Dropshipping Drones Toys and Products - Does It Make Sense? 

Yes, it does make perfect sense to dropship drone products and toys. While this niche may have a high saturation point, there is a market for it, provided that you are willing to face the risks and mitigate the problems. 

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June 4, 2023
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Today, I will show you a roadmap to success in dropshipping. I have been in this business for a while, including print-on-demand. As such, while I am not claiming to be a guru, I am qualified to share some of my experiences with you. 

You will learn the following: 

  • The market size of drone dropshipping
  • Where to find the best drone toy suppliers for dropshipping 
  • The risks of dropshipping drones 

Key Takeaways: 

  • It is not ideal to dropship lithium batteries on their own 
  • Expensive drones are not for beginners 
  • You must know the drone industry well to succeed in this niche

Let us begin!

Are Drone Products a Good Dropshipping Niche?

Yes, they are. Believe it or not, the estimated drone market size is $29.86 as of 2022. Market experts predict that this is not a trend but a consistent market. They said the drone market will grow to 38.6% by 2030 [1]. 

In America, the drone industry has a revenue of $1.3 billion. Below is a chart for the US:


Why? Why are drones in demand? The drone is no longer a toy but a professional gadget. Many companies use it for aerial photography, geographical surveillance, construction, emergency response, etc. 

Every so often, there is new software available for a drone. As such, more and more industries are adapting to this technology. 

Drones are a good dropshipping product only if you understand how they work and only if you sell them to a specific niche. There are many types of drones, let alone sizes and capabilities. 

Should you decide to sell drones, you must concentrate your efforts on a specific group of users. For example, you can sell drones to photographers or YouTubers who need aerial photography devices. Or you can sell small toy drones for kids. Then there are also drones for surveillance. 

Like all dropshipping niches, you will succeed in marketing your drones if you pick the right products and market them to the right audience. However, unlike clothes, these machines have a steep learning curve. 

Because of the required expertise, I suggest only dropship drones if you are a drone fan or heavy drone user. 

What Are the Risks of Dropshipping Drone Products? 

There are several risks when dropshipping drones, much worse than the risk of selling clothes or bags. I will explore these risks with you in this section and address them. 

1. Drones are expensive

A high-quality drone for aerial photography, like the DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo, costs $1,109. At that price, it is already on sale. Do you have that kind of capital to front the cost for each sale you make? 

Let us say that you have now learned how to start dropshipping. You put up a store, and then you advertise on Facebook. You made three sales, which means you need at least $3,000 to buy the drone from your supplier. 

Do you have that money? If you don’t, then your dropshipping business is dead in the water. You must have enough money not only to fund the purchases but also to pay your business expenses. 

SOLUTION: Do not sell expensive drones yet. 

What I suggest is you start small. You can sell drones for $20, but these are drones for kids. You want to earn profits and then invest them in your business later. If you have the money, then sure, go ahead. If you don’t, selling expensive drones right away would be unwise. 

2. Drones require expertise

The second issue or risk with dropshipping drones is expertise. Drones are gadgets, and many of your consumers are either experts or clueless. 

  • Here is scenario one: the customer is an expert who has a lot of questions that you cannot answer
  • Here is scenario two: the customer has no idea what he wants, and he needs you to answer his questions

If you do not know this industry, you will fail miserably in customer service. Imagine if a customer asks how high it can fly, and you cannot answer. Your site visitors will not trust you, and you will never make a sale. 

SOLUTION: Sell what you know

If you are a beginner, I suggest you start with toy drones. These gadgets are easy to understand—from the battery to performance to parts—they are easy to learn.

You must join social media groups and learn your way up as you go along. Buy mid-level drones. Use them. Experiment with them and understand their intricacies. 

I cannot stress this hard enough: do not sell drones you do not understand or know. 

3. Drones require a warranty

Drones, being costly as they are and being machines, must have a warranty. People who pay for these things want the assurance of reliability. If you sell drones, how will you provide this service? 

Certainly, you cannot ask the customer to return the item to you, right? It is not a good idea to fix the drones yourself. 

SOLUTION: Sell only from suppliers with a warranty

Now, this is a tough situation. A customer orders, and after five days, the drone stops working. If you work with a reliable supplier, you can tell the customer to send the item to the same supplier. The supplier will take accountability for granting warranty benefits. 

What if you cannot find suppliers with a warranty? Well, you can sell drones with no warranty, but then you would have difficulty convincing shippers to buy them. At the very least, look for a supplier who offers refunds.

Now that we know the problems, we can address these issues even before we start our dropshipping business, right? 

I do not recommend selling high-end drones if you have never seen one. It does not make sense. You will find yourself in a tight spot if you do this. For example, you must only sell aerial photography drones if you are a photographer.

Why? Because, as a photographer, you can answer questions about the lens, shutter speed, clarity of shots and videos, etc. 

Do not despair if you are a drone expert. You can sell thousands of drone products for kids and teenagers who only want to have fun. These drone products do not require half the skill of professional-grade drones.

Best Drone Products to Dropship - Our Top Recommendations

There are many drone products that you can dropship. I have to say that all these will sell well. After all, the global revenue of this market is more than $20 billion. 

However, which drones are the best? I used our system, Dropship.IO, to determine which products have the most demand, and I will show them to you here. I will discuss how the Dropship.IO Product Database works later.

Here is my list: 

  • Aerial Drone – products like this sell around 20 units a month with a revenue of $1,200. 
  • Wristwatch Drone – sells up to 1,652 units per month; revenue is $145,000
  • UFO 4000 LED Drone – it is a toy drone that has LED lights. This product sells 663 units per month with a revenue of $33,000
  • Professional Drone with 4K Camera – this is a drone for photographers. It sells 590 units per month with a revenue of $66,000.

Just keep in mind that when you sell drones, keep your focus on a specific niche. Start small, like targeting toys for kids. Once you get the hang of it, you can sell professional drones. 

Which Drone Products Should I Avoid Dropshipping?

If you really think about it, there are no drone products that you should avoid. All these have risks, considering they are toys and can be seasonal. Toy sales also have a strong dependency on trends. Remember what happened to the fidget spinner? 

Now, I want to say here that you should avoid dropshipping drones you do not understand. Earlier, I noted that some drones are too expensive and complicated that you may not be qualified to sell them. 

I am not in any way undermining your capabilities. I am merely saying that you must stay away—for now—from drone products that are beyond your expertise. 

Like all dropshipping niches, there are standard things you need to avoid. Below are a few tips: 

  • Avoid bad suppliers – some suppliers sell super cheap drones. However, these drones are close to being non-functional. They do not fly high, and some of them are rejects. You will destroy your reputation and business if you do this. Always buy a sample product from a supplier before selling the item. 
  • Long shipping – avoid suppliers who take forever to ship. It is why I do not generally recommend dropshipping from China. I will only encourage you to do it if you find a reliable supplier. 
  • Avoid selling expensive products – while the margin from expensive drones is high, you must believe me if I tell you that selling them is equally harder.

Why did I say that? A product that costs $20 is easy to buy. In the customer’s eyes, risking $20 is okay. However, a product worth $1,000 requires some deliberation. Your customer who sees this product will investigate and look elsewhere. 

If he finds a better deal, he will take it. Furthermore, your customer needs a good reason to trust you with $1,000, right? So, if you are in the beginning phase of your drone dropshipping business, I can tell that you do not have the credibility yet to ask for $1,000 from your buyers.

Where to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Drone Products

There are many places where you can find suppliers of drone products. For one, the most common supplier that dropshippers use is AliExpress—a marketplace of retailers in China. 

However, there are better options where you can find suppliers and use a system. It is far better to work with integrated systems than direct with suppliers. Below are the two best drones dropshipping suppliers I recommend. 

  • Dropship Systems – these are systems like Spocket, AppScenic, Dropified, etc. I will discuss the best ones in the next section. With these supplier systems, you can find suppliers, integrate the system with your store, and do automatic import and order processes. Some of them are free. The thing is that you cannot know if the product actually sells. 
  • Product Databases – this is a product database like ours, Dropship.IO. We have a product database that will show you the sales performance of each item. With it, you can determine if the product you are looking at has a market.

Take a look at this screenshot below: 

This screenshot is the result of a search in our database for drones. As you can see, the chart shows the images and sources of the products. In addition, you can also see the monthly sales and revenue of each item. 

The main benefit of our service is that you do not have to do guesswork. You will know if there are buyers for the time you dropship, even before you list them in your shop. 

The Best Drone Dropship Suppliers 

1. Dropified – best for high-quality drones 

Dropified is one of the best high-ticket dropshipping supplier databases. I recommend it because of the quality of the products you will find, particularly drones. Dropified also features several features that you may not find elsewhere. 

Dropified Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Dropified with several platforms, including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. You can get your products from suppliers on these platforms, not just from the Dropified database. 
  • Private and White-Label – you can work with suppliers in Dropped to make products with your brand. 
  • Importing and Editing – you can import products from the database with a mouse click; there is no need to copy and paste product details and images manually. 

Dropified Pros

  • The system has an automation process for order fulfillment
  • You can place hundreds of orders at the same time
  • You can list your products in the Facebook marketplace
  • You can change suppliers anytime for the same products

Dropified Cons

  • The system is a tad pricey; it is free to join, but you have to spend at least $14 per month to use the important features

Overall, Dropified is what you need to sell products you can be proud of. They also have masterclass training. In it, you will learn the secrets to dropshipping toys. There is also a feature to sync your social media accounts and sell on them—all in one dashboard. 

2. Eprolo – best for dropshipping drones in North America

Eprolo is a one-stop dropshipping platform where you can source products, import them to your store, and then fulfill orders. I recommend it because it offers fast shipping and a huge inventory of suppliers and products. 

Eprolo Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Eprolo with e-Commerce platforms like WooCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and others. 
  • Drones – there are several drone suppliers in this system. Apart from the drone toys, you can also find drone parts and accessories suppliers.
  • Branding – you can work with suppliers to create tags and brand packaging for your products. 
  • Warehousing – you can send products to their warehouses if you want to do wholesale dropshipping. Once you do this, your products are no longer with the supplier but with Eprolo.

Eprolo Pros

  • The application is free to use
  • You can supplement your store with other items
  • The system has integration with AliExpress
    You get wholesale pricing, although you make retail purchases

Eprolo Cons

  • There is a fee if you want to send products to their warehouses (from China to their North American warehouse)

Use Eprolo if you want to dropship products from China, yet you want these items to be in the US. This type of dropshipping is what we call warehousing. You will buy the products in bulk from a Chinese supplier, then have the supplier ship the products to a warehouse in the USA or Europe. Then, Eprolo will take care of the fulfillment from there. 

3. CJDropshipping – best for dropshipping in Asia and TikTok

CJDropshipping is one of the biggest dropshipping supplier databases in the world. Most of its products come from China, but they have warehouses in other parts of the world. I recommend CJDropshipping because you can ask them to find a supplier for a specific product you want to sell. 

CJDropshipping Features 

  • Sourcing – you can ask the CJ representatives to look for a supplier for a certain product. If they find one, they will add this product to the inventory, which you can import to your store. 
  • Integration – the system integrates with several platforms like Shopify, TikTok, Etsy, Wix, and many more. 
  • Fulfillment – you can place orders in your CJDropshipping account; the supplier will process the order, and you track the shipment status from the same dashboard. 

CJDropshipping Pros

  • The system is free to use forever
  • There are several warehouses globally 
  • You can chat with them directly for updates

CJDropshipping Cons

  • You cannot choose products based on warehouse location

Use CJDropshipping if you want a reliable sourcing partner. Most of the suppliers, however, are from China. You must create an arrangement with CJ to ship your items to a separate warehouse, especially if you only want to dropship in a particular country. 

4. AppScenic – best for the fast shipping of drones

AppScenic is a company that focuses on the North American market. They also have warehouses in the UK and the EU. I recommend AppScenic because they provide a fast shipping service. With App Scenic, you can expect your items to arrive within two days. 

AppScenic Features

  • White Label – there is no branding in what AppScenic sells. You can even ask them to put your brand name, making it look like you manufacture your drone toys.  
  • Warehouses – your products will come from the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia. You can target big markets or developed economies and not worry about shipping delays. 
  • Fast Shipping – they ship items in two to five days. Compared to other drone dropship suppliers, this shipping speed is fast. 

AppScenic Pros

  • They have an automation process for importing and ordering
  • You will receive a tracking number for every shipment
  • They accept several payment types
  • The system integrates with several platforms

AppScenic Cons

  • The system is not free

Use AppScenic if your primary objective is to ship high-quality sprouts at a blazing speed. Most dropship suppliers of drones take some days to process orders. AppScenic, on the other hand, prides itself for 

5. Syncee – best for unique drone brands 

Syncee uses a verification process before they allow a supplier to sell on their platform. I recommend Syncee because it is where you can find suppliers for branded goods. They also have suppliers from China, particularly Alibaba. As such, it is the best place to find both generic and unique brands of drone toys for dropshipping.

Syncee Features

  • Integration – Syncee integrates with several platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Ecwid, Squarespace, and many more
  • Inventory – the system has more than 6 million products in its inventory 
  • Brands – you can find suppliers that have a brand name; use them to sell products to their followers or fans

Syncee Pros

  • You can start using the system for free
  • All the suppliers here are trustworthy 
  • You will receive free support
  • There is no transaction fee

Syncee Cons

The free account has limitations; you must upgrade and pay to make the best out of the system

In addition to all these, Syncee offers an auto-order process. Once a customer purchases on your site, the supplier will get a notification even if you do not do a thing. The supplier will process your order, eliminating the need to place the order manually. 

Successful Dropshipping Drone Products Store Examples

1. Force1 Drone Store

The first store I want to show you is Force1. As you can see from the screenshot below, the company made $10,000 in sales yesterday (as of this writing) and $66,000 in the last seven days. In a month, they are selling more than 6,000 units. 

Force1 is a drone specialist. Over time, they slowly branched out and started selling RC boats and other toys. If you visit your website, you will see they are doing many things right about dropshipping.

First of all, they specialize in remote-controlled toys. Their target market is clear: kids. They even offer a drone buyer’s guide. Because of all these things, they have strong credibility. 

2. HollywoodIOTech

The second store is primarily an electronics store. They sell chargers, cables, and many other things. However, they have a particular section for drones. Overall, they only have 21 drone products.

If you look at their sales performance, you’d be amazed at the level of revenue they get every day. Yesterday, they made over $10,000. In the last seven days, they made close to $70,000. 

These two stores are dropshippers. I found them through our sophisticated system, Dropship.IO. With our system, you can use keywords to search for specific products. Once you hit the “search” button, you will see a list of all products related to it. 

On the results page, each product has information about how well it is selling. It is how I found winning products that sell well. From here, you can view the store selling that product and then know more about their sales per day, week, and month. 

I strongly suggest that you give our system a try. To succeed in dropshipping, you must support your business and decisions with data, not hunches. You can use our system free for seven days!

Dropshipping Drone Products Throughout the World

Dropshipping drones is not illegal. All countries allow the importation of toys. What you have to be worried about is the battery because most of these batteries are lithium.

Here is the good news: you can export and import lithium batteries worldwide, provided they are in the toy or gadget package they are supposed to power.  

What does this mean? You can ship lithium if the battery is inside the drone package. However, you cannot ship lithium batteries as a stand-alone product. This regulation is applicable worldwide [2]. 

Now, let us discuss some stats about the drone revenue or market in major markets. 

Dropshipping Drones in the United States

The drone sales revenue in the US is $1.3 billion in 2023. Experts say that this will grow by 1.21% annually, and the expectation is that the US will consume 2.79 million units of drones by 2028 [3].

Dropshipping Drones in the UK

In the UK, the drone revenue is $115 million in 2023. The growth rate is 0.79%. The UK is not a big drone market, but experts still expect the market to grow by 5.8% in 2024 [4]. 

Dropshipping Drones in Canada

Canada is a big consumer of drones. The revenue in 2023 is $45.57 million. The growth expectation, however, is negative. Experts say Canadians will only buy around 61,000 units until 2028 [5].  

Dropshipping Drones in Asia

Asia is a big market, thanks to China. The continent generated a drone revenue of $1.63 billion in 2023. The annual growth rate is 5.04 %, and China is the biggest market. The sad thing is that I do not recommend you dropship in China. It does not make sense, as most manufactured products come from China [6]. 

Dropshipping Drones Europe

The market for drones in Europe is worth only $0.97 billion. Despite this, experts say this will grow by 2.03% by 2028. By 2028, Europe will consume around 1.64 million units of drones [7].

Dropshipping Drones in South Africa

The drone revenue in South Africa is $8.93 million in 2023. This growth rate s 6.11%, and sales will hit 24,000 units by 2028 [8].

Drone Dropshipping: Frequently Asked Questions

Are drones good for dropship?

Yes, drones are good products to dropship. The global market for drones is worth more than $20 billion. There is room for this market if you do things right. I can also say that it is one of the best high-ticket dropshipping products to sell.  

Is drone dropshipping risky?

There are risks, yes. However, you can mitigate these risks if you prepare well ahead. First off, do not sell something you understand. The next step is to find a reliable dropshipping supplier. We have extensive coverage of this topic on our blog, How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Will I lose money if I dropship drones?

No, not really. Dropshipping does not require a huge investment. You will only lose money if your supplier is not reliable. If the product is bad, your customers will ask for refunds. 


The next step is to visit the dropship suppliers I mentioned here. I provided you with the links to their websites. Click them to view the products and service offerings. 

It is also a good idea to visit our product database. If you do, you can get our 7-day free trial and experiment with the tool. 

Do both before you start dropshipping. It is important you find reliable suppliers and products that sell before you build your online store. 

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