9 Best eBay Product Research Tools For Dropshipping

Our topic today is a review of the best tools you can use now to research winning eBay products. 

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September 3, 2023
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For transparency purposes, I have never drop shipped on eBay before, but my experience over the years tells me that the process is the same with other dropshipping platforms. 

The best alternative overall is Drosphip.IO. I am saying this not because of prejudice but because Dropship.IO offers more features than your typical eBay product research tool. 

For starters, here is our list: 

  1. Dropship.IO – best overall eBay product research tool
  2. Terapeak – the best free eBay product research tool
  3. ZIK Analytics – the best affordable eBay product research tool
  4. Algopix – best for Amazon, Walmart, and eBay
  5. ShelfTrend – best for international eBay product search
  6. IXSPY – best for spying on other e-commerce sites
  7. PowerDrop – best for exclusive dropshipping products search
  8. SaleHoo – best supplier directory
  9. AutoDS – best for integration and product importation 

This list may not be the best for you, but I still encourage you to read it. I am sure there is a chunk of knowledge here that all of us can learn from. 

The 9 Best eBay Product Research Tools

1. Dropship.IO – best overall eBay product research tool

Dropship.IO is the best product research tool for dropshipping, regardless of the platform. It allows you to see through the performance of dropshippers, not the suppliers. In addition, you can also view the sales revenue of dropshippers, track stores, and receive product drops that you may be interested in.

Dropship.IO Features

  • Chrome Extension – our free extension allows you to spy on products outside the Dropship.IO website. With this tool, you can save Facebook ads automatically and view them in your Dropship.IO account for later review. With the product and ad spy tool working together, you cannot go wrong in your product selection. 
  • Competitor Research – you are not the only dropshipper out there. Our tool will show you who else is selling the same products as you do. With this tool, you can investigate how they market their products, what apps they use, and what their revenue looks like
  • Product Database – our product database shows you the revenue for a project you want to sell. All it takes is a keyword; we will do the number crunching for you. If a product has no sale, it only means that you must move on and look for another product. You need our product database to determine if a product is worth dropshipping on eBay. Our system will tell you which products have a high demand and which don’t. 
  • Dropship University – if you are new to dropshipping, we have many resources to help you understand how dropshipping works. You can apply these principles no matter what platform you use. Currently, we offer 18 lessons about the A-Z of the dropshipping business.  

Dropship.IO Pros

  • There is a Chrome extension that makes spying easy 
  • You can track stores and see their revenue performance daily
  • We drop winning products every week in your portfolio
  • You can research what your competitors are doing right

Dropship.IO Cons

  • We only track Shopify stores for now.

We offer Dropship.IO for free through our 7-day free trial. I encourage you to sign up now and test the tool for yourself. 

Although we do not currently track eBay stores, I can say that a winning product is a winning product, no matter the platform. It does not matter if you sell it on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. You can expect sales to happen for as long as there is a high demand.

2. Terapeak – the best free eBay product research tool

Terapeak used to be an independent company until eBay acquired it in 2017. Terapeak, eBay’s product research tool, is now an in-house software. There was a time when Terapeak was not free, but then eBay decided to make it free to all eBay sellers.  

It means you must be a registered eBay seller before using Terapeak. With it, you can view how products and their respective categories perform on eBay. There are graphs, charts, and search filters to help you get the information you need. 

Terapeak Features

  • Research – the research tool has a filter where you can search by category. You will also find graphs for visualization, plus analysis by particular keywords of your choice. The research tool also shows the percentage of sellers offering free shipping. If this number shows 90%, 90% of all sellers offer free shipping for this product. 
  • Multi-User – if your eBays dropshipping store is huge, you may have employees who work for you. You can give them access to Terapeak and manage their access levels.
  • Analysis – the graphs and charts will show details about your research, such as the average price of an item on the eBay platform. From this, you will know how to price your products accordingly. The search results also give you a quick view of products’ performance, including bid count. 

Terapeak Pros

  • It is free, and it has direct access to eBay stats
  • You can use keywords to find winning products in your niche
  • You will see important details like units sold and the number of total sellers per product
  • Each product you research shows how many customers are “watching” it.

Terapeak Cons

  • Works only for registered eBay sellers 

Terapeak is by far the best product research tool next to us. I am saying this because Terapeak only shows data directly from eBay stats, unlike our coverage. It does not allow you to explore outside the platform.

Overall, Terapeak is what you want to use if you want to concentrate on eBay only and nothing else. With this tool, you can view the number of listings for a product number of units sold, average sales prices, sell-through rates, and many more stats that can help you decide if a product is worth selling.

3. ZIK Analytics – the best affordable eBay product research tool

ZIK is a tool suite for people wanting to dominate the eBay platform. It helps you find profitable products, calculate your eBay fees, and write the ideal product titles so your items will show on eBay search results.

Although ZIK is an eBay-oriented platform, they eventually turned their tool into an importation machine. I can say that the program works like Spocket, albeit for eBay. It means that with ZIK, you can find winning products and suppliers for these products and then import them to your eBay store.

ZIK Features

  • eBay Market Research – use this tool to investigate products on eBay. The tool shows you trending products, average prices, and how many listings there are for a particular product. The search result will show you important stats such as the sell-through rate, items sold, and total earnings for that product. Because of this, you do not have to second-guess if your idea will work or not. 
  • AliExpress Market Research – yes, the tool also scrapes data from AliExpress, and you can research on the AliExpress platform. You need this if you are in the phase of looking for suppliers. The search results will yield data that shows a seller’s ratings, sold items, votes, available shipping methods, and revenue. 
  • ZIK Pro Tools – this is a program that scans other marketplaces. You can pull out information such as product images, titles, prices, and profit estimates. It is a data scraper allowing you to download product data from Amazon and Walmart. It is also the tool you need to find trending products. 

ZIK Pros

  • It shows you what products have a high demand
  • There are more than 100,000,000 products in its database
  • They have a supplier list

ZIK Cons

  • You can only import items from suppliers at the highest plan.

Use ZIK if your target platform is eBay and nothing else. The Pro plan starts at $14.99 per month. With ZIK, you can access the top 500 best products on eBay. It is a list similar to our portfolio. ZIK also gives you visibility on the top dropshipping products on Amazon and Walmart.

ZIK, like us, offers a dropshipping course. The big difference between our course and theirs is that our course is free. ZIK’s dropshipping course costs $99.99. At that price, the course lasts only five hours long. What you can do, as an alternative, is take our free course instead. However, our course cannot cover how to use ZIK—even so, you will learn how to dropship if you take our dropshipping lessons

4. Algopix – best for Amazon, Walmart, and eBay

Algopix is a product finder that focuses on market trends. This tool can search for winning products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. With Algopix, you can analyze single products, categories, and stores. 

You can use Algopix for free, but your research capabilities have a limit of ten searches per day. To get the best out of the tool, you must purchase the Business Plan, which costs $28 monthly. 

Algopix Features

  • Single-Product Analysis – use this tool if you want to assess the sales potential of one product. The analysis dashboard will show the product’s rank on eBay, Amazon, or Walmart. You will also have visibility on the sales performance, the keywords in the ad copy, how many sellers are selling similar items, and much more.
  • Sourcing – once you know what products are profitable, you can use the supplier database to source these products.
  • Variants – the search results will show you if the product you are investigating has variants. It is an important data set because you will discover which variant sells the most. 
  • Store Analysis – like our competitor research tool, you can use Algopix to spy on eBay sellers. You can program the system to search beyond a storefront, which means you can get data based on what consumers see and what is happening inside an eBay store. 

Algopix Pros

  • The tool has AI that can generate advertising or sales copy
  • You can analyze a maximum of 400 items per day
  • Store analysis is possible with a paid account

Algopix Cons

  • Too many limits on the free plans

Algopix is an excellent tool for analyzing competition and sourcing products. The store evaluator Makes it possible to discover what top sellers do and how you can replicate their success. The tool also allows you to simplify price and product management.

Overall, Algopix is what you need to optimize your eBay listings. Although it has no listing optimization, the keyword tool and the AI copywriter can help boost your rankings and conversion rate.

One caveat with Algopix is that while you can integrate it with an Amazon Seller Account, you cannot integrate it with eBay or Walmart. You cannot upload products from Algopix to eBay. If you found a supplier, there is no option but to copy and paste the product details manually from the supplier to your website.

5. ShelfTrend – best for international eBay product search

ShelfTrend has over a billion listings you can review from over 20 countries with eBay. This tool allows you to monitor competition, find winning products per country, see the top 500 companies, and more. As such, it is an interesting eBay research tool if you want to sell at an international level.

ShelfTrend is free, and you can view analytics in graph form. Some of these are a tad complicated, so the tool is best for those with a little background in statistics.

ShelfTrend Features

  • eBay Seller Research – this feature makes it possible to investigate details about an eBay seller. You will have access to their listings and their selling activity. Because of this, you can view what your competitors are doing, how they price a particular product, and what other products they offer.
  • eBay Product Search – it answers sellers’ most common questions. It will tell you how tough the competition is (for a specific product), what product features increase conversion rates, and what keywords buyers use to search for an item. What makes ShelfTrend unique is that it has a Supply Demand report. The report tells you how many people searched for a particular product. Once you know what is in high demand, you can study who your competitors are.
  • High-Ranking Listings – you can narrow your search to listings that rank high on the search results of eBay. Think of it as something similar to search engine optimization. If you know what products make it to the top of the search result, you can investigate what makes these items favorable to the eBay algorithm.

ShelfTrend Pros

  • The analytic charts are interactive, not static
  • You can investigate over 20 eBay marketplaces
  • It is easy to identify winning products based on the listing’s performance 

ShelfTrend Cons

  • The tool does not give you access to a supplier list or database. 

The free account can only show you a few stats. There are certain limitations, too. For example, you have a limit of 250 queries per month and will not have access to the keyword tool. 

For active and serious eBay sellers, I suggest using the paid plan, which costs only $24.99 monthly. This plan lets you access the eBay search rank feature, price and competition analysis, and automated reports.

6. IXSPY – best for spying on other e-commerce sites

IXSPY, like our tool, is a product research tool you can use for eBay, even if there is no eBay data. IXSPY covers top e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and AliExpress. 

It is also an excellent product hunter tool for TikTok influencers. The tool’s main purpose is to show dropshippers like us the rankings of products on various platforms.

IXSPY Features

  • Shopify Rankings – use this tool to find winning products on the Shopify platform. You can also focus your investigation on a particular Shopify store. The tool supports dozens of types of filtering, and you can save products and stores to your dashboard. From here, you can view their stats and revenue daily. 
  • Chrome Extensions – the company offers several browser extensions. Each analyzer has its browser, meaning you must choose whether to search for winning products on Etsy, AliExpress, Shopify, or Shopee. 
  • Product Analysis – no matter which platform you want to investigate, you can view several data types to help you decide what to sell. Some examples of these data points are item price, sales trend chart, sales index for the past seven days, monthly sales, and more. 


  • Coverage on the top-selling platforms
  • They give you access to the Facebook Ad Library, which we also do
  • You can do your search for a specific platform only


  • There is no transparency in their pricing matrix.

So, how can you use IXSPY if it has no eBay data? The trick here is to find competition on other platforms. If a product is selling well on Etsy, and there are only a few sellers on eBay, don’t you think this is an excellent opportunity to dominate eBay with the product? 

I tested the software and discovered that while they offer “different” tools for each platform, the contents, processes, and filtering options are the same. It means that whatever data you will see is the same data type on each platform, if available. 

Since IXSPY covers several marketplaces, you have access to billions of products. Surely, there are winning products here that belong to your niche. Overall, I recommend IXSPY to sellers who want to dropship on eBay but want to find winning products from another market. 

7. PowerDrop – best for exclusive dropshipping products search

PowerDrop is a unique tool because it has what the creators call Exclusive Search. This tool will only show you products that dropshippers sell. As such, you can filter out products that do not belong to dropshipping. 

PowerDrop can show you product data such as sales-through rate, supplier sources, add-to-cart count, and more. Like other spy tools, you can also view statistical charts of particular products.

PowerDrop Features

  • Product Research – you can use keywords to narrow your search in your niche. Once the results are in, you can click on a product and see revenue, sell-through rate, average sale price, and competition level. There is also a sales chart that you can configure. These data can help you strategize how to compete against others. 
  • Competitor Search – the tool can show you a list of dropshippers who sell the same item as yours. In this dashboard, you will see a grid where you can find the following information: seller’s name, country, and estimated monthly sales volume. 
  • Product Spy – use this research tool to understand what makes other products rank high on eBay. Here, you can view price and title analytics and do a reverse search. The title analytics will give you an idea of what keywords to use in your listings.

PowerDrop Pros

  • You can source suppliers from the tool
  • The bulk scanner allows you to scan up to 500 sellers with one click
  • You can view what other sellers are doing and understand how they market their goods

PowerDrop Cons

  • The listing analyzer does not show you how to optimize your eBay listings.

If you like PowerDrop, I suggest you get the basic plan, which costs $24.99 monthly. You will have access to all the tools, albeit you have a limit. For example, you can only perform 100 scans per session. This number should be enough, especially if you are at the starting phase of your dropshipping business.   

Overall, you will like the competition-level data, which is low, medium, and high. High competition means many dropshippers are selling the same product on eBay.

8. SaleHoo – best supplier directory 

SaleHoo is a supplier directory where you can find manufacturers and producers of goods willing to dropship. They also offer an integration option for Shopify stores but not for eBay. 

What makes SaleHoo an excellent product research tool is its vetting system. Unlike many supplier and product databases, SaleHoo has a team investigating whether a supplier is trustworthy. As such, you can rest assured that the suppliers here are reliable.

SaleHoo Features

  • SaleHoo Directory – the directory gives you access to over 2.5 million products. Please note that these are products of suppliers, not products of eBay sellers. You can contact the supplier and make business arrangements. I want to point out that SaleHoo does not process orders. You can only do this if you integrate SaleHoo with Shopify. Right now, this option is not available for eBay dropshippers. 
  • SaleHoo Market Labs – this tool allows you to find winning products. It is the product research tool where you can view product data. Once you access it, you will see data like market price, potential profit, and product cost plus shipping. The SaleHoo Market Labs works like EcomHunt.  
  • SaleHoo Educate – it is similar to our Dropship University. They have a series of videos showing you how to use SaleHoo and how to start a dropshipping business. SaleHoo’s focus on this course is to teach you how to earn seven figures in your dropshipping store. 

SaleHoo Pros

  • Millions of products to choose from
  • There are more than 8,000 suppliers
  • They have a dropshipping course

SaleHoo Cons

  • They do not offer a free account; you must buy a lifetime membership to get the most out of it.  

I can say that SaleHoo is a great tool if you want to work directly with suppliers. Unlike other product research tools, this one will not show eBay stats. Instead, it allows you to focus on finding winning products from suppliers you can trust 

The one caveat for using this tool is that you cannot directly import products from SaleHoo to eBay. You can only do this with Shopify. In addition, you have no visibility as to whether the product you are looking at has a big market on the eBay platform. 

9. AutoDS – best for integration and product importation 

AutoDS is not just an eBay product research tool; you can also integrate the system with your eBay account and import products to your eBay store. 

In essence, I can say that AutoDS is a company that recognizes the need for an importation tool for eBay dropshippers. A tool like this is rare, as most companies focus too much on the Shopify platform. 

AutoDS Feature

  • Product Lister – the product uploader does not only copy and paste products to your eBay store. You have the option to make changes to the prices and variations. In addition, you can schedule the uploads.
  • Automated Fulfillment – the system allows you to automate the orders. You no longer need to return to your dashboard and place manual orders. If a customer orders on eBay, the supplier gets a notification. They will ship the items as soon as possible. 
  • Tracking – you can track shipments from the supplier to the customer. You can provide tracking numbers to your eBay consumers.
  • Case Management – the system comes with a management tool where you can process refunds, cancelations, and other cases—all in one dashboard. 

AutoDS Pros

  • You will save time in listing products on eBay
  • It comes with SEO tools
  • You can list multiple items at a time

AutoDS Cons

  • The product research tool shows data about suppliers, not eBay sellers.

Overall, I can recommend AutoDS to eBay dropshippers who want an all-in-one tool. The tool scans over 40,000 merchants who can supply your eBay store. The AutoDS product research tool also covers five major supplier marketplaces.

AutoDS is great if you want to dropship on eBay without the hassle of uploading products manually. However, you must pay a monthly fee to fully experience what they offer. The good news is that you can subscribe for as low as $9.99 monthly—this plan has a limit of 200 product imports.

Is dropshipping on eBay worth it? 

Yes, it is worth it. However, you must prepare yourself to pay fees. Like Amazon and Etsy, they charge a fee when you sell items on the platform. The listing fee on eBay varies per country. 

In addition, eBay charges you a listing fee whether or not you successfully sold products. There is also a final value fee that ranges from 12% to 15%. You only pay a final value fee for products people buy from you.

Overall, I can recommend dropshipping on eBay only if you have a few products to sell. If you plan to sell hundreds of products, you are better off selling them on your website. The cost will speak for itself.  

Best products to sell on eBay

Like any other marketplace, the top products on eBay change according to the season and market demands. At the time of this writing, these are the best product categories on eBay: 

  • Accessories and parts of vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Gadgets for boats and cars like GPS
  • Protective gear for hobbies and other dangerous activities
  • Tools for mechanical diagnostics
  • Fluids and chemicals 

As you can see from this list, eBay is not for your typical Amazon customer. Over the years, eBay became a specialized marketplace for hobbyists and the industrial market. 

eBay Dropshipping Product Research FAQ

What is eBay product research?

eBay product research is an activity where you try to find out what products will likely sell the most on the eBay platform. 

How do I research items to sell on eBay?

Using tools to find winning products on eBay is ideal, as you would use tools to find the best dropshipping products on any platform. 

How do I find the best product on eBay?

The first step is to choose a niche. You would find it difficult to find a winning product unless you know the product category you want to penetrate. Once you are sure about this, use Dropship.IO to find winning products for your eBay store.

What is eBay product listing?

An eBay product listing is a product you upload on the platform for sale. It is like an Amazon or Etsy listing. 


The next step is to sign up for a free Dropship.IO account. Our 7-day free trial should give you access to all the tools you need to find winning eBay products.

Remember: choose a niche before you start researching, or you will find research on overwhelming activity. Nevertheless, we are here to guide you through our video tutorials!

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