16 Best Evergreen Products to Sell In Dropshipping Store

In this article, you will find the 16 best evergreen products to sell in 2023. 

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June 3, 2023
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As a part-time dropshipper, I used to struggle to keep my store's revenue consistent. But after I added evergreen products to its catalog, sales became much more constant.

It took me a while to find these products, though. I had to consider things like market strength and the value a product offered to the customer.

And because I have done the hard work, you can jump straight to the products and add them to your store.

Keep reading to discover:

  • 16 best evergreen products to sell 
  • What are evergreen products
  • Pros and cons of selling evergreen products
  • How to find evergreen products to dropship
  • The best sales channels for evergreen products
  • Selling evergreen products in different countries

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Pet supplies, gaming products, and luggage are some of the best evergreen products to sell.
  • Evergreen products never go out of style and stay in demand all year round.
  • As a dropshipper, you can sell a combination of evergreen and trending products.
  • You can find evergreen items via Google, Quora, Amazon, and AliExpress.
  • Evergreen products are eligible for sale in most countries globally--no special license required.

16 best evergreen niches and products 

I know you are here for evergreen product ideas.

So, I will share the definition of these products later and discuss the good stuff first.

Note that I have organized the ideas by niches so you can see product categories have the most potential.

Plus, I handpicked each item based on the criteria of a winning product. So all products are valuable in their own right and can generate good profit.

Let's dive into the evergreen product examples to help you decide what to sell:

1. Pet care supplies

Pet products are always a good idea for budding ecommerce merchants.

People consider their pets as important members of their families. And they are often willing to pay premium prices for high-quality products.

This creates opportunities for repeat business and customer loyalty.

You can source pet care products like dog beds, hair removal tools, and grooming gloves to get started.

2. Women’s clothing

The women's clothing market is a timeless niche, but also a competitive one.

To distinguish yourself from other sellers, consider establishing your own clothing line.

You can work with a clothing supplier who offers private label dropshipping. This way, you can have products created under your own brand name.

Some product ideas for your new line are crop tops, pajama sets, lace bras, and push-up leggings.

3. Phone cases

Phone cases are simple to produce and offer a range of colors, designs, and styles to choose from.

Their versatility makes them a great choice for anyone seeking a product that will sell well.

Plus, phone cases come in various materials and colors, so you can offer a vast range on your store.

For instance, you can sell leather phone cases, silicone phone cases, flip phone cases, and more.

4. Car accessories

Dropshippers worldwide find selling car accessories to be a popular option.

From phone holders to car stickers, seat covers, and LED lights, the options are plentiful.

But the car accessories niche is a competitive one. Because most sellers in this niche tend to retail similar items.

To stand out, create a brand around your products or offer unique items like organic hemp seat covers.

5. Beauty products

The beauty industry provides endless opportunities for online merchants.

You can choose between retailing products or providing services, or even both.

If you opt for a combination of both, you can learn from successful brands in the beauty industry.

Some timeless products in the beauty niche include face rollers, makeup brushes, magnetic lashes, and bath bombs.

6. Watches and jewelry

Watches and jewelry are simple to sell, with little need for marketing.

Plus, they maintain consistent demand throughout the year.

You can dropship a range of watches, including sports watches, luxurious watches, and smartwatches.

Similarly, jewelry options are plentiful and include bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

7. Office supplies

Office supplies are consistently needed and have the benefit of being simple to ship.

This niche includes items such as paper clips, pens, and other small office essentials.

In this category, you can sell items like binders and folders, office chairs, printer ink, and more.

These products are essential for any office or work-from-home setup. So you are likely to receive a lot of orders from customers.

8. Games and gaming products

Games and gaming products have always been evergreen.

Across the US and abroad, every household has one or few gaming essentials.

These items have become a form of entertainment and recreation for people of all ages.

If you want to sell in the gaming niche, consider products like  consoles, gaming chairs, PS5 games and VR sets.

9. Wedding products

Wedding items are always in demand and have a large market size.

Many women, including bridesmaids, buy these products to look good on the special day.

If you own a wedding store, there is a vast selection of products you can offer. For example, wedding dresses, fake flowers, wedding rings, and more.

These products are evergreen because people get married all year round. So, you are likely to see consistent sales.

10. Camping gear

Selling camping gear can be a lucrative business venture.

Here's why: people love to camp and buy things that make the experience much more enjoyable.

You can sell a wide range of camping products, from hiking boots to tents to sleeping bags and more.

But it's best to specialize in a certain gear and build a brand around your offerings. 

11. Home decor and furniture

Home decor and furniture is an excellent niche as it has a high level of consumer interest.

Plus, there are a variety of options within this category. For instance, you can sell lamps, carpets, wall art, and more.

Chinese dropshipping suppliers can offer you these products at reasonable prices.

But be vary of product quality and shipping time. If the distributor doesn't do well in these two aspects, you might want to consider using a US supplier.

12. Fitness and sports equipment

Health is a constant concern for people, and it will remain so.

And so the demand for fitness and sports equipment will never fade.

No wonder sites like Amazon and AliExpress promote fitness gear all the time. They know it's a profitable and an evergreen niche.

You can choose from a variety of fitness equipment to sell via your store or a marketplace. Some good options are resistance bands, muscle trainers, yoga mats, and fitness trackers.

13. Vegan products

Plant-based and vegan products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

The main reason behind this is people's growing preference for natural items. (Or items not made from animal sources).

You can take advantage of this trend by selling products like matcha tea, raw energy bars, etc.

14. Electronic gadgets

Electronics and tech devices have been in high demand for the past 10 years.

Young people, in particular, are often eager to own the latest tech gadgets.

So consider selling products like wireless earbuds, bluetooth speakers, drones, and tablets.

You could market these items in several ways. For instance, you could present them as solutions that simplify people's lives.

Another idea is to promote your gadgets as products that educate as well as entertain.

15. Weight loss supplements

The weight loss supplement market is large and expanding annually.

Product options range from diet pills to protein shakes to meal replacements and more.

But you'll want to adopt caution when selling weight loss supplements. I say this because different countries have different rules around ingredients and certification.

16. Luggage and travel

As travel becomes more frequent post-pandemic, luggage and accessories are in high demand.

You can choose from a vast range of products to dropship in this niche.

For the best results, focus on selling essentials like neck pillows, laptop bags, soft blankets, etc.

What are evergreen products?

Evergreen items are products that sell well throughout the year.

These items don't rely on seasonal changes or fads and are always in demand. This makes them ideal for dropshipping as you don't need to worry about your stock not selling.

You can also use evergreen products to fill gaps in your product catalog. The products can even become your "best sellers" since people will keep buying them.

So with evergreen products, you can build a strong foundation that allows you to grow and scale. 

How do I know if a product qualifies as evergreen?

Evergreen products often have one or a combination of the following traits:

  • Steady demand throughout the year
  • Universal appeal (meaning everyone wants it)
  • Affordable pricing with lots of options
  • Various uses, making it easy to make sales

Difference between evergreen products and trending products

If you're new to dropshipping, you may wonder about evergreen and trending products.

Evergreen products last a long time and sell well year after year. They're not always at the top of their category, but many people like them and they're easy to sell.

Trending products are new and popular because many people want them or have heard about them. They sell well at first, but their popularity may go down quickly.

As a drop shipper, you can sell a combination of trending and evergreen items. Both have their distinct advantages, and the right product mix can help bring in the profits.

Pros and cons of selling evergreen products

Before you start retailing evergreen products, it's wise to look at their pros and cons.

This is something I do for every product type to make an informed decision.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping evergreen items.

Evergreen product pros

Year-round sales

Evergreen products sell all year round.

They don't depend on seasons like winter or summer.

For example, you can sell gaming products anytime, not only in a specific season.

Consistent income

Constant income is possible with evergreen products.

That's because these items will sell day after day, month after month--they are always in demand.

Their demand stems from the fact that they fulfill basic necessities for many people. 

Easy to source

Evergreen products are usually easy to source.

You can find suppliers for these items on platforms like Alibaba or Chinabrands.

To keep costs low, look for suppliers willing to offer a good deal on bulk purchases.

Customer retention

Evergreen products can give customers confidence.

These items continue to provide value for as long they last.

So you can be sure that customers will come back to your store after getting good value for their money.

Evergreen product cons

More competition

The main drawback of selling evergreen products is intense competition.

Since these products are easy to source, there are chances for many retailers to offer them.

But you can stand out by monitoring and trying to stay ahead of market trends.

High cost

Evergreen products can be expensive to source.

This is because suppliers know they have high popularity and demand among customers.

So they usually sell them at a higher price, which may lead to lower profit margins.

How to find evergreen products to dropship

You can locate best-selling or evergreen products with the help of some platforms.

But before you go product hunting, you should learn what factors to priortize.

For instance, I always keep in mind the demand for the product when I'm searching for evergreen items to sell.

Why? Because I want to make sure that I'm offering a product that customers want and need.

With that clear, here's where you can find evergreen items for dropshipping:


The easiest way to find evergreen products is to search for them on Google.

Begin by entering keywords related to your product or niche into the search bar. For example, "women’s clothing ideas."

Then, go through the suggestions Google makes--these will appear within the search bar.

Google suggests keywords based on what people are searching for.  You can then use those keywords to get product ideas.

Reddit and Quora

Reddit and Quora are top sites for finding information on any topic or item. Here, you can discover products well-liked by customers.

Search keywords like "What's your best find?" or "What are the top products in this category?" to gain insight into what people enjoy and often buy.

Searches including "top 10" can also be helpful for finding evergreen items on these sites.

Social media

You can also use other social media sites to get product ideas.

Search hashtags related to your niche (for instance, #hairproducts) on TikTok, Instagram, etc.

Then see what other dropshippers are selling. You can also go through comments to learn how people feel about the items.

AliExpress and Amazon

Another way to learn what sells is to view best-selling products on Amazon or AliExpress.

On these websites, go through best seller and popular products lists.

These lists are likely to contain items that pass the criteria for being evergreen.

This isn't me bragging, but is a versatile tool for finding evergreen product ideas.

It's got a range of features to help merchants see which items are a must sell.

One that I particularly like is Product Database. With it, you can use smart filters to see which items sell well.

For instance, I used the monthly sales filter and entered 500 as the number. The tool then gave me a list of items that sold 500 units or more.

Good sales: check.

Then when I click any product, Dropship presents with a handy numbers breakdown.

The breakdown includes the profit margin I can expect on a specific item.

I glance at the numbers, shortlisting products with a margin of 50% or above.

That's how I use this tool for finding products that fit the evergreen criteria.

Where to sell your evergreen products

Having picked your evergreen products, the next step is to determine where you can sell them.

Below, I have shared a list of the sales channels that I found to be a good place for selling these items.

Selling evergreen products on Shopify

Shopify is a tool that helps you build an online store for direct-to-consumer sales.

Direct selling gives you greater control over pricing, branding, and the customer experience.

Getting started with Shopify is simple. Choose a design, customize your store, and add your evergreen products.

Next, create a compelling brand story and product descriptions that attract attention.

Shopify also works with apps for printing products on demand and dropshipping. This makes it easy to source and ship products to customers.

Selling evergreen products on Amazon

On Amazon, thousands of sellers have set up shop.

Both individuals and companies take advantage of Amazon's reach to showcase their products.

To be successful on Amazon, it is crucial to offer competitive pricing.

From my experience, the best price range for evergreen products is between $50 and $150.

This may vary for others, especially those who sell high-ticket items.

But for most evergreen products, I recommend staying within this price range.

Selling evergreen products on Instagram

Instagram is another solid platform for selling evergreen products.

The key to being successful on this channel is to partner with influencers.

The right influencers can help increase exposure for your products. All consumers, and especially millennials, trust influencers' recommendations.

Selling evergreen products on the Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to reach potential buyers in your area.

To get started, add pictures and write unique descriptions about the items you want to sell.

When you post your listings, interested buyers will send you their offers.

Additionally, you might consider creating a Facebook business page to strengthen your brand. On this page, share your brand's story and user-generated content, and direct people to it.

Selling evergreen products in different countries (Canada, US, UK, etc.)

You can sell evergreen products in every country worldwide.

But some markets will generate you more profits than others.

The reason? High purchasing power of people.

Let's look at some of the best countries for selling evergreen items.

Selling evergreen products in the US

The United States is an excellent market for selling evergreen items.

Recent data shows that the average monthly spending of a US consumer is approximately $5,577.

This makes them a prime target for those who want to sell in-demand products.

Additionally, specific evergreen niches attract a lot of spending from American consumers.

For example, US adults spent a total of $56.6 billion on video games last year.  

Selling evergreen products in Canada

Canada is another lucrative market for selling evergreen products.

Niches like sustainable fashion and backyarding are a hit with Canadian consumers.

Try finding products in these niches. And make sure the items are high quality as Canadians are very particular in this regard.

Selling evergreen products in the UK

The UK is also a good candidate for a market where you should be selling evergreen items.

UK consumers buy a lot of things online and their credit card purchases are also on the rise.

By offering suitable profits, you can profit from this trend and grow your business.

Selling evergreen products in Australia

Australian consumers are some of the most generous online spenders.

But that doesn't mean they don't compare products and the brands behind them.

To be successful in this market, you must come up with unique ways to market your products.

For instance, you could share the backstory of how you chose the items. Or link the product to the local Australian culture based on a specific trait.

Selling evergreen products in India

As an emerging market, India is ripe for ecommerce sellers.

Indians spend a good amount on best-selling items, especially during the festive season.

So it's common for merchants to roll out marketing campaigns during that time.

You could also follow suit, but make sure to understand how the market works first.

Evergreen products: FAQ

Is selling evergreen products profitable?

Selling evergreen products can be very profitable if you choose the right items.

I recommend checking the profitability of a product before adding it to your catalog. This is to ensure the item you pick can skyrocket your earnings.

You can determine an evergreen product's profitability by using (Not to brag, but it's the simplest way to validate your choices).

How do I price evergreen products?

When selling evergreen items, consider their value to the customer.

For instance, a product that costs $10 but solves a big issue for the customer might be worth $200 to them.

In this case, you could price it between $20 and $200.

Remember to factor in marketing and taxes-- these costs need to be included in the sales price.

Read our post on pricing products to learn more.

How do I find the right audience for my evergreen product?

To determine your target audience, do a research based on:

  • Demographics (age, income, education)
  • Interests (preferences, hobbies, etc.)
  • Behaviors (new buyers, engaged shoppers, etc.)

Then create a buyer persona to determine who your ideal customer is.

Final verdict

There's no denying that selling evergreen products is a great business opportunity.

These products have proven to be in high demand year after year and offer a stable source of income. From pet supplies to electronic gadgets, the possibilities are endless.

So, if you're looking for a way to sustain your profits, consider selling evergreen items. Our list of x best evergreen products should give you plenty of ideas for where to get started.

And a tiny bit of self-promotion before we sign off: lets you analyze the competition for any product. 

With this tool, you can see the market saturation, pricing info, and other details for your evergreen items. And based on the data, you can choose products that will bring you the most profits and sales.

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