9 Best Alternatives to Anstrex Dropshipping Spy Tool

Let us review the best alternative for Anstrex, a spy tool for ads and a dropship supplier and import tool. Over the years, I have experimented with many dropshipping tools to find out which would give me more value for more money. 

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August 15, 2023
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By far, the best alternative to Anstrex is Dropship.IO. I am not prejudiced here—all I am saying is that from experience, Dropship.IO has tools that can help you and me succeed (I will explain this in detail later). 

Not all these tools may suit your current business situation. However, I encourage you to keep reading as you will find interesting information that you may not have heard of before. 

For starters, here is our list of the best alternatives to Anstrex: 

  1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Anstrex
  2. Dropship Spy – best for supplier-hunting activities
  3. Ecomhunt – best for fast and straightforward product hunting
  4. Dropified – best free alternative to Anstrex
  5. Sell the Trend – the best all-in-one dropshipping tool
  6. Intelligynce – best for analytics and keyword research
  7. Commerce Inspector | Shine – best for big stores
  8. Pexda – best affordable alternative to Anstrex
  9. – best for choosing hand-picked products

Let us review all of them now!

The 9 Best Anstrex Alternatives

1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Anstrex

Dropship.IO is both an ad spy and dropship spy tool. It is why it is the best alternative to Anstrex. With Dropship.IO, you can search for winning products, investigate Shopify stores, learn what apps stores use, and more.

Dropship.IO Features

  • Competitor Research – there are two ways you can do this. First, you can type the name of a store, and our tool will show you the results. Second, you can search the system by keyword, and we will show you all stores that sell that product. The competitor research tool lets you see in-depth information about a store’s apps, products, sales, and more.
  • Product Research – the product research tool is what you need if you are looking for a winning product to sell. Like the previous tool, searching our database only takes a keyword. You will see if the product has sales, which stores have it, and what the sales trend looks like in the past and current e-Commerce climate. This knowledge can help you make better business decisions regarding dropshipping product selection.
  • Sales Tracker – the sales tracker tool allows you to save stores in a dashboard. It is useful to track a store’s performance for a long period. The report from this tool also shows sales volume per product, revenue per product, and when the store operator made the product available online.
  • Chrome Extension – we offer a Google Chrome extension that you can install. If you browse a store, the extension will ask if you want to track it. It takes only a single click to add it to your Dropship.IO dashboard.

Dropship.IO Pros

  • Lots of useful features for dropshipping business management
  • You can spy on both competitors and products
  • You can track sales performance 
  • There is a link to the Facebook Ads library for products 

Dropship.IO Cons

  • We currently only track Shopify stores.

The Dropship.IO platform is the ultimate alternative to Anstrex. Apart from the features mentioned above, you can also access the Facebook ad of a product, provided that there is any. 

I strongly urge you to sign up for an account now. We offer a 7-day free trial and do not require any financial commitment. With the free trial account comes full access to the tool. Explore Dropship.IO now and see the difference.

2. Dropship Spy – best for supplier-hunting activities

Dropship Spy is a tool to find winning products, suppliers, and ads. One feature that you will find useful is the import tool. You can save the products you want and import them all at once later to your Shopify store.

In addition to product search and import, you can use Dropship Spy to write ad copies. They do not reproduce the ad copy but write a new one for you. This copy comes from many of the ads the machine saw—it will write a copy that it thinks will generate sales. 

Dropship Spy Features

  • Social Proof Ads and Products – Dropship Spy has over 2,500 winning products based on advertising data. They base this decision, or checklist, on the performance of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. There is also a list of winning products that come from the manual curation efforts of their team. 
  • Key Indicator Report – they provide a report for every product on the list. You will find metrics about ad engagement, which is helpful if you want to validate your advertising or product ideas. The key indicator report is your guide in deciding whether a product is worth selling. 
  • Amazon Analysis – you can analyze not only products in AliExpress but also in Amazon. This tool is useful if you want to learn how dropshipping products perform on Amazon. If the product is not selling, you are better off looking for another product. 

Dropship Spy Pros

  • You can spy on ads in TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram
  • You can search and analyze every product on AliExpress 
  • There is an Amazon product ranking for Amazon US, UK, and France

Dropship Spy Cons

  • The plan is costly at $39 per month 
  • They only launch about 1,500 new winning products per year.

Dropship Spy is best for you if you want to find suppliers, Facebook audiences, and even influencers. The tool leans towards social media, ads, and social proof to help you market your products. 

By the way, they only provide three AliExpress suppliers per product, and these three suppliers are supposedly the best. They have a team that validates the supplier’s performance. If the supplier has a bad rating in AliExpress, the Dropship Spy team no longer includes that supplier in the list. s

The best value you can get from the tool is the Facebook audience feature. With this algorithm, you can build special audiences that you can use in your Facebook ads. It means you can target the right buyers and expect a higher conversion rate.

3. Ecomhunt – best for fast and straightforward product hunting

Ecomhunt is one of the pioneers in spying in the dropshipping industry. The purpose of Ecomhunt is to show users a feed of winning products. Each product is on a thumbnail, similar to YouTube, and each thumbnail shows product data. 

If the product is interesting or belongs to your niche, you can click it to see more details and analyze it. That is not the only thing that the company offers, though.

Ecomhunt has grown over the years. Today, they also show FB ads and targeting lists. It means you can check what demographics a particular product is advertising to. 

Ecomhunt Features

  • Saturation Meter – the saturation meter indicates the level of competition for a particular product. The meter ranges from 0 to 200+. The number in the meter shows how many stores sell the product you are looking at. 
  • Online Courses – there is a ton of information on Ecomhunt that can help you succeed in the dropshipping business. There are dropshipping courses, courses for winning products, and courses for creating video ads that convert. 
  • AliExpress Search – if you want to concentrate on the AliExpress platform, use the Ecomhunt Adam tool. Like the basic service, it is a feed of winning AliExpress products. 

There is a search bar you can use to type keywords and narrow your search. Although the tool particularly scrapes data from AliExpress, you can also view the product from AutoDS if that is your preferred dropship import and supplier platform. 

Ecomhunt Pros

  • The saturation meter tells you the degree of competition for a product
  • There is a clear profit margin indicator on each product page
  • You have access to video links and ads for the product

Ecomhunt Cons

  • You cannot view all products unless you upgrade to a paid account.

Ecomhunt is a quick and easy solution for product hunters. However, it is not an importation tool. You can save the products you love, but you must visit the AliExpress supplier and manually import that product. 

To import a product from Ecomhunt, you must go through Oberlo. However, Oberlo is no longer operational. 

Overall, I recommend Ecomhunt to individuals at the beginning of dropshipping. It is a useful tool for finding winning products. However, it is useless once your dropshipping store is up and running.

4. Dropified – best free alternative to Anstrex

Dropified offers two services: dropship spy/importation and food supplement white label. The former is what you need if you are looking for winning products or want to spy on how products are performing in the market.

The latter is best for people who want to start a brand in the food supplement industry, particularly in the body-building niche.

Dropified Features

  • Importation – you can directly import the products you like to your store. In addition to the product details, you can also import product reviews from AliExpress, which should make your store look more credible. 
  • Dashboard and Tracking – there is a single-dashboard system where you can immediately see your revenue, profit, and total expenses. You no longer have to visit your store’s dashboard to see this information. 
  • Automation and Shipping – you have the option to automate the entire process. Once a customer places an order, the Dropified system will recognize this order and send it to the supplier. The supplier will process it. As a result, you do not make the customer wait, and there is no way you would overlook orders. 
  • Pricing Mark-Ups – the system will automatically update the prices of your products if the suppliers update theirs. You will not lose money and never experience profit reduction because of this. 

Dropified Pros

  • Access to multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and even Alibaba
  • There is an importation system; you can copy product data from the supplier to your store
  • You can automate your dropshipping store
  • You can list your products in the Facebook marketplace
  • They offer a free plan (there was a time they only offered a free trial)

Dropified Cons

  • You can only integrate Dropified with a few platforms.

Dropified is an excellent tool if you want an automated dropshipping business. It is not that different from other tools like AppScenic or CJDropshipping.

Take note that the default free limited plan only gives you the following benefits: 

  • One store connection
  • Two auto-fulfilled orders
  • 25 products
  • 10 product research

To get the best of Dropified, you must upgrade to a paid plan. The paid plans will give you access to all tools, including waiving fulfillment fees. 

Overall, Dropified is something I recommend if you need a dropshipping platform. It spies on products but does not spy on competitors as we do. Finally, the product data you see come from the supplier, not dropshippers. Essentially, you look at supplier results and performance, not dropshippers like us.

5. Sell the Trend – the best all-in-one dropshipping tool

Sell the Trend is a dropship supplier tool, product finder, importer, and order processor all rolled into one. It is an excellent tool if you want to use a single platform for your dropshipping needs. 

It is also a spy tool because it gathers data from suppliers, analyzes them, and tells you the best product to sell in your niche. 

Sell the Trend Features

  • Shops – this is a website builder, which means you no longer need to create a store on another platform; it takes only five minutes, on average, to build a store on this platform. 
  • Order Fulfillment – the system will recognize orders in your store and then transmit that order to your supplier. You do not have to place this order yourself. However, this will only work if you use the import tool in this system and only the supplier is part of the Sell the Trend network. 
  • Product Research – the research tool shows products from various sources like AliExpress. Each thumbnail has the price, sales revenue, and competition level. 
  • Ads and Videos – you can create video ads in Sell the Trend, which means you no longer need another tool like Canva. In addition, there is a Facebook Audience Builder system. The benefit of this tool is simple—the AI will help you choose the right audience even before you run the ad. As such, you will not waste money on impressions for an ad nobody wants to see. 

Sell the Trend Pros

  • The database has more than 7.32 million products
  • There are over 1193 suppliers in the database 
  • The system will help you create product pages to improve your conversion rate. 

Sell the Trend Cons

  • It is not cheap; the basic plan costs $39 per month.

I recommend Sell the Trend to find winning products on multiple platforms. Like Ecomhunt, Sell the Trend also has a competition meter. However, the competition level here is in percentage value. The higher the percentage, the more competitors there are.

Finally, you can also compare your store to other stores. If this is what you want to do, you can use the Store Intelligence tool to see what your competitors are doing. You will have visibility on their top and new products—similar to what you will see in our competitor research tool.

6. Intelligynce – best for analytics and keyword research

At first glance, it may seem like Intelligynce is one of those run-of-the-mill affiliate marketing products, but it is more than that. It provides data from over 400,000 stores and about 2 million products. 

The Intelligynce program today comes with Ali Inspector Version 2. It is a tool that shows you the best-selling products in AliExpress, which can help you decide which items to sell. 

Intelligynce Features

  • Unlimited Imports – there is no limit to the number of products you can import to your Shopify or WooCommerce store. This offer is generous if you ask me. Many dropship product import tools put a certain limit to this unless you upgrade and pay more.
  • Price Mark-Up – you can set up a program where the system will automatically adjust your selling prices based on your choice. You can set this price increase by percentage or by a certain amount. You no longer have to change the price one by one.
  • Product Review – you can also import product reviews from AliExpress. You no longer have to copy them one by one. These reviews could make your store more credible as if people bought items from you even if they did not. You can import not only words but also images. 
  • Direct Download – you can download product data and images to your computer, not your store if you want to do this. You can save these products in your “favorites” list and view them later. 

Intelligynce Pros

  • You can search for keywords and use them for your ads or SEO campaign
  • It is easy to find winning products in AliExpress in over 380 categories 
  • There are many search filters you can use 

Intelligynce Cons

  • The importation tool only works with Shopify and WooCommerce.

You can download the data from Intelligynce in CSV, then slice and dice it according to how it will serve you best. Before you do, you can tell the system what information you need. For example, you can download data with the following: 

  • ePacket Available 
  • Cost Price
  • Ship from Country
  • Ship to Country
  • Free Shipping Provider

I recommend Intelligynce to dropshippers who want to do a heavy analysis. Sometimes, the data we see in tools like Ecomhunt is insufficient—we want more. If this is your situation, Intelligynce is what you need. 

7. Commerce Inspector | Shine – best for big stores

Commerce Inspector is now Shine. It seems that a buyout happened, but I cannot ascertain this as it is not in the news, and there was no announcement either. Anyway, we will call it Shine from now on.

Shine is a provider of real-time e-Commerce data. They claim their information is the most accurate among all providers of real-time sales data from Shopify. Right now, their database has coverage on more than 300,000 Shopify stores.

Shine Features

  • Massive Database – the Shine company updates its database daily. They add more than 500 million data points per day. They also have a library of more than 50 million products. From here, I can tell that you will have access to a voluminous database of information you can use to make business decisions. 
  • New Products – the system can show dropshipping products you can consider selling. The product list has details like price, units sold and sales revenue. There is a drop-down filter option where you can choose products per category and also by breakdown of data type.
  • Shop Tracking – you can track Shopify stores and view their sales daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also do this for products, not stores. 
  • Competitor Ads – you can spy on every ad that your competitors launch. You can sort these ads either by active or inactive status. 

Shine Pros

  • You can identify the best-selling product of a company or competitor
  • It is easy to find profitable products
  • The ad spy tool gives you ideas on marketing your store and products better.

Shine Cons

  • The starting price of the service is $99 per month. 

Although Shine is as good as any spy tool, the service cost is a tad pricey, in my opinion. Our tool can provide the same value but at a lesser price. 

It does have other tools that you will certainly find useful. For example, this is the only system I know that can provide data about returns and fulfillment. From this, you can pinpoint issues a store is facing. In addition, the refund data can also tell you if a product is worth selling. Lots of returns mean the product is problematic. 

Having said all this, I can recommend Shine if you have several dropshipping stores. The tool will greatly serve you, provided you are operating multiple stores in various niches.

8. Pexda – best affordable alternative to Anstrex

Pexda is a dropshipping tool where you can find winning products and spy on ads. Another thing that they specialize in is audience selection. You can use this tool to create an audience in your ad that is more likely to respond positively.

Pexda Features

  • Trending – there is a feed for trending ads that gives you a quick overview of what is happening in the market. The feed also shows the number of orders for that product. You can use this feed to sort through ads and find something similar to yours. Upon clicking, you will find more details, such as the selling price, profit margin, shipping cost, and product cost.
  • Ad Copy – Pexda provides ad copy from Facebook ads that convert. Although you cannot copy these, the ads should serve as an inspiration or guide for creating your ads. 
  • Support – you can ask the Pexda team to find an AliExpress supplier. They can do the same with Amazon and eBay. If writing an ad copy is too tedious, you can ask the support team to do it. 

Pexda Pros

  • It is super affordable; you can use the system for $1.95 for 14 days
  • The system can provide ad-targeting suggestions for you
  • There is an auto-hunt tool; it hunts ads for you, so you do not have to search manually 

Pexda Cons

  • There is no import option.

Pexda is an excellent tool for finding winning products from ads. However, it is not a dropship tool where you can import products to your store. The Pexda system leans towards finding ads on the Facebook platform.

As an ad spy tool, it does have reports about sales from AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. It sources winning products based on ad conversion, not on the complete sales revenue of a store. 

9. – best for choosing hand-picked products

Thieve is a product hunter with a team of people who manually curate winning products. This is a big leap from traditional spy tools because almost all use AI to generate data and business intelligence. 

One thing that Thieve excels at is curation. The tool helps you narrow your search and determine what product has a huge sales volume (or potential for sales). 

Thieve Features

  • Winning Products – the company has a team that curates the best products. This team comprises bloggers, designers, and experts in the e-Commerce industry. You will also see what products sell and use this information to decide whether you want to send money on ads.
  • Product Pages – you can create beautiful product pages with the tool. The system has high-quality product images you can use on your landing pages. Most of the time, the product pages of suppliers are not as pleasing as they should be. 
  • Seller List – Thieve has a list of suppliers who have the best prices and reviews. With this data, you no longer have to suffer from unscrupulous suppliers. 
  • Top Stores – over 200,000 dropship stores are in the system’s database. You can review the leading stores for a particular product or niche and get inspiration from them. 

Thieve Pros

  • Thieve updates the database daily
  • You can find trending products before they go viral
  • The system can help you create product pages that are likely to convert

Thieve Cons 

  • There is no transparency in the price of the service. 

One particular feature of note is the swiping mechanism. The company adopted what dating apps usually do. If you browse products, you can swipe left and right to add them to your list or reject them. 

In addition, you can use Thieve to find trending products before they even go viral. The system uses data from Google Search. If there is a lot of search for a particular keyword, Thieve captures that and lets you know.

Benefits of a Dropship Supplier Tool 

A dropship supplier tool provides an easy way to look for products, contact suppliers, and import orders. Many software programs of this type exist, but few match our offer. 

Here are the main benefits of using Dropship.IO

  • Know if a product has a market
  • Understand what your competitors are doing
  • Find reliable suppliers
  • See how a competitor is performing daily, weekly, and monthly.

The data we provide eliminate thousands of hours of work. It takes only a keyword and a click, and you can expect to see useful information that will guide you in your decision. 

Things to Look for in a Dropship Supplier Tool

There are things to consider when choosing a supplier, and there are things to consider when choosing a dropship supplier and spy tool.

Here are some things you need to look for: 

  • Spy – does the tool really spy on products and stores? It does not offer much if it only aggregates product data from suppliers. You want data from dropshippers’ sales, not suppliers’ sales.
  • Data type – supplier sales data is one thing, and competitor data is another. The latter is much more important, as you will see how your competitors perform. Use a competitor research tool like ours to understand what your competitors are doing to succeed fully. 
  • Data Coverage – one of the most important things to consider is the type of data a system provides. Many spy tools merely tell you a product’s capital and suggested retail price. However, unlike us, they do not show if a product has a market demand. 

Be careful when choosing a dropship spy tool. Most of these are not free. Some only specialize in spying on ads, and some merely show you what you can see yourself in AliExpress. Choose an Anstrex alternative that can provide you with internal data—data like competitor’s performance and product sales volume.


In summary, I can say that Dropship.IO is the best alternative to Anstrex. I am not saying this out of bias but because of facts. With our tool, you can spy on ads, products, and competitors and look for trustworthy suppliers.

The next step now is to sign up for our 7-day free trial. Explore Dropship.IO and see what our tool can do for you and your business!

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