9 Best Dropship Suppliers in Germany for 2024

This is a list of the best suppliers for Germany.

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March 1, 2024
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The best dropship supplier in Germany is Shein. It is one of the biggest conglomerates of companies in the world for clothing. 

Why Shein? Because Germany’s top or most in-demand product is clothing. 

In this article, I will explain how I got to this conclusion. On top of that, I will also explore other dropship suppliers. 

The key takeaways of this article are: 

  • Get a pick from the nine best dropshipping suppliers in Germany
  • Understand what the German market wants
  • Learn a new system where you can find a dropshipping supplier

For starters, here is my quick list of the best dropshipping suppliers in Germany: 

  1. Shein Germany – best for clothing and fashion
  2. Spocket – best for general store
  3. SaleHoo – best for toys children’s toys 
  4. Printify – best for electronics 
  5. CJDropshipping – best for AliExpress sourcing
  6. Printful – best for clothing 
  7. AppScenic – best for furniture
  8. Dropified – best for high-end toys
  9. HyperSKU – best for private-label

Ready? Let’s get started!

Germany: State of eCommerce

Germany is a huge consumer of eCommerce goods. In 2023, experts say that the country will spend around $119 billion in the eCommerce market. [1]

The annual growth rate of the eCommerce industry in Germany is 8.70%. Although this is lower than the 10% global average, it is still considerable growth. By 2027, statisticians also predict that there will be around 69 million buyers online. 

At such time, the country’s user penetration will be at 83%. Experts also say that the average revenue per user will be $1,750 annually. 

What products should I dropship in Germany? 

Looking closer at what Germans want, we can see that the top three eCommerce drivers are fashion, toys & hobbies, and electronics. The three runners-up are furniture, food, and beauty products. 


So, having this chart with us, what kind of products should you sell in Germany? What are the best niches for dropshipping

Below are some ideas for each category. 

1. Fashion

Here is a list of where you can begin: 

  • Women’s clothing and shoes 
  • Men’s clothing and shoes 
  • Accessories and undies

I took the time to go to Amazon.De (Germany) and found out that in the fashion category, the top sellers are: 

  • Men’s underwear
  • Unisex black socks
  • Yoga pants for females

I am not saying that you should sell these. There are many other products in the fashion niche that you can sell. My best advice is to pick a product that balances both salability and your interests. 

2. Electronics

The electronic niche ranks second in the bestsellers in the country. The issue with this niche is its size. There are so many electronics-related items you can sell. Below are some of the top sellers in Amazon Germany: 

  • Fire TV Stick
  • WiFi Repeater
  • Original inks
  • USB adapters
  • MicroSD cards
  • EarPods / earphones

To compete in this niche, you must look for a wholesale supplier in China, like Alibaba. The particular dropshipping model you want is bulk, private-label dropshipping with warehousing. 

3. Toys & Hobby

There are many types of toys and hobby items. To succeed in this niche, the best approach is to concentrate on a specific target market. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Puzzles
  • Playing cards
  • Magic trick goods
  • Cosplay 
  • Figurines and live-action figures
  • Drones and other RC toys

As you know, expensive toys are also difficult to sell. You must penetrate the market deep enough to reach your target consumers. 

I believe starting a basic toy shop for children is the best approach. There are thousands of suppliers of these goods. The exception, of course, is if you are an expert on a particular niche. In that case, you can start a specialty dropshipping website, like a drone dropshipping store. 

9 Best Dropship Suppliers in Germany

1. Shein Germany – best for clothing and fashion

Shein is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion companies in the world. They grew to such an enormous size because they make apparel that people can afford. It is an ideal fashion dropshipping partner for Germany because they have a warehouse in the country. 

Shein Features

  • Marketing – the company works with fashion bloggers all over the world. If you look at their website, you can also say that they spent a lot of money on photographs and marketing.  
  • Shipping – Shein offers a low shipping cost of €4.50. If your order reaches €9, the shipping cost is free. 
  • Returns – customers have 30 days to ask for a refund for whatever reason. This grace period is long. However, you cannot ask for refunds for lingerie as these are personal items.

Shein Germany Pros

  • Lots of items to choose from
  • All products are always in style
  • You can ask for a refund
  • You can enjoy free shipping

Shein Germany Cons

  • They do not have an app for integration 

Shein has a German website. Yes, people can access the online store and buy from there. However, you can contact Shein and ask them to remove the branding. You can also make your website niche-based. 

If you do this, the advantage you have is that the consumers will not have a hard time looking for the product she wants. 

2. Spocket – best for general store

Spocket is the go-to dropship supplier for any dropshipper. It is what I recommend for German dropshippers who want a general store. It has UK and EU suppliers, meaning the warehouses are closer to Germany than if you will source from China. 

Spocket Features

  • Filter Options – when searching for products, the system allows you to filter the source or location of the supplier. Because of this, you can dropship products to a specific location of your choice. 
  • Integration – the Spocket application integrates with several platforms like Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, eBay, Ecwid, and many more. 
  • Support – Spocket is one of the few dropship suppliers that offer 24/7 chat support. You can get help anytime if there is a problem in your store. 

Spocket Pros

  • You can integrate the system with many platforms
  • There is a search filter
  • Lots of suppliers from SS, China, and the EU
  • It has a reporting dashboard and fulfillment system

Spocket Cons

  • You must pay to use the entire system

Spocket also has a special feature that it calls private label. In it, you can build a brand where you have your own packaging. The best part is that there are no minimum order requirements. You do not have to buy in bulk. 

Spocket also integrates with AliExpress. If you want to source affordable products from China, there are millions of them that you can find in the database. 

3. SaleHoo – best for toys children’s toys 

SaleHoo is a two-edged sword. They started as a dropship supplier database. Now, they also have an app you can integrate with Shopify. I like the system for  German dropshipping because of its Market Research Lab. 

SaleHoo Features

  • Market Research Lab – if you buy the SaleHoo supplier list, you will have access to an analysis tool. The Market Research Lab tool shows you whether or not a product is profitable or if there is demand for it. 
  • Integration – you can integrate the SaleHoo system with Shopify for $27 per month. If you want to use it for three stores, you must upgrade and pay $97 per month. 
  • Dropship Training – the company has a wide range of training materials to help you succeed in the dropshipping business. 

SaleHoo Pros

  • You can integrate the system with Shopify
  • More than 2 million products to choose from
  • All suppliers are reliable 
  • There is a market research lab

SaleHoo Cons

  • Only Shopify integrates with it

The SaleHoo app also features a 1-click import tool. After finding a product you want to sell, click on a button, and everything about it will transfer to your store. 

For transparency purposes, I must tell you that the two products, the list, and the app, are separate. You must buy each one of them. As such, you must decide which one works best for your needs. The directory costs between $67 and $127.

4. Printify – best for electronics 

I recommend Printify for dropshipping to Germany if the niche you want to penetrate is electronics. Printify is a print-on-demand platform. I use it in my dropshipping stores, too. 

Printify Features

  • Design and Mock-Up – all the products in Printify are blank. You must upload an image, which will serve as the design. Once done, you can preview what the product looks like. It also has mock-ups like the picture we have above. 
  • Flat Rate Shipping – most of the providers in the system offer flat-rate shipping. The shipping rate from one state to another does not vary. As such, you do not have to create too many shipping regions.
  • Integration – Printify integrates well with Shopify and WooCommerce. Apart from these two eCommerce platform giants, you can also use Printify with Wix, BigCommerce, Prestashop, and many others. 

Printify Pros

  • The design tool is free
  • You get mock-ups for your designs
  • There is no limit to the designs you can make

Printify Cons

  • Not a lot of mock-ups available

With Printify, you can sell phone cases, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and many more. Since you can design each blank product, you have little competition. 

The trick to succeeding in the POD business designs. You must use designs that make people want to buy your item now. 

One last thing: there are some design types that Printify does not allow. Some examples are political items, memes, song lyrics, and, most importantly, copyrighted and trademarked materials. 

5. CJDropshipping – best for AliExpress sourcing

CJDropshipping is what you need if you want to source items from either AliExpress or Alibaba. It is a Chinese company that fulfills orders from its warehouse. I recommend it to German dropshippers only if you want to source from China. 

CJDropshipping Features

  • Sourcing – CJ has a team of product sourcing specialists. If there is a product that is not in their database, send it to them. Give them the link, and they will look for a supplier at your desired price. 
  • Warehouse – they have warehouses in France, the UK, Canada, and other countries. 
  • Branding – you can purchase packaging material in bulk. Then, they will print your brand name on it. 

CJDropshipping Pros

  • You can ask the team to source products for you
  • Lots of shipping options are available
  • You can ask them to brand your items with card inserts
  • Print-n-demand is available 

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Shipping takes too long
  • There are processing fees on some transactions

I like CJDropshipping because of the convenience that the company offers. In addition to these top three features, you can also integrate them with platforms. The CJDropshipping system integrates with Shopify, TikTok, eBay, WooCommerce, and many more. 

Regarding sourcing, it helps if you send them the link to the product from Alibaba or AliExpress. CJ will contact the supplier. You will find the new item in the CJ database if the deal succeeds. From here, you can import the product to your store.

6. Printful – best for clothing 

Printful is the same business as Printify. The difference is that Printful has a bigger catalog for clothing. I recommend it for Germany dropshipping since the bestseller in Germany is fashion. 

Printful Features

  • Mock-Ups – I can say that Printful has better mock-ups than Printify. After designing a product, there are more “realistic use” photos that you can use for marketing. 
  • Printing Options – you can choose from direct-to-garment, embroidery, and all-over-printing. However, you can only use the embroidery method if you upgrade your account. 
  • Integrations – you can integrate the Printful application with over a dozen platforms. Some examples are BigCommerce, Shopify, Ecwid, and WooCommerce. Printful also has integration capabilities with social media sites like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Printful Pros

  • Lots of mock-ups for each product
  • There are several types of printing techniques
  • Branding is available
  • There is no limit to what you can design

Printful Cons

  • Embroidery is only available in paid plans

It is not only clothing that you can sell if you use Printful. They offer a ton of items, not just clothes. In addition, they work with global brands. Since Printful has international suppliers, you have the option to only work with those who are close to Germany. 

On top of the product variation, Printful supports eco-friendly suppliers. You can use that as a selling point or a value proposition to your target consumers. 

7. AppScenic – best for furniture

Furniture is the fourth top-selling product in Germany. If this is the niche you want to penetrate, then AppScenic is the partner you need. 

AppScenic Features

  • Automation – AppScenic offers 100% automation. Once your store makes a sale, the system will place the order on your behalf to the supplier. The system will do this without your intervention. You may be asleep or busy, yet the system will keep the process going. 
  • Integration – you can integrate the AppScenic system with Shopify, Big Commerce, Wix, and eBay. 
  • Global Supplier – the system has a supplier list from the UK, EU, USA, and Canada. As such, you can expect to find premium—quality products in the database. 

AppScenic Pros

  • High-quality products
  • Fast shipping options
  • You will have access to global suppliers

AppScenic Cons

  • You can only access premium products on a paid plan

AppScenic also offers a system where you, the seller, will receive a tracking number. You can give this tracking number to your customer. This way, you are offering a guarantee that the item is in transit. 

One thing that I really like about AppScenic is that it offers fast shipping. They know that shipping speed has an impact on your business. With fast shipping, you do not have to deal with problems like cancellation rates and long wait times. 

8. Dropified – best for high-end toys

Dropified specializes in two things: high-end products and food supplements. For Germany dropshipping, we know that toys and hobbies make up a good chunk of the eCommerce industry. As such, I can say that Dropified will make a good supplier/partner. 

Dropified Features

  • Product Import – the product database can get items from Alibaba, AliExpress, and even eBay. Many sites serve as product sources for the Dropified database.
  • Automation – the system allows you to place orders automatically. You no longer need to copy and paste the details of each order. In addition, you can place orders by the hundreds. 
  • Tracking and Management – the system tracks if a supplier still has stock. You can transfer that order to another supplier who sells the same product if he is out of stock.  

Dropified Pros

  • You can dropship food supplements
  • You can find high-quality products on the site
  • Full support in training and how to succeed

Dropified Cons

  • There is a fee for private-label dropshipping

With Dropified, you do not have to build a dropshipping store immediately. They have what they call a Facebook Marketplace lister. You can list your dropshipping products on Facebook—for free. 

Dropified also has a system for BOGO or buy-one-get-one. Usually, you need to buy this system separately in Shopify. Dropified already has this as a built-in. With the BOGO, you can bump your sales by offering two same products for the price of one. 

Finally, there is an automated rules system. For example, you can tell the system to price all your products 50% higher than the cost. All prices will add 50% as your profit margin if you do this. You do not have to change product prices manually. 

9. HyperSKU – best for private-label

Finally, we have HyperSKU. I recommend it to German dropshippers who want to focus on their brand. HyperSKU offers excellent branding and private-label services.

HyperSKU Features

  • Sourcing and Fulfillment – HyperSKU works with more than 2,000 vetted factories. You can ask them to find the most affordable supplier without compromising the quality you are looking for. These companies will manufacture the products based on your specifications. 
  • Customization – you can work out a branding scheme with the HyperSKU team. They will create boxes and packaging materials for you. 
  • USA Warehouses – the company has warehouses in the US, which allows you to commit between seven and 12 days of shipping time. They also offer express and economy shipping rates. 

HyperSKU Pros

  • Great for private-label dropshipping
  • They offer 7 to 12 days of shipping
  • They have several warehouses
  • They ship to over 72 destinations

HyperSKU Cons

  • You can only use the system with Shopify and WooCommerce

You can integrate HyperSKU with Shopify and WooCommerce only. I must tell you that now. You cannot use HyperSKU if your online shop sits on another platform. 

How will you know if a product is profitable for Germany dropshipping? 

Data and facts are your friends. To succeed in dropshipping, your first order of the day is to understand whether a product has demand. Once you have a list, you can start filtering suppliers. You can read our advice about what to consider when choosing suppliers later on. 

What we did at Dropship.IO was create a tool that can provide facts and hard data. Our system can tell you how often a product sells per week or month. 

In essence, our system can tell you whether or not a product has a sale. Is that not wonderful? Sure, I am a little biased here. However, you cannot deny the value of such a system. 

Here are the things you can do with Droship.IO:

  • Product Database – with this tool, you can search our database for millions of products using keywords. If you type something like “computer gaming chair,” our algorithm will pull all gaming chairs in the market and show you the details. 
  • Competitor Research – you can add a website URL in the tool. From here, you can go back time and again to see if this competitor is selling a lot of products or not. 
  • Sales Tracker – our tool will show you the sales volume of each product. This way, you can make a data-driven comparison of which one has more demand. 
  • Portfolio – our tool will drop top-selling and trending products in your portfolio folder. Whether you want to add that to your store is up to you. 

These are our top offerings. However, we also have a subset of tools that can help you manage your business. These are the CPA calculator, BEROAS calculator, ROAS calculator, and interest explorer. 

Dropshipping in Germany FAQs

Is dropshipping allowed in Germany?

Yes, you can dropship in Germany. It is legal to do so, provided that you do not ship illegal items. No law prohibits dropshipping in the country. All you need to do is find the winning products to increase your success rate. 

How do I find suppliers in Germany?

Start with our list. If you dropship in Germany using a local, you may encounter communication problems. More than two-thirds of the population speaks English, which is not their primary language. 

Is dropshipping taxable in Germany?

You will only pay dropshipping taxes in Germany if you operate your business there. Locals pay their taxes. If you dropship from another country, you must pay your sales tax to your place of business. 

Which country is best for dropshipping?

There is no best country for dropshipping. All countries have a reasonable eCommerce sales volume. It is only a matter of which country you want to target. We suggest you read our dropshipping series to see the eCommerce growth for each country. 


With fashion as the most sought-after niche in Germany, Shein is the best drop ship supplier I recommend. The only caveat is that this company has no application for integration. You will import products manually to your store.

Register with our system now if you want to look for more suppliers. We offer a 7-day free trial of Dropship. IO. This trial version gives you access to many products and analysis tools. Subsequently, you can also find suppliers not listed in this article. 

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