How to Save Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Inspiration

It's no secret that Facebook ads can be a great source of inspiration for ecommerce businesses.

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August 31, 2023
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As an online store owner, I often browse various ads for fresh ideas on how to promote my items.

But saving these ads for future reference? That's not so simple.

You often have to take screenshots of the ads you liked. But that leads to desktop clutter. The good news is I have discovered a few tools you can use to save ads without clogging up your storage or losing track.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Analyzing Facebook ads is an effective way to learn what resonates with consumers.
  • Image, carousel, and video are some of the popular Facebook ad formats.
  • Tools like's Chrome extension makes it easy to save and analyze Facebook ads.
  • You can use saved Facebook ads to guide the strategy of your own advertising campaign.
  • Use the saved Facebook ads to find winning products to sell

What are Facebook ads and why they matter

Facebook Ads are online advertisements that tell people about a product or service. But for me, and countless other entrepreneurs, they're so much more. I use Facebook ads to:

  • Eye the competition: I don't just look at ads; I study them. Especially when they're from competitors. Seeing their approach, designs, and strategies gives me both ideas and benchmarks.
  • Collect user-generated content: Every so often, I come across UGC videos that resonate deeply. These aren't just random videos; they're blueprints. I save them to guide influencers, ensuring they use similar angles in their campaign.
  • Build an ad archive: Some ads are too good to be seen just once. Whether they're videos, images, or carousels, I make sure to keep them. Not just as a memento, but as a reminder of what truly works.
  • Find winning products to sell: Ads with high engagement aren't just selling—they're signaling. When I see a product getting this kind of traction, it goes straight on my list of potential winners for my own store.

How to use the Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library lets you view and analyze ads on Facebook and related platforms. To use it, take the following steps:

  • Visit the Facebook Ad Library website.
  • In the search bar, input keywords, brand names, or organizations.
  • For more specific results, apply filters like platform, date range, or location.
  • If an ad catches your eye, click on it. Doing this will show you details like creative assets, ad spend, impressions, and target audience data.

It's a straightforward way to gain insights into various ad campaigns.

Ways to Save Facebook Ads

Here is a couple ways you can save Facebook ads. 

Create a swipe file

Ever come across a Facebook ad and thought, "I wish I'd made that"? What if you had a collection of such killer ads at your fingertips? 

Enter the swipe file. Think of it as your private album of kick-ass Facebook ads. The ones that make you stop, look, and think.

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Find great ads: While browsing Facebook, when you see an ad that grabs your attention, take note.
  2. Take screenshots: Use your device's screenshot feature to capture these standout ads.
  3. Make a folder: Set up a dedicated folder on your computer or cloud storage. Name it “Facebook Ad Inspiration” or something similar.
  4. Document the details: For each ad, make a brief note about what stood out. Perhaps  it was a clear message, an attractive product photo, or a strong call to action.
  5. Check Facebook Ad Library: This is a resource by Facebook where you can view various ads. Especially look at ads from successful ecommerce stores and save ones that resonate.
  6. Review regularly: Look through your swipe file periodically. Over time, you'll notice trends or elements that appeal to you.

Use this collection as a reference when designing your own ads. It's a straightforward way to see what works and get ideas for your campaigns.

Use’s Chrome extension

Not to toot our own horn, but the Chrome extension is the best tool for saving Facebook ads. 

Tailored for ecommerce businesses, this nifty tool goes beyond mere product research. It arms you with a vault of advertising gold--ads that resonate, convert, and inspire.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Get set up: First things first, download the Dropship - Product Research extension from the Chrome web store.
  2. Dive into Facebook: Once it's up and running, head to
  3. Filter the noise: Toggle the “Show Only Ads” option on the right.
  4. Pick Your favorites: Find an ad that grabs your attention? Click the Star button to save it.
  5. Review at leisure: At any time, hit "See Collected Ads" to gaze at the ads you've stockpiled.

Bonus tip: Want to see some stellar retargeted ads? Visit Shopify stores that inspire you. Leave, then jump over to Facebook. Thanks to the magic of retargeting, you'll be served with their ads. And with our extension? Save and analyze them with ease.

Key elements in standout Facebook ads

When I sift through ads using, certain elements stand out:

  • Narrative strength: Every good ad tells a story. There are ads that hook you right from the first frame and keep you engaged till the very end. For instance, an ad that traces a coffee bean's journey from a lush farm to your morning cup. It's not only selling coffee; it's offering an experience.
  • Emotional connection: The best ads connect on an emotional level. Whether it's a touching father-son moment promoting a new car or friends celebrating with a cold drink, these ads tap into feelings. They're not just selling products; they're evoking memories and emotions.
  • Immediate impact: Some ads ust make you pause. It could be a powerful image or a thought-provoking statement. Consider ads that show a smartphone surviving a dramatic drop or a dessert so rich, it drips with chocolate. That's the kind of attention-grabbing content you want in your arsenal.

Using the Dropship Chrome extension, I don’t merely gather ads. I curate a treasure of ideas that I can use to build enticing and captivating campaigns.

How to use saved Facebook Ads

Using saved Facebook ads for your campaigns isn't about copying. It's about understanding the underlying principles that make these ads successful. You can then apply those principles to fit your unique brand narrative.

Here's what you should do:

1. Decode Successful Elements

Ecommerce thrives on impactful visuals and compelling narratives. By saving successful Facebook ads, you create a repository of best practices. 

Analyze these ads and pick apart what makes them tick. Is it their vibrant imagery, persuasive copy, or the smart use of user testimonials? Unearthing these elements can guide the foundation of your own campaigns.

2. Mirror audience engagement

Notice the comments, reactions, and shares on these saved ads. They're a treasure trove of direct customer feedback. Which parts resonated? Which fell flat? Use these insights to sculpt content that mirrors the engagement triggers. 

For instance, you may come across an unboxing ad that garnered massive interaction. By weaving a similar angle into your own campaign, you can improve your chances of success.

3. Adapt and personalize

While it's tempting to replicate the success formula of saved ads, remember, your brand has its own voice and story. Use the inspiration from saved ads as a foundation, then layer on your brand’s unique elements

Perhaps it’s your sustainable packaging, or the handcrafted touch in your products. Showcase these differentiators to ensure your ads don't just mirror, but magnify your brand ethos.

4. A/B test

Saved ads provide a unique advantage: a peek into what already works. When designing your own campaigns, conduct split tests using elements from these saved ads. 

For example, if a saved ad’s CTA (“Shop Now vs. Get Yours Today”) got traction, consider experimenting with similar CTAs to see which resonates most with your audience.

Using saved Facebook ads to find winning products to sell

Facebook ads aren't just catchy images and clever text for me. They're also a goldmine for spotting winning products to sell in my own store. Here's what I look at: 

  • Engagement: A high number likes, shares, and comments often signal a product people can't resist. I keep tabs on these numbers. The higher the better; it usually means the product is winning in the market. 
  • Comments: Don't skip the comments. They're like a free focus group. People often mention what they love or wish was different about a product. This helps me figure out if it's a winning product or how I can offer something even better. 
  • Frequency: Seeing the same ad repeatedly? Take note. Companies usually double down on ads for products that sell well. It's a strong sign that the product is a winner. 

In short, I see Facebook ads as clues, guiding me to what could be the next hit product in my store.

Some ecommerce Facebook ad examples for inspiration

There’s no shortage of ecommerce Facebook ads, but which ones truly stand out? Which ones spark that curiosity, making you wish you'd created them? If you’re on the hunt for stellar ad inspiration, here are some examples:

Rad Power Bikes

AD copy: "Some ebikes are Rad. Others simply aren't. Check out why our award-winning electric bikes are the best choice."

So, what makes this ad tick?

  • Name drops count: Rad Power Bike shows off a bit. They spotlight praise from big names like Men's Journal. It's like saying, "Look who loves us!"
  • It's not just a bike: By tagging their product as 'award-winning', they give it a special touch. It's no longer just a bike. It's a champion in its field.
  • Choices, choices: The ad flashes different Rad Power Bike models. This move whispers variety and tells customers they've got options.

In short, Rad Power doesn't just advertise. They weave a story that makes their bike the star.

Ocean Park Swimwear

Ad copy: Discover what you're capable of, Water Woman. @megananxo riding in her go-to Juliana Eco Long Sleeve One Piece.

All suits are designed, sewn & crash-tested in windy Puerto Rico just for you.

Ocean Park Swimwear crafted a Facebook Ad that truly captures attention. This ad shines bright with:

  • Influencer collaboration: Ocean Park doesn’t just tell; they show. By partnering with a known figure in the water sports world, they cement their credibility.
  • Adventure focus: Through their video, it's clear: these aren't just swimsuits. They're gear for ocean adventures. The visuals vividly portray an active, ocean-loving lifestyle.
  • Relatability: The ad's motion and imagery place viewers right in the action. Ocean Park Swimwear’s message? Our suits fit seamlessly into your adventurous life.

3. Urban Armor Gear

AD copy: Go ahead - try it yourself. 25-foot drop protection and a range of materials to fit your style.

Here’s what's commendable in this Facebook Ad:

  • Immediate engagement: Right from the start, the ad sets an intriguing challenge. "Go ahead - try it yourself." It's this kind of bold statement that often compels users to stop, watch, and click through.
  • Visual brilliance: The moment of the phone dropping? That's pure theatrical brilliance. You're not only told about the 25-foot drop protection; you witness it. It's a powerful way to ensure the claim is both seen and remembered.
  • Versatility showcase: Mentioning a "range of materials" does more than just list a feature. It promises customization. It tells users that they have choices, that the product adapts to their preference. 

4. Partake Foods

Ad copy: Indulge in the deliciousness of Partake cookies without worrying about gluten or any of the top 9 allergens. 

Made with clean, simple ingredients, these cookies are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Plus, they're vegan and non-GMO. 

Enjoy snacking on Partake cookies and share with confidence!

What sets this Facebook Ad apart?

Instant Appeal: "Indulge" pulls you in. It's an open invitation. From the first word, you're not just a passive viewer. You're curious and craving this treat that's free from gluten and the top allergens.

Clarity and Trust: They promise clean, straightforward ingredients. For consumers, that's reassuring. They're offering a snack that's both tasty and clean. The added details? Vegan and non-GMO. It’s the reassurance we all seek in our snacks.

Engaging Visuals: The use of stop-motion? Genius. It’s a visual treat without the overheads of high-end videos. Using still images in a dynamic format, they grab attention. The beauty is in the simplicity. Watching cookies dance across the screen? Mesmerizing.

5. Hanks Belts

Ad copy: Are you tired of flimsy belts that can't hold up your pants? 🇺🇸 Try our American Made, 100-Year Guarantee Leather Belts.

What sets this Facebook Ad apart?

Genuine touch: This isn't just another ad; it feels like a peek behind the curtains. The factory tour vibe? It gives the impression that viewers have stumbled upon something raw and unfiltered. Hanks Belts draws you in with this authentic feel.

Undeniable commitment to quality: Many brands tout their 'quality', but here, you see it in action. This ad doesn't just tell; it shows. By the end, it's clear: Hanks Belts is deeply invested in crafting top-tier belts.

Lightheartedness Wins: "Tired of flimsy belts that can't hold up your pants?" This line is a nod to humor. A touch of jest, reminding viewers that while Hanks Belts is serious about quality, they don't take themselves too seriously. It's inviting and memorable.

Facebook Ad Campaign Ideas For Your Own Brand

Now that you've gathered inspiration for Facebook ads, it's time to act. Design your own campaigns. Use the ideas from the saved ads. Also, consider the suggestions below to diversify your campaign:

Storytelling Series: Sequential narratives are powerful. For instance, consider a coffee brand. The first ad shows the morning struggle of waking up groggy. The next captures the revival after a coffee sip. By the third, someone is thriving throughout their day. Each segment relates to the audience.

User-Generated Content: Engage with your audience's stories. For a fashion brand, you might launch "#MyStyleWith[YourBrand]". Users showcase their outfits. You then highlight standout styles. It's not just a promotion; it's a celebration.

Interactive Quizzes & Polls: Interaction is key. For a skincare brand, try a poll. Ask: "What's your primary skin concern?" Options could be acne or dryness. Users weigh in. You respond with tailored ads.

Flashback & Milestones: Your journey matters. Celebrate milestones. If your company hits its 10th year, share it. "10 years. 10,000 smiles." Make them part of your success story.

Behind-the-Scenes Peeks: Show your brand's human side. Run a bakery? Share a cake timelapse. From ingredients to final product. Let them see it's "Crafted with Care, Just for You."

Limited-Time Offers & Countdowns: Urgency drives action. Pushing a footwear sale? Post "48-Hour Flash Sale! Shoes at 50% off". The clock is ticking, and they'll feel it. Flash Sale! Half-off all shoes. Seize the moment."

Social Responsibility: If your brand contributes to social causes, showcase it. Whether you plant a tree for every purchase or donate a portion of sales to charity, let your audience know how they can make a difference through their purchase. 

Seasonal Campaigns: Create campaigns around holidays or seasonal events. From Christmas to summer sales, tap into the current mood of your audience.

Types of Facebook Ads

Before saving Facebook ads for marketing inspiration, it's crucial to understand the types of ads ecommerce brands often leverage:

Image Ads: You've got a still image here. It highlights a product. Some have text on the image, but it's wise to keep it minimal.

Video Ads: These aren't static like image ads. You'll find video content, maybe some motion graphics. They're dynamic, making them stand out.

Carousel Ads: Multiple images or videos, up to 10, are in this ad. Users swipe to view. Great for showing off different products.

Stories Ads: Quick, vertical ads. They slide in between user Stories. Short-lived but engaging.

Instant Experience Ads: These ads go full-screen. They pull together videos, images, and carousels. It's about giving the viewer an all-encompassing experience.

Poll Ads: A question is posed. Users can tap their answer. Behind the question, you might see an image or a video.

Slideshow Ads: Think of them as image sequences. They play out like a video, but they're just images lined up.

Collection Ads: There's a standout image or video up top. Below, you've got smaller images. The idea? Show off a variety of products.

Lead Ads: It's about getting information. Users see a form. Most fields autofill. It's how brands gather details like emails.

Dynamic Ads: Tailored ads based on what users viewed before. They see products they've looked at on your site.

Messenger Ads: Run directly in Facebook Messenger. Brands can chat, share info, or answer questions.

Augmented Reality Ads: A blend of the real and virtual. Users engage, explore products, and see them in a new light using AR.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when saving Facebook ads was tedious.Now, with tools like the Chrome Extension, the process has become a breeze. 

This handy extension doesn’t just save ads; it offers a reservoir of inspiration. Tap into it while building your campaigns, and you’ll get the results you desire.

Install’s Chrome Extension

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