POST CONTENTS vs Zendrop - Which is Tool is Best For You?

Dropship is a product research tool that can help you find winning products to sell. In contrast, Zendrop is an order fulfillment tool that helps you source and manage sending your orders to customers.

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January 20, 2024
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They are tools with different purposes. This makes comparing them is almost impossible, so we’ll call this one a tie.

But if you’re new to dropshipping or can only subscribe to one platform initially, we recommend choosing Dropship. Dropship gives you all the data you need to find profitable products. 

After you’ve found a winning product using Dropship, you can build your store and subscribe to Zendrop. Zendrop has a database where you can source your products. You can then use Zendrop to fulfill and manage your orders automatically.


  • My rating - 10/10 (I'm a bit biased)
  • Dropship starts at $19 per month when paid annually
  • Dropship is the best tool for product research


  • My rating - 8/10
  • Zendrop has a free plan
  • Zendrop is a dropshipping tool to source products and fulfill orders

You can check out both platforms for free.

Dropship has a 7-day free trial that allows you to test out all the features before subscribing to a paid plan.

Zendrop offers a free plan that allows you to access the product database and source your products.

Key Takeaways

  • Dropship is a tool to help you find winning products to dropship.
  • Zendrop is a platform that allows you to source your products and fulfill your orders.
  • We recommend using both Dropship and Zendrop for your dropshipping business.

Dropship vs Zendrop: Which Is Best for Me?

The platform that is best for you will depend on which stage you are in your dropshipping business. 

If you’re new to dropshipping or looking to expand your business with new products, you should choose Dropship.

But if you’ve already found the products you want to sell and are looking for a supplier to source the product from and an easy way to automatically fulfill your orders, choose Zendrop.

What Is Dropship and Who Is It Best For?

Dropship is a product research platform.

Its purpose is to help you find winning products to sell. It works by allowing you to spy on Shopify stores and Facebook ads.

You see the sales and revenue Shopify sellers make over time. 

As well as sales and revenue, you can see the store and product creation date, store theme, number of products, store apps, and the ads the store is running. 

Knowing this information allows you to make data-driven decisions, which gives you the best chance of creating a successful dropshipping store. 

Dropship has several tools, including ones that allow you to search for winning products using advanced filters and tools that recommend products to sell. 

There are also tools to find and analyze Facebook ads to give you an insight into what customers are engaging with and buying.

What Is Zendrop and Who Is It Best For?

Zendrop is an automation software. It helps you run your dropshipping store.

It offers access to trustworthy US suppliers with fast shipping. You can contact the suppliers to source your dropshipping products. 

Zendrop also automates the fulfillment of your orders, so when a customer purchases the product from your store, Zendrop passes the information to the supplier who ships the product to the customer.

As well as fulfillment, Zendrop has branding tools so you can add custom packaging and cards to your orders. 

Dropship Features

Paid Tools

  • Ad Spot - Search through millions of Facebook ads by copy, type, engagement, creation date, and other filters.
  • Looking at converting ads can give you inspiration for products, as well as for your own ad campaigns.
  • Product Database - The product database has millions of products sold by real Shopify sellers. You can search the database using keywords or advanced filters to find products that meet your criteria.
  • The database shows tons of data on each product, such as sales, revenue, and more.
  • Sales Tracker - After you’ve found products that you’re interested in selling, you can add them to your own personal sales tracker. From here, you can monitor the product's performance over time.
  • Top Stores and Products - Easily see which stores and products are performing the best. The Top Stores and Products are updated every 24 hours, so you always have access to in-demand products.
  • Competitor Research - If you’ve found a product you think could be a winner, search for your competition using Dropship’s competitor research tool. This will show you how competitive a product is, whether you can compete, and how to beat your competition.
  • Portfolio - Dropship can do the product research for you.
  • Every week, they drop a list of hand-picked winning products that are chosen by experts.
  • For each product, tons of data is provided, including the potential profit, listing information, benefits and drawbacks, competitors, ad ideas, AliExpress suppliers, and more. This makes it super easy to import the product to your store and start selling quickly.
  • Suppliers - Dropship has a few reliable suppliers it recommends. You can reach out to the suppliers via Skype to see if they can fulfill your orders.
  • Chrome Extension - One of the latest features Dropship has launched is its Chrome extension. This allows you to analyze Shopify stores as you visit them. You can see their sales, revenue, listings, apps, themes, and more. The extension links to your account, so you can also save stores and products to your sales tracker while you browse.

The Chrome extension also has an ad collector. The ad collector gathers Facebook ads that appear on your timeline. You can see the collected ads and save ads to your favorites to analyze them in depth.

Free Tools

  • Interest Explorer - Uncover hidden Facebook interests to find less competitive keywords for your ad campaigns or for product inspiration.
  • Calculators - Ensure your products are always profitable by checking your numbers using the free Dropship calculators. You can work out your profit margin, cost per acquisition, return on ad spend, and break-even return on ad spend.


  • Blog - Dropship has a frequently updated blog. The blog has tons of information on all aspects of dropshipping, written by professional dropshippers.
  • University - Learn from expert dropshipper and Dropship’s CEO, Nawras Garnim. The Dropship University has 18 lessons that cover everything you need to know. This includes product research, creating a store, advertising, and operating your business.
  • Community - Connect, learn from, and share your experiences with like-minded dropshippers. The Dropship community is thriving, with over 27,000 members.

Zendrop Features

  • Product Database - Zendrop has a catalog of over one million products. You can search for the product you want to sell, and if you can’t find it, Zendrop can source it for you.
  • Product Importer - Add products from the Zendrop catalog to your dropshipping store with the easy import feature.
  • Automated Dropshipping - Use Zendrop to fulfill your orders. There is an automated fulfillment option, or you can manage the fulfillment from the dashboard. Zendrop prides itself in its fast shipping and also offers Pro members an expedited shipping option. 
  • Brand Development - Zendrop has a private labeling option where you can customize your products with your own branding. You can also add Thank You cards to your orders and create custom packaging.
  • Zendrop Academy - The Zendrop Academy is a complete advertising course. It shows how to create and understand Facebook ad campaigns, how to create one product store, how to scale, and how to test different advertising methods. 
  • US Warehouses - If you want to move away from the dropshipping model into more traditional e-commerce, Zendrop has US warehouses where you can send your stock in bulk. They then fulfill the orders directly from the US warehouse, which cuts down your shipping time.
  • Blog - Zendrop has a blog with several blog posts on all aspects of dropshiping. The blog isn’t regularly updated, but there are some valuable posts.

Dropship vs Zendrop: Similarities and Differences

Zendrop and Dropship are very different platforms with different purposes.

So, there are far more differences than similarities. 

Despite the different purposes, we can still compare the platforms. Comparing them allows us to see if one is better for us easily. 

Dropship and Zendrop Similarities

  • Zendrop and Dropship are both easy to use and will work for sellers at all levels and sizes, from beginners to experts. 
  • Both platforms have expert support and training resources, including blogs, academies, and universities. 
  • You can source your products on both platforms. But Zendrop specializes in sourcing products, whereas Dropship currently only has a few reliable suppliers that you can contact directly.
  • Both platforms allow you to import your products to your Shopify store.

Dropship and Zendrop Differences

  • Dropship is a product research tool, but Zendrop doesn’t have any product research tools included.
  • Zendrop is a fulfillment tool to automate your dropshipping store. Dropship doesn’t have any fulfillment tools. 
  • Dropship can work for all sellers on any platform. Zendrop only works for Shopify sellers. 
  • Sign up for Dropship before you start dropshipping to find winning products.
  • You don’t need to sign up for Zendrop until you have already found winning products and created your Shopify store.

Dropship vs Zendrop: Pricing and Plans

Winner for Pricing and Plans: It’s a tie

Dropship and Zendrop both have three plans. 

Dropship plans are all paid, whereas Zendrop offers one free and two paid plans.

Dropship and Zendrop structure their plans in different ways. Dropship offers access to the majority of features on all the plans, but the usage limit increases as you upgrade.

In contrast, Zendrop limits the features by plan, and as you upgrade, the features included in the plan increase.

Dropship Pricing and Plans

  • Free trial for seven days
  • Lowest priced annual plan - $19 per month
  • Highest priced monthly plan - $79 per month
  • Annual discount - Up to 40% 

Zendrop Pricing and Plans

  • Free plan available
  • Lowest priced monthly plan - $33.25 per month
  • Highest priced monthly plan - $79 per month
  • Annual discount - Up to 42%

Dropship Plans

Basic - $29 per month or $19 per month when paid annually

  • Product Database - 20 Searches / Day
  • Competitor Research - 20 Searches / Day
  • Ad Spot - 15 Searches / Day
  • Portfolio - 20 Products / Week
  • Store Tracker - 10 Stores
  • Product Tracker - 20 Products
  • Chrome Extension - 15 Stores / Day

Standard - $49 per month or $29 per month when paid annually

  • Product Database - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Competitor Research - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Ad Spot - 30 Searches / Day
  • Portfolio - 30 Products / Week
  • Store Tracker - 25 Stores
  • Product Tracker - 50 Products
  • Chrome Extension - 30 Stores / Day
  • Top Stores

Premium - $79 per month or $49 per month when paid annually

  • Product Database - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Competitor Research - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Ad Spot - Unlimited Searches / Day
  • Portfolio - 40 Products / Week
  • Store Tracker - 50 Stores
  • Product Tracker - 100 Products
  • Chrome Extension - 60 Stores / Day
  • Top Stores and Top Products

Zendrop Plans


  • Access to 1M+ Products
  • Support
  • Product Sourcing
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Industry-Leading Shipping Time

Pro - $49 per month or $33.25 per month when paid annually

  • Access to 1M+ Products
  • Support
  • Product Sourcing
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Industry-Leading Shipping Time
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Automated Fulfillment
  • Custom Branding
  • US Products

Plus - $79 per month or $45.75 per month when paid annually

  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Access to 1M+ Products
  • Support
  • Product Sourcing
  • Quick Order Processing
  • Industry-Leading Shipping Time
  • Unlimited Orders Per Month
  • Automated Fulfillment
  • Custom Branding
  • US Products
  • Zendrop Academy Access
  • Product Bundles
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Chargeback Management 
  • Private Product Listing
  • Trending Product Finder
  • $100 Order Credits

Dropship vs Zendrop: Support and Training

Support and training can improve your experience with any platform.

The support is the help available from the team, including tutorials on how to use the platform and contact methods.

The training is the dropshipping resources available that can help with your business.

If you’re well supported and have the right training resources, it can increase your chances of success.


Winner for Support: Dropship

Dropship and Zendrop both offer live chat support for members. The live chat is accessed through the button in the bottom-right-hand corner. A live chat gives you instant answers to your queries. 

All of the plans on both Dropship and Zendrop offer the same support.

Dropship also has a contact page on its website for those who haven’t got a membership yet. Zendrop doesn’t have a contact page, but you can find a support email address on the privacy pages.


Winner for Training: Dropship

Both platforms offer training resources to help you with your business.

Dropship offers the following:

  • Dropship University
  • Blog
  • Community

Zendrop also offers training resources. These are the following:

  • Zendrop Academy
  • Blog

However, Zendrop has no community, and the blog has fewer posts and is updated less frequently. The academy is also only available for members with a Plus plan, whereas Dropship allows all members to access its university.

For these reasons, we’ve rated Dropship higher than Zendrop in the training section.

Final Thoughts: Is Dropship or Zendrop Better?

It’s impossible to choose whether Dropship or Zendrop is better. 

Both platforms are incredible at what they do.

However, one platform might be more suitable than the other for the stage of your business.

Dropship reveals Shopify store insights and Facebook ad information. Knowing this information gives you the best chance of finding a winning product. A winning product is crucial to your success as a dropshipper. 

Zendrop helps you once you’ve found a winning product. It automates your order fulfillment and connects you with a supplier to source your products.

Therefore, we recommend joining Dropship first. After you’ve found a winning product and built your Shopify store, we then recommend joining Zendrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Choose Dropship or Zendrop?

It depends on which stage you’re at in your dropshipping journey.

If you’re just starting out and need to find winning products to sell, choose Dropship. 

If you’ve already found the products you want to sell and have built your store but need to source the products and want to manage your fulfillment, choose Zendrop.

Is Zendrop or Dropship Easier to Use?

Both platforms are easy to use. However, Dropship has more resources and training tools, which means there is plenty of help available if you get stuck using the platform.

Is Dropship or Zendrop Better for Product Research?

Dropship is the best choice for product research. 

Zendrop doesn’t have any product research tools as it’s an order fulfillment tool.

What is the Best Alternative to Zendrop?

AutoDS is our favorite alternative to Zendrop for automating your dropshipping business.

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