Print-on-Demand Jewelry: 8 Best Suppliers for Jewelry Dropshipping

In this article, I will share the best print-on-demand jewelry suppliers.

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February 18, 2024
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These are legitimate print-on-demand, meaning they will only engrave the jewelry and boxes, or even pour the metal in the mold after your order.

In essence, these are not ordinary jewelry dropship suppliers. The list includes those that have I used in the and others that I explored specifically for this purpose.

You will learn: 

  • If jewelry dropshipping is profitable
  • The best print-on-demand jewelry dropshippers
  • Pros and cons of jewelry dropshipping
  • Two best platforms for print-on-demand jewelry

I am also throwing in some FAQs and things you need to look for in a jewelry print-on-demand supplier. 

As an overview, here is my list:  

  1. Shine On – best overall for jewelry dropshipping 
  2. CJDropshipping – best for trinkets and international jewelry dropshipping  
  3. Beeoux – best for Etsy jewelry dropshipping
  4. Printify – best for US, UK, and Australia jewelry dropshipping
  5. Shop3D – best for 3D-printed jewelry
  6. PrintBase – best for engraving
  7. Ownprint – best for niche jewelry on Etsy
  8. DropshipCN – best for romantic gifts

Let us start!

What is Print on Demand Jewelry? 

Print-on-demand (POD) jewelry is a retail business model where you sell a supplier’s jewelry in your dropshipping store. You do not need to buy inventory, and all you need to do is market these products as if they were yours. 

In a nutshell, here is how it goes:

  • You sign up for a POD account in the supplier’s system
  • You integrate the system into your Shopify store
  • You market the products via blogs, ads, or social media
  • A customer buys from your store and pays you
  • You go to the supplier’s system and place the order
  • The supplier ships the item to your customer

It is not any different from traditional dropshipping. The big difference is that POD jewelry means the product is not yet ready. In any POD business, the supplier will only begin creating the product after you, the seller, placed an order and paid for it. 

POD is also “personal.” You can engrave names on the jewelry, and that is why they will only “print” it after you paid for an order.  

8 Best Print-on-Demand Jewelry Suppliers

1. Shine On – best overall for jewelry dropshipping 

ShineOn is the leading dropship supplier for jewelry. Their main product line is jewelry, they offer over 150 products in their catalog. While this may not seem like a lot, it sure is a hefty product list for jewelry.  

ShineOn’s system allows you to design your jewelry and the box that it comes with. Like a typical print-on-demand platform, all it takes is to upload a design to get things rolling. 

ShineOn Features

  • Automation – you can import your products in one click to your Shopify store. You can also enable automatic ordering, so you no longer have to place manual orders every time a customer buys an item from you. You can do this by adding your credit card details to your ShineOn account and enabling the automatic order feature.
  • Fast Shipping – the company’s commitment is to fulfill an order within two days. The maximum wait time for your customer is five days. They have several warehouses, and they will ship from the nearest one to your customer. 
  • White Label – there is no need to pay extra to remove the ShineOn branding. There is a fee for white labels, though, and this fee varies according to the type of label you choose, and how complicated it is to make.
  • Training – ShineOn offers a lot of training materials to help you succeed as a dropshipper. They have videos on YouTube, a Facebook community, Masterclass, and in-app tutorials that you can use to learn how to succeed in print-on-demand jewelry dropshipping.  

ShineOn Pros

  • They offer a lot of training modules
  • They have strategic logistics for faster shipping
  • The platform integrates with Shopify

ShineOn Cons

  • Support is email only
  • No transparency in the pricing of goods

ShineOn is a trustworthy print-on-demand supplier. To date, they have shipped over 250 million products, and they are over 70,000 dropshippers that sell their products and use their services.

2. CJDropshipping – best for trinkets and international jewelry dropshipping  

CJDropshipping is a supplier marketplace for all sorts of products. Most of their suppliers are the same ones that you will find either in AliExpress or Alibaba. However, CJ also has a separate line dedicated to print-on-demand, and jewelry is one category for their POD service.

CJDropshipping Features

  • Product Sourcing – one service CJ offers that many supplier marketplaces don’t is product sourcing. If you see a product online that is not available in CJ’s inventory, you can send them a picture and they will look for a supplier. If successful, you can add that product to your store. 
  • Customization – the jewelry is customizable to the extent that you can ask the supplier to shape a name into the metal as a design, not just the usual engraving on the surface.
  • Custom Packaging – you can order custom packaging from a supplier, and have them ship it to CJ, and CJ will use that box for your orders. If you cannot find the packaging you want in the options, you can contact customer service and discuss the issue. Then, they will look for a supplier who can meet your needs.  

CJDropshipping Pros

  • There are thousands of suppliers on the site
  • You can work with CJ to create packaging and labels for your brand
  • CJ has international warehouses
  • Multiple integration options

CJDropshipping Cons

  • Packing can take a week
  • Long shipping times (more expensive for faster shipping)  

One thing I noticed with CJ is that it can take a supplier a week to prepare the item for shipping. This timeline does not yet include the transit days of the shipping itself.   

3. Beeoux – best for Etsy jewelry dropshipping

There were talks last year that Beeoux was shutting down, but it did not happen. Beeoux is still in business and their website is still accessible. 

Beeoux is an excellent print-on-demand dropship supplier if you are looking for top-of-the-line jewelry. Quality is what you can expect from this company, plus they offer several types of personalization. 

Beeoux Features

  • Integration – you can integrate Beeoux with Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce. They have a plan to add Amazon to this list soon. The integration allows the importation of your designs from Beeoux to your store. 
  • Packaging – they offer several packaging types based on the product cost. Low-end products come in paper packages, while sterling silver comes with an elegant box.    
  • Product Options – you can choose from several product lineups that include sterling silver, photo pendants, silver rings, and stainless steel. They have watches where you can sublimate a design (on the watch’s face), and you also have the option to engrave a photo pendant.  
  • Jewelry Shape – one feature you will love is that you can shape your pendant the way you want it. To do this, use their Freeform design tool. One caveat is that you can only do this with sterling silver pendants.  

Beeoux Pros

  • Multiple integration options
  • Sublimation POD is available 
  • It is free to use the system

Beeoux Cons 

  • Not a lot of shipping options

Beeoux uses USPS for US orders and DHL for international orders. Mind you, both of these are expensive shipping carriers. Expect to pay anywhere between $3.50 and $4.50 per shipment. The good news is that they offer flat-rate shipping. 

Another thing to note is that it can take up to five days to manufacture the product. Only then will Beeoux ship it. For US orders, they will manufacture the jewelry from their Houston office. International orders will come from Frankfurt.   

4. Printify – best for US, UK, and Australia jewelry dropshipping 

Printify is one of the biggest dropshipping platforms in the world. However, most people do not seem to know that they also offer jewelry. The type of jewelry you can find on the platform are mostly trinkets like beads and those made of zinc alloy and aluminum.

Printify Features

  • Design Tool – the platform has one of the best design tools in the market. I used it in the past and I can say that it is easy to work with. The tool even tells you if the image you uploaded is ideal for printing or if the resolution is too low.   
  • Integration – you can integrate your Printify account with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Wix, Etsy, and many more.  
  • Discounts – once you begin making sales, you may want to upgrade your account to Premium and pay $24.99 monthly. If you do this, you will get up to 20% discount for many of the items you buy.  
  • Express Delivery – you can expedite the processing and shipping to only the business day with Express Delivery. You need to enable this feature, but this only applies to selected areas in the US. In addition, this only applies to selected products. 

Printify Pros

  • The packaging of the jewelry is superb
  • Printify integrates with multiple store platforms 
  • You can customize messages inside the jewelry box (there is a paper insert inside) 

Printify Cons

  • The products are expensive 
  • Some products are not acceptable on Etsy

Printify is free to use, but the products are expensive. If you look at the screenshot, earlier, the cross-bead bracelet costs $15.66. This is a lot of money for a product like this that comes from China. You would need to do some serious thinking about your pricing and marketing to make this work.

5. Shop3D – best for 3D-printed jewelry  

Shop3D uses 3D printing technology to manufacture their products. It is free to use, and you can even choose the type of casting material to use. In addition, they do offer yellow, rose, and white gold finishes on top of the typical silver and brass.  

Shop3D Features

  • Materials – there are many materials you can use for your jewelry creations. Apart from the metals mentioned earlier, Shop3D offers full-color resin, gray resin, clear resin, and others. Overall, you have more than 200 material types to choose from.
  • Polish Type – you can select the type of finish for your jewelry. Some of the finishes they offer are high polish, matte, finish silver antique, gold satin, and many others.
  • Integration – the Shop3D system integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Etsy. If you want to have multiple sales channels, what I suggest is to integrate Shop3D with Shopify first, and then integrate Shopify with Etsy. That way, your main control area is the Shopify store.
  • Packaging – one thing they do that many other POD suppliers don’t is in-house packaging. Shop3D will manufacture special boxes that carry your brand and design. You can choose from a simple sticker or get a bigger product label.

Shop3D Pros 

  • The system integrates with three major platforms
  • You can use it for free
  • Multiple jewelry types to choose from 

Shop3D Cons

  • The items are branded as Shop3D; they will remove this if you pay a monthly subscription
  • There is a minimum order requirement even if you pay a monthly subscription

Use Shop 3D if you are looking for something unique—something that is really made from scratch. With over 200 materials to choose from, the sky is the limit. In addition, you can scale up your jewelry business because they also offer real 9k, 14k, and 24k gold. 

6. PrintBase – best for engraving

PrintBase is a print-on-demand platform that offers multiple products from different suppliers. Most jewelry supplies here are made of polished stainless steel, but some products have a 14K yellow gold finish. 

PrintBase also offers watches made of wood. You can ask the supplier to engrave your brand logo on the back of the watch or engrave its face with your design.

PrintBase Features

  • Storefront – the company allows you to build your store or website on their platform. They will host it for you and provide you with a payment gateway. If you opt for this, you can check out several of their store templates—all you need to do is choose one and then replace the listed products.
  • Upsell Tools – these tools include pre-purchase upsell, product bundles, and post-purchase upsell. You would have to purchase these tools in Shopify, but PrintBase offers these tools free.
  • Customization – you can customize the text and photos of the prints. You can also add prints or labels to the jewelry box to make your presentation more elegant.
  • Analytics – you can view your sales stats in a single dashboard. This dashboard helps you understand what is happening in your business. You can also integrate Google Analytics with your store to get more traffic and user data.  

PrintBase Pros

  • You do not Shopify or another platform to sell; PrintBase offers website services
  • You can expect 24/7 support
  • There is a built-in payment gateway in their system

PrintBase Cons

  • The catalog is small

Use PrintBase if your jewelry focus is a necklace or watch. I checked their product database and found only nine pendants. As for the watch, they only have two designs and colors. 

What PrintBase lacks in its product catalog, it makes up with features. It is an excellent platform if you do not want the hassle of building your store on another platform or looking for a payment gateway that offers its services to your country.

7. Ownprint – best for niche jewelry on Etsy

Ownprint, like Beeoux and ShineOn, specializes in jewelry print-on-demand dropshipping. What makes it different is that it has jewelry for multiple niches, including the baby niche, the pet niche, and horoscope signs. Because of this, I would strongly recommend Ownprint to dropshippers who want a niched-down jewelry dropshipping store. 

Ownprint Features     

  • Branding – you can ask them to print your logo on a material and they will insert that material inside the package. This process also applies to their jewelry cards—cards that come inside the box. You can customize the design of these cards on top of customizing the jewelry itself. 
  • Integration – they offer an integration for Etsy and Shopify. Before you do the integration, make sure you have already registered for an Ownprint account.
  • Front and Back – it is possible to engrave both sides of the pendant, especially if it is a simple rounded one. As such, you can engrave a photo and a text in combination. They also have multiple font types that you and your customer can choose from. 

Ownprint Pros

  • They ship in as little as a day; the maximum is 6 days
  • You can integrate the platform on Etsy and Shopify
  • You can avail of their packaging services for white-label dropshipping

Ownprint Cons

  • The test products are expensive 

One thing Ownprint does that you will not find in many POD jewelry suppliers is an engraving of a photo. You can capitalize on this and make your jewelry with a strong focus on personalization. Your customer can send you a photo of a person or a pet, and Ownprint will sublimate that on the jewelry pendant.     

8. DropshipCN – best for romantic gifts

What makes DropshipCN a contender in this list is that they offer free shipping worldwide. Like other print-on-demand suppliers, they have a wide range of products like shirts, leggings, and jewelry.

DropshipCN Features

  • Shipping – shipping is free worldwide, and each shipment comes with a tracking number; you and your customer can trace where the package is.
  • Metal Watches – most print-on-demand watches are made of wood because it is easier to modify than metal. DropshipCN goes a step further by selling metal watches. You can design these watches with a message or with graphics to make them more personalized.
  • Branding – there are many options for branding, but you have to pay a monthly subscription to qualify for this service. 

DropshipCN Pros

  • Multiple product categories to choose from
  • You can do white-label dropshipping
  • Free shipping worldwide

DropshipCN Cons

  • The platform can only integrate with Shopify

DropshipCN has more than 800 products. If you are looking for branding options, this supplier has the most to offer, such as clothing labels, shoe labels, and cards or inserts.

For jewelry, they do not have a lot of product designs or types, but then they have paired jewelry—best for couples looking for a pair they can wear to show their love for each other.  

Is Print-on-Demand Jewelry Dropshipping Profitable?

Yes, POD jewelry is highly profitable, provided that you make the effort to stand out. Jewelry is a staple in the fashion industry, and you will face a lot of competitors. It would help if you focused your attention on a small niche first, like bracelets, and then expand later on.

The profit you make in POD jewelry is the difference between the supplier’s price and your selling price. So, if the product costs $14.99 from the supplier, and you sell it for $29.99, your gross profit is $15. If you sold 100 of these in a month, your gross profit is $1,500.

It is from this $1,500 that you subtract your operating costs, like your Shopify subscription cost, your employee’s salary (if you have any), ad expenses, etc.  

Pros and Cons of Print-on-Demand Jewelry

POD jewelry is an excellent dropshipping idea, not only because the products you sell have a personal touch to them, but because jewelry always has a demand. However, it is not a walk in the park, either.

Pros of Dropshipping Print-on-Demand Jewelry

1. Jewelry has many dropshipping suppliers

As you may have seen earlier, you can count on several suppliers for jewelry, particularly print-on-demand. The ones we have on our list here are the best.   

Because of this, you can play around with the product types, and suppliers, and offer various products to different markets. If one supplier cannot meet your standards, you can always shift to another and get better products and services. 

2. Jewelry dropshipping has high-income potential

The jewelry that you must sell should be faux: not fake or imitation, but fashion or artificial ones only. Do this and you will have a high potential for income. Many of these products cost only between $2 and $15, and you can sell them for up to $39, giving you huge profit margins.  

I do not recommend selling the real deal, as it opens a can of worms. The risk is too high in selling real gold or silver online, so it is best to avoid selling authentic jewelry.   

3. Jewelry dropshipping has a consistent demand

Jewelry has a high demand, and this demand gets a boost in February and December. The chart below shows the interest trend for jewelry in the last five years:

The first box is the interest in December, and the second box is for February. One thing to note here is that in the last five years, the interest score for jewelry in Google Trends never went below 25—enough to indicate that jewelry has a consistent demand. 

Cons of Dropshipping Print-on-Demand Jewelry

1. The jewelry niche has lots of competition

Dropshipping in itself is a competitive space. As such, expect a lot of competition if you choose to penetrate this niche. You need to stand out if you want to make it big in this niche. 

Below are some tips on how you can set yourself apart:

  • Bundle products together to increase your AOV
  • Work with reliable suppliers only
  • Sell in different channels
  • Emphasize personalization
  • Do white-label dropshipping  

We will discuss these tips in detail in another section. Keep in mind that the goal is to create a brand that makes you unique and special. 

2. Some sellers sell jewelry or misrepresent the items

Some sellers say that their jewelry is 14K gold or so. Do not fall for this. Should you decide to sell jewelry that has real gold plating, make it a point to buy the item before you post it in your store—validate its authenticity. 

In addition, you need to be transparent on your website. If the jewelry is merely plated, say so, and make sure there is no way this buyer could have missed this information.      

3. Jewelry is difficult to market

Although there is a demand for jewelry, the competition and sheer options for buyers make it so hard to market. Any buyer who sees jewelry, even the casual ones, would think twice before purchasing, knowing that there are many options.

You are not the only person selling personalized jewelry. To succeed, you should either be good at marketing or do private label dropshipping. Shopify has an excellent description of how private labels work

For more information, you can also read our tutorials on the best private-label products and best private-label manufacturers

Finally, jewelry is often a one-time sale. Most people who buy jewelry will no longer buy it again because it is not a consumer item like deodorant. In addition, people do not buy jewelry every year.

The only way to combat this issue is to increase your average order value or come up with new jewelry designs that entice the buyer to make a repair purchase. 

Best Platforms for Print-on-Demand Jewelry

The two best platforms for print-on-demand jewelry are Shopify and Etsy.  

  • Print-on-demand jewelry in Etsy – it is a marketplace like Amazon where you can list your jewelry products. Listing a product on Etsy is not free. As of the time of this writing, the fee is $0.20 per item for four months. 
  • Print-on-demand jewelry in Shopify – this is a platform where you will create an online store that bears your business name. You have much more flexibility, and you can choose your payment processor.  

There is no right or wrong choice between these two. The benefit of using Etsy is that as a marketplace, you do not need to spend a lot of money looking for buyers. However, you have limitations according to the company’s policies. 

Shopify is much more flexible. People who view your products do not get distracted by other sellers’ products. In addition, since it is your store, you can freely change the design elements as it pleases you. 

We have a guide about Etsy dropshipping that can help you get started. If you prefer to have your website, we have a tutorial on how to dropship on Shopify

Print on Demand Jewelry: Proper Pricing Technique

How do you price jewelry? The first thing you need to do is look for products similar to yours. It is likely that you are not the only person dropshipping this jewelry.

To do that, take a screenshot of your item and do a Google reverse image search. Review the results and visit the sites that sell the same products as yours.

Now, you can assess how other sellers price their jewelry. Based on your capital, you can decide how much lower you can go. 

The other factors to consider are:

  • Your monthly expenses
  • Your customer acquisition cost
  • Your target markets
  • Your variable costs

To learn more about pricing your products, I suggest that you read our tutorial on How to Price Your Products: A Step-By-Step Guide to Maximize Profit.

Print on Demand Jewelry Suppliers: Things to Look For

There are four things I recommend that you look for when deciding who your supplier should be. These are: 

  • Product Quality – ensure that the quality of the jewelry is worth its price; not the seller’s price, but yours. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask: is this jewelry at this price worth it? 
  • Shipping and Handling – shipping speed is paramount to your success. Choose a supplier who has fast shipping options at an affordable price. Since this is print-on-demand, factor in the time of production, too. This timeline is important, and it is a must that you set your buyer’s expectations about how long it would take to produce, pack, and ship the jewelry. 
  • Automation and Integration – if possible, pick a supplier who has a system you can integrate with your Shopify store. This software program makes everything easy to manage. It is best that you work with suppliers with an app that can import products to Shopify in just one click.
  • Marketing Services – look for a supplier who can produce branded jewelry boxes for you. In addition, look for suppliers who offer services that allow for personalization, like engraving.

A supplier does not need to have all these. You can pick a supplier who only possesses three of these characteristics and you should be fine. 

What you should avoid is inconsistency in your branding, such as packaging. So, if one supplier has a box with print and the other does not offer that service, it is better to work with the former only. Selling products from both of them will cause inconsistencies in customer experience.

FAQ: Print-On-Demand Suppliers

How does print-on-demand jewelry work?

Print-on-demand jewelry works by selling the jewelry of a supplier on your website. It is called print-on-demand because the supplier will only manufacture or modify the jewelry after you place an order.

What is Shine On print-on-demand?

Shine On is a leading supplier of print-on-demand jewelry for dropshippers. They not only supply jewelry, but they also provide services like one-click product pages and white-label products.   

How to find jewelry suppliers?

CJDropshipping and AliExpress have many print-on-demand jewelry suppliers. If you want a more specialized type of jewelry or deal with only one supplier, please check our list earlier. 

How does Shine On work?

The way Shine On works is that you integrate their system with your Shopify store. From the Shine On system, you will import the jewelry you want to sell. It is also from the Shine On system where you would place the orders. Then, they will ship the item straight to your customer.


The next step is to find out whether the particular jewelry you are looking for is in demand. You can use either Google Trends or Dropship.IO for that. The benefit of using our product database is you can see sales figures from other Shopify stores

Get our 7-day free trial and test the system. You can use all our tools like the competitor analysis tool, calculators, supplier finder, and more for free! 

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