19 Bestselling Items on the Facebook Marketplace in 2024

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July 4, 2024
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Our topic for today is a list of the bestselling items on the Facebook Marketplace. Here are my criteria for selecting these items: 

  • Actual sales data
  • Availability of suppliers 
  • Ease of selling
  • Facebook rules for prohibited items

Many items have a high demand, but Facebook does not want them. One example is food supplements. As such, I did not include these items in our list. 

For starters, here is our list of the bestselling items on Facebook: 

  1. Print-on-demand T-shirts
  2. Footwear
  3. Phone Cases
  4. Caps & Hats
  5. Baby Clothing
  6. Home Décor
  7. Jewelry
  8. Camping Gear
  9. Fake Nails
  10. Wristwatches
  11. Men’s Belt
  12. Leggings and Sportswear
  13. Backpacks and Purses
  14. Kitchenware
  15. Customized Pet Tags
  16. Printed Posters
  17. Women’s Underwear
  18. Fishing and Angling Baits
  19. Amulets and Rings 

Let us look at their sales data!

19 Bestselling Items on the Facebook Marketplace

1. Print-on-Demand (POD) T-shirts

POD shirts are the best items to sell on Facebook, especially if you want to target social issues. Just be careful not to violate Facebook’s policies on discrimination. 

As far as sales go, here is a screenshot of the  top POD shirts:

I highlighted the top seller, and you can see that for this unit, the dropshipper sold 109,000 units and made $3 million. 

POD shirts are t-shirts that you design, and I recommend using either Printify or Printful as platforms. You do not need to buy the shirts in bulk. The process is:

  • You make the designs and create the mock-ups
  • You upload these mock-ups to your dropshipping store, Facebook Shop, or Facebook Marketplace
  • A customer orders from you
  • You order that item from the supplier
  • The supplier prints the shirt and then ships it to your customer

Print-on-demand is a lucrative business, provided that you know how to create designs that attract attention. You must create designs that penetrate a person’s emotions, principles, or beliefs. 

We have a list of the best print-on-demand stores that you may want to look at. These stores can serve as an inspiration for you. 

2. Footwear

People will always need shoes for their feet. Shoes also wear out, and people need to buy new ones time and time again.  

Here are some sales data: 

As you can see, there are many kinds of shoes you can sell. At this moment, the top seller is a pair of beach shoes because it is summer. 

Just look at the sales data—many sellers succeeded in disposing of thousands of units and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Here are some ideas for the best-selling types of footwear: 

  • Rubber shoes and sneakers
  • Trendy leather shoes for work
  • Boots and high-fashion shoes
  • Stilettos
  • Sandals and unique flip-flops

Just be aware that the return rate for shoes is high. To avoid this, be very clear about the size measurement of the shoes. Do not just rely on American, Asian, or UK standard sizes. Instead, use real measurements like inches or centimeters.  

3. Phone Cases

Phone cases are too affordable on Facebook. Most of these phone cases are dropshipped from AliExpress where you’d only pay $1. It is why many of these are sold for only $2 or $3. So, how will you compete?

Here is the sales data for phone cases: 

The first on the list sold 67,000 units and made over a million. I investigated further and my conclusion is that this is a print-on-demand phone case. In addition, the company focuses on only one kind of design, and this design is anime.

My recommendation is that you do the same. Use Printify or Printful to create phone case designs. Concentrate on a niche market. In addition, I recommend that you focus on iPhone cases only. Forget Android, as there are so many Android phones, and you will only get overwhelmed. 

4. Caps & Hats

Be it a baseball cap or a Stetson, there is a market for headgear. Similar to phone cases, you want to target a specific niche, especially social politics. 

Here is the sales data: 

The first cap, sold for $25, has over 6,000 units sold and $172,000 in revenue. The company, Ilvie Little Club, is all about girl power, diversity, and adventure. They design caps with the mission to empower women. 

The cap is certainly a print-on-demand product. What’s great about this example is that the print on the cap is the brand name—the buyers are proud to wear this name because it represents a belief and an ideology.

You can do the same. Find an advocacy and build a brand around it. Be an influencer. Inspire people and they will buy your products to support you.

5. Baby Products

259 babies are born every minute. That equates to 372,960 babies per day worldwide. There is no doubt that there is a market for baby products and clothing. 

Take a look at this: 

The top seller is winter clothing, and it sold over 12,000 units with a revenue of almost $700,000. The next one is a baby girl dress that made over $391,000.

Baby clothing is not the only product you can sell. My recommendations are:

  • Baby bottles
  • Milk suction
  • Strollers
  • Toys

We have a tutorial about the best baby products and suppliers if you want to learn more. Should you choose this niche, my suggestion is that you keep the niche small. What I mean is to focus on babies only. Do not add products for teens or any other age group. 

6. Home Décor

All people need home decoration. In my experience, some of the best home décor you can sell are:

  • Lava lamps
  • Ceramic vases
  • Figurines and die-cast cars
  • Dried flowers
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Miniature landmarks like the Eiffel Tower

Here is the sales data: 

The top seller in this list is a modern wall lamp. Although the lowest price is about $70, the seller still managed to dispose of 12,000 units and made almost a million dollars. From this, we can say that the demand is high.

There are so many home décor items you can find in AliExpress. As such, variety and suppliers are not an issue.

Here are my tips to succeed:

  • Try not to ship very fragile items
  • Focus on selling novelty items like lamps
  • Try not to sell décor that has anything to do with electricity (batteries are okay)
  • Sell small items; bulky items are expensive to ship

Home décor is a huge niche. If you plan to sell items like these on Facebook or your store, my recommendation is you start with a small sub-niche, like posters, and then branch out to more items later. 

7. Jewelry

Jewelry will always be around, albeit the trends will change. Facebook is home to many types of jewelry, including faux and original. My suggestion is to sell non-authentic jewelry, but be transparent about it.

The reason I am saying this is that Facebook is also known for buyers who would scam you. Keep in mind that Facebook is primarily a social media platform, not a marketplace, so there is little protection for you as a seller. 

Here is the sales data: 

The best-selling jewelry items are not even authentic. However, they are really pretty and that is why the top seller can command a price of $60.

If you want to learn more about jewelry dropshipping, read our tutorials below: 

8. Camping Gear

There are many types of camping gear you can sell, and there is a big market for this, especially if you target hunters. 

Here is a screenshot of the sales: 

Although it would seem like these are all hoodies, you do not need to do the same. For the camping gear niche, I recommend:

  • Tents
  • Portable lights
  • Stoves bags
  • Raincoats

Since you cannot sell weapons on Facebook, it makes sense not to post these items. If you do have a dropshipping store, though, feel free to add camping knives, bows, and arrows.  

9. Fake Nails

Fake nails are in; growing them is out. Nail art is difficult and time-consuming, so there is a problem that you are solving here. The only challenge with selling fake nails is the low profit. 

Nevertheless, let us look at the sales: 

Who would have thought that it is possible to earn $65,000 in fake nails in just a month? Just look at the first data point. For $10, the seller sold over 6,500 units. 

You can do the same, and here are my marketing tips: 

  • Use videos and demonstrate the application
  • Sell as many colors, shapes, and sizes as possible
  • Offer big discounts and bundles
  • Sell not only fake nails but also eyelashes

Fake nails are an impulse purchase. Since these are affordable, you need to focus your efforts on writing copy and convincing the viewer to act now. Once the viewer decides to look into other products, your window of opportunity is gone. 

Should you sell fake nails, you may want to add adhesives—a special kind of glue to make the fake nails stick on the real nails. 

10. Wristwatches

We do not need wristwatches anymore because our phones can tell the time. However, wristwatches are a status symbol, and it is this craving for attention that you want to exploit in this niche. 

Here is the sales data:

The top seller in this list made over $101,000. This watch is not even a branded one, and I do not recommend branded watches, either. Branded watches are expensive and are not easy to dropship. 

To learn more about dropshipping watches, we do offer a tutorial about it. 

Here are my suggestions for success: 

  • Offer engraving services
  • Sell watches for men, women, and kids
  • Categorize your watches for sports, casual, and elegance
  • Sell the status symbol, not the watch

It also makes sense to only deal with suppliers who can ship the watches in elegant boxes. Furthermore, it would be a good idea if you could create your brand. You can ask the supplier to make the boxes, not the watch with your brand name. 

11. Men’s Belt

Men’s belts will always have a high demand, but you need to concentrate on leather belts, as it is often men in the office who need belts. 

Although the prices you see on Facebook range from $10 to lower than $50, there are high-quality belts you can sell for more than that. 

Here is the sales data: 

My recommendation is to fill your Facebook Shop or dropshipping store with several types of belts and accessories. Below are some examples:

  • Leather belts for formal wear
  • Leather belts with big buckles (cowboy style)
  • Hip-hop style belts
  • Garter belts
  • Braided belts

It is also a good idea to sell belt parts, such as buckles only. Then, you can bundle these together and offer the bundle at a lower price. For example, you can offer three buckles and a belt strap for a lower price. It would be good, of course, if you allow the customer to choose the buckles and straps. 

12. Leggings and Sportswear

From leggings to yoga and other sportswear, there is a demand for what we call athleisure wear. These are clothes for athletes but made to be also fashionable.

Here is the sales data: 

If you take a look at the first item, the seller sold over 77,000 units and made over $1,500,000. I investigated further and saw that there is daily consistency in their sales, so I can say without a doubt that this product is in demand. 

Here are some sportswear items I recommend: 

  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Leggings
  • Jogging pants
  • Hoodies

My suggestion is to concentrate on an area. For example, if you want to sell sportswear, focus on yoga only. You can also build a Facebook Shop or dropshipping store for runners only. 

It also makes sense to target only one gender. This approach should give the consumers a sense of exclusivity—that the store is for them only and not for everyone.  

13. Backpacks and Purses

Purses and backpacks are staple bags that everyone must have. As far as purses go, branded ones can go up to thousands of dollars. 

The good news is that there are many suppliers of high-quality purses. These purses are affordable, giving you a lot of room for profit. The same thing goes with backpacks. 

Here is the sales data for purses:

For backpacks, I recommend that you sell print-on-demand bags. These are a bit costly, but they are well worth the money because you will be selling designs that are unique to you. 

Here is a sample blank backpack from Printify:  

All you need to do is upload a design and the printing team will do the rest. This particular bag costs $46, but you can sell it for around $60 to $70. 

14. Kitchenware

There are a ton of kitchen items you can sell on Facebook. My recommendation is for you to dropship small items at first. Do not sell complicated stuff like grinders and baking mixers. Instead, sell small kitchen gadgets like avocado peelers and ceramic plates. 

Here are some ideas

  • Mugs
  • Digital scales
  • Vegetable slicers
  • Chopping boards
  • Kitchen Mats
  • Kitchen décor

Here is the sales data:  

The top seller is a faucet, which I will not recommend you sell right now unless you know faucet diameters and standards.

The second one is easier to dropship, as it is merely a sticker that your customers can use as labels for jars. As you can see, the seller sold over 5,000 units and made $28,000. 

For a complete tutorial on how to dropship kitchen products, visit our blog post: Dropshipping Kitchen Products: A List of Suppliers, Tips, and Winning Products.

15. Customized Pet Tags

Pet owners will want a pet tag so people will know where to return the pet if it is lost. All pet tags that you will consider selling must be customizable. 

Here is the sales data:

We need to pay attention to the first on the list. It is a customized pet tag that sells for $19.95. The seller made over $384,000 in just one month!

I investigated further and found out that: 

  • The seller uses AOP, Printify, and Printful as POD platforms
  • The seller has an affiliate marketing program
  • The seller uses several communication channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, mail, and website chat
  • The seller has 458 products in their store

My overall suggestion is that you do the same. Use different print-on-demand platforms and suppliers to sell pet tags. Make sure that all pet tags you use can be customized. Otherwise, then consumers will not buy them. 

16. Printed Posters

Posters have a market, but then you cannot sell posters if you do not own the copyright. As such, what you can do is create designs that you can call yours. But first, let us check the sales. 

From this data, we can tell that posters sell well. The first item sells for $26, and the company made over $650,000!

Here are my tips to replicate this success: 

  • Sell different posters based on size and material
  • Concentrate on a niche, like astrology, planets, animals, cute stuff, etc. 
  • Create designs where the customer has to buy at least three posters to complete the set

If you do not have that creative juice in you, do not despair. There are many artists you can hire online from freelance marketplaces. If you want to save on cost, you can always go to websites like Canva. 

A design website I recommend is Creative Fabrica. For a reasonable monthly subscription, you will have access to thousands of designs that you can use commercially. 

17. Women’s Underwear

Lingeries are in demand, but they are expensive. Victoria’s Secret, a popular brand, charges at least $99 for their lingerie bodysuit. 

On Facebook, you can sell something similar and charge less than $100, and still, people will buy your item. 

Here is the sales data: 

We need to focus our attention on the first one. This product costs $25, and the seller sold over 32,000 units. I did a reverse image search to find this product and found out that it costs only $11 in AliExpress. 

That is a profit of $14 per item sold!

Here are some tips: 

  • Make sure your sizes are transparent and easy to understand
  • Make it a point to say that you do not accept returns because these are personal items
  • Use real models; if you do not have the budget, use AI to place the underwear on human models

Lingerie has a market, and dropshipping is your best option to succeed in it. If you can find a white-label supplier, then all the better because they will ship the items using your brand name.  

18. Fishing and Angling Baits

Fishing is an expensive hobby, and this is why it is a good idea to sell fishing gear and items on Facebook. Here are some items I recommend: 

  • Fishing hooks
  • Baits
  • Tackles and boxes
  • Fishing lines
  • Lures and accessories
  • Fishing clothes

Here is the data for sales: 

It would seem that the units sold are small but look at the revenue. The third item sold only four units, and yet the revenue is around $4,000. 

In my observation, the biggest trick to selling fishing gear is demonstration. For example, if you are selling a lure for tuna, you must show a video of someone successfully catching tuna with that lure. 

Fishing is lucrative, so you can also sell your dropshipping products at a premium price. However, fishing enthusiasts will only spend money if the product is worth it.  

It is also extremely important that you are knowledgeable in this fishing niche. your customers will certainly have a lot of questions, and you must be prepared to answer them. 

19. Amulets and Rings

This is a little different from jewelry because it is not your traditional trinket. These rings and amulets have a spiritual nature in them. 

I recommend that you sell items that have something to do with: 

  • Mythology (mostly Greek and Nordic)
  • Astrology
  • Luck and charms
  • Positivity
  • Energy or chi

As far as sales data goes, here it is: 

Please look at the first item. It is nothing more than an amulet, and yet the seller sold 11,000 units and got a revenue of $368,000. 

You can do the same, provided that you niche down. It means that you must focus on one mythology only. 

In addition, you must create a Facebook page or store that carries a story or character. For example, you can focus on runes and stones. The way you market it is by telling stories about these stones, and then convincing the enthusiasts to buy collectibles from you, including home décor, rings, and even canvasses. 

It would be difficult to sell these items just as they are. You need to establish a storyline, or at least provide customers reason to buy. For example, you can build a page about astrology, and then build your credibility from there. 

How to Use Dropship’s Product Database to Find Facebook Bestsellers

Our Product Database has the things you need to find a winning Facebook product. To start, log in to your Dropship account and click on Product Database on the left panel. 

You will see this: 

From here, click on the ADVANCED FILTERS link, and you will see this: 

Next, type some keywords in the box. There are several boxes you can choose from, which I will explain below: 

  • Include Title Keywords – these are keywords you want to search for; these are keywords found in the product title.
  • Include Description Keywords – keywords found in the product description.
  • Include Domain Keywords – keywords in the URL of the website.
  • Exclude Title Keywords – these are keywords you do not want to include in your search. 
  • Exclude Description Keywords – keywords in the product description that you do not want to include in the search results.
  • Exclude Domain Keywords – keywords in the URL of the seller that you do not want to see in the search results.

Apart from these keyword boxes, you can also toggle the radio buttons to include Only Dropshipping Products or Only Print-on-Demand POD) products in the search results. 

In this example, I will search for the keyword “drone.” Then, I will click on the blue SEARCH button.

These are the results I got, which I already sorted based on the monthly units sold. 

I highlighted the sorting button, which you can also do for the monthly revenue. There are many more products to see here if only you would scroll down. 

From this point, you can start investigating further. If you click on the product name, you will see something like this:

The chart represents monthly revenue. As you can see there is a fluctuation in this product’s performance. As you know, while drone is an in-demand product, it is a safe assumption that you will not be selling drones daily. 

The conclusion we can draw from here is that this product has sales. If this seller can make $741,000 in a month, then it tells us that there is a demand for drones.

What you can do from here is to see what this competitor is doing to achieve this level of success. To do that, click on the TRACK button, then choose Start Tracking Store.

Once done, click on SALES TRACKER on the left-side panel and you will see this:

Now, you can click on the store’s name to get more data and insights. It looks like this: 

Here, you will see the sales of this seller, the number of products they carry in their store, and the apps they use to run their business. If you click on VIEW LIST, you should see their apps.

Here is the app list: 

I highlighted DSers, a dropship tool where you can export products from AliExpress to your store. From this, we can say that this seller is dropshipping products from AliExpress. 

Knowing that this product has sales and that the suppliers are easily accessible, the only thing left for you to do is post this same item on the Facebook Marketplace!

Products to Avoid Selling on Facebook

You will succeed as a dropshipper on the Facebook marketplace, but only if you comply with their rules. There are many prohibited items on Facebook, but there are four main categories that I want to share. 

These are product categories or niches that dropshippers often choose. Sadly, Facebook does not allow them, and Facebook will ban you if you get caught selling them. 

The categories are: 

  • Healthcare Products
  • Adult Products and Substance Abuse
  • Discriminatory Products
  • Weapons and Items of Violence

Let me discuss each one. 

1. Healthcare Products

You cannot sell healthcare products on Facebook. Below is a quick list.

  • Ingestible supplements
  • Products related to medical treatments
  • Vitamins and minerals

So, if you are a dropshipper of first-aid kits for campers and hikers, say goodbye to Facebook. You cannot even sell thermometers here.

The same thing goes for food supplements. If you are in the bodybuilding niche, you cannot sell products like protein supplements, creatine, etc. 

2. Adult Products and Substance Abuse

Facebook does not allow sex toys, dolls, or any product positioned sexually. In addition, you cannot sell products related to substance abuse.

Here are some examples: 

  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Posters that have implied nudity
  • Anything that has implied sexual acts
  • Kits for making alcohol
  • Drug paraphernalia like bong
  • Sex enhancement products like Viagra
  • Tobacco pipes

You can sell items like books about making alcohol, as it is not directly related to the activity of drinking itself. In addition, you can also sell clothing that has the logo of a cigarette. However, you cannot sell shirts that have images of drugs or marijuana on them. 

3. Discriminatory Products

You cannot sell anything that is against protected classes. Anything that has something to do with bigotry is not allowed on Facebook. It is not only the product itself, but messages that are discriminatory and hateful are also not allowed. 

Here are the protected classes:

  • Personal Characteristics
  • Skin color, race, and citizenship
  • Religion
  • Disability or genetic condition 
  • Age and marital status
  • Sexual orientation and gender

Your wording for products that are allowed is part of how Facebook assesses whether or not to ban you. For example, if you sell hiking gear, you cannot say “Not for obese people.” You also cannot say things like “will whiten your skin.”

4. Weapons and Items of Violence

Lastly, you cannot sell weapons and accessories for them. It is fine to sell t-shirts with images of guns, but the message on the shirt should not incite violence or crime. 

Here are the things you cannot sell: 

  • Guns and parts
  • Bows, crossbows, and parts
  • Explosives
  • Fireworks
  • Real swords
  • Pepper spray
  • Hunting knives
  • Weapon accessories like gun scopes and magazines
  • Paintballs and paintball guns

You can sell educational materials, like books about weaponry and self-defense. You can also dropship weapon-related decorative materials, such as mini-swords for display. 

Summary: Facebook bans many items on the platform to protect their users and prevent violence and hate. There are many other items or categories that they ban, but these four are the primary ones that have an impact on dropshippers.

Tips to Improve Sales on Facebook 

People who shop on Facebook are always looking for bargains. In addition, I can tell from experience that they are wary of scammers and fraudsters. Facebook Marketplace does not have the same positive reputation as Amazon or Etsy. 

The two key focus areas to improve sales on Facebook are credibility and price. In this section, I will provide you with four tips to increase your Facebook conversion rate.

1. Your profile must be credible

It is a bad idea to dropship on Facebook without a business page. If you merely use your profile to sell, you can probably get away with it but only if you sell used items or offer services. 

To be a credible dropshipper on Facebook, you must build a Facebook page. Complete this page with your cover, logo, an About Me or About Us page, location, phone number address, etc.

The goal is to appear legitimate as a business, not as a scammy entity selling goods. A Facebook business profile is a mark of a professional establishment. 

2. Post videos that mean something

Most of the time, dropshippers post videos of their products. The problem with this is that these videos are trying too hard to push the product.

Instead of posting product videos, post:

  • Inspiring o entertaining videos
  • Videos that have a clear message, like love 
  • Demonstration of your product in real-life
  • Videos that clearly show the benefits of your products

How do we put this into practice? Let us say that you are dropshipping camping gear, like a bag. Most dropshippers would post videos of the bag and its pockets. 

Viewers do not like this. A better video is to show a person with this knapsack climbing a mountain, opening it, and taking out the contents. 

You need to show what the bag can do, not just its design or features. In addition, you want to sell the experience, not the product. 

3. Run Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Discounts attract attention. A discount offer immediately tells people that they are getting more value from their money.

If you run a discount promotion, make sure that this discount goes away at a specific time. As much as possible, keep the timeline short. 

A short discount or promotion timeline forces people to decide to buy now. In this case, you are using a tactic called FOMO, or fear of missing out. If the customer does not buy it now, he will certainly miss the opportunity to buy your product at a lower price. 

4. Advertise on Facebook

The sad reality of today’s online environment is that free traffic is almost impossible to achieve. I am not saying it cannot be done. All I am saying is that your content may get buried deep under the millions of posts on Facebook. 

The solution is to either get viral or advertise. If you advertise, Facebook will your products at the top of search results. If your listings are at the top of search results, you get guaranteed eyeballs. 

The sponsored post also tells a viewer that you are legitimate. If you do advertise, you must factor your advertising costs with your selling price and profitability.

It is also a good practice to find sponsored ads on Facebook, review them, and get ideas on how to market your products. 

Summary: Facebook users see thousands of posts and products every day. To succeed on the platform, you must concentrate your efforts on credibility and price. make sure you appear as a legit business owner and that the people can trust you.

FAQ: Bestselling Items on the Facebook Marketplace

What is the most popular item sold on Facebook Marketplace?

The most popular items are on our list. Generally speaking, I recommend selling print-on-demand t-shirts and hobby items. 

What is the most sold item?

There is no data for this. Facebook does not share sales data. According to Statista, the fastest-growing product in sales is electronics [1].

What is the best thing to resell on Facebook?

Anything that people value. Make sure this item is hard to find. A good example is a comic book set. 

How do you find hot-selling products on Facebook?

Use our Product Database to find winning products that you can dropship. 


The next step I recommend is for you to sign up for our 7-day free trial. Do this, and you will have access to a tool that will help you find the best products to dropship on Facebook.

On top of this, you can also begin to analyze your competitors, thousands of products, sales data, and winning Facebook ads!

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