7 Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Niches

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June 19, 2024
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This article is about the best high-ticket dropshipping niches you can choose from. I will add some products, too. However, the goal is to provide you with a list of niches with high profit margins.

I built this list based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in the market
  • Suppliers and product availability
  • The ease of marketing these products

Over the years, I have learned that traditional dropshipping has small profits. On the other hand, high-ticket dropshipping offers big gains. The only caveat is that it can take a while to sell an item. 

Additionally, I will discuss: 

  • Pros and cons of high-ticket dropshipping
  • How to find high-ticket products 
  • Ways to sell high-ticket products 

In the end, I am hoping you can decide if high-ticket dropshipping is a good venture for you right now. If you are ready, let us start!

Best High-Ticket Dropshipping Niches

1. Furniture

2. Home Décor 

3. Cologne and Perfume

4. Drone and Other Hobbies

5. Watches and Jewelry

6. Outdoor Gear

7. Branded Fashion

Let us discuss each of these niches. 

1. Furniture

Experts forecast the e-commerce market of furniture to be at USD 40 billion by 2030 [1]. In the same forecast, the estimated average revenue per order is USD 422. As a dropshipper, this is an enticing statistic. 

Some of the best-selling furniture right now are: 

  • Mattress support
  • Bed frames (both metal and wood)
  • Armoires and dressers
  • Headboards
  • Office furniture
  • Shelves and bookcases

Here are some examples of headboards sold on Amazon: 

The first thumbnail sells for $318.84. If we search for a similar item in AliExpress, we can find one that only sells for $82.35, giving us a profit of $236.49.

Keep in mind that products like these are expensive to ship. However, I am sure you will chance upon products shipped for free. 

If shipping and bulkiness are going to be an issue, the alternative is to sell furniture that can be disassembled. The good news is that most furniture sold online requires assembly. Suppliers put the parts in a flat box, and it is the customer who has to assemble the parts.

Finally, the beauty of it all is that you can “subsidize” the shipping costs. The capital is small, and the selling price is high. You can still make a huge profit even if you offer shipping for free (yet pay the supplier for shipping). 

2. Home Décor 

The home décor niche will likely hit a revenue of USD 133 billion in 2024 [2]. One important thing to note is that consumers today prefer buying home décor made from sustainable materials. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Paintings
  • Chandeliers
  • Room dividers
  • Vases
  • Grandfather clocks

Here is an example of a chandelier on Amazon:

As you can see, the price of an expensive one is over $11,000. Meanwhile, you can find so many similar items on AliExpress for less than $300. 

Here are some examples:   

The profit margin here is at least $100. There are sellers on AliExpress that ship chandeliers for free. However, the shipment will take three months. If you or your customer want to expedite this, the shipping cost is $300, and it will take a month. 

It is advisable to pay insurance. Chandeliers are fragile items. What you want is to make the logistics company liable if they break the product. 

3. Cologne and Perfume

Perfumes are back in style, and about 773 million consumers buy perfumes online [3]. The forecast for this niche is around USD 3 billion by 2027. 

People want to smell good, and perfumes are a luxury item you can offer them. To make money on perfumes, you need to sell the branded ones. 

You do not have to be a big enterprise to buy and sell branded perfumes. There are dropshippers of popular perfumes like Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, etc. 

Here is an example from FragranceX: 

As you can see, you can get a discount of as much as 45% and sell it for the regular market price. If you need a complete guideline on how to dropship perfume, I suggest you read our tutorial on it. 

You may want to take a look into trendy perfumes, such as the Ariana Grande Fragrances. You can buy these products from dropship suppliers like FragranceX. If you are a wholesale dropshipper, you can get discounts from the supplier. 

Another thing I can recommend is to create your perfume from suppliers in AppScenic. You can do this with their white-label or private-label suppliers.

White-label means you will sell a generic product, but it carries your packaging and branding. The formula is the same for all the sellers. On the other hand, private label means the formula and the products are exclusively yours.  

For more information, you can read our blog: White Label vs. Private Label - Ultimate Guide for Beginners.

4. Drone and Other Hobbies

Although drones are commonplace, you can turn them into a lucrative high-ticket niche if you target serious hobbyists. The sales forecast for this industry by 2028 is USD 422 billion [4].

Here are some of the best-selling drones on Amazon:

Now, here are some similar drones in AliExpress:

As the screenshots demonstrate, you can sell 4K drones for a little less than $400, and yet pay the AliExpress supplier only about $70. Your profit is $370.

Here are some more expensive hobbies you can explore:

  • Scuba diving
  • Flying planes
  • Painting (expensive oils, brushes, and canvasses)
  • Shoes
  • Photography and Videography
  • Music

Some of these are not just hobbies but professions. Because of that, you can target these professionals as your customers. A good example is a YouTuber who wants the best shots for his video.  

It is not only the main hobby material that you can sell. You can add accessories if you like. For example, people into photography will certainly need tripods and gimbals, which on their own are expensive, too. 

5. Watches and Jewelry

Watches worldwide generated a revenue of USD 79 billion in 2024 [5]. Believe it or not, China is the top market for it, accounting for USD 19 billion in sales. 

Jewelry, on the other hand, made USD 310 billion in 2024. Experts forecast that this will grow by 3.53% in the coming years. 

From these stats, we can say that both are growing. Dropshipping these can be lucrative, provided that you sell either branded watches or your own.

It is difficult to sell branded watches—people who buy these are not likely to trust you. They would think that your branded watch (like Tissot), is fake. 

What I suggest is that you sell private or white-label watches and jewelry. The other alternative is to use print-on-demand services.   

We do have extensive tutorials on both: 

For jewelry, you will earn a lot of profit if you sell real gold or silver. You can add stones to them but do not sell faux or fake jewelry. You must also invest in your branding, which includes packaging and marketing. 

I can tell that marketing is the key. How? My suggestion is to work with an influencer who will promote your watches and jewelry.

6. Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear is a wide niche that has a revenue of USD 26 billion [6]. The financial forecast says it will keep on growing.

Here are some common outdoor gear sub-niches: 

  • Mountain climbing and hiking
  • Swimming 
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Rock climbing
  • Spelunking (cave exploration)
  • Rafting

There are so many sub-niches to choose from. It is only a matter of what you know and are passionate about. 

As far as products go, here is an example of the hiking bags on Amazon:

Now, here are similar products on AliExpress: 

Let us say you buy each bag for $30 and sell it for $150. You still make $170. This margin is huge, considering that common dropshipping products only give you between one to five dollars in profit. 

Specialization is what I recommend should you choose the outdoor gear niche. For example, it is not a good idea to combine swimming with hiking. 

Instead of trying to become an all-in-one outdoor gear shop, focus on one or two that are related to each other. For example, you can combine swimming and scuba diving. This makes things easier for you. It also makes you an authority figure in that niche.  

7. Branded Fashion

Our last niche is branded fashion. You do not need to sell popular brands, as you can easily create your own. While it is easy to find private-label manufacturers for clothing, marketing it is a challenge. 

Here are some products you can sell: 

  • Office or corporate clothing
  • Swimsuits
  • Luxury underwear for women
  • Sunglasses
  • Accessories like bags and purses

Should you decide to choose this niche, you need to focus your efforts on a few product types only. I am advising this, so you do not get that overwhelming feeling. Attacking so many product types at once can be cumbersome.

The marketing part is where your challenge lies. You need to create videos with models. Fashion items are more attractive if you use lifestyle images and videos. there has to be a person using the product to make the ad more convincing. 

Although you can find thousands of bags in AliExpress, many of these are low-ticket items. You can sell them for $40 or so, but your profit is too small. As such, the best way to go is a private-label brand.

Pros of Dropshipping High-Ticket Niches

1. High Profit 

Expensive dropshipping products give you high profits. Just imagine selling furniture where your profit is $100. It takes only one sale to make $100

On the other hand, if you dropship common products with a gross profit of $5, you must sell 20 units before you make $100. 

2. Lower Marketing Expenses

Let us say that your marketing budget is $100. If your ad reached 1,000 people and your conversion rate was 1%, you successfully sold 10 units.

If the profit per product is $100, you made $1,000 in gross profit (10 units x $100). If your profit margin is $5, you only made $50. 

3. Less Competition

All dropshippers need to front the order. You have to pay your supplier before they ship the item. High-ticket products are more expensive. As such, you need more capital to front the purchase. 

For example, let us say that a piece of furniture costs $300 from the supplier. In this case, you need some serious cash to front several orders all at once. 

Many dropshippers have little cash to spare. But if you do, it gives you a significant advantage. Why? It is because you are one of the few people who can afford to sell high-ticket items.

4. Easier to manage

Unlike common products, you do not get hundreds of orders for high-ticket products. You only get a few. Because of this, you do not need a lot of time and effort to manage your business. 

High-ticket dropshipping is easier to manage in the following sense:  

  • Fewer items to track – the fewer the orders, the fewer parcels you need to track and follow up with your supplier.
  • Less refunds – you do not need to spend so much time answering questions about returns and refunds.
  • Fewer questions – the cheaper the goods, the more inquiries you get. If you sell expensive items, you get fewer interested people. As such, you do not have to deal with too many inquiries all the time.   

Furthermore, there is no need to hire people. You only need employees if you have a huge volume of orders. 

Cons of Dropshipping High-Ticket Niches

1. Less Sales

It will take some time to make a sale. High-ticket items are not impulse purchases. A product that costs $1,000 will take a consumer more time to think about than one that costs only $15. 

Because of this, you can expect fewer sales than most dropshippers typically have. This should not bother you, since a single sale can generate a huge profit.

2. Higher Capital 

Common dropshipping items cost less than $10, so you can process as many as 10 products out of pocket or even more. If the product you sell, however, costs $500 in capital, then you may have a problem. 

If you have three orders within a few days, you need $1,500 upfront to process them. If you do not have this capital, it will be extremely difficult to dropship high-ticket items.

3. Financial Setback for Refunds

It is easy to refund $10, but it is a massive headache to refund $1,000. As you know by now, a refund always results in a financial loss. 

Even if you can find a supplier who has a generous refund policy, no supplier will refund the cost of shipping. As such, you need to pay the customer the product cost plus shipping. 

The shipping cost of high-ticket dropshipping items can be more expensive than common ones. Furniture, for one, is heavy and bulky. Jewelry, on the other hand, may require shipping insurance. 

Summary: All in all, high-ticket dropshipping is no walk in the park. Although the profit potential is high, there are also some risks that you have to face. 

Where to Find High-Ticket Dropshipping Niche Products

In this section, I will provide a list of where you can find premium items you can dropship. My top choices are: 

Let us take a look at each one’s features. 

1. Dropship.IO – best for spying against competitors  

At Dropship.IO, we not only show you high-ticket items but also their sales performance. Also, our dropshipping system offers several spy tools. 

Features of Dropship.IO

  • Competitor Research – you can search for your competitors based on product keywords. If you want, you can use the store name, URL, or other filters. Once you have the result, you can investigate further. From here, you will know their sales, apps, unique product count, etc.
  • Product Database – the product database gives you access to many products. These are products on the Shopify platform. You will see the sales revenue, units sold, and even who the suppliers are.  
  • Ad Spot – this tool provides you with an easy search mechanism to find winning ads on Facebook with a keyword. The results will show you the target audience, number of likes, comments, etc. 

Dropship.IO is where you can find high-ticket items to sell. The search result is not based on price but on the sales performance of the seller. The sales revenue that the system shows is not the sales of the supplier, but the sales of the dropshipper.  

2. Dropified – best for automation  

Dropified is a dropship automation platform. You can integrate it with your store. Once done, you can add products. If you want, you can also automate the entire ordering and fulfillment process. 

Features of Dropified

  • Integration – you can integrate Dropified with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, GrooveKart, and CommerceHQ. You can also integrate it with eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress, etc.
  • Automation –you can add a payment source and enable the automation system. Once a customer places an order, you no longer need to pay and order yourself. The system will charge your credit card. From here, the supplier will receive the payment and details. Then, the supplier will fulfill the order. 
  • Automated pricing – you can enable the BOGO tool or buy-one-take-one pricing scheme. You no longer have to buy apps for it. It is also possible to bundle products together and set a different price for the bundle. 

Dropified is useful for automation. With it, you do not need to be behind your computer screen to place orders. The system will do everything for you. 

3. AppScenic – best for AI-assisted dropshipping  

AppScenic is a supplier database and product importation system. It has AI that can help you write product titles and descriptions. The AI can also upscale your product images up to 4x, making them bigger and clearer. 

Features of AppScenic 

  • Automation – you can sync products from AppScenic to your store. If you enable the automation feature, you no longer have to fulfill the order. Your supplier will take care of it even if you are asleep. All prices also sync on their own. 
  • Integrations – you can integrate AppScenic with WooCommerce, Shopify, Ecwid, and eBay. Soon, they will also allow integration with Walmart.
  • Artificial Intelligence – the AI program makes it possible to rewrite product titles and descriptions. You can also use it to write marketing copy. It can also help you create marketing strategies and ads.

AppScenic is an excellent tool to dropship high-ticket items. You can only access high-ticket products with a paid subscription. At the very least, you must have the Standard account, which costs $29 monthly.

4. AutoDS – best for product sourcing

AutoDS offers a complete platform for dropshipping, but it is not a spy tool. With it, you can find high-ticket products. Additionally, there is an option to build a store and automate it within AutoDS. You can also sync product prices for every change that happens on the supplier’s side. 

Features of AutoDS

  • Suppliers and Sourcing – send a link or product image to the AutoDS team. They will find a supplier for you if this product is not in their database yet. 
  • Store Build and Automation – the platform makes it possible for you to build a store. You can also automate the fulfillment process. The automation includes product price syncing. If the AutoDS supplier changes the product price, your store will reflect that change, too. 
  • Integration – you can integrate your AutoDS account with Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. I want to note that AutoDS also integrates with Dropship. IO. 
Summary: AutoDS is an all-in-one dropshipping platform. With it, you can build a store, select products, import them to your store, and automate the fulfillment. If you need AutoDS for finding products only, what you can do is integrate with Dropship.IO. This way, you get our spy tool and use it in conjunction with the AutoDS platform. 

How to Sell High-Ticket Dropshipping Niches

Earlier, I mentioned that high-ticket items are not impulse purchases. It takes some time for people to decide to buy your products. Nevertheless, there are sales practices you can implement. What these practices do is improve your conversion rate with high-ticket dropshipping. 

1. Offer Interest-Free Installment

If you do not know it yet, there are ways you can offer installment payments as a dropshipper. For one, PayPal allows merchants to charge this way, albeit in select countries only. If you dropship via WooCommerce, they also offer this payment system. 

The installment payment system works best for large purchases. There are many customers out there who can afford to pay monthly amortizations, but not a lump sum. 

If you offer this type of payment, you are giving no excuse for a customer to say, “I cannot afford it.” It is only a matter of how many months you can spare for the customer to pay the entire bill.

2. Use High-Quality Images and Videos 

You cannot sell high-ticket items with the usual TikTok or YouTube-shorts types of videos. Your ads and images must all be elegant—similar to what you see in magazine ads for premium products. 

I know that you cannot do this on your own, as it is impractical to buy high-ticket items to create an ad for one. 

The good news is that high-ticket item suppliers have worked this out already. They know the principle behind marketing. As such, I am sure they have many high-quality images and video ads that can support your marketing activities.

3. Create the Perfect Copy 

It is not only the images and videos that matter. Your words also mean a lot to the consumer. It is not enough that you merely point out the product’s features. You need to convince the reader to buy it.

Ad copies are the text you write on your ad and product pages. Below are some best practices to do it right. 

  • Create the need – make it a point to address the pain point of a consumer. In addition, you want to make it sound like the customer needs your product even if they don’t. 
  • Explain the benefits – do not focus on features but do so on benefits. For example, do not say “made of hard material.” Instead, say, “Kids can jump on this sofa.” As you can see, it is better to sell the “experience” rather than the feature.    
  • Use a story – in copywriting parlance, we call a story the “narrative.” To do it, create a story to help the consumer relate to the product. In a sense, add a human aspect to it. For example, write a story about a family whose life changed when they bought the product. 

Managing objections is also an important aspect of sales. The first objection to high-ticket items is the price. What must you do? You need to manage this by making offers that are hard to refuse. 

Quality and dependability are also common objections. You can address this with social proof, like product reviews and testimonials.

4. Build a Brand People Can Trust

There is no way you can sell high-ticket items without creating a brand. People will simply not trust you. It can take a while to build it, but you will certainly reap the rewards later. 

Here are some approaches to building a brand:

  • Follow standards of branding practices like logos, color schemes, use of fonts, etc.
  • Create a voice, and this voice must resonate with your target market. 
  • Focus on a message. This is why many brands have slogans.
  • Advertise and create content; your name should be everywhere. Make an effort to have a presence on all social media channels

As far as voice is concerned, it means you need to be consistent in your tone. For example, luxury watches are all about elegance. Fashion brands, on the other hand, can be about being hip and cool. This is a branding consistency. It helps in delivering your message to your target market.   

5. Offer a Competitive Price

Finally, offer a competitive price. While it is true that you can add high margins to your profit, you still have competitors. 

The key here is to find the sweet spot among three things: 

  • A price not too far from your competitor 
  • A price that your target customers are comfortable with 
  • A price that makes you profitable 
Summary: It is not easy to sell high-ticket dropshipping items. These are not impulse purchases. Consumers will need some time to do research. They will compare your products against other providers. Because of this, you must give them all the best reasons to buy from you instead of your competitors. 

FAQ: High-ticket dropshipping Niches

What dropshipping niche is most profitable?

High-ticket products are the most profitable. If you want to earn big, do not sell trinkets or fake jewelry. Sell the real deal. As far as niches go, any niche can become high-ticket, provided that the product quality is also high. 

How do I choose a high-ticket dropshipping niche?

To choose, consider your expertise. Do not sell any product that you do not use or do not understand. 

What is considered high-ticket dropshipping?

High-ticket dropshipping refers to expensive items. Since they are expensive, you are targeting a market that has money to burn. As such, you can sell your items at a premium price. 

Is high-ticket dropshipping saturated?

No, it is the other way around. There are fewer high-ticket dropshippers because the barrier to entry is high.

Summary: High-ticket dropshipping Niches

The next step from here is to determine the niche you want to be in. Always remember that you must only sell products that you understand. As far as niches go, I suggest you read our tutorial on the most profitable niches with low competition

Subsequently, I recommend that you sign up for the 7-day free trial of Dropship.IO. Explore the tools so you can see how they can help you succeed in your dropshipping endeavor!

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