POST CONTENTS vs Tradelle - Which is Tool is Best For You?

Dropship has more advanced product research features, whereas Tradelle offers fulfillment built-in. 

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January 20, 2024
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In this article, we’ll compare the two platforms so you can decide which platform is best for you.

Tradelle recommends products it thinks are winners and provides a list of trending products. 

In contrast, Dropship has several product research tools. 

There are tools that recommend products, as well as tools that allow you to search through a database of millions of Shopify products and Facebook ads. 

You can view in-depth data to help you find products that meet your criteria. 

Therefore, you can make more informed decisions using Dropship, which increases your chance of success. This makes Dropship the winner of this comparison.

That said, I am a bit biased. Nevertheless, I will still strive to make an honest and fair comparison. 

Dropship - Winner

  • Our rating - 10/10
  • Dropship starts at $19 per month
  • Dropship is the winner of this comparison for its advanced product research tools

Tradelle - Loser

  • Our rating - 6/10
  • Tradelle starts at $29.99 per month
  • Tradelle is a good alternative if you want a basic product research tool with fulfillment built-in

Key Takeaways

  • Dropship has expert product research tools to help you find winning products.
  • Tradelle suggests products it thinks might be winners, but you cannot search for products like you can on Dropship. 
  • Dropship offers more insights into products, so you can make data-based decisions rather than rely on the opinion of Tradelle’s team. 
  • Tradelle has a built-in fulfillment service. Dropship doesn’t offer fulfillment. However, it partners with AutoDS, which is a dropshipping automation tool. 
  • Both platforms offer a 7-day free trial, so you can check them both out before committing to a paid plan. Access Dropship’s 7-day free trial using this link.

Dropship vs. Tradelle: Which Is Best for You?

If it’s product research you want to do, choose Dropship.

It has superior product research tools that allow you to find products in a variety of ways, as well as track them and check out your competition.

Tradelle’s fulfillment feature is the main benefit it has over Dropship. This feature allows you to source your products and add them to your store, and when you receive orders, Tradelle will automatically fulfill them for you.

Tradelle’s product research tools are basic in comparison to Dropship.

What Is Dropship and Who Is It Best For?

Dropship is a product research platform.

It’s an affordable platform, with prices as low as $19 per month on the annual plan. 

Find winning products by spying on Shopify stores. You can see their sales, revenue, product creation date, active ads, theme, apps, and much more. 

There is also an Ad Spot tool that helps you identify winning products based on Facebook ad engagement, clicks, copy, and more.

Once you find a winning product, you can track its performance and find your competition to make sure you can beat it using Dropship. 

There is also a one-click search and one-click import feature, so you can quickly find a supplier and add the product to your Shopify store.

What Is Tradelle and Who Is It Best For?

Tradelle is a product research and fulfillment tool. 

If you’re looking to manage everything in one place, Tradelle could be a good option for you.

There is only one plan available, with monthly, annual, and lifetime payment options. The monthly plan costs $39.99 per month.

Tradelle’s fulfillment service allows you to choose and import products to your Shopify store, and when you receive an order, Tradelle works with local suppliers to source and fulfill it. 

There are two product research tools. The first is the Product Picks, which are hand-picked product recommendations from the Tradelle team. The second tool is Current Trends, which are the latest trending products.

Note on Tradelle’s Product Research Features:

We’re always dubious of a platform that only provides hand-picked or trending products. These products are selected by the Tradelle team, and we don’t know the exact criteria they meet to be selected. 

They are also the same products shown to all members, which means that if 10,000 people have a Tradelle subscription, they’ll all end up selling the same products. 

We always recommend looking for a product research tool that allows you to do your own searches and doesn’t control the product you see. This allows you to make the decisions and find products that are right for your business.

Dropship vs. Tradelle: Feature Comparison

Dropship and Tradelle are both marketed as product research tools. 

But Tradelle only offers two product research features. These are the Product Picks and Current Trends. Dropship offers tools to match these. 

Dropship’s Portfolio tool is like Tradelle’s Product Picks, and Dropship’s Top Store and Top Products are like Tradelle’s Current Trends. 

In addition to these two tools, Dropship also offers tons of other product research tools, including Ad Spot, Sales Tracker, Competitor Research, Chrome extension, and Product Database.

Tradelle does offer one feature that Dropship doesn’t, and that is fulfillment. Tradelle can source products for you and manage the fulfillment process. 

We’ll look at these features in-depth to help you pick the right platform.

Dropship Features

Paid Tools

  • Product Database - Use the advanced filters to search for winning products. You can also save your filter selection, making it easy to search for future products.
  • The Product Database has millions of products, and you can see the number of sales, revenue, store information, and much more.
  • Sales Tracker - If you find a product or store you’re interested in, you can add the store to your own personalized sales tracker so you can monitor its performance over time.

You can click on the store insights to view the store in more depth, including sales over the past 12 months, all of the products the store lists, and much more.

  • Top Stores and Products - If you’re looking for product inspiration, check out the list of top-performing products and stores. Every 24 hours, Dropship updates these lists, so there are always new ideas to check out.
  • Competitor Research - Once you find a product idea that you think is a winner, you can search for your competition using the competitor research tool. You can enter a keyword or use the advanced filters.
  • This will show you all of the other Shopify sellers selling the same product. You can check out your competition to confirm the product is a winner and work out how to beat them.
  • Portfolio - Let Dropship do the research for you. Every week, Dropship releases products they deem to be winners based on their criteria.

You can click on any of the dates and see the winners from that week.

Once you open the product list, you can click to view more details to help you decide if the product is right for you. It shows the product information, overview, benefits, drawbacks, saturation, competition, suppliers, numbers breakdown, and more.

  • Ad Spot - Search through millions of Facebook ads to find winning products. You can search by copy, domain, page name, creative type, engagement, and more.
  • You can also do a quick search for weekly winners, top performers, and dropshipping ads.
  • Chrome Extension - See an overview of a Shopify store as you visit it. The Chrome extension shows the sales, revenue, theme, products, live sales, ads, and much more. You can also add products and stores to your sales tracker so you can analyze them in more depth.

Free Tools

  • Interest Explorer - Find thousands of hidden Facebook interests. These interests have less competition and can help you compete with other sellers.
  • Calculators - Dropship has four free calculators. These help you calculate your profit, cost per acquisition, return on ad spend, and break-even return on ad spend.


  • Discord Community - Join the active Discord community of over 26,000 members. You can connect with other dropshippers to share ideas and encourage each other in your dropshipping journey.
  • Dropship University - Dropship has a dropshipping course consisting of 18 videos. It has information on finding the perfect product, building a brand, marketing your products, and business operations. 

Note: To access certain lessons, you do need a paid plan.

  • Blog - Read everything there is to know about dropshipping.

Tradelle Features

  • Product Picks - Tradelle hand-picks products that they think are winners. You can use the basic filters to find products that suit you.

You can click Show Details to find more information on the product, including description, product cost, profit, product demand and saturation, target market, competition, and more.

  • Current Trends - Find the latest trending products so you can jump on the trend before it's over. You can click Show Details on any of the trending products, and it will show you the same insights as the Product Picks section.
  • Fulfillment - Tradelle works with local suppliers to help you source and fulfill your orders. To use the fulfillment service, you need to connect Tradelle to your Shopify account, and when a customer orders from you, Tradelle automatically takes payment and sends the product to the customer.

They have a list of products they have available, but you can also request products for them to source.

Warning: Although Tradelle’s fulfillment service makes it easy to source, import, and fulfill your orders, we have found that the products offered on Tradelle are more expensive than those you can source on AliExpress. 

For example, the 7 in 1 EMS Face Lifting Device is listed at $11.69 on Tradelle, but a similar product on AliExpress is listed at $9.14. 

That said, Tradelle works with reliable suppliers and has expert support, which can help if you have any problems.

Dropship vs. Tradelle: Similarities and Differences

Comparing Dropship and Tradelle’s similarities and differences can help you decide which platform is best for you.

Dropship and Tradelle Similarities

  • Both platforms are product research tools that aim to help you find winning products.
  • They both offer a 7-day free trial.
  • Dropship and Tradelle both have expert support.
  • Both platforms have a one-click search feature to help you source the products from AliExpress.

Dropship and Tradelle Differences

  • Tradelle only recommends products that they think will be winners or are trending. However, we don’t know the exact algorithm they use. In contrast, Dropship uses exact sales and revenue to suggest products in its Top Stores and Top Products tools. 
  • You cannot search for products on Tradelle that meet your criteria like you can on Dropship.
  • Dropship allows you to track products and stores over time so you can make data-driven decisions. There is no tracking feature on Tradelle.
  • Dropship includes a Chrome extension, so you can spy on stores as you visit them.
  • One of Tradelle’s main selling points is its fulfillment service. Dropship doesn’t offer fulfillment but instead connects with some of the best fulfillment tools, like AutoDS
  • Tradelle doesn’t allow you to see the exact sales data of Shopify stores, but Dropship does. 
  • Dropship offers three different plans. Tradelle only offers one.

Dropship vs. Tradelle: Pricing and Plans

Winner for Pricing and Plans: Dropship

Tradelle only offers one plan, whereas Dropship offers three different plans to suit all types of sellers.

Dropship’s starter plan is cheaper than Tradelle’s plan. And as we saw in the features section, Dropship has far more features than Tradelle. 

That means that you get more for your money by choosing Dropship over Tradelle.

Tradelle Pricing and Plans

  • Free trial for seven days
  • Lowest priced annual plan - $29.99 per month
  • Highest priced monthly plan - Only one plan, which costs $39.99 per month
  • Annual discount - Up to 33%

Dropship Pricing and Plans

  • Free trial for seven days
  • Lowest priced annual plan - $19 per month
  • Highest priced monthly plan - $79 per month
  • Annual discount - Up to 40% 

As Tradelle only offers one plan, all of the features are available on this plan.

On Dropship, you have access to the majority of features on all of the plans, but the usage limit increases as you upgrade. This means that you don’t need to pay for any features or usage until you need them.

Dropship Plans

Basic - $29 per month or $19 per month when paid annually

  • Product Database - 20 Searches / Day
  • Competitor Research - 20 Searches / Day
  • Ad Spot - 15 Searches / Day
  • Portfolio - 20 Products / Week
  • Store Tracker - 10 Stores
  • Product Tracker - 20 Products
  • Chrome Extension - 15 Stores / Day

Standard - $49 per month or $29 per month when paid annually

  • Product Database - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Competitor Research - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Ad Spot - 30 Searches / Day
  • Portfolio - 30 Products / Week
  • Store Tracker - 25 Stores
  • Product Tracker - 50 Products
  • Chrome Extension - 30 Stores / Day
  • Top Stores

Premium - $79 per month or $49 per month when paid annually

  • Product Database - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Competitor Research - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Ad Spot - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Portfolio - 40 Products / Week
  • Store Tracker - 50 Stores
  • Product Tracker - 100 Products
  • Chrome Extension - 60 Stores / Day
  • Top Stores and Top Products

Tradelle Plans

Tradelle only offers one plan. The plan includes all the features Tradelle offers.

There are three ways to pay for the plan, these are the following:

  • Monthly - $39.99 per month
  • Yearly - $29.99 per month
  • Lifetime - $599

Dropship vs. Tradelle: Support and Training

Winner for Support and Training: Dropship


Dropship and Tradelle are tied for support. 

Both platforms offer email and live chat support, which allows you to contact the team with any questions or queries. 

You also get access to the same support on all of Dropship’s plans, and as Tradelle only offers one plan, the support is the same for all users.


There’s no comparison when it comes to training. Dropship beats Tradelle, hands down.

As we saw in the features section, Dropship has an active blog, a dropshipping university, and a thriving community. All of the features can provide you with helpful information and training to guide you through your dropshipping journey. 

Tradelle has a blog, but they haven’t posted since September 2022, and there are only seven blog posts currently. 

There is also a Discord community, but there are only 1,900 members compared to Dropship’s 26,700 members. There are no university or dropshipping training tools on Tradelle.

Dropship’s founder also has a YouTube channel. There you can learn a lot about dropshipping!

Final Thoughts: Is Dropship or Tradelle Better?

It depends on what you’re looking for. 

  • Dropship is the better product research tool
  • Tradelle offers fulfillment

Both platforms give you top-performing and recommended dropshipping product ideas. 

Dropship offers deeper insights into the products and allows you to spy on real Shopify sellers’ sales. You can also search for products that meet your criteria on Dropship, which isn’t possible on Tradelle. 

Tradelle only gives you lists of top-performing and trending products. Tradelle’s top-performing and trending products are the same for the members, which means they quickly become too competitive. 

If you’re serious about product research, we recommend choosing Dropship.

But if it’s order fulfillment you’re looking for, Tradelle is the better choice. Tradelle can source and fulfill your orders. Dropship doesn’t offer this, but it does integrate with the best fulfillment tool available - AutoDS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tradelle or Dropship Cheaper?

Dropship’s Basic plan is cheaper than Tradelle’s only plan. 

As you upgrade your Dropship plan, it becomes more expensive than Tradelle’s only plan.

Is Dropship or Tradelle Better for Beginners?

Both platforms are super easy to use and would work for beginners. 

However, Dropship’s range of features, training, and resources makes it our preferred option for beginners. 

Should I Choose Dropship or Tradelle?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Dropship is a better product research tool, but Tradelle has fulfillment built-in.

What is the Best Alternative to Tradelle?

Dropship is a good alternative if you’re looking for a product research tool. If you’re looking for fulfillment services, consider using AliExpress with AutoDS to automate your orders.

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