20 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK: Work with Niche Dropshipping Suppliers!

‍The best suppliers in the UK are those that offer an excellent price point. According to a study, 59% of British consumers said price is an essential deciding factor before purchasing online.

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June 3, 2023
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I understand that, as dropshippers, we are competing against the prices of Amazon. But hey, there is a solution to this!

What I have for you today is a list of the 20 best dropshipping suppliers in the UK. I based these choices on the following:

  • Price / quality
  • Product variation
  • Shipping 

Technology is also a factor, as choosing a supplier with a system you can integrate is an excellent decision.

Apart from the supplier list, I will also show you the following: 

  • How to work with dropship suppliers
  • How to find out if a product has a demand or market
  • What to look for in a dropshipping supplier in the UK

Let us get started!

20 Best Dropship Suppliers in the UK

Here is a quick list of the 20 best suppliers in the UK:

  1. Spocket – best overall
  2. AliExpress – best for Amazon
  3. SaleHoo – best for Shopify
  4. CJDropshipping – best for eBay
  5. Shein – best for clothing
  6. Dropified – best for white-label food supplement dropshipping
  7. Niche Dropshipping – best for branded and private-label clothing items
  8. Printful – best for gifts and corporate giveaways
  9. AliDropship – best for WooCommerce sports and outdoor clothing
  10. Sunrise Wholesale – best for general store
  11. AW Dropship – best for gifts
  12. Printify – best for personalized clothing
  13. Furniture to Go – best for furniture
  14. Liberty House Toys – best for kids’ toys and kids’ furniture
  15. Hill Interiors – best for home goods and home décor
  16. Zuzu Jewellery – best for jewelry
  17. AppScenic – best for outdoor gear and camping
  18. Redbubble – best for artistic products
  19. Modalyst – best for jewelry and fashion
  20. FragranceX – best for perfumes and colognes

Why dropship in the UK?

The UK is one of the biggest eCommerce markets in Europe. There are about 60 million online shoppers in the country. In 2021, the country posted an eCommerce sales revenue of 119 billion [1]. 

Here is the thing: the population of the UK is only 67 million. From here, we can say that almost everyone in the entire population is an online buyer! These figures give us everything we need to justify why dropshipping in the UK is a good idea. 

Experts also expect that the UK will one day outperform the global market in eCommerce. The average growth rate of the industry in the country is 11%. Experts believe the UK will outrank the worldwide average of sales by 2025 [2]. 

The best time to start dropshipping in the UK was yesterday. Yes, that window has passed. However, it is never too late.

The action you need to take after reading this is to visit the dropship suppliers that I recommend. After that, please read our guide on finding winning niches and start a dropshipping store on Shopify. 

What products sell well in the UK?

Before you choose a dropship supplier, it makes perfect sense to identify what products people want in the UK. So far, the most recent data from a reliable statistics company is from 2020. 

Take a look at this: 

The top 10 product types are [3]:

  • Clothes
  • Deliveries from restaurants
  • Printed reading materials
  • Furniture, home accessories, or gardening products
  • Computers, electronic devices, and accessories
  • Children’s toys
  • Cosmetics
  • Cleaning products
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sports goods

We must concentrate on the top three: clothes, deliveries, and printed reading materials. However, since we cannot dropship food deliveries from restaurants, let us replace that with furniture. 

I went to Amazon’s list of bestsellers to give you a better idea of what these products are. Let me discuss this further below. 

1. Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

Here is a screenshot of what people in the UK buy from Amazon: 

We can see from this image that each of these items has thousands of reviews. Here is a snapshot of clothing products that have a high demand in the UK:

  • Men’s jeans
  • Women’s leggings
  • Women’s yoga pants
  • Men’s underwear
  • Kids’ simple white t-shirt

Keep in mind that it snows in the UK. As such, you will do well if you prepare ideas of items to sell during the winter. It would help if you did your research for winter clothing months ahead. 

2. Printed Reading Materials 

Curiously enough, many people in the UK want to own physical copies of books, magazines, and graphic novels. Checking Amazon, here are the bestsellers:

I would think twice about Prince Harry, as the issue of his leaving the royal family is already cold. Instead, I recommend that you focus on timeless books and graphic novels. 

There are no official dropship suppliers of books. Most booksellers ship internationally. Also, readers have no international demand like other niches. 

For the UK, however, I recommend the following book suppliers: 

  1. Bookshop.Org
  2. Waterstones
  3. Better World Books
  4. Book Depository

You must create an account in these online bookshops and post their books in your store. The order process is manual, as they have no integration system with dropshipping websites. 

3. Furniture, Home Décor, and Gardening

Finally, we have the home décor and maintenance niche. Please see the screenshot below from Amazon.

Here are some examples to get you started: 

  • Quilts
  • Computer chairs and tables
  • Racks for shoes
  • Bookshelf
  • Mats
  • Wall brackets for TV
  • Laptop stands or tables
  • Sticky hoops

Should you choose this niche, I strongly recommend that you niche down. Do not combine all these niches into one. You will never be able to establish your authority in one niche if you do this. We have a guide on how to find the best dropshipping niches, which I also recommend that you read. 

20 Best Dropship Suppliers in the UK

1. Spocket – best overall for all dropshipping stores

Spocket is a dropship supplier directory. It is the best for UK dropshipping because it has European suppliers. 

Spocket Features

  • Categories – there are various categories for products in Spocket. Here are some examples: pets, toys, clothing for men, women, and kids, technology and accessories, etc. 
  • Integrations – you can integrate Spocket with a lot of eCommerce platforms. Some of the most common ones are Shopify, Alibaba, BigCommerce, eBay, WooCommerce, and Ecwid. 
  • Winning Products – there is a section where you can view winning products only. These products sold many units, therefore telling you there is a massive market for them. 
  • Search Filter – you can search products based on price, location of the product, and countries the supplier supports. This search function makes it easy to weed out the “noise” when looking for products to sell.

Spocket Pros

  • Lots of suppliers and products
  • It has a system you can integrate with your store
  • There is a filtering system to find specific products or suppliers
  • The creators built it for dropshipping

Spocket Cons

  • The free plan has severe limitations
  • You can only migrate other products from DSers

For product migration, it means that you can import products from other platforms that do the same business. DSers is like Spocket. Spocket allows you to transfer your DSers dropshipping products to Spocket (if you want to shift to Spocket and be done with DSers). 

Spocket is the best supplier tool for dropshipping because it has everything you need. You can use the tool to find suppliers and fulfill orders. It also has a one-click import tool, making it easy to move products from the source to your store.

2. AliExpress – best for Amazon dropshipping

I am sure you have heard of AliExpress. It is the biggest online retail marketplace in the world. It is the best supplier for UK dropshipping if you want to compete with Amazon sellers. 

I am saying this because the prices here are low. Besides, a vast majority of Amazon sellers source their products from AliExpress. 

AliExpress Features

  • Product Types – there are millions of products on this site, so much so that most of the dropship supplier databases in the world use AliExpress suppliers. 
  • Buyer Protection – AliExpress guarantees a refund if your supplier does not keep his promise.
  • Shipping Options – there are dozens of shipping options; each seller has a different list of carriers, so you have a choice regarding the cost and speed of shipping. 

AliExpress Pros

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • You have guaranteed protection from fraud
  • Lots of shipping options
  • Super affordable prices

AliExpress Cons

  • All products are from China; shipping can take a while
  • Since the products are cheap, the quality may not be the best  

AliExpress is what I recommend if you want to go direct to manufacturers.

However, you will work hard because it has no integration. AliExpress is China’s Amazon equivalent. You must transfer products manually from the site to your store. 

3. SaleHoo – best for Shopify

SaleHoo is a supplier directory. Once you purchase the tool, you will have access to the suppliers and their contact information. 

It is the best for UK Shopify dropshipping because they have an app. They also source from AliExpress. What does that entail? You can now use AliExpress suppliers with an automation tool. 

SaleHoo Features

  • Directory – you will have access to a network of global suppliers; in addition, you will have access to a market research tool 
  • Dropship App – you can integrate the app with Shopify; importing products becomes a breeze. You will also fulfill orders from this app 
  • Education – they offer lots of online tutorials to help guide you on how to use the app, how to succeed, and what to do to pick the winning products 

SaleHoo Pros

  • Lots of suppliers; over 2 million products
  • There is an app you can integrate 
  • They offer online courses to help you succeed
  • All suppliers went through an approval process; they are all legit and trustworthy

SaleHoo Cons

  • There is no free account
  • You pay twice to get two different services

SaleHoo is what I recommend if you want to source from AliExpress and you have a Shopify store. The app that you can integrate automates a lot of dropshipping work.

4. CJDropshipping – best for eBay dropshipping

CJDropshipping is one of the biggest names in the dropshipping industry. It is one of the UK’s best supplier databases and tools because of its integration options. 

CJDropshipping Features

  • Integration – what makes CJ unique is that you can integrate it with a lot of platforms; some examples are Etsy, Lazada, eBay, WooCommerce, TikTok, and Shopify
  • Product Categories – there are 13 major product categories here, and each one has sub-categories; there are over 400,000 products you can find in the system
  • Packaging – CJ has a packaging option; they will print the package or label from your product’s warehouse. I can say that this is an excellent way to create your brand. 

CJDropshipping Pros

  • You can get a free store from the site
  • The suppliers fulfill orders 24 hours a day
  • They have an academy where you can learn how to use the tool 
  • Shipping options are all fast
  • There are customization and branding options

CJDropshipping Cons

  • The user interface is not friendly; you need to be patient to find the info you need
  • Some suppliers charge a processing fee

With CJ, I can say that sky is the limit. You can use it on many platforms. As such, there is a way to reach the UK market. 

5. Shein – best for clothing

Shein is an international manufacturer of clothing for men and women. However, they offer women’s clothing primarily. 

It is best for UK dropshipping because they have a warehouse in the UK. As such, you can expect them to ship fast to your UK customers. 

Shein Features

  • Returns – you have 45 days from the date of receipt to return the item and get a refund
  • Payment Options – you can fulfill orders with PayPal, Mastercard, Klarna, Clear Pay, VISA, Maestro, American Express, and many more
  • Free Shipping – enjoy free shipping in the UK if the order is above 35 GBP

Shein Pros

  • They have an app you can use to order
  • You will receive bonus points/discounts if you are a repeat customer
  • They accept multiple payment methods

Shein Cons

  • No integration options, no app or system

Pick Shein if you want a store that focuses on women’s clothing. It is a company that keeps up with the trends. There is always a product that is hot in this supplier.  

6. Dropified – best for white-label food supplement dropshipping

Dropified is the leader in food supplement dropshipping. It is an excellent choice for UK dropshipping because the brits care about their health. 

They also have other products apart from food supplements. These dropshipping products are high-end, which means you can enjoy high margins.

Dropified Features

  • Automatic fulfillment – you no longer have to come back to your dashboard to fulfill the order; the system will do it for you if there is an order
  • Product Reviews – you can import product reviews from the source and show them on your store
  • AliExpress – they also source products from AliExpress, making it possible to be competitive in pricing
  • Reports – the system comes with reporting dashboard and analytics; manage your business using stats and data

Dropified Pros

  • You can integrate the app with many platforms
  • The tool has an automation system
  • You can sell the products in the Facebook marketplace
  • The system has a management dashboard

Dropified Cons

  • There is no free account for food supplement dropshipping

Dropified is what I recommend for branded or white-label food supplements. You can pass the products as your own.

7. Niche Dropshipping – best for branded and private-label clothing items

Niche Dropshipping is taking the business to another level. It is best for UK dropshippers who want to have their brand or label. 

What Niche Dropshipping does is sourcing and fulfillment. Use it if you want an agent to look for a specific product you want to sell. 

Niche Dropshipping Features

  • Agent – you can work with an agent if you want; this agent will look for a supplier for a specific product that you can turn into your brand. 
  • Bulk Order – if you want to have huge savings, you can buy in bulk and tell them to store your products in a warehouse
  • Branding Solutions – they will create an authentic branding package for you, which includes professionally made boxes 

Niche Dropshipping Pros

  • They ship worldwide
  • They offer private-label and white-label options
  • Automatic fulfillment is available
  • They offer warehousing services

Niche Dropshipping Cons

  • The costs of the services can quickly add up 

Niche Dropshipping offers more than just a dropship supplier tool. It is your partner if you want to want to create banded businesses. 

8. Printful – best for gifts and corporate giveaways

Printful is the default supplier for print-on-demand dropshippers. It is an excellent supplier in the UK because they have an operations facility in Birmingham. 

Printful Features

  • Custom Design – you have access to a design tool; you upload the design here and place it on the blank item for printing. 
  • Mock-Up – there is a mock-up generator where a human being will wear the clothing or product you designed. This tool is AI, but you can use these images as marketing materials. 
  • Free Account – you do not need to upgrade to use the tool; it is free to use forever 
  • Product Choices – you can design thousands of products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, wall art, etc. 
  • Integration – you can integrate Printful with leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and BigCommerce

Printful Pros

  • Lots of blank items that you can design 
  • They have global warehouses and fulfillment centers
  • You do not have to pay to design your products

Printful Cons

  • Some suppliers may have lengthy productions times
  • No refund unless the product is defective

Use Printful if you want to sell creative ware. With Printful, you can design products before they go to production. As such, you essentially have no competition because all your products are unique. 

9. AliDropship – best for WooCommerce sports and outdoor clothing

AliDropship is the answer of AliExpress against Shopify. It is an excellent supplier to UK dropshippers because they will build you a store specific to the UK market. 

AliDropship Features

  • Custom Store – the main product of AliDropship is they will build you a dropshipping store; this store has an integration with AliExpress. 
  • Hosting – you no longer have to pay for web hosting as you do with Shopify or WordPress; they will take care of it. 
  • Chrome Extension – use this plugin for Google Chrome to find products on a browser easily; no need to go to the AliExpress site to source products
  • Automation – if there is a price change in AliExpress, your store will automatically reflect these changes
  • Order Tracking – the system will send updates to your customers automatically during shipment 

AliDropship Pros

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • There is a plugin you can use independently 
  • You can import products from AliExpress with one click 

AliDropship Cons

  • There is a start-up cost of about $300

With AliDropship, your products also come for AliExpress. The big deal is that you can ask them to copy a store already making profits. You no longer have to do extensive research. 

10. Sunrise Wholesale – best for general store

While this company is not famous, it is ideal for UK dropshipping because they are in the US. They are close enough to the UK to do fast shipping. 

In addition, they have thousands of products you can sell. 

Sunrise Wholesale Features

  • Top Brands – you will find branded goods in the database; some examples are Dolce and Gabbana, Marvel, Panasonic, etc.
  • Lots of Products – it is like AliExpress, but you will only find high-quality products that UK consumers know and love
  • Integration – you can integrate the system with eBay, Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce
  • Transparency – the product prices are visible; you will immediately know what your possible profit margin is going to be
  • Fast Handling – they offer same-day or next-day fulfillment on all your orders; you will also get daily email alerts

Sunrise Wholesale Pros

  • There is no minimum order requirement
  • They have several shipping options via FedEx, UPS, and USPS
  • You can integrate the system into several platforms

Sunrise Wholesale Cons

  • The service is not free

Sunrise Wholesale is a legit dropship supplier company. However, you must pay at least $49 monthly to use their system.

11. AW Dropship – best for gifts

AWDropship is one of the best dropship suppliers in the UK for gift items. The people behind the company built the platform with a specific focus on UK consumers.

Here, you can pick from a huge catalog of giftware. The items you get here are unique, not run-off-the-mill mass-manufactured products. 

AWDropship Features

  • Fast Shipping – for UK orders, they always do what they can to ship the items in two days
  • Product Category – from sculptures to candles, they have a lot of gift items that you can sell; my advice is that you niche down so you can focus on a specific market
  • No Fees – they do not charge a monthly fee if you sell their products
  • Transparent Shipping – the shipping prices are visible on the site 

AWDropship Pros

  • Huge catalog
  • The products are highly unique 
  • The system is free to use

AWDropship Cons

  • You can only view the prices after you register for an account
  • There is no integration 

AWDropship is what you want if you want handcrafted goods. The prices are a tad on the expensive side. Be aware that you must market these products to people with money to spare.  

12. Printify – best for personalized clothing

Printify is the second leading company when it comes to print-on-demand. It is an excellent partner for UK dropshippers because they have the most extensive global network of print providers. 

Printify Features

  • Merchant Support – they offer 24/7 support for their dropship partners
  • Manual Orders – it is possible to input manual orders; your customer does not have to order from your online store. You can place the order on your customer’s behalf
  • Account Manager – you will have a dedicated account manager if you subscribe to the Enterprise Plan. 
  • Mock-Up Generator – this tool comes with a free account; you do not have to upgrade to get marketing materials for your products

Printify Pros

  • They offer a vast catalog
  • There are different types of printing techniques
  • You can order items in bulk to get massive discounts
  • You can transfer products from other sources

Printify Cons

  • You will only get a discount if you pay a monthly subscription fee

Use Printify if you want to sell personalized goods. It is an ideal partner for single-purchase products. It is also an excellent system for creatives—similar to Printful, where you can sell your art.  

13. Furniture to Go – best for furniture

Furniture to Go, or FTG, is the best furniture supplier in the UK because of the quality of its service. They offer replacement parts, plus discounts to dropshippers. 

You can download their brochure even if you do not sign up. As such, you can check their products even before you commit. 

FTG Features

  • Extensive Catalog – they have brochures for sets of furniture; you can focus your efforts on specific design types for a particular market
  • Next-Day Shipping – they have a process where they will deliver the furniture the following day
  • Free Shipping – they offer free shipping throughout the UK
  • Marketing Material – they have high-quality photos of their products; you can use these photos for marketing

FTG Pros

  • Lots of furniture products for all interiors
  • They make it a point to deliver the next day
  • You get higher discounts if you also order a more considerable amount

FTG Cons

  • Items can get out of stock fast

FTG provides furniture for the living room, dining room, office, etc. The materials are mostly melamine, meaning they will last longer and are almost scratch proof. 

14. Liberty House Toys – best for kids’ toys and kids’ furniture

Liberty House is one of the biggest suppliers of toys in the UK. You will have an excellent partnership with them since they only sell high-quality toys safe for kids. 

Liberty House Features

  • Lots of Products – there are products for kids’ furniture, toys, collectibles, storage, dollhouses, and many more
  • Free Shipping – for as long as the delivery destination is the UK mainland, they ship for free. 
  • Quality – all the products here passed UK standards; you can rest assured that they are safe for kids
  • Tracking – once you make a purchase, they will send you a tracking number so you can check where your item is

Liberty House Pros

  • They accept other methods of payment, not just cards
  • Extensive catalog of furniture for kids 
  • They offer free shipping

Liberty House Cons

  • No app to integrate

I strongly suggest parenting with Liberty House if your niche is toys or kids’ furniture. It also makes sense that you make them one of your suppliers but not a dedicated source of your goods.  

15. Hill Interiors – best for home goods and home décor

Hill Interiors is the partner you want for elegant furniture and interior ware. The company is famous in the UK, and you will not disappoint your customers.

Hill Interiors Features

  • Exhibitions – they host physical exhibitions; you can view the items face-to-face
  • Showroom – they have a physical gallery in Yorkshire where you can view more than 1,500 products
  • Marketing – they provide high-quality photos that you can use to market the products

Hill Interiors Pros

  • High-quality products
  • They ship small and medium-sized products the next day
  • No fees to participate as a dropshipper

Hill Interiors Cons

  • You can only dropship in the British mainland and a few offshore locations

Please note that Hill Interiors does not have a dropshipping app. You must copy and paste the images and the product descriptions one by one.

16. Zuzu Jewellery – best for jewelry

Zuzu Jewellery is a UK company. It is one of the best drop ship jewelry suppliers in the UK because they only sell high-quality jewelry products. 

Zuzu Jewellery Features

  • International Shipping – for UK orders, the shipping fee is free. For international, they charge 8.50 GBP. 
  • Product Categories – they sell many types of jewelry products. Some examples are stud earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, etc. There are even jewelry items for men.
  • Refund – you can return the goods in 30 days; please note that piercings do not qualify for refunds due to hygiene reasons

Zuzu Jewellery Pros

  • Lots of legit jewelry to choose from
  • Affordable shipping
  • Secure nine payments or transactions

Zuzu Jewellery Cons

  • They do not have a dropshipping app

Zuzu Jewellery has a ring size guide and piercing guide. I recommend that you download it and post it in your dropshipping store. This guide will help your customers order suitable jewelry sizes. 

17. AppScenic – best for outdoor gear and camping

AppScenic is like Spocket and CJDropshipping. I recommend it to UK dropshippers for the outdoor and camping niche because they have many of these items. 

AppScenic Features

  • Inventory Management – the system will automatically sync data and prices from AppScenic to your store. You can also use a standardized pricing formula
  • Advanced Ordering – the orders automatically happen; you do not have to fulfill the orders yourself. The system also routes the order to the warehouse closest to your customer’s shipping address
  • Smart Shipping – you will get tracking numbers and notifications. The company works with over 100 shipping companies.
  • Smart Payments – they have a system where you can enjoy auto-funding and add backup payment methods. This ensures that the orders process automatically even if you are asleep. 
  • Unique Suppliers – they have suppliers in the US, UK, and the EU; many items here come from popular brands. 

AppScenic Pros

  • Lots of features
  • You can find high-quality products
  • International shipping available
  • There are over 1 million products in the system

AppScenic Cons

  • It takes money to access the premium products
  • Few integration options are available 

AppScenic is free to use, but you will get access to more features if you pay a subscription. Using the free account, you can only integrate the app into one store. 

18. Redbubble – best for artistic products

Redbubble is a print-on-demand marketplace. I like it for UK dropshipping because you cannot find this same level of artwork anywhere.

Redbubble Features 

  • Unique Art – you will find printed products that artists designed. These are not products that a company mass-manufactures. 
  • Lots of Products – you can find items you can resell, like phone cases, wall art, stickers, accessories, etc. Again, all these products are unique. 
  • Fan Art – the artists here publish artwork that is derivative of trademarked materials. However, they are not violating the law, as they have strict guidelines to meet to prevent infringement

Redbubble Pros

  • Lots of unique products that come from real artists
  • You can submit a return request within 90 days
  • They provide details on the status of your order

Redbubble Cons 

  • There is no app to integrate

As a marketplace, the sellers here are artists who use a print-on-demand system. What you will do is resell their artwork to your customers. 

Do not copy their designs and apply them to your Printful or Printify account. That is illegal, and you are violating their copyright. 

19. Modalyst – best for jewelry and fashion

Modalyst is a dropship supplier company and also a print-on-demand company. I recommend this to UK dropshippers because they have a lot of high-end fashion and legit jewelry. 

Modalyst Features

  • Integration – you can integrate the app with Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Alibaba
  • Syncing – you can sync products between your store and Modalyst with one click.
  • Single Platform – you only need one dashboard to do all your dropshipping work. You can add products, fulfill orders, cancel orders, and a whole lot more with only one tool 
  • Price Rules – you can create a price rule. It makes the system reflect this rule across all your products. There is no need to change each product price manually.

Modalyst Pros

  • No limit on inbound messages
  • You can use their profit calculator
  • You will receive a notification on inventory levels
  • The update on the product details and pricing are automatic

Modalyst Cons

  • You must upgrade from a free account to access more products

Use Modalyst if your target niche is fashion and jewelry. Although the jewelry is not as good as Zuzu, there are many affordable ones here that you can sell for a higher margin. 

20. FragranceX – best for perfumes and colognes

FragranceX is the best UK dropship supplier for legit perfumes and colognes. Here, you can find branded perfumes that you can sell without paying for inventory. 

FragranceX Features

  • Lots of Brands – some examples of the brands here are Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Montblanc, Christian Dior, and many more.
  • Payment Options – they accept major credit cards, PayPal, Afterpay, and others. 
  • Refund – you can return items for up to 30 days, provided that there is no damage and the content of eh bottle is full

FragranceX Pros

  • The perfumes are authentic, no fake
  • You can buy small bottles that you can use as a tester; great if you also have a physical shop

FragranceX Cons

  • No app to integrate; you will do everything manually

FragranceX is the best source of perfumes. They ship internationally, but the rates vary. Please make sure to check their shipping calculator. 

How to Know If a Product Sells: Guarantee Your Sales in Dropshipping 

As promised, I will show you how to determine if a product has a demand. 

Why is this important? 

It is critical because you want to ensure you can sell the Shopify dropshipping products you posted. 

After choosing your niche, I would understand how excited you can get adding products. But hold on. There is a better way of doing things. 

To find out if a product sells, use an analytics tool. Of course, I would recommend what we made: Dropship.IO. 

In this section, I will show you how it works. 

The first thing to do is to click on PRODUCT DATABASE, then type the product name you are researching. See the screenshot below:

After clicking the SEARCH button, scroll down and see several products. In this area, you will see how many of these products sold in the past month. 

As you can see, the first computer table sold 62 units last month. This tool tracks the sales of a specific store. If you want to know who it is, click the product name, and you will see this:

From here, we know that this dropshipper sells the product in New Zealand. He sold several tables in the past month he has several size variants.  

So, what can you do from here? 

You now know that a computer table has a demand. The next step is to look for a supplier who sells a similar item.

In this example, let us use AliExpress. After scrolling down the search results, here is what I have: 

The computer tables here range from $30 and $165. The first product we saw earlier is selling at NZD 95. 

So, if our capital from AliExpress is $35, and we sell this for $90, we have a gross margin of $55 per unit. If we are conservative, let us say we can only sell 30 of these tables monthly, not 60. Even so, we still made a gross profit of $1,650!

Dropship.IO is a tool to analyze what sells and what does not. In addition, our tool can help you find out what your competitors are doing.

More importantly, Dropship.IO provides sales tracking, portfolio, and collections management services. 

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Tips for working with dropshipping suppliers

Some dropship suppliers are unreliable. It is one of these sad facts of life that you and I have to deal with. After years of working with suppliers, I can say that I learned the hard way. 

It is not something you need to go through. To help you out, below are some of my best tips to make dropshipping a hassle-free experience for you. 

1. Choose Paid and Free Suppliers

Some say that paid suppliers are frauds. This claim is ridiculous. Some dropship suppliers charge a fee because they want to weed out nuisance dropshippers. 

There are many free dropshipping suppliers, as you have seen on my list. However, most luxury dropshipping suppliers in the UK charge a fee. 

Work with both of them. Never mind the fee, provided that: 

  • You are selling original branded products
  • You have a system that automates things for you 

All businesses have a cost, and you must be willing to pay for that cost in exchange for convenience and legitimacy. 

2. Order the Items from the Suppliers

I cannot stress this enough: know the product you sell. It does not make sense to sell items that you never saw. 

I am not saying that you must order everything. What if you want to list thousands of items in your store?

All I am saying here is that for every supplier, order a sample. From here, you can assess the following things:

  • Speed of packing and handling
  • Speed of shipping
  • Quality of product

If the supplier fails this test, look for another one. It is better to bear this loss now than deal with customer complaints and product returns later. 

3. Communicate with the Suppliers

Not all suppliers understand the dropshipping business. For suppliers who do AliExpress dropshipping and Shopify dropshipping, you can rest assured they know what you are doing.

But for the rest? You must contact the dropship supplier and explain your business model. Make sure they understand and that they will support you. 

After all, your success is also their success. 

You must also ask suppliers if they can do custom branding for you. Some of them do not list this in their services. However, it is not that difficult for them to print a sticker for you, right?

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Talk to the supplier. Ask them questions about returns, refunds, etc. If you do this, you will know what to expect. Then, you can plan against potential failure points. 

In a nutshell, these are the most important aspects of working with suppliers. Remember that it is a business, and communication is critical. 

You also must find out if the supplier is legit. Do not rely on images on websites—invest in ordering a sample, which will save you from a massive headache. 

What to look for in dropshipping suppliers

I wrote a detailed article about the things you must consider when choosing a dropship supplier. Below is a quick summary of these tips.

  1. Product Quality – choose a supplier whose products have high quality; it does not have to be the best. At the very least, the product must be the same as its advertisement representation. 
  2. Shipping Standards – pick a supplier who ships items quickly. Sure, the actual speed of shipping is out of the supplier’s hands. However, you must choose a supplier who will drop off the item to the carrier in less than three days. 
  3. Warehouse Location – if possible, work with a supplier whose products are physically in the UK. A warehouse in the UK means faster and cheaper shipping. 
  4. Price Against Competition – look for suppliers who offer low-cost goods. The price must allow you to compete against Amazon sellers.
  5. Technology and Efficiency – at best, choose a supplier with a system you can integrate with your eCommerce platform. It is easier to work this way than do things manually. 
  6. Return Policies – work with a supplier who has a reasonable refund policy. The supplier must be accountable if he shipped the wrong or defective item. 

No supplier is perfect. No supplier may meet all these requirements. However, pick one who meets several of these factors. 

If you think about it, what matters is customer experience and expectations. The two most essential items you must focus on are product quality and value for money or price.

UK Dropshipping Suppliers: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find suppliers for dropshipping in the UK?

To find dropshipping suppliers, you must check out our list. The supplier you choose depends on the niche you want to target and the type of platform you use for dropshipping. 

What are the best dropshipping companies in 2023?

The best dropshipping company in 2023 is Spocket. There was a time when it was Oberlo, as it was a perfect match for Shopify. However, Oberlo is gone, so Spocket is now the top option. 

Is dropshipping in the UK worth it?

Yes, it is worth dropshipping in the UK. Almost everyone buys online, and eCommerce retail sales will reach more than $120 billion by 2025. There is a market in the UK, but you need to be smart about it by choosing the right niche. 

Is dropshipping legal in the UK?

Yes, it is legal in the UK. We have an article that thoroughly discusses this topic: is dropshipping legal? I recommend that you give it a go so we can answer your questions about the legality of dropshipping. 

How do I get a supplier for dropshipping?

To get a supplier, you must contact the suppliers on our list. Most of the best dropshipping companies

have an automation system. You must order a sample and use their system in your dropshipping business platform.


The best dropshipping supplier in the UK is Spocket. It has all the tools you need to source, list, and manage a dropshipping store—all in one platform. The next step is to check the tool and sign up for a free account. 

Next, give Dropship.IO a try. I may sound biased here, but I assure you it will change your perception of dropshipping. We offer a 7-day free trial for Dropship.IO, so grab it now and see how it will help you earn a lot of money!

Happy dropshipping!

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