Minea vs. Dropship - Which is the Best Tool for Dropshipping?

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July 19, 2023
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Both platforms aim to help you find winning dropshipping products. 

Dropship gives you sales and revenue data from real Shopify stores. In comparison, Minea allows you to spy on ads. 

We’ve found that ad engagement doesn’t translate to sales. So it’s more difficult to identify real winning products. 

For that reason, Dropship is the winner of this comparison.

Dropship - Winner

  • Our rating - 10/10
  • Dropship starts at $29 per month
  • Dropship is the winner of this comparison for its Shopify sales insights, variety of features, and helpful resources 

Minea - Loser

  • Our rating - 6/10
  • Minea has a free plan
  • Minea could be a good alternative to as it has a free plan and allows you to spy on TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook ads

Key Takeaways 

If you don’t have time to read the full article, here are the key takeaways to help you decide between Minea and Dropship.

  • You can find winning products on both platforms.
  • Dropship lets you spy on sales, revenue, and Shopify store secrets. It is best for making informed data-driven decisions and would suit dropshipping businesses of all sizes.
  • Minea allows you to spy on TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest ads but doesn’t show their conversion rate or sales. So you may need additional software to confirm whether products are really winners.

Minea vs Dropship: Which Is Best for Me?

It depends on your business needs and budget.

Minea offers a free plan, so it might work for you if you’re on a tight budget. 

However, you can’t see any real sales or conversion data as you can with Dropship. So you might need to spend more on additional tools to determine if a product is a winner.

What Is Dropship and Who Is It Best For?

Dropship is an incredible product research platform. 

It allows you to analyze Shopify stores to find profitable products for your own store.

You can view sales, revenue, and tons of other store insights.

You can save stores and analyze them over time and view them as you browse with the Chrome extension. 

It’s an affordable platform that’s super easy to use and works for both new and established dropshipping businesses. 

What Is Minea and Who Is It Best For?

Analyze social media ads to find winning products with Minea.

You can search and filter through TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest ads and see their engagement. 

Save the ads to analyze their performance and use the Chrome extension to view all the ads a store is running. 

Minea has a free plan, so it is a good tool for those new to dropshipping. 

However, it doesn’t have definitive sales data. So you can’t confirm whether the ads you find convert and generate sales.

Minea vs Dropship: Feature Comparison

Both platforms can help with product research. 

However, the way each platform works is different. Understanding the features can help you decide which is the best platform for you.

Dropship Features

Paid Tools

  • Product Database - Search and filter through millions of products to help you find winning ones. You can see the sales, revenue, seller, price, and lots more information about the product.
  • Competitor Research - Found a product you think is a winner? Use the Competitor Research tool to find and analyze your competition.
  • Sales Tracker - Track both products and stores so you can analyze them over time.
  • Portfolio - Every week, Dropship sends its members products they think are winners. The number of products you’re sent depends on your plan.
  • Top Products and Stores - Check out the top-performing stores and products. Instantly see their sales and revenue and easily add them to your tracker.
  • Chrome Extension - Uncover hidden Shopify stores’ secrets to help your own store. You can also view the stores’ sales and best-selling products and import listings to your own store.

Free Tools

Dropship offers a few free tools that can be accessed without a subscription or paid plan.

  • Interest Explorer - Discover hidden Facebook interests so you can create more profitable campaigns by targeting less competitive interests.
  • Calculators - Calculate your profits, cost per acquisition, return on ad spend, and break-even return on ad spend.


As well as the incredible tools, Dropship has tons of resources to help with every aspect of your dropshipping journey. They are all free to access.

  • Blog - Read articles covering everything you need to know about dropshipping.
  • University - Access courses and lessons from dropshipping experts.
  • Discord Community - Connect with and learn from other Dropship users.

Minea Features

  • Ad Spy - Search through Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok ads to find winning products. You can enter keywords and use advanced filters to narrow your search. The ad spy tool shows the ad's engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. You can also gain insights into the ad's audience.
  • Influencer  - Find ads and promotions influencers post on Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Lists - Save ads you want to monitor over time to your own lists.
  • Search on AliExpress - With one click, you can perform an image search on AliExpress to find your own supplier.
  • Shop Analysis - Analyze the store that is running the ads. You can see all of the other ads they’re running and some shop insights.
  • Chrome Extension - As you browse, you can find the ads a store is running.

Minea vs Dropship: Similarities and Differences

Minea and Dropship both have the same purpose: To help you find winning products.

Knowing their similarities and differences can help you decide which platform is best for you.

Minea and Dropship Similarities

  • Both platforms are designed for product research.
  • There are three plan options on both platforms.
  • You can access Facebook ads on both platforms (but Minea does provide more in-depth analytics).
  • With one click, you can search AliExpress to find a supplier on both platforms. Dropship does this using the product's title, and Minea does this using the product image.
  • Support is available via live chat, email, or a contact form.
  • Easily access the store for the ad or product you’re analyzing.
  • Chrome extensions are available on both Dropship and Minea. Both extensions allow you to view the theme and apps the store uses. However, Dropship’s Chrome extension offers more store insights than Minea’s does.

Minea and Dropship Differences 

  • Minea has a free plan, whereas Dropship only has a free trial.
  • Dropship shows Shopify product and store sales and revenue. Minea has no sales analytics (unless you have a $400+ plan, more on that below).
  • Dropship provides top products, stores, and a portfolio of products that perform well and have potential.
  • Dropship has a database of trusted suppliers.
  • Easily import products to your own store from Dropship.
  • Minea has a section of placements by influencers. You can also find and contact influencers for your own campaigns.
  • Minea shows Pinterest and TikTok ads. These aren’t available on Dropship.

Minea vs Dropship: Pricing and Plans

Winner for Pricing and Plans: It depends. Minea offers a free plan, but when you need to upgrade to a paid plan, the plans are more expensive than Dropships.


  • Free plan
  • Lowest priced plan - €49 or $53
  • Highest priced plan - €99 or $108
  • Annual discount - 30%


  • Free trial for seven days
  • Lowest priced plan - $29 per month
  • Highest priced plan - $79 per month
  • Annual discount - Up to 40%

Minea and Dropship structure their plans in a similar way. 

On both platforms, all of the plans have access to the majority of features. And as you upgrade your plan, the usage limit increases.

Dropship Plans

  • Basic Plan - Includes access to all of the tools except the top products and stores. The number of searches you can perform per day is limited. There are also limits on the number of stores and products you can track.
  • Standard Plan - Includes access to all of the tools except the top products. The Standard plan includes unlimited searches and an increased number of stores and products you can track compared to the Basic plan.
  • Premium Plan - Includes access to all of the tools. You will also receive all 40 portfolio products and be able to track 50 stores and 100 products.

Minea Plans

  • Lite Plan - Includes 500 research credits and access to all of the tools except TikTok and Pinterest ads and Shop Analysis.
  • Starter Plan - Includes 10,000 research credits and access to all of the tools except TikTok and Pinterest ads and Shop Analysis.
  • Premium Plan - Includes 100,000 research credits and access to all of the tools.

There is an additional plan called Business. This isn’t openly advertised on the website, and the exact inclusions aren’t easy to find. However, from what we know, it costs €399 or $439 per month and includes a sales tracker. 

We can’t tell why it’s so expensive. Or why you would choose Minea Business over a more affordable option, like Dropship, for sales analytics. 

Minea vs Dropship: Support and Training

Winner for Support and Training: Dropship

Both platforms offer similar support and various training options. 

However, there are tons of complaints about Minea’s support department, and they don’t provide a university of training content as Dropship does.


Both platforms have a live chat, email, and contact form for support. 

All of the plans on both platforms also include the same support.

However, many Minea users have complained about poor and rude customer support.


Dropship Training

Dropship has a blog, community, and university. 

The blog makes it easy to find the content you’re looking for. It has tons of helpful articles on all aspects of dropshipping.

Dropship has a discord community of over 13,000 other entrepreneurs. You can chat, share, and learn from other dropshippers and experts.

Minea Training

Minea has a blog. However, the website is built more like a sales page, so navigating the blog is almost impossible. 

Minea also has a community of other users. You can ask questions, join live events, and much more.

A lot of the community content is in French, so if you don’t speak French, you might need to use Google Translate to understand the community discussions.

Final Thoughts: Is Minea or Dropship Better?

Dropship is a better product research tool than Minea (but we might be a bit biased). 

Minea is only an ad spy tool, and in our experience, ad engagement doesn’t translate to sales and guaranteed winning products.

For accurate sales and revenue information, as well as discovering hidden Shopify store insights, choose Dropship. 

The more data you have, the more informed your decisions will be and the higher your chances of success. 

Try out Dropship completely free for seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dropship or Minea Cheaper?

Minea offers a free plan. But when you want to upgrade, the paid plans are more expensive than Dropships. 

Does Minea Have Better Features than Dropship?

No, Minea is an ad spy tool, whereas Dropship is a Shopify research tool. So the features are quite different. 

Dropship does offer more features and more data on products. You can track products and stores and uncover more information with Dropship’s Chrome extension, compared to Minea’s. 

The free calculators on Dropship are also an incredible resource for all sellers.

Is Dropship or Minea Easier to Use?

Both platforms are super easy to use. 

Dropship is more transparent with its plans. Its blog, community, and university are also easier to navigate than Mineas.

What’s the Best Alternative to Minea?

For product research, we would (of course - but we’re not the fairest judge) recommend Dropship.

Other Minea alternatives include SpyFu, BigSpy, Dropispy, Anstrex, and AdSpy. 

If you’re looking for more information, we’ve got an article on the 8 Best Minea Alternatives.

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