Dropshipping Kitchen Products: A List of Suppliers, Tips, and Winning Products

Yes, dropshipping kitchen products is not a bad idea, as some people claim. The most common reason a dropshipper fails is not the niche but the execution of the business. 

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June 4, 2023
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If you are interested in dropshipping kitchen items, you have come to the right place. Today, I will give you a complete guide on dropshipping kitchen products. 

I have been in the dropshipping business for several years. I have my own successes and failures. Over the years, I have also extensively researched and reviewed dropshipping stores that failed and succeeded. 

Here are the what you will learn: 

  • Understand if the kitchen niche is profitable
  • Know the risks of dropshipping kitchen products
  • Get to know the best suppliers of kitchen products 
  • Start with a list of the best-selling kitchen products online

If you are ready, let us start!

Key Takeaways

  • Kitchen products are a competitive niche
  • There are challenges in the kitchen niche that you must address, or you will likely fail
  • It is not advisable to sell food supplements globally 

Are Kitchen Products a Good Dropshipping Niche?

Yes, kitchen products are an excellent dropshipping niche. Naysayers claim that there is too much saturation in this industry. But what niche does not have saturation? 

In the US alone, the revenue from kitchen gadgets is 17.6 billion dollars [1]. The experts have a forecast that this will hit 19 billion in 2024. And we are talking about the United States only.

Globally, the market size of tabletop kitchen products is 41.68 billion USD. By 2030, the expectation is to have an annual growth rate of 4.1% [2]. 

These numbers tell us that there is a market for kitchen products. Like any dropshipping store, it is a matter of choosing the right products, serving the right market, and delivering your promises.  

What Are the Risks of Dropshipping Kitchen Products? 

All businesses have a risk, and dropshipping is no stranger to this. In this section, I will show you the risks you will face. In addition, I will also provide recommendations on how to reduce these risks. 

1. Product Quality

The very first challenge you will face is the quality of the product. From experience, I can say that many cheap products also have inferior quality. 

The result? Your customers are unhappy. What I learned in the past is that customers are willing to shell out a little more money, provided that they are buying a product that has high quality. 

The solution? Look for high-quality kitchen products from reliable suppliers. Later on, I will provide you with a list of these suppliers. 

The other challenge is that images do not equate to quality. If you go to sites like AliExpress, it would seem that the items you see are of high quality. The images are crisp, and the reviews are great. 

Of course, to your dismay, the product is not as good as the seller said. The reviews may not be fake, but then the standards of these buyers are also questionable. 

The only solution is to order the product yourself. I know what you are thinking: “Do I need to buy all the products I intend to sell?

No, you do not have to. All you need to do is buy one product from each supplier. If the product is legit, you can presume the rest are also high quality. 

2. Competition

The competition is stiff in the kitchen niche. Why? Below are some reasons: 

  • The kitchen niche is easy to understand
  • The kitchen niche has millions of products to dropship
  • It is easy to source kitchen products for dropshipping
  • There is a huge market for kitchen products 

What I mean by easy to understand is that we all use kitchen products. We all know a knife, a bread toaster, or a coffee brewer. Because people understand how these products work, they also have the confidence to sell them. 

There is competition in all niches. There are two main solutions to fight your competitors fair and square. These are: 

  • Look for a sub-niche 
  • Effective marketing 

A sub-niche means you want to serve a specific market. Most dropshippers fill their stores with thousands of goods. Because of this, they do not create a particular “persona” for their store. 

You want people to know you for a specific thing to beat the competition. For example, if you’re going to dropship coffee brewers, sell only coffee brewers and products related to coffee. Do not sell juicers and knives. 

Why do this? You want people to understand that you are the coffee brewer expert. You want them to think that you are the only guru they can trust regarding coffee. 

Next, you need to market your store appropriately. You do not need to spend a lot of money. Make use of social media sites. Post products daily, answer customer inquiries, and respond to social media chatter. 

Supplier Errors 

Some suppliers are scammers. The thing is that they would post a product yet fail to deliver. Some suppliers also exaggerate their listings. 

So, how do you avoid this? The two solutions are buying the item to test the supplier or dropping the product from reliable sources. Later, I will discuss some of the best suppliers I recommend for dropshipping kitchen products.

Low Margins

The last most common challenge in dropshipping kitchen products is low profit. Because of the competition, you will be in a position where you must drop your prices. In the long run, you earn a dollar for each item and then sell a thousand pieces to earn $1,000. 

Here are some solutions: 

  • Private-label dropshipping
  • Dropship high-end goods
  • Creative marketing 

Private-label dropshipping is a process where you order in bulk from a manufacturer. Since you ordered wholesale, the manufacturer will brand the products under your name, like Dropified dropshipping. In essence, you are creating a brand. 

You can also dropship high-end kitchen products, and you can find these in my list of suppliers later. Finally, you can work with Instagrammers and influencers to make it seem like your products are worth more than they are. 

Best Kitchen Products to Dropship - Our Top Recommendations

So, what products should you dropship to penetrate the kitchen niche? No single data source will show us what these products are. I went to Amazon US, then dug deep into their kitchen bestsellers category to see what kitchen products sell the most.  

Right off the bat, we can see that the top four are mugs, tablecloths, and an electronic kitchen scale. To give you a better idea, please see my list below.

  • Mugs – these are portable liquid containers that can maintain temperature. You can create products like this from Printify.
  • Digital Scale – cooks want to measure what they put in their dishes. Digital scales are one of the top items a kitchen dad or mom must have. 
  • Air Fryers – one particular air fryer on Amazon has 48,669 reviews with a rating of 5 stars. You must test the product yourself before you sell a similar item. 
  • Vegetable Slicers – these products come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simple, and some come as a “toaster.” They look like loaf bread toasters, but inside are replaceable blades that cut the veggies differently. I saw two versions of these on Amazon. One has 27,000 reviews, and the other has 57,000.

There is no shortage of the best kitchen products to sell. Overall, my guidelines are the following: they must be small, they must be useful, they must not be fragile, and they must serve a specific niche.

If you use our dropship product database, you will see some amazing results that will help you decide what kitchen product to sell. 

Take a look at this: 

As you can see, there are products that sell 600+ units a month. Based on our research here, the specific product that sells a lot is a portable digital scale. The price is $16.78, and the monthly revenue is $11,165! 

Now, you know that you must loook for a supplier of a similar product. You also have data that tells you that tihs digital scale has a market!

I recommend that you use our product database. Our database has millions of products that have a lot of sales. We collate all these from thousands of stores globally. Use it as a guide to find the best kitchen product that you can sell!

Which Kitchen Products Should I Avoid Dropshipping?

Generally speaking, here are some of the products that you must avoid dropshipping:

  • Large Items – they are bulky, and you will lose money in shipping costs. 
  • Fragile Items – you must pay insurance on top of the shipping fee to ensure someone is liable if it breaks. 
  • Supplements, Diet Capsules, Weight Loss Pills, etc. – many countries prohibit these goods. You can dropship these items if your source country is the same as the shipping destination. 

You must dropship items that are light, useful, and sturdy. Remember, you are the liaison between the customer and the supplier. If anything goes wrong, you are accountable. 

The last thing you want is to deal with problems you are not doing. If you dropship fragile items, they can break along the way. Even with insurance, can you imagine how unhappy the customer will be? 

My advice is that you concentrate on items that are easy to ship. In addition, sell items that are not easy to break. 

If you want to dropship coffee brewers that use glass, you must take the time to study this niche well. Part of this is to order the product yourself and then see how well the supplier packs the goods. It is possible, but it will take a lot of work.

Where to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Kitchen Products

You can find dropshipping suppliers for kitchen products in several ways. There is no right or wrong way, but you must choose the best one that applies to your situation.  

1. Supplier Database

A supplier database is a tool where you can find suppliers who dropship. Some examples of these are: 

What these companies do is collect a list of suppliers and then have the suppliers upload the products to their sites. You, the dropshipper, will integrate your store with their system. As a result, you can import the products from the database automatically. 

2. Product Database

A product database is like our tool and system, Dropship.IO. I am not saying it is the only thing we do—it is among many. 

In a product database, you can find products using keywords. Our tool will show you hundreds, if not thousands, of sellers of the same product online. 

These sellers are not necessarily suppliers. Some of them are retailers, which means they could be your competitors. With our tool, you can track these stores and see how many items they sell in a week or a month. 

3. Independent Retailers

There are many suppliers of kitchen products that sell on their websites. Some of them would agree to do dropshipping with you. 

The issue with these sellers is that they do not have a system you can integrate with yours. as such, the entire process is manual.

4. Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces refer to sites like AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, etc. Particularly,  you will find dropship suppliers in AliExpress. However, the import process is only manual. 

The solution to this is to use another tool called AliDropship. It is a plugin in WooCommerce that allows you to import products directly from AliExpress. 

There are factors to consider when choosing a dropship supplier. For example, you must know the supplier’s reputation, integration options, etc. If you need guidance on this topic, please read our blog on What to Consider When You Choose Your Dropshipping Supplier

Best Kitchen Products Suppliers

Now, I will provide you with the best sources of kitchen products that you can dropship. I focused this list on the ones that are easy to access and use, with enough dropshipping items you can choose from.

1. Dropified – best for premium kitchen dropshipping products

is one of the premier dropship supplier databases in the world. It is one of the most versatile companies in dropshipping, and I recommend it for the number of features you can expect from the system. 

Dropified Features 

  • Integration – you can integrate Dropified platforms. Some examples of these are Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and Amazon. 
  • Automation – orders that come in through your store notify the seller. Once they get this notification, they will process the order on your behalf. 
  • Training – Dropified offers several video courses you can use to learn the tricks to succeed in dropshipping. 

Dropified Pros

  • They ship internationally
  • You can integrate the system with a store or with a marketplace 
  • There is no need to place orders manually

Dropified Cons 

  • They only brand food supplement products 

Dropified is the best source of kitchen products if you want to sell premium goods. They filter the suppliers and select only the best ones. 

2. Printify – best for print-on-demand kitchen dropshipping products  

Printify is a print-on-demand company. They have a partnership with suppliers of blank items. You will design the goods and then post them on your store. Once a customer makes a purchase, you can now place the order, and they will process it.

Printify Features

  • Product Design – the design system is free. You do not need to purchase another program like Photoshop. You only need to upload the image to the blank template, and the system will do the rest. 
  • Flat Rate Shipping – shipping with Printify is not problematic. Most sellers here use only three prices. They have one shipping price for the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. As such, you do not need to create several shipping regions in your online store. 
  • Integrations – Printify integrates well with major platforms. The two best options are Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Printify Pros

  • There are many kitchen products you can choose from 
  • You can integrate the system with many platforms
  • They have many suppliers from around the world

Printify Cons

  • There are limits to designs, such as copyrights; you also cannot print offensive jokes

I recommend Printify if you want to sell unique products that no one else has. The only issue you may have is that the products do not have a lot of mock-ups. You must subscribe to Place It to get decent mock-ups of your products.  

3. Spocket – best for country-specific kitchen dropshipping products  

Over the years, Spocket has become synonymous with “dropship supplier databases.” It is one of the biggest out there. I recommend Spocket because it is easy to use and has many kitchen items suppliers. 

Spocket Features

  • Functionality – with Spocket, you can easily import products from the site to your store with a click. The system also has a dashboard where you can fulfill orders. 
  • Integration – Spocket integrates with over a dozen platforms. People mostly use it for Shopify integration, particularly those wanting to dropship from AliExpress. 
  • Products – there are thousands of products on the site from multiple vendors of suppliers. You can use Spocket to source from the US, UK, and Asia. 

Spocket Pros

  • Spocket has everything you need to run a dropshipping store
  • It is easy to import and fulfill orders 
  • You can source items directly from AliExpress

Spocket Cons

  • You must pay a subscription to be able to use the whole system 

Use Spocket to ship items to specific countries from the same location. This way, you can guarantee fast shipping, no customs duties, and no import prohibitions

4. AliDropship – best for AliExpress sourcing kitchen dropshipping products  

AliDropship is a plug-in that integrates with AliExpress. They are also a company that makes stores for its clients. I recommend it because the creators made the system specifically for AliExpress dropshipping.

AliDropship Features

  • Store Builder – if you do not want to build your store, AliDropship has a team who can do it for you for as low as $299. You can ask them to copy a successful store or build from scratch. 
  • AliExpress Direct – with this tool, you can now source products directly from AliExpress. You can now forget about manual copy-paste because the system has a one-click product importation feature.  

One thing you may not like about AliDropship is that it only integrates with WooCommerce. Sure, they can give you an API, but you must hire a coder or software programmer to make it work. 

Successful Dropshipping Kitchen Products Store Examples

Now, let me show you several successful dropship stores in the kitchen niche. 

1. Beauty Pearls

I reviewed the sales of this company from our database. Here are some stats:

• Sales for one day - $37,572

• Weekly sales - $275,207

This company sells several types of kitchen items. Below are some examples: 

• Electric vegetable slicer
• Kitchen vegetable rollers
• Crystal lamps for dining tables 
• Lemon juice squeezer

Over time, this company branched out. Now, they also sell bathroom products. The products they sell are unique. In addition, they make sure that the items they sell complement their other products.

2. Fresh Juice Blender

The last on my list is a seller of a juice blender. This company sells $814 per day. In a week, they earn as much as $4,000 from 78 units. 

As you can see, it is not an electric blender but a manual one. The selling proposition is that it is portable and fast. 

As you can see, the hero image on their website is professional. They also offer several promotions that give a site visitor a reason to buy.

Dropshipping Kitchen Products Throughout the World

You will not find a lot of problems with dropshipping kitchen products on a global scale. However, I suggest that you avoid dropshipping food supplements internationally. Many countries impose a limitation on diet pills or health-related capsules. 

While you can ship food supplements, the problem is that the receiver, your customer, needs a special permit to get the item. 

Here is a quick guide:

  • UK – there is a restriction; recipients must have a special permit for vitamins and food supplements
  • South Africa – there is a prohibition on vitamins and food supplements
  • Germany – the recipient must have an import license
  • Canada – the recipient needs proof that the food supplement has merits; the product must have a Natural Product Number or Homeopathic Medicine Number 
  • Singapore – food supplements must go through the approval of the Singapore Health Sciences Authority

Generally speaking, you can import food supplements in the US if it is an OTC or non-prescription drugs. For other countries, the rule is not the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is kitchen a good niche for dropshipping?

Yes, the kitchen niche is an excellent dropshipping choice. Its market revenue is in the billions of dollars. Although you will face stiff competition, there are many ways to reduce your risks and become successful. 

What products are most successful in kitchen dropshipping?

All kitchen products have a market. I recommend products that entice a person to buy out of emotion, not out of need. Of course, you must sell kitchen products that offer function. 

Can you dropship food products?

You can dropship food products, but I do not recommend them. If you do this, ensure that the destination country is the same as the source country to prevent problems with customs. 

Where do most dropshippers sell their products?

Most dropshippers sell their products on Amazon or other marketplaces. However, you will do better if you dropship on your website. The problem with Amazon or similar places is the stiff competition. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, dropshipping kitchen products is an excellent idea. It is profitable and there are many suppliers you can rely on. 

The next step now is to brainstorm. Think of a niche you want to penetrate. Then, visit the top suppliers I provided you earlier. I also recommend that you get our 7-day free trial and see what Dropship.IO can do!

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