12 Best Summer Products to Dropship To Make Money as a Beginner

In this article, I will provide you with a list of the summer products to dropship to improve your sales during the season. 

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May 7, 2024
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Over the years, I realized that it is a good idea to add seasonal products in a dropshipping store, as it makes your store more attuned to what society is interested in buying. 

Overall, I have 12 items and categories on my list. I will also provide:

  • The pros and cons of selling each.
  • A screenshot of the trend search from Google Trends per product or niche
  • Some product examples and how to market the products.

For starters, here is my list: 

  1. Swimwear, activewear, & summer dresses
  2. Bluetooth speakers
  3. Inflatables
  4. Sunglasses 
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Flip flops
  7. Beach towels
  8. Backpack
  9. Outdoor Lighting
  10. Portable fans
  11. Travel Accessories
  12. Hammocks

Let us start!

12 of the Best Summer Products to Dropship

1. Swimwear, Activewear, & Summer Dresses

Swimwear and dresses are some of the fastest-moving products during summer because people go to the beach, and they need these things. It is also during summer when people typically go for regular workouts under the sun. 

Pros of Swimwear, Activewear, & Summer Dresses

  • Every person going on vacation will need these things
  • Lots of supplies to choose from 
  • So many designs to sell

Cons of Swimwear, Activewear, & Summer Dresses

  • Wrong sizing can lead to lots of complaints and refunds

Google Trend Demand for Swimwear, Activewear, & Summer Dresses

Examples of Swimwear, Activewear, & Summer Dresses

  • Bikinis and thongs
  • Jogging pants and yoga pants
  • Boho floral dresses
  • Hawaiian-type clothing for men
  • Whit or khaki shorts
  • Short dress tankini

How to Sell Swimwear, Activewear, & Summer Dresses

Swimwear is best sold with images of them while in use. People want to see themselves in these clothes and would love to imagine themselves walking on the beach with them.

I recommend that you use a video for your marketing, as this entices potential customers better than mere photos only. I also suggest that you sell swimwear early—before summer. This way, you can give customers the time to buy it before summer even kicks in.      

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are great for summer because people love to play loud music at parties. It is also not uncommon for people to hold pool parties and use wireless Bluetooth speakers to amplify music from their phones.  

Pros of Bluetooth Speakers

  • These products are no longer expensive; they are easy to sell
  • Lots of wireless options to choose from
  • All these products are compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth 

Cons of Bluetooth Speakers

  • It is difficult to find a cheap product that has great sounds

Google Trend Demand for Bluetooth Speakers

Examples of Bluetooth Speakers

  • Soundbars
  • Karaoke speakers
  • Portable cylindrical 
  • Conduction type
  • Surround soundbars

How to Sell Bluetooth Speakers

The best way to market speakers is to allow the target market to listen to the sound they make. You can do this through a video demonstration. This way, the buyers will have an idea of how the speaker performs. 

In addition, you must describe the benefits of the speaker (your product) beyond merely listing the features. 

For example, most manufacturers only list the battery specs, which is not enough. To convince a buyer to make the purchase, you should tell them that the battery can last up to eight hours.

It also helps if you at least provide product compatibility since not all devices have the same Bluetooth technology. For example, you can say that it can pair with iPhone 14 and up only. This way, you can avoid situations where the buyer could not use the product.

3. Inflatables

Any kind of product that requires air is an inflatable—there are many of these that you can sell during the summer, all of which have something to do with having fun. 

Pros of Inflatables

  • Lots of product types and designs
  • There are many suppliers of these items 
  • It is easy to upsell and cross-sell other products 

Cons of Inflatables

  • Not all are made of sturdy plastic or vinyl; consumers will be disappointed

Google Trend Demand for Inflatables

Examples of Inflatables

  • Kayaks
  • Pools
  • Floaters (round and animal-shaped)
  • Trays for serving food in the pool
  • Water hammocks

How to Sell Inflatables 

The best way to sell inflatables is to show the item in action. If it is a pool, show it with water and some kids. It also helps if you can show a video where you are inflating it—the action of inflation makes the product enticing. 

The one thing you should never do is fake the size of the inflatable. I have seen many suppliers who edited the photos of several kids and made it seem like lots of people can fit in a pool. If you see suppliers with these types of images, I strongly suggest not using these photos.

4. Sunglasses

Everyone needs eye protection, and this protection has to be fashionable. Branded sunglasses, however, are too expensive. This is where you come in—there are many affordable sunglasses you can sell. You can even white-label these sunglasses and sell them under your brand name.   

Pros of Sunglasses

  • They are not exclusively summer products
  • Lots of product types and suppliers
  • You can ask a supplier to create a special packaging for you

Cons of Sunglasses

  • These are one-off purchases; customers are not likely to repeat buying 

Google Trend Demand for Sunglasses

Examples of Sunglasses

  • Aviator
  • Square or rectangular
  • Rounded
  • Polarized
  • Sport type

How to Sell Sunglasses

Like all fashion products, it is best to sell these sunglasses while worn by a model. If the purpose is fashion, like sunbathing, then you need a model who will showcase the sunglasses. 

If your sunglasses are polarized, it makes sense to give the consumer a view of typical sunglasses versus what yours can offer—clear sight, reduced glare, and better vision.

For sporty sunglasses, it is a good practice to highlight the benefits of the sunglasses, like the prevention of sweat from getting to the eye, or that the sunglasses have a fit band that is not too tight to cause inconvenience to the user. 

5. Water Bottles

Water bottles are essential items during summer because people need water to dehydrate themselves. The people who need water bottles are those who do cycling, those who go to the gym, and those who do marathons.   

Pros of Selling Water Bottles

  • You can design your water bottles through print-on-demand 
  • They are trendy right now—people do not want to buy bottled water anymore
  • They come in all shapes and sizes
  • There are new techs used in some bottles

Cons of Selling Water Bottles

  • Not all suppliers sell high-quality bottles

Google Trend Demand for Water Bottles

Examples of Water Bottles

  • Large capacity
  • Thermos type
  • Sports type
  • Jug style
  • Military canteen style

How to Sell Water Bottles

All water bottles have one purpose: to store drinking water. There are two ways you can set yourself apart: function and design.

To effectively market water bottles, I believe that you need to create a brand and target a specific sub-niche or market. For example, you can design water bottles specific for sports only. Then, there are water bottles that people can carry daily to their offices. It is up to you who to target.

In addition to this, it is best to sell water bottles signed to be special, like water bottles that have electronic components in them. 

There are water bottles today that use UV to sanitize the water inside, making the water safer to drink. These bottles, however, are much more expensive than the ordinary ones.

6. Flip Flops

Flip-flops are highly fashionable items that are surely in demand during summer. People who go to the beach wear them, as there is no better pair of footwear to walk on the sand. 

Pros of Selling Flip Flops

  • Lots of designs to choose from
  • There are many suppliers 
  • These items are super affordable, and people tend to buy several pairs

Cons of Selling Flip Flops

  • Wrong sizing can lead to refunds 
  • Small profit margin 

Google Trend Demand for Flip Flops 

Examples of Flip Flops 

  • Sandal type
  • Rubber type
  • Croc style

How to Sell Flip Flops

Like any shoe product, it is best to sell flip-flops by showing the item to the consumer. You need to show images of the slippers worn on your feet. I can say it is also a good idea to show a person using it while walking on a beach. It gives the audience that “feeling” the item on their feet. 

Please note that flip-flops are not high-margin products. While you can buy these pairs for less than $10, you can only sell them for around $11 or $12. 

To increase profit, you can either concentrate on increasing the sales volume or the average order value. I recommend that you sell the flip flops as buy one get one or sell them bundled with other products.

7. Beach Towels

Pros of Selling Beach Towels

  • You can do print-on-demand for beach towels
  • You can target a family and sell the same designs in different sizes 
  • There are many types of beach towels you can choose from like microfiber, regular, etc. 
  • A beach towel is not just a summer item; you can sell it any time of the year but do not call it a beach towel 

Cons of Selling Beach Towels

  • Sometimes they only look good in pictures 

Google Trend Demand for Beach Towels

Examples of Beach Towels

  • Microfiber
  • Quick dry
  • Hooded type
  • Surfing ponchos

How to Sell Beach Towels

When selling beach towels, ensure that you spread the towel on the image so the target buyer can see its entirety. In addition, it makes sense to show the towel held by a person. 

Many sellers provide sizes for towels, but the truth is that buyers do not carry measuring tapes with them all the time. As such, they do not have an idea which towel sizes to buy, and this hesitation can make you lose sales. 

To prevent this from happening, get different sizes of the towel and photograph them being held by a person. This way, the product viewer has an idea of how big it is. 

You do not need to take a photo of each towel design. Just take one set of photos and use it as a standard-size reference for all the towels you sell.  

8. Backpack

Summer is not just about swimming, as it is also a time for hiking and camping. People who go camping will never use their “school” backpacks, and you can use this as an opportunity to sell them special kinds of backpacks.

Pros of Selling Backpack

  • Many types of backpacks serve many niches and markets
  • Backpacks are not likely to be returned to you
  • These products sell no matter the time of year 

Cons of Selling Backpack

  • Shipping costs of backpacks high 

Google Trend Demand for Backpack

Examples of Backpack

  • Army or military backpack
  • School-type backpack
  • Tall, cylindrical backpack
  • Backpack for camping that comes with bedding

How to Sell Backpack

If the backpack you sell cannot be flattened, it suggests that you include the shipping cost in your price. People will not want to buy backpacks and pay for $20 or $30 in shipping costs. 

To increase your sales conversion, it makes sense that you create a video where you open the backpack, fill it up with stuff, and show how much space there is. It is also a good idea to sell backpacks that have a lot of pockets. 

9. Outdoor Furniture

Summertime is the best time to make repairs or buy new furniture for the patio or porch. It is common practice for many people with big homes to replace their outdoor furniture in preparation for barbecues.  

Pros of Outdoor Furniture

  • You can earn a lot of money because products like these have high margins
  • Lots of suppliers from local areas; you can find suppliers in the US, not just in China 

Cons of Outdoor Furniture

  • Too bulky to ship

Google Trend Demand for Outdoor Furniture

Examples of Outdoor Furniture

  • Rattan tables and chairs
  • Wicker sofa
  • Sofa pillows and covers
  • Chairs
  • Patio dining set

How to Sell Outdoor Furniture

Price and value are the key selling points of furniture, especially today when you are competing against Ikea. 

Build quality is another important aspect when selling furniture. Unfortunately, you cannot buy these products and test them. What you can do is rely on the reviews of other dropshippers and buyers. 

To sell furniture, pay attention to trends. Many people want to buy furniture based on what they see online. Because of this, always display items in your store that reflect these trends. 

Be willing to negotiate your prices. Furniture is cheap, so buyers will always take the time to look at other stores. Make it a point to let the buyers know that you are prepared to come down in prices and offer them discounts if they buy. 

10. Portable Fans

Portable fans are those that you can use without power. These fans have batteries. Today, most of these fans use lithium batteries that the consumer can recharge. These fans are great to sell to people who would go camping.    

Pros of Portable Fans

  • Lots of types and designs
  • You can upsell power banks that customers can use 
  • Many small portable fans are affordable 
  • They are easy to sell 

Cons of Portable Fans

  • Most of these are low-quality products 

Google Trend Demand for Portable Fans

Examples of Portable Fans

  • Fan for camping
  • Hand-hele portable fans
  • Water-cooled air-conditioner

How to Sell Portable Fans

Portable fans are easy to sell, provided that you target the right market. There are small portable fans that you can sell as novelty items, then there are fans for serious campers. 

To sell them well, focus on the battery life and the cooling capacity. Most buyers of camping fans also prefer those that have lithium batteries that will last long, not only when in use but also in terms of charging and discharging.

Finally, it makes sense to sell these fans in different categories. You can have a category for the novelty types, another for military and camping types, and then another one for office use.

11. Travel Accessories

People travel during summer, and it is a good time to sell luggage and travel accessories. It is the time of year when people go on vacations, visit their grandchildren or parents, or take their kids to summer or ancestral homes. As such, the entire family would likely buy one travel item from you.     

Pros of Travel Accessories

  • Lots of products that you can choose from, not just luggage
  • You can use print-on-demand services to make your travel accessories unique to you only
  • Customers will buy not just one but a few items   

Cons of Travel Accessories

  • Some travel items are too bulky to ship

Google Trend Demand for Travel Accessories 

Examples of Travel Accessories

  • Luggage
  • Travel pillow
  • Travel Blanket
  • Hand-carry bags
  • Packing cubes
  • Portable chargers or power banks
  • Toiletry bags

How to Sell Travel Accessories

It is a good idea to bundle products together. At best, I suggest print-on-demand goods so you can sell several items with the same design—it makes the products symmetrical in terms of fashion taste. 

I also recommend that you sell durable items. The last thing you want is for customers to leave a bad review about your luggage. Though you cannot buy all these things to test them, you can always rely on what other dropshippers say about the supplier’s products. 

12. Sporting Goods

Summer is the time for sports and other physical activities. People are willing to sweat it out. For example, you can expect to sell more volleyball items in summer than during the winter—people typically want to play volleyball on beaches. 

Pros of Sporting Goods

  • Lots of different niches to choose from
  • You can sell parts and complementary products 
  • These items are not seasonal but are in high demand during the summer

Cons of Sporting Goods

  • Many sporting goods are expensive

Google Trend Demand for Sporting Goods

Examples of Sporting Goods

  • Gym equipment
  • Yoga pants and rubber shoes
  • Basketball equipment
  • Volleyball equipment
  • Bikes and biking gear

How to Sell Sporting Goods

The proper way to sell sporting goods is to show the items in use, especially so if there is a benefit for it. For example, it is always more effective to show a muscular person using dumbbells than just showing a photo of the dumbbell set. 

Experience and benefit are the two main drivers of sporting goods purchases. As such, your marketing strategy should focus on these two things. Many suppliers of sporting goods already have these videos, but then you can also do something to supplement the supplier’s existing marketing materials. 

FAQ: Best Summer Products to Dropship

What item sells most in summer?

The best items to sell in summer are those that people can use when they go to the beach. People prepare for their beach activities and are willing to spend money on their vacation clothing.  

What's the hottest product to sell?

The hottest-selling product at any given time is a novelty item that is currently viral. The only issue with this is that the hottest product now may have zero demand tomorrow. 

Are summer products good items to sell? 

Summer products are great to sell but they are seasonal. My recommendation is to operate a niche store that allows for summer items as inclusion, but not as main products. 

What product is the most selling?

The most selling products are those that people need to buy again and again, such as lipsticks and other consumables.


The next step is to pick up to five products from this list of the best summer products to dropship.

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