Dropshipping Jewelry Products - Suppliers, Products Ideas, & Risks

This article will go over the jewelry niche. We're going over products, suppliers, and pros and cons.

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June 3, 2023
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Should I consider dropshipping jewelry? Yes. The jewelry market is expected to continue growing globally [1]. 

There is also a huge variety of products to choose from in the jewelry niche.

We recommend choosing high-quality products to avoid poor reviews, refunds, and returns. You can markup the price of high-quality pieces. Customers are usually willing to pay more for quality. All of these factors can keep your profits high.

We’ve learned a lot about the industry by researching and selling jewelry ourselves. This article will share everything we’ve learned to help you create a successful store. Including the following: 

  • Is Jewelry a Good Dropshipping Niche? 
  • Risks of Dropshipping Jewelry
  • Best Jewelry Products to Dropship 
  • Jewelry to Avoid
  • Finding the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Jewelry
  • Best Places to Find Suppliers
  • Successful Dropshipping Jewelry Stores
  • Dropshipping Jewelry Throughout the World
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Keep reading to find out if jewelry is the right niche for you.

Key Takeaways 

  • Jewelry can have a good profit margin. This is due to the potential markup and size and weight of the products.
  • Avoid poor-quality jewelry. It can result in a high return rate and financial losses.
  • Stacking rings, astrology jewelry, and jewelry boxes all have the potential for profit.
  • We don’t recommend selling personalized jewelry as it can have a long lead time. 

Is Jewelry a Good Dropshipping Niche?

Yes. The worldwide jewelry market is expected to grow annually by 3.68% between 2023 and 2026. Google Trends also shows steady interest in jewelry worldwide.

The chart shows that the niche peaks in December, which can be challenging. However, there are plenty of products with the possibility for year-round profit.

You can target the high-end market or cheaper costume jewelry.

If you need help finding a profitable product, we have an article on How to Find Winning Products For Your Dropshipping Business

Profit Margins

Jewelry is considered a luxury item, and often people are willing to spend more on luxury items.

You can mark up the jewelry you sell, giving you a good profit margin.

However, we don’t recommend overpricing your products. If they’re poor quality, don’t sell them at a high-end price. This will result in disappointed customers and losses.

Size and Weight

Jewelry is small and light. We always look for small and light products to dropship.

This is because they are cheap to ship. This allows you to keep your profit margins high.


We’ve found that dropshipping clothes have a high return rate. This is due to sizing issues or people not liking how the clothes fit them.

Fortunately, bracelets and necklaces are adjustable to fit most people, and earrings and other pierced jewelry also don’t have sizes.

When a customer makes a purchase, there shouldn’t be any issues with sizing. This means they are less likely to request a refund or exchange.

What are the Risks of Dropshipping Jewelry?

Overpricing poor quality jewelry, the competition, and the seasonality of the niche are the main risks of selling jewelry.


Cheap jewelry can easily break or turn your skin green. 

This can result in poor reviews, refund requests, and returns. All of these reasons can result in financial losses.

To avoid this, request samples to check the quality of your products. 

We also recommend you price your product according to the quality. Don’t sell sub-par products for extortionate prices. 


Jewelry is a competitive niche. 

There is competition in all areas of the market, from luxury to costume jewelry. This can make it hard to compete.

Established jewelry brands, like Tiffany and Cartier, sell luxury jewelry. High-end brands, like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, have released an expensive but costume jewelry range. And high street stores have launched affordable costume jewelry.

However, there are always products within a niche that could be winners for dropshipping.


During their peak, seasonal products are great. Jewelry peaks at Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. These times should see a high amount of sales, and therefore, profits. 

However, sales will drop when a product isn’t at its peak. This can mean your profits drop. 

Advertising seasonal products can also be a challenge. You need to find the right time to launch and push ads to maximize profits.

From this, we would sell jewelry that isn’t holiday focused and is more likely to be purchased year-round.

Jewelry Products to Dropship - Our Top Recommendations 

Using our Product Database, we’ve found items that could be profitable to dropship in the jewelry niche.

For more information about How to Find Winning Products for Your Dropshipping Business, check out our article here.

1. Zodiac and Star Sign Jewelry

In 2022 we saw a huge rise in the popularity of zodiac and astrology jewelry. Celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and the Duchess of Sussex were all seen with star signs and birth month constellation jewelry [2]. 

There are a variety of options for dropshipping astrology jewelry. There are 12 star signs. Each has its own name, symbol, and constellation. You could sell necklaces, rings, or bracelets with any of the three on. 

You could consider selling the item with an information card about the star sign. This will enhance the customer's experience and help your product stand out amongst your competition.

2. Stacking Ring Sets

Ring stacking is a huge trend. Fashion sites like Net-a-Porter [3] and Monica Vinader [4] have written about the trend and how to create the look. 

These sets consist of dainty rings that can be mixed and matched. The rings in a set are similar and can be worn together in various ways. 

You could create ring sets in different styles, metal colors, shapes, and sizes.

Ring stacking sets are small and light. This means they will be cheap to ship, keeping your profits high.

3. Anxiety or Fidget Ring

The Anxiety or Fidget Ring is a product that can be moved by spinning or rotating between the fingers. The purpose of the ring is to settle anxiety. It does this by focusing the wearer on the spinning or rotating rather than the anxiety.

The pandemic triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety. Women and young people were most affected [5].

Use social media, like TikTok and Instagram, to advertise your product and help those with anxiety [6].

4. Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Gifts

You can sell Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor jewelry in several ways.

The first is a piece of jewelry to ask someone to be in your bridal party.

The second is a piece of jewelry for those in your bridal party to wear on the wedding day.

Or both.

This is often sentimental jewelry that customers don’t mind spending more on. This means you could sell high-quality jewelry with a high-profit margin.

You could include a card or note with special words from the bride to the bridal party. This will help set your store apart from the rest.

5. Jewelry-Making Kit

A jewelry-making kit can include all sorts of items and target a variety of demographics.

You could sell a tool kit for those looking to create jewelry to sell with high-quality tools and supplies. 

You could sell a kit designed for kids, with fun colored beads, charms, and easy-to-use tools. 

Kits can also be for all types of jewelry, including earrings, charm bracelets, and anything else you can think of. 

You could also sell replacement items, for example, beads, charms, wires, clasps, etc. If your supplies are good quality, customers will return to purchase more. 

You can create subscriptions for these items. This means that a customer will automatically receive the items at regular intervals. This will create recurring revenue and improve your customer experience. 

6. Jewelry Box

A jewelry box stores jewelry. 

You could sell a jewelry box that is lighter and smaller, which has more cushioning. This would be ideal for travel.

Or you could sell a box designed to stay in one place, like on a dressing table. 

For both boxes, you could sell interchangeable inserts. This would allow users to change the configuration of their jewelry boxes as their collection grows or changes. 

If you were selling one designed to remain in place, you could sell additional layers. These layers could be stacked underneath the existing jewelry box to create a bigger box with more space. 

This means a shopper won’t need to purchase an entirely new jewelry box when they outgrow the existing one.

Selling additional items will increase customers' likelihood of returning to your store. This then increases your revenue.

7. Jewelry Stand

A jewelry stand commonly sits on a dressing table to hold and display jewelry. The stand keeps jewelry from tangling and makes it easy to find.

Stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. 

You could sell stands for a specific type of jewelry. For example, you could sell a mesh earring stand, a necklace holder, one for bracelets, or a stand that holds all types of jewelry. 

This wide variety of options means you can find a unique stand to set yourself aside from the competition. 

8. Jewelry Tray

A jewelry tray is a tray to store and organize jewelry. They are often used as an insert inside a drawer.

You could sell them in different shapes to suit different jewelry pieces. 

For example, you could sell the following:

  • One specifically for rings with smaller gaps or ring cushions.
  • One with longer slots, designed to hold necklaces.
  • One with smaller squares for bracelets.
  • One for earrings with a cushion for studs or smaller holes for each individual pair.
  • One with a combination of slots for all different types of jewelry.

You could also sell them in different and popular sizes for common drawer shapes.

In your store, you could add offers and bundles. 

You could create a discount offer, so when someone purchases one tray, the second has a percentage off. Alternatively, you could sell a bundle of the trays. 

These are great ways to increase revenue and make your customer's shopping experience easier.

Which Jewelry Products Should I Avoid Dropshipping? 

Fragile, large, and heavy items are a no for us. We also avoid products with long lead times. 

1. Standing Jewelry Cabinet

The size and weight of these products mean they will be expensive to ship. 

These items are large and fragile. This gives them a higher risk of arriving damaged. This can cause losses, with refunds and replacements. 

2. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry usually takes longer to prepare than generic pieces.

This can lead to long lead times, which can be off-putting for customers.

If you want to sell personalized jewelry, check the time frames with your suppliers.

Instead of personalized jewelry, you could sell more generic jewelry, like Sister, Mom, initials, numbers, years, etc. 

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Jewelry Products

The product you want to source will determine the supplier you choose.

Each supplier will offer slightly different products and terms. They will vary in quality, price, warranty, and policies.

Request samples from a variety of suppliers to compare the product quality.

We recommend that you choose a supplier that aligns with your brand. To find this out, ask the following questions:

  • What is the cost per piece?
  • Where will the products be shipped from?
  • Is the supplier also the manufacturer?
  • How much is the shipping?
  • Which shipping courier do you use, and how long does it take?
  • How long does it take between receiving the order and the product shipping?
  • What are the return, refund, and warranty policies?
  • Do you offer custom packaging?
  • Can you provide images and videos of the product?
  • Do you facilitate dropshipping? (including integrating with automation tools, not adding invoices, promotions, or other logos in the product packaging)

We have an article with Everything to Consider When Choosing a Dropshipping Supplier. Check it out to find out more.

Best Places to Find Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers

  2. Contrado
  3. PierceBody
  4. AliExpress
  5. Handshake
  6. Printify

1. - Best overall

We recently launched a new supplier feature for members. 

All of the suppliers on our site are verified. As we check all of our suppliers, it is easy to find a reliable one.

You can instantly see the supplier's location, shipping location, shipping time, and other information to help you make a decision. You can then contact the supplier via Skype.

If you want to check it out but aren’t a member yet, use our 7-day free trial

2. Contrado  - Best for bespoke jewelry

Contrado partners with artists to help build their brands. 

They sell a variety of print-on-demand products, as well as bespoke jewelry. 

If you’re looking for unique and high-quality pieces, we recommend looking here.

3. PierceBody - Best for piercing jewelry.

Pierce Body sells all types of piercing jewelry.

Their factory is based in Bangkok, and they have storage warehouses across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

A storage warehouse near your customers will increase shipping speed and often cost less than shipping from abroad. This is great for your customers as they will receive their orders faster.

4. AliExpress - Largest supplier

AliExpress is one of the largest online retail services.

There are so many suppliers offering every product you could imagine. 

The suppliers aren’t pre-vetted, so the quality and prices of the products can vary.

We recommend contacting several suppliers and requesting samples. You can then choose a supplier based on the quality of the product and communication with them.

5. Handshake - Best for unique jewelry

Handshake is a great place to buy unique jewelry. The website lists a variety of independent brands that you can buy at wholesale prices. However, they are currently only supporting the USA market. 

Handshake is built by Shopify. Retailers buying on Handshake can’t resell products on third-party marketplaces. Therefore, it won't be suitable if you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. You can only use Handshake if you sell on Shopify.

6. Printify - Best for Print-on-demand

Printify is a print-on-demand service. 

They offer jewelry products and boxes you can customize with your designs. 

Printify works with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and many other e-commerce platforms. 

This means that once a customer places an order, Prinify handles the printing and fulfillment.

Successful Dropshipping Jewelry Product Stores 

It’s hard to confirm whether a store is really successful as we will never know its exact expenses. But with the Sales Tracker tool, you can see the approximate sales of any Shopify jewelry store.

Click the graph icon on the right-hand side to find specific store metrics. Here you will be able to see estimated revenue, total products sold, as well as the top-performing products in the store. 

You can contact the supplier to determine whether a product is profitable. Once you have the product’s price, you can deduct it from the sales data provided on the Sales Tracker.

These three stores are just a few successful ones we found within the jewelry niche. 

All of the stores below are successfully advertising on TikTok. Use this short video format to showcase your products and their function.

Two Pearls

Two Pearls is a demi-fine jewelry company with affordable prices.

They sell necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The main content on their TikTok and Instagram are rings inspired by celebrities. They have duplicates of Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, and Kylie Jenner’s rings.

The Sales Tracker shows that its best-selling item is the Paris ring. This is the Hailey Bieber-inspired engagement ring. 

The website has an offer when you buy the Paris ring. The offer has the two other rings inspired by Hailey Bieber's wedding set. There is a discount offered on the set. 

This offer improves your customer's experience. It makes it easy for them to find the full set and saves them money too. It also increases your revenue - win-win!

The Pink Vault

The Pink Vault sells rings, watches, necklaces, and bracelets at a mid-range price. The majority of the jewelry uses cubic zirconia. This is a cheap alternative to diamonds. 

We can use the Sales Tracker to see the sales over a certain time period. It shows us that on January 11th, 2023, they made $3023 in sales.

On that day, they sold five mini velvet armchair jewelry boxes. You could add a jewelry box, gift box, gift packaging, or complimentary item to your jewelry store. This is a great way to generate extra revenue when shoppers are already in a spending mood.

Kyra Jewels

Kyra Jewels sell a variety of jewelry. The range includes bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces, and rings. Most of the jewelry is made from a cheap alternative to diamonds. 

It appears the store is aimed at a younger audience.

TikTok has the right market for this type of jewelry brand. The store has 306k followers on TikTok and posts videos showcasing its products. 

The jewelry looks beautiful in the videos and entices people to share and like the videos. This has helped to build the brand's identity and increase sales.

We added the store to the Sales Tracker. It shows that one of the best-selling products is an Icy Girl Watch with seven variations. 

We can see the estimated revenue for a select time period, the number of sales, as well as the product creation date. You can use this data to decide whether these products could be profitable for your store.

Dropshipping Jewelry Products Throughout the World 

Jewelry is worn as a decorative accessory. It can be worn for personal, cultural, or religious reasons. 

We can use this information and data about the industry to find winning products for each country. 


The jewelry market in the US is changing. Brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are closing. More customers are choosing to shop online [7]. 

Research shows that 35% of women surveyed preferred white gold. 17% chose silver, 15% platinum, 13% rose gold, 11% yellow gold, and 9% had no preference [8]. 

Using this information, you could create your online store specializing in white gold.


Data shows that the jewelry segment in the UK is expected to grow annually by 2.59% between 2023 and 2026. 

It also shows that 74% of jewelry purchased in the UK is non-luxury. This number is expected to rise year-on-year [9].

You can use this information to create an online store, selling in the UK, with non-luxury jewelry pieces.


Compared to the US, Europe has a considerably higher luxury market share. 

In the US, only 11% of sales are luxury goods. Whereas in Europe, 35% of sales are luxury goods [10].

This shows that creating a store that focuses on quality at a higher price might be a good option if you’re selling in Europe.

Once you find a product to sell in Europe, use our list of the 13 Best Suppliers in Europe to find a reliable one.


On Amazon Australia, you can see the best-selling products within a category.

Within the accessories category, several of the top-selling products are jewelry boxes and jewelry stands.

You can look at these online marketplaces to see which products are selling well. This can give you inspiration for your store if you’re selling in Australia.


Online jewelry sales are expected to increase year-on-year in Malaysia. This means it could be a great time to start selling jewelry online.

A variety of religions are actively followed and practiced in Malaysia. The top three include Islam (62% of the population), Buddhism (19% of the population), and Hinduism (13% of the population).

You can look at each religion and the jewelry used to express belief and status. You can then use this information to create a store with relevant pieces.

South Africa

Of the countries we’re looking at in this article, South Africa has one of the largest expected increases in annual growth. The jewelry market is expected to grow by 6.53% annually between 2023 and 2026. 

This rise is thought to be due to the growing economy [11]. This can increase spending on non-essential products.

In South Africa, 92% of jewelry sales are non-luxury.

The market shows it could be a good time to start dropshipping non-luxury jewelry in South Africa. 


India generates the most revenue worldwide in the jewelry market [12]. This is driven by wedding, bridal, and festival jewelry [13]. 

Gold jewelry holds an 80% market share. But there are also regional preferences, including studded jewelry and diamond jewelry. We recommend looking at the regional preferences for the area you’re targeting.

If you’re looking for a supplier in India, we have a list of 15 Dropshipping Suppliers in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jewelry Good for Dropshipping?

Yes! It is a niche with a huge variety of products. The products are also small and light. This means they’ll be cheap to ship, which keeps your profit margins high.

How Do I Start Jewelry Dropshipping?

First, you need to find a product to sell. 

Then, you will need to find a supplier to source your product. We recommend requesting samples from several suppliers.

Create your store on an e-commerce platform. We recommend Shopify.

Start advertising your product to generate sales.

We have an article with everything you need to know if you want more information about How to Start Dropshipping.

Does Jewelry Sell Well on Shopify?

It depends on the product and advertising. Shopify won’t determine whether your product sells well or not. 

Shopify has all of the tools and features you need to create a beautiful online jewelry store. It is our favorite e-commerce platform and is our pick for selling jewelry online.

Is Shopify Good for Selling Jewelry?

Yes, Shopify has everything you need to sell jewelry online. 

Suppliers often connect directly with Shopify. This makes it easy to manage your store.

Final Thoughts

Use our list of recommended products to help you find a winning product.

You can also look at the data for the market you’re selling to see if the product is likely to be successful in that country.

Once you’ve found your winning product and added it to your store, you can use our FREE CPA Calculator. The CPA calculator will show you what your cost per click and site conversion need to be to stay under your target acquisition cost.

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