9 Best Tradelle.IO Alternative For Dropshipping

In this article, we will provide you with a list of tools you can use as an alternative to Tradelle.IO.

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February 18, 2024
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I have used several similar tools in the past, and my goal is to provide a comparison among all these alternatives, thereby making it easier for you to decide which one to use.

We will discuss: 

  • 9 of the best alternatives to Tradelle
  • How dropship tools can help you succeed    
  • Things that your dropship tool must have 

For starters, here is our list:

  1. Dropship.IO best overall alternative to Tradelle
  2. Sell the Trendbest for AliExpress dropshipping
  3. Spocketbest for free Tradelle alternative
  4. SaleHoo best for vetted suppliers
  5. Dropifiedbest for high-ticket items
  6. EcomHuntbest for product hunting
  7. Synceebest for branded goods 
  8. AppScenicbest for high-end products 
  9. HyperSKUbest for private-label or white-label dropshipping 

Overall, our goal is to give you an overview of the dropship tool options out there and help you decide where to put your money. In addition, this article will provide you with information on what these tools can bring to the table—it is up to you to decide which one to use.  

9 Alternatives to Tradelle.IO

1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Tradelle

Dropship.IO is not just a product database; it is also a competitor analysis tool, a product finder, a spy tool, and many more. 

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database – with lots of filters, this tool can help you narrow your search and find products specific to your niche. In addition, the product database scrapes all products listed in the Shopify universe.   
  • Product Analysis – you can view the revenue, sales data, and weekly and monthly performance of a product. This should help you determine if the product has a market demand or not. 
  • Competitor Spy Tool – you will see the stores that sell the product and spy on them. In addition, you can also search for a specific store (just type its name). Our spy tool shows you a store’s apps list, its ads, its products, and sales data.  
  • Ad Spot – the ad spot is our tool that connects to Facebook. Use it to find ads that have winning results, such as ads that have the most shares, likes, and more.  

Dropship.IO is one of the most complete tools out in the market today. It has everything you need to find winning products, analyze their stats, and also spy on your competitors. The tool is free to use for seven days, after which you can choose among several affordable plans.

2. Sell the Trend – best for AliExpress dropshipping

Sell the Trend is an all-in-one platform that offers multiple tools to help you succeed in dropshipping. It is one of the companies that are aggressively using artificial intelligence to provide support and service to their customers.

Sell the Trend Features 

  • Automation – you can automate the order fulfillment, so you no longer have to fulfill it manually; you need to add a funding source like a credit card to use this feature 
  • AliExpress – there is a heavy focus on this platform to source products from AliExpress. Some features allow you to find hot items and hidden gems on the AliExpress platform, so you do not have to do the product research manually.
  • Dropshipping Course – they have a full course on how you can succeed in dropshipping. This course covers what a beginner needs to know, and it also has advanced lessons for those who want to improve their marketing skills.  

Sell the Trend is what you need if you want to source your products from AliExpress. The tool allows you to filter out unscrupulous AliExpress suppliers and only work with those that you can trust. 

3. Spocket – best for free Tradelle alternative

Spocket is a free tool that makes it possible to choose products based on country. It is a great option if you want to dropship products whose country of origin is the same as the target destination. 

Spocket Features

  • DropGenius – it is the latest addition to their features where you can use AI to find products and customize them. You can work with US and EU suppliers if that is your preference. In addition, you will also get premium customized themes for your store.     
  • SmartLi – this is a tool that creates product descriptions and ad copy for you. It is an excellent tool for people who need help in marketing. This tool also provides support for your SEO needs.
  • Jubilee – a dropshipping support dedicated to selling cosmetics. You can work with their best US suppliers to create your cosmetic brand through private label dropshipping.    

Spocket is also best for dropshippers who want to operate several stores on different platforms. It integrates with Shopify, Ecwid, eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and so much more.   

4. SaleHoo – best for vetted suppliers

SaleHoo offers two types of services. One is a dropship supplier database and the other is an integration tool. You must purchase them separately. 

SaleHoo Features

  • Seller Vetting – before a supplier can list items on this platform, the SaleHoo team has to investigate and validate if this supplier can be trusted or not. As such, you can rest assured that every supplier here is reliable. 
  • Product Database – SaleHoo works with over 8,000 suppliers. As of the time of this writing, there are over 2.5 million products in their database. Please note that not all these products are winners. It is up to you to check the analysis and performance trend to decide if you want to add the product to your store. 
  • Market Research Labs – this tool shows you how a product is performing in the market. You will see sales data, and competitor data, and also know how many stores are carrying the product that you want to sell.  

Use SaleHoo if you want to make sure that you are working with a trusted supplier. Although they do have suppliers from global locations, most of the suppliers here are from China.

5. Dropified – best for high-ticket items

Dropified is both a product hunter and an automation tool. You can integrate the system with your store and automate the whole dropshipping process. 

Dropified Features

  • Sourcing – you can add products to your store from AliExpress, eBay, and also Alibaba. 
  • Automation – once the integration is complete, you can enable the automation. In this system, the Dropified algorithm will automatically notify a supplier once an order is placed in your store. You also have the option to place multiple orders in one click. 
  • Free Listing – you can list your desired items in the Facebook marketplace. This option is great for dropshippers who do not have a store yet. 
  • Integration – you can integrate Dropified with Shopify, GrooveKart, and WooCommerce. 

Dropified is not free to use. Unfortunately, they do not publish the cost of their services. You can create a free account, but the free account does not allow you to do anything of value. In addition, most of the products you will find here are from AliExpress.   

6. EcomHunt – best for product hunting

EcomHunt is mainly a spy tool that curates the best products found online every day. What you can do with this tool is find winning products and then add them to your store.  

EcomHunt Features

  • Saturation Meter – this is a chart or graph that shows you how many online stores are selling a particular product (the one you are investigating). It gives you an idea of the level of competition you have to face should you decide to sell a product.  
  • Online Courses – like us, they offer comprehensive training about dropshipping. EcomHunt has courses for finding winning products, how to start dropshipping, how to create video ads, etc. 
  • AliExpress Search – this feature allows you to narrow your product search to the AliExpress website only. this works best if you only want to work with suppliers from the AliExpress platform. 

EcomHunt is an excellent choice if the only thing you need is a list of winning products. Please note that they do not offer importation services, which means you cannot move a product from EcomHunt or AliExpress to your store. You will need a different tool to do that.

7. Syncee – best for branded goods 

Syncee is a dropship tool with a database of over 8 million products. There are more than 12,000 suppliers on this platform, and most of them are brands—not mass-manufactured products that you would typically find in AliExpress.  

Syncee Features 

  • Integrations – the Syncee platform integrates with several store builders like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and others, making it an ideal platform for dropshippers who have multiple sales channels.  
  • Automation – you can automate the product upload or import, product update or synchronization, and the order fulfillment process. 
  • Suppliers from North America and Europe – unlike other platforms, you do not need to make do with suppliers from China. Syncee has global suppliers, and you can choose from those who manufacture products in Canada, the US, the UK, and other parts of Europe.   

What makes Syncee an excellent platform is that they do not charge a fee for the transaction you make. However, you have to pay a monthly subscription that starts at $29 monthly. They do offer a free plan, but this does not include automation. 

8. AppScenic – best for high-end products 

AppScenic is what you want to use if you are looking for high-end products. They have a huge database of high-ticket items such as furniture, clothing, and top-of-the-line pet supplies.  

AppScenic Features

  • Automation – you can automate the order process and ensure that the products in your store stay synched with any updates happening in the AppScenic database.  
  • Integration – the platform integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and eBay.
  • Academy – they offer a total of 12 hours of dropshipping content. There are over 80 lessons in this academy that cover everything you need to know about dropshipping.     

AppScenic has a free plan, but it does not allow you to process orders. As such, prepare to pay at least $24 monthly to use their system. Finally, you can only have access to the premium products if you are a PRO member; this plan costs $47 monthly. 

9. HyperSKU – best for private-label or white-label dropshipping 

The final alternative to Tradelle is HyperSKU, a platform best used for white-label dropshipping. HyperSKU is also ideal for dropshippers looking for fast shipping. 

HyperSKU Features 

  • Integration – the platform integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce. 
  • Private Label – you can work with their suppliers to create your brand, packaging, formulas, etc. 
  • Vetted Suppliers – similar to SaleHoo, all suppliers here went through a verification process. You can trust these suppliers and expect that they will work hard to make your customers happy. 

One thing that differentiates HyperSKU is that you can dropship liquids and even batteries. In addition, they offer between 7 and 12 days for shipping on a global scale.   

Why do you need a dropship tool? 

A dropship tool makes product research easier. Manual research can take you days, whereas a dropship tool can give you the data you need in a matter of seconds. In this section, let us talk about the main benefits of dropship tools.

1. Product Research

A dropship tool takes away all the hours you need to spend looking for a winning product. There are many ways to find a winning product, but using a software program is the fastest.    

Here is an example: 

Let us say that your idea is to sell coffee mugs. The thing is, are you sure that there is a demand for it? If there is, which type of coffee mug is in demand? 

As you can see from the screenshot, the ceramic set has the greatest number of sales. As far as tumblers go, the second line item is an insulated tumbler that has over 17,000 units in sales.  

There is no second-guessing in this area—there is a demand for coffee mugs, and the top three most in-demand types are porcelain, insulated tumblers, and ceramic.  

2. Automation

Another benefit of using a dropship tool is automation. Programs like Spocket, Tradelle, and Dropified all allow automation. 

Automation, in this regard, means that you no longer have to place an order manually with the seller. Once a customer orders from your store, the dropship tool will recognize it and notify the supplier. 

From here, the supplier picks, packs, and ships the item without your manual intervention. This works perfectly for busy stores, as you no longer need to hire a person to place the orders on your behalf. 

Automation also makes the fulfillment process faster. If a customer places an order while you sleep, the order gets automatically fulfilled. 

Compare that to the manual process, and you will realize how much time is wasted due to delays—you have to wake up, go to work, and then place the order while on the go or only once you get home.  

3. Analytics

Finally, you can view valuable reports from dropship tools like Dropship. IO. In particular, we have a sales tracker that shows information on revenue, monthly stats, and more. 

Here is an example:  

This chart represents the sales trend of this product for a month daily. With this tool, you have the option to find competitors and even visit the website of the seller. In addition, you can also click the blue TRACK button and come back to the same report a few weeks from now.    

4. Competitor Analysis

Finally, dropship tools make it possible to analyze your competitors’ sales performance.   Here is an example: 

This screenshot is an overview of stores that I am tracking. If I click on INSIGHTS, this is what we’ll get:

I highlighted some areas of interest that allow you to analyze your competitors: 

  • Website – you can visit the website and see how they write their copy, what pictures they use, and how they designed their store. 
  • Store Products – it tells us the number of products listed on the competitor’s store; click the number and you will see a list of the products, their images, and clickable links that will take you to the product pages. 
  • Store Apps – this will show you what kind of Shopify apps the seller uses. This page will give you an idea of who their suppliers are, what marketing tools they use, etc. 

You can also view their social media pages and get ideas on how they handle their social media marketing. Finally, clicking on the Ad Library will take you to the seller’s Facebook ads, if any. 

Things to Look for In a Dropship Tool

Before you invest money in a tool, it is important to find out if it possesses the things you need to succeed in dropshipping. These are features that you will need to conduct product analysis, competitor analysis, and more. These things are: 

  • Product Database 
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Other Tools

1. Product Database 

The product database refers to the number of products you can analyze. Some databases only have thousands, and some have millions. 

One thing you want to have the tool to have is a search function. In addition, you want filters, so it is easy to narrow your search. 

Here is an example from Dropship.IO: 

The screenshot shows how many types of filters you can apply to your search, which allows you to target specific product types, sales, and industry types. Some product databases do not provide a wide range of options like Dropship.IO does, as they only provide a simple keyword functionality. 

2. Integration

Another thing you want from a dropship tool is integration. Without it, you cannot make the best out of the tool. At a minimum, the dropship tool should integrate with Shopify. 

Some dropship tools can integrate with Etsy, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and other platforms. The choice you have to make here depends on your store’s platform.      

3. Analytics

The tool should provide you with data points that will guide you in the decision-making process. For starters, here are some data types you must look for: 

  • Sales revenue – you must see if a product has a demand, how many units were sold, and what periods the product sold the most. 
  • Price points, capital, and profitability – if possible, choose a tool that shows the capital from the supplier, the average selling price, and the potential profit.  
  • Competitor information – a list of stores selling the same product and data about them  
  • Ad library – ads for the product or the competitor on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

No single dropship tool can possess all these features. As such, you need to identify your business needs and choose an appropriate tool. Dropship.IO has all these, but we can only provide data for Facebook ads right now.   

4. Other Tools

Finally, it makes sense if you get bonus tools such as the things we offer. Some examples of these are: 

  • Dropship University – these are videos that guide you on how to do dropshipping properly
  • Portfolio manager – a list of products that we recommend; these are all winning products   
  • Supplier databases – a list of suppliers you can work with 
  • Profit calculator – various calculators that make it easy to calculate profitability potential. 

At Dropship.IO, we do have multiple types of calculators that you can use for free. These are calculators for ROAS, BEROAS, CPA, and more. 

FAQ: Tradelle.IO Alternative

Why do you need a tool like Tradelle?

Tools like Tradelle make it easier for you to look for winning products. These machines gather and consolidate data way faster than any human being can. It is this data that you want to see and analyze. Essentially, tools like Tradelle and Dropship.IO help you make informed business decisions.   

Is Tradelle expensive?

No, Tradelle is not expensive at all. They offer a free account that provides you with limited access to the system. The free account allows you to use the program and see what it can do. The yearly plan only costs $29.99 monthly.   

Does Tradelle actually work?

Yes, it does work. The system provides data on competition, sales and revenue, social media audiences, and many more.  

Does Tradelle work with Shopify?

Yes, you can integrate Tradelle with your Shopify store. The integration also allows for the automatic fulfillment of orders.  


The next step is to try the different Tradelle alternatives, beginning with our offer, Dropship.IO. Sign up now for our 7-day free trial to see how our system differs from Tradelle. From here, you can tell yourself which dropship platform can better help you succeed in dropshipping. 

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