15 Best Pet Supplies and Products Dropshipping Suppliers

This is a list of the best suppliers for pet products.

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December 2, 2023
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The best dropshipping supplier for pet products is AliExpress. I am saying this because no other website has the same volume of pet products. 

Nevertheless, AliExpress is not the only supplier. There are many. In my years of dropshipping, I also studied who these suppliers are.

My basis for choosing my best list is the following: 

  • Product types
  • Integration systems
  • Warehouse locations
  • Shipping speeds

In this article, you will learn: 

  • The best dropshipping suppliers for pet products
  • Why you need to dropship pet products
  • What items are not worth dropshipping

If you are ready, let us start!

Top 15 Best Pet Suppliers For Dropshipping

  1. AliExpress – best overall for worldwide pet supplies
  2. TopDawg – best for USA dropshipping 
  3. Printify – best for dog pet supplies 
  4. HyperSKU – best for Europe dropshipping (UK, Germany, etc.) 
  5. Mirage Pet Products – best for dog and cat toys and clothing
  6. Essential Pet Products – best for fish and birds  
  7. CJDropshipping – best for Asian dropshipping (Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc.)
  8. PetDropshipper – best for pet food and treats for dogs, birds, and reptiles
  9. Doba – best for Canada and USA dropshipping
  10. Lee Mar Pet – best for pet care, accessories, and medication for the USA
  11. Wholesale Pet – best for dog and cat grooming and clothing pet supplies  
  12. CentralPet – best for Canadian dropshipping for dogs and cats
  13. A Pet's World – best for luxury pet supplies
  14. The Paws – best for puppies
  15. Pet Stock – best for dropshipping Australian products

Is the pet market that big? 

Yes, the pet market is huge. In 2023, experts say that the revenue of the pet food industry will be $147 billion [1]. They also anticipate an annual growth rate of 11.11% until 2027. And that is only the food niche—we are not even talking about pet clothing and accessories. 

The United States is the biggest market for the pet food industry. Based on estimates, 38% of US households have pets, and 25% have cats.

Take a look at these statistics for the US [2]:

  • Dogs – 76,811,305
  • Cats – 58,385,725
  • Birds –7,538,000
  • Horses – 1,914,394

The list above does not even include exotic animals and others such as pets, hamsters, mice, etc. So, is the pet market that big? Yes, the pet market is huge, and there is a good chance you will succeed in dropshipping these goods. 

However, it would help if you dropshipped the right way. Otherwise, you may fall into a trap where you are merely dropshipping for the sake of it. The first step to success is to find winning products, which I will provide in the next section. 

What pet products should you dropship?

According to Zippia, the top pet product is pet food. As you can see from the chart below, pet food is at the top of the list, and then we have: 

  1. Vet Care
  2. Grooming
  3. Supplies
  4. Gifts


While we can dropship pet food, it can be a little tough to do it internationally. Some countries, like Saudi, the UK, the US, Singapore, and Australia, have strict restrictions regarding pet foods as a shipment. The only companies that can do that are those with a customs bureau permit. 

Vet care, on the other hand, refers to professional and medical care for animals. Vet care expenses also include medicine. 

As such, I recommend that you dropship only pet supplies and accessories. I attempted to dig further, but no hard statistics are available about which pet supplies sell the most. 

Because of this, the best route I took was Amazon. I went to the bestsellers list on Amazon and then to the pet supplies section. 

Below is a list of the top-selling pet supplies products and how many reviews each one has: 

  1. Pet Odor Eliminator – 176,673
  2. Dog Pads – 171,330
  3. Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser – 167,479
  4. Poop Bags – 163,233
  5. Flea & Tick Treatment – 92,676
  6. Durable Dog Chew Toy – 80,610
  7. Cat Food – 77,371
  8. Cat Litter – 69,944
  9. Natural Adult Dry Dog Food – 37,518
  10. Natural Crunchy Dog Treats – 20,318

Overall, I can say that we can concentrate our dropshipping efforts on the following items: 

  • Odor eliminator
  • Dog pads for poop management
  • Flea and tick shampoo
  • Chew toys
  • Pet food
  • Cat litter

Again, I want to emphasize that pet food may be a little hard to dropship internationally. What if you want to penetrate this market? If you do, my suggestion is to look for a local supplier. By Local, I mean that the supplier must be in the same country where you want to sell the pet food.

If you do this, you know that the product is already in the country of the shipping destination. There is no need to worry about clearing customs. 

Of course, these are not the only products you can sell. This list is merely a guide for starting a dropshipping store.  

15 Best Pet Product Dropshipping Suppliers 

1. AliExpress – best overall for worldwide pet supplies

AliExpress is the best dropshipping supplier for pet products. I reason that it has the greatest number of product types. AliExpress has all you need to sell in the pet supplies dropshipping niche. 

AliExpress Features

  • Premium Products – on this site, you can find high-end pet food dispensers, sensors, and so much more. 
  • Buyer Protection – if the item the supplier shipped is wrong or defective, you can file a formal dispute and get a refund. 
  • Branding – many suppliers in AliExpress are the manufacturers themselves. They allow private-label or white-label dropshipping on a retail basis. You do not have to buy the items in bulk to have your brand on them.
  • Retail Orders – you can order per piece, not in bulk. Suppliers on AliExpress know that most of the international buyers on the platform are dropshippers, so they sell their products per piece.  

AliExpress Pros

  • There are millions of products to choose from
  • You order one piece at a time
  • There are many shipping options for international shipping
  • You can ask some sellers to brand the products 

AliExpress Cons

  • It has no direct integration app with platforms
  • Shipping can take a while; fast shipping is costly 

Use AliExpress if you want to dropship a lot of products. Since it has no integration, I recommend using a third-party service like Spocket or AliDropship.

Top Countries to Use AliExpress

You can use AliExpress in all countries. However, I must tell you that not all sellers use the same shipping couriers. You will be surprised that one may use DHL and another does not. What does it mean for you? 

You cannot commit to a standard shipping rate and speed. Each supplier has a different shipping option, so you must consider that. 

2. TopDawg – best for USA dropshipping 

TopDawg is a US-based dropshipping supplier. It is an ideal pet supplies partner because the founders created the site specifically for dropshipping. The suppliers are also in the USA, so you can expect fast shipping times. 

Although they built the site for pet supplies, the company is in the process of branching out. Now they also sell items irrelevant to the pet industry, like bikinis. 

TopDawg Features

  • Product Quality – the site has more than 400,000 items. The quality of the products is also high-end, considering that many of their suppliers are in the US. Some examples of the products are pet transport bags, toys, fish food, and horse accessories.  
  • Integrations – the system can integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and BigCommerce. 
  • Branded Packing Slips – you can ask them to create card inserts that they will include in the product shipment. 
  • Supplier Participation – more than 2,000 suppliers list their products on the site.  

TopDawg Pros

  • They have over 400,000 products on their listings
  • There is no limit to the number of integrations you can make
  • You can track the status of the order and the shipment
  • You can download reports in CSV format

TopDawg Cons

  • There is a limit to what you can do if you sign up for a free account

Use TopDawg as your dropshipping supplier for pets if you want to sell to US customers. They have a system that integrates with Shopify. They also allow either retail or wholesale.  

One thing I need to add here is that the integration works only with Shopify. For other platforms, they will give you an API. After that, you can only upload products to your shop using a CSV file, which you will download from your TopDawg account.

Top Countries to Use TopDawg

TopDawg ships worldwide. However, I recommend that you primarily use it for the following: 

  • USA
  • Canada
  • South America

I am saying this because they have over 400,000 products shipping from the USA. So, while they have a huge network of suppliers, most of these suppliers are in the US. Shipping their products to Asia won’t make practical sense—you are better off using an Asian supplier than that. 

3. Printify – best for dog pet supplies 

Printify is an excellent partner for pet supplies because it has blank products you can design. Printify is a print-on-demand dropshipping supplier or POD. They have several blank pet supplier products that you can personalize. 

Printify Features

  • Product Design – the system has a design tool. In it, you choose a blank product and then upload your artwork. The system will “wrap” your design on the product. Then, you can see samples or mock-ups of products, which you can use in your marketing campaigns. 
  • Flat Rate Shipping – most of the shipping rates are flat. For example, there is only one shipping price for the USA, and there is one for Canada and one for the rest of the world. The system will also calculate the applicable rate upon your customer’s checkout. 
  • Global Suppliers – the Printify network has international suppliers. It is also possible to automatically transfer an order to another supplier if the current one runs out of stock. 
  • Integrations – you can integrate the Printify app with Shopify, WooCommerce, and many other eCommerce platforms. 

Printify Pros

  • Lots of blank pet products that you can design
  • The system integrates well with eCommerce platforms
  • The company has global suppliers 
  • The system calculates shipping rates automatically

Printify Cons

  • You need to upgrade to get discounts 

Use Printify if you want to design your own products. With it, you only need to upload your design, and you can sell unique items that customers will find nowhere else. In addition, the company has a partnership with Shutterstock. 

You can use Shutterstock images in your products, and you will only pay a fee to Shutterstock once you make a sale. The commercial license to use the image from Shutterstock comes with this partnership.  

Top Countries to Use Printify

Printify works with many suppliers. You can use Printify for worldwide shipping, but most of their suppliers are in North America. 

I suggest that you use Printify in:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • South America

Occasionally, you may see a supplier that ships from China. In that case, you can use that supplier to sell items to the Asian market.

4. HyperSKU – best for Europe dropshipping (UK, Germany, etc.) 

HyperSKU is a bulk dropshipping business supplier. It is best for pet product dropshippers who want to enter the private-label world of dropshipping. With HyperSKU, you can also ask them to provide you with sourcing services. 

HyperSKU Features

  • Sourcing – If you need a product, you can ask them to look for a supplier. They will also take the quote and the minimum order requirement and ensure that the supplier meets your needs. 
  • Warehousing – HyperSKU will warehouse your products in the United States after production. You do not need to keep your inventory. They also have warehouses in Europe. 
  • Fulfillment – place your order in the system, and they will ship the items to your consumers. 
  • Tracking – they use mostly USPS for their shipping activities. They will provide you with a tracking number for your shipments so you know where they are. They also offer fast shipping that only takes between two and four days. In addition, they commit to fulfilling orders during the holiday season. 

HyperSKU Pros

  • They do private-label and white-label dropshipping 
  • They have warehousing and fulfillment services 
  • The products are of high-quality
  • They have warehouses in the US and Europe

HyperSKU Cons

  • There is no transparent pricing for their services

HyperSKU is what you need if you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your supply chain management process. Once you order in bulk, they will take care of warehousing the items for you. They will also be responsible for shipping your items on time. However, these services come at a cost. 

Top Countries to Use HyperSKU

HyperSKU is best for US dropshipping only. Although they have seven warehouses, all of these seem to be in the US.

The main process for working with HyperSKU is importing products from China and sending them to the HyperSKU warehouse in the US. Since the fulfillment will happen in the US, I suggest only using them for North American shipments. 

5. Mirage Pet Products – best for dog and cat toys and clothing

Mirage is an American company that manufactures pet supplies. The company has a group of experts whose experience, added together, results in more than 100 years of experience. I recommend it as a dropship supplier because you go straight to the manufacturer. 

Mirage Features

  • Product Categories – they offer a lot of products in different areas. For example, you can sell dog collars, leashes, clothing, harnesses, toys, and more. 
  • Custom Products – they can customize pet products according to your specification. This service is not free, and there is a minimum order requirement if you want to customize your pet products. 
  • Free Shipping – if your order is worth at least $250, shipping is free to mainland US destinations
  • International Shipping – although the company is in the US, they also ship to other countries. They use either FedEx or USPS for international shipments. 

Mirage Pros

  • Over 200,000 products to choose from
  • Lots of product categories
  • They offer wholesale prices
  • Shipping is free in the US

Mirage Cons

  • There is no app you can integrate 

If you are fine with manually moving images and product descriptions, then I recommend Mirage. Although they do not offer to brand, they commit to shipping all your orders on the same day. They ship 99% of all orders on the same business day.

Top Countries to Use Mirage Pet Products

You can use Mirage for global dropshipping. Below are the timelines:

  • USA – one to four days
  • Rest of the World – three to ten days

Mirage uses FedEx and USPS for shipping parcels. Based on most international customers receive their items in three days. 

6. Essential Pet Products – best for fish and birds  

Essential Pet Products is what I recommend if you do not want to merely sell pet products for cats and dogs. These markets have a high degree of saturation. As such, Essential Pet Products is your go-to dropship supplier for other pets like birds and fish. 

Essential Pet Products Features

  • Product Categories – you can dropship products like bird cages, aquariums, pet barriers, waste disposal items, wireless fences, and many more. 
  • Multiple Manufacturers – the company sources its products from manufacturers like Cardinal, Fencemaster, PetSafe, PetStop, Penn Plax, and others. 
  • Dropshipping Program – the company has a dedicated dropshipping program. Unlike some suppliers, you do not have to buy in bulk. They even offer dropshipping programs through direct mail. 
  • Data Feed – although there is no API or system to integrate, they have an old-fashioned data feed system where you will receive product details and images. 

Essential Pet Products Pros

  • Lots of unique products to choose from
  • They source products from different manufacturers
  • You can sell pet products beyond dog and cat items
  • They have a dropshipping program

Essential Pet Products Cons

  • There is no app to integrate 

Use Essential Pet Products if your target market is fish or birds. They also sell unusual stuff like bark control machines, cat furniture, chicken coops, pet gates, etc.

Top Countries to Use Essential Pet Products

I recommend Essential Pet Products for US and Canadian dropshipping. Their site does not mention shipping options, but they have a store in Amazon US. Most of their suppliers, or the brands they offer, are also US-based companies. As such, it is safe to assume they ship from the US. 

7. CJDropshipping – best for Asian dropshipping (Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc.)

I recommend CJDropshipping because it integrates with Asian marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. If you want to dropship items to Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, CJDropshipping is your top choice. 

CJDropshipping Features

  • Sourcing – you can ask them to find a supplier for a product not on their database. If the sourcing activity is successful, they will upload the product into the database, which you can import to your dropshipping store. From here, you will process orders from your CJ account. Then CJ will take care of the fulfillment. 
  • Private-Label – the company works with a third-party print-on-demand supplier. If you want to sell branded goods or goods you designed, you can use this feature.
  • Integrations – they have an app that integrates with eBay, Etsy, Lazada, Shopee, and other platforms. You can also get their API if your system lacks integration coverage.
  • Warehouses – CJ has warehouses in Germany, China, Canada, France, the US, and other countries. They will source the product from the warehouse closest to your customer’s delivery location.  

CJDropshipping Pros

  • Multiple integration options
  • Access to suppliers in Alibaba and AliExpress
  • You can ask the CJ team to source items for you 
  • They offer several shipping options like DHL, FedEx, etc.

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Slow shipping 

With CJDropshipping, you will easily access products from AliExpress and Alibaba. If you want pet products not on the CJ platform, file a request, and they will find a supplier for you. 

It would be best to use CJ to sell rare items. I am saying this because shipping can take a while from China. The only way to combat this problem is by choosing a better shipping method. However, it is also costly.

Top Countries to Use CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping is what I recommend for Asian dropshipping. Most of the products are in their Chinese warehouses. 

However, they do have other warehouses in other countries. These are: 

  • US
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy

The only problem is that you may not know which products are in those warehouses. Your safest bet is to dropship to Asian countries with CJ. 

8. PetDropshipper – best for pet food and treats for dogs, birds, and reptiles

Pet food is at the top of the bestselling items in the pet industry. Therefore, I recommend PetDropshipper because they have a ton of pet foods that you can dropship. They also have a specific dropshipping program, so it is an excellent partner for this business model. 

PetDropshipper Features

  • Food Specialist – the company has tons of products in the pet food industry. They source their products from different manufacturers, particularly popular brands. 
  • Multiple Pets – they not only supply food for cats and dogs. They have pet foods for fish, reptiles, birds, and farm pets. 
  • Other Categories – although they specialize in pet foods, they also have a lot of pet products like toys, cages, lighting, habitat accessories, and more. 
  • Tracking – after shipping, they will provide you with a tracking number. Use this information to determine the status of the shipment. You can also use this info to let your customer know the shipment status. 

PetDropshipper Pros

  • Lots of pet food products
  • They supply food from different brands
  • They have special prices for dealers and dropshippers
  • They are in the US, which makes them an ideal partner for US dropshipping

PetDropshipper Cons

  • Works best for US only

PetDropshipper is an excellent pet food supplier for US customers. Their warehouse is in the US. They ship internationally, but then you may come across cross-border regulations where the government does not allow pet foods for importation. 

You need to apply as an online reseller of their products. Sadly, they do not offer a system to integrate. If you decide to work with them, you must copy and paste the images and item descriptions manually. This process may seem like a lot of hard work, but it will pay off once your pet supplies dropshipping business becomes profitable.

Top Countries to Use PetDropshipper

PetDropshipper is in the USA. Because of this, the best countries where you can use it are:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Greenland

In addition, the company does not ship to all countries. You will only know where they ship once you register as a member. If the country destination is not in their dropdown list, they do not ship to that location.

9. Doba – best for Canada and USA dropshipping

Doba is what I recommend for North American dropshipping businesses. Doba has warehouses in the USA, so shipping coverage and speed will not become your headache later. Doba also has tons of pet products that you can dropship. 

Doba Features

  • Integrations – the Doba system integrates with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Wix, and many other platforms. Alternatively, they also offer an API for integration if your eCommerce platform is incompatible with their app. 
  • Premium Suppliers – You can access high-grade products by subscribing to a monthly plan. 
  • Shipping Integration – the system can integrate with your UPS, FedEx, and USPS account.
  • Account Manager – unlike other dropship suppliers, this one has a person in charge of your account. This person knows your needs and your history. You can chat with this person and expect help if you encounter any problems. 

Doba Pros

  • Millions of products to dropship
  • They have over a dozen sub-categories for the pet niche
  • The system integrates with several platforms
  • There are multiple ways to filter the products that you are searching for 

Doba Cons

  • You need to pay to use the system

There are millions of products in Doba. One of the best reasons to use the system is the discount. Another is access to suppliers of premium products. 

The only caveat is that you must pay a monthly subscription to use the system. Although Doba offers a free account, it only allows you to browse the products.

Top Countries to Use Doba

Although Doba is in Utah, United States, they have suppliers worldwide. Manufacturers and suppliers can apply to become a Doba suppliers. What that means for us dropshippers is that we can ship their products anywhere.  

10. Lee Mar Pet – best for pet care, accessories, and medication for the USA

The last on our list is Lee Mar, and it is what I recommend for USA dropshipping, particularly for pet care or medication. Lee Mar has many products for controlling and curing pet diseases and ailments like ticks and fleas

Lee Mar Features

  • Pet Supplies Brands – there are over 225 brands that supply products to Lee Mar. These include API, Tetra, KayTee, Kong, Coastal, and many more.
  • Same-day Shipping – if your order meets the cut-off period, you can expect them to ship it on the same day. Since they ship mainly to US destinations, you can expect the products to arrive quickly at your customer’s doorstep. 
  • Multiple Pets – they not only supply pet products for dogs and cats. There are products here for fish, reptiles, birds, and other small animals. 

Lee Mar Pros

  • Great for US dropshipping
  • They have many medical products for pets
  • They offer multiple pet products for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, etc

Lee Mar Cons

  • No system to integrate

Lee Mar is essentially an aggregator of pet products. The benefit of using this platform is that there is no minimum order requirement or MOQ. Everything they have on the website is for sale on retail, not wholesale.

Top Countries to Use Lee Mar Pet

You can only use Lee Mar Pet in the contiguous USA for dropshipping. It means that you cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii. There is no international dropshipping option, either.  

11. Wholesale Pet – best for dog and cat grooming and clothing pet supplies  

I recommend Wholesale Pet because it is a site that aggregates various brands of pet supplies. They are one of the primary suppliers of physical stores. They are a wholesale distributor of popular pet toys and pet food brands.

Wholesale Pet Features

  • Product Category – the company has all sorts of products you can think of. For example, they have pet foods, pet toys, pet clothing, medication for fleas and ticks, harnesses, mats, and more. 
  • Free – they offer their services for free. Many dropshipping suppliers charge a monthly fee or subscription before you can use their services.
  • Affordability – you will get items from the site at the lowest cost. They aggregate their items straight from the manufacturers. There are no price markups when you use the system or buy from the site. 
  • Dropshipping Service – Wholesale Pets have a dropshipping program. In it, you will be in direct contact with the vendors. With dropshipping, you will be working with the manufacturers, so they may charge you a fee for the products they send to your customers.

Wholesale Pet Pros

  • It is where you can find branded goods
  • There are over a hundred brands on the site
  • They have a dropshipping program

Wholesale Pet Cons

  • You need to register before you can use the system

Although Wholesale Pet is a big business, they do not have a system you can integrate. You can copy and paste the product details manually, then order products individually. At best, I can recommend it for wholesale dropshipping. 

What you can do is buy your pet items in bulk. Then, tell Wholesale Pet to ship it to your warehouse. If you do not have a warehouse, you can work with companies like HyperSKU since they have a fulfillment service program.

Top Countries to Use Wholesale Pet

You can use this dropship supplier platform for global shipping, but with a caveat. The shipping destinations all depend on the supplier. 

So, while Supplier A may ship to other countries, Supplier B may not. Because of this, you need to consult with each supplier about their shipping options. Generally speaking, it is best for US dropshipping, as they all ship to the 48 contiguous states of the USA. 

12. CentralPet – best for Canadian dropshipping for dogs and cats

Central Pet Distribution is one of the biggest pet suppliers in the US. I recommend it to dropshippers because they have many products in their brochure. In addition, you can work with them as a retailer or vendor.

Central Pet Features

  • Manufacturer Access – the company works with more than 340 manufacturers. You will have access to the list of these manufacturers once you become a member. 
  • Pet Types – you can sell pet products for birds, fish, and horses. You no longer have to limit your store to dog and cat products.
  • Large Database – the company has the largest database of pet suppliers in the pet supplies industry  

Central Pet Pros

  • You can find items here beyond typical dog and cat products
  • There are many suppliers on their list
  • They have distribution centers in the US
  • They provide localized support

Central Pet Cons

  • There is no app to integrate

You must apply as a vendor or retailer before accessing their system. Once they approve your application, you will not have access to more than 340 manufacturers of pet products.

Like the previous supplier, Central Pet is ideal if you want to do bulk or wholesale dropshipping. In this case, you will work with manufacturers, not Central Pet. Central Pet is your conduit to find suppliers.

After ordering, you can tell the manufacturer to send your products to your warehouse. The site does not mention if the manufacturers do private-label. If it is what you want, you may need to email many of them to find out who can support this business model.

Top Countries to Use CentralPet

CentralPet is a US company with over 7,000 employees in the country. It is best for US dropshipping only. Their distribution headquarters is in California. Suffice it to say that you can use it for North American dropshipping. 

13. A Pet's World – best for luxury pet supplies

A Pet’s World is a dog-oriented supplier of pet products. They sell dog tags, stockings, photo frames

accessories like bows, and memorial items for dearly departed pets. 

They also have cat products, but you will notice that they have a higher concentration of dog-related goods. Established in 1997, the company also provides designer clothing for—you guessed it—dogs!

A Pet’s World Features

  • Wholesale – they offer their products in wholesale terms, but the prices are not available unless you register as a member. If you do want to pursue this business model, you must supply them with your store name and your TAX ID. 
  • Return Policy – you can return items to them within 14 days from the date the customer receives the goods. The item must still be in its original packaging before they issue a refund. Please note that they do not refund shipping costs.
  • Personalized Items – you can work out a personalization plan for what your customers want, such as their pet’s name on the collar, clothing, etc. 

A Pet’s World Pros

  • High-quality goods
  • Sizing for pet clothing is transparent
  • You can ask for a refund if your customer is not happy 

A Pet’s World Cons 

  • No dropshipping software

Top Countries to Use

A Pet’s World is best for US dropshippers. Their shipping carriers are UPS and USPS only, and they typically ship within a week from the date of order. 

The shipping cost depends on the package weight and dimension, so it is a challenge to set standard shipping rates for your store. Your best bet is to sell their items in the US only to ensure that the shipping costs are at a minimum. 

14. The Paws – best for puppies

The main product of The Paws is a bandana for dogs that comes in many designs. One thing they do that other suppliers don’t is that they also have products for humans. This allows the dog owner to match bandanas with the pet.

The Paws offers many types of products, too. One thing of note is that they have a specific line of products for puppies. These are bow ties, puppy towels, collars, and toys. 

The Paws Features

  • Multiple Themes – their bandanas and other pet products come in many themes like autumn, spring, staples, and brights. 
  • White Label – you can work with them so they can print your brand name on the labels. They can do this for accessory packaging, cotton prints, and mini labels.
  • International – they have retail stores in many countries. As such, they can also ship from these locations. Some examples of countries where they have stores are the Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, the UK, and more. They use multiple shipping carriers such as FedEx, EMS, and Indonesia Post. The Paws ship to all locations, but since the items mostly come from Bali, Indonesia, expect a long turnaround time. 

The Paws Pros

  • It is possible to do white-label dropshipping
  • Multiple themes and product options
  • They have international physical locations

The Paws Cons 

  • They do not have a dropship integration system

Top Countries to Use The Paws

The Paws is an excellent pet dropshipping supplier for international dropshippers. They have an international presence, and they support dropshippers, wholesalers, and even those who want to open physical stores and distribute The Paws products. 

15. Pet Stock – best for dropshipping Australian products

Pet Stock is an Australian company that offers multiple types of pet products. Their selections range from fish to dogs to cats and horses. 

Pet Stock is not only an online retailer—it also operates physical stores where they offer services like pet grooming, cat boarding, and dog daycare. 

Pet Stock Features

  • Branded Goods – they sell pet products from known brands like Pet Canin, Ziwi Peak, Holistic Pet, and Black Hawk. They also carry the international brand Fancy Feast. 
  • Support – they have a live chat for customer support. In addition, they have a phone number you can call if you need something. There is also a wide range of helpful articles on their website about their services. 
  • Affiliate Marketing – in case you change your mind, you can enroll in their affiliate marketing program where they would pay you a commission for successful sale referrals you bring to them. 

Pet Stock Pros

  • Excellent customer support
  • They supply several known brands
  • They have free shipping for standard orders

Pet Stock Cons 

  • No dropshipping platform

Top Countries to Use Pet Stock

Since Pet Stock is an Australian company, I strongly recommend it to dropshippers who want to target the Australian market. Although they have no specific dropshipping program, you can contact them to make arrangements.

Tips to Succeed in Pet Dropshipping

The pet business is huge, and you will never run out of new customers looking for the best pet products to buy. Your competition, however, is also huge. So, what should you do to set yourself apart and succeed in pet dropshipping? 

1. Focus on a Pet Niche

It is a lot better to niche down than niche up when it comes to pet supplies dropshipping. For example, you can concentrate on dogs only, not both dogs and cats.

What you want is to be the go-to website for a particular pet. For example, you can choose the aquarium niche, and then sell only fish-related products. With this strategy, your site visitors will have the impression that you are an authority when it comes to fish care. 

Here are some more benefits of niching down: 

  • You do not have to keep up with the trends in several inches
  • You can concentrate on products that belong to that niche only
  • It is easier to manage customer perception and issues 
  • You will deal with a few suppliers only

A huge niche is difficult to manage—you need to create multiple categories and sub-categories of products. Next, you need to have different marketing strategies for each pet category. As such, you need to spend time and money on a multiniche pet store.

2. Choose Between High-Quality or Mass-Produced Cheap Goods

There are two main categories of pet supplies. The most common one is the cheap versions and knockoffs, and the second one is the expensive type. To succeed in dropshipping in the pet industry, you must choose only one of these two. 

Choose the mass-produced products if you want to sell to most pet owners. These are pet owners who do not believe that their pets deserve expensive goods like pet foods, toys, etc. These customers will often choose the cheapest yet functional pet products. 

Choose the expensive pet supplies if your target market comprises people who believe that their pets are part of their families—people who treat their pets no differently from their children. 

Do not combine these two types of products in one store, as your site visitors will find your store confusing. You want to set customer expectations here—you want site visitors to know that their budget aligns with your product quality.  

3. Know the Pet and the Challenges

Do not start a dropshipping store if you have no knowledge about the pet in your chosen niche. You want to be an authority in this niche, and you should be able to answer customer inquiries with absolute facts.

In addition, your knowledge will allow you to: 

  • Combine several products, knowing that they come hand-in-hand with the pet
  • Create marketing copy that resonates with the pet owners
  • Choose products that the pets need, not fancy ones that only sell because of trends

If possible, you must own a pet. It does not make sense to sell dog goods if you do not own one. you will never understand what pain the dog pet owners go through without owning a dog. If you do own one, you will never run out of new ideas on what to do to market your dropshipping pet store. 

4. Write a Blog on Your Store

The last tip is to write a blog. This will position your business as an expert in the pet niche you selected. The benefits of blogging are: 

  • You get free traffic because of search engine optimization
  • You can provide help or advice to your site visitors and users
  • You improve your brand’s credibility 

Posting blogs may not be your priority, but it has to be part of your marketing plan. In my opinion, posting once a week should be your bare minimum. Make sure that you choose topics that your target consumers will find helpful.

General Rules for Pet Dropshipping

Before you dropship, it is important to understand that countries have rules. I am referring to customs duties, taxes, and prohibited and regulated items. We cannot list all of these. I can only provide you with a snapshot of the most important ones. 

Customs Duties and Taxes

In many countries, any person who imports an item must pay customs duties, taxes, and value-added taxes. The thing is that there is no universal law for this. The amounts and percentages are not the same. 

As a dropshipper, you do not know the cost. Typically, it is the buyer who shoulders this cost. As such, you must tell the customer that paying these fees to his respective government is his responsibility.

The good news is that not all imported items are subject to tax levies and tariffs. Most of the time, there is a minimum cost to qualify. For example, in Asia, countries typically charge importation fees only if the total price of the items is at least $200. 

Prohibited Items

These are items that you can never import or ship to a country. Below are some examples: 

  • Nuclear-related materials 
  • Ivory products and shark fins
  • Animal hides of endangered species like tigers
  • Illegal wildlife products
  • Illegal tobacco products
  • Illegal drugs

There is no way you can ship these items to any country. In the pet industry, I do not think anything fits this category. Unless, of course, you are shipping endangered animals.

Restricted Items 

Restricted items refer to those that are not illegal, not under prohibition, but you need paperwork to ship, export, import, or even possess. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Food products, organisms, plants
  • Pets and other animals that are not illegal
  • Guns, ammunition, bullet-proof vests, and other military-type items

In the pet industry, pet foods and medication fall under this category. The same thing goes for pets themselves. 

So, if you want to ship pet foods, such as pellets or even live worms, you and your customer must have the proper documentation to clear the shipment from the customs bureau.

Best pet product dropship suppliers FAQ

Is pet supplies good for dropshipping?

Yes, pet supplies are a good thing to dropship. There are 470 million pet dogs worldwide and about 370 million cats. All these pet owners need something for their animal companions, so yes, there is a market for pet supplies. 

Is pet supplies a good dropshipping niche?

Yes, it is a good dropshipping niche. However, I suggest that you niche down a bit. For example, building a dog pet store is better than a general one. You want your store visitors to know that you are the place to be when it comes to pet dog supplies.

Which company is best for dropshipping?

There is no best company for dropshipping. There are some factors to consider when choosing a dropshipping supplier. You must consider the shipping speed, product variation, and many more. 

How to start a dropshipping pet store?

Start by identifying your niche. Once your decision is final, you can begin looking for a reliable supplier. From here, you must know what the supplier’s system integrates into and then use the appropriate platform. 


The best supplier for pet supplies in the dropshipping business is AliExpress. I justify this because there is no other site where you can find as many products as AliExpress. 

The next step is going to the AliExpress home page and looking for products. Type the keywords for your products, then list the suppliers, prices, and shipping options. 

I also recommend you try our system, Dropship.IO, to learn which products make sales. We offer a 7-day free trial with no commitments! 

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