13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Indonesia

The best dropship suppliers in Indonesia can supply what the market needs. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, so the entire country has a vast culture. ‍Because of this, people have different expectations. At best, you must dropship items that cater to this diversity. 

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June 3, 2023
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I dropship to many countries, and I can say that each one has a unique demand. What I learned about dropshipping is this: sell what the people want. 

Today, I will provide you not only with the best dropshippers in Indonesia but with other things like:

  • Spotting fake suppliers
  • What Indonesians want to buy
  • Best products to sell
  • An alternative to a supplier database

In the end, I hope you can finally decide which dropship supplier database to use. In addition, I am confident that with this information, you will learn how to penetrate the Indonesian market properly. 

What is the eCommerce market size of Indonesia?

The projected eCommerce revenue of Indonesia by 2022 is US $55.97 billion [1]. According to experts, the industry will grow at an annual rate of 13.21%.

With this information, we can say that Indonesia has a market. Furthermore, I also found out that the Indonesian market is significantly higher than Malaysia, which is only at $9.0 billion for the same period. 

Experts also say that by 2027, user penetration will hit 244.7 million, about 83.8% of the country’s population. 

So, yes, I can say without a doubt that Indonesia has a market for dropshippers.

Does it make sense dropshipping in Indonesia?

Yes, it does make sense to dropship in Indonesia. The chart below from Statista shows that the eCommerce market is growing yearly. 

SOURCE: Statista

As you can see from the chart legend, electronics have the most significant chunk of revenue from the top eight niches in the country. 

In addition, the Annual Household Expenditure per Capita of Indonesia as of 2021 was $1,060.45 [2]. This figure is higher than a neighboring country like the Philippines, where the average expense per year per capita is hovering at $498.40. 

Best Dropship Suppliers in Indonesia

In a snapshot, here are the best dropship suppliers in Indonesia: 

  1. AliExpress - Best for dropshippers to Bali, Indonesia.
  2. Lazada - Best for dropshippers who want guaranteed protection
  3. SaleHoo - Best for dropshippers who need a research tool for products. 
  4. Spocket - Best for product and supplier filtering.
  5. CJDropshipping - Best for international dropshipping. 
  6. Niche Dropshipping - Best for dropshippers looking for Chinese suppliers.
  7. HyperSKU - Best for dropshippers who want sourcing and fulfillment without a minimum.
  8. AliDropship - Best for AliExpress dropshippers.
  9. Doba - Best for those who want to dropship in multiple platforms.
  10. Dropified - Best for people who want to sell high-ticket items. 
  11. DHGate - Best for dropshippers looking for discounts for bulk orders. 
  12. Inventory Source - Best for dropshippers who want a full automation system. 
  13. Mega Goods - Best for electronic goods.

1. AliExpress

Best for dropshippers to Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is a famous island in the country where people do what they can to preserve an ancient heritage. AliExpress, on the other hand, is the biggest online retail store in Asia. 

It is in Ali Express where you can find items that residents in Bali want. In addition, you can expect the retailer in AliExpress can ship to your Indonesian market quickly. 

AliExpress Features

  • Online retail – you can buy any product without a minimum order requirement. AliExpress sellers are retailers who will ship to your customers internationally. 
  • Millions of items – as the biggest online retailer in Asia, AliExpress has everything you want to sell. It is so huge that it is the preferred choice for Amazon dropshipping. 
  • Dropship specialist – retailers in China understand dropshipping; you can request product or packaging customization from many of them.

AliExpress Pros

  • Millions of items to choose from
  • You can go straight to the manufacturer
  • Affordable products

AliExpress Cons

  • There is no standard shipping price; sellers choose their carriers

AliExpress is the ultimate destination for dropshippers because of the sheer volume of products you can find here. Since China is just above Indonesia, shipping is fast and affordable. 

2. Lazada

Best for dropshippers who want guaranteed protection. 

Lazada is a huge business hub for online retailers. It is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Asia and is the equivalent of Amazon in the West.  

In Lazada, sellers sign up for an account and post their products. It is not unusual that the sellers here are also the manufacturers. 

Lazada Features

  • Buyer protection – in this scenario, you are the buyer. You could file a complaint and get a refund if you purchased a terrible product. 
  • Mobile App – Lazada has a mobile app you can use to shop and contact the seller; the app makes it convenient for you to look for products. 
  • Lots of Sellers – there are over 27,000 registered sellers in Lazada; you will undoubtedly find a dropshipping partner here. 

Lazada Pros

  • Lots of products to choose from
  • Many items are cheap 
  • It is easy to use

Lazada Cons 

  • It is an eCommerce marketplace, so there is no system to integrate 

To make it work, you must find a manufacturer in Lazada. You must contact this seller and ask him for a discounted price. 

Once you have settled on an arrangement, you purchase the item from the seller outside the Lazada platform. Then, the seller will ship the item to your customer. 

3. SaleHoo

Best for dropshippers who need a research tool for products. 

SaleHoo is a dropship supplier directory and also a dropship store builder. These two are different services with different pricing. 

In the supplier directory, you will have access to the list of suppliers and their products. For the dropship service, they will help you build a store and provide you with a dropshipping system.

SaleHoo Features

  • Market Research Labs – a system that shows if a product is profitable; the system will say if the item is trending. You will also see the product’s capital cost and average selling price in the market. 
  • Support – there is no limit to the support you get if you have questions about the system or the service
  • Lifetime Access – they offer one-time payment plans that give you access to the tool; there is no need to subscribe monthly 

SaleHoo Pros

  • They have a system you can integrate with Shopify 
  • All the suppliers here went through a verification process
  • You can use the Market Research Labs to analyze product 

SaleHoo Cons 

  • There is no free account
  • You must purchase the two services separately 

SaleHoo is what I recommend if you want a dropshipping store that is not a hassle. I suggest you use SaleHoo if your dropshipping platform is Shopify. 

4. Spocket

Best for product and supplier filtering.

Spocket is the best dropshipping supplier to Indonesia if you want to filter suppliers by country. Spocket mostly takes its suppliers from Alibaba or AliExpress. 

What makes Spocket different is that you can tell the system only to show suppliers or products that are physically in Indonesia. 

Spocket Features

  • Image search – you can use the system to locate products based on an image you upload, not text or words. 
  • Private label – there are suppliers here who can label your products and provide custom packaging
  • Winning products – the system has a list of products that have the most sales or those that have the highest profit margin 
  • System integration – you can integrate Spocket with your dropshipping platform; everything you do on Spocket will reflect on these platforms

Spocket Pros

  • You can integrate the system with several platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, and WooCommerce
  • There are thousands of items you can choose from
  • You can easily find trending products, so you have an idea of what to sell

Spocket Cons

  • The free account has severe limitations
  • Most products here come from AliExpress

Use Spocket if you want convenience. With it, you no longer have to review one supplier at a time from AliExpress. Spocket did that for you already; your focus is adding products to your store and marketing. 

5. CJDropshipping

Best for international dropshipping. 

CJDropshipping is one of the best dropshipping companies, especially for Indonesia, because the people behind it built the website for one purpose: to provide products to dropshippers. 

Here, you will find tons of goods you can ship to Indonesia. In addition, you have the option to choose which shipping courier you want. 

CJDropshipping Features

  • Print-on-Demand – you can sell items that have your design; send the design to CJ, and they will print it on a blank item
  • Warehouse – the company has several warehouses, such as in Japan, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, etc. 
  • Free Store – if you qualify, you can instantly create a free store; choose a niche, and they will build the store for you

CJDropshipping Pros

  • There is marketing integration for social media like Facebook
  • There is an automated order fulfillment tool
  • There is an academy where you can learn how to succeed in dropshipping

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Too much going on; the site is overwhelming

I recommend CJDropshipping if you have the plan to expand. Soon, you will want to target the Indonesian market and its neighbors. In this case, CJDropshipping is an excellent option for expansion.

6. Niche Dropshipping

Best for dropshippers looking for Chinese suppliers.

Sometimes, you do not need a dropship supplier located physically in Indonesia. Instead, you want a dropshipper in China who sells at retail price. 

However, you cannot go to China, and the last thing you want is to search AliExpress products one by one. The solution is Niche Dropshipping. 

Niche Dropshipping Features 

  • Automated process – the order fulfillment happens on its own; you do not have to log in to place an order
  • Dropshipping agent – it is a professional service where you can ask them to source a product for you 
  • Branded – this company specializes in looking for suppliers who will also brand your items for you 

Niche Dropshipping Pros

  • You can dropship via white label or private label
  • They ship worldwide
  • There is a list of best-selling products, which you can sell if you want
  • The system integrates with Shopify 

Niche Dropshipping Cons

  • They only have warehouses in the US and China

I recommend Niche Dropshipping if you want to sell under your brand. The company also only integrates with Shopify. 

7. HyperSKU

Best for dropshippers who want sourcing and fulfillment without a minimum.

HyperSKU specializes in three things. These are sourcing, customization, and warehousing. They will take care of warehousing and label the product based on your brand.

HyperSKU Features

  • International shipping – no matter where the product is, they will ship internationally and provide you with a tracking number you can give your buyer. 
  • After-sales service – if you have any issue or dispute, you can always contact the management and file a complaint; they will issue a refund if necessary
  • Multiple suppliers – for each product in the database, the company will show at least five suppliers so you can choose properly

HyperSKU Pros

  • International shipping with tracking numbers
  • Automated fulfillment
  • You can brand your products and customize them 

HyperSKU Cons 

  • Limited integrations

HyperSKU is an excellent platform if you want someone to guide your business. They offer services where an expert can help you source products if you do not know where to start.

8. AliDropship

Best for AliExpress dropshippers.

AliDropship Indonesia is the best choice if you want to source products from AliExpress, with the accompanying service where someone will build the website for you. 

AliDropship is the dropshipping arm of the Alibaba company. The suppliers here are all from AliExpress. However, AliDropship provides a system that allows you to streamline your dropshipping business.

AliDropship Features

  • Build a store – you can ask them to build a niche store for you. In addition, you can choose from a list of already profitable stores, and they will create a clone for you.
  • Plugin – if you want to build a store yourself, they have a plugin that you can integrate with WooCommerce
  • Hosting – if you do not want to deal with web hosting, you can ask them to do it for you; you do not have to register to a web-hosting site like SiteGround or Bluehost. 

AliDropship Pros

  • It is not only a supplier database; it can help you build a store
  • They have a system you can integrate with WooCommerce
  • There are other services you can purchase, such as social media marketing

AliDropship Cons 

  • All products come from China

AliDropship is an all-in-one dropshipping platform. On top of looking for suppliers, you can build a website from the system. The best part is that you can clone or copy an existing dropshipping website already earning money.

I love that they offer support, such as SEO content writing, creating Facebook or Instagram ads, email marketing set-up, and more. 

9. Doba

Best for those who want to dropship in multiple platforms.

Doba is a contemporary competitor of CJDropshipping. It is a dropship supplier database where you can sync all items for sale with a single click. It is ideal for dropshipping in Indonesia because of the volume of products available on the site, which can fulfill what the Indonesian market needs. 

Doba Features

  • Retailer API and integrations – there is a program you can use to integrate the system into your website. The alternative is to combine the system directly with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other platforms.
  • Doba Direct – it is a free tool where you can build an online store; this tool provides a way where you can share your products on social media with just one click
  • Inventory sync – if you integrate Doba in several platforms, you only have to make an update on Doba; then, all your stores will automatically reflect this update.  

Doba Pros

  • You will get price change alerts
  • They offer a free account
  • There is integration available for shipping couriers like FedEx and USPS

Doba Cons

  • Many features are only available in paid plans 

I recommend Doba if you want a vast dropshipping store with many niches. In addition, it is an excellent tool if you are selling on different platforms. 

10. Dropified

Best for people who want to sell high-ticket items. 

Dropified offers two types of dropshipping services. The first is the standard sourcing process. The second one is private-label dropshipping for food supplements.

The dropshipping service gives you an automated fulfillment process and system, which happens if you integrate the Dropified software into your store.

For the food supplement, they will brand the bottles according to your specification, making it look like you are the manufacturer.

Dropified Features

  • Automated Fulfillment – after integration, you do not have to visit your dashboard to fulfill an order; the system automatically notifies the seller. 
  • eBay product source – unlike other dropshipping suppliers, Dropified has product sources from eBay, not just AliExpress. 
  • Facebook Marketplace lister – a tool in the system that helps you upload listings on the Facebook Marketplace in bulk. 

Dropified Pros

  • The products you will find here have high-profit margins 
  • You can order in bulk, as many as 100 pieces, in one click
  • You can automate the rules on pricing and shipping costs
  • You can import product reviews from the product source 

Dropified Cons

  • There is no free account

Dropified is an excellent dropship supplier to Indonesia if you want private-label products. Since they have a private label company for food supplements, I recommend this if you sell sports and health-related items to the Indonesian market.

11. DHGate

Best for dropshippers looking for discounts for bulk orders. 

DHGate is the counterpart of AliExpress. What makes it different is that it offers a program the management calls a tiered discount. It is not a dropship system but a marketplace. 

DHGate Features

  • VIP Exclusive – there are products that you can buy for as high as 80% off; the discount only applies to buyers like you who meet a quota
  • Customization – the site has a program where you can access a list of manufacturers; you can buy from them directly and also ask them to customize products for you
  • Bulk purchase – you can get massive discounts if you buy in bulk; you can post bulk items on your store and make a big profit 

DHGate Pros

  • Tons of products on the site
  • There are customization options

DHGate Cons

  • It is a marketplace, not a dropship system
  • There is no software for integration

I recommend DHGate to dropshippers in Indonesia only if you are looking for huge discounts for bulk purchases. It is ideal for dropshippers who want a business model like Costco, a wholesale/retail chain of stores.  

12. Inventory Source

Best for dropshippers who want a full automation system. 

Inventory Source offers a directory of suppliers, some of which are in the US. It is an excellent choice for Indonesian dropshippers who want to sell unique Western goods to Indonesians. 

Inventory Source Features

  • Dropship software – the company has a program that you can integrate with Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and other platforms.
  • Supplier directory – there are more than 4,000 sellers in the directory. 
  • Automation – you can auto-upload products to your store, and the system will also sync the changes if you have multiple platforms 

Inventory Source Pros

  • You can connect your account with more than 20 marketplaces and platforms
  • The order and product upload rely on an automation system
  • You can search suppliers with filters

Inventory Source Cons

  • The free account is for the directory only; automation and integration cost at least $99 per month

I recommend this to dropshippers in Indonesia who sell in multiple marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, and others. The one thing that this tool does well is full automation—from product upload to syncing and order fulfillment.  

13. Mega Goods

Best for electronic goods.

The last on my list is Mega Goods, a major distributor of electronic products like video games, DVD players, and so much more. Electronics is the top eCommerce niche in Indonesia, so I recommend this site if your niche is electronics. 

Mega Goods Features

  • Brands – you can expect to find known brands of items on the website. 
  • Fast and efficient processing – they ship internationally as soon as they can; by the way, there is a dropshipping fee of $1.50 per order
  • Private label shipping – the company will dropship items using your name as the seller, not theirs

Mega Goods Pros

  • There is no minimum order requirement
  • They accept several payment methods
  • You do not need a business permit for them to dropship in your name

Mega Goods Cons

  • The process is manual; there is no system to integrate

Mega Goods is the best choice for dropshipping to Indonesia if you want to penetrate the electronics niche.

The Best Alternative to Dropship Supplier Database in Indonesia: Dropship.IO

Before deciding which dropship supplier in Indonesia is the best for your business, please check out Dropship.IO. Forgive me if I have to plug it in—it is our product, and I believe that our software program can help you.

Dropship.IO is a product database. If you are looking for winning products to sell, Dropship.IO is the tool you need. 

Here are the things that it does: 

  • Product research– there are millions of dropshipping products you can find here
  • Track sales – you can see the sales trajectory of a specific product, like the sales volume; as such, you will know if it has a market or if it is in demand or not; you can do the same for an entire store. 
  • Competitor research – is a system that allows you to find who is selling a product similar to yours; you can visit their website and check what they are doing, how much they sell the product for, etc.

In addition to all these, you can also use our: 

  • Interest explorer – you will see what people are interested in on the Facebook platform; this tool allows you to “find hidden gems” according to what people are interested in, based on their Facebook activities
  • CPA and ROAS – these are calculators that show you statistics; you can determine whether or not your ad is going to be profitable 

Let me show you how it works. In the product database, I searched for electronic items. The one highlighted in red is the one I am interested in selling. 

After clicking that, I get routed to the seller’s website—the product page. See the image below.

Now, I will copy that product URL, and then go to the SALES TRACKER of Dropship.IO, paste that URL, and click START TRACKING.

The system will show details that matter about this product. As you can see, 11 sales in the past seven days amounting to $774.89 “(global sales). 

I can also see that this store has more than 4,000 items for sale. If I use the keywords for this product in the COMPETITOR RESEARCH tool, I can see that only one company is selling it. 

If I only search for the keyword 2FT CAT5E UTP ETHERNET NETWORK, I will see what other online vendors are selling, like the example below. 

So, what does this all mean? 

It means that: 

  • There is a market for the product
  • There is only one competitor for the product
  • There is only one variant of this product in that store (purple)

As a dropshipper, I can now decide whether or not to sell it. What matters now is I have to look for a supplier who sells a similar item and then post the product on my online store. 

Dropship.IO is not a supplier database but a product database with strong analytical elements. As a business person, you want to make decisions based on data.

And data is what we will provide you. The system allows you:

  • Find winning products
  • Check out competitors 
  • Understand the demand for the product
  • Find relevant products based on keywords

Dropship.IO is the tool you need to make informed business decisions about your dropshipping product selection. 

How to Spot Fake Dropship Suppliers

Not all dropship suppliers are legitimate. One thing I realized in life is that where the money is, there the thieves are. As such, there are also scammers in the dropship supplier community.

In this section, I will share with you some tips on how to spot fake dropship suppliers.

1. No contact details

A legitimate business has contact details like a phone number, email address, and physical address. Typically, you will find some of this information in their policy statements, such as the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.

Without it, you may be dealing with a fraudster—someone who will not take responsibility should something go wrong. Without any contact information, you would not know where to find these guys. 

2. Bad Reviews

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find information about anything. If you find a dropshipping supplier you like, you can always Google its reputation. 

There are review sites where you can find reviews for companies, such as Trust Pilot. There are others, which you will find if you send if you type the dropship supplier’s name and the word “review.”

It does not matter if the person who left the review is a dropshipper or a customer. A review is a review. Stay away from companies where there are lots of complaints. 

3. Unreasonable Policies

Dropship suppliers, or at least the legitimate ones, understand how things can go wrong in business. It would help if you only worked with those who offer a decent return and refund policy. 

You should step away if the supplier does not accept a refund, as this is likely a scam. There are exceptions, of course.

For example, you cannot expect a return or refund for intimate items like underwear, bikini, sex toys, or others.

Some people claim you should not work with dropship suppliers who do not issue free samples. This notion or mindset is wrong. Dropship suppliers are businesses, not charitable organizations. If you want a product sample, you must pay for it.

In addition, some say that you must not pay a membership fee. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this. Dropship suppliers spend millions of dollars on their systems. They have employees to pay, real estate to rent, utility bills, etc. 

As such, you cannot expect to use a dropship supplier’s system for free. You have to pay a monthly subscription to use their algorithm—what you call software-as-a-service.

How to Work with Dropshipping Suppliers

There are some challenges in the dropshipping business, the most common of which is shipping. In addition, product quality is also a problem in some cases. 

These are headaches, but you can eliminate them before they even happen if you know how to work with dropship suppliers in Indonesia. 

1. Ask about the dropshipping service 

The very first thing you need to do is contact the supplier and ask if they are a drop shipper. If they do not know what that means, you must move on. The last thing you want is to educate them about what dropshipping is. 

If they are the only supplier with the products you want to sell, you must discuss your expectations with them. Tell them how dropshipping works and confirm whether or not they can do it.  

2. Discuss the supplier’s technology

Next, validate what technology the supplier has. This technology is a system you can integrate with your store, like your Shopify store. 

It is important because you do not want to waste time. You will manually copy and paste images and products from their website if the dropship supplier has no digital system. 

You do not want to do that work. You also do not want to employ someone to do that for you as it is costly. 

Without a technological system, you will never know if there is a price change or the item is still available. 

3. Order samples from the supplier

The last step is to order a sample. You must pay for it, and that is fine. Do not expect freebies—can you imagine how many products a supplier will lose if they offer a freebie? 

Once you do all these, you can figure out the length of time it takes for a dropshipper to pick, pack, and ship the item from the date of the order. 

And once you receive the item, you will know whether or not it is as good as it looks in images online. From here, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to work with this dropshipper.

The Best Products to Dropship in Indonesia

The top products to dropship in Indonesia are: 

  1. Electronics 
  2. Toys, Hobby, and DIY
  3. Furniture
  4. Fashion
  5. Beauty products

Although food belongs to the top five, I decided to eliminate it because it is tricky to dropship. Countries have laws against importing organic materials, so we will no longer discuss food as a dropshipping product. 

1. Electronics 

In 2020, Indonesia saw a rise in electronics revenue by 1 billion USD [3]. The total value at that time was around 21.3 billion USD. 

Here are some ideas of what you can sell: 

  • Phone chargers 
  • Phone cases and protectors

The general outlook is that revenue will increase to 25 billion by 2026. Do not dropship products like phones or laptops, as these things are sensitive. 

Instead, focus on accessories and other electronic devices, such as home cameras, smart or RFID wallets, air tags, electronic neck massagers, etc. 

2. Toys, Hobby, and DIY

This niche will have a revenue of $10.45 billion in 2022 [4]. The most significant consumer spending in this niche is in the sports and outdoor categories, as shown below. 

SOURCE: Statista

Here are some of my recommendations: 

  • Summer sports equipment
  • Fishing equipment and gear
  • Sports and swimwear

Of the top three, your focus should be on summer sports equipment. The chart below explains why. This niche does not include swimwear, as that is a different category. Summer sports equipment includes bicycles, outdoor camping bags, tents, ropes for camping, etc. 

SOURCE: Statista

3. Furniture

Next on our list is furniture. There are six Ikea stores in Indonesia, but this does not mean you cannot sell furniture online, especially if you have an AliExpress dropshipping business. 

It is a good idea to sell furniture because its revenue in 2022 is $8.48 billion [5]. Below are some of my recommendations: 

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Lamps and lighting
  • Kitchen furniture

From tables to beds to nightlamps, thousands of these products you can dropship from the suppliers on my list. 

Just a word of caution, though. Furniture is also sensitive. If the shipment is missing one screw or part, you will have a massive headache contacting the supplier. 

Do not expect the supplier to send a missing screw, as DIY furniture does not work this way. The customer must send the entire package before your supplier can ship a new set.  

4. Fashion

Experts project that the fashion eCommerce market will have a revenue of 14.8 billion in Indonesia by 2025 [6].  

There are leading fashion sites in Indonesia, such as Orami and Zalora. Do not be afraid to compete with these giants—they cater to a different market. 

You must find a really deep niche in the fashion industry and focus on that. For example, you can focus on yoga fashion—everything you sell is about yoga. This way, your Shopify clothing store will earn a reputation as the default go-to site for yoga-related items. 

5. Beauty products

The last niche I recommend is beauty care products, which will have revenue of $919 million in 2022. This niche will grow at an annual rate of 12.19% [7].

For this niche, you must focus on cosmetics. Although fragrances and perfumes also sell in Indonesia, they are challenging to deal with because people cannot smell the aroma online. In my experience, you are better off selling make-up kits, false eyelashes, hair color, soaps, lotions, etc. 

Things to Know About the Indonesian Market

Indonesia is a diverse country, and there are some consumer habits or expectations that you must know. Knowing these things allows you to position your dropshipping products or business better. 

1. Product Pricing

Indonesians are price sensitive. Well, who isn’t, you might say. The thing with Indonesians is that they consciously look for value for their money. Before making a purchase, they spend some time scouring the internet for better deals.

If your dropship supplier is AliExpress, your target consumer will eventually find out that they can get a better deal there.

Here are some things you can do: 

  • Create bundles of different products and sell them at a discounted price
  • Create bulk bundles for the same goods and sell them at a lower price
  • Change the name of the product in your product title

A little about bullet point #3: if you use the same product title as the one on AliExpress, the buyer will copy-paste that, and Google will show the AliExpress listing. The result? That buyer will purchase from AliExpress, not your store. 

Price is not always the thing you must focus on. Instead, concentrate on value for money. Consumers do not mind paying more if they know they are getting better deals. 

2. Customer Service

Indonesians want superb customer service. They ask a lot of questions about a product before making a purchase. 

Because of this, you would do well if: 

  • You have an FAQ section on your dropshipping store
  • You establish a chatbot; you can use Facebook Messenger if you want 
  • You answer queries in less than 24 hours
  • You provide several channels for customer services

It would help if you had a chat option and an email address. In addition, you must not hide these things or make it difficult to find them. Your customer service information should be highly visible on your website. 

3. Indonesians prefer local brands

Indonesian consumers trust local brands. This behavior is a problem, considering that you are shipping your products elsewhere. 

So, how do you go around this issue? Below are my suggestions. 

  • Work with dropshipping suppliers in Indonesia who sell local brands
  • For each item, you sell, make sure it has no local counterpart
  • Do white label or private label and brand your product as a local one 

With these challenges ahead of you, I am sure you realize by now that you have work to do. The key here is patience and surgical precision.

Given that Indonesia is a tough market, you must consider these three pointers discussed in this section. In essence, you will only succeed in dropshipping in Indonesia if you create a store specific to the Indonesian market.

Indonesia Dropshipping Frequently Asked Questions 

Which company is best for dropshipping?

There is no best company for dropshipping; companies do not magically make you successful. At best, choose the one from my list where you can find products for your niche. 

Which country is best for dropshipping?

There is no best country for dropshipping. Each country, as a market, poses a challenge. Some countries have high taxes, and some countries have high dropshipping saturation and competition. Choose the country you want to sell to and understand the challenges ahead. 

What is the most profitable item to dropship?

The most profitable items to dropship are expensive and high-quality products. Trinkets and small things that cost a few bucks do not give you much room for profit. To earn from these cheap goods, you must sell a high volume, which is challenging.


Overall, I recommend using Spocket if you are dropshipping to Indonesia. It has thousands of products and suppliers, all of which went through a certification process. 

What makes Spocket unique is its filtering option. If you are looking for Indonesia-based suppliers, you can make the system show only those in Indonesia. Visit Spocket now and sign up for a free account. Explore the tool and see how it works. 

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