8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Luxury Goods

This is a list of the best luxury suppliers for countries like the UK, USA, Canada, and more.

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January 14, 2024
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Dropshipping luxury goods is an excellent idea. The best supplier, in my opinion, is Brands Distribution. As we go along, I will explain why. 

Brands Distribution is not the only one. There are other luxury dropshipping suppliers for Shopify, plus I will provide free luxury dropshipping suppliers today.

Here are the key takeaways: 

  • List of best luxury fashion dropshipping suppliers
  • Learn about some dropshipping suppliers in Europe
  • Get to know the best practices to succeed in luxury product dropshipping 

For starters, here is my list:

  1. Brands Distribution – best for luxury clothing and fashion 
  2. FragranceX – best for perfumes 
  3. Brands Gateway – best for bags and handbags
  4. Modalyst – best for luxury furniture
  5. AppScenic – best for Shopify luxury dropshipping store
  6. B2B Kids Fashion – best for kids’ fashion in UK and Europe dropshipping 
  7. Gold-N-Diamonds Atlanta – best for jewelry and USA luxury dropshipping 
  8. TicDistribution – best for luxury watches on Shopify luxury stores

Ready? Let us start!

Is it a good idea to dropship luxury items?

Yes, it is a good idea to dropship luxury items. Perhaps the main challenge here is distribution. Add to that problem the credibility of your store. Dropshipping luxury items is a good idea because of your possible profits. 

Here are the benefits of dropshipping luxury items: 

  • There is a high barrier to entry
  • There are only a few competitors in the market
  • The brands you sell have a niche market 

The revenue for luxury goods in 2023 is USD 354.80 billion [1]. According to experts, this market will grow by 3.38% by 2028. 

While the growth is small, we must understand that luxury items are not for the masses. Only a few people can afford these goods. As such, you must have a strong background in marketing if you want to penetrate this dropshipping niche. Most of the revenue comes from the US, which accounts for $75,690 million in sales in 2023. 

What luxury items should I dropship?

There are many types of luxury items. Going through some statistics, we can say that the top product types are:

  • Luxury Fashion
  • Luxury Leather Goods
  • Luxury Cosmetics
  • Luxury Watches and Jewelry

The last two are of almost equal footing or size in sales. Take a look at the chart below. 


Luxury eyewear is among the top five but has the least sales. The reason is that not all people have vision problems. Secondly, not everyone wants to wear cool sunglasses. To give you a better idea, I will share some examples of products in each category. 

1. Luxury Fashion

These items refer to clothing. Most of the time, women lavish themselves on luxury fashion. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Blouses
  • Blazer and suits
  • Shoes
  • Bags, luggage, and purses

The same applies to men. Many men would spend a lot of money on their shoes and clothing. If I may add, luxury fashion also includes haute couture, which means custom and exclusive clothing and fashion made by hand. 

2. Luxury Leather Goods

There are many luxury leather goods out there for both men and women. Lether today is usually a combination of real and synthetic leather. When you sell luxury leather goods, these are all 100% legit leather. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Bags, purses, and luggage
  • Leather jacket
  • Shoes
  • Straps for wristwatches

The rarer the hide, the more expensive the leather is. As such, do not limit your items to cow leather. Instead, you can explore other leather products such as alligator, crocodile, or snake leather. 

Of course, there is a clamor from animal rights activists about leather and its sources—many advocates against it. If you ever sell leather products, ensure that your source, or the brand you sell, uses humane and sustainable ways to produce leather. 

3. Luxury Watches and Jewelry

Your main target market for watches is men. Men are willing to spend an arm and a leg on an expensive wristwatch because it is a status symbol. 

Here are some of the most in-demand brands of luxury watches for men:

  • Cartier
  • Rado
  • Grand Seiko
  • Rolex
  • Hermès

On the other hand, I no longer need to elaborate on jewelry. Women love jewelry and adornment. The only question now is where you would source these items. 

Lastly, luxury cosmetics refer to lipsticks, make-up kits, etc. These products are important to women and some members of the LGBT community. These products are expensive because they come from premium quality ingredients, most of which are organic, making them costly.

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Luxury Goods

1. Brands Distribution – best for luxury clothing and fashion 

Brands Distribution is the best option for branded and luxury items, especially for women. This company is at the top of the list because it has a dropshipping program. 

It means that they fully support dropship retailers like us. In addition, they provide support for multiple sales channels. 

Brands Distribution Features

  • Lots of Brands – there are brands here like Calvin Klein, Swarovski, Lacoste, Guess, Balenciaga, and many more.
  • Product Types – they offer shoes, clothing, bags, and luxury accessories. If you want to target a man’s niche or a woman’s niche, you can do so. Targeting only a specific product type, like bags or purses, is also possible. 
  • Integration – you can integrate their system with eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Squarespace.
  • Shipping – the company guarantees next-day shipping. The great thing about this process is that your customers do not have to wait that long. I say it is ideal because luxury product customers pay a lot. As such, they also demand fast shipping.

Brands Distribution Pros

  • They offer several integration options
  • They have a dropshipping program
  • There are over 120 luxury brands to choose from
  • They provide professional marketing images for your campaigns

Brands Distribution Cons

  • There is a minimum order requirement 

Brands Distribution is what you want if you are after women’s fashion. You can also sell men’s clothing and shoes, but they have more options for women. 

2. FragranceX – best for perfumes 

Perfumes also belong to the luxury niche, and FragranceX is the best choice for dropshipping this type of luxury goods. The company has fragrances for both men and women. They offer retailers wholesale pricing, meaning more profit for each conversion

FragranceX Features

  • Dropshipping Program – you can dropship more than 8,500 fragrances, all authentic perfumes, and products. Their name will not appear in the shipping package. There are no fees to dropship, but you must pay the shipment cost.
  • Shipping – they ship to 220 countries, including APO and FPO addresses. Their primary shipping method is USPS Postal Service. Please note that the recipient may pay taxes and customs duties. 
  • Brands – many luxury brands here, like Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Versace, Montblanc, Christian Dior, and many more.
  • Testers – you can order tester products, which are in fancy boxes. You can use these to smell the perfume before posting them to your store. The testers are the same perfume that they use in department stores. 

FragranceX Pros

  • Lots of luxury brands for perfumes
  • They sell other items like lotion, aftershave, deodorant, and many more
  • They ship to 220 countries
  • They have a dropshipping program

FragranceX Cons

  • You must register and wait for approval before you can buy their products at wholesale prices

Visit FragranceX to see more of what they have to offer. One thing that you will find inconvenient is the absence of integration. You will upload images and product details to your dropshipping store manually. 

3. Brands Gateway – best for bags and handbags

Brands Gateway is where you can find over 100 luxury brands. It is one of the best suppliers of luxury items because they have a dropshipping program. On top of that, they also offer integration services to different marketplaces and platforms. 

Brands Gateway Features

  • Turnkey Store – they will build you a dropshipping store n the Shopify platform for 1,990 GBP (conversion to US dollars varies). Your store will go live in as short as three days.
  • Product Categories – they offer over 90 product categories, such as shoes, bags, eyewear, watches, and jewelry. They also sell accessories. 
  • CSV Files – if you want to sell in marketplaces, you can get a CSV file that you can upload on sites like Amazon and eBay. This file updates every four hours. 
  • Brands – they offer popular luxury brands like Coach, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and many more. 
  • Integration – they have an app that integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Brands Gateway Pros

  • The system can integrate with marketplaces and dropship platforms
  • There are over 9,000 products you can choose from
  • They offer automatic fulfillment
  • There are over 90 product categories  

Brands Gateway Cons

  • The membership cost is expensive 

I suggest you use Brands Gateway if you want help building a turnkey dropshipping store. However, this business will cost you at least 2,000 USD. The great thing about it is that you do not have to do the whole work of building an online luxury dropshipping store. 

4. Modalyst – best for luxury furniture

Modalyst is a dropship supplier platform. It is where you can find many items you can sell in your dropshipping store. I included it in our list of luxury dropshipping supplies because they work with premium furniture manufacturers. 

Modalyst Features

  • Premium Furniture – we are not talking about furniture like Ikea. The ones you can sell from Modalyst are of better quality.  
  • Integration – you can integrate the system with Wix, Shopify, and Big Commerce. You can do it through this integration if you want to source from Alibaba. The system connects directly with Alibaba suppliers. 
  • Dropship System – after the integration, you can import products directly to your store with one click. It is your option whether or not to change the default product descriptions. All updates from Modalyst will also automatically reflect on your store, such as the product price and inventory status. 
  • Order Tracking – you will know the status of your sale once the supplier ships the goods. They will give you a tracking number, which you can provide your customer. 

Modalyst Pros

  • They offer a free plan with several features
  • Some suppliers offer free shipping
  • The system integrates with several big platforms
  • they have a profit calculator, and they also provide tracking numbers after the shipment

Modalyst Cons

  • There are severe limitations to the free plan 

Use Modalyst if you want to target the furniture market. It has a complete system by which you can operate a professional luxury dropshipping store. The system has a reporting dashboard, automation processes, integration capabilities, and more.

5. AppScenic – best for Shopify luxury dropshipping store

AppScenic is also a dropship supplier platform. I recommend it because it has a separate database for premium suppliers. You can partner with these suppliers to sell luxury goods in your dropshipping store.

AppScenic Features

  • Integration – you can integrate AppScenic with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and eBay.
  • Supplier Location – they have suppliers in the USA, Canada, the UK, and other European countries. It means that you can sell items based on their warehouse location. The closer the warehouse is to the shipping destination, the faster the shipping will be. 
  • Automation – they offer full automation. You do not have to order products one by one. Once a customer orders in your store, the system will recognize it and notify the supplier.
  • Product Catalogue – there are over one million products in the catalog of AppScenic. Many of these are luxury items.  

AppScenic Pros

  • Can integrate with four platforms
  • You will have access to premium suppliers of luxury items
  • They have an automated ordering and syncing process
  • It is possible to sync several stores with one account

AppScenic Cons

  • You must pay a fee to use the system fully 

All suppliers in the AppScenic database went through a certification process. Because of this, they are all aware of the dropshipping business model. They must also meet certain demands and standards not to fail the dropshipping merchants.  

6. B2B Kids Fashion – best for kids’ fashion in UK and Europe dropshipping 

Some parents can afford luxury items for their children. I recommend B2B Kids because it specializes in the kids’ luxury fashion niche. In addition, they have a dropshipping program, which means they support this business model. 

B2B Kids Features

  • Brands – this site has several luxury brands like Hugo Boss, Dodo Welldone, Vans, and others.
  • Connection – you can connect your store with their storage system. The system works with Magento, Shopify, WordPress, and PrestaShop. This connection is not an integration but merely a product upload.
  • Product Variety – they do not only sell items for kids but also for babies, men, and women. The database also has accessories.
  • MOQ – once you become a paying subscriber as a dropshipper, there is no minimum order requirement. You can order one piece and they will ship the item to your customer.

B2B Kids Pros

  • Lots of brands for kids
  • They have clothing for all seasons
  • They offer clothing for babies, too
  • They have a dropshipping program

B2B Kids Cons

  • There is no free account; you must pay a subscription fee as a dropshipper

B2B Kids does not have an integration system. Instead, you can access a method to download HD pictures and product descriptions. You must upload these details manually to your dropshipping store. 

They do have a way to upload products to some platforms, but then the integration is not complete as they do not offer auto-syncing. 

7. Gold-N-Diamonds Atlanta – best for jewelry and USA luxury dropshipping 

GND is a reliable source of authentic jewelry in Atlanta, USA. I recommend this company because they have a dropshipping program. In addition, they also have a lot of products that you can sell. 

GND Features

  • Packaging – they pack the items in a stylish box. Your customer will be happy since the packaging itself shows luxury. 
  • Product Types – they have a lot of categories, such as rings, earrings, cuff links, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.
  • Returns – despite their product being expensive, they do accept returns, and they also offer refunds. 

GND Pros

  • All the products are authentic
  • There are many product types and categories in the jewelry niche
  • There is no minimum order requirement
  • They offer varying sizes for their jewelry products 

GND Cons

  • There is a fee to dropship their products

The cost of dropshipping with GND is $299 per month. It is a steep price, but they must do this to weed out inconsistent and untrustworthy dropshippers. 

8. TicDistribution – best for luxury watches on Shopify luxury stores

TicDistribution is what I recommend for luxury watches. It is because this niche is their specialty. They offer many luxury watches from popular brands. In addition, they will sell these watches to you for 80% of their market price. 

TicDistribution Features

  • Brands – they offer watches from brands like Omega, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Tissot, DKNY, Guess, and many more
  • Tracking – they will provide you with a tracking number. They ship with DHL, UPS, FedEx, and Royal Mail. 
  • Sample – you can get a sample of a watch you want to sell. You must order at least four watches to maximize the cost of shipping, which starts at 50 EUR.

TicDistribution Pros

  • They sell authentic luxury watches from many brands 
  • More than 4,000 products to choose from 
  • They have headquarters in Europe and Hong Kong

TicDistribution Cons

  • There is a minimum order value of 400 EUR

Use this site if you want to dropship luxury watches. Among all suppliers I looked into, this is by far the best option. 

How to succeed in luxury dropshipping

Luxury dropshipping is not as easy as it seems. Once you get past the hurdle of getting approval from the distributors, your next biggest challenge is credibility. 

While it is easy to build a dropshipping store, convincing a site visitor to buy is another thing. Remember that your products are expensive, and the first thing a would-be customer thinks of is your legitimacy. 

There are ways to address these issues. This section will provide several tips on succeeding in luxury dropshipping.

1. Focus on Credibility

Who are you? That is the first question that pops into the mind of a buyer. Why would someone buy a Louis Vuitton bag from you if he can go to the LV online store? 

Your credibility is of utmost importance when dropshipping luxury goods. Below are some of the things you can do to make your dropshipping store credible: 

  • Have an About Us page; tell people that you are a legit supplier
  • Post a certificate of authenticity for your products
  • Post images of people on Instagram who have your products

When you post luxury brands, people want to see labels, certificates, and other proof that your items are real. I suggest you consult the dropshipping supplier and ask what documents they can send you. This document must prove you have the authorization to distribute these expensive goods. 

2. Market to the Right People

Do not just create an ad, thinking you may get a good hit. You must advertise on the right platforms to get to your target demographic.

Who is your target demographic? That depends on the products you sell. One thing for sure is that you want to show your ads to rich people—those who can afford to spend $300 on a watch or a bag. In addition, these people are not on Facebook or Pinterest. Most likely, they are on Instagram. 

To do this right, you must create a target persona. It means you must list the characteristics of the person you want to sell to. 

Here is an example if you are selling a luxury wristwatch for men: 

  • Must be a man
  • Must be 40 years old and above (big salary)
  • Holds a high rank in a corporation, public office, or is a businessman
  • Has a bit of low self-esteem; wants respect
  • Possibly a watch collector
  • Has an expensive phone or car (can also afford these things)

As you can see, the list gives shape and form to the man you are looking for. If you have this persona, you can advertise to select people with these characters. 

For example, a man with a Bugatti Veyron can afford to buy a wristwatch worth $1,000. As such, you want to advertise your products to people interested in Bugatti Veyron. They are more likely to buy an expensive wristwatch than someone interested in second-hand cars. 

3. Advertise the Right Way

The third technique is to advertise the right way. What does this mean? It means that your ads must have sophistication in them. 

Why? If you sell luxury goods, you are not a product but a lifestyle. You are selling prestige, self-respect, acceptance to society, etc. 

What does this mean? If you think about it, a man buying a wristwatch for $1,000 does not care about the time. He has a cellphone to tell him the time. In addition, a $50 watch shows the same time as one worth $1,000.

So, in essence, you are not selling a device that tells time. You are selling a statement—“I am rich, and I can afford it.” All your ads must reflect the emotions that have something to do with power, affluence, money, etc. 

Do not advertise a watch with a family. If it is a man’s luxury watch, you want the ad to show a man in formal clothing or who depicts power or business success.   

4. Provide Transparency

Lastly, you must provide transparency about your offer. The potential buyer must understand what he is getting, when, how, etc. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Be clear on your shipping cost
  • Tell the buyer that you offer insurance
  • Your website must tell the buyer that you are a legitimate distributor
  • Show your refund and return policies

Transparency makes a customer feel safe; it makes your store look trustworthy. Do not make your website appear “dark.” Do not make it difficult for the customer to find important details about the purchase. 

Dropshipping luxury items is indeed a challenging thing. However, I can guarantee you can expect high-profit margins if you do it right. 

The key here is to create a business plan. You cannot treat a luxury goods business in the same way you treat a print-on-demand business. 

For one, your target demographic is not the same. Second, the expectations from you are also higher than typical vendors online. 

Luxury items dropshipping FAQ:

Can you dropship luxury brands?

Yes, you can. To do so, you must get in touch with legitimate suppliers. Many of these have an approval process. Dropshipping luxury items is not as easy as working with AliExpress suppliers. You need to prove your credibility to become a reseller.

Can I dropship Louis Vuitton?

Yes, you can. However, you may need approval as a legitimate distributor or reseller. Brands like this spend so much on their reputation. Prepare yourself to deal with a lot of paperwork. 

What are high-ticket items to dropship?

All luxury items are high-ticket items. You need to exercise caution when dropshipping these things. If possible, ensure the customer’s payment has cleared before you buy the item from your supplier. 

Which company is best for dropshipping?

There is no best company or dropshipping luxury items. All of these distributors that we have on our list are legit. Your success in dropshipping luxury items rests on your marketing skills.  


Overall, the best luxury supplier for dropshipping is Brands Distribution. The company covers a wide array of products that you can sell. 

The next step is to visit Brands Distribution. Check the brands and products they offer, then decide if this is your right partner. If not, you can move on to the rest of my list. 

Happy dropshipping!

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