9 Best Dropship Suppliers in Spain: Start Selling in Spain to Make Money

I can say that the best dropshippers in Spain are companies that: Have fashion products, ship quickly, and have the technology for dropshipping. Spain may not be as big a market as the United States. However, it is within the world’s top 20 biggest eCommerce markets. 

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June 3, 2023
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I took some time to find out what the Spanish market wanted. Then, I researched which dropshipping companies can provide these products 

The final result is a list of Spain’s nine best dropship suppliers. I based my list on the following: 

  • Product availability
  • Legitimacy and reliability
  • Dropshipping efficiency

So, are you ready to find out who these are? Let us get started!

Top 9 Dropshipping Suppliers in Spain

Here is a quick list of the best dropship suppliers in Spain:

  1. Spocket – best overall for dropshipping in Spain
  2. AliExpress – best for expert dropshippers
  3. SaleHoo – the best directory of suppliers
  4. AppScenic – best for fast shipping to Spain
  5. HyperSKU – best for white-label dropshippers
  6. El Corte Ingles – best for fashion dropshippers
  7. Printful – best for print-on-demand dropshippers
  8. Niche Dropshipping – best for bulk dropshippers
  9. Eprolo – best for multi-platform POD business

Why dropship in Spain?

Spain is a good market as the average median household income is $28,365 [1]. While this is small compared to the United States, people in Spain have buying power. 

In the last 11 years, the median house income in Spain increased by 28.4%. Experts agree that the outlook for economic growth is positive. 

Spain also has an open market. The country supports the foreign trade sector. The government also improved the people’s productivity in the past years. 

Right now, Spain is the 11th biggest global exporter. They sell products to other countries, meaning that Spain has a reliable source of income as a country.

What is the eCommerce outlook of Spain?

Spain ranks as the 16th largest eCommerce market in the world [2]. its global revenue in 2021 is $35 billion, just a little behind Mexico. 

Spain showed an increase of 23% in eCommerce revenue in 2021 compared to the previous years. Like other progressive countries, Spain’s eCommerce market is growing. As such, the best time to enter the dropshipping market is now.

The projection for the growth rate of the eCommerce market in Spain is 12% in the next four years. Experts say that the country will outperform the global growth rate of 10%.

9 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Spain 

1. Spocket – best overall for dropshipping in Spain

Spocket is the default go-to dropship supplier database of many dropshippers. The reason is that it has a nearly perfect system that any dropshipper can use for any country. 


  • Integration – Spocket has a system that you can integrate with your store; what it does is automate the process of adding products to your stores 
  • Verification – the company validates the legitimacy of its suppliers; you can rest assured that all suppliers here will not let you down 
  • Analytics – the entire ecosystem gives you an analysis of your sales and what products are winning 


  • The system is easy to use
  • You can integrate the system with multiple platforms and several stores
  • You can filter your search based on what you need


  • The free account has severe limitations

Spocket is an ideal dropship supplier in Spain because it has many products that the Spanish market wants. In addition, it has a robust vetting process to weed out bad and unreliable suppliers. 

2. AliExpress – best for expert dropshippers

AliExpress is not a dropship supplier company. Instead, it is a retail marketplace like Amazon. It is the biggest in the world. 


  • Straight-to-manufacturer – most of the sellers on AliExpress are the manufacturers themselves; as such, you can expect a reasonable price. 
  • International shipping – the sellers here offer shipment to the entire world; they use different carriers, and some even offer free shipping
  • App integration – there is an app that you can integrate with WooCommerce 


  • Millions of products to choose from
  • Prices are affordable
  • You can expect Buyer Protection for bad transactions


  • The app only works with WooCommerce, not Shopify or other platforms

With AliExpress, you will look for suppliers like a consumer. Then, you add the products to your site. If you do not want to do this manually, you can use their plugin, AliDropship. You can also buy a custom-made AliDropship store.

3. SaleHoo – the best directory of suppliers

SaleHoo offers two types of services. One is the SaleHoo Directory, and the other is SaleHoo Dropship. These two services have different prices. 

SaleHoo is an ideal supplier source for Spain because it has international suppliers. There are over 8,000 suppliers in the directory.


  • Market Research Labs – it is an analytical tool that shows you what sells and what the profit margin is
  • Supplier Filter – if you use the dropshipping service, you can choose Spain suppliers and those who ship quickly to Spain 
  • Support -if you are a paying subscriber, you will get personal help from their experts


  • Over 8,000 suppliers
  • You can automate your dropshipping business with their system
  • Lots of training modules and guides to help you succeed as a dropshipper


  • The dropshipping system only gets suppliers from AliExpress

SaleHoo is an alternative to AliDropship. Its advantage is the Market Research Labs, where you can find winning products.

4. AppScenic – best for fast shipping to Spain

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AppScenic is one of Spain’s best dropship supplier systems because of its system and efficiency. AppScenic is like Spocket, but AppScenic has several global warehouses.  


  • Automation – you no longer need to place the order yourself; the system will recognize the customer’s order and begin the fulfillment process
  • Tracking – you immediately receive tracking numbers after the supplier ships the item
  • Product syncing – you do not have to change prices manually; any change in the database will reflect on your stores 


  • Shipping can take only two or five days
  • You can white-label your products
  • Low prices and no minimum order requirements


  • Limited integration to eCommerce platforms

AppScenic is what I recommend if you want to be efficient. Use their automation process to serve your customers faster. In addition, you can also make your customers happier if they receive their orders more quickly. 

5. HyperSKU – best for white-label dropshippers

If you want to penetrate the Spanish market with your brand, then HyperSKU is what you need. It is a great partner for dropshipping to Spain because it allows you to customize products.  


  • Integration – they have a system that works with Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Customization – you can brand the products as your own; for example, they can add “thank you” cards to every item shipped. They can also brand the packaging
  • Free to use – there is no subscription fee; you only pay if you order an item


  • You can ship liquids and items that need batteries
  • The site has more than 2,000 vetted suppliers
  • They offer private-label and white label 


  • It only works on WooCommerce and Shopify

Note that the shipment can take at least seven days and up to 12 days. If you use HyperSKU, make sure your customers in Spain understand that the products are from the US. 

6. El Corte Ingles – best for fashion dropshippers

El Corte Ingles is one of the biggest companies in Spain. It is not a dropship supplier but a retail marketplace. 

I recommend this to fashion dropshippers, as most of the products here revolve around fashion. However, you will do well if you focus on a single, deep niche. 


  • Supplies are in Spain – because it is a Spanish company, you can expect fast shipping and turnaround time after the day of the order. 
  • International shipping – the company offers international shipping, so you should not limit your market to Spain. You can ship to the rest of Europe if you want. 
  • Multiple payment methods – you can use major credit cards or PayPal to pay for orders


  • There are many fashion items on the site
  • They offer returns and refunds within 60 days
  • They ship to over 200 destinations


  • The product options are limited to clothing and electronic items

I recommend El Corte Ingles only if you want to ship quickly and if your niche is fashion. If you want to sell electronics or gadget accessories, you are better off with AliExpress.

7. Printful – best for print-on-demand dropshippers

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Printful is one of the world’s most popular print-on-demand (POD) companies. The way it works is simple: 

  • You select a blank product like a coffee mug or shirt
  • You design that in their design tool
  • You get a mock-up image of the final product
  • Sell it in your store

Once a customer orders that item, Printful will print the design on the product, then ship it to your customer. 


  • Multiple techniques – they offer DTG printing, embroidery, DTF, and other types of printing
  • Sales channels – you can integrate the system with TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Branding – you can brand your products with a shirt tag or even print the brand on the items 


  • Lots of blank products to choose from
  • The design modules come with your membership
  • You can use the system for free
  • You can integrate the system with major eCommerce platforms


  • The shipping can take a while, and it can be expensive 

Printful is an ideal supplier for dropshippers in Spain because you can customize your products. You can make your items more appealing to Spanish customers. Best of all, you have no competition because you are the only seller with that design.  

8. Niche Dropshipping – best for bulk dropshippers

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Niche Dropshipping is ideal for those who want to use the private label business. Its number of services makes it a suitable partner for dropshippers in Spain. 


  • Dropshipping agent – if there is a product you want, you can ask the company representative to search for you 
  • White label – they can brand the items for you; they can even manufacture private label products for your company
  • Automated – from product uploads to syncing orders, everything in the system is automated


  • They have fulfillment centers in China and USA
  • They ship worldwide
  • They will source products for you


  • The white label and private label services have minimum order requirements 

With Niche Dropshipping, you are building a genuine and branded business. In addition, you will get rid of the unprofessional dropship suppliers you will typically have to deal with if you dropship from AliExpress. 

9. Eprolo – best for multi-platform POD business 

The last on my list is Eprolo, a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier. What makes it an ideal partner for Spain dropshipping is its product size. 

Unlike Printful, Eprolo has hundreds of thousands of products. Printful’s catalog pales in comparison with Eprolo’s. 


  • Niches – they cover more than one hundred niches; you can choose from thousands of products
  • Automated fulfillment – once your customer places an order, the Eprolo system will process it with the supplier; you do not have to order yourself
  • Branding – you can brand all your products without a minimum order requirement 


  • You can brand the items you sell
  • Lots of integration options
  • There are ready-made products, and there are POD items 


  • There is no transparency about the suppliers

Overall, Eprolo is what I recommend if you know that one day you will move away from print-on-demand. Since you are using Eprolo, it is better to source ready-made products here than from another supplier. 

What Are Spanish Customers Looking For?

The best way to look at this issue is through data. According to Statista, the top eCommerce product in Spain is fashion [3].  

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The other products that you must focus on as a dropshipper are:

  • Beauty and health 
  • Toys and hobby
  • Furniture

Food is one of the best-selling products in the country. However, I will not recommend it. Any food item shipped to Spain must have a Sanitary inspection before customs clearance can happen [4]. 

Because of this, you will need several documents, such as a registration number from the Ministry of Health. As a dropshipper, you do not want to have this headache.

Since Amazon is the leading retailer in Spain [5], I checked what products belong to each category’s list of best sellers. 

1. Beauty Products 

Here are some o the best-selling products in the beauty and cosmetics section of Amazon Spain: 

  • Mascara 
  • Concealer
  • Hair straightener
  • Beard trimmer
  • Vinyl effect lipstick
  • Make-up brushes or kit

Before you sell these things, I recommend carefully selecting one niche and drilling down on it. Beauty is a huge niche; it would do you well if you concentrated on lipsticks or mascara. 

2. Fashion 

For fashion, the leading top sellers in Amazon Spain are:

  • Shoes
  • Watches
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry

There is no visible niche that outperforms the others in this category. However, I can say that most of the fashion products that sell the most are for adults. 

3. Toys and hobby

For toys and games, the common bestsellers are items for kids, not expensive hobby kits for adults. 

Below are some examples: 

  • Card games
  • Musical toys like microphones and musical animals
  • Dinosaurs and animal toys
  • Board games like Monopoly or something similar

Amazon does not sell furniture in Spain. I cannot find the best types of furniture to sell in Spain. However, the best alternative is to sell home and kitchen appliances, as these two niches belong to the bestseller list of Amazon Spain. 

How to Find the Best Dropshippers

It would help to consider a few things when looking for the best dropshippers. I will provide you with a summary in this section. 

  1. Product quality – look for dropshippers who sell high-quality items; never sell poorly made products, as it will ruin your reputation.  
  2. Shipping – choose dropshippers that pick, pack, and ship products quickly. In addition, pick those that offer international shipping at affordable rates. 
  3. Technology – if you are a beginner, I suggest you only work with dropship suppliers with the technology. They must have a system you can integrate with your dropshipping store. 
  4. Customer service – lastly, work with suppliers who offer returns and refunds. 

If you want detailed training on this topic, please read our blog on how to find the right dropshippers. The article’s contents apply to all dropshippers, regardless of the target market. 

How to Start a Dropshipping Business in Spain

As always, several elements contribute to your success as a dropshipper. One of these factors is starting the business the proper way. This section will give you an overview of how to start a dropshipping business in Spain

1. Decide on a niche or market

The very first thing you need to think about is your niche or market. While you think it is easy, this decision is at the core of your success as a dropshipper. 

A niche market is a small segment of a larger group. For example, sports fashion is a market, and it is a niche under fashion. 

However, it does not end with that. You can go deeper, like the basketball shoe niche. The deeper the niche, the deeper the market you can penetrate. 

The purpose of deciding on a niche is to dominate that specific segment. You want laser-focus on that particular market. 

This process is also what we call niching down. If you do this, you focus your efforts on a smaller group. As a result, you gear all your actions and decisions toward this group. 

2. Pick a reliable supplier

The second step to dropshipping in Spain is selecting a supplier. Since we already have a list, I suggest you check each. 

More importantly, it would help if you chose a reliable supplier. If you need more help, we have a blog about what to consider when you choose a dropshipping supplier in Spain or any country. 

Please note that this step is a critical process: ordering a product. 

Yes, you must order at least one product from a supplier you want to partner with. This process will allow you to: 

  • Check the product
  • Measure the speed of the shipment
  • Identify shipping cost

More importantly, you can test the customer service process of the supplier should something go wrong. Never skip this process: spare some cash to order items before deciding who your supplier should be. 

3. Build a dropshipping store

Now that you have a niche and a supplier, the next step is to build your dropshipping store in Spain. What I recommend is Shopify. 

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms in the world. It is not free. However, the cost justifies the services you get. 

We have an extensive blog about Shopify. I suggest that you take the time to read it to understand how it works. 

4. Market your products 

The final step is to start marketing. There are many ways by which you can market your products, and I will share some below: 

  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social media 

The good news is that you can use marketing apps on Shopify that will help you boost sales. However, these apps only work once the person is already on your site. 

There are many ways to get traffic to your website, and we here at Dropship.IO will provide you with an extensive article about it in the future. 

While these four steps may not seem much, there is more to each step than one would think. My advice is simple: do not jump the gun. 

For example, if you decide to sell fashion items, sleep on the idea for a few days. Do not rush. You may think that you are being decisive, but this can turn out to be a disaster. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Dropshipping 

Which country is best for dropshipping?

There is no best country for dropshipping. Many countries have improving economies, making them an ideal target market. 

What is the most profitable item to dropship in Spain?

The most profitable item to dropship is fashion, as it is the leading bestseller in the country. However, expect to face tough competition. You can lower your margins but make good returns by selling huge volumes. 

Can I make 10k with dropshipping in Spain?

It is possible, but only if you do it right. Dropshipping in Spain will not make you rich overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in dropshipping. Overall, however, 10K is not impossible.

Where can I find a drop ship vendor in Spain? 

Use the list that we have here. The nine dropshipping suppliers are the best ones available right now. We recommend trying our dropship product database if you think the list is insufficient.


The best dropshipping supplier that I recommend for Spain is Spocket. It has the right tools, suppliers, and processes to help you penetrate Spain as a market. 

Check out Spocket now and see what it can do for you. You can view several tutorials and even use the tool for free. 

After that, I recommend you also check our dropship product database tool. Do not forget to register for our free trial!

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