9 Best Alternatives to Jungle Scout 

Today, we will comprehensively review the best tools we can use as dropshippers as alternatives to Jungle Scout.

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July 20, 2023
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Over the years, I have used several tools to help me find the right keywords for my ads and listings. 

To save you time from trying these tools one by one, allow me to give you a list. Just a quick note: not everyone may need these tools. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing what these tools can do—you never know when you might need them. 

By far, the best alternative to Jungle Scout is Dropship.IO. Sure, I may sound one-sided here, but then Drosphip.IO is the best because it provides in-depth stats about sales and what apps a dropshipping store uses. 

If you want to learn more, keep reading, and I will provide you with the best and most affordable alternatives to Jungle Scout!

The 9 Best Alternatives to Jungle Scout

1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Jungle Scout

Dropship.IO is a product research and competitor spy tool. The big difference between our program and Jung Scout is that we show you sales data, not keyword search volume. If you think about it, sales information is a much better yardstick of success than keyword volume. 

With Dropship.IO, you can, with a guarantee, find products and their sales figures based on daily, weekly, and monthly stats. You can also save these products on a list to view them anytime. 

That said, dropship is primary made for Shopify dropshippers so you can only track the sales for Shopify stores. You should keep that in mind.

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database – use this tool to search for winning products. Unlike other product research tools, we show data from online stores and dropshippers like you and me. Other product research tools show sales data of the suppliers, not the sellers, which is misleading—the suppliers will obviously have high sales, but you will never know where these sales came from.  
  • Sales Tracker – the sales tracker is where you keep a list of the stores you are spying on. The benefit is that you can track a competitor’s performance. After a while, you can say if the store’s revenue is merely a fluke or if their products have a demand.  
  • Competitor Research – this tool can show how many people or companies are selling the same products that you also sell. Once you find them, use our analysis tool to view their revenue, the apps they use, and what Facebook ads they have. 
  • Dropship University – if you need help with dropshipping, we can show you the right way. We offer several videos that discuss how you can best use our tools to your advantage. In addition, you can use these videos as a guide to help you start or manage your dropshipping store the right way.  

Dropship.IO Pros

  • Easy to use with an intuitive interface
  • You get sales data from competitors
  • The system will show you what apps successful online stores use to drive performance. 
  • You can keep products or stores on a list to visit their performance daily. 

Dropship.IO Cons

  • Right now, we only track Shopify stores.

Use the Dropship.IO product database if your goal is to find winning products in the Shopify universe. It takes only a few seconds and a few clicks to get the results you are looking for. 

Not only will you save time and money in your research, but you will also gain invaluable information about the product of your choice. Try it now for free to see how it works!

2. Helium 10 – best free alternative to Jungle Scout

Helium 10 is a product research tool mainly for Amazon and Walmart. It offers an excellent system where you can find winning products, do keyword research, and optimize your product listings on Amazon and Walmart.

Since all the data in this tool come from Amazon, I will naturally recommend Helium 10 if you want to dropship on Amazon. The main benefit is that you will not compete against Amazon sellers mindlessly. The data you get from Helium 10 should guide you in making business decisions on the Amazon platform. 

Helium 10 Features

  • Chrome Extension – after installing the extension, it will automatically show you some stats when you browse a product on Amazon or Walmart. Apart from stats, the extension can also provide keyword search volumes. 
  • Operations Tools – you can use tools that will send you alerts for listing fraud, automate your email marketing and inventory management, and automate your follow-up for customer reviews. With these tools, you will save time managing your business.
  • Analytics – Helium 10 offers several analytics tools that make it easy to track your sales and profits, track the rank of your keywords in the search results pages of Amazon, and many more. If your keywords are not ranking, you may want to change your strategy and optimize your listings better. 
  • ASIN Reverse Lookup – this tool lets you get data about the estimated keyword search volume of a particular product already on Amazon. You can use this to find winning products for your Amazon dropshipping store. 

Helium 10 Pros

  • There are keyword and PPC research tools that you can use as a guide for advertising.
  • You will get access to a centralized dashboard that shows your Amazon store’s performance and health.
  • You can pinpoint winning products based on sales data.

Helium 10 Cons

  • You can only track Amazon and Walmart stores.

One thing you might find challenging with Helium 10 is that you cannot determine whether an Amazon store is a dropshipper. To a certain extent, you can make a guess and say it is a dropshipper. 

However, it would help if you did not rule out the possibility that the store is an Amazon FBA store. It means that they stocked their products in the Amazon warehouse. 

This information is important because you may think the product is a dropshipping product, but it is not. There is no sense competing against an FBA seller because they can ship in a day—you will ship longer than that, so you are at a disadvantage. 

3. ASINspector Pro – best for multiple platforms

ASINspector Pro is a product of Kartra, an all-in-one marketing platform. ASINspector Pro can help you look for winning products on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. You can use this tool to calculate your net payout as an Amazon FBA seller or dropshipper, export reports to Excel, spy on Amazon and Walmart competitors, and identify growing trends.

ASINspector Features

  • Chrome Extension – like the previous tool, the extension gives you a quick view of product and seller stats. For example, you can easily see seller rankings, estimated sales or revenue, sales rankings, and other important data.
  • Product Sourcing – you can use this tool to find suppliers, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and compare costs. It can also show you your study product’s revenue estimates and profitability. You can use this data to make informed decisions about your target niche. 
  • Keyword Analyzer – one important aspect of selling is knowing what people seek. With this tool, you can download reports that show keyword search volumes. Apart from knowing the demand, you can also use this report to optimize your product descriptions and titles. 
  • Listing Assister – the tool will show you areas to improve your listing. It should make your listings better not only for humans but for the Amazon algorithm, too. With optimized listings, you can expect your products to get to the top or at least the first page of search results pages on Amazon.

ASINspector Pros

  • You can use it on several platforms
  • You can analyze items frequently bought together
  • It has a keyword research tool 
  • You can narrow your search based on product reviews and ratings

ASINspector Cons

  • Too expensive; the basic plan costs $97 (one-time fee)

ASINspector is an excellent tool for your keyword search volume efforts. It cannot show you the sales data of stores. Instead, it can show you sales estimates, reviews, ratings, and net payout after paying all your fees to Amazon. 

I can only recommend this tool if you want to sell on multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify, especially for Amazon. It tells you what you need to know about your competitors on that platform and what customers are looking for.  

4. Seller Labs – best for Amazon PPC advertising and SEO 

Finding a winning dropshipping product is tough enough. Using the appropriate keyword for your ads is another beast you need to beat. Seller Labs specializes in PPC and SEO, which makes it a good tool for Amazon dropshippers who want to advertise. 

Seller Labs Features

  • Daily 360-Degree Dashboard – the tool gives you access to a dashboard with a business snapshot. The report monitors your traffic, how much money you have spent on ads, your conversions, and other stats. The dashboard is the first thing you need to check to see the overall health of your business. 
  • Real-Time Notifications – the system will alert you for important changes in your Amazon store. If the stocks are low, expect a notification. If your store receives a review, the system will notify you. As such, you can easily thank the customer or make amends if there is any problem. 
  • AI Suggestions – the system would suggest campaign changes and keyword use changes. It is similar to the optimization AI that Google Ads offers. On top of the suggestions, you will also get insights you can act upon. For example, the system will tell you if there is a better strategy than your current approach. 
  • Optimization and Automation – the system can automatically send emails to your buyers. Once they have the item, you can also automate the system to send them a reminder to leave a review.  

Seller Labs Pros

  • You will have a single dashboard for your sales and business performance
  • They have tools that help you communicate with your buyers automatically
  • It is an effective tool for Amazon search engine optimization
  • They offer services like managing your ads and marketing efforts
  • The tool provides actionable insights about your SEO strategy

Seller Labs Cons

  • The service price changes based on your Amazon sales data; you will pay more as you sell more products.

Seller Labs is what you need for business management and PPC. It works great for search engine optimization, which can help you boost your Amazon product rank and traffic. While it has a keyword search tool, what they have works better for advertising than product search. 

Overall, I recommend Seller Labs for Amazon dropshippers, whose goal is two-fold: improve search rankings and use the right keywords for pay-per-click advertising. In addition, you can also use their services to manage your ads—great for people who need help in marketing.  

5. ZonBase – the best affordable Amazon product research tool

ZonBase is a collection of several tools you can use to find winning products. Like Jungle Scout, ZonBase helps entrepreneurs and dropshippers to optimize their listings, find top keywords based on search volume, and learn more about the status of product listings on Amazon.  

With ZonBase, you can view product stats such as units sold, revenue, product revenue, and price variations. It is similar to our product database but only focuses on the Amazon platform.

ZonBase Features

  • Chrome Extension – after installation, the extension will automatically show you important data points about a product you are looking at on Amazon. Click it to see stats like sales history, star rating, monthly revenue, gross profit per unit sold, and more.  
  • Weekly Q&A Session – there is a weekly session where you can ask questions, and an Amazon Expert will answer them. This feature is great because you will get specific answers to your problems. If you only use Google, I can tell you now that most solutions you get are generic.  
  • Keywords – the keyword search tool can help you with many facets of the investigation. You can use keywords to look for hot or trending products. Furthermore, this tool can help you find the right words to help your ads rank on Amazon. Finally, the keywords you get from this tool are relevant to your target market.  
  • Master Class – this Master Class covers everything you need to know about Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. You can also benefit from this as a dropshipper—what matters is learning how to find winning products and where to source them. Of course, the Master Class is highly beneficial if you use ZonBase. If you take this class and use other systems, your knowledge and the tool you use will not work in sync. 

ZonBase Pros

  • There is a Chrome extension that makes data analysis easier
  • You have several filter options for your keyword search 
  • The sales estimator lets you know if a product is profitable
  • The keyword research tool is great for PPC advertising

ZonBase Cons

  • The tool can be so slow at times.

While ZonBase has a lot of tools that can help you find winning products, I can say that you can reap the full benefit only if you subscribe to the most expensive plan, which costs $200 per month. At this rate, you will have access not only to the basic tools but also to the Amazon FBA Master Class Course and more integration options.

6. AMZ Scout – best for dropshipping business model on Amazon

AMZ Scout is a multi-tool for scouting keywords, analyzing your ads, and looking for words that other sellers are not yet advertising for. What I like about AMZ Scout is its special service for dropshipping and arbitrage. 

AMZ Scout can help you disregard products that are difficult to sell. The system can tell you if a product has high competition, if it has low margins, or if it has potential market problems. The tool will also show you the saturation status of a product you want to sell.

AMZ Scout Features

  • Product Keywords – the system will gather keywords from your competitor’s product listings. You can use these keywords to improve your product descriptions, titles, etc. In essence, you will use the same keywords in your listings as your competitors do.
  • Stock Stats – you can see the stock levels of your competitors. Now, you can decide whether or not to stock up yourself. You will base this decision on your analysis. If the product has a high demand, stock up early and beat your competitors. 
  • Sales Estimator – based on data, AMZ Scout can tell you how much you can expect to sell for the product you are eyeing. This feature works wonders because you no longer have to do guesswork with sales estimates. If the forecast is low, you can scrap that product and move on to something else.

AMZ Scout Pros

  • You can spy on the inventory levels of your competitors
  • The system will tell you if you need to stop paying for ads for your selected keywords
  • You have the option to look for keywords that have high demand but low competition 

AMZ Scout Cons

  • The tool is too expensive; prepare to pay $59.99 per month at the lowest tier.

Who is AMZ Scout for? I recommend AMZ Scout if you want to dropship on Amazon. Although expensive, I can say that you will get value for your money. The best feature that you will like is the saturation analysis. 

With this feature, you can immediately see whether a product is worth selling. If a keyword has a high search volume and only a few sellers have it in stock, you can take this opportunity to sell the item before others do. In addition, the tool will help you calculate your profit margins—you will not make calculation mistakes and lose money.

7. Perpetua.IO – best for PPC search

Perpetua is a tool that focuses on Amazon advertising. Because of this focal point, you can use it to find keywords that have a high demand but low saturation. The company also offers comprehensive integration for custom reporting, marketing solutions, and growth strategies. 

The main offer is managed service for an Amazon store, which can help you grow your dropshipping business, provided you also have the cash to spare. They call this service Amazon Demand-Side Platform Management Service or DSP. 

Perpetua Features

  • Advertising – not all of us are marketers. Although we can read marketing tips, it takes years to become an effective marketer. With the Perpetua ad tool, you can maximize the visibility of your products on various platforms. Perpetua uses AI to help guide you in creating your Amazon ads. This tool can launch a sponsored Amazon ad in a few seconds. 
  • Influencer Marketing – it isn’t easy to find a reliable influencer. Today, most influencers you will find are either fakes or scammers. If you do not investigate enough, you will soon find out that their social media accounts are nothing more than a repository of product images. To prevent this, use the Peretua influencer platform to find the right influencer to drive sales. 
  • Video Ads Creator – instead of using a third-party tool, you can use the video ads creator embedded in Perpetua. Creating an amazing ad takes only a few seconds, even if you do not have a stock video. You can create ads here using nothing but product images. You can also optimize the videos to target a specific market. 

Perpetua Pros

  • You can use the system on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart.
  • They have an influencer marketing service
  • The tool has a video ads creator

Perpetua Cons

  • Too expensive and niched 
  • Works great only for private-label dropshipper and sellers

Perpetua is what I suggest if you have a huge plan and a huge budget to boot. They charge $750 for their integration services. The best thing about Perpetua is that experts will work on your business. You no longer have to do any experimentation.

I recommend Perpetua if you are in the phase of scaling your business. As a dropshipper, you can pay for their services to scale up your sales while you take care of customer service, supplier management, etc. 

8. Amaze Owl – best for validating a product idea

Amaze Owl keeps track of over 600 million products in various marketplaces, including Amazon. If you want to dropship in several platforms, you can use Amaze Owl to search for winning products per marketplace.

In a snapshot, here are the things you can expect: 

  • Find winning products
  • Search potentially viral products
  • Access millions of products and their stats

Amaze Owl ranks products with a star rating. What I like about it is that you can filter your search according to this star rating. This star represents not a customer review but a score that Amaze Owl gives each product. 

Amaze Owl Features

  • Keyword Monitor – you can track between three and 50 keywords. This tracking system will show you the search trends for these keywords. As the search increases, you can say there is a demand. As such, you can dropship these products and beat your competitors.  
  • Daily Updates –the company has a database of over 600 million products, adding new ones daily. There is a ton of information you can dig through.
  • Product Validation – you can get accurate information about product stats from Amazon. There is no guesswork here. Since you have accurate data, you can tell if your idea will work. If Amaze Owl shows no demand for your product, skip it and search for something else.

Amaze Owl Pros

  • You can track a niche or product category, not just a single product 
  • They offer a free account
  • Access to changes that your competitors make in their prices and listings

Amaze Owl Cons

  • The free account does not do much
  • You need to pay for fast website speed (seriously!)

Amaze Owl is great if your focus is your competitors. What I like the most is the alerts system when competitors make price changes. If I were dropshipping on Amazon, I could change my prices immediately to compete fiercely. 

There is one thing I want to add about the speed. If you are on the free account, the load time of the analysis can take a while. I find this unbelievable. They deliberately slow down the results if you are not a paying subscriber! Still, free is free. 

9. Viral Launch – best for start-ups that want rapid success

We all want to succeed quickly, and Viral Launch is one of the tools that can help us do this. They offer a suite of tools sellers can use to scale up soon on Amazon. They claim they helped sellers make an aggregate revenue of $8 billion.  

Viral Launch Features

  • Listing Builder – the system will help you list your products properly. The AI will pinpoint opportunities to improve your likelihood of appearing in product searches. 
  • Keyword Optimization – like Jungle Scout, you can use Viral Launch to find keywords with the highest search volume. You can also use the tool to look for the most searched keywords related to your product.
  • Competitor Monitoring – this feature is similar to our competitor research tool. It lets you create a list of competitors and track their sales performance. 

Viral Launch Pros

  • There is a keyword research tool for PPC
  • They have AI that will help you launch your product
  • You can use the tool to conduct product research, not just keywords
  • You can reverse engineer the processes of your competitors

Viral Launch Cons

  • Too expensive; the plan starts at $49 per month.

Viral Launch is great for medium-sized businesses that have reasonable capital. At $69 per month, I can say that the cost is also inexpensive compared to the service you get. However, most dropshippers have little to spare. If you have the budget to pay $69 for a year, I suggest you try this tool. 

The Importance of Keyword Research 

Keyword research is important for digital businesses because it tells us what people seek. We no longer have to guess if people want our products or not. The data is right there before our eyes; all we have to do is use it. 

Here is a good example: if you know that there are 200,000 monthly searches for “fidget spinner,” you know, with hard facts, that people searched for this toy 200,000 times. 

Without this number or data, you have nothing but a prayer—you can only hope that people would like and buy your fidget spinners. 

Ultimately, the ultimate purpose of a keyword research tool is to supply what people demand instead o the other way around. If you sell what people are asking for, they will buy it. You will waste your money on inventory and ads if you sell what nobody looks for.  

Is Google Trend Good Enough?

Google Trend is great for non-Amazon keyword searches. However, Google will never show you whole numbers. Google Trend will only show a score between 0 and 100—a score of 100 means “highest demand” or search volume.

Is Google Trend enough? To a certain extent, yes. Google is still the most used search engine in the world. Google Trend should be your friend if you are a dropshipper outside a marketplace platform. The tool will show you what shoppers are looking for, and you can split this search per country. 

On the other hand, I suggest using tool-specific keyword searches and product databases if you are selling on a specific platform. For example, you can use the Dropship.IO product database in the Shopify universe for hard stats. 

Jungle Scout Alternatives FAQs

What website is similar to Jungle Scout?

The most similar is Helium 10. Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are the two main competitors in this area.  

Can I use Jungle Scout for free?

No, you cannot use it for free. You need to subscribe to a plan, the cheapest of which is $29 per month, but only if you pay annually. If you pay monthly, that same plan costs $49. 

Can we use Helium 10 for free?

Yes, you can sign up for a free trial account. The good news is that there is no expiration for this free trial. However, there are severe limitations to your access to the tools. 

What is the accuracy of Jungle Scout?

No analytics tool is accurate because things happen in real time, and we cannot expect machines to capture all the happenings on Amazon or any platform. Based on the report, Jungle Scout has 100% accuracy on 29.5% of its estimates.


If you want a tool to show you what products to sell, I suggest using Dropship.IO now. We offer a 7-day free trial where you can test all our systems. Our focus is dropshipping, so you can rest assured that the data we provide is useful to your business.

If I may add, Dropship.IO is the top alternative to Jungle Scout. If you want to find winning products, you need not search further. Our product database tool can give you all the stats you need to make informed business decisions. 

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