10 Best Dropshipping Software Programs (Free & Paid)

I will show you several of the best dropshipping software programs you can use for product sourcing and research. 

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March 14, 2024
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I used several of these myself over the years, and I will only include those that I think are most beneficial to you. 

I built this list based on the program’s usefulness, additional features, cost, and integration options. You can use some of these simultaneously, and I suggest you do.  

Here is a quick list: 

1. Dropship.IO – best overall dropshipping software

2. Spocket – best dropshipping software for Amazon

3. Printify – best free print-on-demand dropshipping software

4. SaleHoo – top dropshipping software for AliExpress

5. Dropified – best for product sourcing 

6. HyperSKU – best dropshipping software for the UK

7. AppScenic – best for AI-powered dropshipping 

8. AutoDS – best dropshipping software for eBay

9. CJDropshipping – best dropshipping software for Asia

10. Syncee – best dropshipping software for branded products

Let us start!

10 Best Dropshipping Software Programs

1. Dropship.IO – best overall dropshipping software 

Drophip.IO is the best dropshipping software if you are looking for a tool with analytical features. Not only will you find a supplier here, but you can also leverage its big data analytics to improve your business decisions.   

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database – use this to find products based on keywords and many other filters. The result will show you a list of products currently available in Shopify. In addition, you can sort the data based on revenue and units sold. 
  • Competitor Research – you can find stores that sell the same products as yours. The tool will show you the daily, weekly, and monthly sales of these stores. You can also view what social media channels they have, and what apps they use to run their business on the Shopify platform. If they launch an ad, this will also be visible in the analysis section of this tool. 
  • Ad Spot – this tool makes it possible to search for ads on Facebook. The search process is easy and flexible. You can search by keywords and also toggle some filter options to only show ads based on likes, comments, etc.

Dropship.IO Pros

  • You can find winning ads with the Ad Spot tool
  • The tracking system allows you to spy on competitor sales
  • You can find winning products based on sales 

Dropship.IO Cons 

  • Can only track Shopify stores

On top of the best features mentioned, Dropship.IO has a university where you can learn how to succeed in dropshipping. These are videos dedicated to showing you what approach to take to choose winning products and market them properly. 

2. Spocket – best dropshipping software for Amazon

Spocket is a good dropshipping platform if you want to find suppliers locally. The system allows you to filter dropship suppliers based on the location of the products. Because of this, you can choose products warehoused in the same country as your target market. 

Spocket Features

  • Integration – you can integrate your Spocket account with several platforms like Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Alibaba, etc. These integrations work both ways, either for stores or from supplier marketplaces. 
  • Supplier Locations – the products here do not come from China only. Spocket works with many suppliers globally. You can filter your product search based on a specific country. For example, if you only want UK suppliers, you can search for them with ease on this platform.
  • Importation and Fulfillment – you can import products you like to sell with one click. Once the product is in your store and an order comes in, you can pay for this order in the Spocket dashboard to fulfill it.

Spocket Pro

  • You can chat directly with the suppliers
  • You can dropship not just on Shopify but also on Amazon and eBay
  • The system integrates with several platforms

Spocket Cons 

  • There is no free account

Unlike Dropship.IO, Spocket does not show sales data from competitors. It is a good dropshipping software for those looking for a product finder, product importer, an order fulfillment system. 

3. Printify – best free print-on-demand dropshipping software 

Printify is my recommendation for dropshippers whose focus is print-on-demand. Printify makes it easy to upload designs, modify them, and then print them on a per-order basis. Printify also integrates with Shopify and Etsy, making it a flexible platform for dropshipping.

Printify Features

  • Design and Mock-Up Tool – you do not need any external or third-party software to create designs. Printify has one inside the tool. If you already have an existing design, you can upload it. The system will also generate a realistic mock-up of your product, which you can use for marketing. 
  • Big Catalog – as of the time of this writing, Printify has over 900 products that you can choose from. This selection will keep on growing. In addition, they work with many suppliers worldwide, which means you can choose products at different costs from these different suppliers. 
  • Integration – you can integrate Printify with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy even if you only have one Printify account. You can have multiple sales channels for a wide reach.    

Printify Pros

  • Printify is free to use
  • You can sample products at a lower cost
  • A discount is available if you decide to upgrade 

Printify Cons

  • Shipping can take a while 

Use Printify if you want to create merch that you can call your own. The only possible issue I can see is that you have to be creative and come up with unique designs. The workaround I can suggest is to sign up with graphic arts marketplaces like Creative Fabrica where you can get a lot of designs for free.

4. SaleHoo – top dropshipping software for AliExpress

SaleHoo is both a dropship supplier directory and a product import and fulfillment tool. It can only integrate with Shopify for now, but you can do manual product sourcing if you use other platforms (manual product transfers and listing).

SaleHoo Features

  • Market Research Labs – this part of the dropshipping software shows sales data and competition level for a product. The numbers you see here can help you understand if the product is worth your time and marketing money.
  • Lots of Products – there are over 1.6 million products in the database. These products come from over 8,000 suppliers who all went through a verification process. You have a guarantee that these suppliers are trustworthy and that they will do what they can to advance your business interests as a dropshipper. 
  • Support – they offer chat support and 1-on-1 support via email and phone. This support is highly useful if you need help with issues that you cannot fix, especially technical ones.    

SaleHoo Pros

  • The suppliers are reliable
  • You can use data to decide if the product is a winner
  • Millions of products at your fingertips

SaleHoo Cons   

  • Can only integrate with Shopify 

SaleHoo works great if you are looking for AliExpress suppliers. In my observation, most of the products have come from China. They also have a university where you can watch videos about dropshipping. There are over 50 videos that talk about how to set up your store, how to choose a winning product, how to market your products, etc. 

5. Dropified – best for product sourcing 

While it is easy to find winning niches in dropshipping, it is not always easy to find a supplier. Dropified is closing this gap giving dropshippers a huge list of product sources, including Alibaba, eBay, and AliExpress. Dropified also makes it possible to dropship without a store. 

Dropified Features

  • Facebook Marketplace – you can connect your Facebook page and marketplace account with Dropified and import products from Dropified to your Facebook store. There is no need to build a store or buy a pre-made Shopify store on other platforms to be able to dropship.
  • Automation – you can set up your dropshipping store in an automated way. Once a customer orders, the Dropified system will know and route the order to the supplier immediately. You no longer have to place the order yourself. 
  • Product Imports – you can import products you selected from Dropified to your tore. The import system has an advanced AI where you can even remove the image backgrounds, making your store images unique.  You can also edit the headline and product description before completing the import. 

Dropified Pros 

  • You have access to more than 75 marketplaces for product sourcing
  • You can dropship without a typical online store
  • You can automate order fulfillment

Dropified Cons

  • The PRO plan costs $47 monthly

Dropified is a useful dropshipping software program for those who want to find products on a real, global scale. Most dropship product databases rely on AliExpress only. Dropified, on the other hand, opens a new world of suppliers for you. 

6. HyperSKU – best dropshipping software for the UK 

HyperSKU’s approach to dropshipping has a strong focus on customization and private labels. It is the company you need to work with if you want to dropship products branded with your name. This is not to say that they do not offer the typical dropshipping process—they do. 

HyperSKU Features

  • Express Shipping – the company guarantees international shipping in 7 to 12 days. This may seem like a lot of time, but it isn’t. It can take more than 30 days if you dropship from China, so what HyperSKU offers is more competitive than typical dropshipping. 
  • Warehousing Service – if you do private label, you can ask HyperSKU to warehouse the item for you. You will pay for warehousing, but then they will ship orders directly to your customers. They have seven warehouses in the world.   
  • Liquids and Batteries – you typically cannot dropship items that have liquids and batteries, but HyperSKU makes it possible. They have a special unit that takes care of the legal requirements for shipments of this nature. 

HyperSKU Pros 

  • Fast international shipping 
  • You can ship and sell liquids and other materials deemed dangerous
  • They work with over 2,000 verified suppliers

HyperSKU Cons

  • The system can only integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce 

HyperSKU is an ideal dropshipping software for those who want to get products from UK and US suppliers. Although they can also source products from China, you have the option to choose products from US and UK suppliers only, giving you access to high-quality products that you can also ship quickly to the top countries in the world. 

7. AppScenic – best for AI-powered dropshipping 

AppScenic is embracing new technology. They changed their approach from being a typical dropship product import tool to an AI-powered dropship powerhouse. With AppScenic, you can now, use artificial intelligence to write product descriptions and product titles. 

AppScenic Features

  • Suppliers & Products – there are over a million products in AppScenic, and all these are from domestic suppliers from the US, the UK, and parts of Europe.  
  • AI Enhancer – you can use the AI to re-write your product titles and product descriptions, making your products appear better not just to search engines but to the readers, too. The AI works with ChatGPT 4, which is one of the most powerful AI systems in the market today. ChatGPT 4 is not free, but it is if you subscribe to one of the plans of AppScenic. 
  • AI Assistant – this system focuses on how your listings would rank on Google Shopping. They call it the Google Shopping AI Suite where the system optimizes your products through price syncing and AI product validation.  

AppScenic Pros

  • You can capitalize on AI
  • It is possible to automate the dropshipping process
  • There is an AI assistant that can run your store

AppScenic Cons

  • They impose a limit on products you can import based on your subscription

You can use AppScenic for free, but this free account will only allow you to import up to 100 products. You cannot place orders with a free account. If you want to complete the system, you need to upgrade and pay $24 monthly. 

8. AutoDS – best dropshipping software for eBay

AutoDS is one of the biggest supplier databases in the world. To date, the company has processed more than $200 million worth of products in sales. Apart from product research, you can import that product to your store and automate the ordering or fulfillment process.  

AutoDS Features

  • Automated Orders – even at the basic plan, you can use the automation system to reduce your efforts. The system will track and fulfill orders without your involvement. All you need to do is link your buyer account in the system.
  • Worldwide Suppliers – the company works with suppliers not only from China, but also the US, the UK, and Canada.
  • Order Returns – you can process returns and refunds from the same dashboard. There is no need to contact the supplier on another platform.  

AutoDS Pros

  • Over 500 million products in the database
  • They support product importation from various supplier sources
  • It is possible to automate your dropshipping store

AutoDS Cons

  • You cannot explore what your competitors are doing


AutoDS is like Spocket but with more features. For example, you can set up your dropshipping store where the system will automatically send an email to your buyer once they make a purchase. You no longer need an email marketing solution for this. 

In addition, AutoDS has a product finder feature where it scans over 40,000 products daily. Based on these scans, you can access a list of the best-performing products and add them to your store if they fit your niche. 

9. CJDropshipping – best dropshipping software for Asia 

CJDropshipping is a product aggregator and dropship supplier software from China. It is also an online marketplace where customers can make individual purchases. It is like AliExpress, the difference is that with CJ, you can integrate it with your store and move products from it to shop. 

CJDropshipping Features 

  • Integration – CJ can integrate with many platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and many more. You can also create several stores from other platforms and connect a single CJ account with all of them. 
  • Sourcing – if there is a product you like to sell but is not available on CJ, you can ask them to look for a supplier. They will take care of the sourcing, and you do not even need to pay a sourcing fee. If the sourcing activity is successful, you can now add that product to your store.  
  • Customization and Packaging – you can contact CJ and ask them to create labels and boxes for you. there is a specific order minimum for these boxes and labels. They will keep these labels in their warehouses and then use them whenever they ship a product to your customer.  

CJDropshipping Pros

  • It is free to use
  • You can ask them to look for a supplier for a specific product 
  • It has global warehouses

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Shipping takes a long time

I recommend CJDropshipping if you want to target the Asian market. It can integrate with popular Asian marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. In addition, they ship faster to the Asian market than they do to Western countries.

10. Syncee – best dropshipping software for branded products

Syncee is a dropship supplier database. You can import products from Syncee to your store and also fulfill orders from your Syncee dashboard. What makes Syncee different is that here, you can find many branded products. 

Syncee Features

  • Product Database – Syncee works with international suppliers, and this gives them the leverage to open your world to over 8 million products. You can find brand products and generic ones. You can even find products to dropship from Alibaba, not just AliExpress.
  • Automation and Auto-Update – once you connect your store with Syncee, all product updates that happen from Syncee will reflect automatically in your store. So, if there is a price change from a supplier, you do not need to go to your store to update the product. You can also automate the orders as they come in. Syncee does not charge transaction fees. 
  • Supplier Contact – you can contact the suppliers directly from Syncee. This process makes it easier for you and the supplier to resolve issues.

Syncee Pros

  • There are more than 8 million products in their database
  • You can find products located in various countries like the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada
  • You can automate the order processing 

Syncee Cons

  • The free plan has no real value to a dropshipper

So, while Syncee is an excellent dropshipping software program, the free account does not make sense. You can create a free account and explore it, but you cannot import products to your store with it. You can only create a catalog it a free account, but not transfer the products to your dropshipping platform.

While Syncee has premium suppliers, you can only have access to these suppliers if you have a pro account. The PRO account costs $49 monthly. The products from these suppliers are not available elsewhere, giving you a better edge against competitors.

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Software

What is the best dropshipping software? Everything on our list is a viable candidate. However, the best option depends on your business needs. 

For one, you need to ask yourself if an importation tool is better than a research tool. To help you decide, I will provide some pointers on how to choose the best dropshipping software.

1. Capacity to Choose Winning Products

It is difficult to sell a product if you dropship. It is one of the most common reasons dropshippers fail. Because of this, you would do well to choose a program that provides you with sales data of winning products. 

Take a look at this:

With a product database like Dropship.IO, you have a clear view of the number of units a product sold and what the dollar revenue is. A tool like this prevents you from doing the guessing game—you will not waste your time looking for products in your niche, and display them in your store, only to realize later that no one is interested.  

2. Integration and Product Importation

I recommend that you choose a dropshipping software that integrates with several platforms. This applies best to dropshippers who have plans to expand. 

For example, it is a good idea to work with Printify because you can integrate it with:

  • Etsy
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify 

Some dropship software programs like SaleHoo can only integrate with Shopify. Others, like CJDropshipping, can integrate with a multitude of platforms. 

3. Business Intelligence and Statistics

It would be wise to select a dropshipping software program that can provide business analytics. Most dropship importation tools offer this. It is better, however, to choose one that allows you to gather data about your competitors and how they market their products. 

Here is a good example: 

This chart is the sales report of a competitor. You can see that they made over $6,000 in revenue over the last 30 days. The details at the top also tell us what theme they use in Shopify, how many products they carry, and what social media channels they use.

Dropship.IO offers several ways to provide you with business intelligence. With this tool, you can find out what apps your competitors are using, how much money they make, and what ads they launch to make sales. 

4. Order Fulfillment and Automation

Finally, it also makes sense to choose a program that can automate order fulfillment. While many dropship software offers a way to fulfill the order, these processes are manual. 

My recommendation is to choose a platform where you can add funds to automate the fulfillment process. In this setup, if a customer orders from your store, the supplier gets notified of this order and also gets paid (from your funds). Now, the supplier can ship the package even if you did not manually place the order. 

Summary: These four pointers do not need to be present in the dropshipping software of your choice. I only want to point out that these are some of the most important factors you need to take into account. 

Case in point: Dropship.IO is a good option for dropshippers who need business intelligence. However, it is not the best option for product importation. On the other hand, you may find Printify an excellent choice, but someone who does not like print-on-demand will say otherwise. 

FAQ: Best Dropshipping Software Program

What is the best software for dropshipping?

The best dropshipping software is the one that can meet your business needs. You have to take into account your purpose for needing software. If possible, pick one that is multi-functional.  

Which platform is best for dropshipping?

The best platform for dropshipping is Shopify. The founders built it for e-commerce, so you can expect that everything about this platform advances the interests of the entrepreneur. 

What dropshipping supplier is the best?

There is no best supplier—there are many suppliers you can rely on, provided that you do the due diligence to choose dependable ones. It is ill-advised to just randomly pick a seller in AliExpress. 


Most of these dropshipping programs offer a free program or trial. I suggest that you open an account just to test how they work, and then choose which one best fulfills your dropshipping business. 

I recommend that you start with Dropship.IO, as it has many features that other dropshipping software programs do not have. 

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