16 Instagram Shoutout Examples for Inspiration

Instagram marketing is a powerful way for e-commerce brands to reach new customers.

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November 23, 2023
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As an online store owner, I've been on a continuous quest to make the maximum of Instagram. And recently, I came across this tactic called Instagram shoutouts.

Shoutouts do more than boost a brand's visibility. They pave the way for meaningful connections and deepen audience engagement.

But of course, leveraging them effectively is an art that only a few have mastered. The good news? Studying Instagram shoutout examples can provide inspiration for your next campaign.

Read on to learn more. 

Key takeaways

  • Instagram shoutouts help brands share and promote each other.
  • There are many kinds of shoutouts: some are paid, others are from pleased customers.
  • Using shoutouts helps more people notice and trust your brand.
    For great shoutouts, find the right influencers and build true relationships.
  • If you join contests and engage with brands, you might get free shoutouts.
  • Using a strong message and clear words makes your shoutouts more effective.

16 Instagram shoutout examples 

I know you want me to get straight into Instagram shoutout examples.

So, I won't keep you waiting and present to you the best of the bunch.

Remember, they're sometimes called IG shoutouts or Insta shoutouts.

Let's look at a few standout examples that highlight their power.

1. Luxy Hair

Here's a shoutout for Luxy Hair, a renowned brand known for its high-quality hair extensions. Over time, Luxy Hair has cemented itself as a favorite for many hair enthusiasts.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Seeing is believing: The post shows the extensions in action. This helps people see the product's quality and how it looks when worn.
  • Discounts draw attention: There's a clear mention of a discount. This gives followers a reason to check out the product.
  • Usage ideas work: The shoutout gives hints on how to wear the extensions. This helps potential buyers imagine using them.

2. Delola

Here's a shoutout for Delola, Jennifer Lopez's spritz cocktail brand. Many influencers rave about Delola, and this one stands out.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Engaging caption: A clear and catchy caption pulls people in. After reading it, you'll want to know more about Delola.
  • Active video use: The shoutout has a video showing the cocktail in action. This grabs attention, making viewers more likely to recall it.
  • Story feature: People often check stories before posts. Sharing shoutouts there means more eyes on your brand.

3. Chewy

This shoutout is for Chewy, a leading online retailer that offers pet products, supplies, and prescriptions.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Unique showcase: Instead of the typical human feature, a dog takes the spotlight with the product. This fun twist captures more attention and stands out from usual IG shoutouts.
  • Timely posting: The shoutout syncs up with #NationalHammockDay. Smart timing can enhance a post's relevance and engagement.
  • Relatable moments: The mention of a busy week and catching up on IG posts adds a personal touch. It's a small detail but makes the shoutout more human and relatable.

4. Hydro Flask

This shoutout is for Hydro Flask, a brand that makes insulated, stainless steel bottles to keep people hydrated during their adventures.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Product and setting go hand-in-hand: The bottle was shown during a hike, reminding viewers of its usefulness for such activities.
  • Color coordination is a thing: The outfit and Hydro Flask match. It's a nod to how trendy and stylish the bottle can be.
  • Ownership and identity matter: The caption pushes for personalizing the Hydro Flask. This personal touch can attract buyers who like unique items.

5. Heyday Skincare

Highlighting Heyday Skincare, this shoutout introduces people to its unique skincare services. Tailored facial treatments and a deep understanding of skincare needs are the company’s forte.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Immediate engagement: Right from the start, the video makes you stop and look. The first few seconds are key. If they're not interesting, people move on.
  • Relatability: The shoutout feels relatable. It shows a skin worry and then brings in Heyday as the answer. It's like they're talking to you.
  • Narrative and authenticity: It tells a story, one that feels real. Through genuine footage, it invites you into an experience. This makes you feel closer to the brand.

6. Rael

Here's a shoutout for Rael, a company supporting women through their hormonal acne and cycle syncing. 

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Real trust: Saying "I never do reveal videos" is big. It shows real love for the product, which sticks better with social media users. 
  • Humor: The influencer cleverly plays with the product name "Miracle patch," joking "that's what my boyfriend calls me." It's memorable and brings a smile.
  • Visual proof: The reveal video itself provides tangible evidence. When viewers see the product in action, they're more convinced of its benefits.

7. Beard & Blade

This shoutout spotlights Beard & Blade, an Australian e-commerce brand specializing in men's grooming products.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Humor resonates: Using the "apocalypse" immediately grabs attention. It gives the shoutout a memorable edge.
  • Clear call-to-action: Offering a discount code drives direct action. It motivates followers to shop, enhancing conversion rates.
  • Visual proof of the product’s impact: Seeing the influencer's neat beard isn't just an image. It's a promise - this product delivers.

8. The Bouqs Co. 

This shoutout celebrates The Bouqs Co. They bring joy with farm-fresh flowers, plants, and monthly flower subscriptions nationwide.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Heartfelt appreciation resonates: An influencer's genuine gratitude draws followers closer, making them feel the joy of receiving flowers.
  • Share real benefits: Emphasizing how Bouqs flowers remain fresh helps followers imagine the joy of long-lasting blooms in their homes.
  • Practical usage connects: Mentioning the flexibility of delivery options showcases the brand's understanding of diverse customer needs and lifestyles.

9. Beauty Lounge Med Spa

This shoutout features Beauty Lounge Med Spa. This company specializes in treatments like cosmetic laser services and POD threads.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Visual transformation: Before-and-after photos tell a compelling story of change and inspire hope in others.
  • Emotional honesty: Sharing real struggles (battle with acne) makes the influencer more relatable. Authenticity deepens connections with viewers.
  • Genuine gratitude: Thanking the spa sincerely not only highlights their effective treatments. It also boosts the trust factor for potential customers.

10. Amazon Fashion

This shoutout is for Amazon Fashion, an Amazon-owned line that features a wide selection of shoes, clothing, and more.

What to learn from this shoutout:

Story labels: Including product names and prices directly in stories transforms passive viewing into active shopping..

  • Full look photos: By showcasing a complete outfit, the viewers can instantly visualize and connect with the look..
  • Direct links: Direct product links make the transition from "I want that" to "I got that" almost instantaneous.

11. MTR Foods (Now Orkla India)

This shoutout is for MTR foods, an Indian food products company that makes a variety of packaged foods.

What to learn from this shoutout: 

  • Relatability resonates: The influencer's story about work and distance from family hits home. MTR Foods emerges as a real-life solution.
  • Spotlight on specifics: The post underlines MTR's preservative-free veggie options. It's not just food; it's tailored for a niche.
  • Build anticipation: A hint about a special upcoming video keeps followers curious. It's a smart move to ensure they come back.

12.  Sony Electronics

This shoutout spotlights Sony's XE200 portable speaker. The user shares a jam session in a hotel room, emphasizing its powerful bass.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Personal experiences matter: Sharing experiences like the impromptu jam session in a hotel room enhances relatability.
  • Specific product features: Emphasizing attributes like "lightweight" and "water-resistant" informs potential buyers.
  • Relevant phrasing: Being "on the road" underscores the speaker's travel-friendly nature.

13. Stands

This shoutout highlights Stands, an online merchandising platform with a philanthropic touch.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Quality imagery: Clear and focused images give viewers an immediate grasp of what's on offer. 
  • Brand collaboration showcase. Tags on the images and mentions in the caption spotlight both the creator and Stands. 
  • Deeper narrative: Mentioning the charitable aspect isn't just a selling point; it tells a story and adds depth to the purchase. This approach resonates, making the merchandise more than just an item–it's a cause.


This shoutout promotes FULFIL, a company that produces vitamin and protein snack bars.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Product attributes: FULFIL bars contain 15g of protein, low net carbs, and just1g of sugar. They're marketed to taste like candy, showing that nutrition doesn't compromise flavor.
  • Engagement: The giveaway of Target gift card and a FULFIL Protein Bar Prize Pack is a good strategy. It invites users to like, follow, and tag friends. This can widen the post's reach and grow the brand's community.
  • Strategic partnership: The collaboration with Target is noteworthy. Announcing FULFIL's availability in Target stores can enhance the brand's offline sales.

15. Hueys Choice - Surf Wax

This shoutout is for "Hueys Choice - Surf Wax," a product known for ensuring superior grip on surfboards.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Popular choice: The influencers highlight that Hey's Choice was recognized as a favorite brand.
  • Engagement: The post encourages interaction by prompting users to share their preferences.
  • Comparison to other brands The post contrasts Hueys Choice with other notable brands.


This shoutout spotlights IKAPE, a brand that manufacturers and sells coffee accessories.

What to learn from this shoutout:

  • Product appreciation: The user highlights their admiration for the IKAPE cup. This emphasizes the quality and design appeal of IKAPE's products.
  • Engagement with brand: The mention of @ikape_espresso in the post fosters direct interaction.
  • Visual appeal: The act of pouring coffee underscores the experiential aspect of using the product.

What is an Instagram shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout is the act of one user featuring another user's profile on their own page.

Imagine two dropshipping stores. Both want more eyes on their products. So, they team up. They post each other's photos and ask their followers to check out the other store. That's a shoutout.

Most times, they'll use a picture from the store they're shouting out. Sometimes, they might use a fresh picture or even a fun video.

But getting the right shoutout? It's a bit tricky. It's about teaming up and sometimes showing off items from another store on your page.

Types of Instagram shoutouts

  • Paid shoutouts: Think of this as direct advertising. You hand over cash, and in return, an influencer sings your praises. It's upfront, clear, and effective. 
  • Product shoutouts: Here, there's a trade. Instead of money, you gift a product. The influencer tries it, loves it, and then tells their world about it. 
  • Swap shoutouts (S4S): It's a friendly exchange. You show off another profile, and they return the favor. It's about growing together. 
  • Affiliate shoutouts: Business-minded influencers use this. They promote your product, but with a twist. They use a special link. Every sale through that link? They get a piece. 
  • Natural shoutouts: These are the purest kind of shoutouts. A user loves what you offer. So much that they can't help but share it. No deal, no trade, just genuine appreciation. 
  • Campaign shoutouts: Got something new? This is the way. Influencers draw attention to your latest product or event. It's about creating buzz. 
  • Story shoutouts: A quick but powerful hit. Influencers mention you in their Instagram stories. It's short-lived but reaches many, fast.

Advantages of using Instagram shoutouts

Instagram shoutouts can bring several benefits for brands and businesses. Here are the immediate advantages you stand to gain:

1. Build trust 

People trust what influencers say. If an influencer talks up your brand, people listen. In fact, 49% of consumers trust influencer recommendations. This means shoutouts can build trust for your brand in no time.

2. Make authentic connections

Shoutouts share real-life experiences with your products. These genuine stories connect deeply with followers. When people connect with your brand's story, they're more likely to stick around.

3. Boost organic reach

Sometimes, Instagram might not show all your posts to everyone. But a shoutout, especially from a big influencer, gets your brand in front of fresh eyes. It's like a spotlight on your brand in a busy room.

4. Increase web traffic 

A good shoutout can lead people straight to your website. If the influencer includes a link, it's even better. More traffic can mean more sales and sign-ups.

5. Strengthen community engagement

A shoutout isn't just about the initial post. It encourages discussions, comments, and interactions, turning passive viewers into active participants. This heightened engagement strengthens community bonds and fosters a sense of belonging.

How to find and pitch partners for Instagram shoutouts

Getting Instagram shoutouts is simpler than you think. You just need to find the right influencers and start connecting. 

Below, I'll share some hassle-free tactics to secure those desired Instagram mentions.

Connect with like-minded Instagram users

Identify Instagram users who align with your vision.

For example, if you sell kids' educational toys, reaching out to parent bloggers is a smart move.

Their audiences are typically interested in children's growth and learning. And that makes them more likely to be receptive to your product offerings.

Finding the right partners for collaboration:

  • Use hashtags effectively: On Instagram, hashtags help categorize content. If you love gardening, explore tags like #GardeningTips or #PlantLove. This will show you accounts with similar interests.
  • Try influencer platforms: Platforms like Heepsy can help you find influencers that match your profile. It's like an online directory, making your search easier.

Once you’ve found some influencers, follow these steps:

Check engagement levels

Don't just count followers. Examine the interaction on their posts, from likes to comments. When an influencer garners high interaction, they likely resonate with their audience. 

Monitor their ad frequency

An overflow of promotions might indicate a money-first mindset. Aim to team up with influencers balancing organic posts with promotions, reflecting authenticity.

Prioritize genuine engagement

Scrutinize the nature of interactions. An influencer with a vast following but scanty post interactions might not be effective. Comments, more than mere likes, signify active audience engagement.

Gear up for your pitch

Once you've settled on an influencer, craft your approach. Capture crisp photos of your promotional item. Enhance them using tools like Canva. Whenever possible, incorporate details like pricing to provide the influencer a comprehensive product view.

Things to do before pitching

You can build relationships even before you pitch the influencers. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Consistent engagement: Regularly like and comment. If they post about a trip, ask about the location.
  • Use direct messages (DMs): Introduce yourself briefly. Maybe mention a post that inspired you.
  • Share their work: Post their content in your stories occasionally. They'll appreciate the tag.
  • Attend live streams: Engage in their live sessions. Praise their insights or share your views.
  • Offer genuine feedback: Skip "Great post!" Instead, look deep. Loved a book they recommended? Tell them why.
  • Provide cross-platform support: If they tweet or blog, show up there too. It broadens your connection.

Remember, real connections can lead to fruitful collaborations, including shoutouts.

Make the pitch for shoutout

Next, you'll want to approach potential influencers. Remember, the more people you reach out to, the better your chances of getting a shoutout.

But here's the tricky part: how to contact them?

Sure, an Instagram DM is quick. Yet, many influencers get tons of them daily. Yours might just drown.

A better route? Email.

A lot of influencers put their email in their bio. Take. their info from there and make your pitch.

Need inspiration for your email pitch? Here are three templates:

Template 1

Hey [Influencer Name],

I’m [Your Name], and I've been stalking - uh, I mean admiring - your Instagram page for a while.

Kidding aside, your content is ace! Ever thought of introducing your followers to [your product]? Given the other products you flaunt, this could be the next big thing on your list.

And hey, I’ve got a sample with your name on it. What say we make some Insta-magic together?

Cheers, [Your Name]

Template 2

Dear [Influencer Name],

[Your Name] here. Your posts on [specific topic/product] have always caught my eye.

I've got a product that's right up your alley. How about a shoutout exchange? Besides showcasing you on my page, I'd also like to offer a gift.

Hope to collaborate soon!

Template 3


I'm [Your Name] and I've been loving your Instagram posts, especially about [specific topic/product].

I have a product that I believe your followers would adore. Would you be open to a shoutout partnership?

To sweeten the deal, I'd be happy to provide some freebies or a shoutout in return.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

How to get free Instagram shoutouts

Enter shoutout contests

Many Instagram pages, especially those with many followers, run contests. They offer shoutouts as prizes.

To participate, you might need to post a specific type of photo or use a unique hashtag.

For instance, imagine a fashion page that asks participants to share photos of their best summer outfit. You can enter by uploading a photo with a catchy caption. 

Something like, "Embracing the golden hues of summer with my favorite outfit. 🌞👗 #StyleSavvySummer @StyleSavvy"

Engage with brands

Brands appreciate when users share their experiences with their products. If you're using something you adore, why not take a picture and tag the brand?

For example, you can show off a new pair of sneakers and tag the company behind it.

This small gesture could have a significant payoff. If they like your post, they might repost it on their account, giving you a valuable shoutout.

Consider Shoutouts for Shoutouts

Collaborations can be beneficial on platforms like Instagram. Find accounts that align closely with yours in terms of size and audience.

For instance, if you're a fitness enthusiast, you might partner with a health-focused food blogger. Both of you can then showcase each other's content.

This mutual promotion, known as "shoutout for shoutout," introduces each account to a fresh audience.

Pro tip: Don't let the collaboration be a one-time thing. Keep in touch and explore opportunities for future engagements or even co-created content.

Instagram captions for shoutouts

Considering shoutout for shoutout? Here are a few captions you can use to present the influencer/partner brand to your audience:

  • "Spotlight on this gem! Everyone, meet [Name/@handle]. 🌟"
  • "Swipe left to see the magic by [@handle]."
  • "Discovering [@handle] was the best part of my Insta journey!"
  • "Hey Insta fam, meet my latest obsession: [@handle]."
  • "Shouting out loud for this legend. Do yourself a favor and follow [@handle]."
  • "Can't keep this secret any longer! Everyone, check out [@handle]."
  • "Been binge-scrolling [@handle] lately. Time you did too!"
  • "Breaking my feed pattern to shoutout this incredible profile: [@handle]."
  • "Insta introduced me to [@handle] and now, I'm introducing them to you."
  • "Today's shoutout goes to [@handle]. Trust me, your feed needs them!"
  • "From DMs to collabs, so grateful for my Insta journey with [@handle]."
  • "If you're not following [@handle] yet, what are you even doing?"
  • "Elevating my feed game, all thanks to inspiration from [@handle]."
  • "Turned my shoutout volume up for [@handle]. Slide into their DMs!"
  • "For the love of all things Insta, go hit follow on [@handle]'s profile."

Final verdict

Leveraging Instagram shoutouts can elevate your brand's presence and credibility.

With the shoutout examples we've shared, you're well-equipped to make an impact.

Interested in expanding your reach further? Our TikTok for dropshipping article can help you get traction on another platform.

And for insights related to ecommerce and dropshipping, check out our blog.

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