15 Best Low-Ticket Products To Sell in Dropshipping Store

In this article, you will find the 15 best low-ticket products to sell in 2023.

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August 15, 2023
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As a part-time dropshipper, I've always leaned towards the idea of high-ticket products. But I also realize the importance of diversifying my product catalog. This is why I started adding low-ticket products to my store.

Finding the right low-ticket products to sell requires some work. You have to consider things like market potential and value offered to the customer.

Luckily, I have done the hard work so you can jump straight into selling these items.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Top low-ticket dropshipping products include electronic wall clocks, plush toys, and magnetic eyelashes. 
  • High competition exists in low-ticket dropshipping due to accessible low-cost items. 
  • Despite that, low-ticket dropshipping can turn a good profit with the right strategy.
  • AliExpress and Sunrise Wholesale are leading global suppliers for low-ticket products.
  • Platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Ebay are ideal for selling low-ticket items.

15 best low-ticket dropshipping products to sell

I understand you're eager to get straight to the main point.

So first, I'm going to provide a list of the best low-cost items to sell online.

Note that I've listed the average margin for each product. This should help you determine whether the item is worth selling.

Let's delve into these low-ticket product examples to help you determine what to sell:

1. Dough cutter

Average profit: 50%-65%

Dough cutters are a must-have for baking enthusiasts.

They speed up food prep by slicing dough easily.

They are also versatile, allowing you to shape dough for pasta, cookies, or pies.

With various shapes and sizes available, dough cutters enhance creativity in baking.

2. Electronic wall clock

Average profit: 40%-60%

Dropshipping electronic wall clocks is a great idea.

Why? First, they're affordable. This makes them a perfect low-ticket product.

Second, they appeal to a wide market. Homes, offices, schools—they all need clocks.

And with their modern designs, electronic wall clocks fit anywhere. 

3. Reusable shopping bag

Average margin: 40-50%

Reusable shopping bags are a smart choice for dropshipping.

Their eco-friendly aspect is key, as more consumers nowadays prefer green alternatives.

These bags cater to that demand, reaching a wide and eco-conscious audience.

Additionally, widespread use in daily shopping (or even as trendy totes) make them desirable to a broad audience.

4. Candle

Average margin: 30%-45%

Candles aren't just for gifts anymore. 

They've become a regular staple for many, making them ideal for low-ticket dropshipping. 

You can sell candles as gifts or items for homes. 

Look for suppliers with many kinds of home scent goods. This can include scented candles, colorful candles, and even candle accessories.

5. Polarized cycling glasses

Average profit margin: 50%-70%

Polarized cycling glasses benefit dropshippers due to high demand and niche appeal.

They offer eye protection, enhanced performance, and comfort, attracting cyclists worldwide.

And their lightweight and compact nature makes them convenient for global shipping.

You can market these glasses to both amateur and professional cyclists. Make sure to highlight benefits like UV protection and fashionable appeal to generate more interest.

6. Plush toy

Average profit margin: 30%-40%

Being soft and unbreakable, plush toys reduce the risk of damage during shipping. 

These toys appeal to a wide age range, meaning you'll enjoy steady and diverse demand. 

Personalization is also a possibility. You can choose a specific character or use custom embroidery to create your plush. 

And being a year-round seller, this low-ticket item can be a consistent source of revenue for your store.

7. Water flosser

Average profit margin: 50%-60%

Water flossers offer effective plaque removal and gentle gum massage, improving oral hygiene. 

They are especially useful for people with braces, implants, and seniors.

With adjustable settings and portability, water flossers ensure comprehensive dental care.

Consider promoting these flosses as thoughtful gifts for holidays, birthdays, or other special events.

8. Mini massage gun

Average profit margin: 70%-80%

Mini massage guns are an affordable tool for relieving tight muscles and reducing pain.

These powerful devices use percussive therapy, which delivers targeted and effective muscle relief.

Portable and easy to use, mini massage guns provide convenience for on-the-go relaxation.

With various settings and attachments, users can customize their massage experience.

9. Motorcycle phone mount

Average profit margin: 40%-60%

As motorcycle adoption rises, the demand for phone mounts is surging.

These mounts offer riders a secure and hands-free solution for accessing their phones while on the road.

You can capitalize on this trend by offering a variety of phone mount options.

Make sure to highlight that your mounts can accommodate various smartphone models. This statement will help you reach a wider audience.

10. Foldable tea table

Average profit margin: 40%-60%

People love foldable tea tables for their practicality and versatility.

These tables fold easily, saving floor space when not in use. Take them anywhere, indoors or outdoors, thanks to their portability and lightweight design.

Plus, various styles and materials allow users to match their interior theme.

Whether it's tea time or hosting small gatherings, these functional tables are sure to impress.

11. Smartphone case

Average profit margin: 30%-40%

People always want to protect their valuable devices from scratches and drops. So smartphone cases are a must-have accessory. 

These cases come in various styles and materials, enabling you to offer a wide range of options on your store. 

Plus, their compact and lightweight nature helps to keep shipping costs low. 

Embrace the appeal of smartphone cases, and capitalize on their popularity to thrive in the market.

12. Artificial wedding car flowers

Average profit margin: 50%-70%

Artificial wedding car flowers add a festive touch to any matrimonial event.

These flowers come in many styles, colors, and arrangements. This allows you to cater your products to various wedding themes.

Plus, being elegant and weather resistant, they're able to maintain their beauty throughout the event.

And because they're reusable, you can market them to conscious couples.

13. Travel mug

Average profit margin: 40%-60%

For folks who are always on the move, a travel mug is an essential companion.

It allows them to carry their favorite beverages—hot or cold—wherever they go.

Travel mugs are designed to be portable, leak-proof, and capable of maintaining the temperature of the contents for hours.

You can offer them in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to attract a broader customer base.

14. Novelty sock

Average profit margin: 60%-80%

Novelty socks are a fashion accessory hit, offering a creative outlet for individuals.

They let wearers showcase their unique personality or mood. Available in a variety of designs, colors, themes, and materials, there's a pair for every taste.

Options include cartoon characters, famous artworks, holiday themes, and bold patterns.

Their versatility makes them great gifts, increasing marketability.

By selling novelty socks, you step into quirky, fun fashion retail.

15. Magnetic eyelash

Average profit margin: 60%-80%

Magnetic eyelashes are trending in the beauty sector. 

They provide an easy, reusable way to boost facial appearance.

These lashes are cheap to source, but can retail for significantly more. And you can market them to a broad demographic of female consumers.

Advertising through Instagram influencers could be effective for this product. It's a strategy that offers cheap exposure and can boost social proof.

What are low-ticket products?

Low-ticket products are dropshipping items that belong to the cheapest pricing category.

I define these products as those with a cost ranging from $0 to $30.

Of course, there isn't a set price range for such products. But for the sake of our discussion, this is the range I'll consider.

It's also worth noting that most low-ticket dropshipping products are small and easy to store and ship.

They commonly belong to categories like jewelry, basic toys, or small electronic devices.

What is the difference between low-ticket and high-ticket dropshipping?

When you do low-ticket dropshipping, you're selling items at lower prices. Your goal? Sell lots of them.

But with high-ticket dropshipping, it's a bit different. You're selling pricier items, and typically in smaller quantities.

There's often more competition with low-ticket items. But with the right strategy, you can stand out and earn a hefty profit.

Low-ticket dropshipping pros

More customers

Low-ticket dropshipping brings more customers. Why? Because the products are cheaper.

To illustrate, a $10 mug is likely to draw more buyers than a $1000 coffee machine.

This scenario often translates to increased sales and potentially higher profits.

Less risk

With low-ticket items, there's less financial risk. If a product is damaged or lost during shipping, replacement costs are minimal.

Furthermore, customers tend not to ask for refunds. This happens because they've not invested a large amount in the purchase.

Low-ticket dropshipping cons

Less profit per sale

The primary downside of low-ticket dropshipping? It offers lower profit margins per sale.

Let's paint a picture: You're making only a few dollars per item. Even with a large volume of sales, the revenue might not be significant.

Therefore, you'll have to sell many items to earn a decent income. Needless to say, this approach demands more effort and resources.

More competition

Low-ticket dropshipping has a lot of competition. Why? It's easy to start and needs less money.

So, you must work harder to stand out.

Plus, you must watch market trends. You need to understand changes in customer behavior. These things are important for staying competitive in the marketplace.

How to find low-ticket dropshipping products

Choosing the right products for your low-ticket dropshipping business takes some effort.

Why? Because you can't just rely on intuition or personal preference when making a choice.

Low-ticket is a unique game. So you need to use special tools and resources to find the right products to sell.

Here's how to find these items:

Visit local markets and fairs

Producers of small, affordable items often display their products at local markets.

So consider exploring some retail markets and fairs in and around your locale.

For instance, you can attend a stationery fair to find vendors for pens and notebooks.

At these markets, you can ask any question about the product and assess its quality firsthand.

Filter by price on Amazon

Price filters can help you find low-ticket products in any category on Amazon.

For instance, if you're interested in selling home decor, you can type the category name in the search bar.

Then, select the "Under $25" price filter from the left menu to see the most affordable decorations.’

Feel free to use this tactic for other low-ticket niches to find more products to sell.‍

Pro tip: Search your product category on more platforms like Walmart, Target, and eBay. Then pick a low price range and start exploring listings to find more budget-friendly items.


Pardon the upfront reference, but is an excellent tool for finding low-ticket items.

Even before my affiliation with this product, I had nothing but good things to say about its features.

And let me assure you that it boasts plenty of features for low-ticket product research.

Product Database

Product Database is the place where you can look for products in diverse categories.

What's notable about Dropship's database is its ability to filter results by price, sales, and even revenue. 

This feature not only simplifies the hunt for low-ticket products, but it also makes it easy to analyze their potential.

Sales Tracker

Sales Tracker is a useful tool to analyze the performance of stores with low-ticket items.

For example, you may be curious about the sales volume of a budget clothing store.

With Sales Tracker, you can monitor its daily, weekly, and monthly sales.

This should assist you in deciding whether launching a similar business could be a fruitful venture.

Other tools

You can also use our no-cost tools to make informed sourcing decisions. 

For example, our Numbers Breakdown calculator enables you to:

  • Compare your profit margins with those of comparable niches or businesses
  • Assess if your cost of goods sold is excessively high relative to your selling price
  • Determine if your cost per acquisition is cutting into your profits

This should help you comprehend your product's standing and capitalize on potential opportunities.

Best low-ticket dropshipping suppliers

Many dropshipping suppliers have catalogs featuring low-ticket items. 

But not all of them are reliable in terms of product quality, shipping times, and customer support. 

To ensure you don't face any problems, we have compiled a list of the top low-ticket dropshipping suppliers:

1. AliExpress

Location: China

I included AliExpress on this list because it's a very cheap place to shop.

There are many low-ticket product suppliers on AliExpress. So you can find things like machinery, power tools, and other cheap goods.

One problem with AliExpress is long shipping times. Especially if you're using a Chinese supplier, it can take a while for products to arrive.

One way to fix this is to find suppliers with a US/EU warehouse.

You can connect your online store to AliExpress using an app like Dropified.

2. Modalyst

Location: US

Modalyst is home to a variety of dropshipping vendors.

And you can trust their quality because Modalyst picks every supplier carefully.

Interested in selling under your own brand? Modalyst has its own private label program that offers custom branding and packaging.

If you want to sell high-quality products on your store, this is the perfect supplier to use.

Modalyst works with Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.

3. Spocket

Location: EU & US

Spocket sells many products from US/EU suppliers.

Although it's not solely focused on low-ticket dropshipping, many sellers provide cost-effective items.

Dropshipping with them can yield many benefits, like improved product quality.

Spocket works well with all big ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix.

4. Sunrise Wholesale

Location: US & Canada

Sunrise Wholesale has more than 15,000 dropshipping products.

This includes cheap items like pet accessories, gardening tools, and more.

As a wholesaler, Sunrise Wholesale sells products at some of the lowest prices.

And, Sunrise Wholesale ships fast for Canada and the US. Packages should arrive in one to two days.

Sunrise Wholesale works with BigCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

5. CJdropshipping

Location: Worldwide

CJdropshipping has warehouses in 26 different places around the globe.

And they offer access to both regular and low-cost dropshipping suppliers.

You can look through their catalogs to find products to dropship.

If you can't find what you want, just ask CJdropshipping's team. They'll help you find it.

CJdropshipping has a web app and a Shopify app for importing products to your store.

How to choose the right low-ticket products

Choosing the right low-ticket dropshipping products for your store can be tricky.

You have to figure out whether an item has enough potential to sell. And also if it's a suitable choice for your target market.

Follow these steps to simplify the process:

  • Think about trends: Is the product in demand now, and will it be required in the future? Is its appeal all-year-round or just seasonal? Your findings will help you choose the right products.
  • Evaluate profit margins: Check out similar product listings on Amazon to get an idea of the price. Compare this with your seller’s price to understand your potential profit margin.
  • Check market competition: With, you can quickly find out the competition for your product. Aim for items with fewer competitors or those that fill a market gap.
  • Test product quality: If you can, buy one unit of the product to check its quality. If you can't, read reviews about the supplier and their products to gain relevant insights.
  • Confirm product-market fit: The product should match the interests of your target market. Share the product with a small part of your audience and gather their feedback. Their responses can help you decide if the product is a good match for your market.

How to sell low-ticket dropshipping products

After selecting your low-ticket products, you must figure out where to sell them. 

Below, you'll find all the potential sales channels to kickstart your dropshipping venture.

Selling low-ticket dropshipping products on Shopify

An online store lets you sell products directly to your customers.

Shopify simplifies the process of setting up an e-commerce store. Pick a theme, personalize your store, and add the low-ticket items you're planning to sell.

You can also set up a wholesale channel on your site and sell products in bulk to other businesses.

Also, Shopify integrates with many low-ticket dropshipping suppliers' platforms. This streamlines the import process and facilitates efficient order management.

Selling low-ticket products on Amazon

Amazon also is an excellent platform for low-ticket dropshipping.

Consumers' trust in Amazon prompts them to buy all kinds of products.

You can capitalize on this trust by selling low-ticket items on the platform.

To stand out, consider offering your products under a private label brand. This approach allows you to establish a unique identity and build recognition among consumers.

Selling low-ticket dropshipping products via Google Ads

Running Google Ads is a powerful approach to boost sales for your low-ticket products.

How does it work? As people search for specific items, brands, or related keywords, your ad appears in response to their relevant queries.

This satisfies their search intent, making them more likely to click to click through your ad.

And since you captured their attention at the right moment, there's a good chance they'll end up buying.

Selling low-ticket products on Instagram

Instagram may not be widely favored by low-ticket dropshippers.

But employing certain strategies can attract a large customer base through this platform.

One of these strategies is to partner with influencers to promote your products.

Influencers have a powerful impact on consumer behavior, particularly among Gen Z.

With targeted and appealing content, they can indirectly boost sales of your products.

Selling low-ticket products on the Facebook Marketplace

Do you live in a country or locality with a high average income?

If yes, consider selling low-price items on the Facebook Marketplace.

This site lets you reach people near you. After you make a listing, buyers will talk to you about their offers.

Make sure to use high-quality images and accurate descriptions for your items. Good pictures grab people's attention. And clear descriptions help them understand what they're buying.

Both will get you more offers.

Selling low-ticket products in different countries (Canada, US, UK, etc.)

You can sell low-ticket items in every nation across the world.

But certain countries are more fitting for low-cost dropshipping compared to others.

The justification? Buying capacity.

Countries with higher buying capacity will give you more sales.

Let's look at some of these places.

Selling low-ticket products in the US

The US is a lucrative market for low-ticket dropshipping.

Based on recent numbers, a US shopper spends about $5,577 every month on average.

So they are a solid target for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

Also, some low-ticket product categories draw big spending from consumers.

For example, US adults spent $31.5 billion on pet supplies last year.

Selling low-ticket products in Canada

Canada is another solid market for low-ticket dropshipping. 

In reaction to shrinkflation, Canadian consumers are changing their shopping habits. Low-cost products are now the preferred choice. 

But whatever you sell to Canadians should be of high quality. Ordering samples prior to a large order can show you a supplier's quality level. This way, you can make an informed purchase.

Selling low-ticket products in the UK

Don't leave the UK out when choosing target markets for low-ticket dropshipping. 

Rising inflation in the UK has made consumers rethink their shopping habits. Now, low-cost items are at the top of their priority list.

By putting the right items in front of them, you stand to gain from this new trend.

Selling low-ticket products in Australia

Buyers from Australia are among the most active online shoppers.

And consumer analysis reveals that young Australians are the most savvy in their purchases.

To succeed in this market, design campaigns that resonate with millennials and Gen Z.

Marketing inexpensive earbuds? Highlight their trendy designs and excellent sound quality to attract young Australian consumers.

Selling low-ticket products in India

With its booming economy, India stands as a promising platform for low-cost dropshipping. 

Indians consistently spend on affordable items, regardless of the season. 

This trend has inspired brands to routinely introduce campaigns focused on low-cost products. 

Following their lead, you too can seize this opportunity. But make sure to validate the demand for your products first.

Low-ticket dropshipping: FAQ

Is low-ticket dropshipping profitable?

Yes, it can be. 

Profit margins for low-ticket items are smaller, usually 10%-20%. However, high sales volumes can balance this out. 

For example, a $10 product with a $2 profit needs more sales to generate a reasonable profit. Still, the lower price point can encourage more purchases.

How do I set up a low-ticket dropshipping store?

You can use Shopify to help you set up your online store. 

Get a professional logo and choose a basic template for your store. 

Then use a dropshipping app to import from suppliers like AliExpress. 

How should I price low-ticket items? 

Consider the customer's perspective. 

If they see value in a $10 item and would pay $15 for it, you can price it in that range. 

Just don't forget to consider costs like marketing expenses and taxes.

Is low-ticket dropshipping harder than high-ticket? 

It can be challenging due to lower profit margins. You need high sales volumes to make good profits. 

But with good marketing and an understanding of your target audience, it can work. It can even be a profitable business model.

Bottom line

So, this was our list of the 15 best low-ticket dropshipping products to sell in 2023.

While it isn't exhaustive by any means, it should provide you with plenty of ideas for what to sell.

And you should be able to find most of these products from the suppliers mentioned in the article.

Not sure how to vet suppliers? Our dropshipping supplier considerations guide can help you in this regard.

Start building your low-ticket dropshipping business today.

For more helpful advice and insights on dropshipping and ecommerce, check out our blog.

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