8 Best ShopHunter Alternatives to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping

This is our review of the best ShopHunter alternatives.

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June 3, 2023
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In my years of dropshipping, I learned that spying is a key component of dropshipping success. However, just like any spying activity, your success is only as good as the tool you use. 

And the best alternative is Why? Because it has everything that you need to find winning products.

In addition, it offer access to Facebook Library, a list of suppliers, competitor tracking, product tracking, and many more!  That said, I’m a bit baised. 

Moreover, it might not be the best for your circumstances, that's why we have 7 other options.

The key takeaways are: 

  • Dropship.IO gives you all the information you need to succeed in dropshipping
  • Some spy tools merely get data from other spy tools and aggregate them
  • You need to spy on competitors if you want to stay afloat in this business

If you are ready, let us start!

The 8 best ShopHunter Alternatives

1. Dropship.IO – best overall for dropshipping

2. Commerce Inspector – best for tracking traffic of Shopify stores

3. Koala Inspector – best for spying on Etsy stores

4. AliHunter – best for AliExpress product hunting

5. Sell the Trend – best for spying on TikTok ads

6. EcomHunt – best for supplier search in AliExpress and Auto DS

7. EcomProfitHub – best for product search in several spy platforms

8. Product Mafia – best for searching for wining products per country

The 8 Best ShopHunter Alternatives for Dropship Spying 

1. Dropship.IO

Dropship.IO is the best alternative to ShopHunter. I may sound biased here because it is our product, but then I would not recommend it if it does not even come close to your expectations.  

Dropship.IO is not only a Shopify spy tool; we also provide you with ways to find suppliers. Knowing which products sell does not make sense to us if you do not know where to find them. 

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database is the tool where you can type a keyword, and we will show you the stores that sell the products. On top of that, you will also see the sales stats of that particular item. From here, you can determine whether that product has a market demand. 
  • Sales Tracker – use this tool to see your competitor’s daily, weekly, and monthly revenue. All it takes is to enter the store’s URL, and we will track its sales for you.  
  • Competitor Research – use this tool to see the stores selling the same product as you do. In addition, our agency will also show you how much they sell their items for. 
  • Google Chrome extension - we recently launched this extension to make it easier for you to look for winning products, track their performance, and view valuable data about successful dropshipping stores on Shopify. 

Dropship.IO Pros

  • You will find that our tool is intuitive and easy to use
  • You get multiple devices at an affordable price
  • You can find winning products and stop the guesswork regarding dropshipping. 
  • You can track what your competitors earn and what they do on their websites to make a sale. 

Dropship.IO Cons

  • We only track Shopify stores for now.

What makes our tool a better alternative to ShopHunter is our extra features. We have a CPA calculator, ROAS calculator, interest explorer on Facebook ads, and a portfolio where you will find winning products.

Finally, we offer our services at a lower cost than ShopHunter. ShopHunter’s lowest tier currently costs $50 monthly, whereas ours is only $29. We also provide our services free for seven days!

2. Commerce Inspector

Like ShopHunter, Commerce Inspector is a sales tracker for Shopify stores. With this tool, you can view the product launch of a store, see what items sell the most, and view your competitors’ sales. What makes Commerce Inspector a little different is that it tracks the store’s traffic.

Commerce Inspector Features

  • One-Click Bestsellers – you can view the best-selling products of a particular store if that is what you are after. This feature is useful if you want to imitate what your competitor is doing. 
  • Product Insights – there is a part of the tool where you can see when your competitor launched a product and how it succeeded over time. From the charts, you will know if the product has a consistent demand or the high revenue was a fluke.
  • Apps and Tools – inside the tool is a list of the apps a particular Shopify store uses. If you know what apps they use, you can get those apps, too, or find a better one. At the very least, this information arms you with knowledge of what apps make your competitors succeed. 

Commerce Inspector Pros

  • They have a Chrome extension
  • You can track a Shopify store’s traffic
  • You can view the current ads of your competitors

Commerce Inspector Cons

  • Too many limits for the paid plans
  • They are not transparent about their data accuracy

Commerce Inspector offers some of its services for free if you use the Google Chrome extension. However, the things you can do are minimal. At the first tier, you can only track three stores, with unlimited data for each store. 

3. Koala Inspector

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated with low confidence

Koala Inspector is one of the apps that the company, Koala, offers. It has a Chrome extension that people can easily see Shopify data from competitor stores. 

The Inspector app provides you with sales stats, the apps that the Shopify store uses, and your competitors’ strategies to make a sale. One thing different about Koala is that you can spy on Etsy stores, too. 

Koal Inspector Features

  • Theme Detector – one thing that makes a store attractive and functional is the theme. With Koala Inspector, you can determine what your competitor is using. 
  • Retailers – the tool allows you to find a retailer to supply your needs. Koala does not only cover AliExpress but also Walmart and Amazon. You can find wholesalers on these other platforms and ask if they would dropship for you.
  • Site Traffic – one good thing about this tool is the traffic statistics. The program can show you a donut chart of a store’s traffic. From here, you can see if their traffic comes from organic searches, ads, referrals, or social media.

Koal Inspector Pros

  • They offer a free account
  • You can export reports in CSV format
  • You track a store’s online traffic

Koal Inspector Cons

  • Even at a paid plan, your limit for tracking is only 50 stores.

Koala Inspector is an excellent choice if you are dropshipping on Etsy. It is difficult to sell on that platform because it is like Amazon—too much saturation of sellers.

Use Koala if you want to compete against Etsy sellers. You will know their sales trends, marketing strategies, and where they’re getting their supplies. Although Etsy is supposed to be a platform for handicrafts, it is now full of dropshippers, too.

Although Koala provides stats on sales and revenue, the data set is not as extensive as we offer. Our product database shows you the number of units sold, the revenue, and more stats.

4. AliHunter

AliHunter is a tool that provides insight into the AliExpress universe. If your dropshipping approach is the find winning products from AliExpress suppliers, then AliHunter is something you need to look into. 

Even if the company’s name bears “Ali,” AliExpress or Alibaba has nothing to do with it. The owners are different. The AliHunter app also does not limit itself to AliExpress only—what I mean is that you can track real dropshipping stores, not just the performance of suppliers in AliExpress. 

AliHunter Features

  • TikTok – since TikTok is the new craze, you can use AliHunter to find trending products on the TikTok platform. The tool will show you ads and content with the greatest likes, comments, and shares. 
  • Top Stores – AliHunter provides you with the top products in AliExpress and the top stores that are making sales. A report would show you the number of products a store has and these stores are trending in sales.
  • Ad Library – if your competitor has an ad, you will see that ad in the ad library. In addition to that, the ad library will show you how people or viewers responded to or interacted with the ad. This information should give you an idea of what to do with your ad creatives to get more sales. 

AliHunter Pros

  • You will have access to the top TikTok trending ads
  • You will see the trend in niches of your choice
  • You will have access to a list of suppliers 

AliHunter Cons

  • There is no free account
  • The basic plan can only track three months of sales data

The starter plan should be enough to see a store’s top products. If you want more data, you must upgrade to a higher tier. For example, the basic plan will not give you access to the TikTok ads. Also, your limit is only five daily searches if you are on the basic plan.

5. Sell the Trend

Sell the Trend is a multi-tool where you can hunt for winning products, track stores and their sales, and view winning ads. In addition, they have access to suppliers, and you can push products to your dropshipping store. 

Sell the Trend Features

  • Product Research – use this tool to find winning products in the dropshipping industry. The tool is both an analytics and spy system. With it, you can view products that sell well but also the revenue of your competitors. 
  • TikTok Ads – if you want to advertise on TikTok, you must see what viral ads exist on the platform. With the TikTok ads tool, you can see vital ad stats and how people react to them. Copy the ad formats and see your sales grow. 
  • Success Academy – they offer many videos that guide you on how to succeed in the dropshipping business. Whether you are new or not in the dropshipping world, there is a video that you can watch to learn how to increase your sales. 

Sell the Trend Pros

  • The system has an integration system with your store
  • You can find suppliers, not just see stats
  • There is a monitoring system for the performance of trending products
  • There is an integration between this tool and the CJDropshipping platform

Sell the Trend Cons

  • There is not a lot you can do at the basic plan
  • There is a limit to the number of products you can push to your store

I recommend Sell the Trend if you want an all-in-one dropshipping platform. It has product sourcing, competitor analysis, product exploration tools, and many more. You can also automate your store so the order goes straight to your supplier. 

6. EcomHunt

EcomHunt is a big name in the dropship spy area. The biggest problem is that they do not provide services to all countries. Like the previous tool, EcomHunt is an all-in-one tool for dropshippers. Here, you can find winning products. 

EcomHunt Features

  • Suggested Retail Price – if you like a winning product, click it to see the market price, cost from the supplier, and your profit. This report immediately shows you what profit margin to expect. There is no need to track these individually in an Excel spreadsheet. 
  • Saturation Inspector – since EcomHunt tracks products from stores, the system also knows how many stores are selling the item. There is a meter that shows you whether or not many stores are selling the product you are looking at. This tool is valuable if you do not want to compete with thousands of dropshippers selling the same thing. 
  • Suppliers – the tool will show you where to buy the items. They have suppliers from two channels: AliExpress and Auto DS. 
  • Product Tracker – you can save products from AliExpress and track their sales progress. Do this if you are doubtful about its sales performance. The product tracker is also useful if the product is new. Since no data is available for now, you can track it daily to see how consumers respond to it.

EcomHunt Pros

  • You get a ton of information
  • They have an ad spy for the Facebook platform
  • The tool shows you AliExpress dropshipping stats
  • The system will alert you for new trending products 

EcomHunt Cons

  • It is not available in all countries.

EcomHunt also has top picks. You can view this dashboard to see bestsellers immediately. The dashboard shows you the sales data for an AliExpress product in a day, the past seven days, and percentage growth. 

Finally, EcomHunt recommends the best Shopify apps to boost your sales. For example, they recommend Loox and other apps like Dropified.

7. EcomProfitHub

The way I see it, EcomProfitHub looks so similar to EcomHunt. Even the “show me the money” buttons are identical. Upon digging, I realized that EcomProfitHub takes its data from multiple sources, including EcomHunt. They also get data from Pexda, Dropship Spy, Niche Scraper, and Product Mafia. 

Essentially, I can say that this tool is what you need if you need input or data from multiple sources. Like EcomHunt, this one details a product’s ads, posts, profits, etc. 

EcomProfitHub Features

  • Access All Listings – you have visibility on whatever winning product comes from their sources. You can only view one year of winning products if you are at the basic plans. The Pro plan gives you unlimited access. 
  • Unlimited Searches – one good thing about this tool is that you have no search limitations. Most spy tools give you search credits; once you are out of credits, you must buy more. With this tool, you can search as many products as you want. 
  • Full Data Access – you will not experience any delay when accessing the reports. What it means is that there is no wait time. You can view the winning products and their stats in real-time. 

EcomProfitHub Pros

  • The tool is easy to use
  • You can view a report about a product’s profitability
  • They offer a free trial for seven days

EcomProfitHub Cons

  • There is no visibility on its services unless you register
  • They only curate product information from various tools

I recommend EcomProfitHub if you want multiple spy tools in one dashboard. Use it to save time and money. With it, you no longer have to register in various spy tools and software programs. Note that while you can access all winning products from other sources, you can only access one year of data at the basic plan.

8. Product Mafia

Product Mafia is similar to the previous tool—it curates data from other dropship spy tools. What I like about Product Mafia is that you can track the sales of a product per country. This process or data makes it easier to know how countries respond to a specific product.

Product Mafia Features

  • 5,000 Products – there are over 5,000 products you can check on the platform. All these are winning products, which the AI took from other dropship spy tools. You will also see the social media reactions to these products. 
  • Ad Engagement Stats – you will have access to an ad library for a product of your choice, but only if the product has an ad. You will see how many people shared the ad, liked it, commented on it, and how many people viewed it. 
  • Top Countries – with this tool, you will see top countries representing the product Based on reviews. So, while this information does not represent the country where the product sold the most units, it still tells you where the items sold well. 

Product Mafia Pros

  • You can find example dropship stores that sell the winning product
  • You can see what ads work and which ones failed
  • You can download Facebook videos
  • You can find suppliers for the winning products

Product Mafia Cons

  • They cover too few niches
  • No transparency on pricing

Product Mafia is an excellent choice to see what products sell and if there are related ads to these products. However, it takes its data from other sources, so they do not add more value except cost savings. 

Why Do You Need a ShopHunter Alternative?

Although people voted for ShopHunter as the best Shopify Spy, times have changed. Today, there are better alternatives to ShopHunter. In this section, I will explain why you need to try other dropshipping spy tools. 

ShopHunter is Expensive

The Starter plan costs $50, and with this plan, you only get the following: 

  • Track 25 stores 
  • See the top 20 global sites
  • See a list of the 20 best products

You also get access to email and ticket support if you need help. Compared to us, our basic plan costs only $29 monthly. At this rate, you get access to:

  • Our database of winning products
  • Competitor research
  • Store tracker 
  • Product tracker
  • Product drops

In addition, you get access to the Facebook Ads library, where we show you your competitors’ ads or a product ad.  

There is a Limit to What You Can Track

ShopHunter only allows you to track 25 stores for $50 monthly. We offer the same for that price range but will give you more. 

We give you unlimited use of the product database and the competitor research tool for this price range. In addition, you can also track 50 products separately. Finally, you can also expect up to 40 product drops from us. These product drops are a list of winning products we send you weekly. 

ShopHunter Lacks Features

ShopHunter does not have the modern features you can expect from a spy tool today. So, while it tells you what products to sell, it does not say where to find them. 

You can find these winning products on AliExpress or Amazon with our tool. We automated the link for your convenience. All you need to do is click the link. 

These three reasons are the biggest drawbacks of ShopHunter. Compared to other spy tools, including ours, you get more value for your money if you use different tools. 

For example, we provide you with the ability to track store performance and sales and information about ads and where to find suppliers. With our tool, you can do more for less!

How to Decide What to Sell Based on Data

Okay—so you now have access to data; what should you do next? You need data to make decisions, but there are also factors you must consider. In this section, I will list these factors and how to use them. 

1. Does It Belong to Your Niche? 

If you use a tool such as ours, there is a possibility that you suffer from what we call “shiny object syndrome.” It happens to people who move from one thing to another because the “new product” seems more successful. 

You need to ask yourself if the product you are looking at belongs to your niche. Take a look at this: 

The top product has a revenue of $16,000 in a month. It is a fidget spinner that sold 1,209 units last month. 

If you are not in the toy or stress business, there is no reason for you to sell this item. The fidget spinner does not belong to your store. If people see it in your store, it will be out of place, and your site visitors will not trust you.

2. What Is the Profit Potential?

If you look at this drone, it would seem like selling it is a good idea. Supposing that you are in the toy niche, particularly in the drone industry, you would certainly have a good look at this product.  

Let us investigate. In this case, you click on the AliExpress button, and you will find yourself here:

As you can see, the cost of this good from this supplier is $9.36. The market price of this item is around $20. I can say that, yes, it is profitable. Now, it is up to you whether you will charge shipping or not.

What is a good profit margin in dropshipping? While experts pull numbers out of thin air, this question has no answer. The profit margin you must aim for should pay for your operational costs, advertising costs, fees, and all other expenses. 

3. What Does the Review Say?

Some products have a lot of sales. One would think that it must be good, right? Well, not all the time. 

Some products sell thousands of units because they are cheap. Before adding a product to your store, I recommend reading the negative reviews. 

Surely, you will find many positive reviews. My advice is to take the negative reviews seriously, provided they make sense. Some customers leave negative reviews that do not explain anything. 

Here are some examples:

  • “Bad product”
  • “I do not like it.”
  • “Do not buy it.”

As you can see, these reviews do not tell you anything concrete. Look for meaningful reviews. I suggest you buy the product to test it yourself if you doubt it. 

Why must I buy the product if it sold thousands of units? 

Our standards vary. Some people are happy with a low-quality product—what matters to them is that they paid a low price. Do you want to sell products like that? 

No. What you want is to sell high-quality products. You want people to know that you are the go-to store if they want something of high quality. 

4. Does the Product Solve a Problem? 

This question is important. Just because something sold a thousand units does not mean it solves a problem. 

While selling “emotional goods” is easy, you cannot expect repeat buyers if you rely on shock value or trendy items. You must sell items that solve an issue. 

Let us use the drone example. That store sold more than 1,600 units for the drone in a month. However, once the customer buys the item, he will not likely do it again. Why? It is a novelty item that people do not buy twice. 

If you want consistency in your sales, you must sell items that customers will buy again after a while. Some examples are cosmetics like make-up, lipstick, etc. It takes more work to build a dropshipping store like this, but it is well worth it. 

5. Do You Know How the Product Works?

Lastly, do you know how the product works? Do you understand the intricacies of the niche? The drone I showed you may seem simple, and that is because it is a toy. 

However, you may find the temptation to sell products you do not understand one day. For example, complex drones use 6-axis technology, cameras, etc. 

You should not sell these things if you have never used a drone. Why? First, you are not in a position to choose a high—quality drone because you have never used one.

Next, your potential customers have questions you may be unable to answer. How do you expect to provide the service if they buy it and something breaks down? 

I recommend that you only sell items that you are passionate about. Sure, there are some goods out there that do not need expertise. Some examples of these are print-on-demand cups and mugs that you will find in Printify. In this case, go ahead and sell these items. 

Just because a product has sales does not mean it will also sell on your website. For one, you may be too late.

One good example of this is the fidget spinner. While data may show that this variant sells a thousand units a month, the potential for profit is no longer as it used to be. 

Before you decide what to sell, consider the five factors I laid out in this section. If the product does not belong to your niche, do not sell it. It does not belong to your sore.

Most importantly, sell products you understand—this should help you drive the products better in marketing and reach the right people. 


The next step is to try our services. We offer a 7-day free trial where you can test our tools. Explore Dropship.IO, and I guarantee you that you will not be sorry. 

Spying is the proper way to go to dropship products that will make you successful. There is no reason to experiment on what sells or what does not—we already have this data, and all you have to do is use it. 

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Discover winning products to sell today.
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