Top 15 Best Dropshipping Niches: How to Find and Choose Dropshipping Products

Both the pandemic and the possibility of a pending recession have influenced our top niches for 2023.

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June 3, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Most dropshipping niches can work. The product is the most important factor.
  • Choose a niche with small, affordable, and light products.
  • You can use our Product Database tool to find niches and products with potential.
  • Avoid niches that could have legal or ethical barriers.

Our Top 15 Dropshipping Niches of 2023

Almost all niches have products that could be profitable to dropship. 

These are our top 15 niches of 2023 and some product ideas within each niche.

1. Pet Supplies

Best For: If you live in the UK, US, or Germany. [1]

Why? These countries have the highest percentage of pet owners.

Almost 40% [2] of households in the US have one or more dogs, and over 25% have cats. There is a huge market for pet products, for both necessary and complimentary items. 

The eCommerce market is rapidly catching up with in-store sales for pet products [3]. This makes it a great time to launch your online store.

The niche is quite heavily populated and has high competition. However, there is a huge demand. 

We recommend looking into smaller categories, like breed-specific products or need-specific (like dogs with long ears may require a different drinking bowl, etc.).

Our Recommended Pet Supply Products:

  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Puppy Pads
  • Harness
  • Poop Bags
  • Clothing

Top Tips:

  • Avoid larger products, like cat trees and dog beds. 
  • Add a variety of the same products, expand with colors, sizes, etc.
  • Food, medication, or supplements may require a license. I would steer clear of all of these products.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Pet Niche:

  • Contact a local pet wholesaler and discuss your needs.
  • Search for the product you want to sell on AliExpress and Wholesale2B and request samples.
  • If you can’t find the product you want to sell, find a similar one and ask if it is possible to create it.

2. Home Office

The pandemic forced people to work from home. Now, as we slowly recover, it has created a new mindset around work. 

Many workplaces offer more flexible home working patterns or hybrid working as it has improved productivity [4]. Meaning there is still an increasing demand for home office supplies. 

Office accessories are evergreen and multipurpose. So, you will get orders all year round and can sell to students as well as office workers. 

Our Recommended Home Office Products:

  • Desk Mat
  • Cable Tidy and Holders
  • White Boards
  • Laptop Stand
  • Desktop Organizer

Top Tips: 

  • Monitor the market, as the spike could be due to the pandemic.
  • Avoid large office furniture.
  • Look at office accessories.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Home Office Niche:

  • Ask a variety of suppliers if they provide the product you’re looking for and request samples.
  • Look through a variety of catalogs from potential suppliers and see if there is a possibility to expand your store beyond your first product.

3. Fitness and Workout

The pandemic forced people to exercise outside the gym, and now the recession could increase that number further. 

Studies [5] show that home fitness, running, and walking are rising due to convenience and cost. 

This rise can increase the demand in an already booming eCommerce market.

Fitness equipment is also often impulse-purchased, giving it a good conversion rate.

Our Recommended Fitness and Workout Products:

  • Running Head Torch
  • Weighted Hula Hoop
  • Bike Accessories
  • Resistance Bands
  • Foam Roller

Top Tips:

  • Fitness equipment can be seasonal, with a peak in January. Check with your supplier (if you source from China) if this will clash with the CNY holidays.
  • Test variations with product colors, weight, and size.
  • Check your ads against the Advertising Standards. Facebook limits ads with false health claims.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Fitness and Workout Niche:

  • Search for the products you’re looking for on websites like Doba and AliExpress.
  • Request samples to check the products' quality, strength, and weight.

4. Clothing

The clothing and accessories market has increased in revenue by almost 50% [6] in the last five years.

There are a variety of routes you can take with clothing, either source specific clothing or use print-on-demand services.

The fast fashion market is still rife, with people searching for new trends. But, sustainability is becoming more and more important to shoppers.

If we were going to start selling clothing, sustainability would be at the forefront of our minds. We would look at the materials used, the worker's conditions, and the miles it travels to be delivered. 

Alternatively, Amazon has Merch on Demand, and other companies, like Printful, offer on-demand printing. You can print your designs on basic clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, etc. 

Our Recommended Clothing Products:

  • Leggings
  • Tracksuits and Loungewear
  • Print on Demand
  • Sleepwear
  • Baby Clothes
  • Sustainable Apparel

Top Tips:

  • Check for copyright issues with certain branding and logos.
  • If sourcing sustainable clothing, make sure the products really are sustainable. You might need certain permits or certificates.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Clothing Niche:

  • Work out which type of clothing you want to sell. 
  • If it’s print-on-demand, check out Printful and Amazon Merch on Demand.
  • If it’s sustainable clothing, contact local eco-friendly companies.
  • Use AliExpress or Wholesale2B for other types of clothing and check the quality by requesting samples.

5. Kitchen Tools 

Best For: Those with dropshipping experience.

Why? Kitchen tools can have some risks, including what material they are and risks of contamination with food.

Food is a basic necessity; therefore, kitchen tools and utensils will always be in demand.

There is competition with superstores and home warehouses selling cheap kitchen utensils. These cater to a practical buyer who needs the basics.

But there are so many other areas you could choose to sell in. Choose different cuisines or organizational products.

We all want the Khloe Kardashian pantry. It is an organization heaven.

You can hone in on these pop-culture moments. Create a beautiful and thriving store selling hanging racks, organization tubs, baskets, and spice jars.

Our Recommended Kitchen Tools:

  • Bag Sealer
  • Stretching Lids
  • Silicone Baking Mat
  • Kitchen Roll Holder
  • Spice Rack

Top Tips:

  • Confirm the products are made of food-grade material if required.
  • Ensure there aren’t any allergy risks with an oil coating, production methods, etc.
  • Check if any certifications are required or if restrictions apply.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Kitchen Niche:

  • Use sites like AliExpress and SaleHoo to contact suppliers selling the products you want.
  • Ask about possible restrictions and certificates they hold, if required, for the product.

6. Eco-Friendly

More people are becoming conscious of their impact on the planet. There has been a shift in interest from those seen as “Tree Huggers” to mainstream consumers.

This shift means the environmental product market is on the rise [7]. 

There are steps everyone can take to be more sustainable. Such as using products that can be reused or, if that’s not possible, recycled.

If this is a niche you are interested in, make sure to do your research. There are lots of aspects to becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly brand rather than just greenwashing for profit.

Our Recommended Eco-Friendly Products:

  • Food Wraps
  • Reusable Cotton Pads
  • Reusable Bread Bag
  • Compostable Bin Bags
  • Reusable Coffee Capsules

Top Tips: 

  • Make sure your products are actually eco-friendly.
  • Consider your packaging and shipping. If people are shopping for eco-friendly products, they don’t want a product wrapped in plastic and shipped around the world.
  • Check if you require any certifications to advertise as “Eco-Friendly.”

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Eco-Friendly Niche:

  • Look for suppliers local to the market you are selling in.
  • Ask about their sustainability policies and certifications.

7. Outdoor Gear

Best For: Selling in the US or Canada.

Why? Most demand and spending here.

Whether it’s hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, surfing, fishing, or any other outdoor activity, there is plenty of gear to go along with it. 

The forecast suggests that by 2026 [8], more than 59% of camping sales will be online rather than in-store. This makes it a great time to launch an outdoor products store.

We recommend selling accessory products and smaller items rather than bulkier items, like tents. 

Some products within this niche can be seasonal, so your sales will dip and peak throughout the year. Try to look for products that people are buying year-round.

Our Recommended Outdoor Accessories:

  • Collapsible Trekking Poles
  • Dry Bags
  • Survival Sleeping Bag

Top Tips:

  • Think about products that can be used year-round.
  • Make sure you understand the product's use and key features.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Outdoor Gear Niche:

  • Request and test every product. Outdoor gear needs to be durable.

8. Party Supplies

Best For: Beginner dropshipping.

Why? Lots of small, light options. These are cheaper to source, so there is a lower financial risk.

This is a fun niche with so many options. You could choose a specific occasion, like Birthdays, Baby Showers, Gender Reveals, Engagement Parties, Weddings, etc.

We recommend avoiding anything seasonal, like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Once your store is more established, you could test seasonal products. 

As we looked at previously, sustainability is increasing. Party supplies are traditionally single-use. So you could sell more sustainable options to differentiate your store.

Our Recommended Party Supply Products:

  • Party Plates and Cups
  • Balloon Arches
  • Banners
  • Party Favors
  • Sustainable Supplies: Paper Straws / Bamboo Plates / Compostable Cutlery / Cloth Napkins

Top Tips:

  • Bundle your products and sell “Everything You Need Party Packs.”
  • Make your items eye-catching.
  • Find products suitable for specific occasions.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Party Supplies Niche:

  • Contact suppliers using AliExpress or Wholesale2B.
  • Ask if you can send custom ideas or designs to print on existing products.

9. Home Decor

There are endless possibilities for products within home decor. You can sell anything from storage solutions to pretty prints. 

You could also choose to sell cheaper products or explore the luxury market.

The US market for home decor is expected to increase at over 8% [9] compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2027.

This increase could be a great time to open a home decor store.

Our Recommended Home Decor Products:

  • Prints
  • Artificial Plants
  • Coasters
  • Storage Baskets
  • Cushion Covers

Top Tips:

  • Try to avoid selling anything that could break easily, like mirrors, vases, and frames.
  • If selling prints, watch out for copyright-protected artwork.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Home Decor Niche:

  • Contact local businesses to see if they can offer home decor products.
  • Some products may be breakable. Ask the supplier what their return and warranty policy is.

10. Travel

Social media helps drive our desire to visit new and exciting places. When someone posts a photo of a beautiful lake or serene beach, we want to go.

You could use social media influencers to help market your products. 

Some places still have covid travel restrictions. But global tourism arrivals more than doubled between January 2021 and January 2022 [10], according to the latest statistics. Showing there is still a market for travel accessories. 

There is quite a lot of competition within the niche, and some products might be more seasonal, like ski gear or beach accessories. But there are plenty of year-round accessories to choose from.

Our Recommended Travel Products:

  • Travel Toiletry Bag
  • Travel Pillow and Blanket
  • Travel Bottles
  • Electrical Travel Case
  • Packing Cubes

Top Tips:

  • Avoid suitcases and larger travel products.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Travel Niche:

  • Reach out to several suppliers on websites like AliExpress and Doba.
  • Request samples to check the product quality.
  • Check if the suppliers offer various colors and sizes.

11. Phone/Cellphone Accessories

There is always a new phone out. With that comes new cases, rings, grips, and stands.

Traditional stores or those who sell using Amazon FBA dramatically discount their stock when a new phone is launched and discontinue when it sells out.

But not everyone gets the newest cellphone. People are still looking for accessories for older models.

The beauty of dropshipping is you don’t have to hold stock. This means you can list a variety of old and new cellphone accessories.

Your current suppliers should keep up with the newest phone releases. So you don’t have to find a new supplier for each release.

Our Recommended Phone/Cellphone Accessories:

  • Phone Stand
  • Car Phone Holder
  • Phone Ring
  • Phone Clip Desk Mount
  • Cellphone Grip

Top Tips:

  • Check for copyright issues with brand and product names in your titles or description.
  • Stay away from electrical components. Any issues or faults could cause injury, which you could be liable for. They also have a high tendency to go wrong, resulting in returns.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Phone/Cellphone Accessories Niche:

  • Ask various suppliers how quickly they release cases and accessories for new phones.
  • Check how long they continue to make older accessories and cases.

12. Car Accessories

Over 91% [12] of all US households have access to at least one car.

That means there is a huge market within the motor industry.

We don’t recommend selling vehicle parts as they are often model specific. Some products might be restricted or require a license to sell. Customers could need advice on auto part specifics, which, unless you’re a trained mechanic, you probably won’t be able to offer. 

But you could sell smaller items, like a car trash can, phone holder, or car organizer. These are light, small, and cheap to source. This could give you a generous profit.

Our Recommended Car Accessories:

  • Car Seat Covers
  • Car Trash Can
  • Trunk Cargo Liner
  • Trunk Organizer

Top Tips:

  • Try to find universal products rather than ones designed for a specific make and model of a car.
  • Avoid heavier products, like car mats.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Car Accessories Niche:

  • Request samples and check they work in different makes and models of cars.
  • If you can’t find the particular car accessories you want to sell, find a supplier making other car accessories and see if they can create them.

13. DIY Tools

People are spending more time at home since the pandemic, and social media makes easy step-by-step DIYs accessible.

With this, it is estimated that the DIY home improvements retail market will increase at 4.37% [13] CAGR between 2022-2030. 

We recommend selling small, light, and non-mechanical tools. Make sure to check that any tool you want to sell isn’t restricted or requires a license. 

You could sell tool accessories, like bags, organizers, or travel cases.

Our Recommended DIY Tools:

  • Home Improvement Sets
  • Multi Tools
  • Universal Screw Socket
  • Tool Bag

Top Tips:

  • Check for magnets. Some shipping companies and selling sites have restrictions on magnets.
  • Consider selling different options, e.g., Pink Tool Kit, etc.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the DIY Tools Niche:

  • Confirm the weight of the tool you are selling and how much it will cost to ship.
  • Ask the supplier if they can customize the tool color or configuration in a set.

14. Beauty Tools

The already huge cosmetics market is expected to grow to 415.29 billion by 2028 [14].

We don’t recommend selling cosmetics themselves due to restrictions and licenses. But there are so many tools that go alongside.

You could sell skincare tools, like face rollers, cleaning brushes, or cleansing cloths.

There are also make-up tools like brushes, sponges, brush cleaners, or brush storage.

Or you could sell body products, like a tanning mitt or exfoliating sponge.

These small and affordable products, along with a booming industry, could create a profitable dropshipping store.

Our Recommended Beauty Tools:

  • Eyelash Applicator
  • Make-Up Brushes
  • Brush Cleaner Pad
  • Tanning Mitt
  • Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads

Top Tips:

  • Check the durability of the glue if you are selling make-up brushes with glued bristles. 
  • Avoid selling cosmetics. There can be restrictions and issues with allergies, reactions, etc., which could leave you in legal trouble.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Beauty Tools Niche:

  • Request several samples and confirm the quality of the products.
  • Check the products don’t require any certifications for contact with the skin.

15. Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Both indoor and outdoor home gardening is booming.

The rising older population, as well as younger people wanting to create a nicer outdoor space, are thought to have caused the increase [15]. 

More people are also interested in growing their own produce, which could be a niche to explore. 

Social media is crawling with garden transformation videos and easy outdoor DIYs. Using social media could be a great way to market your products.

Our Recommended Garden Products:

  • Small Plant Pots
  • Plant Care Kit
  • Hose Attachments
  • Garden Tool Set

Top Tips:

  • Check before selling seeds or plants, as a license or certificate might be required.
  • Avoid selling fragile plant pots as they can break during transit, resulting in returns and lost profit.
  • Consider if a product is seasonal.

How to Find and Choose Suppliers in the Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Niche:

  • Test a variety of samples to confirm they fit the standard size for the country you’re selling in, e.g., for a hose attachment.
  • Contact suppliers using Wholesale2B, Doba, or AliExpress.

How to Pick a Profitable Dropshipping Niche 

There are a few considerations for choosing a dropshipping niche and selecting a product. 

Most importantly, you need to make sure it is as profitable as possible.

Before you commit to selling a product, make sure to run your numbers through our free Numbers Breakdown tool. 

Size and Weight

Large and heavy products will cost more to ship. 

Where you source from and sell to will determine the cost.

This cost will need to be accounted for in your profits and passed on to your customers.

So try to choose a niche with smaller and lighter products so that you can offer a reasonable shipping cost.

Advertising Restrictions

Choose a niche with products you can freely advertise. 

Don’t choose one with restrictions, like tobacco, alcohol, or weapons.

If you can’t advertise your product, then you will struggle to gain traction, make sales, or generate a profit.

Subscription Products

Products that people repeatedly purchase can be a great choice for creating a profitable dropshipping store. 

Try to think of a niche with products that customers rebuy, like toilet rolls, dog poop bags, notepads, crayons, and coffee pods.

If a customer has bought from you once, they are likely to rebuy when they run out.

You can create subscription discounts on your store to entice people to buy more.

Avoid Seasonal

Seasonal niches are great while they’re selling, but when a product is out of season, your profit drops to 0.

It can also make advertising difficult. You need to work out when to start and when to slow down. 

We’ve sold products within a holiday niche, which has been challenging to manage.

You can’t start pushing your products too early. No one wants to see a Halloween product advertised in June. But by mid-October, you’ve missed the boat.

Personal Knowledge or Experience

Try and find a niche that you are interested in and understand. 

We’ve found a product within a plumbing niche that looked like it could be profitable. But, honestly, we had no idea what it did.

We would have had no answers if someone had asked us a question about it.

We decided against launching for this reason.

Not knowing about and not being interested in a product makes it difficult to create a good store.

How to Find a Profitable Dropshipping Niche and Product 

We’re going to do a bit of self-promotion and propose you use our Product Database to save time finding a profitable product.

We spent months working on it, and this will help you discover what stores are selling and how much revenue they are making in real-time.

You can sort through millions of products to find the best opportunities for dropshipping.

Things you can sort by are category and keyword. Then filter the products by price, sales, revenue, images, and variants. 

Other Ways to Find Profitable Dropshipping Niches and Products

  • Search Best Selling Products - Use AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or any other online selling page and search for the best-selling products.
  • Use Google Autocomplete - Start typing a product name or niche into the Google search bar and look through the recommendations.
  • Use Google Trends - See what interest there is in a product or word.
  • Social Media Trends - On sites like Pinterest, you can look at trending products. Search on TikTok and Instagram for AmazonFinds. See which niches are trending and how much interest there is in specific products.
  • Community - Use online groups like Facebook or ask your local community to see what is popular.

If you don’t want to sort through a ton of products, we can send you 40 potentially profitable product ideas a month with our Portfolio Tool. Ok, ok, we’re done selling to you now but make sure to check it out.

What Dropshipping Niches Should I Avoid? 

There are a few things to think about when choosing what to avoid. There can be legal and ethical reasons to avoid a niche. Or the possibility of losing profit. 

Here are a few niches we avoid.

1. Weapons and Firearms

No. No. No.

  • You could be liable for any injury or damage caused by the weapon.
  • A license is needed to buy and sell weapons.
  • Weapons and firearms have advertising restrictions.

2. Medical Supplies

Not recommended.

  • Some products require a license to sell.
  • Different countries and states have different requirements and certificates required.
  • You can’t advertise some medical products.

3. Adult Products 

The sex toy industry is growing rapidly [11], so it could be a market worth exploring. But it can be more challenging for those new to dropshipping.

  • You can’t advertise freely.
  • Poor product quality could cause injury.

4. Furniture and Large Items 

Not easy to do.

  • Large and heavy products have expensive shipping and storage costs. All of this will impact your profit.
  • Higher risk of damage in transit.
  • Damaged products will cost you more to replace or refund than cheaper, smaller ones.

Final Thoughts

Try to find small and light products that are not seasonal.

Check out niches like home decor, party supplies, fitness, and pets.  

Avoid products that have advertising, legal, or ethical issues around them.

With the information provided and our Product Database and Portfolio tool, you should find your first or next product to dropship in no time!

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Try Dropship
Discover winning products to sell today.
Shopify Offer
Start and sell with Shopify $1/month for 3 months.
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