14 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in France: Make More Money from French Suppliers

The best dropshipping suppliers in France are those that supply high-quality products that the French expect.

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June 3, 2023
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What I mean is that France, being the fashion capital of the world, offers a multitude of options to its citizens. As such, it is not wise to dropship products from China here. 

It took me more than a week of research, and some googling and translation, to find the best dropship supplier in France, which I will share with you today. 

The list I have here are companies that are: 

  • Reliable 
  • French-oriented
  • Dependable

This article intends to help you find the best dropshipping suppliers in France. I refrained a little bit from dropship directories, but there are still a few. 

Overall, most of the suppliers on this list are independent of AliExpress and other directories. Some are online retailers like Amazon. Yet, you can take advantage of their low-cost products. 

Let us get started!

The Top 14 Dropshipping Suppliers in France 

Here is a quick list of the best dropshipping suppliers for France:

  1. DropShipPrint – best for print-on-demand businesses 
  2. CJ Dropshipping – best for global dropshippers 
  3. Spocket – best for dropshippers who want a seamless fulfilment system
  4. La Redoute – best for furniture and high-ticket items
  5. Auchan – best for retail grocery items and home products
  6. C-Discount – best for electronics and gadgets
  7. Boulanger – best for home appliances and media electronics
  8. ManoMano – best for home furniture and comfort appliances
  9. Tendance Sensuelle – best for women’s clothing and cosmetics
  10. Cool Mini Prix – best for those looking for thousands of products
  11. Grossiste En Ligne – best for women’s fashion
  12. Sun City Fashion Group – best for pop culture fashion
  13. Accessoires Engros – best for jewelry items for men and women
  14. Bi & Jou – best for stainless steel jewelry

Why Dropship to France?

The eCommerce revenue in France in 2021 hit 129.1 billion euros [1]. This information tells us that there is a market in the country for dropshippers like us.

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From 2021 to 2025, the expected annual growth of eCommerce in France is 5%. Although this is much lower than the global average growth of 6%, it is not that far off. 

According to Statista, the top eCommerce category in France is fashion. About 60% of online shoppers bought clothing and accessories as of January 2022 [2]. 

Because of these reasons, I can say that the country is ripe for the picking. If you do not start now, when? 

Dropshipping to France is excellent, but only if you act quickly. Like all businesses, there comes a time when it hits a saturation point. It has become too competitive that it is too difficult to break even. 

The right time to dropship in France is now. 

Benefits of Working with Dropshipping French Suppliers

Why even bother working with French suppliers? Can you not just dropship from other countries? 

There are some benefits you will get from French suppliers that you won’t from others, which I will share in this section.

1. Faster shipping

French suppliers have their warehouses in France. Because of this, their couriers can also deliver the products quicker than international suppliers. 

We are now in a phase where online consumers want physical products fast. They want it now. At most, they want the product in less than a week. 

As a comparison, let us look at two examples. The first image is a product from China that ships to France in ten days. 

This one, however, is a product from France that ships to France in one day. The length of shipping depends on the type of shipment the customer pays.

We can see that shipping from France to another French location is faster. As such, a dropshipper in France gives you an advantage in terms of shipping speed. 

2. French quality

The only people who know what French customers want are French manufacturers. 

France is one of the most economically advanced countries in the world. Because of this, French customers have high expectations.

In addition, France’s annual household income per capita is $27,119 [3]. As such, we can expect that people here have a high disposable income. 

And if people have a high disposable income, it is natural that they would look for high-quality products. Realistically, US-made products are of high quality, but then they are also extremely costly.

The solution is French suppliers. They know how to manufacture products that French people want. 

3. Ease of returns

The worst nightmare a dropshipper like us can have is a product return or refund. It happens when a customer is not happy with the product he received. 

Whenever a customer wants to return a product, he has to ship it back to the seller. We do not want that product back because we will send it to the supplier anyway.

So, the customer has to send it to the manufacturer. If the product comes from China, the shipping cost is much higher than in France.

With a French supplier, the customer has to ship it to France, too. However, the shipping is cheaper, and the supplier will receive the item faster.

Because of this, you can also expect a faster turnaround time in processing the refund. In addition, the customer will not suspect that you are a dropshipper. He would merely assume that the manufacturer’s address is your business address.  

4. Better pricing

Since the products are from France, the prices are much more competitive than if you buy from an international supplier. 

Below is a comparison that I want to show you. This first image is a crafted round handbag from a Chinese supplier. As you can see, it costs €25. 

Now, take a look at a similar item from a French supplier. As you can see, it only costs €10.

Now, that is a huge difference in your capital cost. So the lower the capital, the better profit margin you can expect. 

So far, these are the four best reasons to work with French suppliers. You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you do. In addition, you will also be able o provide customer service and after-sales support. 

14 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in France

Here are the 14 best dropshipping suppliers in France.

1. DropShipPrint – best for print-on-demand businesses 

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DropShipPrint is one of the best dropshipping suppliers in France because it allows you to customize your products. It is also in France, so shipping to French customers will not take long. 

The company belongs to the print-on-demand sector. The way it works is as follows: 

  • You choose the type of product you want to sell
  • You send a print art, like a JPG or PNG file, and send it to them
  • They will print it on the product
  • After printing, they will ship it to your customer

DropShipPrint Key Features

  • Design Module – the company offers an online system where you can upload the design and position it on the product you selected. 
  • Lots of Products – You can choose from many products, such as a t-shirt, caps, dresses, coffee mugs, handbags, pillows, and even posters.
  • Shop Builder – the company has a program that works like Shopify. They can help you build a dropshipping store, and you do not have to use a different system for your online store. 

DropShipPrint Pros

  • There are many products to choose from
  • The products are affordable
  • You can use a design system where you can upload your designs
  • They offer a store builder

DropShipPrint Cons

  • It is unclear what printing technology they use
  • They do not mention shipping details like price and courier

Overall, DropShipPrint is what I recommend if you want a print-on-demand business. However, you may need to work on your French as most of the site’s content is in French.

You can contact their customer service support team if you have any questions. Indeed, they can accommodate you in English. 

2. CJ Dropshipping – best for global dropshippers. 

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CJDropshipping is like AliExpress, but it is specific for dropshippers. All suppliers here know and understand that their clients are dropshippers. 

The sheer volume of the products you can sell makes CJDropshipping an outstanding choice for dropshipping in France.

CJDropshipping Features

  • Multiple Warehouses – the suppliers in CJDropshipping are not all in China. There are suppliers in Germany, Spain, Poland, and others. As such, shipment to France is not going to take a while.
  • Multiple Shipping Options – You can choose from several types of shipping, such as DHL Official, CJ Packet Ordinary and Fast Line. The costs and speed of shipping vary. 
  • Integration – you can connect your CJDropshipping account with Shopify. This way, you can manage your sales, inventory, and orders from one place. 

CJDropshipping Pros

  • Thousands of products to sell
  • You can ask the suppliers for product photography
  • The supplier will provide a tracking number
  • You can ask the supplier to provide custom packaging

CJDropshipping Cons 

  • No warehouse in France

CJDropshipping is an excellent choice if you want to work with dropship suppliers, not manufacturers who are not experts on dropshipping. 

In addition, CJDropshipping has a Google Chrome extension. As such, it is easier to navigate the site and search for products without going to the site itself.

3. Spocket – best for dropshippers who want a seamless fulfilment system. 

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Spocket is one of the best dropship supplier databases in the world. It works best for dropshippers in France because you can select the seller’s warehouse location. 

In essence, you can sell only physical products already in France. If not, the alternative is to choose suppliers who ship to France, even if the items are elsewhere. 

Spocket Features 

  • Integration – you can integrate the Spocket application with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other store builders. 
  • Thousands of Products – there are many product categories here, such as jewelry, watches, baby items, men’s clothing, accessories, and others.
  • Trend Guide – Spocket has a “trending section” where you can check hot products. These are products that have the most sales in a specific timeframe. 

Spocket Pros

  • There is a winning product guide you can use
  • Spocket offers a free account
  • It has a sales and inventory dashboard
  • There is an order fulfillment process in the application

Spocket Cons

  • You can only use other features if you pay for a subscription

What I like about Spocket the most is that you can filter the sellers and find those close to France. In addition, about 80% of the sellers are in the United States and Europe, so shipment to France is not a problem.

4. La Redoute – best for furniture and high-ticket items

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La Redoute is an online store that ships internationally. As an online store, it also sells directly to its consumer online. 

There are many products on this website, and below are some: 

  • Furniture
  • Garden and outdoor
  • DIY tools 
  • Teen and children’s products
  • Hobby products

Overall, I can say that La Redoute is an excellent choice if you want to sell high-quality products. Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for dropshipping in France because the products here cater to the French market. 

What I mean by this is that the products they sell match what French people want. For example, the decor you will find here are rather European in design than American. 

La Redoute Features

  • Product Variety – most of the products you will find here are for home and living, but there are also fashion items for men and women. 
  • Fast Delivery – within France, the customer can expect to receive his orders in 2 to 3 days
  • 3D Library – for furniture products, there is a 3D library you can download that shows the furniture in 3D; you can use it as a catalog. 

La Redoute Pros

  • They make the products in France
  • The items here are of high-quality
  • You can contact customer service by phone or email

La Redoute Cons

  • Small profit margin

To make this work, you must contact the management and tell them about your business. La Redoute also has physical locations, so you can partner with these stores. 

5. Auchan – best for retail grocery items and home products

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Auchan is an online retail website that is like Amazon. However, you can use the website to your advantage, and I will show you how. 

Auchan is one of the best dropship suppliers in France because they have tons of products. See some example categories below: 

  • Outdoor goods
  • Home improvement items
  • Garden and kitchen tools
  • Pet supplies

Auchan Features

  • Lots of Products – from chocolate to children’s toys, you will find a lot of items you can sell
  • iOs and Android App – there is an app you can download so that you can order quickly on behalf of your customers from your phone 
  • Easy to Reach – you can contact them by phone and email if you have any concerns

Auchan Pros

  • There is a loyalty card that will give you discounts
  • You can integrate the system with ShippyPro

Auchan Cons

  • No app that you can integrate 
  • The website is only available in French 

To take advantage of Auchan, pick a specific niche from their website. From here, copy the products and sell them in your store. You have an instant niche—if they sell it, so can you. 

Despite Auchan’s size, please note that it is also a retail store, both online and physically. As such, your profit margins may be low.

6. C-Discount – best for electronics and gadgets

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C-Discount is one of the biggest online retailers in France. Because of this, it would do you well to get your products from them, as you have a guarantee that their products work. 

To make this arrangement work, you must select a niche from the different categories found on the site. Then, sell these products in your store for a higher price; the difference is your profit. 

C-Discount Features 

  • Discounted Prices – you will be dealing with a lot of legit sellers here who sell their products at prices lower than the market value
  • Lots of Electronics – you will find tablets, laptops, accessories, peripherals, and so much more. If electronics is what you need, C-Discount has it. 
  • Practical Guides – the retailer provides guides you can use to choose the best PCs and electronics you can sell to your specific market. 

C-Discount Pros

  • Lots of electronic products
  • Low-cost legitimate electronic items
  • They ship from and to France
  • International delivery is available 

C-Discount Cons

  • There is no app you can integrate
  • The prices are erratic

Consider C-Discount the Amazon of electronics. Your advantage here is simple: you make it easier for your customers to find what they want.

Using the C-discount website is a tad confusing, so you will take the products from the site and make these products easier to access and navigate on your store. 

7. Boulanger – best for home appliances and media electronics

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I recommend Boulanger to dropshippers who want to concentrate on the home appliances niche. Boulanger is an excellent dropshipping source for France because it is one of the biggest retailers in the country.  

Boulanger Features

  • Home Niche – here, you will find items like kitchen appliances, home cleaning devices, and large household appliances. 
  • Low Cost – like C-Discount, the prices here are low compared to physical and other online retail stores. Because of this, you can expect a higher profit margin. 
  • Warranty – most of the products come with a guarantee of two years from the manufacturer; on top of that, Boulanger offers an additional year of warranty. 

Boulanger Pros

  • Dozens of home electronics and items to choose from
  • Lots of sale events 
  • The products come with a guarantee (one to three years)

Boulanger Cons

  • There is no app to integrate
  • You need to watch your prices manually; prices can change dramatically
  • When the items sell out, you must be fully aware and make changes to your site manually 

I recommend Boulanger only if you have the time to watch over your store like a hawk. Since there is no app you can integrate, you will have to manually check the price changes and reflect them on your store. 

8. ManoMano – best for home furniture and comfort appliances

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ManoMano is not a French company. Instead, the company is in the UK and specializes in home appliances like central heating, sofas, and mattresses. 

This company is a great partner for dropshipping in France because they sell high-quality big-ticket items. Therefore, your profit margins are high, and your target customers are those who have money to spend. 

ManoMano Features

  • Affordability – Despite the products’ quality, you will find some that cost less than 100 GBP. A good example is a pair of dining chairs priced at 78 GBP only. 
  • Order Tracking – they will send you a tracking number, which you can give to your customer; this makes customers feel at ease, knowing that their order is now in transit. 
  • Bestseller List – the site offers a list of the top-selling products in various categories; use this as a guide to decide what to sell on your dropshipping store in France. 

ManoMano Pros

  • Lots of affordable products for home and living
  • They ship internationally
  • You will receive a tracking number
  • There is an app for Android and iOS

ManoMano Cons

  • It does not have an app you can integrate with your store
  • You need to get a PRO account to get discounted prices

9. Tendance Sensuelle – best for women’s clothing and cosmetics

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Tendance Sensuelle means sensual trend. The company has been around for over 15 years, and they dropship worldwide. It is a great dropship supplier in France because they understand this business model, and they have been at it for over a decade. 

The products you will find here are sensual but not illegal. For example, you can dropship sexy lingerie to a female clientele. 

Tendance Sensuelle Features

  • Specialized Niche – it is easy to sell the products of this dropshipper because they cater to a specific type of market, specifically, women who want to wear sensual clothing. 
  • Multiple Brands – the company is a wholesaler and warehouser. You will find no less than a dozen brands of female lingerie here.
  • Dropshipping – they have a dropshipping program; you can expect lower prices and a higher profit margin. 

Tendance Sensuelle Pros

  • They have indie and known brands
  • They offer dropshipping integration with Prestashop
  • They ship the same day if you order before 3 PM
  • They do not have a minimum order requirement to ship 

Tendance Sensuelle Cons

  • Limited product types; only cosmetics and lingerie are available
  • There is no refund because these products are intimate

I recommend Tendance Sensuelle if you are comfortable with selling adult products. But, again, there is nothing illegal about what they sell. 

10. Cool Mini Prix – best for those looking for thousands of products

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Cool Mini Prix is a huge website where you can find just about every little knick-knack. Here, you can resell party supplies, accessories, and promotional items.  

They fixed the shipping fee at €4.99, but only if the order is in France. For international orders, the shipping cost varies. 

Cool Mini Prix Features

  • Free Delivery – delivery is free for promotional items. You can also enjoy the free delivery if you spend at least €49 on one order.
  • Payment Options – you can use PayPal or Société Générale to complete your orders.
  • Refund – you have 14 days to return the item and ask for a refund

Cool Mini Prix Pros

  • The site has thousands of products
  • You can buy the items at a low price
  • The payment processors they use are secure

Cool Mini Prix Cons

  • There is a minimum order requirement on some products
  • No app to integrate
  • International shipping is costly 

Cool Mini Prix is something I recommend if you target companies that need giveaways. Cool Mini Prix has many accessories and giveaways with the same theme. For example, you can get a set of a cap, shirt, pen and name tag as a coherent group. 

11. Grossiste En Ligne – best for women’s fashion

If your women’s clothing is your niche, then look no more. Grossiste En Ligne is an excellent dropshipping partner in France because it is a French company that caters to the fashion industry. In short, they know what sells and what does not.

Grossiste En Ligne Features

  • Dropshipper Account – you must tell them that you are a dropshipper so you can get lower prices. 
  • Secure Payment – you can pay in four ways: PayPal, bank transfer, Klarna, and Bank Card; you can even pay in three tranches or installments using Klarna 
  • Fast Shipping – they ship within two days; they will also provide you with a tracking number of the shipment 

Grossiste En Ligne Pros

  • Fast shipping with visibility of the status
  • They use three carriers
  • There is a dropshipper account where you can get a discount
  • Your name is on the package, not theirs

Grossiste En Ligne Cons

  • No app for integration; you will copy-paste the items to your site manually

I recommend Grossiste En Ligne if your target niche is women’s clothing. Visit their site, and you will find out that all the products they sell here are trendy. However, with trend and quality also comes a high cost. 

12. Sun City Fashion Group – best for pop culture fashion 

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Sun City is the dropship supplier of choice if your niche is pop culture and kids. Here you will find a lot of clothing for children. And the good news? They have a license to print branded or trademarked designs.

Sun City is an excellent dropshipping partner because they have been in business since 1989. They have a vast catalog, and you do not have to worry about trademark infringement. 

Sun City Features

  • Licensed Products – the company draws and signs contracts with the brand owners. Then, all you need to do is sell. 
  • Lots of Brands – here, you will find items that carry names like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, Batman, and many more. 
  • Location – the group is in France; you can expect fast shipping from their warehouses

Sun City Pros

  • You can sell branded products without violating laws
  • The company is in France, but they also have international locations

Sun City Cons

  • You cannot buy directly; you must contact them and make an account

Sun City is a legit distributor of branded goods. As such, they also have high expectations from their business partners. I only recommend this if you already have a profitable dropshipping store. 

13. Accessoires Engros – best for jewelry items for men and women 

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Accessoires Engros is a leading distributor of jewelry supplies. They sell their items in retail and wholesale. 

The company is a good fit as a dropship supplier in France for those who want to cater to the faux jewelry sector. The items here are not real gold but metal painted in gold and silver. 

Accessoires Engros Features

  • Fast Shipping – the company’s commitment is 48 hours of shipping in metropolitan France
  • Multiple Payment Methods – they accept different credit card brands, and PayPal
  • Customer Service – you can call them at their phone number if you need anything; no more wait time for email responses

Accessoires Engros Pros

  • They offer a wide array of products, including jewelry boxes
  • They use two postal service companies
  • You will receive a tracking number for your shipment
  • The prices are affordable 

Accessoires Engros Cons

  • There is no clear policy about returns and refunds

I recommend Accessoires Engros only if your niche is costume jewelry. But, of course, you must mention that on your website. Otherwise, some of your customers may not realize they are not buying real gold. 

14. Bi & Jou – best for stainless steel jewelry

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The last on my list of the best dropshippers in France is another jewelry supplier. This one is an excellent choice for France because they also have jewelry that has gemstones. 

Like the previous supplier, this one only sells customer jewelry. However, Bi & Jou also sells small purses that women can carry as accessories in formal events. 

Bi & Jou Features

  • Payment – the company accepts several payment methods, such as Visa and Paybox
  • Shipping Options – they ship with Colissimo, BNP Paribas, DPD, and Chronopost
  • Customer Service – you can call them from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM

Bi & Jou Pros

  • The site is easy to use
  • They only sell to professional resellers; customers cannot buy directly from this site
  • The catalog makes it easy to find the product you are looking for

Bi & Jou Cons

  • The shipping cost is not transparent
  • There is no app for integration
  • There is a minimum order cost, which is €150

Although this company sells costume jewelry, some items here are the real deal, especially those with gemstones. You can sell only the faux ones or focus on the more expensive side. 

How to Start Dropshipping in France

There are only a few major steps to start a dropshipping business in France. In this section, I will show you the proper order of these steps. 

Step 1: Decide on a niche in France

A niche is an industry or category of products or services. It is a broad grouping, and I recommend you find a deeper category to focus on a specific market. 

Here are some niche examples: 

  • Beauty and healthcare
  • Toys and hobbies
  • Home and gardening
  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing 

You must decide which niche you want to enter. It is not a good idea to create a dropshipping store that looks like Amazon.


Because you want to be an expert on something. You want a particular reputation for that product—customers will know that you are the go-to person or store if they need something for a specific issue. 

A sub-niche, or deeper niche, refers to specialized goods and services. For example, let us say you chose beauty products as a niche. A good sub-niche here is acne. 

Everything you sell is either for acne or pimple problems. As such, you develop a reputation that your store has a complete supply of acne-related products. 

Choose a niche that you know well. It is essential because you can never market or sell something you do not understand. 

Step 2: Find a dropship supplier in France

The next step is to find a dropship supplier in France. The best starting point is to use my list here. If your niche is not on my list, you can research suppliers on Google. 

You can go directly to a manufacturer or a retailer and ask for a discounted price. Or you can use dropship supplier databases like Salehoo, CJDropshipping, Spocket, and others. 

If you want specific products, I recommend Dropship.IO. Of course, I am a bit biased here, but it would not hurt to try it, right? 

Dropship.IO is one of the most extensive product databases in the world. We can help you find the right products for your dropshipping store. 

In addition, our technology allows you to perform the following: 

  • Competitor research
  • Track sales
  • Manage portfolio
  • Discover new products

Once you have a list of suppliers, the next step is to contact each of them. Tell them about your business and ask if they can partner with you. 

To learn more about how to pick the right dropshipping supplier in France, I have allotted a section specific to this in this article.  

Step 3: Create an online store

The next step is to create your online store. What I recommend is Shopify, an online store creator for eCommerce entrepreneurs. 

There is a cost to building an online store, which starts at the range of $25 and $30 per month. This cost is what you pay for the servers and storage of your online store.

If you use Dropship.IO, we offer three months of using Shopify, and you will only pay $1 per month! You essentially have nothing to lose!

The price is relatively cheap if you ask me. With Shopify, the amount you pay includes a payment processor, software integration, website, shopping cart, product pages, blog pages, and many more. 

You do not need to learn how to code to build an online store. Shopify is a drag-and-drop program. All you need to do is worry about your store’s design. 

If you are uncomfortable building your store, you can always visit freelance market websites like UpWork or Fiverr and hire someone to do it for you. 

Step 4: Market the dropshipping products 

The last step is marketing. You need to learn how to advertise on Google or YouTube. It is one of the fastest ways to get customers. 

Of course, Google advertising is not the only way to market your products. There are many more, like the ones below:

  • Social media – open social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to market your goods for free
  • Blogging – write helpful blog posts and rank them on search engines. Do not forget to recommend your products in these blog posts
  • Affiliate marketing – ask other people to sell your products; if they make a sale, pay them a commission

You need to focus on these four steps when starting a dropshipping store. And I must say that you need to do them in the proper order. 

As far as building an online store is concerned, many other options exist, such as WordPress, Wix, and BigCommerce. However, Shopify is what I recommend based on my experience. 

Tips for Picking the Right Dropship Supplier

Picking suppliers from a list of thousands is a daunting task. So, to make it easier for you, I made a list you may use as a guide. 

Choose suppliers located in France

It is better to pick a local supplier than one located abroad. The reason is shipping. If the supplier is from France, it is reasonable to expect the shipment to be faster than international shipping. 

In addition, returning the product to the supplier will not be messy. Just imagine if your supplier is from China. Here is what is going to happen:

  • Supplier ships defective item to your customer
  • Customer complains
  • You tell the customer to send the item to China
  • You pay the customer for the return shipment cost

Now, the customer is aware that you are not from France. Therefore, she will likely ask for a refund, not a replacement. 

On top of that, you must compensate your customer for her time and money for shipping the item back. So, again, this cost is your loss. 

If you are lucky, the Chinese supplier may also compensate you. However, it is not likely to happen.  

Pick dependable suppliers

The suppliers you choose are the same ones that will make or break your business. So take the time to weed out the bad suppliers from the good ones.  

Here are the characteristics of a good supplier: 

  • Ships on time
  • Ships the right product 
  • Ships products with no defects
  • Responds to consumer complaints or questions in less than 24 hours (except on holidays and weekends)
  • If your supplier performs poorly on any of these, you will take the responsibility of facing your customer’s wrath. 

For example, how will you respond to your customer’s inquiry if your supplier is not responding to yours? In addition, what do you think will happen if the supplier is always late in shipping? 

Go for suppliers that offer other services

Suppliers must be able to accommodate some of your requests. Below are some examples: 

  • Custom packaging
  • Custom labels and branding, such as tags
  • Tracking numbers for shipping

These things matter, especially if you are trying to build a brand. I am not saying that these services must be free. You must pay for them. 

However, the supplier must be able to provide them to you instead of you looking for another one to do it. 

Work with suppliers who have a reasonable return policy

Never work with suppliers who do not offer a refund. It is not unlikely for suppliers to send the wrong stuff. 

Here are some of my recommendations: 

  • At least a week of refund opportunity AFTER the customer receives the item
  • Full refund for defective products
  • Supplier to shoulder shipping costs 
  • Fast turnaround time

If the supplier does not want to provide you with any of these, it only shows that the supplier is irresponsible. 

Overall, it would help if you found a supplier who also cares about your business. You must contact the supplier first, discuss your dropshipping business, and ask if they understand this business model.

The supplier is critical to your success. You must pick one who will work with you as a business partner, not just as a buyer.

FAQs about Dropshipping French Suppliers

Which dropshipping supplier is best?

The best dropshipping supplier is DropShipPrint. It is a print-on-demand business, and they allow you to customize your items. The next two best on my list are CJDropshipping and Spocket. 

How do I find dropshipping suppliers in Europe/France?

The first step to finding dropshipping suppliers in France is to use my list in this article. There are 14 in total, and there are a few here where you can find hundreds of suppliers in and to France, like Spocket. 

What sells the most in dropshipping?

Nobody knows what sells the most in dropshipping. Therefore, I recommend you focus on a niche with a market—something that you truly understand and are passionate about. 

What is the most profitable item to dropship?

The most profitable item to dropship is one that is expensive to sell but cheap to acquire. It is better to sell something with a considerable profit margin than one where you only earn a dollar or two. An example is car accessories—people with cars are ready to splurge on their automobiles.  

Is Dropshipping legal in France?

Yes, dropshipping is legal in France. However, if you live in France, you must consult with legal experts about whether or not you should register your business and pay taxes. For foreign nationals, there is no ban on dropshipping as long as you do not ship anything illegal. 


In my opinion, the best dropship supplier in France is DropShipPrint. My justification or reason is that it is a print-on-demand business. 

Print-on-demand, or POD, is a lucrative business. If you do it right, you have little to no competition, especially if your designs are one of a kind. Therefore, I strongly recommend it to entrepreneurs who want to create a strong and unique brand.

The next step is to check the product samples of DropShipPrint. Here, you will get an idea of what kind of product you can sell. Simultaneously, you should be able to think of a genre or niche you want to target once you see the products.

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