The 8 Best AliHunter Alternatives For Dropshipping

AliHunter is one of the best tools for hunting winning products on AliExpress. However, it is not the only tool and is certainly not the best.

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June 16, 2023
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In my experience and opinion, the best tool is Dropship.IO. I am saying this not because I belong to the team but because our product database is more extensive than the other alternatives. I will talk more about this in a bit. 

I have years of experience looking for AliExpress products and have used many tools. I want to use this knowledge and experience to share the best AliHunter alternatives with you. 

You will learn the following: 

  • The best AliHunter alternatives
  • Things you must consider when choosing a winning product
  • Things from AliExpress that you must never sell 

The key takeaways are: 

  • Sales from AliExpress can be misleading
  • You want a multi-tool to analyze sales and data
  • Sales data from dropshippers is better than sales data from AliExpress

If you are ready, let us start!

8 best AliHunter alternatives

Top 8 AliHunter alternatives & competitors

Here are longer reviews of the best AliHunter alternatives.

1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to AliHunter

Dropship.IO is not only a product hunter. It is also an all-in-one suite where you can track the sales performance of your competitors. It may sound like I favor our software, but let me show you what makes Dropship.IO the best alternative to AliHunter. 

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database – our product database tracks all products sold in the Shopify universe. Type your keywords and use our extensive filtering categories. Our tool will show you all the products that match your keywords, the sales for that product, and which dropshippers sell these products in their stores.
  • Competitor Tracker – the competitor tracker is a useful tool to measure your competitors’ performance. This report shows stores, their products based on your keywords, the date they launched the product and the store, and more. You can track these competitors in a separate report to see their daily, weekly, and monthly sales stats. 
  • Chrome Extension – we recently launched a Chrome extension to make tracking stores and products easier for our users. If browsing a Shopify store, the Chrome extension will ask if you want to add that product or store to your list.
  • Sales Tracker – the sales tracker is a powerful tool to assess the selling strength of a product or a store. This report shows a performance chart of the product’s total sales, dollar revenue, Facebook ads, and many more.  
  • Dropship University – if you are new to dropshipping, we have videos about how you can use Dropship.IO to make your business successful. In these videos, we teach you how to leverage our intelligent machine to drive sales and keep up with your competitors. 

Dropship.IO Pros

  • The tool is so intuitive; so easy to use
  • Our limits per plan are reasonable and better than our competitors
  • We provide accurate data 
  • There are many tools you can use to find winning products based on data

Dropship.IO Pros

  • We only track Shopify stores as of this time.

I need to mention that apart from tracking and reporting, our system will provide you with links to AliExpress and Amazon related to the product you are looking at.

 If you are monitoring stores, we have a direct link to the Facebook Ads Library, where you can find what ads these competitors launched successfully. 

Check our product database now and see our product hunter in action. It is free to try it for seven days!

2. Spocket – best for Shopify and WooCommerce integration

Spocket is a top-caliber integration tool. It is where you can find winning products on AliExpress and import them to your store. You can also process orders from the system, so you do not have to go to AliExpress for manual ordering.

Spocket Features

  • Product Search – Spocket has a database of products not only from AliExpress but also from other suppliers. Their suppliers are global. With this tool, you will find suppliers from China EU, the UK, Canada, and the USA. 
  • Private Label – you can narrow your search to suppliers who offer private-label goods. Private label means you reach out to a manufacturer, and then they will produce your products according to your specifications. All these products will also carry your brand name. 
  • Image Search – sometimes, you have an image of a product that you may have seen in an ad, but you do not know who the supplier is. In this case, upload the image to Spocket, which will show you the suppliers for that product. 

Spocket Pros

  • The system is easy to use 
  • There is a free plan that allows you to browse products
  • The system integrates with many store builders

Spocket Cons

  • You must pay a subscription to benefit from the system fully.

Spocket is the leading dropship supplier tool. Although it lists winning products, this report is not their primary specialty. As such, the “winning products” tool is not as good as ours. 

Use the Spocket dropshipping tool if you need an integration system. With it, you can find products from various suppliers in different locations and import them seamlessly.  

3. Sell the Trend – best for finding trendy dropshipping products 

Sell the Trend touts itself as the leading dropshipping platform. They provide an all-in-one suite of tools that you can use to find winning products that you can also import to your store. The system currently has over 7 million products you can choose from.

Sell the Trend Features

  • Product Explorer – the tool has a database of millions of products from TikTok, AliExpress, Amazon, Nexus, and more. As a dropshipper, you can choose which site to explore according to your market. The product explorer tool gives you access to market trends. 
  • Supplier Analysis – after selecting a product, the system will recommend suppliers you can work with. The database has more than a thousand vendors. Each vendor has a rank, and Sell the Trend has a ranking system based on the supplier’s pricing, product quality, communication, and speed of delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Sell the Trend allows you to fulfill orders quickly. You can also set it so that orders go directly to the supplier. If you do this, you no longer need to place orders manually. 

Sell the Trend Pros

  • You have access to video libraries
  • They offer a dropshipping course
  • Members can expect 24/7 support

Sell the Trend Cons

  • There is no free version of the tool; it is expensive.

Sell the Trend also has a Google Chrome extension that allows you to import an AliExpress product straight from the AliExpress website. You can use this tool to explore winning products from multiple sites, including CJDropshipping

4. Dropified – best for high-end dropshipping products 

Dropified made its name in the dropshipping industry as a tool to sell high-end and private-label supplements. The way it works is similar to Spocket. The tool allows you to search for winning products and upload or import them to your store. 

Dropified Features

  • Automatic Order Placement – with Dropified, you can eliminate manual orders. You can set it up where customer orders automatically go to the supplier. The supplier will process this order even if you are asleep. You also no longer have to copy and paste order details. 
  • Multiple Suppliers – the system does not limit you to searching for winning products in AliExpress. You can also find winning products and their respective suppliers on Amazon and eBay. Be cautious with Amazon, though. The package that your customer would receive may have the Amazon brand on it.
  • Facebook Marketplace Integration – you can sell your products on Facebook. Your Facebook store will show products in your Dropified dashboard if you do. Any change you make on your Dropified dashboard will also reflect on your Facebook store. 

Dropified Pros

  • You can use white-label or private-label food supplements.
  • The system has an importation tool 
  • Automated ordering is available
  • You can add buy-one-get-one rules to improve sales

Dropified Cons

  • Membership is expensive; the lowest cost is $96 per month.

Use Dropified if you want to launch a huge dropshipping business. Furthermore, it is also the ideal source of food supplements. You can use this tool to create your brand of food supplements and target the health industry. 

For ordinary dropshipping, Dropified and Spocket are highly similar. The big difference is that on Dropified, you get cashback from Admitad. It means you will get a small percentage of the product’s cost for every purchase. Eventually, this sum will add up, thereby increasing your profits.

5. AliExpress Dropshipping Center – best for straightforward AliExpres product hunting

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is one of the less popular alternatives to AliHunter. AliExpress made this tool to help dropshippers find products easily with an extension. The app is a Google Chrome Extension. 

AliExpress Dropshipping Center Features

  • Browser Extension – the tool is free in the Google Browser Extension store. Like our Chrome Extension, it is easy to install and set up. Before using the extension, ensure you have an account with AliExpress as a buyer. Use your credentials to log in to the extension; you should be ready to use the tool.
    Product Analysis – with the extension installed,  you can easily find product performance on an AliEpress search results page, like in the screenshot above. 
  • Filtering – the tool allows you to filter your search. For example, you can search for suppliers in a particular country. This process or system is helpful if you want fast shipping. You can also filter categories, free shipping, or products that have video demonstrations.


AliExpress Dropshipping Center Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • You can search for winning products straight from AliExpress

AliExpress Dropshipping Center Cons

  • It is not a sophisticated tool.

You do not need the AliExpress Dropshipping Center if you already use tools like Dropship.IO, Spocket, or Dropified. It would be redundant to do so. The truth is that tools like ours are far better because we show you the real sales performance of the dropshipper, not the supplier.

6. Asify – Best Free Alihunter Alternative 

Asify is also a Google Chrome extension that works like the previous tool we discussed. However, the company that made it has many other tools you can use to succeed in dropshipping. 

You can go to the website to learn more, but then the site is not in English. Although there is an option to choose English as the website language, it does not always work. For now, stick with the tool they have in Google Chrome. 

Asify Features

  • Sales Stats – this feature allows you to see the metrics of a product quickly. Some examples of the data are daily sales, top countries where the product sells the most, which best countries to dropship, and the number of items sold. 
  • Filters – you can filter products based on multiple criteria. For example, you can use keywords, filter products with or without videos, the country of dispatch or location, delivery type, time it takes to process, etc. 
  • Sales Activities – you can view the product activity for 15 or 30 days. If you do this, you will know if the sales performance is still high at this point or time or if the interest is already going down. 
  • CA Simulator – the simulator allows you to insert a sales price. The tool will show you how profitable this product can be. You can also add fees from Stripe and PayPal to see how much net profit you would earn if you sold that particular product.  
  • Sellers Search – you can filter your search by the seller based on a specific category or niche you selected. 

Asify Pros

  • The installation is straightforward
  • You get more data than AliExpress’s extension  
  • It is free

Asify Cons

  • You cannot use it to import products
  • You will not see the real sales performance of dropshippers

Use Asify only if you want a quick look at the merits of a product inside the AliExpress domain. The tool shows you winning products and their respective metrics but is less powerful than our offer.

7. Thieve.Co – best for AI product descriptions 

Thieve is a dropship supplier tool that focuses on trends. Use this system to find the hottest products people are currently crazy about consistently. The people behind Thieve ensure a new list of winning products every day

Thieve Features

  • Extension – they have a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to find winning products. Once installed, you can go to any product page; the extension will show you a list of suppliers. This extension only works if the product you are looking at is in the database of Thieve. 
  • Swipes – this tool shows you many images of winning products, like dating apps show you pictures of people. You can swipe to the left if you do not like the item, and the system will show you a new one. If you swipe right, you love the article, and the system will store it for review later. 
  • Product Content AI – this tool is a copywriter. If you have problems creating product content, such as a benefit and feature list, you can use this tool to generate product descriptions automatically. 

Thieve Pros

  • You can find suppliers for almost any product online in any store
  • There is an AI that can help you with copywriting 
  • The tool can generate product descriptions
  • You can do a reverse image search if you cannot find a supplier for a particular product.

Thieve Cons 

  • There is no transparency in the pricing.

Thieve is a good tool if your only goal is to find winning products. Its main advantage over the others in this list is that it can track and locate product suppliers in many stores, not just in AliExpress. Thieve is also an AI tool to improve image quality and create product descriptions. 

8. AliShark – best for getting live results

AliShark is a product database with over 2 million items on its list. What makes AliShark different from other search tools is that it provides live stats. They update their servers and data every hour. 

AliShark Features

  • Multiple Data – it only takes a click to see various information in AliShark. In its report, you can see if a product has an AliExpress page or seller, how many orders there are, who the top dropshippers are, and which countries the supplier ships to. You can also see the sales history of a product for the last six months.
  • Competition – AliShark will show you the dropshipping stores that carry the same product for each product search. This information is critical because you can see who your competitors are, what they are doing, how they price their products, and more.  
  • Product URL – you can use an AliExpress product URL to search for product information. It is an important tool if you want to know how many drop shippers are selling the same item in their store. AliExpress will not show that information, but AliShark will. 

AliShark Pros

  • Lots of data to mine for each product
  • You can spy on your competitors
  • You can immediately see if a product has a video
  • You can save products so you can study them further later

AliShark Cons

  • There is no pricing transparency.

AliShark is a powerful tool. However, you can only use it for AliExpress suppliers. One thing you want to consider is that it shows the sales data of the AliExpress supplier, not the sales of the dropshippers. Why is this a problem?

An AliExpress supplier also sells the item, right? So, even if the supplier sold 10,000 units of an item, it does not mean that dropshippers made the sale happen. It is possible that a vast majority of the sales came from Chinese customers.

Pros and Cons of Selling AliExpress Products

Pros of Selling AliExpress Products

  • Affordable Products – all AliExpress products are cheap and affordable. The Chinese manufacturers made it a point to make these products affordable. It benefits you as a seller because you can mark up your prices greatly. With AliExpress products, you buy straight from the manufacturer and cut the middleman. With AliExpress, you can expect high-profit margins—as much as 300%. 
  • Dropshipping Suppliers – a vast majority of AliExpress sellers are dropshippers. They understand the business, and they offer what dropshippers need. You can even find AliExpress suppliers who will provide personalized branding for you. You can also ask them to remove their brand names or logos. All you need to do is ask. 
  • Product Choice – one cannot deny that AliExpress is the biggest retail online marketplace in the world. All the other—including the biggest—dropship supplier tools also get their supplier list from AliExpress. The sheer volume of products you can find here is overwhelming. 

AliExpress is the primary source of products for all dropshippers. While many dropshippers succeeded with this set-up, there are some challenges ahead of you, which I will discuss below. 

Cons of Selling AliExpress Products 

  • Product Quality – let us not deny it. Many of the products sold on AliExpress are cheap knockoffs. There is nothing you can do about it. But if people on Amazon buy it, it can only mean that they are satisfied with these products. After all, you get what you pay for. People would rather spend on cheap items and buy new ones than spend big money on high-quality goods. 
  • Shipping Issues – all the politics between China and the rest of the world impacted how China does business with other countries. Today, ePacket is nothing short of non-existent. Although many AliExpress still offer free shipping, these shipping methods are unreliable and take forever. 
  • Seller Performance – some sellers in AliExpress are daft. If you ordered green, they would ship yellow. See what the problem is? What happens, then? This seller will tell you to return the green item before he ships the yellow one. You cannot ask your customer to send the item back to China. It is not worth the effort. You can find the customer or shoulder the cost of shipping the correct item. Either way, it is your loss. 
  • Refunds – customers want everything now, especially US customers who expect Amazon Prime shipping speed. If a shipment takes too long, a customer will naturally think you are a scammer. They will ask for a refund. If you do not return their money, they will file a chargeback, and your payment processor, like PayPal, will punish you. 

There are other horror stories about AliExpress dropshipping. It is not uncommon for an AliExpress supplier to send the wrong item to the incorrect address, send a broken item, etc.

AliExpress is in China, so the main language of the sellers is Chinese. Some merely translate your messages with an online app, so miscommunication is common. Make sure your instructions are clear to avoid errors due to miscommunication.

Things to Consider When Selling AliExpress Products

Finding a winning product with a tool like ours has never been this easy. However, I still want to point out that there are several factors you must consider before committing. 

1. Shipping Time

One of the most important factors you must consider is the shipping time and cost. The shipping selection is just above the Buy Now or Add to Cart button. Tap that, and you will see the available options.

Although the system does not take you the days it would take for shipping to complete, it tells you the arrival date. You can calculate this and set your customers’ expectations based on these delivery dates. 

The pop-up window will also show you the shipping cost. As you can see from the screenshot above, you can offer free shipping, but the shipment will arrive two months from now (today is June 6th). The fastest shipping option for this product I selected will take 11 days, but the customer must pay $31.65 for the shipping fee. 

2. Product Quality 

There are many issues with the product quality of AliExpress products. Even if the reviews are great, you cannot really assume that your customers are also at the low end of the market. 

Of course, low quality means cheap pricing and low pricing means you cannot make a huge profit. If you think a dollar profit margin is an excellent idea, think again. You must sell 1,000 units to create a gross profit of $1,000. 

That does not make you rich. It will not even pay your bills. Because of this, you must consider products that are a tad expensive but also highly profitable. I am not saying you should not sell cheap products; you can do this and succeed. 

Whatever your choice, you must buy that product to see it yourself. Please test it and ensure your customers would happily have it at the price you charge. 

3. Repeat Purchase 

Sometimes, a winning product is nothing more than a trend. You must consider how often a customer would buy this product from you. Repeat purchases are great—you do not have to spend so much money to advertise. If a customer likes your products, he will come back for more. 

Here are some examples of products that people buy again and again:

  • Electronics and accessories
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Office and school supplies 
  • Art supplies

If possible, do not sell toys that rely on trends. Once the trend is over, so is your business. Sell toys that parents would love to have more of, like educational toys, building blocks, etc.  

4. Supplier Performance

Lastly, you must consider the AliExpress supplier performance. Even if the product is a top seller, the supplier may not be reliable. 

Go to the product page of AliExpress and check the seller’s rating. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the seller’s name. Please see below: 

This product has over a thousand reviews and over 5,000 sales. The three main components of the seller’s performance are:

  • Item as Described
  • Communication
  • Shipping Speed 

As you can see, this seller has a rating of 4.7 and above for all of them. As such, I recommend that you work with this seller. Anything that is less than 4.5 is an indication that the seller is a poor performer. Stay away from them, or you will have a lot of headaches later on. To learn more about dropshipping suppliers, read our blog on choosing a dropshipping supplier

Things to Avoid When Selling AliExpress Products

Now, let us discuss some things you must look out for to ensure you do not burn yourself. 

1. Super Cheap Products

AliExpress products are cheap, but you should avoid super cheap products. These products come from manufacturers who have no regard for quality. 

While the prices may look attractive, you will deal with unhappy customers later. They will ask for refunds, returns, replacements, etc. 

Earlier, I mentioned that you must buy and test the product yourself, and I cannot stress it enough. Buy the product and determine if the quality matches your customers’ expectations.  

2. Knock Offs or Counterfeit Products

Never dropship anything that is an imitation of copyrighted or trademarked material. The last thing you want is to receive a cease-and-desist letter from the copyright owners.

Even Etsy sellers are not safe. Many Etsy sellers had to shut down their businesses because they made products based on known characters, like Minnie Mouse. 

3. Expensive Shipping

Always check the shipping options available on AliExpress. Choose a seller who provides affordable but fast shipment to your target country. You are competing against other sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay, where they already have the items in the same region as the destination. 

Avoid expensive shipping costs, as it will affect your profits, especially if you offer free shipping. If you charge the shipping cost from the customer, you end up having little to no sales because customers do not want to pay a fortune for shipping. 


How do you tell if a product is a winning product?

A winning product has consistent sales volume and costs small. An ideal profit margin is three times the capital of the product. 

How do I find the best AliExpress product?

Use our product database to find winning products that dropshippers have already successfully sold. Then, look for an AliExpress supplier for that product (which we also provide). 

What makes a winning product?

Sales volume, profit margin, fast shipping, and repeat purchase are the key indicators of a winning product. 

Where can I find the dropshipping center on AliExpress?

There is no dropship center in AliExpress itself. You need the Google Chrome extension that you can install for free. 


The next step is to go to our site, register for our 7-day free trial, and test our system. I guarantee you that you will find winning products in our product database. Again, we base these winning products not on the sales data from AliExpress, but on the sales data of the dropshipper.  As such, the best free alternative to AliHunter is our tool, Dropship.IO.

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