Dropshipping Health Products - Suppliers, Products Ideas & Risks

Should I dropship health products? Yes. The health and wellness industry is increasing in popularity ‍

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June 4, 2023
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We’ve researched the health niche in-depth and observed changes over the years. While doing so, we’ve learned so much about the ever-changing and growing industry. 

In this article, we’ll share everything we’ve learned. Including the following:

  • Are Health Products a Good Dropshipping Niche?
  • What are the Risks of Dropshipping Health Products?
  • Health Product Recommendations
  • Health Products to Avoid
  • Finding the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Health Products
  • Best Places to Find Suppliers
  • Successful Dropshipping Health Stores
  • Dropshipping Health Products Throughout the World

Continue reading to discover if health products are right for your dropshipping store.

Key Takeaways

  • Health products have a growing demand and a high repeat purchase rate.
  • Consider any regulations for the products.
  • Check advertising guidelines, as there are strict rules for health products.

Are Health Products a Good Dropshipping Niche?

Yes. Google Trends shows the demand for health and wellness products worldwide. It also shows that other than a dip in December, there is interest in health products all year [1].

The niche is varied, with so many health-related products available to dropship.

A large product variation and constant demand are signs of a winning niche. It means you can expand your store and should have year-round sales.

Demand and Seasonality

As we saw, Google Trends shows that health and wellness products aren’t seasonal. 

This means your products should sell year-round.

Dropshipping evergreen products are great for consistent profit and planning marketing campaigns. 

Product Size

The top-selling health-related products on Amazon are all relatively small and light.

The size and weight of health products make them perfect for dropshipping. This is because they’re cheap to ship and store. This should help increase your profit margin.

Repeat Purchases

Many health products are food, drinks, vitamins, supplements, creams, or other consumables. 

These products are usually repeatedly purchased once they are finished or empty. 

If customers are happy with your product, they will return to buy more. This will generate more sales and increase your profit. 

For consumable products, we always recommend offering customers a subscription option. Subscriptions mean your customers don’t have to return to rebuy. The product is automatically ordered at a particular time interval. 

This will help improve customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.

What are the Risks of Dropshipping Health Products?

Legal regulations and advertising terms and conditions are the main risks.

However, following the advertising rules and sourcing from a repeatable supplier can reduce the risks. 

The risks wouldn’t stop us from launching a health store. However, it’s always good to be mindful of them.

Advertising Restrictions

Facebook ads prohibit the use of harmful marketing campaigns.

For example, body shaming, implying there's a perfect appearance or body type, exploiting insecurities, showing images of health conditions, etc.

This can make creating ad campaigns challenging for health and wellness products. Make sure to consider these restrictions when choosing a product and creating campaigns. 

Licenses and Regulations

Products that are ingested or applied are usually subject to rigorous regulations and might require certifications and licenses. 

Consult a professional to confirm exactly what you need to adhere to before selling a product. Reputable suppliers should be able to provide everything required. However, it is up to you to abide by the law.

If your products do not comply with all of the necessary legal and ethical regulations, you could end up inflicting harm on your customers.

Health Products to Dropship - Our Top Recommendations 

We’ve used our Product Database tool to find products in the health niche that could be winners. 

You can use the list for inspiration for your store. 

For more ideas, we have an article on the Way to Find Winning Dropshipping Products.

1. Wooden Foot Massager

A foot massager is a wooden device with spiked rollers. You place your foot on the roller and rock it backward and forwards. 

It is designed to hit trigger points in the foot to relieve aches and pains. 

These products are relatively cheap to source, and the price they currently sell for should give you a good profit margin.

There are tons of different shapes and sizes of foot massagers. 

You could also expand your store by selling other wooden massaging tools. Some popular ones include small handheld massagers for different body parts and a wrap-around back massager.

2. Anxiety or Healing Bracelet

With the rising awareness of mental health issues, we’re learning different ways to help deal with symptoms.

Anxiety bracelets are made of beads. The beads are made of gemstones which are thought to have healing and anxiety-relieving properties.

The bracelets can also distract users when they’re facing anxiety. To do this, they can focus and fiddle with the beads. 

These types of products often advertise well on social media, which will generate sales. 

3. Supplements and Vitamins

The supplement market is constantly growing [2], with 77 percent of Americans currently taking at least one supplement. 

The size and weight of the products also make them great for dropshipping. Small and light products are cheaper to ship and store. 

Often these products have a considerable markup. All of these factors suggest that supplements could create a profitable dropshipping store.

Supplements do have some risks and regulations you need to adhere to, and different countries have different legal considerations. Make sure to research this, and contact a professional for advice.

4. Health Tracking or Food Diary

A health-tracking diary is a notebook that allows customers to track their health.

The diary could include trackers for food, weight, mood, exercise, measurements, pain, thoughts, sleep, self-care, meditation, etc. 

You could also expand your store and create diaries specific to different aspects of health. E.g., sleep tracking diary and food tracking diary.

Most suppliers will have a standard layout. You might be able to customize the cover and contents to suit your brand.

We recommend making the diary without any dates. Customers can then add their own dates, and there is no pressure to complete the diary daily. 

It also means you can continue to sell the diary year-round and year after year. 

5. BMI Scales

BMI or Body Mass Index scales are scales that take into consideration your height and weight. 

You can input your height and then weigh yourself, and it will show your BMI.

The scales will also track body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, and water retention too.

You can source these scales for an affordable price, which should leave you a good profit margin. 

Suppliers will often sell them with app access too. This is a great additional feature to help entice customers to buy from you.

6. Migraine Head Wrap

A migraine head wrap or mask relieves the symptoms. The mask can be frozen or heated to ease the pain. 

The wrap or mask can also help with stress, anxiety, inflammation, and other issues. 

We think this could be a good product to sell as it will advertise well on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, using short-form video content. 

It’s also a small and light product, making it cheap to ship. This should give you a higher profit margin.

Which Health Products Should I Avoid Dropshipping? 

Legal and advertising issues are the main reasons to avoid dropshipping these products.

1. Adult Toys

Many advertising platforms have restrictions on promoting sex toys.

You will also need to consider any possible legal issues and find a reliable supplier with high-quality products.

If you’re a beginner to dropshipping, then we recommend avoiding these products.

2. Weight Loss Products

Weight loss products could include pills, shakes, teas, meal replacements, etc.

There are a few issues with selling weight loss products. These include advertising restrictions, complaints about results, legal and ethical issues, ingredient regulations, risks of side effects, and many more.

For these reasons, we would avoid selling any products like this.

How to Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Health Products

Check out online marketplaces to find dropshipping suppliers. This is where we start our search.

Usually, these marketplaces will have several suppliers offering similar products. However, the quality, price, policies, and communication will vary.

Request samples from these suppliers to compare the quality of the products. 

If you need help choosing your perfect supplier, you can ask the following questions: 

  • What is the cost per piece?
  • Where will the products be shipped from?
  • Is the supplier also the manufacturer?
  • How much is the shipping?
  • Which shipping courier do you use, and how long does it take?
  • How long does it take between receiving the order and the product shipping?
  • What are the return, refund, and warranty policies?
  • Do you offer custom packaging?
  • Can you provide images and videos of the product?
  • Do you facilitate dropshipping? (including integrating with automation tools, not adding invoices, promotions, or other logos in the product packaging)

We’ve also written an entire article on What to Consider When You Choose a Supplier with everything you need to know.

Best Places to Find Health Suppliers

1. AliExpress

2. SaleHoo

3. Wholesale2b

4. NicheDropshipping


1. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the most well-known marketplaces for finding dropshipping suppliers. 

It is a great option for dropshipping, as you can order one piece at a time. 

There is a huge range of suppliers, and several will offer the same or similar products. To find the right supplier for you, we recommend requesting a variety of samples and comparing the quality. 

Most suppliers can also work with your automation software. This means that orders are automatically sent to the supplier once you receive them, and tracking information can be seamlessly passed to the customer.

Using automation tools will save you time and reduce the risk of manual mistakes.

2. SaleHoo

SaleHoo is a dropshipping platform. On SaleHoo, you can find a supplier, add products to your Shopify store with one click, and learn about creating a profitable store.

SaleHoo has a smaller marketplace of suppliers compared to AliExpress. They currently have around 8000 suppliers and over two and a half million products available. 

One of the benefits of SaleHoo is that the suppliers are all pre-vetted. This means each supplier is thoroughly checked before being listed on the platform.

This ensures a smoother journey as you are working with trustworthy suppliers.

3. Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B is a paid dropshipping platform that offers a variety of dropshipping services. 

One of the features is a directory of suppliers. All of the suppliers on Wholesale2B are vetted, with quality being the top priority. 

Wholesale2B also works with the suppliers directly to save you the hassle. This can make it challenging to form a relationship with the supplier and negotiate prices and terms. However, it can save you a lot of time and stress.

As well as a directory of suppliers, Wholesale2B also enables you to import your products onto your storefront. They integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Weebly, and many others. They also handle and work with the suppliers to fulfill your orders.

Paid plans start at $37 per month. They also offer a service where they create your dropshipping store for you. This costs $49 per month.  

4. NicheDropshipping

NicheDropshipping works differently from other dropshipping marketplaces. It is a sourcing service.

You can contact NicheDropshipping with your product requirements, and they will find a supplier to source it from.

The sourcing service is free to use. But once you start selling the product, you will be charged a fee. There are also paid monthly subscription plans for businesses of all sizes. However, if you’re selling under ten units per day, it’s not worthwhile joining.

As well as product sourcing, NicheDropshipping also offers other dropshipping services. These include custom packaging, storage, multi-item packing from different suppliers, quality inspection, and product photo and video services. 


One of the recent features we’ve launched is the supplier directory.

Here, you can find a list of pre-vetted suppliers. Pre-vetting our suppliers ensures you are dealing with reliable ones.

The supplier’s directory shows where the suppliers ship from, how long they’ve been in business, their order processing time, and many other useful details. 

You can contact the suppliers directly via Skype. Contacting the suppliers directly allows you to build rapport to negotiate prices and terms.

You can only access the directory with a account. If you’re not yet a member, check it out for free with the 7-day trial.

Successful Dropshipping Health Stores 

It’s hard to confirm whether a store is really successful as we will never know its exact costs or advertising expenses. 

However, with the Sales Tracker tool, you can see the approximate sales of any Shopify health store.

Click the graph icon on the right-hand side to find specific store metrics. Here you will be able to see estimated revenue, total products sold, as well as the top-performing products in the store. 

You can contact the supplier to determine whether a product is profitable. Once you have the product’s price, you can deduct it from the sales data on the Sales Tracker.

You can also see if the store is running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve used the tool to investigate the following three health stores in-depth.

1. Nature Spell

Nature Spell is a British skin, hair, and body brand. The brand focuses on natural ingredients. 

The Sales Trackers shows that currently, the best-selling product is the Rosemary Oil for Hair and Skin. 

This product has generated $41,975.89 in the last 30 days. This is almost four times the revenue of its next best-selling product, which generated $11.800.32 in the last 30 days. 

We can use the Sales Tracker to check if the brand is running any Facebook ads in the Ad Library. It shows that there is no ad history for the brand.

However, we can see that the brand posts its products heavily on social media, particularly TikTok and Instagram. 

One of the TikTok videos promoting the rosemary oil currently has 2.8 million views, and another has 963,000 views. This is considerably more than any of their other videos.

We can assume that these popular videos are the main reason for the increase in sales for this one viral product.

This shows the power of a social media presence for your brand. 

2. Commodery

Commodery describes its brand as skincare meeting health.

The Sales Tracker shows that the best-selling product is an LED microcurrent massager. The product is designed to help tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin complexion. 

To help set its LED microcurrent massager apart from the competitors, they have two bonus products included. These are the following:

  • An ebook tailored to the customer's specific skin concern 
  • A guide on which mode you should use for specific products

Checking out your competitors can give you ideas to help increase your sales.

The bonus products, especially the one tailored to skin concerns, are very appealing extras. 

These are easy and cheap to create. You can do these yourself using a tool like Canva or hire someone to make these for you. 

You could create several to tailor to common skin concerns, including aging, acne, dark spots, scarring, sun damage, etc. 

You can then email the customer with the general guide and ask about their skin concerns. When they reply, you can send them one of your tailored ebooks.

This can help to build your email list and a relationship with your customers. You can then upsell them other products to increase your profits.

3. Mount Lai

Mount Lai is a brand that sells skincare products and a variety of tools. 

The tools include gua sha’s in a variety of materials, including rose quartz, stainless steel, jade, amethyst, and black obsidian. 

They sell face rollers, neck massagers, ear seeds, eye massagers, and eye masks. 

With the Sales Tracker tool, we can find which products generate the most revenue and make the most sales.

The product that generates the most revenue is a bundle with two variations. Each variation includes its popular white jade gua sha. Then the customer can choose either a calming or brightening product to bundle it with.

Bundling your products together can help increase revenue and, therefore, profit. 

Bundles also make shopping easy for your customers, help them find relevant products, and encourage them to buy by offering discounts.

Dropshipping Health Products Throughout the World

Current trends, laws, advertising guidelines, and culture can affect the success of your health store.

Finding specific products to suit the country you want to sell in can help increase your sales and ensure you’re adhering to any rules. 


The USA generates the second most revenue for vitamins and mineral sales worldwide [3].

The market is also expected to grow annually by 4.15 percent between 2023 and 2027. 

Online sales are also expected to increase. In 2023, they currently account for 30.6 percent of sales, and by 2025, they are estimated to hit 41 percent.

This demand and increase in online sales show it could be a good time to start a dropshipping store selling vitamins in the US.

We have an article on the 18 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the US if you want to start a dropshipping health store in the US.


Purchases of organic health and beauty products have increased dramatically in the UK [4]. 

Research showed that by 2020, around 42 percent of those surveyed said they chose organic products using certification logos [5]. 

If you’re looking to launch a health store in the UK, consider selling organic products. Make sure they meet the requirements in order to add an organic stamp to the packaging and product listing.

We have an article on the 20 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK if you want to start a dropshipping health store in the UK.


Studies have shown that Europeans carefully consider how food and drink affect their health [6].

Health and wellness-related foods have been a huge trend, with a particular focus on vegan and dairy-free diets.

Organic retail sales have also increased year-on-year since 2004 in Europe [7]. 

You can use this information to consider creating a health food store if you’re selling in Europe.

We have an article on the 13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Europe if you want to start a dropshipping health store in Europe.


Digital health products, like mobile apps, wearable devices, and other digital and technological products, are popular in Australia.

The revenue generated is expected to grow at a rate of 7.75 percent annually between 2023 and 2027 [8].

You can use this information to start selling either digital health products or accessories for them. These accessories could include smart-watch straps, tracker cases, etc.

We have an article on the 13 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia if you want to start a dropshipping health store in Australia.


Smart scales revenue in Malaysia is projected to reach $20.84 million this year. Revenue is also expected to grow annually at a rate of 7.03 percent between 2023 and 2027 [9]. 

The continued interest in smart scales shows the country's interest in tracking weight, body mass, muscle, etc. 

You can use this information to sell smart scales or related tracking devices in Malaysia. 

We have an article on the 11 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Malaysia if you want to start a dropshipping health store in Malaysia.

South Africa

If you’re starting a health store in South Africa, you might consider selling natural cosmetics. These include products for the skin and nails that are largely free from synthetic chemicals.

These products are expected to generate $60.04 million in 2023 and grow annually by 5.11 percent between 2023 and 2027 [10].

We have an article on the 10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in South Africa if you want to start a dropshipping health store in South Africa.


The increasing health awareness in India is thought to be driving the supplements market [11].

The market is expected to grow by 8.03 percent annually between 2023 and 2027 [12].

This could make it a great time to launch a health-focused supplement and vitamin store in India. 

We have an article on the 15 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in India if you want to start a dropshipping health store in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Dropship Health Products on Shopify?

Yes, generally, you can dropship health products using Shopify. 

Check for any licenses or certificates you might need for your health products. 

Some products might also have advertising restrictions. Contact a professional for any guidance.

Is Dropshipping Health Products Profitable?

Yes! So many health products have a high margin, meaning they can be profitable to dropship.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our pros and cons list has helped you decide whether a health products store is right for you. 

Use the list of recommended products for inspiration for your own store. Once you’ve chosen a product, you can check out your competition using the Competitor Research tool and work out how to beat them.

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