12 Best Winter Products to Dropship To Make Money as a Beginner

In this article, I will provide a list of the best winter products you must consider dropshipping during the winter. Not all these products are seasonal, but several of them are. 

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May 7, 2024
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In the past years, I learned that winter products have a significantly positive impact on sales. However, I would caution you in picking suppliers.

Winter is a high-demand retail season, so pick a supplier who can keep up with shipping and production.   

Apart from the list, I will also show: 

  • The pros and cons of each item I recommend.
  • The trend of interest from Google Trends.
  • Some product examples that you can choose from each product type or niche.

Here is my list: 

  1. Winter Fashion
  2. Heating Clothes
  3. Beddings
  4. Ice Scrapers
  5. Snowblowers
  6. Car Windshield Protectors
  7. Home Décor and Accessories
  8. Foot Warmer
  9. Coffee and Related Products
  10. Ice Skating Equipment
  11. Indoor Games
  12. Novelty Gift items

Let us begin!

12 of the Best Winter Products to Dropship

1. Winter Fashion

Winter is a great time to don a different set of clothing. From jackets to gloves, hats, and scarves, there are many types of clothing you can sell.

If anything, I recommend that you be meticulous when it comes to offering size charts. It takes only a few millimeters to be off and your customers will demand a refund. 

Pros of Selling Winter Fashion

  • People will certainly buy winter clothes.
  • Customers will buy several items, not just one.

Cons of Selling Winter Fashion

  • These items are extremely seasonal.
  • Competition is stiff during the season. 

Google Trends Data for Winter Fashion

Examples of Winter Fashion

  • Scarf
  • Long Coats
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Boots 
  • Jackets

Best Way to Sell Winter Fashion

As with all things fashion, winter clothing is best presented while worn by a model. Most suppliers have these types of images. What you can do is alter them by adding “snow” to the photos. 

If you want to increase your sales, you must spare some budget in creating videos of the products. Show the items in real snow while being used by somebody. You do not need to do this for all products.

So, how do you do it? All it takes is a short video of a happy person in the snow and use that as your hero banner on your homepage. This immediately tells the site visitor on your landing page that your store is all about winter fashion. 

2. Heating Clothes and Items

Heating clothes does not always refer to those that have electrical components. Regular clothing that makes a person warm is also a good item to sell. However, I suggest that you sell both. 

The difference between these clothes and fashion items is that these are typically used at home, not when going outside. Then there is also clothing people wear for sports.

Pros of Selling Heating Clothes

  • People certainly need heating clothes in the winter
  • People tend to buy several items or more 
  • There are many suppliers of heating clothes
  • You can do print-on-demand for some types of clothing 

Cons of Selling Heating Clothes

  • Risk of electric shock from products that have heating elements

Google Trends Data for Heating Clothes

Examples of Heating Clothes

  • Socks
  • Pajamas
  • Sweaters 

Best Way to Sell Heating Clothes

For non-electric heating clothes, it is best to target those who just want to stay at home and stay cozy. Show images of the products with a model who is satisfied and warm—like someone drinking coffee with an emphasis on the product, like socks. 

For clothing that uses power, it is better to market these items to people who are into sports, like skiing, or those who want to do winter fishing. They need these clothing to keep them warm while spending hours out in the snow.

To convince people to buy electric clothing and heating elements, you must present how long the batteries would last. Battery longevity is the most important selling point for these items. 

3. Beddings

There are special winter beddings that people need to reduce the cold and improve heat. Most of these are made from flannel materials that have insulation properties. 

Since these are seasonal products, I recommend that you build a “home essentials” dropshipping store and make these available only during the winter months. 

Pros of Selling Beddings

  • These products are winter essentials; everybody needs them during the winter months. 
  • There are many suppliers of winter bedding items. 
  • You can increase your sales average by bundling items.  

Cons of Selling Beddings

  • Not all suppliers are transparent with the materials they use; they say fleece, but it is not 100% fleece.

Google Trends Data for Beddings

Examples of Beddings

  • Heating pillows 
  • Heating blankets
  • Regular blankets
  • Flannel bed sheets

Best Way to Sell Beddings

Transparency is the key to selling winter bedding. People want to feel warm, so design is secondary. It makes sense to buy a sample since these products typically cost no more than $50. If it does not meet your standard, do not sell it.

Look for products available in many colors. You will also sell more if the winter bedding you sell comes in bundles of the same color as other bedding items, such as pillow covers, duvets, bed sheets, etc. In addition, it makes sense to sell these items in different sizes such as double, queen, king, etc.   

I also recommend that the product page copy provides the customers with why your winter bedding is superior to the others on the market. 

4. Ice Scrapers

Snow is nice, but it does leave some problems. Snow accumulates on roofs, yards, and car windows. As such, there is a market for ice scrapers. Your dropshipping store is the one that can provide a solution to this problem.

Pros of Selling Ice Scrapers

  • Lots of designs to choose from 
  • A lot of suppliers
  • These items are super affordable. 

Cons of Selling Ice Scrapers

  • These are one-time purchases only.

Google Trends Data for Ice Scrapers

Examples of Ice Scrapers

  • Snow scrapers
  • Car ice scrapers
  • Snow shovels

Best Way to Sell Ice Scrapers

Since these products are affordable, I recommend that you buy several of them and create your video demonstration. Some suppliers already have videos, but doing something original will yield better sales results. 

The videos you make should address a specific problem. The video should look “real,” not staged. Make your video look like user-generated content.

In addition, create videos that demonstrate how your products solve the problem. Most videos from suppliers do not even use the product to scrape snow, so use this as an opportunity to create unique marketing material.   

You can also sell products in a bundle to increase your average order value. For example, you can combine a car ice scraper and a shovel and sell this bundle at a lower price than if the customer bought the items separately. 

How does this help? If the person has a snow problem on his car roof, it makes sense that his yard is also covered in snow. So, it only is appropriate to presume that he also needs a shovel.

5. Snowblowers and Parts

Snowblowers are also called snow throwers. They are an alternative to snow shovels as shovels are too backbreaking to use. There are heavy machinery snowblowers and ones that are handheld. 

Pros of Selling Snowblowers

  • These products provide a high margin for profit.
  • You can sell parts to existing users.

Cons of Selling Snowblowers

  • Too costly to ship.

Google Trends Data for Snowblowers

Examples of Snowblowers

  • Snowblower machine
  • Anti-skid shoes for the snowblower
  • Batteries and carburetors
  • Handheld snowblowers

Best Way to Sell Snowblowers

My suggestion is to start first with handheld snowblowers. You can get these machines for as little as $90. The one thing I strongly recommend is to test the product. The last thing you want is a customer who wants a refund because the snowblower you sold is not powerful enough. 

Demonstrate the power of the snowblower and make sure you set proper expectations. One issue with many customers is that when they buy machines like this, they think these machines are miracle workers who can do magic. 

Snowblowers are only effective to use to some degree of snow. You need to point this out to your buyers. In addition, I believe that you should not dropship snowblowers if you do not use these products yourself. It would be easier to describe what a snowblower can do if you know how these things work.

6. Candles

Candles are not just for birthdays. Many people today want to live that Zen lifestyle where they can smell the scent as they meditate. These are the people you want to target. During winter, it is also common for people to turn off the lights, light up the fireplace, and then light some candles.   

Pros of Selling Candles

  • There are many types of scented candles that you can choose from
  • Shipping is not expensive.
  • It is easy to sell complementary products.

Cons of Selling Candles

  • Few repeat orders

Google Trends Data for Candles

Examples of Candles

  • Jar vintage candles
  • Scented wax
  • Round aromatherapy 
  • Romantic transparent
  • Tea-inspired 

Best Way to Sell Candles

Photography is the key to selling scented candles. One of the best ways to approach photography is to set up a room, the lighting, and the mood, and take photos of the candles lighted. 

Consumers also want to buy candles in batches. My recommendation is to combine several scents in a box, like six candles per box. This way, you can increase your average order value. 

You can also sell candles per piece. If you do, increase the price so the customer can see the value of buying the bundle. 

Finally, I suggest that you fill your store with many types of candles, not just one or two. For example, sell Nordic-style candles, candles in vintage jars, etc. It makes sense to give customers options to ensure there is something that they like.

7. Home Décor and Accessories

The winter season is also the time of year to decorate the house, especially in the United States where they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. The end of the year also marks the time when people want to decorate their houses in preparation for the coming year. 

Pros of Selling Home Décor and Accessories

  • These products are not seasonal; you will find customers any time of the year
  • It is easy to find new and trendy products.  
  • You can sell décor for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom in one store. 

Cons of Selling Home Décor and Accessories

  • Home décor is one of the most saturated niches in dropshipping. 

Google Trends Data for Home Décor and Accessories

Examples of Home Décor and Accessories

  • Wall art
  • Tabletop decors
  • Figurines
  • Vases
  • Artificial plants

Best Way to Sell Home Décor and Accessories

One thing I will recommend is to add print-on-demand to your home décor selections. What you can do is to ask the consumer what kind of photo they want printed on a canvas poster. This way, they can send you photos of their pets, family, and other subjects for printing. 

Home décor sells best if you stage the images. The good news is that the suppliers know this, and they also take the time to take marketing photos of their products. 

You must share important details, especially sizes. If you can, use a ruler beside the home décor so the buyer has an idea of how big it is in person.

8. Foot Warmer

Foot warmers come in several types. There are electric foot warmers, foot warmers that have water in them (hot compress), and regular “footwear” that you just wear in the bedroom. You can sell all these three during the winter to help people keep themselves warm.   

Pros of Selling Foot Warmer

  • There are many types of products you can choose from
  • Foot warmers come in electric type; many people may want to use these in cars during long travel.
  • Foot warmers are not expensive.  

Cons of Selling Foot Warmer

  • Risk of electric shock 

Google Trends Data for Foot Warmer

Examples of Foot Warmer

  • Portable heating pad
  • Heating bags with water (cold compress)
  • USB foot warmer 

Best Way to Sell Foot Warmer

Foot warmers are no different from the other heating clothing we discussed earlier. For foot warmers, it is wise to focus on the benefits of warming the feet.   

You can say on your product landing page that cold feet are ad because they signify poor blood circulation. Although cold feet are normal, some cases indicate that the person may be anemic. 

As such, you can position the product not only as a winter item but as a necessity all year round. This way, you can retain this product in your dropshipping store even after the winter is over.

9. Coffee and Related Products

Who does not like coffee? Although coffee is an all-year-round product, winter is the best season to convince coffee drinkers to try something gourmet. As a dropshipper, you can choose to dropship branded coffee products or do white-label and private-label coffee.

Pros of Selling Coffee

  • Lots of coffee enthusiasts
  • More demand for coffee during the winter
  • You can brand the coffee as your own

Cons of Selling Coffee

  • Can be expensive to do private-label 

Google Trends Data for Coffee

Examples of Coffee

  • Ground 
  • Gourmet
  • Organic
  • Espresso beans
  • Roasted beans
  • Whole bean

Best Way to Sell Coffee

The best way to sell coffee is by creating a product or ad copy for two people: casual coffee drinkers and experts. For the former, it makes sense to use understandable terms. For the latter, you need to write your product copy in such a way that it reflects your expertise in the subject matter. 

Another thing I can recommend is creating videos that show how to prepare the coffee products. Coffee is so sophisticated that many people get intimidated by it. I suggest that you create videos about coffee grinders, coffee types, and their flavors, how to prepare a good blend, etc. 

If you do this, have just provided education to your target audience, therefore making you more credible. For further guidance about coffee suppliers, we have an article that has a list of private-label and white-label coffee suppliers

10. Ice Skating Equipment

Lakes freeze during the winter, and it is the best time to learn how to ice skate. There surely are children who want to learn how to do this, and you can be the go-to store for everything ice skating.   

Pros of Selling Ice Skating

  • You can sell complementary products with the ice skates
  • Ice skates are reasonably priced; easy to sell
  • It is an impulsive purchase 

Cons of Selling Ice Skating

  • Extremely seasonal 

Google Trends Data for Ice Skating

Examples of Ice Skating Products

  • Ice skates
  • Blades
  • Hockey sticks
  • Pucks
  • Sports bags

Best Way to Sell Ice Skating

There is no better way to sell a pair of ice skates than showing the joy of people ice skating. One challenge is that many suppliers do not provide this type of video; I suggest that you create one yourself.    

In addition, you dropship ice should skate only if you know how it works. Customers will ask many things like what the shoe shell is made of, how thick the blade is, etc. Your expertise and credibility both play a huge part in convincing people to buy it. 

11. Indoor Games

It is not always safe to play outside during winter. It gets so cold in some areas that they cannot go out. People get bored, and that is where you come in. You can sell indoor games to people and promote traditional or classic ways of having fun.  

Pros of Selling Indoor Games

  • Board games are affordable.
  • These items are impulse buys; it does not take days for a consumer to decide. 

Cons of Selling Indoor Games

  • Repeat purchases are rare.

Google Trends Data for Indoor Games

Examples of Indoor Games

  • Chess
  • Card games
  • Board games.
  • Checkers

Best Way to Sell Indoor Games

There is a proper way to sell indoor games, and that is to explain the excitement that the game brings. Before the age of the internet, marketers took the time to create video ads that show how kids have fun.

You do not need professional production to do the same. If you have kids, just take a video of them playing and having fun and use that for your ads. 

12. Novelty Gift Items

Winter is a time for giving gifts. There is huge pressure for everybody to buy gifts for their loved ones. It is also the time of the year when manufacturers come up with all sorts of novelty items—things that are cute and new.  

Pros of Selling Gifts

  • Lots of products to choose from
  • Many suppliers you can rely on
  • There is a huge demand 

Cons of Selling Gift

  • The competition is tough 

Google Trends Data for Gift

Examples of Gift

  • Stuffed toys
  • Figurines
  • Bags
  • Clothing

Best Way to Sell Gift

Anything can be a gift. The best way to sell them is to appeal to the buyer’s emotions. If I may add, you would do better if you target a specific market. For example, it is better to sell gifts for kids only, or women only, or for men only. This way, it is easier to position your store as a specialty store.  

Best Winter Products to Dropship FAQs

What product sells the most in winter?

All products that keep a person warm, like socks, are the best products to sell during the winter. 

What is the best product to sell in winter?

Toys and gifts are the best products to sell as people tend to give gifts during the holidays. Toys and gifts are also in high demand any time of the year.  

What product is in most demand right now?

All novelty products that are trending are in high demand. However, chasing trends is not a great idea for dropshipping as it only pushes you to be so active in product picking. 

What do people need most in the winter?

People need clothes, jackets, gifts, and decorative items during the winter.  


The next step I recommend is to use our product database to see if your product ideas are performing. With our product database, you will see sales data in terms of volume and revenue from other sellers.

This should tell you how much money you can make during the winter.

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