Top 16 Best Software for Dropshipping: Product Research, Spy Tools, Automation, and More!  

This is our review of the best software for dropshipping.

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June 13, 2024
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In this article, we will talk about the best software for dropshipping. We will also consider the different functions such as product research, spying, accounting, and more.  

I have used so many tools in the past to be able to determine which one works best. More importantly, my experience allowed me to decide which tool gives you the best value for your money.

In this list, I considered price, function, ease of use, and reliability. 

Here is an overview of the 16 best software for dropshipping:  

  1. Dropship.IObest for real sales data from competitors
  2. Ecomhuntbest for trending products 
  3. SaleHoo best directory for suppliers and AliExpress products
  4. Mineabest for spying on ads
  5. Dropship Spybest for rank analysis and social proof ads
  6. AutoDSbest for dropshipping automation 
  7. Sell the Trendbest for AI-assisted dropshipping  
  8. Shopifybest e-commerce platform for dropshipping 
  9. WooCommercebest for building flexible dropshipping store
  10. Spocketbest for local sourcing for faster shipping
  11. CJDropshipping best for product sourcing for dropshipping
  12. JungleScoutbest for selling and dropshipping on Amazon
  13. Printifybest for a general dropshipping print-on-demand store
  14. Printfulbest for niche dropshipping print-on-demand store
  15. Quickbooksbest for dropshipping business with payroll
  16. Xerobest for automated accounting

In the end, I am hoping that you can make a choice—pick a software program you can use for each facet of your dropshipping business.

Let us start!

Best Dropshipping Research Tools

1. Dropship.IO – best for real sales data from competitors 

Dropship.IO is both a spy tool and a product research tool. What makes it different from the rest of the competition is that it shows sales revenue and data from the other dropshippers, not the sales of suppliers. 

Dropship.IO Features 

  • Product Database – if you want to look for a winning product, use the product database. You only need to enter a keyword and use the filter-rich feature to narrow your search. The results pages will show you sales data, product price, units sold, revenue, and many more.    
  • Competitor Research – type the name of your competitor or some keywords, and the tool will show you their secrets. You will know what apps they use, their suppliers, what products they sell, and how much their revenue is. 
  • Ad Spot – you must also spy and research Facebook ads if you want to succeed in dropshipping. You can do this with Ad Spot where it is possible to search Facebook ads with the use of a keyword. You can check which ads perform the best in terms of shares, comments, etc.  

Pros of Dropship.IO

  • You can use the tool to find ads and how these ads perform
  • It is easy to find a winning product based on actual sales
  • You can spy on your competitors using the Shopify platform 

Cons of Dropship.IO

  • The coverage right now is only for Shopify 

Dropship.IO Pricing

  • Basic – $29 monthly; you get access to all features except Top Stores and Top Products 
  • Standard – $49 monthly; you will have unlimited searches per day, plus access to top stores. 
  • Premium – $79 monthly; you get access to everything, plus 50,000 credits for Ad Spot.   
Summary: Dropship.IO is the best tool for both product research and spying. You can use it to sift through revenue numbers and make data-driven decisions. 

2. Ecomhunt – best for trending products 

Ecomhunt curates products and their capital prices, selling prices, supplier contact or link, and competitor count. Ecomhunt also has data on FB ads, demographic targets, and engagement numbers for social posts of the product. 

Ecomhunt Features  

  • Education – they offer many types of educational courses to help you succeed. They have eBooks, YouTube courses, a podcast, plus a dropshipping community. 
  • AI – there is an AI called Adam. This program is a virtual assistant that can help you find winning products in AliExpress. 
  • Tracker – you can track the performance of AliExpress products, Facebook ads, and also Shopify stores. 

Pros of Ecomhunt

  • Intuitive interface
  • You can view the number of your competitors
  • You can use their AI to look for products in AliExpress

Cons of Ecomhunt

  • Most of the products come from AliExpress only

Ecomhunt Pricing

  • Basic – $23 monthly; you will get access to up to two years of data in their product database. You can track up to 50 sessions or products. 
  • Pro – $39 monthly; this plan provides unlimited access to all features plus access to a 1-on-1 coach. This coach is an expert in dropshipping.
  • Suite – $49 monthly; this increases your tracking limitations and also gives you access to the 3ET course. It is a marketing course that will help you and your first sale.  
Summary: Ecomhunt is an easy-to-use product research tool. They offer a free account but with severe limitations on search count and tracking sessions. 

3. SaleHoo – best directory for suppliers and AliExpress products

SaleHoo is a directory, importation tool, and an order fulfillment software program. They started first with a directory where dropshippers could look for winning products and suppliers.

Later on, they launched their dropship tool, so it is now possible to do integration, importation, and order fulfillment. 

SaleHoo Features  

  • Supplier Directory – there are millions of products you can research, and there are over 8,000 suppliers you can work with.
  • Market Research Labs – this is the analytics tool that will show you the profitability and demand for the items in the database. This is the tool you need to search for winning products. 
  • Multiple Support – apart from email or chat, you can call them if you need urgent help. You can also chat with them via Facebook.

Pros of SaleHoo

  • Has over 2 million products
  • They vet or verify suppliers to ensure compliance with standards
  • There is a SaleHoo Educate program where you can learn the tricks of e-commerce 

Cons of SaleHoo

  • The services are separate, so your total cost is higher

SaleHoo Pricing

You can buy the SaleHoo product and supplier directory in two ways. The annual cost is $67. If you want lifetime access, you can choose to pay a one-time fee of $127.   

Summary: Buy the SaleHoo directory for product research but buy the SaleHoo Dropship service if you need a tool for product importation and fulfillment.   

Best Dropshipping Spy Tools

Dropship.IO is also a leading and reliable spy tool, not just a product research tool. With our competitor research software, you can find companies and dropshippers selling the same things as you do. 

On top of that, you will know what these sellers earn, what apps they use in their stores, and who their suppliers are. 

The two leading spy tools next to Drosphip.IO are Minea and Dropship Spy. Let us take a look. 

4. Minea – best for spying on ads

Minea is primarily an ad spy tool, but you can use it to spy on what other dropshippers are doing, particularly on ads. Minea has coverage on Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest ads. 

Minea Features

  • Ad Spy – you can use keywords to search for ads and see how they are performing. You can use the winning ads as your guide in creating yours or as a guide in choosing winning products. 
  • Winning Products – there is an AI within the system that does the number crunching of millions of products. All you need to do is search by using a keyword. 
  • Shop Analysis – Minea can analyze dropshipping stores for you so you can see their strength and their opportunities.  

Pros of Minea

  • Access to Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok ads
  • Generous credits for ad search 
  • You will get a daily notification about the top 10 daily product winners

Cons of Minea

  • Too expensive

Minea Pricing

  • Starter – $49 monthly; you will have access to Facebook ads and influencer placements.
  • Premium – costs $99 per month; this opens up ads on Pinterest and TikTok.
  • Business – $399 monthly; apart from the features of the first two plans, you also get access to AliExpress suppliers and the Winning Products AI.   
Summary: Minea is best used for spying on dropshippers who have a lot of sales. If you sell the same products as your competitors but have no sales, it makes sense to use Minea to see if your competitors are doing something differently with their ads. 

5. Dropship Spy – best for rank analysis and social proof ads

Dropship Spy offers several services. With it, you can search for social proof ads based on engagement, likes, and comments. There is also an analysis tool that will tell you how products rank based on keywords on Amazon. 

Dropship Spy Features 

  • Influencer – you will see a list of influencers on Instagram for your chosen niche. This list includes the prices of the services of these influencers.
  • Supplier – each product you research comes with a report that includes the suppliers and where to find them. 
  • Ad Copy and Video – you can use the tool to write an ad copy for you. Furthermore, there is a built-in system that allows you to create video ads that you can launch on your social media channels.

Pros of Dropship Spy

  • Easy to use
  • You can view data from different platforms
  • You can make video ads from inside the tool

Cons of Dropship Spy

  • No free account

Dropship Spy Pricing 

There is only one membership type, and you can purchase it for a monthly subscription of $39. If you want to save on cost, you can pay the membership annually for $119. 

Summary: Dropship Spy offers visibility to the performance of thousands of products. It gives you insights into their performance in Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and CJDropshipping.

Best Dropshipping Automation Software

6. AutoDS – best for dropshipping automaton 

AutoDS is what we can call an all-in-one solution for dropshipping. The software can help you automate orders, find dropshipping products in AliExpress, and also look for private suppliers who do not post their products on any retail site.  

AutoDS Features

  • Product Research – the tool offers a comparison software where you can see the differences between 8 million trending products from worldwide suppliers.  
  • Automation – the system, if you allow it, will automatically fulfill the order for you. Tracking updates and shipping status are also automated.  
  • Sourcing – you can send a product image or a product to their sourcing team, and they will find a supplier for you. If successful, they will stick the items for you so you can list and sell them.

Pros of AutoDS

  • There is a beginner account that gives you access to almost all features
  • You can integrate AutoDS with multiple platforms
  • You can create automatic messages to the buyers

Cons of AutoDS

  • Special support is only available to top-paying users

AutoDS Pricing

  • Import 200 – this is the most basic plan that costs $9.90 monthly; you will get access to the most important features. 
  • Import 400 – costs $17.90 monthly; this includes auto-messaging to the buyers and customer support management tools. 
  • Import 800 – costs $32.90 monthly. This plan gives you VIP treatment for support.
Summary: AutoDS is an all-in-one tool that you can integrate with your store, import products, and automatically fulfill them. There are over 500 million products you can choose from, including print-on-demand items.   

7. Sell the Trend – best for AI-assisted dropshipping  

Sell the Trend Features

  • Huge Product Database – there are over 7 million products in the system separated into 80+ niches. There is a predictive AI that will give you information about each product, helping you decide to either sell it or drop it. 
  • Store Competitor – the system offers a Store Intelligence tool that shows you what your competitors are doing. You can view the top-selling products of your competitors.
  • AI Builder – you no longer have to build your store the manual way. The AI will help you create a website in five minutes. The store is customized based on your needs. In addition, the store is optimized for conversion.   

Pros of Sell the Trend

  • Lots of useful features
  • There is a dropshipping video course for beginners
  • There is a Facebook audience builder that provides you with a demographic list  

Cons of Sell the Trend

  • Few integration options
  • Only 1,000+ vendors or suppliers

Sell the Trend Pricing

  • Essential – $39.97 monthly; you can have up to three shop integrations and access to most of the features, but with limitations. 
  • Pro – $99.97 monthly; no limits to the products you can import, plus you will have access to TikTok Explorer.    
Summary: Sell the Trend is an all-one-dropshipping tool that capitalizes on the power of AI. The AI can create a dropshipping store for you with only a few clicks.

Best for Building a Dropshipping Store

8. Shopify – best e-commerce platform for dropshipping 

Shopify is not a new name to you—every person who has heard of dropshipping has also heard of Shopify. If you want to create a store with no fuss, Shopify is your best bet.

Shopify Features

  • Fully Functional Store – once you build a store in Shopify, the store will operate with no other apps needed, unless you want the bells and whistles. It is only a matter of choosing which payment processor you want to use and choosing a software program for product importation.  
  • Payment Processor – even if you do not get approved by PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay as a merchant, Shopify has its payment processing system that you can use. Please note that there is a transaction fee.
  • SSL – you do not need to pay separately to secure your dropshipping store; security is already part of the hosting service.  

Pros of Shopify

  • Easy to use with lots of application support from other developers
  • No need to upgrade to enjoy features
  • It supports multiple payment processing systems

Cons of Shopify

  • Not flexible for designing

Shopify Pricing

  • Basic – $25 monthly; this is the plan to get if you want to dropship. It has everything you need to operate a dropshipping business. 
  • Shopify – $65 monthly; you can localize your store to three markets or regions
  • Advanced – $399 monthly; this plan is for big businesses where you add more staff accounts.   
Summary: Shopify is the de facto option if you want to create an e-commerce store, especially dropshipping. Almost all applications can integrate with Shopify, so you will not have problems with technical logistics. 

9. WooCommerce – best for building flexible dropshipping store 

WooCommerce is an e-commerce app for the WordPress content management system. It is a tad manual to operate, but it is best for people who want flexibility in designing their sites instead of relying on themes.  

WooCommerce Features

  • Hosting Compatibility – the WooCommerce platform works with many hosting service providers like Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc.
  • Payments – the default support for payment processors is PayPal, but WooCommerce works with hundreds of other payment processors. The company also has a payment system called WooPayments.
  • Extensions – plugins or apps are called extensions in WooCommerce. There are hundreds of free extensions, with the option to upgrade to paid versions to get more features.    

Pros of WooCommerce

  • Lots of plugins that support the WooCommerce ecosystem
  • Highly flexible 
  • There is a free version that is as functional as its paid version

Cons of WooCommerce

  • The supporting apps are expensive 

WooCommerce Pricing

WooCommerce is free. All you need to do is to get the free WordPress CMS, install it in your web hosting service, and then install the WooCommerce plugin. 

Summary: WooCommerce is best for people who want to tinker with the backend of their websites so they can create a store from scratch. If you use WooCommerce, you can design a unique website, especially if you use web builders like Elementor. 

Best for Amazon and eBay Dropshipping

10. Spocket – best for local sourcing for faster shipping 

Spocket is a supplier and product database that you can integrate with Amazon and eBay. The company allows you to compete because they have sellers whose items are physically located in your target country. 

Spocket Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Spocket with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Wix, WooCommerce, and many more. 
  • Smartly – this is an AI tool that can write product copy, title, and descriptions for you. No need to hire a copywriter to make your product pages unique. 
  • Jubilee – this is a cosmetic line where you can do private label dropshipping and brand your products as your own. 

Pros of Spocket

  • You can filter suppliers based on location 
  • Integrates with many platforms
  • Lots of tools to help you succeed in dropshipping 

Cons of Spocket

  • The free account does not allow product import 

Spocket Pricing

  • Starter – $39.99 monthly; you can upload up to 25 products and integrate your account with multiple stores. 
  • Pro – $59.99 monthly; upload up to 250 unique products; this plan also permits you to import up to 25 premium products.  
  • Empire – $99.99 monthly; up to 10,000 unique product imports plus 10,000 premium products. 
  • Unicorn – $299.99 monthly; up to 25,000 products to import and 25,000 premium products. you can bulk checkout and access VIP email and chat support.  
Summary: Spocket is the ideal solution if you want to dropship on eBay and Amazon. The product location is what makes you able to compete against local sellers in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries in Europe. 

11. CJDropshipping – best for product sourcing for dropshipping 

If you are looking for unique products not typically found in dropship supplier tools and product research tools, then CJ is what you want. They offer a product sourcing service that makes it possible to find suppliers not listed online. 

CJDropshipping Features

  • Product Sourcing – you can send a product image or link to the CJ team. They will look for a supplier in China for you. If they can make a deal, they will list the item in CJ, and then you can import that product to your store. 
  • Integration – you can integrate CJ with many platforms such as Shopify, Lazada, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and many more. 
  • Warehouse – you can search for products based on where the product is currently sitting. CJ has warehouses in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, and more.  

Pros of CJDropshipping

  • You can source hard-to-find products
  • Lots of integrations
  • Free to use

Cons of CJDropshipping

  • Slow and expensive shipping 

CJDropshipping Pricing

CJ is completely free to use. there is no fee to pay. However, some suppliers here charge a small fee for handling and packing. This fee is negligible, and it varies from one supplier to another. 

Summary: Use CJDropshipping if you are looking for unique products. It is also the best tool to use if you want to dropship in Asian markets through popular online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada.    

12. JungleScout – best for selling and dropshipping on Amazon

JungleScout is a program that provides data on Amazon sales, competitors, product performance, and keywords. It is the best software to dropship on Amazon. 

JungleScout Features

  • Keyword Search – type a keyword and JungleScout will show what customers type in the search box of Amazon. This should give you the volume of keywords that customers use, and you will know what people are looking for. 
  • Competitor Insights – see how other sellers perform based on a specific product. You will see how many units they sold, the price they sell the item for, and how your products rank against them.
  • Business Tools – the company offers a multitude of business tools such as review automation, analytics, advertising stats, supplier database, and a list builder. 

Pros of JungleScout

  • A complete suite of tools to spy on competitors and do product research
  • They have a database of suppliers you can contact
  • You will know how you rank in the Amazon search results pages

Cons of JungleScout

  • Too expensive 

JungleScout Pricing

  • Starter – $69 monthly; you can access only up to two months of historical data for sales on Amazon. 
  • Best Value – $189 every three months; go back up to three months in historical data, 
  • Premium – $589 per year; access to one year of data

All plans include a guide on how to sell on Amazon and a checklist to get started. You can also track up to 150 products.    

Summary: JungleScout is a keyword research tool, product research tool, and product tracking tool for Amazon. Overall, it is an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers, but you cannot import products from JungleScout to Amazon. 

Best for Etsy Dropshipping 

13. Printify – best for a general dropshipping print-on-demand store

Printify is one of the leading print-on-demand (POD) platforms in the market today. The other one is Printful, which we will look into in a bit. Printify allows you to pick from hundreds of blank products, design them, and sell them in your selected store platform. 

Printify Features

  • Catalog – there are more than 900 types of blank products in the Printify ecosystem. 
  • Global Suppliers – there are many print suppliers on the platform, located in various parts of the world. you can choose a supplier that is closest to your target market or region so you can save on shipping and expedite the delivery. 
  • Fulfillment – you do not need to ship the item yourself; once you order a product, the print supplier takes care of the shipment and tracking of the order. 

Pros of Printify

  • Can integrate with several platforms
  • Free to use
  • You can get a discount if you upgrade to a subscription plan  

Cons of Printify

  • Too few mockups 

Printify Pricing

Printify is free to use. There is no need to pay for a plan. The paid plan, or what they call Premium, provides you with a discount of up to 20% for products you buy and sell.  

Summary: Printify is a reliable POD system that offers over 900 products. It has a free design tool and mock-up tool, and it integrates with several store platforms.   

14. Printful – best for niche dropshipping print-on-demand store

Printful operates in the same way as Printify, but it has fewer products than Printify. However, it provides better mock-ups than other POD platforms. Printful also offers embroidery services, which is a rarity in the POD business. 

Printful Features

  • Print Types – the company offers direct-to-garment, embroidery, all-over print, and direct-to-film. Please note that embroidery entails extra costs. Direct-to-film or DTF is best for complex designs like fine art. 
  • Design and Mock-up – you no longer need to use Adobe Photoshop or any tool to create a design. There is a tool in the system that allows you to place your artwork over the blank product. Once done, you can create a mock-up or an image where you can see your product in its completed form. You can use these images for your product thumbnails and marketing.     
  • Integration – it is not only Etsy that you can integrate Printful with. You can integrate Printful with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Ecwid, Amazon, PrestaShop, and many more.  

Pros of Printful

  • Free to use
  • They offer several types of print
  • You can get a discount if you order in bulk

Cons of Printful

  • Only 300+ products to choose from

Printful Pricing

Printful is completely free to use, with an option to upgrade to a Business Plan if you reach $60,000 in sales monthly. 

Summary: Printful is an excellent print-on-demand platform that offers multiple types of prints. Use it if you want to sell embroidered products and if you want to integrate with multiple storefronts.

Best Accounting Software

15. Quickbooks – best for dropshipping business with payroll

Quickbooks is a popular accounting platform that many businesses use. You can manage your tax, payroll, and even inventory with this program. 

Quickbooks Features

  • Bill Management – you can use this feature to organize your bills and track your payments, preventing you from missing payments. 
  • Sales and Tax – you can use this in your dropshipping store to process payments and calculate taxes automatically. 

Pros of Quickbooks

  • You can do payroll with it
  • It is best for bookkeeping and invoicing
  • You can connect a sales channel with your account 

Cons of Quickbooks

  • Expensive for one program that does accounting only

Quickbooks Pricing

  • Simple Start – $15 monthly; gives you access to bookkeeping automation, invoice and payments, and cash flow analysis.     
  • Essentials –$30 monthly; you can do your accounting in three currencies and add three users
  • Plus – for $45 monthly; you get access to the inventory and project profitability tool. 

There is also an Advanced plan that costs $100 monthly. With this plan, you get additional features like data restoration, and data syncing with Excel. 

Summary: Quickbooks is the leading software program for accounting. The Simple Start plan is the best one to use, as you do not need to manage inventory.

16. Xero – best for automated accounting

Xero is an accounting tool that allows for paperless record-keeping. You can use it in your dropshipping business to record sales, and expenses, and then see if you are profitable.    

Xero Features

  • Advisors – Xero has human advisors who can help you with your accounting problems. They can also recommend an accountant or bookkeeper near you. 
  • Bill Capture – the tool works with HubDoc; you can capture bills and receipts. 

Pros of Xero

  • They offer a free trial for 30 days
  • You can manage your tax forms and taxes

Cons of Xero

  • Lack of integration options

Xero Pricing

  • Early – costs $15 monthly; you get access to the cashflow snapshot and tax form management. 
  • Growing – $42 monthly; you will have access to most tools, including bulk transaction reconciliation. 
  • Established – $78 monthly; get access to all features including analytics. 
Summary: Xero is an accounting platform for small businesses and accountants. However, there is no inventory management in this system, which is fine for dropshippers. 

FAQ: Best Software for Dropshipping

What platform is best for dropshipping?

The platform to build a dropshipping store is Shopify. It has everything you need to operate a dropshipping store, albeit they do not offer a free account. 

What is the best software for dropshipping?

It depends; for product research and spy tools, Dropship.IO is the best. For other purposes, please check our list above. 

Which app is better for dropshipping?

The best app for dropshipping is one where you can find winning products. Automation is easy to do—but it won’t make sense unless you find a product that has a demand.  

What is the most profitable product to dropship?

There is no single product that is the most profitable. There are many profitable dropshipping niches, and you must select a niche you understand and are passionate about.   

Summary: Best Software for Dropshipping

The next step I recommend in your dropshipping journey is to sign up for our 7-day free trial. Experience the ease and reliability of our product research tools, competitor analysis tools, and Ad Spot. 

I also suggest that you try the others and then finally list down the best programs that fit your dropshipping business needs.

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