8 Best Ecomhunt Alternatives For Dropshipping

Ecomhunt is one of the pioneers of spying on dropship stores. However, Ecomhunt is not the best. Times have changed, and many better alternatives offer more than what Ecomhunt can give you.

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June 16, 2023
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I have been in the dropshipping niche for years. As such, I used many tools in the past that are similar to Ecomhunt. I will share my experiences with you today!

In my opinion, which we can say is a bit biased, Dropship.IO is the best alternative to Ecomhunt. Our tool can show you sales data not from suppliers but from dropshippers. With our tool, you can track competitors, find winning products, look at the best Facebook Ads, and more!

You will learn the following:

  • The best Ecomhunt alternatives
  • Other things you can do to spy on products and competitors
  • What to do after finding a winning product 

The key takeaways are:

  • Do not base winning products on the sales data of a supplier
  • There are many tools better than Ecomhunt
  • Revenue is not the only factor to consider when choosing a product

If you are ready, let us begin!

8 best alternatives to Ecomhunt

  1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Ecomhunt 
  2. Spocket – best free alternative to Ecomhunt 
  3. Pexda – best for advertising on Facebook
  4. Thieve.Co – best for building landing pages
  5. AliShark – best for AliExpress dropshipping
  6. Sell the Trend – best for searching for trendy products
  7. Magic 8 – best for quick looks for winning products
  8. Dropship Spy – best if you need reliable suppliers

The 8 Bst Ecomhunt Alternatives

1. Dropship.IO – best overall alternative to Ecomhunt 

Dropship.IO is not only a product research tool but also a spy tool. In addition, our software program allows you to track your competitors and find out how much money they make daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Dropship.IO Features

  • Product Database – our product database will show you relevant products based on your keyword search. The search results include the number of units sold for this product, who the seller is, the revenue, and many other important data points. 
  • Sales Tracker – you can track the sales of specific Shopify stores. Use this tool to explore your competitor’s sales performance daily, weekly, or monthly. 
  • Portfolio – our algorithm will send you a weekly report of the best and trending products that you can consider selling. It saves you time by not doing manual research anymore. 
  • Competitor Research – with only one keyword, we can show you the stores selling the same product as you do. With this information, you can browse their websites and see how to make your dropshipping store more enticing and competitive. 

Dropship.IO Pros

  • We offer a 7-day free trial
  • You can track the revenue of your competitors 
  • Our tool will show you the sales data for each product per seller
  • Multiple tools that allow you to track your ROI, BEROAS, etc. 

Dropship.IO Cons

  • We only track Shopify stores for now.

Dropship.IO is not just a better alternative but also a better tool than Ecomhunt. At the very least, you can find winning products in our tool based on the sales of the dropshipper. Most spy tools only give you “potential” profits, with no real data on how much a dropshipper makes selling the “winning product.” 

Finally, we will give you access to the Facebook Ads Library. All it takes is a click to determine if your competitor is advertising on Facebook. If they do, you will see their ad, the performance of the ad, and what ad creative they use. 

Try Dropship.IO now and see how it works. You can test the system for free for seven days. I encourage you to use it and compare it with how Ecomhunt works to see the big difference!

2. Spocket – best free alternative to Ecomhunt 

Spocket is ideal free alternative to Ecomhunt  if you want something that can import products straight to your Shopify store. What it does is curate products from suppliers. With the tool, you can import items to your store, so you do not have to copy and paste them individually. 

Spocket Features

  • Global Products – Spocket started with AliExpress products only. Today, they have a list of suppliers from the USA, European Union, the UK, and other countries. The benefit is that you can choose a supplier near your target shipping destination. 
  • Private Label – you can find private label companies in the Spocket system. These are suppliers who will manufacture products according to your specifications. As such, you are the only brand or store that sells this type of product. 
  • Importation – you can use the tool to import products you want to sell straight to your store. It gives you access to a dashboard to fulfill orders, too. In addition, any change in the source, like AliExpress, will also reflect in your store. If a price changes in AliExpress (your head), the price will also change in your store. 

Spocket Pros

  • Spocket makes it easy to manage a dropshipping store
  • You can curate products from multiple sources, not just China
  • They have a list of winning products that Ecomhunt does

Spocket Cons

  • You must subscribe to a monthly fee to fully benefit from the system.

Spocket is what you need if you want an all-in-one tool to manage a dropshipping store. However, their spy tools are not as extensive as ours. 

The winning products they send you only have data about profit margins, capital, suggested retail prices, etc. Ours shows actual data; you can even track these products and sellers from our dashboard. 

3. Pexda – best for advertising on Facebook

Pexda is a dropshipping tool you can use to find winning products. The system drops or introduces a winning product every day. I can say that Pexda is best for dropshippers who want to concentrate on Facebook ads, as it is the main marketing concentration of this tool. 

Pexda Features

  • Facebook Ad Copy – Pexda has a massive library of Facebook Ads. You will see new ad videos on the Facebook platform. The system will also provide data on the ad performance you are looking at. 
  • Targeting Suggestions – it is not unusual for marketers to target the wrong crowd. The Pexda system will give you targeting suggestions based on the winning ads from its library. The benefit is that you can show your ads to the right people. 
  • Ali and Amazon – you can download reports from both platforms to see which products are gaining sales traction. Use the information to identify winning products you can sell in your dropshipping store. They also have an eBay report. 
  • Demographics – the tool will show you which geography and device customers use to see ads for a product similar to yours. With the demographic targeting report, you can narrow your options when you launch a marketing campaign. 

Pexda Pros

  • You can easily view trending products in the market.
  • The pricing is affordable. 
  • The tool has a heavy emphasis on advertising and marketing. 

Pexda Cons

  • You cannot track competitor sales or data.

Pexda is an excellent tool if your business model relies heavily on trending products. The Pexda algorithm can “predict” winning products before they go viral. As such, you can be on your way to selling items that will have a demand before other dropshippers saturate the market. 

4. Thieve.Co – best for building landing pages

Thieve is a multi-tool for building landing pages, finding winning products, and looking for trending products. No, they are not a website builder. Instead, they supply you with beautiful product photography you can use on your website. 

Thieve Features

  • Find Your Niche – the system has default niches that have best-selling products. You can use this tool to look for winning products in specific niches rather than researching from scratch. The niche system is ideal if you already decided which market you want to penetrate. The only thing left to do now is determine which products to sell. 
  • Trending Search – the tool is like an automatic search system. It aggregates data from Google Trends to show you which keywords shoppers use to make purchases. It is helpful if you rely on Google Trends to make decisions about in-demand products that you want to sell. 
  • Top Stores – with this system, you can see the stores with the most revenue. You can copy their products if you want to. You can also check what they do and apply what you learned to your online store. 

Thieve Pros

  • You can find sellers with the best prices and best reviews
  • You can filter your product research based on country
  • There are over 200,000 dropship stores you can investigate 

Thieve Cons

  • The tool does not show you the revenue data of your competitors.

I suggest using Thieve as a dropshipping tool that focuses on aesthetics. They use an algorithm to process millions of images. The purpose of this is to find suppliers who use similar images. It is like a reverse image search. However, if your goal is to find winning products based on sales, ours is still the best choice.

5. AliShark – best for AliExpress dropshipping

I want to start with the bad news—you cannot access AliShark without creating an account. After creating an account, the system will force you to activate your account by paying at least $1. 

Anyway, AliShark is a product finder. For a time, the system only searched for products in AliExpress. Now, they also show products from Banggood—another retail marketplace in China in direct competition with AliExpress.

AliShark Features 

  • Shipping – you can search for products and suppliers based on their shipping standards. The two filters you can use are ePacket and AliExpress standard. ePacket shipping is free, but it takes a while. AliExpress shipping, on the other hand, comprises various shipping partners of AliExpress. 
  • Shopify Import – if there is a product you like, you can click a button that imports the product, its price, and its details to your Shopify store. 
  • Data – each product you review shows the past day’s order and wish list count. The wish list represents the number of times people added the item to their wish list. 

AliShark Pros

  • You have two sources of products—AliExpress and Banggood 
  • You can search products based on niches and categories.
  • You can filter your search based on the product location. 

AliShark Cons

  • You cannot explore the site unless you pay. 

I recommend AliShark as an alternative to Ecomhunt because it is affordable and useful. I like that they do not limit their product selection to AliExpress only. Banggood is doing a great job competing with AliExpress, so it is also a good idea to use it for dropshipping. However, there are other ways to find winning products in AliExpress than this method. 

Overall, I can say that AliShark is one of the best options if your concentration is in the AliExpress domain. If you plan to dropship using print-on-demand systems like Printful, you are better off using our tool. We cover not only AliExpress products but EVERYTHING in the Shopify universe.

6. Sell the Trend – best for searching for trendy products

Sell The Trend is an all-in-one tool for dropshippers. It has a product research database, trend algorithm, supplier database, product import tool, and video creator. 

In addition, you would typically need to write your product descriptions. Sell the Trend, however, pulls this data from the suppliers. All you need to do now is import the ad or product copy to your store.

Sell The Trend Features

  • Product Search – you will have access to over seven million products in the database. The product database will show you order statistics, ads that are relevant to the product, stores that sell it, and suppliers who offer dropshipping services. 
  • Competition Meter – each product shows you how competitive it is to sell the item.
  • Product Insights – the machine will show you products whose popularity is declining. You will also see products that are trending right now. 

Sell The Trend Pros

  • The platform integrates with many store builders
  • You can easily forward orders to your suppliers
  • Your customers can track their orders

Sell The Trend Cons

  • There is no free account.

Sell The Trend is like Spocket. However, the revenue you see here is the revenue of the supplier, not the dropshipper. Obviously, you would think that a product is in demand, but then you will realize that the suppliers always win in dropshipping. 

Just because a supplier sold thousands of products does not mean you will succeed in selling them, too. Remember that the supplier’s revenue does not exclusively come from dropshippers. Many customers buy the item straight from the supplier. 

7. Magic 8 – best for quick looks for winning products 

Magic 8 does three things: monitor trending products, explore shops and their revenue, and explore products and sales. 

Magic 8 is similar to Ecomhunt, but Magic 8 shows winning products based on store performance, not supplier performance.

Magic 8 Features

  • Trending Section – the Magic 8 platform showcases not only trending products but also trending shops. This tool is useful if you want to get in touch with the current developments in e-Commerce. The trending stores can give you an idea of what new stores are making strides in sales. You can copy them or change your store based on how these top stores design their promotion and online storefront.
  • Shop Explorer – the shop explorer allows you to analyze a store’s performance. In this tool, you can view a store’s sales daily, what products they sold recently, the average price of their top-selling products, and more. Use this tool if you are serious about outdoing your competitors. The Shop Explorer is an excellent tool to see how different you are from your competition. 
  • Product Explorer – the product explorer shows a long list of winning products in high demand. In this tool, you will see the revenue of a product, when the seller launched it, and who sells it. 

Magic 8 Pros

  • It is easy to analyze charts about product performance. 
  • You can add a store that is not on their list.

Magic 8 Cons

  • It cannot track stores not built on Shopify.
  • Some products do not show data, even if the system says it is trending.

One thing you may notice about Magic 8 is that it typically shows products from giant stores. There is no option to choose dropshipping stores exclusively, which we have in our tool. Magic 8 is useful for a quick view of trending stores and products. 

8. Dropship Spy – best if you need reliable suppliers

Dropship Spy is the tool I recommend if you need trustworthy suppliers. The system has an extensive list of products and suppliers who can help you grow your dropshipping business. One good thing about this tool is that the algorithm picks products that have social proof. 

Dropship Spy Features

  • Social Proof – the system allows you to see products already purchased. These items, including likes, comments, and views, have been shared on social media. If you know that people react to a product, then you also know that you can sell it. 
  • Performance Key Indicators – inside the tool, you will find a hefty list of metrics to help you make informed decisions. You can view engagement scores, sales, trends, and many more.
  • Video Ads and Audiences – inside Dropship, Spy is a video make tool. You no longer need to buy a video editing program like Camtasia to create video ads. The system picks the best videos from real footage, and then you can use that video for your ads. 
  • Ad Copy – you need to write product descriptions that people read. We do have a guide for writing product descriptions. Dropship Spy, however, automates this for you. 

Dropship Spy Pros

  • You can create a video from nothing
  • The tool has reliable suppliers
  • You can access the audiences of winning ads and copy these target market

Dropship Spy Cons

  • The tool has no free version, and you have to spend at least $39 per month. 

Overall, I can say that Dropship Spy is a comprehensive tool. However, it does not allow you to track competitors. It also cannot show you sales per store as we do.

In addition, the AI that creates an ad copy merely copies the same ad copy. Hire a copywriter who can write your blogs for a low price. That choice is better. AI programs that “write” merely rewrite the content already on the internet. As such, these ad copies and articles have nothing new to offer.   

Things to Consider When Choosing a Winning Product

Revenue is not the only thing you must consider when choosing a winning product. There are things you must analyze. These are factors that can affect your sales and overall performance. The last thing you want is to sell a winning product that causes you to lose money. Allow me to explain. 

1. Product Quality 

The first thing you must consider is the quality of the product. I cannot stress this enough: what you see in the picture differs from the real thing.

Suppose that you found a winning product with a lot of sales. It does not mean that the customers are satisfied. Although the review rating is high, you can never be too sure whether these reviews are fake. 

The only way you can test the product quality is by ordering it. Why does it even matter? It matters because you want to repeat customers. You want people who would recommend your products to others. 

Think about this: getting repeat business is always better than acquiring new customers. Customer acquisition is costly. You need to spend money on ads, affiliate marketers, etc.

2. Shipping Time

How long does it take to ship the item? Do your target customers have the patience to wait? Shipping is an important factor for customers, and you must keep up with their expectations. 

You can get away from long shipping times if your product is unique. However, your dropshipping store will not work if you offer two weeks of shipping for an item that a person can get in four days from Amazon. 

Before you commit to a product, make sure you visit the storefront of several suppliers. In addition, check out the storefront of the different dropshippers. 

Compare the shipping prices and shipping times. Choose the best shipping options and ensure your shipping choice allows you to compete. 

3. Supplier Performance

Some suppliers are terrible. Sure, they have the revenue, but beneath the sales numbers is a lurking problem. 

Before you commit, check the supplier’s performance. Below is a sample from AliExpress:

As you can see, the detailed ratings are all 4.7. It would help if you only chose suppliers with a rating of at least 4.5 in each category. 

We have a detailed guide to the factors you must consider when choosing a supplier. I strongly urge you to read that so you do not get burned. We also have a guide about how to select products in AliExpress. These two things should equip you with the knowledge to select products.  

What to Do with a Winning Product

Now that you have a list of winning products, what do you do next? Just because a product went viral on TikTok does not mean you should sell it, too. You must do things to ensure that your winning product is still a winner. 

1. Investigate Further

One problem I see in many dropship “winning product” finder tools is this” the revenue they present is an accumulation of sales for a long time. 

Why is this a problem? Take the fidget spinner as an example. There was a time that sales spiked for this toy. If you see this product in a “winning products” list, you easily presume it is still in demand. 

You post it on your store, and nobody buys it. Why? Because the fad is over. The excitement and interest are both gone. It is why I say that you must investigate further. Find out what drove the sales of the item. Determine if it is still in demand before committing to selling it. 

2. Get a Sample

Once you have a winning product, get a sample. I mentioned this earlier, but there are a few things that I want to add. 

Here are the things you need to measure when getting samples: 

  • Shipping speed
  • Seller communication
  • Packaging 

Sellers will always announce fast shipping. To your dismay, it can take them a week to get the item from their warehouse, pack it, and then ship it. You need to know the total time it takes for the seller to pick, pack, and send the item before you sell their products. 

If you do this, you can set proper expectations on your website. If your customers know that it takes 30 days to ship, they will not ask you for refunds. 

Regarding refunds and chargebacks, these two are your worst financial enemy. Your payment processing company may ban you or put your funds on hold if you process any refunds. 

At best, I recommend you email your customer, tell them that the shipping time can take 30 days, and ask for their confirmation. 

3. Find Your Competition

The last thing I suggest you do is find your competitors. We at Dropship.IO can help you do this. With our competitor research tool, it is easy to find dropshipper selling the same or similar products such as ours. 

Here is an example:

For this example, I used the keyword “drone.” As you can see, I now have visibility on products and the stores selling drones. If you look at the second entry, Nice Pamper, we can tell that it has over 7,516 products on its website. 

For their particular product, Drone Flybotic Fishing Drone, I can see that they launched this product in May 2021. They sell it for $69.85, and their website is Italian.

From this data, I can go further in my investigation. For example, I can click on the store name and see their website. If I click on the AliExpress icon, I will see the possible product sources or suppliers in AliExpress. 

Finally, I can click on the item price, and I will see this: 

As you can see from the bottom right the profit margin for this product. This window you see is a calculator. It makes it easier for dropshippers like us to decide whether a product is worth selling. This tool is useful as you navigate each product you are competing against. 

And there you have it! A dropshipping business is not expensive to start. As such, you must not spare expenses when finding a winning product. Do not just follow the trend. Most of the time, these trends and numbers are just hype. If you want to win, you need to go deeper than these revenue numbers and reviews.

FAQ: Best Ecomhunt Alternatives

What is the equivalent of Ecomhunt?

The closest equivalent of Ecomhunt is AliShark, in the sense that they both present you with winning products. However, AliShark is not the best alternative. The best choice is Dropship.IO because it provides you with real data from dropshippers, not the suppliers. 

What is Ecomhunt used for?

Ecomhunt is what you use to see winning products and trending products. Essentially, you use this tool to reduce your efforts in finding what products are in demand. 

What is AliShark?

AliShark is a product finder tool mainly covering the AliExpress marketplace. They added Banggood lately to their list.

Who owns Ecomhunt?

The owner of Ecomhunt is Mordechai Arba. He is the company’s CEO, and we can say that he is one of the pioneers in this product search field. 


The next important step now is to try Dropshio.IO. We offer a 7-day free trial where you can explore our tools at no cost. I am sure you will like what you see. Dropship.IO is the best free alternative to Ecomhunt because it provides more than just sales data—you can do much more to help you succeed in dropshipping!

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