16 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify Stores

Our topic today is the best dropshipping suppliers that you can use in your Shopify store. These are systems you can integrate with your Shopify store to make product search, product import, and order fulfillment easy. 

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November 9, 2023
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Over the years, I used several supplier tools (both free and paid) for my stores and found out that not all of them are equal in terms of dependability, supplier reliability, and integration capabilities. This experience is what I will use today to pick only the best ones. 

The things I will share are: 

  • The best supplier systems you can use for your Shopify store
  • Factors to consider when choosing a Shopify supplier tool 
  • What Dropship.IO can do for your business 

In the end, I am confident you will have the knowledge you need to decide which supplier system to use. After all, not all these are free, so it is best to know now what they can do for you. 

16 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify Stores

Here is a quick snapshot of our list:

1. Spocket – best for AliExpress dropshipping

2. Dropship.IO – best for Shopify spying and finding winning products 

3. Fulfillbot - Best Dropshipping Agent & Sourcing Agent

4. Printful – best for multi-channel print-on-demand 

5. SaleHoo – best for private-label dropshipping

6. Printify – best for global print-on-demand dropshipping

7. Dropified – best for high-end products

8. HyperSKU – best for product customization and private label

9. AppScenic – best for dropshipping furniture

10. Importify – best for importing items from another Shopify store

11. CJDropshipping – best for Alibaba dropshipping

12. Eprolo – best free dropship supplier system

13 Syncee – best for branded products

14. Doba – best for low-cost goods

15. Modalyst – best all-in-one dropshipping supplier source

16. Sell The Trend – best for selling trending items

Top 16 Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify Stores

1. Spocket – best for AliExpress dropshipping

Spocket is one of the pioneers in the dropship supplier software industry. With Spocket, you can look for products, their respective suppliers, product costs, ideal selling price, and so much more. 

Spocket Features

  • AliExpress Dropshipping – use the Spocket product research tool to import products directly from an AliExpress supplier to your Shopify store. You no longer have to manually copy and paste images and product descriptions from AliExpress to your Shopify store. 
  • Integrations – you can integrate the Spocket program with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and many other platforms. 
  • Order Fulfillment – there is no need to contact the supplier to fulfill an order. All you need to do is click some buttons in Spocket to jumpstart the fulfillment process. You can also pay for your orders in the same system.  

Spocket Pros

  • Spocket integrates with many platforms
  • They offer 24x7 chat support
  • You can do an image search in the system

Spocket Cons

  • The free account is only good for product search

Spocket Pricing

Spocket is free to use but the free account only allows you to search for products. You cannot add products to your Shopify store with a free account. The paid ones range from $39.99 to $99.99 monthly. Each subscription offers a different type of limitation and access to special features.  

2. Dropship.IO – best for Shopify spying and finding winning products 

Dropshio.IO is a multi-function software program that allows you to look for suppliers, 

spy on Shopify stores, find winning products, and calculate your ROAS, BEROAS, and so much more. Dropship.IO is the ultimate tool you need to help you manage your Shopify dropshipping business. 

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database – our product database makes it possible to see which products have the most sales in terms of volume and revenue. Use it to your advantage and find out which products are in demand, and which ones are not making sales. 
  • Chrome Extension – our Chrome browser extension makes it easy to spot products that you can spy on and add to your Shopify store. The non-obstructive extension pops up if you are looking at a product on a Shopify website, reminding you to add it to your list. 
  • Ad Spot – it is the latest addition to our suite of tools. It allows you to search for Facebook ads based on your search conditions and learn what makes an ad successful.
  • Dropship University – we have an online university where you can learn everything you need to know about dropshipping. 

Dropship.IO Pros

  • It has all the tools you need to succeed
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • You can use it to find winning products and not sell based on speculation
  • Has a Chrome extension plug-in

Dropship.IO Cons

  • Can only track and spy on Shopify stores

Dropship.IO Pricing 

You can sign up for a free 7-day trial account with Drophip.IO. From here, you can test the entire system and see how it will benefit you and your business. After that, you have to choose among three plans that range from $29 to $79 monthly.

3. Fulfillbot - Best Dropshipping Agent & Sourcing Agent

Fulfillbot is a sourcing agent and dropshipping agent, Just like its name Fulfillbot is a one-stop dropshipping solution site from china.

they take care of product sourcing in China, quality control, order fulfillment, warehousing, packing, and shipping to your buyer.


  • Automated: Fulfillbot’s users a feature that lets them fulfill orders in bulk. all orders will be automated. Not only that but the tracking numbers and order statuses will be synced to your store automatically!
  • Branding: Fulfillbot can help store owners to brand their stores. Things like a custom label, hangtag, packing back, or gift card are all available with no minimum order quantity!
  • Exclusive customer service: As long as you register an account, you will be assigned to a customer service who will help you solve all your problems.
  • Product sourcing: if you can not find your products in fulfillbot, you just contact your support, and they will purchase goods for you according to your needs.
  • Multiple payment methods: support Payoneer, credit cards, and Bank transfers.
  • Fast global shipping: average delivery time of 6-13 days to the US/UK, 9-20 days to other countries 

Fulfillbot Pros

  • process fast 
  • You can do wholesale
  • Dedicated customer service-

Fulfillbot Cons

  • haven't marketplace You need to submit a quote request
  • There are order quantity requirements

Fulfillbot  Pricing 

HyperSKU is free to use.

3. Printful – best for multi-channel print-on-demand 

Printful is one the best print-on-demand (POD) companies that you can integrate with your Shopify store. In it, you will find hundreds of blank products, upload your design, and sell them online without paying for inventory. 

Printful Features

  • Printing Types – the company offers several printing types such as direct-to-garment or DTG, all-over print, and embroidery. The embroidery, however, only works for Printful members. 
  • Design Maker – your membership or account comes with a free design tool. It is where you upload your design and place the design in specific places on the blank products. The design tool also comes with copyright-free clip art and fonts—all these you can use to create a design unique to you.  
  • Mock-Up Generator – Printful offers several images of your finished products in “actual” use. You no longer have to pay another company like Placeit to generate marketing images. 

Printful Pros

  • The system offers many mock-up images you can use for marketing 
  • More than 800 products to choose from
  • It integrates with many systems and platforms
  • High print quality

Printful Cons

  • Sometimes it is difficult to reach customer service

Printful Pricing

Printful is free to use. Even with the free account, you can use the system to launch a functional print-on-demand dropshipping business. Printful offers a membership-based account where you can get discounts and other perks and features. However, the cost depends on sales. They must approve your membership application before you can enjoy these benefits. 

4. SaleHoo – best for private-label dropshipping

SaleHoo started as a product directory. Now, you can integrate SaleHoo with your Shopify store and import products. SaleHoo offers two services: a directory and a dropshipping integration system. For Shopify dropshipping, you must get the latter. 

SaleHoo Features

  • Product Database – SaleHoo boasts over 2.5 million winning products in its database. These are not just random products—all of them have sales and there is a high demand for them. 
  • Vetting Suppliers – the company has a team that investigates suppliers who apply for membership. If the supplier does not meet certain specifications, they won’t make it to the SaleHoo directory. As such, you can rest assured that all suppliers here are credible.
  • Negotiation – there is a way to negotiate prices with suppliers in SaleHoo. You can contact them directly on the platform and ask for better prices.
  • Private-Label – SaleHoo makes it possible for you to do private-label dropshipping. Most of the suppliers here are manufacturers. They can make products that only you can carry in your store. 

SaleHoo Pros

  • The company vets all suppliers; you have a guarantee that all suppliers here are credible
  • They have a university where you can learn both Shopify dropshipping and Amazon dropshipping
  • Millions of products and thousands of suppliers

SaleHoo Cons

  • The system only integrates with Shopify
  • The university, unlike ours, is not free

SaleHoo Pricing

The directory costs either $67 per year or a one-time lifetime access for $127. The dropship integration tool costs $27 monthly for the basic plan and $97 monthly for the premium plan. SaleHoo does not offer a free account.

5. Printify – best for global print-on-demand dropshipping

Printify is another option that I recommend for print-on-demand dropshipping. The biggest difference between Printify and Printful is that the former has more printing locations in the world. This is important, as the printing location also determines the shipping speed of your goods. 

Printify Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Printify not only with Shopify but also WooCommerce, Etsy, and eBay. As such, you can do eBay dropshipping and Etsy dropshipping at the same time.  
  • Global Shipping – the company ships products globally; they have a large network of printers. As a user, you have the option to choose where you want your product to come from. 
  • Alternate Supplier – in case your product is out of stock from your chosen supplier, you can set your account where the system will automatically reassign the order to another supplier. In this case, the order will push through even if your supplier is out of stock.

Printify Pros

  • The system is easy to use
  • They offer a free design tool 
  • Can integrate with other platforms like eBay

Printify Cons

  • You have limited mock-ups; you must use Placeit to generate better mock-ups (it is not free)

Printify Pricing 

Printify is free to use. The free plan allows you to create unlimited products and operate a fully functional dropshipping store with Shopify. The paid plans allow you to increase your store connections. The paid plan costs $24.99 monthly. There is also a customer pricing plan for large enterprises.

6. Dropified – best for high-end products

Dropified is the go-to supplier database and system if you want to dropship expensive goods. Dropified handpicks the suppliers and ensures that they only get trustworthy ones. There was a time when they used to offer white-label food supplements but they seemingly stopped this already. 

Dropified Features 

  • Supplier Sources – while many dropship supplier systems rely on AliExpress, Dropified allows you to source products from Alibaba and eBay. 
  • Facebook Marketplace – you have the option to list your dropshipping products on Facebook, not in your Shopify store. This option is great for those who are still testing the dropshipping waters., or those who are unsure about building a Shopify store.
  • Automated Ordering System – you can set your account in a way where orders automatically get to the supplier, and they will process the order without your intervention. It means that the orders will get through even if you are asleep or away from your business. 

Dropified Pros

  • You can automate the order fulfillment process
  • You can get suppliers from Alibaba AliExpress, and even eBay
  • You can automate rules and even add buy-one-get-one promotions

Dropified Cons

  • No free account
  • The pricing is not transparent

Dropified Pricing 

Although Dropified offers a free trial, it is unclear how long this free trial lasts. In addition, they do not post their membership pricing on their page. You need to sign up for the free trial before you get the price, which I did. 

There are three membership options here: $39 per month, $79 per month, and a one-time payment for a lifetime membership that costs $197. 

7. HyperSKU – best for product customization and private label

HyperSKU is a dropship supplier that works with manufacturers. They offer short shipping times to 72 destinations, plus the capability to ship dangerous goods like liquid and batteries. 

HyperSKU Features

  • Supplier List – there are over 2,000 suppliers in the HyperSKU database. Like SaleHoo, suppliers cannot just go in here and register. They must pass a verification test. As such, you know that all suppliers in this system are reliable.
  • Warehouses – the company has seven warehouses, including the United States. These locations are strategic to ensure that your customers would get their items in the fastest possible time. They offer between 7 and 12 days for shipping. 
  • Customization – you can work with their suppliers and decide how you want your products to look like. You can customize the product packaging, too, making this system ideal for dropshippers who want to brand their goods. 

HyperSKU Pros

  • All suppliers went through a vetting or verification process
  • The shipment can take only seven days
  • You can do wholesale 

HyperSKU Cons

  • The system can only integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce

HyperSKU Pricing 

HyperSKU is free to use. Unlike other dropship supplier tools, they do not charge a monthly subscription fee. You only pay a fee for the orders that they process. This fee, by the way, is already part of their product and shipping cost. 

8. AppScenic – best for dropshipping furniture

AppScenic is best for dropshippers who only want suppliers from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and the European Union. The products you will find here are high-end—they are not cheap knockoffs or affordable versions.  

AppScenic Features

  • Integration – you can integrate the AppScenic system with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and eBay. The integration is inclusive of product import capabilities.
  • Products – there are over 1 million products you can choose from. However, there are only 36 categories. They probably designed it this way so you can concentrate on high-profit niches. 
  • Automation – you can automate the entire dropshipping process. Like Dropified, you do not have to go to your AppScenic account to process orders. Each order goes to the supplier, and the supplier will pick, pack, and ship the item. The system will automatically charge your credit card. 

AppScenic Pros

  • They offer fast shipping
  • All suppliers go through a vetting process
  • You can do white-label dropshipping

AppScenic Cons

  • They can improve the breadth of their product categories
  • The free account is not that useful at all

AppScenic Pricing

AppScenic has four plans, including a free one. The free plan allows you to connect to one store and upload 100 products. The problem is that you cannot process orders, so it is only good for trying out the system. In short, it is not functional. 

The paid plan ranges from $24 to $78 monthly. Most of the differences among these plans have something to do with limitations on the number of store connections and product imports.  

9. Importify – best for importing items from another Shopify store

Importify is a dropship supplier tool that allows you to import products from AliExpress, Alibaba, Etsy, and even another Shopify store. It is one of a kind, as most dropship suppliers do not allow you to copy products from Etsy or another Shopify store. 

Importify Features

  • Product Description Editor – you have the option to edit the product title, product text, price, and variants before finally importing them to your store. The system also has custom templates you can use for this function.  
  • Integration – you can integrate the system with Shopify, Wix, Jumpseller, and WooCommerce. 
  • Product Research – you can spy on other Shopify stores to see what products are selling and which ones are not. You can find winning products in this system even before you decide to import them to your store. 
  • Supplier Change – if you are unhappy with a supplier and there is another one in the system selling it, you can swap the supplier and keep the same URL for your product. The change works only on the backend, with no impact on your SEO. 

Importify Pros

  • You can swap suppliers for the same products in a few clicks
  • You can import products from over 30 marketplaces
  • There is a pricing rule mechanism that automatically adjusts your product prices

Importify Cons

  • There is no free plan

Importify Pricing

Importify does not offer a free plan. The basic one costs $14.95 per month, and it is inclusive of unlimited product imports, but not with Amazon. The most expensive plan is the Gold Plan, which costs $37.95 per month. This plan includes the importation of product videos from the source to your store. 

10. CJDropshipping – best for Alibaba dropshipping

CJDropshipping is an excellent dropshipping supplier tool if you want to dropship products that you cannot find in AliExpress. In addition, it works best for dropshippers who want to operate on several platforms. CJDropshipping integrates with several store builders, including those that typically do not operate in the United States.

CJDropshipping Features

  • Integrations – you can integrate CJ with many platforms, such as Shopify, Lazada, Etsy, Wix, Shopee, and many more. Because of this, you can target the Asian market, not just the US or Canada.
  • Sourcing – one of the best things with CJ is you can ask their support team to find a supplier for you. You can also give them the Alibaba link to the product. They will contact this wholesaler and ask if they would be willing to do dropshipping. The CJ support member will notify you of the result of this inquiry. 
  • Warehouses – CJ has warehouses in the US, China, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Poland, and many more. These locations expedite the shipping times.

CJDropshipping Pros

  • You can ask CJ to look for suppliers on your behalf
  • They have many warehouses worldwide 
  • CJ covers many product categories

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Shipping and handling can take a while

CJDropshipping Pricing

CJDropshipping is free to use, and you can create multiple accounts with them. The fee they charge you has something to do with the shipping and handling, and this fee varies from one product to another.

11. Eprolo – best free dropship supplier system

Eprolo is a dropship supplier company that not only aggregates suppliers, but also does print-on-demand. Eprolo is free to use and integrates with several marketplaces and store builders.

Eprolo Features

  • Shipping Guarantee – Eprolo guarantees a shipping timeline of 30 days. If they miss this timeline, they entitle you to a full refund on the product. 
  • Integrations – you have multiple integration options, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Shoplaza, and more.
  • Branded Dropshipping – you can work with Eprolo suppliers to brand clothes and packaging for you. your dropshipping goods will now come to your customers with your logo and business name. you can choose from many branding options such as packing bags, gift cards, labels, hangtags, etc. 

Eprolo Pros

  • The app is free to use forever
  • They offer a shipping guarantee
  • You can automate your dropship store to process orders 
  • They offer branding services (for white-label products)

Eprolo Cons

  • They outsource their print-on-demand business to another company similar to Printify

Eprolo Pricing

It is free to create an account with Eprolo, and the service is free forever. They do not have any subscription plan.  Eprolo earns only if you order a product. They make a profit from the products you order and the shipping costs that they charge you.

12. Syncee – best for branded products

While many dropship supplier tools focus only on AliExpress, Syncee is doing something that most of these suppliers are not—Syncee offers dropshipping products from known brands. Here are some examples: Meller, Gallery, VidaXL.

The beauty of this approach is you get to sell goods that no one else is selling (except other Syncee users). Because of this, you do not have to worry about cutting down your prices so much that you end up with very little profit. 

Syncee Features

  • Huge Database – Syncee has more than 7 million products in its database. These products do not come from one country but from their global partner suppliers. 
  • Integration – you can integrate Syncee with several platforms. These are Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Ecwid, Jumpseller, Wix, BigCommerce, and many more. 
  • Supplier Verification – Syncee does not allow suppliers to sell their products here without undergoing verification. All suppliers go through the same standard procedures, and the process ensures that they are reliable.

Syncee Pros

  • A free plan is available for you to use
  • Syncee has an automation process 
  • There are no transaction fees

Syncee Cons

  • You must pay a premium subscription to be able to access the best products 

Syncee Pricing

Syncee offers four plans, including a free one. The Basic Plan costs $29 per month. The other two plans cost $49 and $99. The main differences among these plans are the number of products you can import, and the quality of the products. 

13. Doba – best for low-cost goods

Doba is a marketplace of suppliers, and the way it looks is similar to CJDropshipping. You can integrate the Doba system with your store and import products from here.

Doba, CJ, has several categories that make it easier for you to search for products. With Doba, even consumers can make purchases. The one thing they offer that most don’t is that they provide you an avenue to make huge profits. They do this by selling low-cost goods.

Doba Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Doba with Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, Volusion, and many other platforms.
  • Risk Alert – Doba sends you notifications if a product in your store is running low in stock. You can either replace this with a new product or put it on hold until such time that the supplier replenishes their stocks.
  • Curated Product List – the platform offers a ready-made list of products that you can use in your dropshipping store. You no longer have to search for products manually, or even analyze if these products have a demand or not. 

Doba Pros

  • The system has millions of products to choose from
  • The products are affordable 
  • Lots of integration options
  • The system has a supplier scorecard that guides you on how a supplier is performing 

Doba Cons

  • Doba charges a transaction fee for every sale

Doba Pricing

Doba offers a 14-day free trial, after which you must subscribe. The cheapest plan is $24.99 monthly, and the biggest one costs $299.99 monthly, which is the Enterprise plan. 

The main differences between these plans are the number of searches you can save, the limit in your inventory, and how many products you can import in a month. 

14. Modalyst – best all-in-one dropshipping supplier source

Modalyst, like CJ, also has a print-on-demand section. In addition, Modalyst has suppliers from the US, which means you can target the US market and compete against other dropshippers with fast shipping times. 

Modalyst Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Modalyst with Wix, Shopify, and even Alibaba. 
  • Communication – you can message suppliers in this system, especially if you need help in tracking, fulfillment, or print-on-demand services. 
  • Shipping and Tracking – you will receive automatic updates after the supplier ships your items. You know where the package is, and you can use this information to update your customer. 

Modalyst Pros

  • There are millions of products in the database
  • They offer a 14-day return policy for all products
  • Lots of integration options

Modalyst Cons

  • The free plan gives you access to non-premium suppliers only

Modalyst Pricing 

You can use Modalyst for free. The free plan allows you to operate a fully functional dropshipping store, but you have a limit of 25 product imports. In addition, you will not be able to access products from premium suppliers. 

If you want premium products, you must pay $35 monthly. This plan allows you to have a limit of 250 products in your store. the most expensive plan is $99 per month, and this now gives you unlimited access to all items and imports. 

15. Sell the Trend – best for selling trending items

Last on our list is Sell the Trend, a dropship supplier that is also an all-in-one tool. It does not have print-on-demand, but it does have a feature that can help you create marketing videos and ad copies 

Sell the Trend Features 

  • Ads and Videos – there is a tool that allows you to edit images. The advertising tool also makes it possible for you to create a Facebook Audience. 
  • Shops – you can build a store inside this platform, which means you no longer need Shopify. However, you still have the option to integrate Shopify or WooCommerce with your Sell the Trend account. 
  • Automation – you can program the system to process the order fulfillment without your intervention. 

Sell the Trend Pros

  • You have access to more than 7 million products
  • There are more than 1,000 suppliers in the system
  • You can use the system to create product pages that convert visitors to buyers

Sell the Trend Cons

  • There is no free plan 

Sell the Trend Pricing 

At the time of this writing, Sell the Trend costs $39.97 monthly. That is the basic plan where you get to connect three stores and import up to 5,000 products. If you want to remove this limitation, you must upgrade to the next plan, which costs $99.97 per month.

How to Choose the Best Dropship Supplier Platforms

Now that we have a list of the 15 best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify stores, how do we choose the best one that fits our business? Below is a simple guide. 

1. Integrations

While you may want to sell only in Shopify for now, there will come a time when you may consider selling on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and other marketplaces. 

Not all dropship supplier tools offer the same integration capabilities. As early as now, it would be wise to list down the other platforms or marketplaces you want to use in the future.  

For example, it makes sense to use Spocket if you plan to sell on Amazon and eBay in the future. On the other hand, you can use SaleHoo if you have no plans to expand to other marketplaces.

2. Product Coverage 

There are supplier tools like Spocket that cover a wide array of products, and then there are systems like AppScenic that concentrate on only a few niches. 

You have to decide which niche you want to penetrate. Consequently, you must also decide which market you want to target.

For one, AppScenic has high-end and expensive products, but only a few niches. Spocket, on the other hand, has many niches with products at the lowest price possible. 

You need to factor this one in and think of it long and hard, especially because these supplier tools are not free. 

3. Product Sources and Warehouse

These supplier databases work with suppliers in different parts of the world. Depending on your target market, you must choose a supplier who has a warehouse in the same region as your target customer.

The warehouse is the very thing that will dictate the speed of shipping. Some supplier companies have many locations, and some only have a few. 

The product sources are also an indication of the level of quality that you can expect. AppScenic, for example, only works with suppliers in the West, while CJ and Spocket mostly work with suppliers in China. 

Lastly, I suggest that you consider the cost of the subscription. Some supplier systems put heavy limitations on what you can do. For example, you cannot sell products or process orders with AppScenic if you use a free account. Take into consideration the benefits of what you pay for and use that as a deciding factor.  


Where do you go from here? The next step I recommend is to sign up for Dropship.IO. Get the free 7-day trial account and explore our systems. You will see how it will benefit you throughout your dropshipping journey. 

While supplier systems are great, they do not tell you if the product you want to sell has a market demand or not. We do. Try Dropship.IO now and see the difference!

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