products from other stores.

Here's how it works: create an account, then click the Sales Tracker tab on the left.

On the next screen, enter the name of the dropshipping store you want to research.

Dropship will then present you with that store's sales data along with the products they sell.

Take note of the items that generated the highest revenue for the store. These are likely to be winning products.

How to validate winning products further

Now that you know how to find winning products, you likely have a few items that you would like to sell.

But before you attempt to do so, make sure to check the following:


How much does the item weigh? When dropshipping, you'll want to aim for smaller and lighter products.

I say this because heavier items cost a lot of money to ship.

But if you do decide to sell something bulky, make sure to factor in the shipping cost into your sales price.


It may be easy to sell a winning product, but don't forget to check the shipping time.

If a customer doesn't receive their item in time, they are unlikely to buy from you again.

The ideal delivery time is 2-3 days if you're selling on a local scale, and 15-20 days for international orders.


Many ecommerce brands rely on social media ads to generate sales.

So when choosing a product, make sure to check for advertising restrictions.

For example, products like CBD oil may fall into the winning products category.

But you may not be able to advertise them on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Market saturation

Market saturation occurs when the supply of a given product outruns its demand.

Does your preferred product have a saturated market? Find out by seeing how many brands are selling it.

I use Dropship to get an idea of saturation. The tool shows whether the saturation for a product is low, medium, or high.


Another way to get an idea of saturation is to see if an item's price has fallen or stagnated over a certain period.

If the price has not moved or dropped quite a bit over the past year or so, you might want to reconsider your choice.

Winning Products FAQ

Here are some questions about winning producs.

What makes a winning product?

Factors like high demand and low competition make for a winning product.

Plus, a winning product usually solves a problem, so people consider it more of a necessity than a luxury.

For instance, shoe organizers are a great candidate for a winning product. They are a simple fix for households where shoes often get scattered or misplaced.

How many products should you start out with?

In the beginning, I would recommend adding 10-20 products to your dropshipping store.

This is a good number to keep your store looking legit and populated.

But rather than focusing on all items, concentrate on 2-3. These will be the first products that you'll promote via marketing.

What are the highest margin dropship products?

Some of the most profitable products to dropship are:

1. Yoga leggings

2. Watches

3. Sunglasses

4. Women’s clothing

5. Fitness apparel

6. Children’s toys

7. Pet accessories

8. Beauty products

Bottom Line

How to find winning products? You now know which platforms to use for product research. 

Take advantage of them and remember to analyze your findings based on your criteria.

If you find it hard to gather data around products, a tool like Dropship can fix that for you. 

So make use of all the resources at your disposal. Doing so will make it easier to build a profitable dropshipping business.

Want more tips and insights on how to start dropshipping? Visit our blog for more helpful content.

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