24 Best Things to Sell on eBay for Profit

Our topic today is the best items to sell on eBay and make a big profit. Although we cannot list all the best items you can sell, I specifically selected items where it is easy to find a dropshipping supplier. 

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September 29, 2023
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Over the years, I realized that our product ideas are not always the best ones to dropship. I built this list based on data. As such, we have evidence that these items are making huge profits. 

Here are the things we will cover today: 

  • 24 best items to sell on eBay to make a profit
  • How to use Dropship.IO to search for winning products

Key Takeaways: 

  • There is always a winning product in any niche
  • It is best to choose a product with less competition
  • Dropship.IO is an excellent tool for finding winning products outside of eBay

In the end, I can assure you that this list will give you ideas about the best products you can dropship. If these products sell a lot on eBay, then I am sure they will also sell well on your dropshipping store. 

24 Best Things to Sell on eBay for Profit

  1. Pet Tag - Total Sold: 70,962, Price: $3.99
  2. Shock Collar - Total Sold: 3,409, Price: $22
  3. Double-Sided Tape - Total Sold: 5,828, Price: $12.99
  4. Office Chair - Total Sold: 1,006, Price: $38.99
  5. Resistance Band Set - Total Sold: 10,985, Price: $10.99
  6. Push-Up Board - Total Sold: 161, Price: $19.39
  7. Women’s Blouses - Total Sold: 5,691, Price: $16,91
  8. Men’s Plain T-Shirt - Total Sold: 102,910, Price: $6.4
  9. Slicer - Total Sold: 6,095, Price: $12.98
  10. Pineapple Slicer - Total Sold: 3,649, Price: $6.49
  11. Camping LED Lights - Total Sold: 5,032, Price: $22.99
  12. Emergency Tent Blanket - Total Sold: 3,437, Price: $5.99
  13. Tin Door Sign - Total Sold: 6,811, Price: $7.99
  14. Scented Candles - Total Sold: 17,080, Price: $1.29
  15. 3-Piece Set Luggage - Total Sold: 6,608, Price: $169.99
  16. Power Bank - Total Sold: 12,443, Price: $25.99
  17. Phone Cases - Total Sold: 56,504, Price: $3.49
  18. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Total Sold: 7,423, Price: $18.47
  19. Portable Tire Inflator - Total Sold: 6,549, Price: $20.59
  20. Portable Jump Starter - Total Sold: 12,028, Price: $27.53
  21. Electric Shaver - Total Sold: 1,016, Price: $13.59
  22. Vitamins and Supplements - Total Sold: 13,979, Price: $20.99
  23. Lavender Vera Seeds - Total Sold: 8,952, Price: $2.99
  24. Grow Light - Total Sold: 5,284, Price: $56.99

1. Pet Supplies – Pet Tag

  • Feedback: 45,050
  • Total Sold: 70,962
  • Price: $3.99

The first top-selling eBay product that I recommend is a metal pet tag. It sold over 470 units in 30 days for $3.99 each. The seller, Love Your Tag, has a positive rating of 99.3%. 

24 other sellers use the same keyword. Upon further investigation, I found out that the sell-through rate of this product is 3979%, which is a good indication that this item sells fast.

Another interesting thing about this pet tag is that it has a success rate of 41%. It means that out of all sellers who sell the same thing, 41% of all these sellers have made at least one sale. 

Finally, the competition here is not as strong as you would think it to be. There are 24 sellers, but only six of them dominate this product, which means you have a big chance of succeeding. 

2. Pet Supplies – Shock Collar

  • Feedback: 5,220
  • Total Sold: 3,409
  • Price: $22

This collar sends a mild shock to a dog, which a pet owner can use for training. Some people oppose this method, saying that it is cruel. On the other hand, proponents say that the shock does not harm the dog. The product package comes with one collar and a remote. It is rechargeable and waterproof. 

The sell-through rate of this item is 2822%, and there are only nine sellers who have the same item on eBay. In the last thirty days, this seller sold 254 units of this item, giving them a revenue of $4,601.

The success rate of this item is lower than the first one at 33.33%, which means that only three sellers have made a sale of at least one unit. What you can do is position the product better, as the sellers do not show statistical evidence or video proof of how it works. 

3. Home Office – Double-Sided Tape

  • Feedback: 6,770
  • Total Sold: 5,828
  • Price: $12.99

Who would have thought that a tape is in demand? This tape is a 3M brand, but you can definitely find an AliExpress winning product like this one, and then sell it in your dropshipping store. 

There are only five listings of this tape, and the success rate is 80%. The sell-through rate is 4580%, and the seller sold 229 items in the past month. 

All these numbers tell us that there is a demand for this product. Last month, the top seller made $2,445—only for tape!

The competition is low, probably because it is difficult to get supplies for this branded tape. I think that you cannot dropship this item. Rather, you will do traditional retail where you have to buy inventory. I suggest that you look for a similar tape on AliExpress instead of selling 3M. 

4. Home Office – Office Chair

  • Feedback: 435,199
  • Total Sold: 1,006
  • Price: $38.99

Every office needs an office chair, and the seller of this product hit the nail on the head. With over 400,000 reviews, this seller still managed to maintain a feedback score of 96.8%.

The sell-through rate of this product is only 255%, which means it does not sell so fast. It is understandable, considering that people do not impulsively buy chairs. They want to make sure they buy the right color, height, design, etc.

The success rate of the listing is only 8%. There are more than 100 sellers on eBay who have the same product, and only eight made a sale so far. 

These numbers may seem low but should not discourage you. It is still a top seller on eBay, and you will not buy inventory anyway if you dropship. 

5. Fitness and Workout – Resistance Band Set

  • Feedback: 863,256
  • Total Sold: 10,985
  • Price: $10.99

There is always a market for physical fitness. However, it is an extremely competitive space. As such, you must dropship this product with a clear marketing and branding plan. 

This particular product has a sell-through rate of 449%. It is not that much, but we can say that the product is moving. There are many similar resistance bands, and that is why the sales movement is slow—the consumers are looking for the best deal. 

The approach of this seller is excellent as they ensured an unbeatable price. At $10.99, the buyer gets 11 pieces of equipment. This is why this seller manages to sell around 100 units in a month. 

The listing success rate is only 16%, which means that out of 100 sellers who have the same listing, only 16 of them made a sale for this item. At best, you must separate yourself by showing actual demos of this product if you want to succeed.

6. Fitness and Workout – Push-Up Board

  • Feedback: 1,690
  • Total Sold: 161
  • Price: $19.39

This push-up board is a bit new in the physical fitness space. While some people may say they do not need one, there certainly are those who want to do their push-ups the right way, and this is the tool that they need.  

In my research, this product ranks 5th on eBay's top-sellers in the physical fitness category. Despite that rank, its sell-through rate is almost 4,000%, which means it is moving really fast. There are only two sellers on eBay, and both have made a sale.

The product is a tad expensive, but then there is a niche market for this item. You can sell it to people who want to take their push-ups seriously, especially people who want bigger biceps and triceps.  

7. Clothing – Women’s Blouses

  • Feedback: 80,360
  • Total Sold: 5,691
  • Price: $16,91

Although the fashion niche is severely competitive, there is room for you to succeed in clothing dropshipping.

This particular eBay top seller is a simplistic blouse. The sell-through rate of 504% is acceptable, and there are only 28 other sellers who have the same product in their stores. 

The success rate is really low, as only 3.57% of all sellers managed to sell at least one unit. The key to the success of this seller who made it on top of the competition is reliability. The seller, ZoeysFashion, has a feedback rating of 99.8%.

8. Clothing – Men’s Plain T-Shirt

Feedback: 41,152

Total Sold: 102,910

Price: $6.4

As you can see from the screenshot, this seller sold over 100,000 units of plain t-shirts. At this price, the seller made over $600,000 in revenue. This particular shirt is available in 16 colors. 

There are 100 sellers of the same product, and the sell-through rate is 2058%. Although the success rate is only 9%, I can say that this is normal for a product that is so simple to source such as this. 

The seller has a positive feedback score of 100%. This is probably why this seller is the dominant provider of this shirt out of all the 100 sellers. In addition, this seller, Yes Trading Inc., offers 20% off if a customer buys at least two shirts.

I reviewed the listing of this seller, and I want to share with you this chart:

As you can see, the product description says it all. The size chart also provides a clear measurement guide. Lastly, the seller accepts refunds in 30 days. 

9. Kitchen Tools – Slicer

  • Feedback: 77,341
  • Total Sold: 6,095
  • Price: $12.98

Anybody who cooks wishes that there are better ways to peel, slice, and dice food. This slicer, for one, sold over 6,000 units for $12.98.

The sell-through rate of this product is only 231%, and the success rate is 17%. There are over 100 people who listed the same thing on eBay, and it only sold 231 items in the last month.

Does this mean it is not a best-seller? It is.

However, the stats may indicate otherwise because there are thousands of various kitchen products out there. Because of this, it may seem like the product is not hot, but it is. 

10. Kitchen Tools – Pineapple Slicer

  • Feedback: 1,901
  • Total Sold: 3,649
  • Price: $6.49

The pineapple slicer is a novelty kitchen tool. It is not like people slice pineapple every day, and it is why a top seller like this is only meaningful if your dropshipping niche is novelty kitchen items.  

With a sell-through rate of 141%, I can say that its performance is not that bad. The main challenge in selling an item like this is conversion. 

To succeed, you must create a video ad that is convincing enough. This product is not a necessity. Although the retail price is only $6, a customer would still have hesitations because pineapple is not something you typically eat every day. 

11. Outdoor Gear – Camping LED Lights

  • Feedback: 24,329
  • Total Sold: 5,032
  • Price: $22.99

The outdoor camping gear niche is a tough one to crack, but you would do well if you also target those who live in rural areas. Lighting that comes with replaceable batteries is a staple in this niche. As you can see above, this product made over 5,000 sales. 

The sell-through rate is great, and only two people are selling it on eBay. What this tells me is that this product is new in the market. If you sell it now in your store, you may be one of the few people who have this in your dropship product list. Less competition equals more sales. 

The listing success is only at 50% because there are only two sellers. The seller Costechus listed this product first, and as such, he was the first in the eBay market. 

Upon investigation, I found out that Costech is a brand. The other seller, Magic Wand Platinum, is merely a distributor. It is why Costechus is the better performer in sales. 

Since Costechus is a brand, I suggest that you look for a similar product in AliExpress and dropship it in your store. Read the ad copy of Costechus on eBay and learn how they entice the reader to buy the product.  

12. Outdoor Gear – Emergency Tent Blanket

  • Feedback: 428,420
  • Total Sold: 3,437
  • Price: $5.99

This product is for emergency purposes. It is easy to build, and anyone in survival mode can use it to save lives, get warm, and get a bit of shelter while waiting for rescue. 

What makes it unique is its ability to reflect body heat. It means that while you are inside the tent, its material reflects the heat from your body to keep you warm.

The sell-through of this product on eBay is 35%, and 100 people are selling the same item. Its success rate is 17%. There is tough competition for this product, but only two are dominating this niche on eBay. These sellers are Stickman’s Online Stuff and Treasures to Your Door.

13. Home Décor – Tin Door Sign

  • Feedback: 75,441
  • Total Sold: 6,811
  • Price: $7.99

The overall sell-through rate of home décor on eBay at this time is 5,008%. These items move fast, and one of the best-sellers in this category is this tin door sign.

There are only two sellers of this type of home décor, and only this seller has made a sale. This is not to say that the product is not moving—it just so happened that this seller has better credibility. 

This particular seller, Jiyuus 8, has a sell-through rate of 9,600%. By far, he is the only seller on eBay (that I have seen) who has products moving at this rate. 

Home decors are an easy sell if you dropship, provided that you can keep up with the price. This item costs around $6 on eBay, but the average is only $1.37. 

14. Home Décor – Scented Candles

  • Feedback: 4,006
  • Total Sold: 17,080
  • Price: $1.29

Just when you think scented candles are no longer a thing, they still exist and there is a big market for them. The good news about scented candles is that there is a wide variety to choose from if you are a dropshipper. You do not need to make them yourself. 

For this particular analysis, the top seller on eBay is JLEACH325, and this seller is dominating this area. For the wax tart type of scented candle, it is so surprising that this seller has no competition at all. 

As you can see above, the sell-through rate of this specific product is 17,700%! With more than 17,000 pieces sold, this seller made over $17,000 for this product alone! 

I think that the to this seller’s success is pricing. The scented candles are only $1.29 each, on average. Performance is another thing. This seller has a feedback score of 99.5% from more than 4,000 buyers who participated in the survey.

15. Travel – 3-Piece Set Luggage

  • Feedback: 30,818
  • Total Sold: 6,608
  • Price: $169.99

The luggage is the most important thing a traveler needs. Believe it or not, people are willing to spend a lot of money on luggage, even if they would never use it every day.  

On eBay, the 3-piece set is a best-seller because it offers more value for money. At $170, the buyer gets not one but three luggage. 

The sell-through rate is not high, but it is reasonable for this niche because not all people travel. Samsonite is the leading seller in this niche. But then, Samsonite is a popular company already so it is not unusual for them to dominate this space. 

For dropshipping, I recommend that you look for an alternative supplier in AliExpress. Try to find a supplier who offers 3-in-1 luggage sets that you can sell.

Right now, there are only 28 sellers on eBay who offer 3-piece sets like this one. Samsonite is at the top because it is the manufacturer. There are many luggage items comparable to Samsonite. Find them in AliExpress and get samples before you sell them.

16. Travel – Power Bank

  • Feedback: 232,898
  • Total Sold: 12,443
  • Price: $25.99

Nobody travels without a power bank. These devices have become an essential travel item, as no one wants to run out of battery juice mid-flight.

On eBay, Anker is the leading seller of power banks. At this price point, the battery capacity is 10,000 mAh. In AliExpress, I am sure you can find power banks with higher power capacity but at a lesser price. 

There are only eight sellers for this item, but Anker itself is one of them. That is why Anker is also the dominant seller. Like Samsonite, people on eBay would rather buy from the original manufacturer than a distributor. 

There are many types of power banks. For example, there are power banks that come with a flashlight. Some have digital displays, and some do not. Some are fast charging, and some are not. Choose wisely and ensure that you choose a power bank type that resonates with your target market.

17. Phone/Cellphone Accessories – Phone Cases

  • Feedback: 22,755
  • Total Sold: 56,504
  • Price: $3.49

The sell-through rate of phone cases on eBay is 11,174%. The best-selling type of case is the shock-proof kind. People drop their phones all the time, and a shock-proof phone case is really useful. Right now, the best phone cases to sell are those for iPhones.

For this specific product, the leading seller is Panda Touch. This product is a shock-proof iPhone case with many variations. Sold for $6.5 only, this model has had around 2,500 orders in the last 30 days, and 100 people are selling it on eBay.

What I recommend is that you sell phone cases using your design. You can use either Printify or Printful to do this. Then, integrate the system with your Shopify dropshipping store.

18. Phone/Cellphone Accessories – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Feedback: 14,850
  • Total Sold: 7,423
  • Price: $18.47

People love their sounds, and while wireless headphones are typically the best gadgets to use for sounds, some love to share what they listen to, especially during parties. 

It took a closer look at this product, and it has the following features:

  • Lots of designs
  • Waterproof
  • It has a subwoofer
  • Can read a USB
  • Bluetooth coverage is 10 meters

Bluetooth speakers are great for dropshippers who want to penetrate the gadget niche. While the competition is high, it is not so difficult to find a supplier who can give you an edge over other dropshippers.

In addition, since Bluetooth speakers are widely available, I suggest that you focus on the marketing aspect of it, rather than the features. 

19. Car Accessories – Portable Tire Inflator

  • Feedback: 3,183
  • Total Sold: 6,549
  • Price: $20.59

Tire inflators are a necessity, as it is dangerous to drive cars with partially deflated wheels. Although it is best to inflate your car at a car garage or mechanic station, a portable tire inflator is a must-have in your tools.

This is why portable car inflators are one of the best-selling items to sell on eBay for a profit. For this particular product, the sell-through rate is 871%. The item moves fast. 62% of all the sellers for the same item made a sale already.

The main challenge in this product type is that you are not likely to get a repeat purchase. People do not typically buy a tire inflator more than once unless the first one does not work anymore. 

As such, I strongly recommend that you sell multiple car accessories in your store. Use the upsell strategy to increase your average order value, and you should be able to make more profit from a single customer. 

20. Car Accessories – Portable Jump Starter

  • Feedback: 220,645
  • Total Sold: 12,028
  • Price: $27.53

A car conking out while you are driving is scary. As a dropshipper, you can use that fear factor to drive sales for this car accessory. 

Jump starters in the past only involved wires and cables. Now, there is an actual power source, and people whose car battery died on the road no longer have to wait for a good Samaritan to help them. 

Although the sell-through rate of this product is only 146%, it is not an indication that it is not a top seller. This particular seller and item we are looking at sold over 12,028 units to date. 

Like the portable battery charger, you would do better in sales if you combined this with another car accessory. 

As far as suppliers go, I do not recommend that you buy cheap products. If at all, I would recommend that you buy at the range of $22 to $50 per piece and sell it for a higher price. Cheap versions of jump starters are usually not of good quality. 

21. Beauty – Electric Shaver

  • Feedback: 4,868
  • Total Sold: 1,016
  • Price: $13.59

Although women also use shavers, the better market for this is men, as men shave all the time. Specifically, the shaver you want to sell is an electric one, as it does not cause nicks.

Overall, the sell-through rate of electric shavers on eBay is 2,581%. It is moving fast, and this particular product in our screenshot above has a sell-through rate of 905%. By the way, this is a nose shaver or nose hair trimmer, not a beard shaver. 

There are only 22 sellers for this product, and one seller owns 67% of the market share on eBay. If you decide to dropship this product, my recommendation is to either pair it with another beauty tool or package it with your brand. There are many generic shavers out there, so it is best to create a brand to differentiate yourself. 

22. Beauty – Vitamins and Supplements

  • Feedback: 3,538
  • Total Sold: 13,979
  • Price: $20.99

Vitamins and food supplements will always be around. They sell like hot pancakes, albeit you must be careful when making claims. One good example I can provide you is the one in the screenshot above. It is a vitamin C capsule that sold around 14,000 bottles. 

The overall sell-through rate of vitamins on eBay is 7,920%, which tells us that these items are fast-movers. Another good thing about vitamins is that customers will buy them again and again. 

If you choose to dropship food supplements and vitamins, I suggest that you work with a supplier located in the same country as your target market. This way, you will not have issues with the food and drug authority of that country. 

23. Indoor and Outdoor Gardening – Lavender Vera Seeds

  • Feedback: 37,832
  • Total Sold: 8,952
  • Price: $2.99

The gardening niche makes dropshippers think of selling pruning shears and similar tools. However, data tells us that the bestselling gardening items on eBay are seeds. 

The overall sell-through rate of seeds is 4,737%. For lavender seeds, it is 15,900%! Now, there is only one seller of Lavender seeds on eBay, so you may contact this seller and dropship his goods in your store. 

Seeds, however, are like vitamins. Some governments do not allow the entry of plants, seeds, and other organic materials into their country. As such, I recommend that your supplier and market location should be the same.

24. Indoor and Outdoor Gardening – Grow Light

  • Feedback: 23,563
  • Total Sold: 5,284
  • Price: $56.99

This product has heavy competition. Although the sell-through rate is high at 1,194%, there is no single seller who dominates the area. The products are also a tad expensive. 

In addition, you must be a gardening expert yourself if you want to succeed in this niche. Surely, the customers would ask you a lot of questions about the product’s features.

There are many types of grow lights you can sell, and you can source them from AliExpress. Just make sure you test them out first yourself to guarantee the quality and efficacy of these gardening gadgets. 

How to Use Dropship.IO to Find Winning eBay Products

We currently do not track eBay winning products in Dropship.IO. However, we do track all Shopify stores. What I suggest is you find a winning product on eBay and then take that winning product to your Shopify store. This way, you can target consumers who do not shop on eBay.

In this section, I will provide you with a guide on how to use our product database and competitor research tools to help you succeed in dropshipping.

Go to the Dropship.IO Product Database

The first step is to go to the Product Database tool and type the keyword you want to research. In this example, I am using the pet tag keyword. 

After clicking on search, I now have these results, and the next step is to click on the filter button in the Monthly Revenue column. This way, I can sort the thousands of products from top to bottom based on sales revenue. 

As I scroll down, I see this product that I like to sell. This choice is merely my personal preference. As you know, there are many types of pet tags out there, so I want to choose one that resonates with my target customers or target market. 

The next step is to click the website link to investigate further, and here is what I got:

Now, I wanted to know the material used for this product and found out that it is silicone. The next thing I did was a reverse image search. I realized that many dropshippers sell something similar. What I need to know now is where to find a supplier.

I went to AliExpress and found this supplier:

As you can see, this supplier sells all sorts of pet tags for $20 per lot of 20 pieces. Online, the dropshippers who sell these products sell each pet tag for $20!

From here, we can tell that the profit margin is 1,900%. Yes, we are buying this item for a dollar each, and then selling it for $20!

Research the Competitor

At this point, we know that this pet tag is a top seller on eBay and that many others sell this in the dropshipping market. We also know that we can sell this at a profit margin of 1,900%. The next step is to see what our competitor is doing.

To do this, go to the Sales Tracker tool of Drophip.IO. Next, type the URL of the company, and then click on Start Tracking. 

After you do that, you should see that the store is now in your database. 

Click on the store row, and you will see this page: 

There are many things we can learn from this report. First, we know that this company, our competitor, earned $70,000 in a month. Second, we know that the theme in Shopify is the Masonry theme. 

If we click on the Store Apps, we see that this store uses many apps for marketing, discounts, product reviews, personalization, etc. 

Finally, we can scroll down and see more data. 

From the screenshot above, we can see that they sold 3,724 units in a month and that they sold 57 unique products. Their top seller is the Soundless Paw Pet Tag, which made $15,000 in revenue in a month with a total of 747 units sold.  

Our tool is what can help you find winning products. Use my list of the top-selling eBay products, and then search for these keywords in Dropship. IO. I encourage you to use our 7-day free trial to experiment with our tool. See the difference and ensure that you sell nothing but top sellers


The next step from here is to decide what niche you want to sell. We have a list of the best niches for dropshipping if you need recommendations.

After that, register for a free account with Dropship.IO. We offer a 7-day free trial where you can repeat the product search I did above. This way, you will make decisions based on data.

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