Shopify 120 Day Free Trial: What You Need to Know

In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the Shopify 120 day trial.

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November 23, 2023
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As an entrepreneur, I'm always on the lookout for valuable offers, and the Shopify 120-day trial recently caught my attention. 

But before we dive in, there's a catch – this extended trial is limited to certain businesses.

Don't worry if you're not eligible; there are other great trial options to explore. I've done the research, and I'm here to share the details. 

Let's get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Shopify's 120-day trial is exclusively for Black-owned businesses.
  • There is also a $1 per month offer for three months for everyone.
  • There's also a short 3-day free trial. You can see what Shopify is like quickly.

What is the Shopify 120 day trial?

The Shopify 120 day trial is an exclusive offer to try Shopify for free. It allows business owners to set up their online store and try selling without paying yet.

Shopify created this long trial to support Black-owned businesses. They know Black business owners often have extra challenges. 

So, Shopify wants to help by giving them more time to start and grow their online stores. This is part of a bigger plan called the 1MBB program.

What is the Shopify 1MBB program?

"1MBB" means "1 Million Black Businesses." Shopify started this to help Black business people succeed.

The goal by 2030 is to help start one million Black-owned shops. To achieve this, Shopify provides comprehensive resources and education around entrepreneurship.

The 120-day trial in the 1MBB program lets them learn how to sell online. It gives them four months to get good at using Shopify.

They can use this time to get ready for busy times like Christmas. This helps them plan well and not rush.

The goal is clear-cut: to lay a solid foundation for these businesses to thrive.

Benefits of the 120 day trial

The 120-day trial is very helpful. It gives Black business owners four months to try Shopify. They can:

  • Set up their online store without rushing.
  • Learn how to sell online with Shopify's tools.
  • Plan and start selling to customers.
  • Test different ways to sell and find what works best.

During the trial, they can use all of Shopify's key features. They do not have to pay extra for these. This helps them learn and use Shopify well.

How to get the Shopify 120 day trial

To get the Shopify 120-day trial, part of the 1MBB program, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the program’s page: Start by visiting Shopify's 1MBB page at Look for the 'Start Free Trial' button, typically at the top right.
  2. Fill out the survey: Click 'Start Free Trial' to take a survey. You need to confirm you're part of the Black community. The survey adapts to your experience, whether you're new or experienced in business.
  3. Set up your shop: Answer questions about your sales channels and business details. This helps Shopify tailor the experience for you. Don't worry; you can change these details later in the Shopify Admin area.
  4. Choose your plan: After the survey, choose your Shopify plan. To enjoy the 120-day trial, make sure you pick the monthly option. This special trial only shows up if you qualify for the 1MBB program.
  5. Enter billing details: Finally, confirm your business details and add a payment method. Shopify accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Remember, the 120-day trial is special for Black-owned businesses in the US, Canada, or the UK. After completing these steps, you'll have four months to build and grow your online store without any charges.

Does Shopify offer other free trials?

Indeed, it does

Though they may not extend as long as 120 days, they provide enough time to test out the platform's features. 

It's worth mentioning that Shopify's trial offers are subject to change. Below, I've listed all the popular trials to date and their current status,

  1. Shopify 3 months for 1$ trial (Currently active)
  2. Shopify 90 day trial (Not Active)
  3. Shopify 30 day trial (Not Active)
  4. Shopify 44 day trial (Not Active)
  5. Shopify 14 day trial (Not Active)
  6. Shopify 50 orders free trial (Not Active)

1. Shopify 3 months for 1$ trial (Currently Active)

Shopify's 3-day trial is the offer currently valid for new users. As soon as you register, this trial begins, letting you explore and set up your online store.

But for those who need more time, Shopify has a special extension offer. For just $1 per month, you can extend your trial to three months, providing ample time to refine your store.

This extended trial costs only $3 in total for 93 days. It's a cost-effective option compared to the standard $39 monthly fee.

The best part of this $1 deal is the ability to start selling immediately. Your store's checkout won't be disabled, allowing you to earn while you learn.

Get the Shopify free trial for 3 days today.

2. Shopify 90 day trial (Not Active)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shopify launched a 90 day trial. This was to support businesses going online as shops closed.

Shopify spread the word through social media. They aimed to help as many as they could while physical distancing was needed.

But the offer was temporary. It was to give businesses quick help during the pandemic's worst.

So the 90 day free trial is no longer available. Shopify offered it to help merchants during tough times.

3. Shopify 30 day trial (Not Active)

Shopify once had a 30 day trial for new users. But this offer is not available now.

Many websites and videos still talk about it. But their info is outdated and not correct.

Shopify's current free trial is shorter. So be careful with claims of a 30 day trial.

4. Shopify 44 day trial (Not Active)

There's a bit of confusion about the Shopify 44 day free trial

It's not exactly a standard trial. You can use Shopify free for 44 days by combining their usual 14-day free trial with a 30-day refund policy. 

But, Shopify changed their terms of service, and now, this refund policy doesn't exist anymore. 

However, there was a special offer. It allowed people to try Shopify for 14 days for free and then pay just $1 for the first month. This added up to 44 days. But, Shopify ended this offer in July 2022.

5. Shopify 14 day trial (Not Active)

Initially, Shopify offered a 14 day trial. However, after experimenting with various trial options, they shifted their approach. The company now offers a 3 day trial, details for which are mentioned below.

6. Shopify 50 orders free trial (Not Active)

Shopify used to have a way to try it for free until you made 50 sales. 

You could sign up as a Shopify partner and make a development store. Then, you could sell products without paying until you had 50 orders.

Today, Shopify still lets you make a development store if you're a partner. The difference is, you can't sell real items anymore. Shopify changed the rule so you can only make test orders in this store, not real sales.

What happens after the Shopify trial ends?

When your Shopify trial ends, two things can happen. 

1. If you haven't picked a plan to pay for Shopify, they will stop your account. This means you can't sell anything or change your store until you choose a plan to pay for.

2. If you selected a plan, Shopify will start charging you after the trial ends. They will take money for using the platform at the normal price of the plan you picked.

It's good to know that Shopify won't delete your store when the trial ends. Everything you did in your store will stay the same. You won't lose your work. 

How to extend your Shopify free trial

To extend your Shopify free trial, there are a few options.

1. Sign up for an extended trial

Did you know that Shopify occasionally offers extended trials? These are rare and appear for a short time. You must sign up during these brief windows to benefit.

2. Work with a Shopify Development Partner

A Shopify Development Partner can set up your store in "development mode." This lets you try different features, themes, and apps before launching. It's like an "unlimited free trial." But, while you don't pay for Shopify during this, you do have to pay the partner for their services.

3. Contact Shopify’s support team

The last method is to ask Shopify's support team to extend your trial. Contact their customer support, share your store's URL, and explain why you need more time. They may or may not agree to extend your trial.

How to create your online store on Shopify free trial

Creating a store with the Shopify free trial is straightforward. Here's how to do it:

1. Start by visiting On the page, click the “Start free trial” button.

2. Next, provide Shopify with your details. Enter your email address, choose a name for your store, and set a password. Click “Create your store.” Your store's web address will be (Don't worry if the name isn't perfect. You can change it and add a custom domain later.)

3. Shopify might ask you a few questions after this. It's up to you to answer them or skip. These questions aren't crucial.

4. That's it for the setup! You've now created a store with Shopify's free trial. Shopify will take you to your store's admin area where you can add products to start selling.

Don't forget to explore Shopify's free learning resources as you explore the different features of the platform.

How to make the most of your Shopify trial

To maximize the benefits of your Shopify trial, it’s crucial  to set up a storefront. Here's a tailored checklist to guide you:

  1. Start by adding a few products or services. Pay close attention to product descriptions. They should be clear and appealing. Ensure your products display as you want them on the store.
  2. Create categories, or what Shopify calls 'collections'. This makes it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. Well-organized collections improve the shopping experience.
  3. Set up Shopify Payments. Check if Shopify supports your preferred payment methods. This step is crucial for a smooth transaction experience for your customers.
  4. Learn to use the settings present in the admin section of your store. Shopify lets you manage taxes, shipping, and other sales channels. A good grasp of these settings ensures you're ready for real transactions.
  5. Visit the Shopify Theme Store and the Shopify App Store. These platforms offer thousands of apps and themes to enhance your store. You’ll find tools to streamline various aspects of your ecommerce business, from marketing to inventory management.
  6. If you have a physical store, download Shopify’s POS app. This app integrates your online and offline sales, offering a comprehensive retail solution.

Remember, your Shopify trial is a sandbox. Experiment, explore, learn. The more you understand Shopify, the better you can decide if it's right for your business's future.

How to cancel your Shopify free trial

If you feel Shopify isn't right for you, or you don't want to keep using it after the trial, you can stop it easily. 

Just go to your Account settings, then Billing, and choose Cancel account. 

You can do this at any time during the free trial.

Does Shopify offer any discounts?

Beyond Shopify's free trial, there are more savings options:

Annual discount

Save up to 25% with Shopify's yearly payment plan. Sign up for a Shopify trial first. After the trial, choose to pay annually when you upgrade. This option helps you save in the long term.

Non-Profit discounts

For non-profit organizations, Shopify offers two budget-friendly plans: ‘NPO Lite’ and ‘NPO Full’. These plans are priced at $29 and $99 per month. They resemble Shopify's basic plans but come with added advantages. You'll enjoy lower transaction and credit card fees. Plus, you can create unlimited staff accounts.

These discounts provide various ways to use Shopify affordably. They cater to different needs, whether you're starting fresh, paying for a year at once, or operating a non-profit.

Choosing the right Shopify plan after your trial

Once your Shopify free trial ends, it's time to select a paid plan. Your choice depends on your budget, the size of your business, and your goals.

  • Shopify Starter: This plan works well if you aim to sell on social media. It's also ideal for adding a buy button to your existing website.
  • Shopify Basic: Opt for this if you have a small or new business. It's the least expensive option for a full online store and suits those with a larger inventory.
  • Shopify Plan: This is suitable for businesses that are growing. If you have a busy online store with many customers, this plan has more features to support your growth.
  • Shopify Advanced: Large businesses should consider this plan. It's designed for high-volume sales and traffic, offering advanced tools for large-scale operations.

Shopify trial FAQs

Will Shopify bill me after the free trial? 

No. Shopify won’t charge you after your free trial ends. If you don't choose a plan during the trial, they freeze your account. You won't face any charges, but your store stays inactive until you subscribe.

Can I cancel my Shopify subscription after three months? 

Yes, you can cancel your Shopify plan at any time. When you cancel, Shopify bills you for any pending charges like transaction fees or app subscriptions. You also have the option to pause your payments instead of canceling.

Is dropshipping allowed during a Shopify free trial? 

During the free trial, you can set up your store and install apps. But to actually start dropshipping, you need a paid Shopify plan.

Does Shopify require credit card details for the free trial? 

You don’t need to provide credit card details to start your trial. You’ll need your email address and to agree to receive Shopify’s marketing emails. However, for the $1 per month offer, credit card details are required.

Why is Shopify’s trial only 3 days? 

Shopify's trial lasts just three days, shorter than many others. This period likely originates from their analysis of what encourages more subscriptions. The $1 per month for three months offer acts as an extended, low-cost trial, giving you more time to use the platform.

Are there limitations to the free Shopify trial?

Yes, there's one main limitation. During the free trial, you can't actually sell your products or services. The reason for this is that the checkout feature is disabled. However, you can set up and customize your store during this period.

Can I get Shopify free for 3 or 6 Months?

No, currently there's no option to extend the Shopify free trial to 4 or 6 months. The longest offer available is the $1/month deal for the first three months. Beyond that, regular subscription fees apply.

Can I get a Shopify Plus free trial? 

The availability of a free trial for Shopify Plus varies by business. For clear answers — contact Shopify's support team. They can tell you if your business qualifies for a Shopify Plus free trial.

Final verdict

Shopify has made some big changes to its free trial over the years .

What started as a 90 day offering now down to just 3 days. This shift probably comes from more people wanting to use Shopify.

Black-owned businesses get a special 120-day trial. This is part of Shopify's goal to support Black entrepreneurship.

For others, the short 3-day trial lets you quickly see what Shopify is about. There are also regional deals and a $1/month offer for three months.

In all, despite the shorter trial for most, Shopify is still finding ways to support different businesses—especially Black-owned ones.

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