9 Best Dropispy Alternatives For Dropshipping

We will review the best alternatives to Dropispy today.

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July 27, 2023
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Spying on ads is an important step to success in dropshipping. Over the years, I made some mistakes in making my ads—mistakes I do not want you to repeat.

In my opinion, Dropship.IO is the best alternative to Dropispy. I learned this after signing up for the 7-day free trial, which I recommend you do. 

I may sound biased, but I can say that Dropship.IO gives its dropshipper users more value for their money. It is an ad spy tool and a product research system, too! 

Dropshio.IO and the rest of the alternatives here may not be for everyone. However, I am sure you will find some golden nuggets of information here that can help you. Keep reading to learn what can make these alternatives a better choice!

Here is a quick list of our best alternatives to Dropispy: 

  1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Dropispy
  2. PipiAds – best for Spying on TikTok ads
  3. Peeksta – best for dropshippers who need help creating an ad
  4. BigSpy – the best affordable alternative to Dropispy
  5. AdSpy – best for Facebook and Instagram
  6. PowerAd Spy – best free alternative to Dropispy
  7. Koala Inspector – best for viewing ad campaigns of other stores
  8. SpyFu – best for keyword research
  9. Ecomhunt – best for quick product search 

Let us begin!

9 Best Dropispy Alternatives

Here are longer reviews of the best Dropispy alternatives for dropshipping.

1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Dropispy

Our tool is more than just a spy tool for ads. On top of being able to see the Facebook ads of your competitors and other Shopify  stores, we also provide the following: 

  • A way to search for winning products
  • Track the sales of your competitors
  • Look for suppliers

Dropship.IO is the best alternative to Dropispy because it gives you more leverage. With our tool, you can equip yourself with the knowledge to help you make better and more informed business decisions.

Dropship.IO Features

  • Store Tracking – you can look for stores in the Shopify universe and track them. In your store tracker dashboard, you will see the store’s sales, product count, revenue, and the number of other users tracking it. 
  • Product Search – save time in searching for winning products. Our database tracks Shopify products and how they perform. All it takes is a keyword, and our algorithm will show results related to your search. Our product research tool also has several filters that can help you narrow your search. 
  • Chrome Extension – you can install our Chrome extension app to make your tracking experience better and easier. If you are looking at a product sold in a Shopify store, the extension will ask if you want to track it. From here, you can go to your Dropship.IO dashboard and investigate further. 
  • Store Analysis – stores succeed for a reason, and you want to discover the reasons. Our system will show you what apps a store uses, how long they have been in business, how many products they sell, and more data to help you learn about your successful competitors.  

Dropship.IO Pros

  • The tool is intuitive; it is easy to use
  • We offer training on how to use the tool effectively
  • You will have access to suppliers
  • There is a quick list of top stores and top products

Dropship.IO Cons

  • Currently, we only track Shopify stores.

As a spy tool, each product you investigate has a Facebook link that will take you to the Facebook Ads Library. You can view the ad and its stats if the product has an ad. What you can do now is create a better version of this ad.   

Regarding ads, we only track Facebook because it is the world’s most-used social media app. Most of your competitors advertise on Facebook, so it makes sense that you do the same. 

We offer Drophip.IO for free with our 7-day free trial. This free trial has no financial commitment, and I encourage you to test it now and see how it can help you! 

2. PipiAds – best for Spying on TikTok ads

PipiAds allows you to spy on millions of TikTok ads. The tool shows you the top-performing ads based on reactions, likes, shares, and other advertising and social media metrics. You can also find winning products in this tool based on the ad’s performance. 

PipiAds Features

  • Ad Type – you can filter your advertisement search by the type of business or ad. You can search for dropshipping ads, gaming and app ads, brand ads, ads from affiliate marketing, and ads in your local area. 
  • Advertiser Search – you can search the PipiAds database based on the advertiser’s name. In this case, you can use the store’s name, such as your competitor’s, to drill down your search. It works best if you want to see the ads of your direct competition. 
  • Calculators – the tool has several calculators you can use for practical purposes. For example, they have a TikTok Ads calculator. You only need to put some data in boxes, and the system will calculate your cost. They also have a traffic calculator that you will certainly find useful. 


  • It is the best ad spy tool if you want to focus on TikTok 
  • You can easily access a list of top products, new products, and top stores
  • You can make up to 3,000 ad searches per day

PipiAds Cons

  • The tool is expensive; the lowest plan costs $77 per month.

One thing you need to know about TikTok is that you cannot advertise worldwide. TikTok only allows you to advertise in the same region where your account belongs. Because of this, you must consider the advertisement’s target market before copying it or creating your version. 

Just because a TikTok ad worked (in terms of sales or performance) in the United States does not mean it will work in Asia. People in different regions have different sensibilities.

Overall, PiPiAds is an excellent tool, but not for prolonged use. It is too expensive for a dropshipper to maintain a subscription of $77 per month. If you operate a marketing agency, think this tool is one of the best for the TikTok platform. As a dropshipper, I suggest you use it for only one month to learn about ad strategies.

3. Peeksta – best for dropshippers who need help creating an ad

Peeksta is a research tool for dropshippers looking for winning products. In addition to that main service, they give you access to TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook libraries. What makes it different from DropiSpy is Peeksta can help you build an advertising audience. 

Peeksta Features

  • Shopify Store Tracking – you can track up to 50 Shopify stores and see how these stores perform. However, you can only track up to three stores with the Starter Plan. 
  • PPC Insights – the tool can tell you what keywords to target for the right audience. This tool works best if you want to advertise based on keywords and clicks but not based on impression count.
  • Video Maker – the video maker is a suite of video templates. You can replace the assets with your product images. The benefit of this tool is you no longer have to shoot your ads—just upload your product images and let the system do the rest. 
  • Winning Products – Peeksta has a team that manually curates products from various stores. You can either view a list or use keywords to search for winning products in your niche. The search tool has various filters that can help you reduce your research time. 
  • Suppliers – there is also a supplier database in the tool linked to the winning product you view. You no longer have to search AliExpress or other sites to find suppliers manually.  

Peeksta Pros

  • They offer a video creation service 
  • There is an AI content generator for your product descriptions
  • You have access to three libraries: Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok

Peeksta Cons

  • The search tool has severe limitations.

Peekta is great if you are having trouble making viral videos. I understand it takes some special skill to create an ad that will work. It is why Peeksta offers a video ad generator and a video thumbnail generator. 

However, you can also access video makers from free tools like Canva. As such, the video generator tool is not that big of a deal—in my opinion. 

The video service, however, can serve you well. You will work with professionals who will create your video for you. For as little as $30.99, they will make an ad you can use on Facebook and Instagram. The video lasts between 30 and 60 seconds; you will get it in as little as three days.  

4. BigSpy – the best affordable alternative to Dropispy

BigSpy is a fierce competitor of Dropispy because it also focuses on ads. However, BigSpy has wider coverage. They also have a bigger advertising database, plus a search tool where you can filter what you need. 

Here are some of the things that you can do with BigSpy: 

  • See a list of the best TikTok songs
  • Find trending ads
  • Read case studies

Although BigSpy limits what you can do based on your account, the Basic plan should be enough to start.  

BigSpy Features

  • Multiple Advertising Networks – you will have visibility on major advertising platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many more. One thing BigSpy does that others don’t is they allow you to view ads in Unity—a game development platform. You can certainly use this extra feature if you are in the gaming niche.
  • Featured Ads – if you want quick results, they have a section where they feature ads that performed so well. These ads can inspire you. Investigate how the advertisers presented the ads, and make a clone if you like.  
  • Ad Tracking – this works like store tracking. However, instead of tracking stores, you can track ads. You can also download the ads if you want. In the Basic Plan, you have a maximum of 25 downloads daily. In addition to tracking ads, you can track the FB pages of the advertisers or dropshippers. 

BigSpy Pros

  • BigSpy is affordable at $9 per month
  • You have access to several advertising platforms
  • You can track not just store and sales but also sales performance

BigSpy Cons

  • Many tools are inaccessible at the basic plan.

BigSpy is great if you want to advertise on several major platforms. With this tool, you can access over one billion profitable ads. That sounds overwhelming, but BigSpy makes it easy because of its filtering program. 

Overall, BigSpy is an excellent choice if you are in the advertising phase of your dropshipping business. With BigSpy, you do not limit yourself to a few advertising platforms. 

At this rate, I suggest you use the tool if you are ready to do some heavy spying on advertising. Get the best out of the tool and determine what makes ads tick per platform. Download as many ads as possible, learn from them, and use what you learned in your marketing strategy.

5. AdSpy – best for Facebook and Instagram

AdSpy is an advertising database focused solely on Facebook and Instagram. What you will love about this tool is that you can search for winning in many ways. You can search by ad text, age name, or URL.

AdSpy prides itself on its fast servers. It takes only a few seconds to generate a report of ads based on your search criteria. The interface also clears quickly, making generating new reports a breeze. 

AdSpy Features

  • Large Database – the Ad Spy network database is so huge that you can expect to browse more than 139 million ads. These ads cover 88 languages from 222 countries. The benefit is that you can search for ads specific to a country and see how marketers tailor their ads to various cultures worldwide.
  • Enhanced Basic Search – you can search ads based on the advertiser’s name. If you come across an ad from your competitor, just type that name, and the system will show you all the ads that a particular brand launched. You can filter the basic search based on reactions, landing page destination, and more.
  • Advertiser Count – they have, to date, a collection of ads from more than 21 million advertisers. If you want to search for big brand names, you can find their ads here. You can also search for advertisements for dropshippers like us. 

AdSpy Pros

  • It has a huge database of ads for Facebook and Instagram
  • The system is fast
  • You can analyze ads by demographics like country, age, sex, etc.

AdSpy Cons

  • Expensive; the tool costs $149 per month.

Finally, you can also search the ad tool using comments. While this search method is rare, you can benefit if you only want to see ads with negative comments, positive comments, etc. 

While AdSpy is an excellent alternative to Dropispy, its benefits only outweigh the cost for a short time. If your goal is to dominate Facebook and Instagram, I can say that you can use this tool for about a month. 

Like my recommendation about the other tools, I suggest you learn as much as possible for a month from this system. Then, cut your subscription. Instead of paying another $149 the following month, use that money on the ads, not the ad spy tool. Your money can go to better use by analyzing data from your ads, right? 

6. PowerAd Spy – best free alternative to Dropispy

PowerAdSpy is what you need if you want to analyze ad strategies and optimize your marketing campaigns. It does not only show you ads. It tells you how to make ads that work without doing A/B tests. 

As you know, A/B tests in ads are expensive. With this tool, you can reduce the A/B testing volume by up to 57%. It means you will spend less money figuring out what type of ad creative works for your business.  

PowerAdSpy Features

  • Advertising Platforms – PowerAdSpy covers Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn ads. As a dropshipper, most of your target market is probably on Facebook and Instagram. However, you cannot discount the possibility of them being on other platforms.
  • Large Database – over 110 million ads are in the database from 100 countries. This database will grow as they add more than 100,000 new ads daily. It is less extensive than Ad Spy, but the database will soon become massive. 
  • Trends – there is a section where you can view trending ads. This feature is crucial, as you do not want to be late to the party. If the trend for ads is to execute a new challenge, then you must do that challenge to get people’s attention. 
  • Stats and Metrics – the reports allow you to study things like which CTA works better, which ad placement has better results, etc. You can also view the metrics of an ad by demographics. With this information, there is no second-guessing anymore. Use the stats and apply them to your ads for maximum impact. 

PowerAdSpy Pros

  • You can filter your search in so many ways
  • You can view advanced analytics data
  • The system covers many advertising platforms

PowerAdSpy Cons 

  • All plans are expensive; the cheapest is $49 per month.

Despite the plans being expensive, they offer a free account with limited searches. It is great if you have zero budget and want to dip your toes in marketing. 

They have an alternative pricing plan. You can pay between $1 and $7 but only use the system for three days. I say that this pricing scheme works great. Pay $7 and milk the tool as much as you want, then create an ad strategy that works for you.

7. Koala Inspector – best for viewing ad campaigns of other stores

You want to use Koala Inspector if you need to investigate other stores. Its main service is providing information about your competitors’ marketing strategies. 

For example, you can use Koala Inspector to know a store’s Shopify theme. You can also view the store’s best-selling products, pricing, and if the owners are sourcing their products from AliExpress or other vendors/suppliers. 

Koala Inspector Features

  • Skip to Checkout – there is a plugin you can use to cut down the purchase process. Normally, a site visitor must click an add-to-cart button, then the cart button, then checkout. With this plugin, a customer can go straight to the checkout page from the product page.  
  • Theme Detector – many of us dropshippers waste our time testing new themes. Worst, we use themes that cost money, only to find out they do not have what we need. The theme detector enables you to see what theme the Shopify store uses. You no longer need to test different themes—use the one your competitors use and gain the same speed and site aesthetics advantage. 
  • Chrome Extension – by default, this is the tool you need to install in Chrome. Once done, you can visit a Shopify store; the extension will reveal its secrets. It means you cannot do research the same way you can do with our tool. You must go to a Shopify store to investigate. You can track up to 50 stores, provided that you are in the Ultimate Plan.
  • Retailers – the dashboard has a section where you can find suppliers. 

Koala Inspector Pros

  • You can analyze the structure of a Shopify store
  • It is possible to scrape data
  • You can get analysis data from your competitors’ ads and other e-Commerce stores.
  • You can view the traffic data of a Shopify store and analyze it.

Koala Inspector Cons

  • The ad spy tool is not as extensive as Dropispy; it is only a secondary feature.

Koala Inspector is best for dropshippers who have a particular competitor in mind. Since it is not a search tool, you must go to a specific website to investigate. 

The benefit of this process is you will not face the temptation to view other stores irrelevant to yours. As such, you can concentrate on comparing your store against your competition. 

8. SpyFu – best for keyword research

You will come to a point where you already know what ads to make. At that point, you must know what keywords to target. SpyFu is one of the best tools for finding keywords for PPC and SEO marketing strategies. 

It does not work like Dropispy, but it does provide ad data. The difference between SpyFu and Dropispy is SpyFu’s focus on keyword research. Dropispy, on the other hand, focuses on showing you ads from marketers. 

SpyFu Features

  • Big Data – they have a massive database of information. You can expect to view SEO and PPC insights that cover over 7 billion results. The system can also track over 109 million domain names. 
  • Increase Traffic Website – the system will show recommendations on how to drive clicks to your website. The insights and recommendations apply to both your SEO and Google advertising campaigns. 

SpyFu Pros

  • You can investigate any domain, not just Shopify stores
  • You can track your keyword rankings
  • You can use this tool to improve your organic traffic

SpyFu Cons

  • You can only spy on the Google Ads network.

SpyFu is an excellent tool if you want to advertise on Google. Although it can only spy on Google Ads, you can use it to improve your organic rankings. As a result, you may get sales from organic traffic—you do not have to spend much money on ads. 

SpyFu is an analytical tool, while Dropispy is a tool for creatives. I recommend SpyFu if you have an eye-catching ad but are unsure what keywords to use to get results. It is also an excellent tool for managing and strategizing SEO campaigns.  

9. Ecomhunt – best for quick product search 

The last on our list is a tool mainly used for searching for winning products. I included it in our list of alternatives to Dropispy because it gives links to ads for products if there are any.  

Ecomhunt Features

  • Analytics – each product that Ecomhunt recommends has several data points. Some examples are engagement data, profit margins, videos, retail prices, targeting data, and more. 
  • FB Ads – the product you are looking at has a link to the FB ad (if there is any). If a product on Ecomhunt shows that it has sold thousands of units, it makes sense to view how the seller advertised it on Facebook.
  • Saturation Meter – many dropshippers sell the same products. It is why it is hard to make a sale. With this saturation meter, you will see how many stores carry the product. If there is a lot, it only means you are too late to sell it. You are better off selling products that are just about to go viral. The saturation meter is useful for finding products with little to no competition. 

Ecomhunt Pros

  • It is easy to look for winning products
  • There is a link to a product’s Facebook ad
  • The product page immediately tells you the profit margin
  • There is a saturation meter that enables you to look for products that have a few dropshippers 

Ecomhunt Cons

  • The free account has little value; you must upgrade to access the tool’s full potential. 

Ecomhunt is an excellent choice if you want to find winning products. Although it is not a robust ad spy tool, it shows you Facebook ads. There is also a targeting section where you can view the demographic of an ad. 

The targeting section is an impressive feature. Instead of spending your money on advertising to gather data, use the data from this report. With it, you can see how various demographics reacted to an ad. 

Why is an ad spy necessary for dropshipping?

An advertising spy tool is important because you want to see how your competitors market their products. One common problem of many dropshippers is that their ads do not generate sales. 

But how come others are successful? It is because of their ads. After building your website, driving traffic is key to making sales. One of the fastest ways to get traffic is from ads. However, if your ads are not interesting enough, no one will click your links.

No links. No traffic. No sales. 

Since most dropshippers are also in the infancy stages of marketing, it makes perfect sense to view what expert marketers are doing. The best part is that with dropshipping ad spy tools, you can see how audiences reacted to the ad, which means you can watch only the best ads related to your business. 

Tips for using ad spy tools

Here are some of my tips when using spy tools: 

  • Use an ad spy tool that covers one or only a few ad platforms
  • Do not bother with creatives that look but have poor performance
  • Try to understand the structure of the ad, not just the stats

Sure—you want to advertise. However, advertising on multiple platforms at the same time is a waste of money. It is better to focus on one or two platforms, become an expert, and then move on to the next platforms. 

FAQ: Best Dropispy Alternatives

Which is the best ad spy tool?

The best ad spy tool depends on the advertising network you want to penetrate. For Facebook, use our system, Dropship.IO, as we directly tie the ads to the product and store you are spying on. 

What is an ad spy tool?

An ad spy tool is a program that tracks advertisements on various platforms. Tools like this enable you to search for ads based on specific parameters. The benefit is that you can see ads even if you are not the target audience. As such, you can draw inspiration from them. 

Is there a tool for spying on Google ads?

Yes, BigSpy is the advertising spy tool with the widest coverage. If Google is your target platform, use BigSpy. 

How do I spy on Facebook ads?

Use the Dropship.IO product research tool before you spy on ads. First, find a winning product you want to sell or something similar to what you are selling. Then, filter the one that has the highest revenue. From here, check if they have Facebook ads and see how they market their products. 


By and large, Dropship.IO is the best alternative to Dropispy because of the number of tools we offer. We not only spy on ads—we spy on winning products, the stores that sell them, and what ads they have.

The next step is to visit our site and sign up for the 7-day free trial. With our system, you can spy on Facebook ads with the assurance that these ads are making money. Start exploring today!

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Try Dropship
Discover winning products to sell today.
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