13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe to Help You Make Money

The best dropshipping supplier in Europe offers you a fighting chance. Europe, being a large eCommerce market, is home to many companies that sell high-end goods.

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June 3, 2023
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Because of this, you want dropshipping suppliers who can give you the following: 

  • Affordable yet high-quality items
  • Good shipping deals 
  • Branding options

After dropshipping for several years, I know that while it is easy to find suppliers, dealing with the problems they cause is not. 

My goal is to spare you the headaches and the pains. Today, the key takeaways are: 

  • Learn the best dropship suppliers in Europe
  • Understand what you need to start dropshipping in Europe 
  • Know the answers to some of the most burning questions about Europe dropshipping

For starters, here is a quick list of the 13 best dropshipping suppliers in Europe:

  1. Spocket – best for Shopify
  2. Printify – best for WooCommerce print-on-demand
  3. Printful – best for Etsy print-on-demand
  4. CJDropshipping – best for eBay dropshipping
  5. Modalyst – best for jewelry and clothing
  6. Shein – best for women’s clothing
  7. AppScenic – best for furniture
  8. SaleHoo – best for toys and hobbies
  9. Syncee – best for Alibaba dropshipping
  10. AliDropship – best plugin for AliExpress dropshipping
  11. AliExpress Direct – best for general store dropshipping 
  12. DSers – alternative to AliExpress dropshipping
  13. Dropified – best for eBay, Amazon, and food health-related dropshipping

If you are ready, let us get started!

Is Dropshipping in Europe a Good Idea?

Oh yes, it is. Europe is one of the biggest continents. Experts say that the eCommerce revenue in the region will hit $871 billion in 2023 [1]. Of course, that figure is smaller than North America, which has an eCommerce revenue of $1.2 trillion. 

The annual growth rate of the eCommerce industry in Europe is 10.6%. This growth rate is lower than in some regions. It is okay, considering that Europe is already huge, and the growth is slowing down.  

Despite that, it does not mean it is not a good market to penetrate. A growth rate of 10% is still growth. In addition, the number of eCommerce users will also grow to 586 million by 2027. 

Finally, it is the best time to get into an eCommerce business now, primarily dropshipping. As you know, eCommerce is a war of attrition. The ones that survive are those that endure. Better start now or never—the earlier, the better. 

What Should You Dropship or Sell in Europe?

Europe is a vast marketplace. Even giants like Amazon and eBay penetrated the region. As you know, these American companies would not have done that if there was no potential for significant returns in the continent. 

Based on market trends, the top five products to dropship in Europe are: 

  • Fashion
  • Electronics 
  • Toys, Hobby, & DIY
  • Furniture
  • Beauty and Personal Care

Take a look at the chart below for more details.


Now that we know what items people buy in Europe, it makes sense to check how much people spend on them. The average revenue per user (ARPU) in eCommerce per user in Europe is going to be $999 by 2025. 


Now, it is only a matter of breaking down what the users spend. As we can see from the chart below, people spend money on fashion. 


Although Statista does not disclose how much each user spends per year on each niche, we can say that fashion is the top seller in Europe. Next to that, furniture has the highest revenue per user year-on-year. 

With these data on hand, the conclusion is simple. It would help if you focused your Shopify dropshipping business on fashion and furniture. 

In the next section, I will give tips on what items you can sell for each category.

1. Fashion

Anything to do with clothing is a fashion item. As you know, Europe is home to the fashion industry. As such, you should sell trendy clothing. 

Below are some examples: 

  • Women’s clothing, such as blouses and dresses
  • Men’s clothing, such as shirts, polos, and jeans
  • Jackets
  • Shoes

To get inspiration, you must go to the most prominent fashion clothing brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, and many more. 

2. Furniture

You will compete with IKEA if you sell furniture In Europe. The trick to success is to sell small ones that people can assemble. There are dropship suppliers I will provide later on for furniture. 

For now, I suggest you sell the following things: 

  • Garden furniture
  • Decorative furniture 
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Center tables

The best dropship supplier for this is AppScenic. I will talk more about dropshipping companies in a bit. 

3. Electronics 

For electronics, I would tell you to stay away from selling phones, tablets, and laptops. These items are expensive, so you will front the money when somebody orders. 

The problem is that they are also sensitive. It takes only a simple crash or mishandling, and the item will have damage. 

What you want to sell are simple electronic items and accessories. Below are some examples: 

  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Air pods and other types of headphones and headsets
  • Phone cases
  • Phone accessories like phone wallets and bags

The best supplier for a dropshipping store like this is a print-on-demand company like Printful and Printify.

For beauty and personal care, these products have a wide range. The same thing goes for toys and hobbies. If you choose these niches, I recommend selecting a deep niche.

Niche markets are not just the big categories of products or industries. I suggest that you read more about niches before you finally make a choice. 

We also have an article about the best dropshipping niches you can get into now.  

16 The Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe

1. Spocket – best for Shopify

Spocket is the best dropshipping supplier for Europe because of its database. It has suppliers from all over the world, including the US, UK, and China.  

Spocket Features

  • Product Imports – the system allows you to import products from Spocket to your store in a few clicks. There is no need for copy-paste processes to migrate products to your store. 
  • Search Filter – you can search suppliers based on where they are or where the products are shipping from. You can limit your supplier locations to specific countries if you do this. 
  • Premium Suppliers – you can find suppliers from the UK and the US. As such, you do not depend on suppliers from China only. 

Spocket Pros

  • Easy to use
  • The platform has all you need to do dropshipping
  • It supports integration really well
  • You can use branded invoicing

Spocket Cons

  • The free plan is not so useful; you need to upgrade to get the most out of the system

Use Spocket if you want a hassle-free dropshipping business. It is the best dropshipping supplier for Shopify. The company has comprehensive coverage in many niches. In addition, they also provide 24/7 chat support. No matter where you are, or what time, you can expect help from them.  

2. Printify – best for WooCommerce print-on-demand

Printify is the best option for dropshippers in Europe for personalized products. They offer many blank items you can design and ship to Europe at a minimal cost. 

Printify Features

  • Designer and Mock-Up – with Printify, you can access both the design tool and mock-up generator. You do not have to upgrade to be able to use both. 
  • Integration Options – you can integrate Printify with several platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce. 
  • Product Import – it only takes one click to import products you designed to your store. The importation can get slow sometimes, but it works with no errors. You do not need to re-edit the product details.  

Printify Pros

  • Easy to use
  • You have access to lots of products
  • The shipping costs are mostly flat rate
  • You know where the items are coming from 

Printify Cons

  • The mock-up generator offers only a few styles

Printify is what I use for my dropshipping store. Overall, I recommend this supplier because the system is easy to use. On top of that, the products that they sell are of high quality. 

3. Printful – best for Etsy print-on-demand

Printful offers the same service as Printify. However, Printful is what I recommend for Etsy dropshippers in Europe. With Printful, you can design blank products and sell them to a specific market. 

Printful Features

  • Mock-Up – Printful has better mock-ups than Printify. There are many product placements available in the system. 
  • Branding – as a seller, you have branding options in Printful, such as card inserts. You can also create a standard invoice that carries your name. 
  • Printing Type – they use several printing methods, such as direct-to-garment and embroidery. 

Printful Pros

  • There is a free account
  • The catalog is huge
  • You can brand your products before the supplies ship them
  • You can use the keyword scout tool to determine items people are looking for

Printful Cons 

  • You need to pay to get access to premium clipart 

Printful has a more extensive catalog of products than Printify. However, it will also cost you more to use its premium services. With Printify, you only need to upgrade once you are selling many products. If you upgrade your Printify account, you get up to 20% discounts on raw materials or blank products. 

4. CJDropshipping – best for eBay dropshipping

I recommend CJ to European dropshippers because it has a lot of integration options. With CJ, you also have the opportunity to source products that are not in the database. 

CJDropshipping Features

  • Sourcing – if there is a product you like but is not on CJ, you can file a ticket or request. They will contact the manufacturer for you. You can post that product on your store if the supplier agrees to dropship. You can also tell CJ to look for similar products.  
  • Integration – you can integrate CJ with many platforms. Some examples are Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Magento, and many more. 
  • Multiple Warehouses – CJ does not only operate a warehouse in China. It has warehouses in other locations. Some examples are the UK, the US, Germany, and Canada. 

CJDropshipping Pros

  • Lots of integration options
  • You can source products from AliExpress and Alibaba
  • Multiple product categories
  • Transparent shipping

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Shipping can take a while, and it can cost a lot of money
  • Product syncing is manual

I recommend CJDropshipping if your customers do not mind long shipping times. With CJ, you can source cheap products. As such, you have room for substantial profit margins. 

5. Modalyst – best for jewelry and clothing

Modalyst is an excellent dropship supplier for Europe if you want to market your own brand. As you know, Europe is home to the best fashion designers and brands worldwide. With Modalyst, you can create a brand and compete against these businesses.  

Modalyst Features

  • Premium Suppliers – with Modalyst, you will have access to a directory of premium suppliers. These are suppliers that offer expensive but super high-quality products. 
  • Importation – you can add products from Modalyst to your store in a single click 
  • Real-time Syncing – if there is ever a change in the product details, these changes will reflect on your store automatically. You do not have to go back to make changes manually. 

Modalyst Pros

  • There are US suppliers in the system
  • The products are of high quality
  • They offer print-on-demand services

Modalyst Cons 

  • The system integrates with only a few platforms 
  • You need to subscribe to the highest tier to be able to access the premium suppliers

Modalyst is what I recommend for serious dropshippers in Europe. Specifically, you must use Modalyst to create your own brand and empire. It is with Modalyst that you can find premium suppliers. Because f this, you can make and sell products that you can really be proud of.

6. Shein – best for women’s clothing

Shein is a multi-national fashion brand. It is an excellent supplier for European dropshippers because of its fashion inventory size. 

Shein Features

  • Product Category – there are many product categories here for women. Although there are items for men, the inventory size for women’s clothing is what you want to use. 
  • Free Return – they will refund the items within 45 days. This offer is good for dropshippers who need more time to process returns and refunds. 
  • Free Shipping – if the purchase reaches a specific amount, Shein will ship the items for free. You can use this to your advantage if you sell your products as a bundle. 

Shein Pros

  • The inventory is massive
  • There is always a discount 
  • There is an app from where you can make a purchase
  • All products are trendy

Shein Cons

  • They did not build the business for dropshipping
  • There is no app you can use for the integration with platforms

Shein has several websites for the geographies they serve. The one you should use is Shein UK. Its warehouse is in the UK, and you can expect faster shipping speeds and better shipping rates. 

7. AppScenic – best for furniture

AppScenic is one of the best dropshipping suppliers because they offer a wide array of furniture. As discussed earlier, furniture is a top seller in Europe. 

AppScenic Features

  • Automation – the system will automatically place an order to the supplier even if you are asleep. In addition, all product changes inside AppScenic will also happen to your store. You do not have to intervene to make these changes happen. 
  • Premium Products – you will have access to premium products like furniture and toys. These are not like products that you will find in AliExpress. These are expensive and high-quality goods. 
  • European Suppliers – then suppliers in the site are not just from China. Many are from the US, the UK, and other parts of Europe. 

AppScenic Pros

  • The app is easy to use
  • You can sell up to 30,000 products
  • The order fulfillment is automatic
  • The system syncs with your store automatically 

AppScenic Cons

  • Too few integrations
  • You must upgrade to be able to sell more items 

Use AppScenic if the dropshipping store you want to build is a premium one. With AppScenic, you will be selling high-quality products to a high-end market.  

8. SaleHoo – best for toys and hobbies

SaleHoo is an excellent European dropship supplier partner if you want an analysis tool. It is a good system because it tells you how profitable a product is. 

Upon using SaleHoo, I noticed that there are multiple suppliers here who sell toys. These toys are not simple ones that you put in a small box. Rather. These are big toys like rocking horses, kitchen sets, etc. 

SaleHoo Features

  • Market Research Lab – it is a research tool that tells you if a product has sales. It also tells you the average market price of this product. 
  • Product Count – there are over 2 million products on the site. While many of these are from AliExpress, SaleHoo made sure they can supply your store with urgency. 
  • Supplier Count – there are over 8,000 suppliers in the database. All these suppliers went through a vetting system. As such, we know that they are legit. We also know that they will support your business as a dropshipper. 

SaleHoo Pros

  • The system cost is affordable 
  • There are many suppliers in the database
  • Each supplier went through a verification process 

SaleHoo Cons 

  • The database and app are separate products 

Use SaleHoo if you are dropshipping on Shopify. It is the only system that SaleHoo integrates with as of this time. If you only want the inventory or database, you can use the system, but it will require a ton of manual work. 

9. Syncee – best for Alibaba dropshipping

Syncee is an excellent supplier for European dropshippers who want to source products from Alibaba. This system allows you to do wholesale or bulk dropshipping from over 40 Alibaba product categories. 

Syncee Features

  • Integrations – you can integrate Syncee with several platforms. The most popular ones are WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce. 
  • Product Count – there are over 6 million products in the system. 
  • Verified Suppliers – there are thousands of suppliers, not just from Alibaba. You can find suppliers in the UK, US, Australia, and European countries. 

Syncee Pros

  • Multiple integration options are available
  • There is a global pricing system
  • You will have access to VIP products
  • You have access to unlimited suppliers even at the free account
  • There are no transaction fees

Syncee Cons

  • You need to upgrade to e able to upload or import products to your store 

Syncee is ideal if you want to do bulk dropshipping. In this business model, you will pay for the items in bulk and then have the manufacturer take care of the warehousing needs. They will ship the item to y our customers once you place an order. 

10. AliDropship – best plugin for AliExpress dropshipping

AliDropship is a plugin that allows you to pull products from AliExpress. It is an excellent tool for dropshipping to Europe. You can source your products directly from AliExpress. 

AliDropship Features 

  • Store Creation – the team can build a store for you if you want. You can also tell them to copy or duplicate a store already earning money. If you want to start from scratch, they can also do that. 
  • WooCommerce Plugin – they have a plugin for users who want the WooCommerce platform. You can pull products from AliExpress and then import them to your WooCommerce store. 
  • Automation – if you use the plugin, all product details, like pricing, will update automatically if there is a change in the AliExpress system. 

AliDropship Pros 

  • The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce
  • You can source from millions of AliExpress products
  • They can build a store for you for a small amount of money 

AliDropship Cons 

  • You must pay for the app if you want all the features

AliDropship is not precisely a supplier database for European dropshippers. Instead, it is a tool that makes it easier to source products from AliExpress.

11. AliExpress Direct – best for general store dropshipping

AliExpress is the primary source of most dropshipping products worldwide. It is best for dropshipping to Europe if you do not want the hassle of using other platforms. With AliExpress, you have access to millions of products. 

AliExpress Features 

  • Buyer Protection – the website guarantees that you will get your item and that it is as described. If not, you can ask AliExpress to issue you a refund. 
  • Product Categories – there is no product that you cannot source from AliExpress.
  • Support for 200 Countries – the sellers ship to over 200 countries. It means that you can cover a lot of areas in Europe.

AliExpress Pros

  • You have access to millions of products
  • All items here are cheap
  • There are many ways to ship items

AliExpress Cons

  • You will import products manually

Use AliExpress if you do not want limitations other dropship suppliers impose on you as a user. The only challenge is that you cannot import products with a tool. You must copy and paste each product, and you will also have to contact each supplier. 

12. DSers – alternative to AliExpress dropshipping

If you do not want to import products manually from AliExpress, one of the best alternatives is DSers. It is an ideal tool for dropshipping in Europe because you can bundle products together, which you cannot do with other dropship supplier tools. 

DSers Features

  • Integrations – you can integrate DSers with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. 
  • PayPal – you can use PayPal to pay for your orders. From here, you will get a PayPal tracking number. Use it to track the status of your order. 
  • Bundling – there is a default marketing tool where you can bundle products together. You no longer have to buy a separate app for it. 

DSers Pros

  • You can place orders in batches
  • It is easy to import products
  • There are free plans 

DSers Cons

  • There are only three integration options 

DSers is the official AliExpress solution for AliExpress. One thing to note is that while DSers offers free accounts, you are better off getting paid solutions. In addition, they only source from AliExpress. Use it only if you are sure about sourcing products from AliExpress.  

13. Dropified – best for eBay, Amazon, and food health-related dropshipping

Dropified is one of the health niche’s best suppliers for European dropshipping. Earlier, we saw from a chart that health and beauty is one of the leading bestsellers in Europe. Dropified is a good partner for selling food supplements in Europe

Dropified Features 

  • Bulk Orders – unlike many dropship tools, you can place orders with Dropified with one click. This process should help you save time. 
  • Private-Label – you can customize the label and brand name of the food supplements you sell. You can make it your brand. 
  • Integrations – the system integrates with eBay, Etsy, Wayfair, Wish, and Amazon.
  • Course – Dropified has an online course where you will learn the proper process to do dropshipping. They built this course in relation to the system itself. 
  • Automation – you can enable the automation, so the system will order the item from the supplier even if you are asleep. 

Dropified Pros

  • You can sell private-label products
  • You can sell on several platforms
  • Automation of orders is possible 
  • You can place bulk orders in one click 

Dropified Cons

  • There is a fee to use the private-label food supplement process 

Use Dropified if you want to sell vitamins and food supplements. It is also an ideal dropship supplier for high-ticket items.  

How to Choose Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe

Your dropshipping supplier in Europe is the key to your success. It does not matter if you built the best-looking store. If your supplier fails, you also fail. 

In this section, I will show the factors you need to consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier in Europe. 

1. Product Volume and Quality

Choose a dropshipping supplier whose products are available. The last thing you want is to sell items that are always out of stock. 

In addition, the product must be of high quality. This requirement does not mean “best quality.” The item must be acceptable or reasonably priced, is all I am saying. 

There is no way to determine quality but to order it yourself. Whenever I work with a new supplier, I order a sample product. 

A sample product is not free. You must pay for it and then shipping. The investment is worth it, I must say. If the product is terrible, you will lose nothing but your capital for it. It is better that way than having to deal with refunds later on. 

2. Shipping Cost and Speed

What really kills a dropshipping business is the shipping cost and the speed. Take a look at this product on Amazon. 

The shipping cost is $12.43, and the item will arrive in the UK 13 days from today as I am writing this. 

Now, look at this same product in AliExpress. 

As you can see, shipping is free, but it will arrive in the UK in 43 days! As you can see, there is a big disparity in the cost and time it takes to ship. 

If you were to choose a supplier, make sure that the shipping cost is optimal. If possible, do not charge for shipping at all. Bake your shipping cost into your price. 

3. Integrations and Ease of Use

Choosing suppliers with an app you can integrate with your store is a good practice. Why? Because you will save time and effort. 

With integration, you can do the following: 

  • Automatically import products to your store
  • Auto-syncing of product details if there is a change from the supplier
  • A dashboard where you can fulfill orders

I am not saying that you should not work with suppliers without system integration. You can still work with them if they are the best suppliers. Just make sure that it is worth the time. 

It would help if you also chose suppliers who support their dropshippers. You want a supplier who has a reasonable refund and returns policy. If they do, you can ask for your money back if your customer does not like the product. 

In summary, you must choose a supplier whose product quality is superb. Consumers do not want to pay for a bad product, no matter how cheap. 

The shipping cost and speed are both deal-breakers. Many consumers say they do not buy a product if the shipping cost is too high. On the other hand, many consumers will forgive long shipping if it is affordable or free. 

Finally, you want a supplier that has a system you can integrate. This system will help you save time and effort, which translates to money.

How Do You Start Dropshipping in Europe?

You need to prepare three main things when you dropship to Europe. These are: 

  • Dropship Supplier
  • Dropship Platform
  • Dropship Payment Processor

I will go into detail about these three to help you. 

1. Dropship Supplier

From my list, you must choose a dropship supplier for Europe. Ensure that the supplier is the best fit for your platform and niche.

For example, choosing a supplier does not make sense if that supplier cannot integrate with Shopify. If you are using Shopify, it will help to choose a supplier with an app for Shopify. 

I am not saying that you should not use other suppliers. I am merely pointing out that working with a dropship supplier supporting your platform is more effortless. 

There are factors you must consider when choosing a supplier. Please read our blog about this topic to learn more. 

2. Dropship Platform

The next thing you need to start a dropshipping business is the platform. The two most popular options are Shopify and WooCommerce. 

What is Shopify? Shopify is an eCommerce store builder. It has everything you need to build and run an online store that sells physical products. 

Shopify is so good, perhaps the best in the industry, that even Kylie Jenner uses the platform. However, it is not free. The cost is roughly $29 per month. At this rate, however, there is almost nothing you can ask for. 

There are other platforms you can use. You can sell in marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and even Walmart if you want. In Asia, you can sell on platforms like Lazada or Shopee. 

Choose your platform of choice carefully, as it directly impacts your success. If capital is a problem, sell on social media and marketplaces. If not, build your store. 

3. Dropship Payment Processor

The last thing you need is a payment processor. There are dozens that you can choose from.

Here are some examples: 

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • 2Checkout
  • DragonPay

The thing is that not all of these operate in all countries. It would help if you determined how you want to get paid as early as now. In addition, you must know if this payment processor accepts users from your country. 

The beauty of Shopify is that they have a payment processing system. For as long as you use the Shopify platform, you can charge your customers is their credit cards.

However, Shopify charges transaction fees if you use their system. You must take these fees into account when adding your profit margin.

Dropshipping Supplier in Europe: A Better Alternative

The best alternative to a dropship supplier database is a dropship product database like ours. Of course, I do have prejudice over our product, but hear me out. 

What is Dropship.IO?

Our software program is a product database. You will find products and their respective performances or sales here. 

One of the biggest problems I see with dropshippers is eye candy, or what some others call shiny object syndrome. It happens when a dropshipper sees a product, falls in love with it, and then sells it. 

Then, no sales. 

With Dropshio.IO, you will know if a product is selling or not. Armed with that knowledge, you can decide, based on stats, if it is a worthwhile product to sell. 

Here is a sample screenshot: 

I typed “computer table” in the product search area in this example. In the result, we can see that one particular product sells. 

As you can see, there are several computer table types or designs. However, one thing shines above all: it has 37 sales in a month. 

From here, you can look for a supplier for that table. You can also visit the seller’s website. You will be able to observe how that seller presents the item and “copy”  the seller’s best practices. 

Here are some of the features of our tool:

  • Product Database – a list of thousands of products and their respective statistics in sales 
  • Sales Tracker – you can track the sales of products or sales of products from specific stores
  • Shopify Dropshipping – you can integrate our system with Shopify, making it easier to import products 
  • Competitor Research – you will know how competitors are performing. More importantly, our system will tell you who they are, what their website is, etc. 

On top of that, we also have a list of suppliers you can work with. If you want, the system will also help you build a portfolio. The system will “drop” a product in your account regularly. This product has high sales performance. All you need to do now is decide if you want to sell it.

Dropshipping in Europe FAQs

Is dropshipping legal in Europe?

Yes, it is legal to dropship in Europe. However, you must not sell items that a country does not approve of. We have a guide about the legality of dropshipping, which will help you further about this topic. 

How do I find a dropshipping supplier in Europe?

Use my list as a general guide. Before you do, decide on your niche and platform. Once done, you can choose from my list. 

Sign up for an account—most of these sites offer a free account. If you are not satisfied, use our system, Dropship.IO, to find products that sell. From there, you can proceed to look for a supplier.  

Which country is best for dropshipping?

There is no best country for dropshipping. What you want to do is avoid countries that have low eCommerce sales revenue or activity. 

Can you do dropshipping in Europe?

Yes, you can do dropshipping in Europe. It is one of the biggest markets in the world. You can also dropship in developing countries if you want. We do have guides about the best suppliers and markets for dropshipping that you can read.


The best dropshipping supplier in Europe is Spocket. It has everything you need to start a dropshipping business. From product import to order fulfillment—Spocket has it all.

The next step now is to sign up for a free Spocket account. Check the system and play around with it. After that, I recommend that you also try our tool. We offer a 7-day free trial.

You will realize that Dropship.IO and Spocket come together nicely. Happy dropshipping!

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