13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Brazil

The best way to dropship in Brazil is to look for a supplier already there. I am saying this because Brazil charges taxes for imported goods, which I shall explain in detail later. 

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June 3, 2023
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Over the years, I noticed that customers are averse to paying taxes. So, even if they want an item, they do not want to pay customs duties. 

As dropshippers, we both know that this is a problem. So I looked into the best solutions and realized that it could do wonders if you get a supplier physically in Brazil.  

Today, I will provide you with the following:

  1. A list of the best suppliers in Brazil
  2. Some of the best suppliers outside of Brazil
  3. What items to sell to Brazilian customers
  4. How to start dropshipping in Brazil 

What I hope to achieve here is to help you start your dropshipping business, mainly if your target market is in Brazil. In addition, I will show you some statistics to prove whether or not Brazil is an ideal marketplace 

Let us start!

Top 13 Dropshipping Suppliers in Brazil

  1. Fábrica de Biquínisbest for dropshippers in the bikini and swimwear niche
  2. Grandes Grifesbest for dropshippers of big brand names
  3. Niche Dropshipping best for dropshippers who want a global list of suppliers
  4. HyperSKU best for dropshippers looking for sourcing and fulfillment options
  5. AliExpressbest for people who want access to what Amazon sellers sell
  6. Eprolo – best for dropshippers who want print-on-demand products
  7. Luxjóias – best for dropshippers who want to focus on the jewelry niche
  8. Atacado Barato – best for dropshippers looking for cheap wholesale products
  9. CJDropshipping – best alternative to AliExpress dropshipping 
  10. Nova Engel – best for dropshippers of perfumes 
  11. Vivo Na 25 – best for dropshippers who want to sell electronics
  12. AliDropship – best for people who want a system for AliExpress
  13. Worldwide Brands – best for dropshippers who want an app

Why Dropship to Brazil? 

Brazil ranks as the 14th largest eCommerce market in the world, with a revenue of $39.3 billion in 2021 [1]. Experts project that the country will hit $86.53 billion in eCommerce revenue by 2025. [2

Being close to the US, it is also easy to ship to Brazil, especially since most people who dropship are in the United States. Even so, people who have suppliers in China should not despair. 

Why? On average, the flight time from China to Brazil is only 20 hours and 16 minutes. As such, shipping is not going to take that long. It’s just that there is likely a delay because of handling and packing. 

Brazil, one of the world’s biggest markets, allows us to earn a lot of money. If you do the math and manage to get only 0.001% of that market, we are talking $860,000 per year in revenue (in 2025). 

Another reason for dropshipping in Brazil is the people themselves. Studies show that roughly 48% of Brazilians made online purchases through mobile devices. As such, we can say that Brazilians have access to the internet, which is the highway of dropshippers. 

You can say goodbye to dropshipping if a country has poor internet infrastructure. Without a solid internet connection, people cannot access your site, much less buy from you. 

Brazil, overall, has what it takes to be a premier market for us dropshippers. They have the cash, the internet infrastructure, and the hunger to buy things online.  

Benefits of Working with Dropshipping Brazilian Suppliers

While Brazil is a vast eCommerce market, it makes sense that we slice and dice the benefits of dropshipping here. Below are a few, and I will also throw in a disadvantage. 

1. Faster Delivery

Since the products you ship are in Brazil, you will have no issues with the speed of shipping. Right now, the leading courier in the country is still Brazil Post, which has 44% of the market share in the country [3]. 

I am not saying that you cannot dropship to Brazil if your supplier is from the US or China. You can. However, you must set your customers’ expectations. 

Brazilian suppliers, however, can shorten your shipping time to at least two days, which is significantly shorter than international shipment times. 

2. No Import Taxes

Local dropship suppliers have warehouses in Brazil. Once they ship the item to a customer in Brazil, the recipient does not have to pay taxes. 

Imported goods, however, are subject to tariff laws. Although this is not your financial obligation as a dropshipper, it is something you must worry about. 

Customers hate to pay taxes—it does not matter where they are. Since the Brazilian government charges taxes on imported goods, your target consumers will likely attempt to find a local seller. 

3. No Currency Exchange 

Most Brazilian dropship suppliers price their goods in Brazilian currency, which is the Brazilian real. As such, it should no longer be daunting for you to convert these prices into US dollars (USD). 

Brazilian customers or non-US customers also prefer to shop in their local currency. For some reason, many international customers find it intimidating to shop in USD. 

Apparently, the US dollar is a symbol of extravagance and expensive items. It is why you are better off pricing your dropshipping products in Brazil in Brazilian real. 

If you are dropshipping internationally, you can use apps like BEST Currency Converter. It automatically changes the currency of your Shopify dropshipping store products according to the country of the person viewing it. 

4. Easy Returns and Refunds

The last benefit of working with a Brazilian supplier is the ease of processing returns. Just imagine if your supplier is in China. 

If your Brazilian customer does not like the product, he will ask for a refund. However, before issuing the refund, you must ask the customer to ship it back. 

So, he must ship it back to China, right? And how long with that take? It can take 30 days. 

Now, that is a problem. But if the supplier is in Brazil, it takes only a few days for the supplier to get the product back. So from there, you get a refund from the supplier, and then you refund your customer. 

The disadvantage of dropshipping to Brazil is the strict laws in its customs department. In addition, the import tax is high, which is 60% of the cost of the goods declared if it is less than $3,000 [4]. 

While the importer, or us dropshippers, do not pay for this, the customers who made the order should. On top of that, there is a clearance fee of no less than $4. 

The solution is to sell a product that a Brazilian is not likely to find somewhere else. Or, find a supplier who is already inside Brazil. This way, the goods you sell do not belong to the bracket of imported items. As such, the customer does not have to pay for tariffs. 

14 Great Dropshipping Suppliers in Brazil

Here are short reviews of the best dropshipping suppliers in Brazil.

1. Fábrica de Biquínis – best for dropshippers in the bikini and swimwear niche

Brazil is famous for its beaches, which is why I recommend this company as one of the best dropship suppliers in Brazil. They sell a whole lot of swimwear, and they also do wholesale. 

Fábrica de Biquínis Key Features

  • Shipping calculator – after registration, you can calculate the shipping cost to your target destination before you check out. 
  • Online Payment – they accept online payments via IN SIGHT VIA MOIP
  • Multiple Addresses – it is perfectly alright to have multiple shipping addresses; you can add as many s you want, then just delete them after they ship the item to your customer.

Fábrica de Biquínis Pros 

  • They have frequent free shipping offers
  • Fast shipping for as quickly as three days

Fábrica de Biquínis Cons 

  • There is only one payment method
  • There is a registration fee

There is no refund or exchange for the products that you buy here. We must understand it, as the products are personal or intimate. 

In addition, the only gripe you may have here is a registration fee of R$ 59,99. This fee only applies to dropshippers. 

After paying this fee, they will change your account type to dropshipper, and you will no longer have to order any minimum amount; you can order one item at a time. 

2. Grandes Grifes – best for dropshippers of big brand names

Grandes Grifes is a dropship supplier that works with big brands like Armani. Although they also sell in their online retail store, they do have a program for dropshipping. 

It is an excellent dropshipping supplier in Brazil because they give you an opportunity to brand the products. They also have a product database from which you can choose the bestselling items. 

Grandes Grifes Key Features

  • Discounts – the more you sell, the bigger discount they will give you. as such, you can increase your profit margins if you are a top seller. 
  • Warranty – every item they ship has a warranty of three months
  • Lots of brands – there are many brands that you can sell here, and these are by no means cheap ones. Some of the best I saw are Bvlgari, Cartier, Britney Spears, Burberry, and Chanel. 

Grandes Grifes Pros

  • Lots of brands in the product database
  • You can brand the products; they will take care of the branding 
  • They offer significant discounts to their best dropshippers 

Grandes Grifes Cons

  • There is a fee to become a dropship member  

There is an annuity or annual fee that they charge to their dropshippers. Unfortunately, this cost is not available on their website. 

To begin dropshipping with them, you must register for an account. Only then will you find out how much you must pay every year. 

3. Niche Dropshipping – best for dropshippers who want a global list of suppliers

Niche dropshipping is a database of suppliers. It is an excellent choice for dropshipping in Brazil if you want to work with international partners.  

One thing to note is that their supplier database covers China only. So all the international suppliers you will find here are in China.  

Niche Dropshipping Key Features

  • Branding and Packaging – you can ask them to customize the package of each product you sell. Some of the options are hangtags, insert cards, and boxes. In addition, you can ask them to print your logo. 
  • White Label – you can ask them to find manufacturers for you; they will manufacture generic goods but brand them under your name  
  • Product Sourcing – they have a service where they will search for a supplier for a specific product that you need 

Niche Dropshipping Pros

  • They offer worldwide fulfillment
  • You can skip being generic; brand your dropshipping products as your own 
  • They offer wholesale and storage 

Niche Dropshipping Cons

  • The products only come from China 
  • Shipping can take at least eight days

Niche Dropshipping is what I recommend if you want to sell branded products in Brazil. 

It is also an ideal partner if your dropshipping strategy is a white label or private label

4. HyperSKU – best for dropshippers looking for sourcing and fulfillment options

HyperSKU is a dropshipping supplier database with added services like the previous supplier. What they do is vet suppliers and add these suppliers to their list of providers. 

HyperSKU is an excellent dropshipping supplier for Brazil because of the personalization they offer. Like Niche Dropshipping, you can do private and white labels on this site and make your brand shine. 

HyperSKU Key Features

  • Lots of suppliers – there are over 2,000 suppliers in the database, all of whom went through a vetting process
  • Niches – the company covers a lot of niches where you can find bestsellers such as women’s fashion, consumer electronics, pet supplies, and more
  • Bulk order – they offer a system where you can fulfill up to 100 orders in a single click 

HyperSKU Pros

  • They offer express shipping
  • You will receive a tracking number once the item is out
  • They have a reasonable refund process 

HyperSKU Cons 

  • The system will only integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce

HyperSKU is what you need if you want to dropship branded products, particularly your own. They can help you look for a supplier, and they will print the branded packaging for you. 

5. AliExpress – best for people who want access to what Amazon sellers sell

AliExpress is the biggest online retail marketplace in China. It is also the foremost source of suppliers in the whole world—many people who sell on eBay and Amazon source their products here.

AliExpress provides a humongous list of items you can sell, plus thousands of suppliers who ship to Brazil. As a result, AliExpress is one of the best places to search for suppliers in Brazil or any target country. 

AliExpress Key Features

  • Product list – there are millions of products you can find here to sell to Brazil; AliExpress got you covered in all niches
  • Huge profit margin – even if AliExpress is a retail marketplace, you are dealing with mostly the manufacturers themselves. As such, the prices are really low, and you can add a huge profit on each item you sell
  • Safety and protection – the company gives you protection from fraud. If the item you ordered is fake or not as described, you can file a complaint, and AliExpress will refund you. AliExpress will deal with the erring seller on their own. 

AliExpress Pros

  • Lots of products to choose from
  • No minimum order requirement
  • The products are affordable 
  • You automatically qualify for a refund and return

AliExpress Cons

  • All suppliers are in China
  • Shipping courier depends on the supplier

Shipping from China to Brazil can take a while. Because of this, I suggest that you set proper customer expectations about it.

6. Eprolo – best for dropshippers who want print-on-demand products

Eprolo is a Brazilian dropship supplier database. It is an excellent dropshipping partner because it also offers print-on-demand products. 

For print-on-demand, they have a partnership with Inked Joy. However, Eprolo is not the company that sells or prints the products. 

Eprolo Key Features

  • Integration – you can integrate the Eprolo system with other platforms like Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, eBay, and many more 
  • Branding – the Eprolo team can source and customize your products; for example, they can tag clothing items with your brand
  • Products – there are thousands of products you can find on this supplier database; some examples are home improvement items, car and motorcycle accessories, shoes and bags, and many more 

Eprolo Pros

  • Lots of products
  • Availability of branding options
  • You can work with their partner for print-n-demand services
  • Integration with major dropshipping platforms
  • Fast refund; as short as 24 hours 

Eprolo Cons

  • Long delivery time of at least eight days 
  • Expensive shipping cost of at least $4 (sometimes more expensive than the product itself)

I recommend Eprolo if you do not want a limitation on the products you can sell. I am saying this because they have print-on-demand, which will work beautifully if you have excellent design ideas. 

7. Luxjóias – best for dropshippers who want to focus on the jewelry niche

Luxjóias is what you want to check out if you are looking for jewelry. What I like about it is that the jewelry they sell is authentic. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for Brazilian dropshippers who do not want to sell fake items. 

Luxjóias Key Features

  • Product specs – each piece of jewelry that you see has specifications, like whether the ring is 18K gold or 24K gold. 
  • Product variation – there are many jewelry items here, like earrings, trinkets, pendants, and many more 
  • API – while they do not offer integration, they have an API or a code that you can insert on your website; from this API, you will have full access to the product categories

Luxjóias Pros

  • They sell authentic jewelry
  • They have a dropshipping API
  • The website is safe and secure

Luxjóias Cons

  • No integration
  • The products are a little pricey

One thing you will love about the company is they offer a warrant of one year. They also offer exchanges and refunds, but not for those that have personalized engravings. 

8. Atacado Barato – best for dropshippers looking for cheap wholesale products

Atacad Barato literally means “cheap wholesale.” It is an excellent product source for Brazil if your selected niche is fashion, particularly footwear. 

In Atacado, you will find many sneakers that you can buy at affordable prices. Although they are mainly wholesalers, they do have a dropshipping program.  

Atacado Barato Features

  • Free shipping – you can get free shipping if the order meets at least R$249.90
  • Installment – the company offers an installment payment plan of up to 12 installments; however, the installment is only applicable to credit card purchases 
  • Guarantee – they offer an exchange guarantee of up to 30 days; if your customer is unhappy, you can always have the company replace the order 

Atacado Barato Pros

  • Lots of affordable, authentic sneakers
  • They have a dropshipping program
  • You can exchange the items within 30 days
  • Fast shipping

Atacado Barato Cons 

  • Not all products are original
  • They do not look for suppliers on your behalf 

Atacado Barato is not a dropship supplier database. The only available products are those that are already on the website. If there is a kind of shoe that you want that is not there, you will have to look elsewhere. 

9. CJDropshipping – best alternative to AliExpress dropshipping 

AliExpress can be a tad difficult to use, and it can be confusing too. CJDropshipping is the alternative to it. I recommend CJDropshipping as a dropship supplier in Brazil if you are okay with Chinese suppliers. 

A lot of the products in CJDropshipping come from China. However, I am not saying that they only ship from there. CJDropshipping has global warehouses, too. 

CJDropshipping Key Features 

  • Product sourcing – you can coordinate with a specialist from CJDropshipping if there is something you want that you cannot locate on the website; they can source from Taobao, AliExpress, and other manufacturers
  • Global warehouse – because they have global warehouses, they can ship faster. Sometimes, they even offer to ship for free. On average, they commit three days for shipping 
  • Print-on-demand – on top of all the products you can find on the site, they also offer POD services; there are thousands of products here that we call “blanks.” Send them your designs, and they will print them for you. 

CJDropshipping Pros

  • They have a sourcing service
  • They offer free shipping from global warehouses
  • They offer print-on-demand services
  • You can ask them to brand your packaging 

CJDropshipping Cons 

  • The user interface is overwhelming 
  • The prices are similar to AliExpress, so the margins are low

Overall, CJDropshipping is what you need if you are looking forward to dropshipping in Brazil and the world. Unlike AliExpress, CJDropshipping supports several platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc. It means that you can integrate their app with your store for a seamless process. 

10. Nova Engel – best for dropshippers of perfumes 

Nova Engel is a wholesaler and dropshipper of colognes and perfumes. It is an excellent supplier for Brazil dropshipping because all its products are authentic.  

So, if your target is to sell authentic and branded perfumes in Brazil, this is the place to go. In addition, they ship worldwide, so you can quickly expand your coverage area. 

Nova Engel Features

  • Large catalog – the company offers more than 30,000 products from over 800 perfume global perfume brands 
  • Technology – they have an API that you can get, which means you can integrate their system with yours 
  • Wholesale – they offer wholesale prices if you are a large vendor; you can expect bigger discounts 

Nova Engel Pros 

  • The company is a reliable partner 
  • They process orders in as short as 24 hours 
  • Shipping can take only three days 
  • They offer assistance with web and graphic design 

Nova Engel Cons

  • No straightforward integration process; you need coding knowledge to do this 
  • No shipping calculator 
  • They have to approve your application 

As a dropshipper, you must meet some of their conditions before they approve you as a member. There is also a deposit of 500 euros, which is non-refundable.

11. Vivo Na 25 – best for dropshippers who want to sell electronics

Vivo Na 25 is one of the biggest online retail stores in Brazil for electronics. So while you might say that you are competing against it, you can actually make money from it if you do it right. 

It is the best dropship supplier in Brazil if your niche is electronic products. Since the company caters to Brazilian customers, they also sell products that will meet Brazil’s electrical standards

Because of the site’s sheer size, it is a tad confusing to use. And this is where you come in. First, pick a sub-niche and choose the products from Vivo Na 25. Then, launch the product from your store and make it easier for your customer to find what they are looking for. 

Vivo Na 25 does not offer many features, as it is merely a retail site. However, the purchase is a straightforward process. 

Vivo Na 25 Pros

  • They offer a discount if you use a particular payment method
  • They accept many types of credit cards
  • They offer installment payments 

Vivo Na 25 Cons 

  • There is no special dropshipping program; you must contact the seller 
  • There are only five product categories

Vivo Na 25 is what I recommend for small dropship businesses in the mobile device niche. If the time comes and you want to expand, there is always CJDropshipping and AliExpress.

12. AliDropship – best for people who want a system for AliExpress

AliDropship is China’s answer to Shopify. It is a dropship supplier database which also builds dropshipping stores. 

I recommend it to dropshippers in Brazil who are new to the business, especially those who want a seamless business start-up. 

AliDropship Key Features

  • Store creation – for as little as $299, the company will build a fully functional dropshipping store for you.
  • Millions of products – the company’s database is AliExpress; because of this, you will have access to millions of products from dropship suppliers in AliExpress 
  • Plugin – there is a plugin you can download for WooCommerce 

AliDropship Pros

  • They will make you a website/store for a small price 
  • Access to technical customer support
  • You can duplicate a store

AliDropship Cons

  • The plugin only works with WooCommerce

The one thing driving the buzz of AliDropship is its ability to imitate a profitable dropshipping store. They have a catalog of dropshipping stores that you can duplicate. All you have to do is tell them, and they will build the store for you.

13. Worldwide Brands – best for dropshippers who want an app

Worldwide Brands has been around for over 20 years. Their two main verticals are wholesale and dropshipping. It is an ideal partner for dropshipping in Brazil because they have a list of suppliers worldwide. 

Worldwide Brands Key Features

  • Worldwide suppliers – there are millions of products here that come from global supplies, not only China
  • Certification – the website or the business itself is legit; all the suppliers in this directory are operating legally
  • US Quality – most of the suppliers are from the US, so you can sell high-ticket items that also have high quality 

Worldwide Brands Pros

  • There are more than 16 million products here
  • The site is reliable and free of scam
  • They have an app for Android and iOS for dropshippers

Worldwide Brands Cons

  • They do not have a fulfillment application 

Use Worldwide Brands if you are looking for a supplier, not a fulfillment system. The way it works here is you contact the supplier, and then you make an arrangement with them. It is unlike CJDropshipping, where you can integrate an app with your website. 

Steps to Dropship to Brazil

The steps to dropship in Brazil are the same as how you should start any dropshipping business. Therefore, it is essential that I reiterate these steps and that you must follow them in the proper order. 

Step 1: Decide on a niche in Brazil 

There is no right or wrong niche. While some people will insist that you must sell only winning items, there really is no universal truth to that.

What I can say from experience is that you must decide on a niche or market and then dig a level or two deeper. 

If you do not know it yet, a niche is an industry or a category. For example, women’s fashion is a niche. However, this niche covers a wide gamut of things like clothing, shoes, fake eyelashes, etc. 

The one thing I would insist that you do is to niche down. So, for example, you can sell women’s shoes only. And then, to penetrate a specific market, sell stilettos only. 

I am saying this because your niche sets you apart as a master or specialist. Any person who finds your Shopify dropshipping store will immediately understand that you are a store specializing in stilettos. 

There are a few benefits of niching down: 

  • Easy to market – you focus on a specific target consumer—the woman looking for stilettos. 
  • Easy to manage – you do not have to fill your dropshipping store with hundreds of product types; you only need to display stiletto shoes.
  • Easy to specialize – all the questions about you or your products are about stilettos, which means you will eventually become an expert (from size to type to material and so much more)

Decide on a niche and stick to it. Avoid the shiny object syndrome that drop shippers fall to. Instead, pick a niche you understand and are passionate about, and you are on the right path. 

Step 2: Find a dropship supplier in Brazil 

I have 14 on my list of the best dropshipping companies in Brazil. Some of these are not exactly manufacturers but online retail marketplaces like AliExpress, which Amazon dropshipping business owners use. 

Nevertheless, you will find several suppliers here who are physically in Brazil. Therefore, I recommend that you check my list one by one or check those that match your niche. 

For a supplier you like, schedule a meeting or consultation. Verify that they can do what you want, like custom packaging and fast shipping. 

Finally, buy a sample from the supplier. After the delivery, scrutinize the packaging, label, and, more importantly, the quality of the product.

Make a list of the shipping times, costs, and other factors affecting your business. Then, you can decide which supplier is worth your time and effort.

Step 3: Create an online store with Shopify

Next, I recommend that you build your online store with Shopify. It is the WordPress equivalent of dropshipping and eCommerce businesses. 

Shopify is easy to use, and there is no steep learning curve in using the tool. For example, you can build a dropshipping store in less than a few hours. 

I am not saying that you should limit yourself to Shopify, as there are other platforms you can use, such as BigCommerce, Wix, and WooCommerce. 

However, Shopify is the most robust and easiest to use. Shopify is also one of the most affordable. You can have a functional store for as little as $30 a month.  

Step 4: Market the dropshipping products for Brazilians

Finally, it would help if you started marketing your products to Brazilians. You must understand what Brazilians want in terms of seeing ads. 

I suggest that you use Facebook and Instagram. Between the two, I prefer Instagram, especially if you are selling clothing. 

One technique I learned over the years is the use of influencers. First, take the time to find Brazilian influencers in your niche. Then, give them a freebie and ask them to post that on their Instagram profiles.  

Of course, the influencers have to mention where they got the item, which is your online store where they go. From here, you can expect their followers to view the same thing in your store. Just make sure that your supplier has the stock!

Profitable Dropshipping Niches in Brazil

Not all niches are equal. There are those niches where you can reasonably expect people to buy from you. However, these niches are also the most competitive. 

At the end of the day, I would still say that you must choose what you want to sell. Then, work hard until you become the leader of that niche, and you will see success happen.

However, I am dedicating this section to those who need guidance to start a dropshipping business. 

I took this bestseller list from Amazon Brazil. As one of the biggest retailers worldwide, Amazon is an excellent data source. 

The five bestseller categories are: 

  1. Kitchen Items
  2. Furniture
  3. Games and Consoles
  4. Home appliances
  5. Fashion

1. Kitchen Items 

Kitchen items include mugs, digital scales, hermetic plastic pots, and many more. For as long as it is a useful kitchen item, it sells in Brazil. 


Because Brazilians love to cook; Brazil’s cuisine is a mix of Portuguese and African. Cooking and food are both embedded in Brazilian culture. 

The excellent news is kitchen items are cheap. I suggest that you look for unique but valuable items. 

Below is an example that I got from our product database, Dropship.IO. It is an egg tray that costs only $5. The retail price, however, is $15, giving you a profit of $10. 

Upon further research, I discovered that it has low saturation, meaning only a few people are selling it online. 

2. Furniture

The second top seller in Brazil is furniture. Please note that this is not expensive furniture but affordable ones like those you would typically see in Ikea.

Here are some examples: 

  • Desk with Side Bookcase
  • Laptop Stand
  • Gamer Chair
  • Swivel Office Chair

All these are furniture that the supplier can dismantle and ship. Therefore, if you want to enter this market, I suggest focusing on a sub-niche. 

For example, you have the option to sell all types of swivel chairs, including gamer chairs. However, selling all kinds of furniture in one store would be unwise. 

3. Games and Consoles

This niche includes the following products: 

  • Dual Sense console control
  • PS5 control
  • Xbox control
  • Gamer headset
  • Mouse

Now, this niche is popular with kids and gamers. The trouble is that you must be a gamer yourself to succeed in this niche.

If you are not a gamer, you would be hard-pressed to sell these items. Your customers will ask technical questions about USB connectivity, speed, gigahertz, etc., and you must know what to tell them. 

If you are adequately knowledgeable about gaming, then, by all means, go for it. 

4. Home Ware

Homeware refers to appliances like electric fans. This niche also includes light bulbs, air fresheners, and vacuum cleaners. 

Like the other categories, focus on a specific sub-niche to penetrate a particular market. For example, it would do you well if you only sold lighting products instead of bulbs and vacuums simultaneously. 

5. Fashion

Finally, fashion is not going anywhere. Brazil is a hot spot for fashion, especially for bikinis and summer wear.

Here are some of the bestsellers: 

  • Sandals (Havaianas)
  • Underwear
  • Shirts
  • Board shorts
  • Handbags

The world recognizes Brazil as a melting pot of cultures and fashion. Many models came from Brazil. Furthermore, the country is one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world. In addition, Brazil is one of the ten biggest fashion markets on the planet [5].

FAQs on Dropshipping Suppliers in Brazil

Which dropshipping supplier is best?

The best supplier on the list is Eprolo. It is a dropship supplier database in Brazil and has a parentship with a print-on-demand company. 

Is Brazil good for dropshipping?

Yes, Brazil is a good market for dropshipping. It ranks 14th worldwide as the biggest eCommerce market. 

What is the most profitable item to dropship?

There is no single answer to this, as products come in all forms, prices, and sizes. So instead, I advise you to focus on a niche and choose a product with a high-profit margin. 

How do I find a drop ship supplier?

Use the list I provided here. Your choice will depend on your target niche. If you do not mind not having integrations and shipping times, you can always use AliExpress. 


From my perspective, the best dropship supplier in Brazil is Eprolo. I choose it because it is in Brazil and has a partnership with a print-on-demand (POD) company. So pretty much, what you need is here. 

I recommend that you check out Eprolo before anything else, especially if you want to concentrate n the Brazilian market. From here, you can check the other suppliers on my list. 

Finally, do not forget to order samples, even from Inked Joy, the POD partner of Eprolo. Signing up with Eprolo is free, so I recommend you do that. Your account should give you access to what Eprolo has to offer.

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