9 Best Commerce Inspector Alternatives For Dropshipping

Our review for today is about the best alternatives to Commerce Inspector. 

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July 27, 2023
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After years of trying various tools in my dropshipping sites, I am confident that the best alternative to Commerce Inspector is Dropship.IO.

Okay, you may say that my affiliation with Dropship.IO caused my perception to skew slightly. As far as experience goes, I can objectively say that Dropship.IO gives you more value for your money than most, if not all, alternatives to Commerce Inspector. 

Of course, Dropship.IO may not be the best for everyone. There are tools we do not have—yet—like a video maker tool or an AI content generator. If you want to test our program, we have a free trial offer — sign up now and see how it works!

Still, regarding spying, I have confidence that our suite of tools can help you. Keep on reading to learn more. In the end, the decision is yours.

Here is our top nine alternatives to Commerce Inspector:

  1. Dropship.IO – best alternative to Commerce Inspector
  2. Magic 8 – best for learning about current product trends
  3. Ecomhunt – best for product analysis 
  4. BigSpy – bet for accessing advertising libraries
  5. DropiSpy – best for hunting successful ads for dropshipping
  6. PiPiAds – best for spying on TikTok ads
  7. Peeksta – best free alternative to Commerce Inspector
  8. Koala Inspector – best for inspecting Shopify stores
  9. Shopify Spy Scraper & Parser – best for data downloads from Shopify stores

Let us start!

9 Best Commerce Inspector Alternatives For Dropshipping

Here are longer reviews of the best Commerce Inspector alternatives for dropshipping.

1. Dropship.IO – best alternative to Commerce Inspector

Our tool combines systems that allow you to inspect a Shopify store and investigate many other things. For starters, here are the things you can do with it:

  • See what products are in demand
  • Spy on the sales revenue of different stores, particularly your competitors
  • Visit the FB ad of a particular product or store 

Dropship.IO is the best alternative to Commerce Inspector because we also provide you with a list of suppliers on top of the spying. Unlike other tools, we do not limit your communication capability with these sellers. 

Dropship.IO Features

  • Google Chrome Extension – install the extension to track products and stores easily. For example, if you are on a website, the system can detect that this product page or store is not in your tracking list yet. A simple click will add it to your database, and you can view more analytics once you log in to your Dropship.IO dashboard. 
  • Product Database – with a keyword, our product database ad tracker will show you a long list of stores that sell the same product. You will see the price, revenue, sales trend, etc. The product database is the system to ensure that the product you want to sell has a demand. 
  • Competitor Research – use our competitor research tool to easily find online stores selling the same products as you do. Our system will also show a competitor’s sales volume, revenue, product source, etc. You can investigate what they do and stay ahead of the game. 
  • Apps of Stores – many online businesses succeed because they use effective and efficient apps. With this spy tool, you can avoid spending money on apps that do not work. Spy on the apps of your successful competitors and use the same apps to keep up.
  • FB Ads – in the competitor research tool, you can click the Facebook button to go to the Facebook Ads library. If that competitor launched ads in the past, you could view them and get inspiration.

Dropship.IO Pros

  • You can see sales data of dropshippers, not sales data of suppliers
  • Your access to Facebook ads will show you what ads get attention or gets viral
  • You can track many stores and see their sales daily, weekly, and monthly
  • You can track products and see how they are trending 

Dropship.IO Cons

  • We only track Shopify stores for now.

Try Dropship.IO now! We offer a 7-day free trial where you can test the system. I have been using the system for a while, and I can tell you that it is easy to navigate—the entire ecosystem of Dropship.IO is intuitive!

2. Magic 8 – best for learning about current product trends 

Magic 8 is a product search tool allowing you to track stores as we do. The main goal of this system is to show you the top trending stores and top trending products. I recommend this tool if you operate a store focusing on current trends. 

Magic 8 Features

  • Trending – you will see the top five trending stores and top five trending products on the Magic 8 dashboard upon logging in. Once you click these links, you will either find yourself on the store analysis or product analysis page. 
  • Shop Explorer – use this tool to search for online stores. It is a list of stores that you can investigate. If you do not want what is on the list, you can use the filter or type the store’s name in the search box. 
  • Product Explorer – use this tool if you want to hunt for products. You can filter the search results by date range, price, revenue, and country. After clicking on a product you like, you will see sales data for a specific date range and add it to your watchlist.  
  • Watchlist – the watchlist is the equivalent of our tracking system. The watchlist is where you save shops and products that you want to investigate. You can go back to this daily and see the performance trends and metrics such as items sold, gross revenue, and top-selling products of a store. 

Magic 8 Pros

  • The system has a clean interface
  • Easy to use and navigate 
  • You can track the top products of the store and how many they sold
  • There is a link to a store’s Facebook Ads library 

Magic 8 Cons

  • It can only track Shopify stores
  • It cannot track store traffic
  • It does not show the apps that a store uses

Magic 8 is an excellent tool if you want instant data by keyword. However, the search filters of this tool are not as extensive as ours. Furthermore, if the keyword you typed does not match anything in its database, it does not return a result. With our tool, we will, at least, show you the closest results to your keyword. 

3. Ecomhunt – best for product analysis 

Ecomhunt is a product spy tool that shows a product’s saturation status, sales, suggested retail price, and many more. The ideal user for this tool is someone who wants to quickly search for what products are in demand. 

After clicking each product thumbnail, you will see the following things:

  • The capital cost of a product
  • The suggested sales price
  • The potential profit
  • The saturation 

Ecomhunt, unlike Magic 8, is not just best for tracking trends. They have several tools you can use to track products and analyze if it makes sense to sell them.

Ecomhunt Features

  • Supplier Sourcing – there are two buttons on each product analysis page. These are AliExpress and AutoDS. Use these buttons to go directly to the supplier of the product. Please note that there may be a difference between the price on Ecomhunt and the supplier’s price. 
  • Edited Product Description – there is a big difference between the product description on Ecomhunt and AliExpress. The description on Ecomhunt follows the rules of copywriting or online marketing. You will save a lot of time using this description, and you can also expect to make more conversions. 
  • Saturation Inspector – this tool measures how many online stores sell the same product. In the screenshot below, you will see that the saturation is 1. It means that you have no competitor except the supplier. You can use this knowledge by selling it now and be ahead of the curve. 

Ecomhunt Pros

  • The product snapshot is easy to comprehend
  • The saturation meter is very useful if you do not like aggressive competition.
  • The product analytics page offers many data like links, target market, and ads.

Ecomhunt Cons

  • The software system is too expensive
  • They do not offer their services globally

Ecomhunt is great as a one-time tool. I can say that you must use it for quick product searches. You can stop your subscription once you have a list of the products you want to sell. The thing with Ecomhunt is that, unlike our tool, it also shows data from the supplier’s sales. 

Because of this, you may think that the product has a lot of sales, but then it includes the sales volume of the supplier. The sales may have come from a wholesaler doing Amazon FBA, not dropshippers. 

Another issue I have with Ecomhunt is that if you get the free tool, you can do little with it. They block many other features, and you cannot access them without upgrading your account. 

4. BigSpy – bet for accessing advertising libraries

BigSpy is a marketing research tool. With it, you can browse advertisements other entrepreneurs launched on different platforms. You cannot copy these ads, but they surely inspire you and show you how to become better at marketing. 

How does it benefit you? The main benefit of this tool is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. The advertising library will show you engagement rates, likes, views, and other important stats about the success of ads. From here, you can draw inspiration and create ads similar to them. 

Big Spy Features 

  • Social Media Ad Libraries – you can access thousands of ad images and videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and even the gaming platform Unity. You can also view ads on Pinterest and Google. The only thing you have to do first is to identify which platform your target customer use. 
  • Top 50 Shops – there is a default list of the top 50 shops based on the popularity of their ads. If the shop belongs to the same niche as yours, watch their ads and draw inspiration from them. They update this list monthly.
  • Tutorials – the tool offers tutorials and updates. For example, one of their upcoming tutorials is a detailed process of analyzing the results of a Facebook ad. However, these tutorials are not on video—they are text-based. 
  • Huge coverage – the tool tracks ads in more than 40 countries and 70+ languages. 

BigSpy Pros

  • Lots of ads from different social media channels 
  • There is a list of the top 50 stores where you can get ideas for marketing
  • You can use the tutorial to learn more about advertising techniques and strategies

BigSpy Cons

  • No product research tool

BigSpy is what you need if you are in the advertising phase of your dropshipping business. If you want to track products and stores and analyze sales, this tool is not for you.

Do you need BigSpy? Yes, you do. It is easy to build a store, but it isn’t easy to convince people to buy your products. It all boils down to marketing. I must tell you that marketing is not as easy as it seems. 

Even if you have the best dropshipping products, you must convince people to purchase them. To do this, you must launch compelling ads, which BigSpy can help you create. 

5. DropiSpy – best for hunting successful ads for dropshipping

DropiSpy is a product hunter tool like Ecomhunt. It also has a feature where you can spy on ads. One thing that is special about this tool is the analysis tool for ads, which I will explain later. 

The operators add around 20,000 new advertising creatives daily to their advertising database. If your current focus is marketing, you can use this app to improve your conversion rates. 

DropiSpy Features

  • Ad Analysis – after selecting an ad, you can view its performance on a chart. The chart shows you the ad impression per country, the age and sex demographics of the viewers, and metrics like shares.
  • Dropship Store ranking – the tool has a rankings database for dropshipping stores. This ranking comes from Alexa. How can this help you? If a store has a high ranking, it means that it is popular. You can visit that store and find out what they are doing differently. 
  • Successful Ads – you can filter your ad search based on their success. You also have the option to view ads according to launch date, language, country, and sex demographics.  
  • Winning Products – is a list of thumbnails of winning products like what you see in Ecomhunt. However, the basis of the “winning product” is the advertising result, not the revenue or sales volume. 

DropiSpy Pros

  • They have over 50 million ads in their database
  • The tool has fast servers, so you do not have to wait for the ads to load
  • They had tens of thousands of ads daily and monthly

DropiSpy Cons

  • You need to pay more to access common features.

If you use the free version of DropiSpy, you can expect to have access to simple tools. For example, you cannot even use the filtering option unless you upgrade your account. To maximize the potential of this tool, prepare to shell out at least $29 per month.

Is DropiSpy worth it? I recommend DropiSpy only if you want to look for winning ads. As a regular tool? No, you do not need it. There is no reason to pay monthly for a device that only delivers ad data. 

Here is what I suggest: use the tool to spy on ads and create your version. You can stop your subscription once you find a winning ad that drives sales. 

6. PiPiAds – best for spying on TikTok ads

PiPiAds is an ad tool that strongly focuses on the TikTok platform. Although the main area of expertise of PiPiAds ads is TikTok, there is also a tool in the system that shows winning products for dropshipping. 

Here are some of the things you can do with it: 

  • Access the ads library
  • Find winning products 
  • See how ads performed

As you can see, the PiPiAds tool is only ideal if you want to catch up with the TikTok trend. You can also use it to spy on TikTok shops making a huge sales wave.  

PiPiAds Features

  • Ad Search – the search function of the tool is comprehensive. You can filter ads by country, range of number of ad impressions, the rate of likes, period the ad ran, which e-commerce platform, and more. 
  • Traffic Detector – the traffic detector does not tell you the traffic of an e-Commerce store. Instead, it calculates the traffic you need daily to reach a specific revenue. It also means you how many orders you need to sell. However, this calculator does not take profit into account. 
  • Winning Ads – there is a filter system that will show you the best ads that have the best results. I can say that these are ads of companies with much money to burn. Although dropshippers like us may not be able to spend $10,000 a month on ads, we can still get ideas from these top ads. 
  • Shopify Spy – the tool can tell you a particular store’s theme. You will also see what apps the owner integrated with their Shopify store. 

PiPiAds Pros

  • You can learn about audience targeting
  • The database analyzes millions of TikTok ads
  • You can filter the ads that you want to see or investigate 

PiPiAds Cons 

  • There is no free account
  • The tool is expensive (starts at $77 per month) 

Overall, PiPiSpy offers some practical tools like calculators that you can use to make sales projections. I can say that PiPiAds is an ideal tool for people in the marketing industry. It is only an excellent alternative to Commerce Inspector because you can find winning products based on advertising success.

You can use it for dropshipping, provided your target market is in the TikTok platform. Since you know what ads perform, you can replicate the strategy of the top TikTok marketers in the industry. In addition, you can also focus your search on ads in your niche.

7. Peeksta – best free alternative to Commerce Inspector

Peeksta is primarily an ad spy tool that focuses on three platforms. These are Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. Peeksta also allows you to probe deeper into what apps your competitors use through their store research tool. With Peeksta, learning how to build an audience for your next ads is possible. Ultimately, the Peeksta system can help you with your advertising goals. 

Peeksta Features

  • Ad Spy – you can spy on ads, which is how you will find winning products. You can filter your search so that the tool only shows ads that went viral. You can also program the system only to show you ads of products that have the potential to go big. 
  • Shopify Store Tracker – you can track up to 50 Shopify stores. This feature is the same as our sales tracker. The stores you track will stay on a list. You can return to that list daily and see how your competitors perform. 
  • Store Research – the store research feature analyzes what makes a store work or what makes it successful. At the lowest plan, you can only research five stores daily. 
  • Supplier List – Peeksta understands that China is not always the best source of products for dropshipping. As such, they added a feature where you can view US and UK suppliers only. This system is great if you dropship high-quality products with fast shipping.

Peeksta Pros

  • Peeksta has a built-in PPC tool for advertising
  • There is a video ad generator that can convert images into a video
  • You can generate thumbnails for your video ads to make them more appealing

Peeksta Cons 

  • You can track a few stores only
  • There are limitations to the number of stores you can investigate per day

Use Peeksta if you need a video ad maker or tool to generate AI content. The thing is that most of these tools are accessible for free. For example, you can use ChatGPT or similar AI tools to create product descriptions and marketing copy. You can use Canva to make videos for free, so you do not need to pay for a video maker. 

The best reason to use Peeksta is its ad library. You can access winning ads on three major platforms to find customers. Although other tools already do this, Peeksta’s price is so competitive that it is a better option.

8. Koala Inspector – best for inspecting Shopify stores

Koala is a suite of tools, and what they primarily market is the Google Chrome extension. With it, you can detect a store’s Shopify theme and scrape Shopify data, including ad campaigns and traffic.

Koala Inspector may not look much. What I mean is that they do poorly in their marketing. However, a closer look reveals that it is a useful tool. 

Here are some things you can do with it: 

  • See the structure of a Shopify store
  • View product stats from other stores
  • Find retailers from eBay, Amazon, and other platforms to check the competition 

The tool also has a section where you can view ad campaigns. This feature will show you the ads that a competitor is running on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. You can see what ad copy your competitors are using, and you can tweak them a bit to fit your marketing needs. 

Koala Inspector Features

  • Chrome Extension – the extension is what you need to use this tool effectively. Sadly, it will not work if you are using other browsers. The tool allows you to track competitor stores, traffic, apps, and themes that your competitors use.
  • Skip to Checkout – this tool is a downloadable plug-in that allows you to modify your shopping cart. You can design it so the customer can process the purchase right from the product page. It essentially reduces the steps to make a purchase. To some degree, this process change can help you increase your conversion rate. 
  • Site Traffic – you can use the Koala Inspector tool to detect the traffic volume of a competitor and where that traffic is coming from. The graphs also show the top countries as traffic sources. With this knowledge, you can concentrate your advertising efforts on the same countries.  

Koala Inspector Pros

  • You can view what themes and apps Shopify stores use
  • The tool shows winning products and bestsellers 
  • Koala provides you with traffic data

Koala Inspector Cons

  • There is not much the tool can do compared to the others on this list.

If anything, you can use Koala Inspector to spy on Shopify apps and themes. They offer a free version, but I cannot say that Koala is the best free alternative to Commerce Inspector, as the latter also provides a free account. Still, it is an alternative option if you do not like Commerce Inspector for any reason. 

9. Shopify Spy Scraper & Parser – best for data downloads from Shopify stores

Our last tool is a simple Google Chrome extension. It is free and can provide you with a ton of data. However, you need serious Excel and analytical skills to make the best of this data. 

Why would you use something like this? Sometimes, the information that you get from software programs is not enough. You want to slice and dice data in many ways, but you can’t. If this is the case, then Shopify Spy Scraper is for you.

Here are the things it can do: 

  • Extract data from product pages
  • Filter your desired information so you only get what you need 
  • Include all fields from Shopify listings in the download
  • Download the data in CSV; this file is compatible with Excel 

Shopify Scraper Pros

  • The tool is fast 
  • You can use the data to make analysis not available in other tools

Shopify Scraper Cons

  • The application is too rudimentary.

In addition to the data, you can also extract images from Shopify stores. You can also extract the tags. These tags help make a store more “searchable.” You can use these tags in your store or get an idea of how successful stores create their tagging structure. 

Why do you need a spy tool?

You need a spy tool for one reason: know what drives your competitors’ success. You can indeed succeed with your efforts. However, this can prolong your journey, and you will spend much money learning from your mistakes.

Most dropshippers do not have business experience. Almost all of us are new to this, so we do things by trial and error. 

Spy tools can help dropshippers make informed decisions based on data—no more guesswork and, more importantly, no more trial and error. 

Things to do after seeing the spy tool data

Before using any spy tool, you must understand your goal. If your goal is advertising success, you will focus on ad metrics. If your goal is product hunting, you will focus on sales metrics. Nevertheless, there is a simple checklist you can use for both. 

Here are some pointers:

  • List down the numbers on a sheet
  • Choose many products 
  • Investigate further; determine if the winning product is a trend or a consistent bestseller.
  • Drill down the best products from your list; choose the top 5 or ten.
  • Choose a supplier
  • Order a sample
  • Decide if it is a “winning product.”

Just because a tool gave you a link to a supplier does not mean it is trustworthy. You must verify the credibility of the manufacturers. These tools are machines—they only analyze stats, but not the dependability of suppliers. 

I suggest that you read our blog about how to choose dropshipping suppliers. In this blog, we discuss the things you need to consider before committing. You are a dropshipper—if a supplier fails, you fail. 

Commerce Inspector Alternatives FAQs

How do I track someone’s Shopify sales?

You can track this data from a tool like ours. Dropship.IO tracks the revenue and sales volume of Shopify stores. Use our free trial to test our system today!

What is the best Shopify inspector?

Dropship.IO is the best Shopify inspector because we show you the following things: apps that the store uses, sales revenue, sales volume, sales trend, and Facebook ads of the seller. 

How do people see your stuff on Shopify?

They see it the same way robots see it. “robots” or software machines do the tracking, indexing, data storing, data analysis, and many more. 


Now that we have the best alternatives to Commerce Inspector, the next step is to try Dropship.IO. Again, I may sound biased, but I can say from experience that it is the best option for spying or snooping on your competitors. 

We offer a 7-day free trial if you are interested. There is no commitment to be scared of. Try it now, create a free account, and see a big difference!

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Discover winning products to sell today.
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