18 Best Dropshipping Stores to Learn From

We all need inspiration. As such, we thought it best to give examples of successful dropshipping stores in different niches.

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December 2, 2023
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I have been in the dropshipping business for many years. At this point, I can say that dropshipping has nothing to do with luck. Surely, there are no secrets. There are only best practices, skills development, and the right approach to sales.  

Here are the things I will discuss: 

  • Examples of successful dropshipping stores
  • The things they are doing right
  • Keys to succeed in dropshipping

And here are the key takeaways: 

  • Dropshipping has nothing to do with luck
  • Marketing is your main ally to succeed
  • Starting with a small niche is the best approach to succeed

If you are ready, let us begin our journey!

Note: All the Sales data comes from sales tracker feature. To try it, sign up for a 7-day free trial here. 

Examples of Successful Dropshipping Stores

1. Emanda Web Sales – Top Dropshipping Store for Pet Supplies

Emanda is not just a pet store. They cover several niches, but their pet products are responsible for a chunk of their sales. In a month, this store generated $57,190.48 in revenue. 

Here are some of their pet products:

  • Dog rope toys
  • Plush chew toy
  • Storage basket for dog items
  • Dog harness and leash set
  • Interactive dog toys

Overall, this dropshipping site only has 63 products. The other niches they penetrate are cat items, home and kitchen gadgets, and other products such as yoga pants. Looking at their sales stats, we can say that they average $1,000 in daily sales. 

As I investigated further, I found out that they use the following apps on their store:

  • Loox – an app where customers can review what they bought
  • Frequently Bought Together – an app that shows what customers frequently buy together; it helps increase average order value.
  • Rivo Product Reviews – it automatically sends an email to a customer to review the product.

In addition, this dropshipper is likely to be getting their product from AliExpress. A quick reverse image search of one of their products revealed that they get them from AliExpress. See the screenshot below. 

What Emanda is Doing Right

  • The website is easy on the eye
  • The product categories or catalogs are accessible on the menu
  • They offer free delivery
  • Their price point is reasonable

What Emanda is Doing Wrong

  • They have too many niches
  • They only have a few products

Dropshipping Lessons from Emanda

One of the things I want to highlight with Emanda is that they price their items at a reasonable profit margin. 

The ball, if purchased on AliExpress, is $19.94. Emanda sells it only for $22.95, with a profit margin of $3. In addition to that, they offer free shipping. The thing is that Emanda found a supplier who shoulders the shipping cost.  

This dropshipping store is rudimentary in design. There are too many niches, and it can dissuade people from buying. 

If you want to build a pet store, focus only on that niche. Look for a dropshipping supplier who offers free shipping. Keep your profits small but reasonable.  

Note: All the Sales data comes from sales tracker feature. To try it, sign up for a 7-day free trial here. 

2. GenExGadgets – Top Dropshipping Store for Home Office

GenExGadgets is a huge store focusing on electronics, home, and office goods. They sell office storage boxes, laptop bags, backpacks, and more. At the time of this writing, the store’s revenue was $35,692 in one month. 

Here is a quick rundown of what they sell: 

  • Home décor like lighting systems
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • soap dispensers
  • Office accessories
  • Chargers
  • Tripods

The store uses Shopify, and the particular theme they have is Impulse. Looking at their sales stat, I can say that on a slow day, they still make around $800. 

As far as apps go, here are some that they use:

  • 17Track – a tracking system for shipments when paid via PayPal
  • CJDropshipping – they get products from this marketplace and import the items to their Shopify store
  • Trusted Site – this is an app that displays badges and icons to increase your store’s credibility 
  • Hextom: Ultimate Sales Boost – this app offers 30+ widget tools to help you improve your sales

GenEXGadgets also uses Spocket, one of the biggest dropship supplier tools in the world. From this info, we can say that they source their products from China and worldwide.  

What GenExGadgets is Doing Right

  • One can tell that a professional person designed the website
  • There are only a few product categories
  • They have many reviews for their products 

What GenExGadgets is Doing Wrong

  • Not niched enough
  • Too few items for each category 

Dropshipping Lessons from GenExGadgets

This company likely has an excellent marketing strategy. Normally, a site like this would be hard-pressed to convince people to buy because they offer so few choices. 

One important lesson you can learn from GenExGadgets is web design. The home page hero has an animation going on. The color scheme of the websites has cohesion or uniformity. Overall, the website appears highly professional and trustworthy.

3. Core Prodigy – Top Dropshipping Store for Fitness and Workout

Core Prodigy is a dropshipper of physical fitness goods. Believe it or not, they only have 14 products in their store, yet their revenue for an entire year is $152.876!

Here are the items they sell: 

  • Power twister bar
  • Fit grips
  • Ankle kickback strap
  • Cannon curl
  • Posture corrector

Looking at their sales statistics, Core Prodigy had low sales volume early in the year. It was in March when their sales started picking up. Overall, as of this writing, they have sold 6,900 units.

Here are the top three products of Core Prodigy: 

  • Fusion Grip Tape – sold 2,001 units; revenue is $33,000
  • Exercise Handles – sold 1,459 units; revenue is $25,000
  • Twister Bar – sold 551 units; revenue is $23,000

They built their website on Shopify. Here are the apps they use to support their sales and marketing strategies:

  • SEO App – it optimizes images for speed
  • Omnisend – it is an app for email marketing
  • Privy – it is an app that allows you to make popups; you can also send SMS through it

Upon further investigation, I discovered that they sell products from AliExpress. Take a look below: 

The price of this product in AliExpress is $47.40. Core Prodigy sells it for $49.95. If on sale, they sell it for $42.95. I checked again on AliExpress and found out that the supplier even sells this item for as high as $76!

How do they do this? I suspect that they contacted the supplier in AliExpress and made a deal. Other companies sell the same product online in Amazon and other Shopify stores—they sell the item in the same price range. 

What Core Prodigy is Doing Right

  • They focus on a single niche
  • They have videos for their products in
  • They offer free shipping

What Core Prodigy is Doing Wrong

  • They do not have a lot of products to offer

Dropshipping Lessons from Core Prodigy

The sales revenue of Core Prodigy spiked so suddenly. It can only happen because they advertise massively on various channels. As such, you should also consider advertising. 

In addition, Core Prodigy did its SEO well. If you type Python Power Twister on Google, Core Prodigy’s product page ranks number 4 on the search results page. 

4. Wear the Peace – Top Dropshipping Store for Clothing

Wear the Peace is a print-on-demand dropshipping business. Their specific niche is advocacy, which is peace on earth. All their products have something to do with Peace.

There are many print-on-demand providers out there. The top two that I recommend are:

Wear the Peace specifically uses Printify, as this company’s suppliers provide high-quality prints. Wear the Peace sells multiple types of products:

  • Hoodie
  • T-shirt
  • Cap
  • Silver necklace
  • Stickers
  • Bonnets / Beanie

As far as sales go, the company made over $203,00 in a year. They have operated since 2020 and only have 132 products on their website. 

For marketing and store management, they use the following: 

  • Shopify Collabs – an affiliate marketing system where people can sell your products, and you can give them a commission 
  • Frequently Bought Together – an app that shows what people buy together as a bundle
  • Klaviyo – an app for email and SMS marketing

Going through the site, Wear the Peace has a rewards program. In this program, you earn Peace Points for actions that you take. You can then turn those Peace Points into rewards later.

What Wear the Peace is Doing Right

  • They have a professional website
  • They use affiliate marketers to sell their products
  • They have a rewards system

What Wear the Peace is Doing Wrong

  • They have products that are not relevant to their niche, like jewelry.

Dropshipping Lessons from Wear the Peace 

We can learn from this store that you can make it big in the dropshipping business if you concentrate on targeted advocacy. In this case, their motto or theme is world peace. It is the core of their message, and you can do the same. 

In addition, they also made it a point to publicize their store. They have a section showing that they appeared in Forbes, Medium, Business Insider, etc. The truth is that these appearances are not real interviews but merely syndicated press releases.

5. My Shop Genie – Top Dropshipping Store for Kitchen Tools 

If the kitchen niche is your target market, you must draw inspiration from Shop Genie. Although the company branched out too many niches, they still make money from kitchen products. 

Here are the kitchen items they sell: 

  • Mini electric juicer
  • Digital timer
  • Cutting board
  • Portable juicers

As far as sales go, the company made a whopping $6 million a year! The most surprising thing is that this company has only been around for a month! In addition, they only have 149 items for sale! 

The company’s success has something to do with its social media presence. They have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Pinterest. 

Upon further review, I found out that they use the following apps: 

  • Currency Converter – it presents the items in the local currency of the site visitor
  • CJDrophipping – they source products from this dropshipping supplier 
  • Rivo Popups – you can create popup notifications to show your announcements

The store also has an FAQ section where you can find answers to buyers’ most common worries and questions. 

What My Shop Genie is Doing Right

  • They have trust badges that increase their credibility 
  • Their product descriptions are long; they must have hired a copywriter to do this
  • Lots of photos; they copied and pasted all images from their supplier

What My Shop Genie is Doing Wrong

  • Too many niches; the store is trying to be the next Amazon

Dropshipping Lessons from My Shop Genie

My Shop Genie is a confusing website. However, nobody can question its revenue of $6 million in less than a month!

What they do best is presentation. Their website has a bestseller and trending section. It entices their site visitors to make a purchase.

6. Military Matter – Top Dropshipping Store for Outdoor Gear

Military Matter opened its shop in 2021. After a few years, it has a revenue of over $600,000 annually. As its business name implies, it targets people whose primary interest is the military.

Here are the products they sell: 

  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Outdoors and Sports

They only have 391 products in their store, but they have sold more than 8,000 units in a year. Below are their top-selling products:

  • Camouflage pants – sold 58 units
  • Repair kit tool – sold three units
  • Hunting Range Magnification Device – 31 units
  • Tactical Range Backpack – sold 31 units

After careful research, I discovered they sell their items for a massive profit. For example, they sell the rifle bag below for $232. However, the selling price of the same thing on AliExpress is only $24!

What Military Matter Is Doing Right

  • They focus on a specific niche 
  • They source cheap products that they can sell for a high price
  • They offer a discount for first-time buyers

What Military Matter Is Doing Wrong

  • The website is not yet complete; some pages are empty.

Dropshipping Lessons from Military Matter

Do not be afraid to source products from China. You will do well, however, if you focus on a target niche. This store, for example, only sells military-related items. 

In addition, you must study your competition well. This activity will help you determine how to price your goods. This company can sell its items for over $200—they know they are competing with only a few people.

7. Next Deal Shop – Top Dropshipping Store for Home Décor

Next on our list is a European home décor store. This company earns a revenue of $723,000  in 30 days, selling as many as 44,000 units in a month.

Here are the products categories in their store:

  • Solar Lights
  • Indoor Lights
  • Gardening Tools
  • Home Tools and Décor

Curiously enough, they only use four apps in their Shopify store. These are: 

  • Kiwi Size – this app standardizes the measurements of products and helps customers decide what size to buy 
  • Klaviyo – this app is for email and SMS marketing 
  • Omnisend – this app is also for email and SMS marketing 
  • Weglot – this app translates the language to the user’s local language 

Next Deal Shop has over a thousand products in its store. It is not bad, considering home décor and gardening are the niches. 

Their top products are (for the past nine days): 

  • Solar-Powered Changing Color Light – sold 63 units
  • Resin Flowerpot – sold 54 units
  • Mosaic Glass Ball – sold 50 units

One supplier uses AliExpress, but they do not use any app that imports the products from the AliExpress site to their store. 

What Next Deal Shop is Doing Right

  • Although they have two huge niches, they compensate for it with many products.
  • They offer free shipping for purchases over $100
  • They offer promotional coupons

What Next Deal Shop is Doing Wrong

  • The website design is a tad confusing.

Dropshipping Lessons from Next Deal Shop

Next Deal Shop is one of those old-looking sites. Although the design looks outdated, the website follows a dropshipping store’s fundamental principles. It is easy to use and navigate, and more importantly, the user can easily see the highlighted products. 

8. Nixico – Top Dropshipping Store for Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Created in 2020, Nixico made its mark in the gardening niche. Now, they also sell many products for home décor, pet care, and clothing. 

Here are some of their best products: 

  • Baby nest bed – sold 20 units last month
  • Interactive dog toys – sold 16 last month
  • Sofa cover and protector – sold 23 last month

The company’s top sales drivers were no longer their kitchenware as time passed. Based on our analysis tool, they are one of the companies that sell the most in the kitchen niche. On average, Nixico has a revenue of $400 per day. 

Nixico uses the Empire theme on Shopify. However, they made some heavy modifications to it. In addition, they use the following apps: 

  • CJDropshipping – this is their primary product source application
  • Tracking More – it is an app that allows buyers to track their packages
  • Vitals – an all-in-one-marketing application

What Nixico is Doing Right

  • They marked their products as “trademarked” or with the letter “R” even if it is not theirs; it makes the product look legitimately proprietary.
  • They have a specific section for products made in Australia, their primary target market. 
  • They branched out their products to increase their market reach.

What Nixico is Doing Wrong

  • The website is now a little all over the place
  • Some products are expensive

Dropshipping Lessons from Nixico

Nixico is a good example of giving attention to your local market. The founders are in Australia, and their target market is also in Australia. Knowing that some Australians may prefer Australian-made products, the Nixico team created a link for Australian products only on their menu. 

9. FrillX – Top Dropshipping Store for Party Supplies

FrillX is a party supplier and a dropshipper. Most of the products on their site are for kid-oriented parties like baby showers and birthdays. However, they also added supplies for anniversary parties. 

FrillX is unique because its items cover many pop culture themes. Below are some examples: 

  • Baby Shark
  • Boss Baby
  • Cocomelon
  • Frozen
  • Mickey & Minnie

Overall, they have a total of 704 products listed on their website. Although they are not selling millions, they consistently sell at least $1,000 monthly. 

Upon further investigation, I saw that they sold over 600 items monthly. However, the revenue is only $1,300 because party supplies are cheap. 

Looking closer at how they run their store, these are some of the apps they use:

  • Theme – they use the Dawn Shopify theme
  • ToastiBar – for pop-ups
  • AI Search – for product filtering and discovery 
  • Hextom – a bar for announcements
  • One-click Social Log-in – customers do not need to create a separate account to purchase.

They use other apps such as, King Product Options and Variants, and Hulk Product Options.  I did a Google search to investigate where they get their products. 

As the screenshot below shows, many other sellers sell the same thing—most notably, FrillX must be sourcing their products from Alibaba.

What FrillX is Doing Right

  • They use a theme that loads fast
  • They have a wide array of coverage for their products 
  • They combine items to help a customer save money 

What FrillX is Doing Wrong

  • They sell products that have a trademark or copyright. 

Dropshipping Lessons from FrillX

We can learn from FrillX that dropshipping party supplies are not too lucrative. It is a competitive niche and a deep niche at that. 

I am not saying that you should not sell party supplies. However, I would recommend that you aggressively advertise should you choose it. 

I noticed that FrillX has no FB ad. In my opinion, you can only sell a lot of party supplies if you show people a video, and you must do it on YouTube or paid ads.

10. Geupday – Top Dropshipping Store for Car Accessories

Geupday specializes in car accessories, but they also added other gadgets to their roster of products. Below are their product categories: 

  • iPhone cases
  • Phone holders
  • Car Accessories
  • General accessories for tech

In the last 30 days, the company made over $57,000 and sold more than 2,000 units. Geupday can sell as many as 34 units per day, and in a good week, more than 300 units in sales. 

Here is a glance at their sales performance in the last 12 months: 

It is amazing that they only have 38 products listed in their store. They source these products from AliExpress, and they put a premium price on these products.

They have several apps on their Shopify store, and here are some:

  • 17 Track – it allows customers to track their shipments
  • Klaviyo – an email marketing app
  • Trustoo – an app that transfers or imports AliExpress product reviews to your store 
  • TiXel – an app that integrates TikTok pixel with a store; they use it to track their ad performance on TikTok
  • Theme – they use the Dawn theme

How are they making a profit this big? Well, they look for high-quality products on AliExpress and put a huge amount of margin on the price. For example, some phone cases they sell have a capital of $3 on AliExpress, yet Geupday sells the item for $24. 

What Geupday is Doing Right

  • They advertise on TikTok 
  • They are careful in their selection
  • The marketers know how to make their products look expensive

What Geupday is Doing Wrong

  • Geupay only has 38 products; they can make more money if they add more 

Dropshipping Lessons from Geupday

The most important thing we can learn from Geupday is that AliExpress dropshipping works if you do it the right way. A sales revenue of $300,000 a year is no simple matter. 

If their profit margin is more than 50%, we can tell that this company pocketed over $100,000 in the last 12 months. 

11. Monos – Top Dropshipping Store for Travel and Cruise

Monos is the go-to website for travel needs, such as luggage and travel accessories. This company can make at least $1,600 in a day in revenue.

Here are the product categories: 

  • Luggage
  • Bags
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Gifts

Looking at their sales data for the last 12 months, the company made $78 million. Here is their sales chart. 

How can this happen? Monos sells expensive products. Luggage costs $255, and that is for classic style only. The hybrid products they sell cost can reach as much as $355 per piece.   

Here are the apps they use: 

  • Awin – an app where you can manage affiliate marketers
  • Instafeed – used for Instagram feeds
  • Simprosys – a feed for Google Shopping

The theme that Monos uses is Monos V3. You cannot buy this theme. It is clear to me now that this is a big company, and they invested a lot of money in this store. 

Interestingly, Monos spends a lot of money on ads. The screenshot below is from our competitor research tool, which allowed me to investigate what ads they launched.

What Monos is Doing Right

  • They have an affiliate network; the affiliates market the products and get a commission 
  • Monos is aggressively advertising

What Monos is Doing Wrong

  • None; at a revenue of millions, they are not doing anything wrong 

Dropshipping Lessons from Monos

I wanted to know where they get their products. My conclusion is that Monos is a private-label dropshipper. I am saying this because I saw similar products on Yandex, a Chinese search engine. 

12. Casefully – Top Dropshipping Store for Gadgets and Accessories

Casefully sells phone cases, and what makes them different is that they have phone cases that carry the Louis Vuitton brand. They also sell bags and Z-fold cases for more modern phones.

Upon closer look, the company can easily clear 28 units per day, with a revenue of $800. Last week, Casefully made $9,000 in revenue. 

Here is Casefully’s sales performance in the last 12 months: 

While we can see some heavy fluctuations in sales, I can still say that Casefully is managing its business properly. 

For their apps, here are some things to take note of: 

  • Theme – they use Impulse
  • Also Bought – this app shows related products to the site visitor
  • DSers – AliExpress dropshipping app
  • Loox – product review app

Casefully only has 61 products in its store, with multiple variants. One surprising thing here is that they do not advertise on Facebook, and yet they can produce a revenue of almost half a million dollars in a year.

What Casefully Is Doing Right

  • Their website has a professional look
  • They capitalize on brand names and use that as leverage for extreme margins

What Casefully Is Doing Wrong

  • They do not advertise on Facebook 
  • They are selling counterfeit products

Dropshipping Lessons from Casefully 

One thing that glared at my face as I was investigating this store was their pricing. For example, one of their “premium” Louis Vuitton cases has an original price of $129, and they are selling it now for $29. This price gives the potential buyer $100 in savings.

The truth? This LV case costs only $8 in AliExpress. In my experience, people hesitate to spend money on phone cases, even if you sell them for $8. However, with the Louis Vuitton brand and design, customers would be willing to splurge. The lesson? Branded goods sell better than generic ones. 

The only trouble I can smell here is that they are selling counterfeit items. I do not recommend that you do this. But then, I also have doubts that LV cares that much, especially if you are a small business. After all, fashion brands are not as aggressive as Disney when it comes to trademarks. 

13.  Toolant – Top Dropshipping Store for Tools

Toolant is a website that sells all sorts of things for DIYers and professionals. In the last 12 months, this dropshipping company made over $3 million. 

Here are some of their product categories: 

  • Accessories for power tools
  • Paint sprayers
  • Safety equipment
  • Hand tools

Here is their sales data for the last 12 months:

One of their best-selling items is a set of carbide-tip drill bits. In a month, they sell about 500 units of these bits, with a revenue of $5,000 for this single item.

I wanted to know where they get their products, and my investigation led me to China. Specifically, they buy their items from CJDropshipping, a dropship supplier tool we always recommend here at Dropship.IO. 

Here are the apps that they use: 

  • Theme – they use the Warehouse theme, which is right because they have over 200 products in their store
  • CJDropshipping – they use it as a supplier source and a product importation tool
  • Klaviyo – they use it for their email marketing and SMS 

They also use Rivyo, an app that allows users to leave reviews for their purchases. Rivyo also makes it possible for people to ask questions.  

What Toolant is Doing Right

  • They have a presence on several social media channels
  • Their website is professional-looking to such a degree that they can compete against popular brands
  • Their products are affordable  
  • They run many ads on Facebook 

What Toolant is Doing Wrong

  • None that I can think of

Dropshipping Lessons from Toolant

At first glance, you would think Toolant is a private-label or white-label dropshipper. I took the time to dig deeper and found out that they were not. They sell products that carry “unknown brands.”  

What makes Toolant successful is that its products are reliable. They also sell on other marketplaces. I saw many positive reviews for their products, even on Amazon—Toolant sells under its brand name.

14. The Beauty You – Top Dropshipping Store for Beauty Products

If you want to make $18,000 in sales in a month, I suggest you take inspiration from The Beauty You. It is a beauty store that sells cosmetics, clothing, and jewelry. 

Although I have seen beauty stores with more sales than this one, I recommend this because they do not dropship private-label products. 

Here are their categories: 

  • Lip Gloss
  • Make-up Brush
  • Anti-Aging Pads
  • Beauty Curl Pro

As of this writing, this store sold 27 units yesterday, which yielded a revenue of $864. Although this may not sound like a lot, the store made $33,623 in the last 12  months, which is not bad for a dropshipping store. 

This store only has 49 products. However, despite having a small shop inventory, they use several apps that help them make sales. 

Here are the apps: 

  • Theme – they use the Debutify theme
  • 17 Track – it is a shipment-tracking software program
  • Bundle Bear – makes it possible to bundle products together

I also observed that the store owners have Instagram and Pinterest pages apart from Facebook. I checked both of these and noticed they are mostly post-cosmetic clothing products. 

What The Beauty You is Doing Right

  • They use various apps to drive traffic to their store
  • They keep their inventory small
  • They advertise on Facebook

What The Beauty You is Doing Wrong

  • They are not too active on social media.

Dropshipping Lessons from The Beauty You

We can learn from this store that you do not have to fill your store with many products. Sometimes, less is more. 

I also want to mention that even if they only have one ad running on Facebook, this ad has been running for three months. It is why they have store traffic and sales despite not having a blog or being active on social media. 

15. Baby Bubble Store – Top Dropshipping Store for Baby Products

Baby Bubble made about $2,000 in sales yesterday, and more than $12,000 in the last seven days. I can say that the owners made the right choice in terms of niche selection. I suggest that you consider selling baby products, too, because it is a huge market. 

Baby Bubble has three major product categories. These are diaper bags, pregnancy products, and baby items. 

I looked at the company’s sales performance for the last 12 months, and here is what I got: 

Half a million dollars is huge. While many dropshippers struggle to make a sale, this company proves that you can make it in a competitive niche. 

Here are the apps that they use: 

  • 17 Track – for tracking shipments
  • CJDropshipping and DSers – these are the importation tools they use for dropshipping
  • Unlimited Bundles – allows the company to create bundled products
  • Loox – a product review app

The dead giveaway that the items are from China is the dropshipping tool. Both CJDropshipping and DSers are dropship supplier tools that support AliExpress sellers. 

What Baby Bubble Is Doing Right

  • They have a lot of products—more than 300 
  • They advertise on Facebook
  • They use two dropship supplier tools

What Baby Bubble Is Doing Wrong

  • They are not too aggressive in advertising 

Dropshipping Lessons from Baby Bubble

Baby Bubble only has two ads on Facebook. I can say that they will have more sales if they invest more money in ads. 

Apart from picking a high-demand niche, we can also learn from Baby Bubble that using two dropship suppliers is beneficial. Both supplier tools can serve as compensation for each other when one supplier is out of stock. 

16. Gizmo Express – Top Dropshipping Store for Art Supplies

There are many art supply dropshipping stores in our product database, but Gizmo Express has the highest revenue. It also sells home decor and outdoor supplies. Their art supply category contains various types of paint kits. 

I checked their sales data for the last seven days; they made around $4,000. For the last 12 months, they made $26,000. 

The company does not make a lot of money, and this is because the art niche is too small. Gizmo only has a few art products, so they are not making many sales. 

As far as apps go, here is a list: 

  • Theme – they use Shoptimized
  • 17 Track – a tracking system for shipping
  • Editorify – this app is for product reviews 
  • Oberlo – this is their dropshipping app 

Oberlo is out of business. Shopify bought it out, but Oberlo is now in the process of shutting down. The app is no longer available for download. 

What Gizmo is Doing Right

  • They have social media channels (Instagram, X or Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest)
  • Their store is easy to navigate.

What Gizmo is Doing Wrong

  • They do not advertise.

Dropshipping Lessons from Gizmo 

Gizmo shows us that art is a tough business. Not a lot of people would invest in art supplies. Although they have barely ten products (and for only one type of art supply), they still manage to earn.

My take on this is that they must niche down. If you want to take on the art niche, your store must sell nothing but art-related products.

17. Beste Store – Top Dropshipping Store for Patio, Lawn, and Garden

Believe it or not, this store only has three products but revenue of $3,700 weekly. They sell: 

  • Hummingbird Feeders
  • Solar Garden Lights
  • Solar Fountains

In 30 days, this store ships more than 600 units. Built with the Sense Shopify theme, they use only four apps in their store. These are:

  • 17 Track – used for shipment tracking
  • CJ Dropshipping – their dropship supplier
  • Geolocation – a pop-up that gives the user an option to change country settings
  • Vitals – an all-in-one marketing tool for Shopify 

Beste’s sales dived into starting August 10 and only started picking up again three days later. I tried to find out why but realized they do not post much on their Facebook account. Their Instagram account is inaccessible. 

What Beste is Doing Right

  • They have social media followers
  • They focus on a small inventory 

What Beste is Doing Wrong

  • They are not active on social media.

Dropshipping Lessons from Beste

Beste has done what is seemingly impossible. They only have three products, yet they made $15,000. Typically, dropshippers add more inventory than that to see at least one sale. 

If anything, I would recommend that you advertise if you want to increase your sales. Beste has no ad on Facebook. I also do not understand why they deactivated their Instagram account. They could have made more sales if they were more active on social media. 

18. Guitar Metrics – Top Dropshipping Store for Musical Instruments

The music niche is not as competitive as other niches. However, it is small, and you should not expect huge sales here like Monos. 

I found Guitar Metrics from our product database tool. I was looking for the top sellers of music items, and Guitar Metrics is one of the top-selling dropshipping stores in our database. 

They sell:

  • Guitar kits
  • Stompboxes
  • Guitar picks
  • Guitar apparels

Although the company’s sales revenue is not of any considerable size, I can say that the business is doing well. What I mean is it is profitable. 

Here are the sales stats for the last 12 months: 

Upon closer look, I found out that this store has more than 200 products. The revenue is not so big because their items are mostly one-time purchases. It is rare for a guitarist to buy the same product twice—for example, you do not buy a guitar several times. 

Here are the store apps: 

  • DSers – a dropship supplier tool
  • Loox – for product reviews
  • Nova – a currency converter
  • Zoorix – for bundles and cross-sell

What Guitar Metrics Is Doing Right

  • They have a social media presence
  • They chose a specific sub-niche in the music industry, which is guitars
  • They have a high margin for profit

What Guitar Metrics Is Doing Wrong

  • They do not advertise on Facebook

Dropshipping Lessons from Guitar Metrics

I cannot blame Guitar Metrics for not advertising. The niche is small and so is the audience. What I can commend is their presence on social media platforms. They have Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X). 

In addition, they carefully source products and put a high margin. For example, they sell this guitar camera mount for $25, but the capital price from AliExpress is only $5.

Why Do These Dropshippers Succeed?

Now, it is time to examine why these dropshippers earn huge sums. While there is no single formula for success, success does not happen by luck either. There are best business practices that you must use, which I will describe below.

1. Original Niche and Expansion

Most successful dropshippers start with a particular niche and then expand later. You can do the same. The issue with many dropshippers is that they try to sell too many products at the get-go. 

The best approach to dropshipping or creating any store is to start with a small niche. If you do this, you will streamline your tasks. 

Here are the benefits of starting with a small niche:

  • You can upload products of the same type or niche
  • You can market your product to a particular group of people 
  • Your branding and messaging have uniformity
  • You can look for and work with a few suppliers

As you can see, the main benefit of starting a small niche is manageability. Keep in mind that, most likely, you are operating by yourself. You do not have a team, so you must start small to avoid burnout. 

2. Product Marketing

All successful dropshippers launched ads. Sorry to burst your bubble, but word-of-mouth marketing will not likely happen to you. As a dropshipper, you have nothing super special to offer—people will not go crazy about your products unless it is something unique. 

The sad reality is that most dropshippers do not sell unique items. Even if you create a print-on-demand store like selling phone cases and phone stands, you will probably use ready-made templates for your art. 

Here are some ways to advertise: 

  • Create ads on Canva or PlaceIt and launch them on social media
  • Work with influencers; send them your product and pay them to release a video of themselves with your product
  • Sponsor videos of popular YouTubers or people on Twitch 

The goal here is to get your product out there. You want people to see a celebrity wearing or using your product. It increases your credibility so immensely that it is almost impossible not to make a sale. 

Millions of contents go online every minute, and they will bury yours. Organic traffic is almost dead and is breathing its last breaths. Without advertising, no one will see your posts and products, let alone make a purchase. 

3. Time and Patience

Most successful dropshippers have been at it for a year or so before they succeeded. While it is true that some took only a month or so to make sales, there is no telling how much experience these people have had in the past. 

A business is a never-ending cycle of tweaking your website, adjusting your marketing strategies, and solving problems. 

Most dropshippers build their websites and quit in three months. They launch an ad or two, spend a couple of hundred dollars, and then quit if they do not make a sale. Because of their failures, they make claims that dropshipping does not work.  

Whenever you do not succeed where others do, you are the problem, not the system. You need patience, hard work, and skills to succeed in dropshipping. Remember that the barrier to entry is low. You are competing against many people, so be patient and find ways to solve your challenges. 

Best Dropshipping Stores FAQ

What are some successful dropshipping stores?

The most successful dropshipping stores are the ones that we have on this list. Please note that these are stores from the average Joe, not stores that got millions of dollars in funding. In addition, these dropshipping stores are traditional, meaning no huge capital to launch them.

Who is the most profitable dropshipper?

There is no answer to this question as we do not have visibility on each store’s capital and operating expenses. Dropshipping stores are not public companies whose financial sheets are accessible. 

What is an example of a niche dropshipping store?

A good example is Wear the Peace. Their niche is a message about world peace. Their target market makes up of people who share the same sentiment. 

What is the secret to dropshipping success?

There is no secret to dropshipping success. Success s a culmination of many factors, and those who succeed are the ones who solve business problems every day. To increase your success rate, I suggest you read our guide on how to start dropshipping.


Many people say that dropshipping is dead. No, it is not dead. Dropshipping success relies solely on your capacity to learn. In addition, you must relentlessly solve problems that come along the way. 

The next step that I recommend is for you to sign up for our product database tool. It is where you will find winning products and track the stores selling them. Get best practices from them and increase your likelihood of succeeding!

Note: All the Sales data comes from sales tracker feature. To try it, sign up for a 7-day free trial here. 

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